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1.      Tell us a little of your background (family origin, languages spoken, birth place, education, and occupation).

I was born in Bamberg, Germany. My mother is of German and Eastern European decent and my father is African-American.  I had lived in Germany until the age of 5. I speak German fluently and return to visit my older brother and grandparents every summer.
I began my college career at the University of Hawaii, and transferred to the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs after my sophomore year. I had received several academic scholarships throughout the years. I am very proud to say that I completed my final exams this week and am officially a college graduate!
I currently work at an accounting firm as a payroll manager and at Victoria’s Secret.

2. What are your hobbies?

I am interested in trying everything at least once, so I am always taking up new hobbies and activities. I play tennis, love to sing, hike, snowboard, watch college sports, attempt to cook and I am taking up guitar and piano lessons.

3. Why did you compete in Miss Colorado USA 2009? What did you learn from this experience?

Having participated in a few pageants throughout my teenage years, I knew that one day I would compete in the USA system. It has always been my favorite pageant. Because of the caliber of competition, I second guessed my entry into the state pageant last year.  I definitely learned that hard work pays off and while your nerves may get the best of you at times, you shouldn’t give in to the doubts; just be confident in who you are and show the world what you’re made of. 

4. Did you believe you will win? What was going through your mind as you were announced winner/crowned?

My intentions this year were to go and do my best, learn from my experience and come back the next year to apply my knowledge and hopefully win. I hadn’t imagined winning on my first try. I was elated to be in the top five and I would have been happy with any placement, but I remember thinking to myself, “please don’t call my name” as they announced the court.  In the final two, my mind went blank and most of the moment was a blur, I recall making some goofy faces when I realized I had won. I immediately wanted to thank my family and friends who had come to cheer me on, and then I said, “Oh my goodness, I’m going to Miss USA!”  It was such an incredible moment.

Miss Colorado USA 2009, Patrice Williams

5. What qualities/characteristics do you think the judges saw in you that made you the winner?

Honestly, out of 63 beautiful, driven and talent women, I didn’t know what the judges were looking for or how I would stand out; but I do think that the judges saw that I am a genuine person. I went into interviews knowing that I am an articulate yet comical person, and that’s what I showed them. I went out on the stage with no reservations as to what I should try to be, and I presented myself as I am. I felt confident and I had fun. It may sound a little cheesy, but positivity radiates through the soul.

6. What do you hope to accomplish as Miss Colorado USA?

As Miss Colorado USA, I plan to take full advantage of each opportunity I am presented with throughout my reign. I am hoping to fulfill my philanthropic goals of helping the Best Buddies Organization fund a State building and encourage my fellow Coloradoans to get involved in charity work. I know my year will fly by, so I want to take in each experience and make the most of my time as Miss Colorado USA.

7. No Miss Colorado USA has ever won Miss USA. The closest was Miss Rhea Looney who placed 3rd runner up at Miss USA 1963. How will you prepare for Miss USA in hoping to break this record?

Not only do I want to win the title of Miss USA, but I thrive on the idea of being the first Miss Colorado USA to win Miss USA. In order to be successful come April, I have increased my workout intensity, and I will be working closely with my directors to improve in areas of competition such as interview and presentation. I am definitely going to put my all into this once in a lifetime opportunity.

8. Many pageant fans consider you as a favorite now for the crown. How do you feel?

I am very grateful and honored to have the support of pageant fans. Thank You.  Knowing that I have a great amount of support in my family, friends, and pageant fans gives me all the confidence and drive to not only accomplish my goals for myself, but work hard to make them proud as well. Again, Thank You!

9. Lastly what message do you want to tell pageant fans that are reading this interview right now?

I would first like to tell all pageant fans thank you for their support and enthusiasm of pageantry. The Miss Universe Organization and the Miss USA pageant are long standing American-traditions that provide women with the opportunity to grow and work toward achieving our goals. I am sure that all of this years Miss USA contestants appreciate the support. I can’t wait to experience the Miss USA pageant this April, as I am sure it will create lifelong memories and friendships. Viva Las Vegas! (p.s. Make sure to tune in to the live telecast April 19th on NBC.)

Comments: Thank you very much to Miss Libby Murphy, Assistant Director of Future Productions, LLC and Miss Williams. The interview will not be possible without you two. PB wishes the best towards Patrice and may she make Colorado proud. Congratulations.