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Delegates received watches yesterday:

[Ta Kung Pao 23/01/07]

Sarah Song Presents Prize Watch to her Mother

Newly crowned Miss Chinese International Sarah Song, first runner up Ivy Lu, second runner up Sherry Chen and Miss Friendship Parichat Wisuthiphatt attended another prize giving ceremony yesterday at 3D-Gold's 'Swiss Golden Palace' showroom, where they were presented with Blita watches.

Also taking the award for Chinese Culture Ambassador, Sarah was presented with two watches, worth $76,000 and $50,000 respectively. Ivy and Sherry's watches were worth $60,000 and Parichat's was worth $50,000. After receiving their prizes, the girls tried to learn some French from Blita's Asia Pacific General Manager and showing her winner's spirit, Sarah was complimented for speaking it very well, whereas Sherry was corrected on several occasions for her accent. They then took a look around the Swiss Golden Palace.

Sarah reveals that she used to speak French, but she has forgotten much of it now because she rarely speaks it. She plans to give one of her watches to her mother and with her $200,000 prize money, she plans to buy herself a handbag, some jewellery and a laptop computer. Asked why she does not buy property or cars, she says that cars lose value and she has to save a little more before she can buy an apartment. She also smiles that she might buy some gold for her mother.

Sarah is currently studying in Sydney and has another year before she graduates so she is not sure yet as to whether she will be stopping her education to pursue a career in showbiz. As for the gossip that she was an unexpected winner and about her cape falling to the ground, she smiles that it was a little chaotic at the time and she felt so good that she did not even know when the cape fell. She does not mind about being called a surprise winner and smiles: "I still won after all!" Sherry did not mind being corrected with her French and she found it good fun to learn to speak the language.

After the four girls returned to Hong Kong from Foshan earlier, they were invited to a celebratory party by the hotel sponsors, where they received vouchers for spa treatment. After receiving her prize, Sarah immediately checked into the centre's massague suit, where she enjoyed a super luxurious caviar and pearl skincare treatment, red wine treatment and aromatherapy massage package worth $40,000. Beforehand, she had allowed the other three girls to look around her suite and a very excited Sarah sat beside her princess bed to pose for the press before playing with the water in the spa bath and then posing with the other girls on the balcony beside the red wine treatment. Asked if she likes having spa treatment, she said with great joy: "Usually I rarely get the chance, so this is great that I have the opportunity to wash away all the fatigue from the contest."

Miss Sydney, Sarah Song wins the 2007 crown:
The top 3 (from left to right): 1st runner up: Miss Johannesburg, Ivy Lui, Winner: Miss Sydney, Sarah Song, and 2nd runner up: Miss Toronto, Sherry Chan.
Miss Sydney Sarah Song Crowned Miss Chinese International 2007

Miss Chinese International 2007 was crowned yesterday, with 21 year-old Sarah Song from Sydney taking two awards and everyone by surprise. Hong Kong representative Aimee Chan did not make it into the top five.

The contest broke from tradition and took place in Foshan and the top three places went to Number 12 Sarah Song (Sydney), Number 20 Ivy Lu (Johannesburg) and Number 4 Sherry Chen (Toronto). Winning the newly renamed contest, Sarah also took the award for 'Chinese Culture Ambassador' and her win came as a surprise to the audience. When she performed her walk of honour, her cape accidentally fell off. Afterwards, she admitted that she was also surprised at the result and talking about being a dark horse, she says: "Maybe I am quite low key usually. (Why did you think you won?) Maybe I was not too nervous and I was quite relaxed, so I could show my best." First runner-up Ivy was not disappointed at not being able to receive the winner's crown from her elder sister, Ina, who won last year's contest: "I still won an award, so I feel I have already given 100%."
From left to right: Miss Toronto: Sherry Chan and Miss Hong Kong: Aimee Chan in swimsuits. Both were former contestants at Miss Chinese Toronto.
At the beginning of the show, when the girls were introducing themselves, there was a lot of stuttering and among them, Aimee, who can speak fluent Cantonese seemed to be the worst of all and this left her a little embarrassing. Maybe this reduced her scores, in this the second year after Tracy Ip, where the Hong Kong representative has not entered the top five spot or won any of the other awards. Afterwards, Aimee indicated she was disappointed. "My performance today was not very good, but I did my best and I was already happy to get into the top ten. I don't think the result was surprising."

During the swimwear section, the contestants wore some SM feel black swimsuits and although they were mildly sexy, it was still difficult to hide Aimee and Number 3 Suzanna Wu's 'soup bowl' breasts. As they walked, there was no natural movement in their figures, unlike Ivy, whose figure was far more natural. Aside from this, judge Charmaine Sheh revealed that Sarah was her choice for the winner, but she would not indicate directly why Aimee did not win: "She was quite calm and very gracious. (What did she lose on?) This year, the other contestants were very strong and were good at everything." Sonija Kwok praised Sarah for a very good question and answer interview, so she will not show any favouritism for Aimee.

Miss Sydney: Sarah Song and Miss Johannesburg: Ivy Lui in swimsuits.
Hacken Forced to Mime at MCI Performance

Hacken Lee was the performing guest at the Miss Chinese International Contest held yesterday evening, but as he was suffering from flu, his voice was only at 60% and of the three songs he sang, only two were performed live as the more difficult song "Princess and Prince" was too hard and he had no choice but to mime to a recording.

Performer: Hacken Lee, Charmaine Sheh (judges and 2nd runner up at MSHK 1997), top 3 of Miss Chinese International 2006, Janet Chow (MSHK 2006 1st runner up), and Koni Lui (MSHK 2006 2nd runner up) walk on the red carpet.
Hacken said before the show: "Yesterday when I was in Qingyuan, I could barely speak and before I had already contacted the producer, saying I would cut my performance by half if I could not sing. (Were you worried about the performance being substandard?) Of course I am afraid, so I went to see the doctor and also a Qigong expert and drank some herbal remedies, but the only way to shake flu is by resting, so I will be returning to Hong Kong straight after the show." Hacken believes that this illness was brought on whilst filming for "Beautiful Kitchen Goddess" and he was working too hard. Talking of this year's contestants, Hacken says he has seen them all before and hopes that Aimee Chan will make it into the top three and win some acclaim for Hong Kong, but this may be more difficult with the show not being held in Hong Kong. Talking of his wife Emily Lo taking the first runner up at this contest in 1993, has he spoken to her about this contest? He says that the times are different now and in the past, the pageants were more formal, but there have been a lot of gimmicks in recent years and his wife had the advantage of being the host in those days.

The top 3 and Miss Friendship winners arrive in Guangzhou to receive prizes:
From left to right: 1st runner up: Miss Johannesburg, Ivy Lui, Winner: Miss Sydney, Sarah Song, MSHK 2001 and MCI 2002 top 5 finalist: Shirley Yeung, 2nd runner up: Miss Toronto, Sherry Chan, and Miss Friendship: Miss Bangkok, Parichat Wisutthiphat pose for a photo.
New MCI Winners Join Shirley Yeung at 3D-Gold Prize Giving

The freshly crowned Miss Chinese International 2007 winners headed from Foshan to Guangzhou yesterday, where they received some of their prizes from jewellery sponsor 3D-Gold. Shirley Yeung appeared as the guest and was also presented with the latest design jewellery, making her shine even more.

Shirley says that she rushed to Guangzhou in the morning and complimented the girls for their beauty. As for the Hong Kong representative Aimee Chan going home with nothing, Shirley says with experience: "Winning an award is down to many elements and the right time and place, so it is nothing to be disappointed about." Shirley also feels that not winning an award does not mean you had a bad performance, as long as you have worked hard, then it doesn't matter and the fans will continue to support you. There will be a lot of opportunities in the future and Shirley believes that they will be as fulfilling. As for her new jewellery, she says it has made her feel very elegant and although she rushed over, the fee is very satisfactory and she was happy to be able to work with the company representatives in Guangzhou.

Miss Chinese International winner Sarah Song only managed to get 3 hours sleep the night before, but this did not steep her excitement. Her parents were at the event to support her, so they knew the result straight away and she received a string of congratulatory phone calls afterwards. She received a gold staff at the ceremony yesterday and she said it felt very heavy. She plans to keep it as a souvenir. Asked if she will be remaining in Hong Kong to further her career, she says she has not thought about it, but if she has the opportunity, she would like to give it a try. However, she is studying commerce in Sydney at the moment and still has two years before she graduates.

Asked if she realised that she revealed herself a little whilst doing the hula hoop routine, she says that she did not know because she only had one minute for the routine and didn't have time to think about this. Originally, she had planned to do a Chinese dance, but too many others were doing this, so she chose to do the more active hula hoop routine, because she had done this before when she was younger. Sarah reveals that she was born in Guangzhou and moved to Sydney when she was five, but every year, she will return to Guangzhou.

Miss Chinese International 2007 Results:

Winner: #12 Miss Sydney, Sarah Song
1st runner up: #20 Miss Johannesburg, Ivy Lui
2nd runner up: #4 Miss Toronto, Sherry Chan

Top 5 finalists: #9 Miss New York, Sirena Wang and #13 Miss Calgary, Yvonne Chapman

Top 10 semifinalists: #2 Hong Kong, #3 San Francisco, #6 Rotterdam, #14 Vancouver, and #21 Nanning

Special Awards:
Miss Chinese Culture: #12 Miss Sydney, Sarah Song
Miss Friendship: #16 Miss Bangkok, Parichat Wisutthiphat
International Charm Award: #8 Miss Pearl River, Carol Li Rui
Audience Favorite Award: #9 Miss New York, Sirena Wang

Pageant Beauties Awards:

PB's Miss Chinese International 2007, PB's Miss Photogenic (Viewers and webmaster), and PB's Miss Popularity: #2 Aimee Chan of Hong Kong

Review of results and show later on to come.


Thank you for all your votes. Pageant Beauties's Miss Chinese International 2007 Miss Photogenic and Miss Popularity were chosen. Here are the final results:
Who do you think is the most photogenic? [294 votes total]

#1 Tina Leung, Miss Seattle (4) 1%
#2 Aimee Chan, Miss Hong Kong (68) 23%
#3 Louisa Wu, Miss San Francisco (1) 0%
#4 Sherry Chan, Miss Toronto (9) 3%
#5 Leow Cai Ling, Miss Singapore (2) 1%
#6 Miss Rotterdam, Chinzy Choi (3) 1%
#7 Miss Tahiti, Erwina Chanson (54) 18%
#8 Miss Pearl River, Carol Li Rui (0) 0%
#9 Miss New York, Sirena Wang (22) 7%
#10 Miss Chicago, Ming Zhu He (1) 0%
#11 Lois Zhu, Miss Montreal (0) 0%
#12 Sarah Song, Miss Sydney (5) 2%
#13 Yvonne Chapman, Miss Calgary (66) 22%
#14 Susana Su, Miss Vancouver (17) 6%
#15 Novel Lim, Miss Kuala Lumpur (21) 7%
#16 Parichat Wisutthiphat, Miss Bangkok (1) 0%
#17 Carrasoo Rachel Tan, Miss Manila (0) 0%
#18 Cindy Chui, Miss Auckland (5) 2%
#19 Jenifer Jiang, Miss Melbourne (0) 0%
#20 Ivy Lui, Miss Johannnesburg (10) 3%
#21 Zhao Ying Ying, Miss Nanning (5) 2%
Who is your favorite to win? [315 votes total]

#1 Tina Leung, Miss Seattle (4) 1%
#2 Aimee Chan, Miss Hong Kong (84) 27%
#3 Louisa Wu, Miss San Francisco (3) 1%
#4 Sherry Chan, Miss Toronto (6) 2%
#5 Leow Cai Ling, Miss Singapore (2) 1%
#6 Miss Rotterdam, Chinzy Choi (2) 1%
#7 Miss Tahiti, Erwina Chanson (60) 19%
#8 Miss Pearl River, Carol Li Rui (1) 0%
#9 Miss New York, Sirena Wang (18) 6%
#10 Miss Chicago, Ming Zhu He (0) 0%
#11 Lois Zhu, Miss Montreal (1) 0%
#12 Sarah Song, Miss Sydney (10) 3%
#13 Yvonne Chapman, Miss Calgary (66) 21%
#14 Susana Su, Miss Vancouver (23) 7%
#15 Novel Lim, Miss Kuala Lumpur (21) 7%
#16 Parichat Wisutthiphat, Miss Bangkok (1) 0%
#17 Carrasoo Rachel Tan, Miss Manila (1) 0%
#18 Cindy Chui, Miss Auckland (6) 2%
#19 Jenifer Jiang, Miss Melbourne (0) 0%
#20 Ivy Lui, Miss Johannnesburg (5) 2%
#21 Zhao Ying Ying, Miss Nanning (1) 0%

Congratulations to Aimee of Hong Kong for winning both of our awards. Following behind for 2nd was Yvonne of Calgary for both titles. Third was a surprise delegate, Miss Tahiti, Erwina Chanson. Aimee lead from start to finish and gained the most votes. Indeed Aimee is photogenic and is your favorite to win. Originally third was Miss New York and Miss Vancouver, but was overpassed with Erwina. Thank you for all your votes.

Miss Bangkok wins the Miss Friendship award:

Miss Bangkok Parichat Wisuthiphatt Takes MCI Miss Friendship 2007

The 2007 Miss Chinese International Pageant will be taking place this evening at Foshan TV News Centre and the 21 contestants underwent final rehearsals for the swimwear parade yesterday. The vote was also held for the Miss Friendship award and this was taken by Number 16 Parichat Wisuthiphatt (Lam Nga Chi) from Bangkok. In their swimsuits, the girls showed off their figures as well as their shortcomings, that included flat chests, waistlessness, elephant legs and forced chests. Number 5 Singapore's Leow Cai Ling, Number 16 Parichat Wisuthiphatt and Number 18 also displayed some rather distasteful scenes with their clinging bikini bottoms.

After the blessing ceremony, the girls paraded in their bikinis and Number 2 Aimee Chan from Hong Kong had successfully slimmed down, but her 'soup bowl' bust was still very full and coupled with her muscular form, was quite an attraction. Number 3 Suzanna Wu (San Francisco) and Number 18 Cindy Hsu (Auckland) showed off their great busty figures and somewhat overshadowed her. Conversely, Number 1 Tina Leung from Seattle had a rather flat figure and Number 11 Bamboo Cui from Montreal was quite obviously plumper than the rest and displayed some elephant legs. Of the more confident contestants on the stage were Number 6 Rotterdam's Chinzy Choi and Number 13 Yvonne Chapman from Calgary, with the latter striking various poses for the press, earning herself the title of 'Pose Queen'.

Asked about her bust size still being the hot topic of conversation, Aimee says she does not worry about this and indicates that the other contestants also have beautiful figures and they are all very balanced. Asked if she was successful in her slimming, she admitted that she had and says that she has always been careful with her diet and has always done exercise. As for whether she developed the muscles on purpose, she smiles that she has always been very sporty, so she has always had the muscles. Asked if she is confident of an award, she says that she will go in with a peaceful heart and just enjoy the process, because it is a rare opportunity.

Bamboo said frankly that her rather large figure was the biggest pressure on her taking part in this contest, but her frame is like this, so there is nothing she can do. She has been studying ballet since she was young, so she cannot reduce the thickness of her legs and this put a lot of stres on her. She says she will do well in other areas and she will try hard to just be herself. Asked if she is confident of winning, she says that she is not entering for the awards and would just like to make some friends. After putting on a swimsuit, Yvonne seemed to shine and she smiled happily: "I will try my best to show off myself. (Are you worried that the language barrier will affect your performance?) I have already worked hard to practice and as there will be a strong Canadian accent with my Cantonese, I am learning to speak Mandarin."

Miss Bangkok Parichat was voted as the winner of the Miss Friendship award by the other contestants and when the result was announced, she was so happy that she was blushing. She was presented with some flowers and congratulated by the other girls, with Yvonne stepping forward to shake her hand and give her a hug. She indicated that this made her very happy and shocked. Asked about the tradition that this award goes to the least threatening contestant, she does not agree and says that she has got on very well with the other contestants. So is she confident of a win? She says she is confident and will work hard to do even better.

In less than 13 hours, the new Miss Chinese International will be crowned. Well it took me a long time to think of this year's top 5 list. Every contestant is beautiful and anybody can take it tonight. Well from their offical portraits () to their promos ( , ) and their photos, PB determined the predictions.

Winner: Miss Hong Kong, Aimee Chan
1st runner up: Miss New York, Sirena Wang
2nd runner up: Miss Johannesburg, Ivy Lui
Top 5 finalists: Miss Calgary, Yvonne Chapman
                          Miss Toronto, Sherry Chan

Dark horses (from 6th to 10th place): Misses Vancouver, Nanning, Sydney, Auckland, and Kuala Lumpur

Special Awards:

Miss Chinese Culture: Miss Hong Kong, Aimee Chan

Awards earlier announced:

Miss Friendship: Miss Bangkok, Parichat Wisutthiphat
International Charm Award: Miss Pearl River, Carol Li Rui
Audience Favorite Award: Miss New York, Sirena Wang

Comments: These ten delegates are definitely the strongest out of the group and five of them should make the top 5 cut. Aimee is my pick to win. Aimee has a natural smile and great figure. She should easily return Hong Kong back to the top 5 this year. Coming in second is New York's Sirena Wang. Sirena has great poise and I think she will have a outstanding performance tonight. She knows how to command the stage. Lots of fans think that she can take it all. We chose Johannesburg's Ivy as third. Ivy might be a little short, but she has the confidence to do well as she is the sister of raining Miss Chinese International, Ina Lui. Ivy is also a front runner for many chinese newspapers. Yvonne of Calgary is the strongest contestant ever from Calgary and she is also a favorite to win. However, Yvonne's Chinese is limited, so I think top 5 is the best she can do. There might be surprises though! Rounding the top 5 is Sherry Chan of Toronto. She has a beautiful face resembling Lin Chiling. Sherry should also have a great performance as she has great poise and confidence. The judges will definitely like her.

As for the dark horses, Miss Vancouver, Susana Su is also a favorite to make the top 5. Susana like Crystal (MCV 2005) has great height and poise, and it won't be surprising if Susana makes the top 5. However, I think Susana isn't that sharp compared at MCV 2006, so she placed 6th. Nanning, Zhao Ying Ying has lots of confidence and poses like in the Homeland Beauty final. Ying Ying is also a favorite to make the top 5. It all depends on her performance. Miss Sydney, Sarah Song is next on the list. She stands as 8th on our list but she has the facial beauty to do better. Cindy Chui of Auckland is definitely the strongest representive from her city and she is also a favorite to make it. Her height, figure, and confidence might lead her to victory. Last is Kuala Lumpur's Novel Lim. Unlike her presuccessors, she lost that spark she had at Miss Astro Chinese International. However her personality and eloquence might be favored by the judges (like last year). I have my hands crossed for her. There are also other stunners like San Francisco, Pearl River, Bangkok, Melbourne, and more that can surprise us. Pageant Beauties wish all the delegates the best of luck at tonight's pageant. Here she is Miss Hong Kong, Aimee Chan who is PB's MCI 2007 Miss Photogenic (viewers choice), Miss Popularity, Miss Photogenic (webmaster's choice), and Miss Chinese International 2007. Congratulations!


The pageant is coming to a end, in just two days. Very fast as it seems, the delegates had a fun time in Foshan and Hong Kong. Through the past two days, they flimed at the local FSTV (Foshan Station) for the finals. They visited the local attractions of Foshan to flim. You can see them all here (Clips courtesy of TVB):
The pageant will be held in January 20th, 2007 in Foshan. Click here for  more info on where and when will the pageant be on television. In the United States like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, Jade World (TVB USA) is broadcasting the pageant on February 20th, one month later. Guess I have to rent the dvd at a local TVB store...
Delegates travel back to Foshan to compete:
Back to Foshan for Final MCI Rehearsals

The 2007 Miss Chinese International Pageant will be taking place on Saturday and the twenty-one contestants have headed out to the venue for the final in Foshan for their final preparations. Before they set off, a blessing ceremony was held at TVB City to pray for a successful performance. Probably due to the early start and the tight schedules, all the girls seemed rather tired and some were yawning away with their hands on their hips, whilst others were exchanging massages. Among them, Number 10 He Mingzhu from Chicago seemed to have a breakout of spots on her forehead and she explained that this was because she was not acclimatised. Is she worried that this will affect her performance on Saturday? She syas she is not worried because there are not too many activities planned for the next couple of days and she will have some time to rest.

Although the contest is looming, many of the girls were still not holding back on the roast pig and younger sister of last year's winner, number 20 Ivy Lu ate from beginning to end. She smiles: "I am just eating slowly and giving the illusion of eating a lot. (Are you not worried about getting fat?) No, because the schedule has been very rushed since the start and I have actually lost weight, so this is not a problem. (Is it hard work?) It is not personal, everyone else is finding it hard, but working their best. It is very moving and I will work even harder to be myself."
As for Hong Kong's Aimee Chan, she daren't eat any roast pork, choosing an apple instead. Asked if she was afraid of getting fat, she explained that she had already eaten breakfast and she prefers to eat fruit. Talking of the tired faces, is she finding it hard? She says graciously: "This is a rare experience , so I am happy to have the chance to take part." Her parents have just arrived in Hong Kong for a wedding banquet, so they will also be showing their support for her in Foshan. Asked if her rumoured boyfriend Ray Chan will be supporting her there, she says: "I don't think so, because they only gave two tickets to each contestant and my friends will just watch me on the television. (Has he sent you an SMS to support you?) All my friends have."

Also, Number 8 Pearl River's Carol Li indicates that she has not informed her family of the date of the contest yet because she does not want them to appear at the event to support her and would rather they watched her at home on teleision. This is because they will put pressure on her and she hopes to have a calm approach to her performance. Currently living in Guangzhou, just an hour away from Foshan, does she feel that she has the advantage of being a local? She feels that the focus is on the stage, so it does not matter where you are from.

General News: The delegates travel back to Foshan for the finals. Miss Nanning, Zhao Ying Ying was at TVB Studios for the ceremony, so her visa problem is over. The finals will be helded on 20th, four days away. Pageant Beauties will announce your choice for Miss Popularity and Miss Photogenic, and PB will also selected their own Miss Photogenic based on their photos. The first PB Miss Chinese International will be announced on the 19th.
Panel of judges and hosts announced:
Aimee Chan's Chances Slipping at MCI 2007

The 2007 Miss Chinese International Pageant will be taking place on Saturday in Foshan and the twenty-one contestants met the judges for the first time yesterday. The panel will include TVB artistes Charmaine Sheh, Steven Ma, Sonija Kwok and Roger Kwok. They all say that they will not show any favouritism towards the Hong Kong representative Aimee Chan and will score fairly.

The girls have returned to Hong Kong after their promotional tour of Foshan and Aimee seemed rather tired at the meeting, that may have lost her some points with the judges. She says that she is very robust and she is not nervous and she is becoming more and more excited as the event draws near. The contestants have all been busy rehearsing and trying their costumes, hoping to give a great show and Aimee will also be catching up on some sleep over the next few days. Does she feel she is at an advantage as the Hong Kong representative? She says that although she worked with Roger on location when she took part in Miss Hong Kong, she does not feel that this will benefit her. Melbourne's Jenifer Jiang is the youngest contestant this year at only 18 years old, but she says she has no pressure and is having a lot of fun. She says that everyone else are like big sisters and there is no-one picking on her.

Former Miss Hong Kong 1999 and Miss Chinese International 2000 winner, Sonija Kwok (left) and Miss Hong Kong 1997 2nd runner up (right), Charmaine Sheh are judges.
This is the first time that Charmaine has been a judge at a beauty pageant and she had a chat with each of the contestants at the press event. She says that she is interested in the level of knowledge that the contestants have on Chinese Culture and she says that to be themselves is already enough because to be natural is the most beautiful. However, Charmaine did not reveal her favourites because this is unfair and she just said that she will judge fairly and seriously and will show no favouritism. Sonija felt the girls had great figures and asked if she felt that Aimee seemed a little lacklustre, she says that a lot of it is down to your own drive and determination. When she took part in MCI, she was unwell, but she still managed to win the award and the hard work paid off. She also says that she will not give extra points to the Hong Kong representative because she has to be fair.
The favorites from the Hong Kong press to win the crown. From left to right: Misses Hong Kong, Toronto, Singapore, Vancouver, and Johannesburg.
Steven says frankly that he will be able to watch the pretty girls openly and although he offered his hand to shake with Aimee, he insists that he will not be so generous with his points. He feels that the most important thing about MCI is for the contestants to learn a little more about China and to not even know when the country was formed is unacceptable. He prefers the contestants that look 'traditionally Chinese'. Of course, to look tidy is also important. Roger worked with Aimee in Korea during the Miss Hong Kong pageant, so he has a deeper impression of her, but he will not be biased.
The MC's for the show will be Eric Tsang and Derek Li. Singing star Eric Moo will also be the guest MC. When Derek was introducing the contestants onto the stage, he caused a few laughs when he introduced Number 12 Sarah Song from Sydney as 'number 12 contender'. With jokes that he was no good, he said humbly: "I am the worst, the girls and the judges are the best."

Article links:

General News: Eric Tsang and Derek Li will be this year's hosts. The judges include China painter Yong Qiang Chen, Sonija Kwok, Steven Ma, Charmaine Sheh, and Roger Kwok. Guest star will be Eric Moo. The delegates were in Hong Kong to meet the judges, and all of them will travel to Foshan in the upcoming days towards the finals. The offical portraits and profiles of the delegates are available. Click here () for more.
Some stats: Out of the 21 delegates, all 7 speak Cantonese. One of them included #8 Carol Li Rui of Pearl River (Mainland China delegates usually don't speak Cantonese). 13 delegates speak Mandarin only (with another language, except Cantonese). Suprisingly, all the delegates but one speak Chinese. That is not Bangkok nor Manila but Yvonne Chapman of Calgary, who only speaks English. The youngest out of the group is #19 Jenifer Jiang of Melbourne who is 18 years old. Oldest if #2 Aimee Chan of Hong Kong. All the delegates consisted of high education, 20 of them having University/College education, however #21 Zhao Ying Ying of Nanning is only a secondary graduate. The tallest is #8 Carol Li Rui of Pearl River who is 5'10". The shotest among the group is #1 Tina Leung of Seattle who is 5'3.5". Miss Chinese Montreal, Lois Zhu was talked about being chubby, and she weighs 131 pounds, same as Miss Pearl River. The lightest delegate is Ivy Lui of Johannesburg who weighs 99 pounds.
Delegates compete for the International Charm award:
Article translated from Singtao ():
The 21 delegates were in Foshan yesterday to compete in the Miss International Charm contest. Hong Kong representive, Aimee Chan (Number 2) and many other delegates made mistakes. In the end, Miss Pearl River, #8 Carol Li Rui of Foshan won the award. She introduced the art of paper cutting and folding in her performance. One of the judges, Angela Tong made an mistake during the announcement by saying Forshan (volcano) instead of Foshan.
The judges include Angela Tong (Miss Chinese Montreal 1994 and top 10 semifinalist at MCI 1995) and the mayor of Foshan. The 21 delegates bought all kinds of presents around their countries and cities to Foshan. A number of delegates forget what to say on stage. Hong Kong representive, Aimee Chan dressed up like Bruce Lee on stage. She was holding a Bruce Lee dvd and struck many of Bruce's poses. She said "Bruce lee is the first person to break world movie entertainment, being funny and..." the audience started to laugh and Aimee quickly became nervous. She forget her lines, and said thank you afterwards, before walking backstage. Afterwards she was asked whether or not to have mistakenly say Bruce Lee instead of Chow Sing Chi and she replied "No, I said the wrong thing. (Did you have a lot of stress?). Nobody gave me stress, I didn't have enough sleep, couldn't concentrate. I will learn from this." 
Number 6, Chinzy Choi of Rotterdam and number 12, Sarah Song of Sydney also forget their lines on stage. Chinzy presented an Holland wood figure and Sarah presented a Sydney theatre keychain to the judges. Number 8, Carol Li Rui (Pearl River), number 4, Sherry Chan (Toronto), and number 18, Cindy Chui (Auckland) had a good performance on stage. Number 9, Sirena Wang (New York) and number 16, Parichat Wisutthiphat (Bangkok) sang a song.
At the last moment, Angela Tong announced the winner as Carol Li Rui. However, Angela mispronouced Foshan as Forshan (volcano). Angela said afterwards "Very embarassing! I was thinking to myself Foshan but the English pronunciation is Fo Shan, that's the mistake." Eleven years ago, Angela represented Montreal at the Miss Chinese International 1995 pageant. She joked that she was only 15 years old. Regarding about the recent reports of current Miss Chinese Montreal, Lois Zhu (number 11), she said that her figure is not as good as other delegates, but she has many other qualities.
Number 8, Carol Li Rui of Pearl River won the International Charm award, explaining that her win was not because of being the host delegate. She also said that everybody on stage performed, and every place is the same. Carol's family wasn't there to cheer for her, and she hopes to have a better performance during the finals.
Other links:

Delegates in Foshan for 2nd day:
Miss Chinese International Continues Tour of Foshan

The twenty-one Miss Chinese International contestants continued on their tour of Foshan yesterday, experiencing the local culture by trying the lion dancing, making 'blind mans cake' and making lanterns.

Number 6 Chinzy Choi (Rotterdam) was rather clumsy with her lion head and could not even lift it on several occasions, turning an 'alert lion' into a 'dead lion' instead. She says: "This is the first time I have tried lion dancing and because the head is quite heavy, my muscles seized up. Following the steps of the master was quite difficult but I do go to the gym, play golf and go running with my dog. I rarely do such heavy exercise though."
Contestant numbers 1 to 5 were sent to make the cakes, but their handiwork was rather poor and they did not wear gloves, so it was quite unhygienic. Number 2 Aimee Chan (Hong Kong) indicated that she had washed her hands: "Making the cakes was not hard, it was like doing some craftwork. I ate six cakes, but not ones that I had made myself because they fell apart. I did not know how famous blind mans cake was in Foshan and it is made from olive oil, so it is quite healthy and not as fattening." Sherry says the hardest thing is getting the measurement of the ingredients right because if you don't, then it is easy to fall apart.

Number 12 Sarah Song (Sydney) and Number 14 Susana Su (Vancouver) made lanterns for the first time and Sarah indicated it was good fun, but it is hard to master. Number 13 Yvonne Chapman (Calgary) and Number 15 Novel Lim (Kuala Lumpur) were making papercuts and found it difficult but did learn something from the experience.

Below is a photo of Miss Hong Kong, Miss Toronto, Miss Chicago, and Miss Nanning, who finally joined the group in Foshan at day 1.
Homeland Beauty 2006 results:
Winner: #8 Miss Nanning, Zhao Ying Ying
1st runner up: #6 Miss Chengdu, Li Bi
2nd runner up: #3, Miss Wan Mei Jia
3rd runner up: #4, Miss Shanghai, Tang Yan Qing
Top 8 and regional city winners: #1 Wang Peng Peng (Dalian), #2 Gu Meng Ling (Suzhou), #5 Ma Yan (Xian), and #7 Huo Yan Jing (Guangzhou).
I just viewed the pageant on a dvd, and I thought it was good. The stage was quite big and the contestants looked absolutely stunning. The only surprise I had was Miss Guangzhou out of the top 4. She had a lot of poise and confidence. Ying Ying's voice was quite low, like Elva Ni, Miss Chinese Toronto 2005. #3, Miss Beijing, Wan Mei Jia replaced the original winner of Beijing as she couldn't come to HK. Seven of the contestants spoke in Mandarin, with Miss Guangzhou in Cantonese (though Jing spoke in Mandarin for a debating part). The introduction started with the delegates playing drums. Then they introduced themselves. Afterwards, the debating section. Each delegate came out in swimsuit and picked a delegate to debate. Each delegate had 2 minutes to debate. It can be on any issue, and some notable ones would be #3 Wan Mei Jia being asked of cutting her eyelids. She explained that she hit her right eye in an accident, and the doctor asked her to cut her eyelids. Then the delegates were asked to figure out the occupation of 4 man (which they don't know). They were paired up in groups of 2 and could ask each man questions. The catch was, they only had 1 minute and 30 seconds, and the man wouldn't answer honestly. Only #7 Guangzhou and #8 Nanning guessed correctly on their first try. All the other delegates (except for one) guessed correctly on their 2nd try by asking one question and picking out of 4 tries.
Then the delegates changed and sat on a table. On the screen was a pair of lovers, on which they were asked whether they match or not, etc. The top 4 elimination followed. Each turn, 2 delegates came out and standed on a elevator. If it rises, it represents they made it (similar to the process of MSHK 2003 finals). Even though I knew Guangzhou did not win, I wanted the 23 year old to make the cut. She did not rise and up went #4's Miss Shanghai Tang Yin Qing. Very disappointed. Lastly, the top 4 competed in a final competition. They used 1 minute and 30 seconds to perform a talent and convince the judges why they deserve to win. #3 Wan Mei Jia danced, #4 Tang Yan Qing cutted fruits and said along the way how each fruit means (apple means good healthy), #6 Li Bi sang and danced, and #8 Zhao Ying Ying, having a ambition to be a designer, designed a outfit using cloth and put it on a figure. The show ended with one of the judges presenting flowers to Ying Ying for winning. It was a great show overall, but the part where the delegates dressed up (below) was missing. TVB omitted this part on the dvd for some reason...

First day in Foshan
Sirena Wang Takes First MCI Award - Girls Arrive in Foshan

The twenty Miss Chinese International Contestants took part in the talent contest at East Point City yesterday, where each of the girls performed an act. Among them, Number 3 Louisa Wu (San Francisco) almost exposed herself whilst doing a fan dance and the award was won by New York's Sirena Wang for playing the piano and singing "Yesterday Once More" after a vote by the audience. Taking the first award of the contest was a great boost for Sirena's confidence and she smiled: "Taking part in this contest is to challenge myself and on the night of the final, I will do myself proud."
As for Louisa, she says she did not reveal anything: "I did not feel it. When I am dancing, I just think about the performance because I love to dance." Local contestant Aimee Chan was not disappointed at not winning the first award and says: "The talent contest is all about your performance and being the local does not mean you will win." Talking of the magazines showing photographs of her armpits, Aimee was a little shocked and embarrassed as she replied: "I have not seen them so I do not know. I will be more careful next time."

The funniest act was the rather chubby Bamboo Cui (Montreal) who performed a peacock dance, wearing some kind of corset to squeeze in her belly, but it didn't have much of an effect.

During his guest performance, Alex Fong met with a jump in the music and this left him rather embarrassed. Afterwards he revealed that he did give advice to the contestants to stay calm and not be too nervous.

The girls headed out to Foshan yesterday morning by boat to meet up with Miss Nanning Zhao Ying Ying to begin their location shoot. After arriving, they were planned to go and visit a social centre, but their plans were changed and instead, the pensioners were bussed over to the hotel to meet the girls instead. The contestants introduced themselves in a number of different languages and spoke of their feelings about Foshan and Number 10 He Mingzhu even sung a Sichuan song for the old folks, but they didn't understand and were bored to the point of numbness. Miss Pearl River Carol Li seemed to have a rather poor grasp of Cantonese and when she said that she wanted to meet more friends, it sounded like she wanted to 'eat' more friends. Hailing from Foshan, she says she will take the other girls around to show them the sights. Afterwards, Aimee indicated that she did not think the atmosphere was cold and held on that they were smiling from their hearts. Zhao Ying Ying finally joined the group yesterday and she does not feel she has lost out and will continue to do her best.
At the party, Toronto's Sherry Chen accidentally revealed the side of her panties and when this was pointed out to her, she said she would be more careful in the future. This is her first visit to Foshan and she says that she has no special feelings, but the old folks seemed quite warming. She says: "The lady sitting beside me was already 100 years old and I thought she was just 80. She was very lovable and complimented me for looking cute. She asked if I had a boyfriend and told me to find a handsome one." Asked if she has found one, she says she does not want to answer this question. She also praises Zhao Ying Ying, saying she is very beautiful.

General news: Miss New York takes the first award in the pageant. Miss Nanning, Zhao Ying Ying joined the group in Foshan as her visa had problems. Due to that, she did not participate in the first press conference and talent competition. All the portraits of #11-21 should be revealed in the upcoming days, though I wonder if Ying-ying will have the same background as the others as they are in Foshan right now, and not in the TVB studios. Also, TVB announced that there will be a new award this year, Miss Chinese Culture. Mainland China viewers may vote through MSM and text messaging. Every call will cost $2 (China money) and 4 winners will be chosen. Every winner will receive a $2500 watch. For more visit:
Delegates view Victoria Harbour:
Aimee Chan and Sherry Chen are like Neighbours

The twenty contestants for Miss Chinese International 2007 gathered on a leisure boat for an evening tour of Victoria Harbour after their earlier trip to Ocean Park and Ngongping. Many of the girls sighed at the beauty of Hong Kong's night scenes and took lots of photos. Early hot favourites Number 14 Susana Su (Vancouver) and Number 4 Sherry Chen were asked how they felt at being noticed and Susana says: "Everyone has their good points." However she admits that she is feeling a little pressure with Vancouver's track record of winning the title.

Sherry has been dubbed as the Lin Chiling lookalike and she says that this is her first visit to Hong Kong, but she is disappointed they do not have time to go shopping. Asked which of the other contestants she feels is strong competition, she says her biggest enemy is herself, because to do her best is not easy.
As for the suggestion that she resembles Taiwanese model Lin Chiling, she reveals that she is actually a junior to Lin because they both graduated from the same university and studied economics. However, they were in different classes and have never met each other because Lin was Class of 99 and graduated a whole 8 years before Sherry. A mutual friend has pointed out before that she does have some resemblance to Lin and Sherry says that she does admire Lin.

Hong Kong representative Aimee Chan seemed to get along very well with Sherry, because Aimee has also lived in Toronto before, so they have been talking a lot about the city and act like they are neighbours from the same village. Asked about her confidence for the contest, Aimee says that she is confident and will do her best, but she feels that the experience is the most important and whether she wins or loses is not a problem. She has the support of her friends and family though. Asked if she thought Sherry looks like Lin Chilin, she caused some amusement when she asked in return: "Who is Lin Chiling? I don't know. (Jerry Yan's rumoured girlfriend?) No idea!"

So far delegates from Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Calgary, Sydney, Auckland, Toronto, and Vancouver are considered favorites by the HK press. Pageant fans like Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Sydney, New York, and Calgary.
The delegates visit Ocean Park:
Miss Chinese International Tour Hong Kong Sights

The twenty contestants for Miss Chinese International 2007 took a tour of Hong Kong's attractions yesterday, taking a look around Ocean Park and then after lunch at the Jumbo Floating Restaurant heading over to the Ngongping 360 Cable Car in Lantau Island, taking a view of the Giand Buddha in the distance and visiting the Ngongping market.

As the weather was quite cold yesterday, most of the girls were dressed in their white jackets when they arrived, but when they had to take them off to pose for photographs, the girls were shivering from the cold. For some of the girls, this was their first visit to Ocean Park and they were very excited as they visited the Marine Life Centre and the pandas, taking photographs for themselves as they went around. As they left, they also attracted the attentions of many tourists from the mainland.

The girls then headed over to the Ngongping Cable Car, where it was even colder and as soon as the group photograph of the girls in their little tops and hotpants or mini skirts was done, the jackets went back on quickly. They attracted the attention of many members of the public and one person dragged Miss Hong Kong Aimee Chan off for a photograph. There were plenty of criticisms flying around, with Montreal's Bamboo Cui being singled out for having thick legs with a particularly harsh comment coming from a housewife who exclaimed that Bamboo's legs were the same size as hers, so how could she enter a beauty contest? (Shame on you for saying that!) When the girls put their coats back on, one heckler shouted: "There is nothing to see now they have their clothes on! Let's go." (What do you except to see?) This year's contestants are of a high quality and among those on form and outstanding are Sydney's Sarah Song, Calgary's Yvonne Chapman, Johannesburg's Ivy Lu and Hong Kong's Aimee Chan. There is also early speculation over Toronto's Sherry Chen as being a dark horse because of her resemblance to Lin Chiling.
For Aimee, this was her first ride on the cable cars and she introduced the sights to the other girls along the way and teaching some of them how to speak Cantonese. She has visited the Giant Buddha on a few occasions though. She says that she did not feel too cold despite the weather and that their rehearsals have been quite intense, but it has been a great experience and she has now moved to the hotel to be with the other girls and she is sharing a room with Ivy. Ivy's sister Ina took the crown last year and asked if she feels she is prettier or her sister, she smiles that they are very different, but also very special. Her parents are very easy-going, so they support her taking part.

The contestants from Singapore, Tahiti and Bangkok were not used to the rather chilly Hong Kong weather, whereas Toronto's Sherry Chen indicates that she likes Hong Kong's weather because it is snowing heavily in Toronto and in Hong Kong she does not have to wear as much clothing.

Miss Photogenic and Miss Popularity voting:

From now to January 18th (at 12 p.m. EST), you can vote for Pageant Beauties's Miss Photogenic and Miss Popularity winner. The polls are listed on the main page, and the results will be announced on the 19th. Remember to vote!

Offical portraits revealed to public:
Two days ago, the offical portraits of numbers 1-10 were revealed to the press. All the delegates were University educated. The youngest out of the group was #1 Tina Leung of Seattle and the oldest was #2 Aimee Chan of Hong Kong.
The press was interested in the measurements, where #9 Sirena Wang of New York had a figure of 35" 25" 36" and a height of 5'8". Pearl River's Li Rui had measurements of 34.5" 25.5" 36.5", with an height of 5'10".
The offical site is up. Currently there is a promotion clip about the theme and it features Leanne Li, MCI 2005. Portraits and profiles are yet to be up. The logo (below, as you can see) has a different color than the previous years. Below is a comparision:
Miss Hong Kong, Aimee Chan
Miss New York, Sirena Wang



Some general trivia on the delegates:

  1. The 1st princess of Miss Chinese Seattle 2005, Katie Au should of represented Seattle at this year's pageant. She is replaced by 2nd princess, Tina Leung who is in Hong Kong right now. It is unknown whether Katie gave up the chance or not.
  2. Mainland China delegates compete for the first time. They include the cities of Pearl River and Nanning. Miss Nanning, Ying-ying Zhao is having visa problems currently and will join the group later.
  3. Miss Netherlands, Chinzy Choi is representing Rotterdam instead of Amsterdam.
  4. Chinzy is the only representive of Europe.
  5. Miss Johannesburg, Ivy Lui is the sister of Ina Lui, last year's winner. Ivy was chosen to represent since the Johannnesburg pageant is held every 2 years, and the top 2 competes in the international pageant. Ivy is also representing the whole continent of Africa.
  6. Miss Lima doesn't compete for the first time since 2003, meaning no Southern America representive this year.
  7. San Francisco, Calgary, and Auckland return after MCI 2005.

Offical list of delegates and numbers:

#1 Miss Seattle: Tina Leung (Miss Chinese Seattle 2005 2nd princess)
#2 Miss Hong Kong: Aimee Chan (Miss Hong Kong 2006)
#3 Miss San Francisco: Louisa Wu (Miss Chinatown USA 2006)
#4 Miss Toronto: Sherry Chan (Miss Chinese Toronto 2006)
#5 Miss Singapore: Leow Cai Ling (Miss Singapore Chinatown 2006)
#6 Miss Rotterdam: Chinzy Choi (Miss China Europe 2006)
#7 Miss Tahiti: Erwina Chanson (Miss Dragon 2006)
#8 Miss Pearl River: Carol Li Rui (Miss Zhu Jiang 2006)
#9 Miss New York: Sirena Wang (Miss New York Chinese 2006)
#10 Miss Chicago: Ming Zhu He (Miss Friendship Ambassador 2006 1st runner up)
#11 Miss Montreal: Lois Zhu (Miss Chinese Montreal 2006)
#12 Miss Sydney: Sarah Song (Miss Sydney Chinese 2006)
#13 Miss Calgary: Yvonne Chapman (Miss Calgary Chinese 2006)
#14 Miss Vancouver: Susana Su (Miss Chinese Vancouver 2006)
#15 Miss Kuala Lumpur: Novel Lim (Miss Astro Chinese International 2006)
#16 Miss Bangkok: Parichat Wisutthiphat (Miss Chinese Bangkok 2006)
#17 Miss Manila: Carrasoo Rachel Tan (Miss Chinatown Manila 2006)
#18 Miss Auckland: Cindy Chui (Miss Chinese New Zealand 2006)
#19 Miss Melbourne: Jenifer Jiang (Miss Chinese Melbourne 2006)
#20 Miss Johannesburg: Ivy Lui (Miss Chinese South Africa 2005 1st runner up)
#21 Miss Nanning: Zhao Ying Ying (Homeland Beauty winner)

First press conference helded:
[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 06/01/07]

First Look at Miss Chinese International 2007

Miss Chinese International Pageant 2007 will be taking place in Foshan's New City Area on the 20th and the twenty contestants have arrived in Hong Kong to prepare in their secret training camp.

TVB arranged a press conference for the event at the Regal Airport Hotel for the girls to meet the media for the first time. Number 21 Zhao Ying Ying is suffering from problems with her visa and was unable to take part in the event. The girls appeared in beautiful evening gowns at the event and introduced themselves briefly on the stage in Cantonese. Most of the girls were very calm, with only Number 11 Lois Zhu from Montreal and Number 17 Manila's Chan Heung Lei who were rather nervous. The latter seemed very stiff on the stage and when the reporters told her to relax, she stiffened up even more and forced a smile. The most confident on the stage was Number 13 Yvonne Chapman who hails from Calgary, who used to be a magazine model there, so she struck a number of poses on the stage for the press. Number 18 CIndy Chui from Auckland has looks that are not bad and she is full of confidence. Also catching the attention of the cameras at the event were Number 2 Hong Kong's Aimee Chan and the younger sister of last year's winner Ina Lu, Number 20 Ivy Lui from Johannesburg.

When the reporters asked Aimee if she was confident of bringing the crown back to Hong Kong she seemed lacking in confidence as she said: "I will just be myself and try my best." She says that she has entered the training camp with the other contestants and she is excited to share the experience with girls from around the world. She adds: "They are all beautiful in their own right, so I feel a bit of pressure, but to be able to meet so many people from different countries and learn from them is a great experience."

Ivy Lui indicated that if she could follow in her sister's footsteps and win the award, then she would be very happy and even if she does not win, then seeing her sister there will be a great encouragement. She also reveals that her sister is currently working for a Taiwanese TV station and asked if she would like to follow her sister into showbiz, she says she has not thought so far ahead yet and will just enjoy the experience.
Hong Kong press favorites: Misses Johannesburg, Auckland, Calgary, and Hong Kong

Today's general news:
Miss Nanning, Ying-ying Zhao will join the 20 beauties later on due to visa problems. The letters of the sashs as you can see are yellow, than the rather green. The logo on the background is also yellow, meaning the color changed due to the new name. Numbers were assigned to the delegates. I will have a list of numbers and names later on. Offical site will be up soon.

The delegates take offical portraits and flim for promotional clips:
Article translated from Apple Daily (Put this link on address bar: ).
This month's 20th will be the Miss Chinese International 2007 pageant. Twenty delegates were in TKO TVB City to flim for promotional clips and take offical portraits. Only Miss San Francisco, Louisa Wu was stopped by reporters during her visit to the restroom. The reporters asked her for her name and she spoken in Mandarin "I am called yu yi of maan see yu yi." The reporters then asked for her last name, where she said "Wu." The reporter quickly wished back to Louisa, see see yu yi (I think that that's okay, the Wu of Cantonese is pronounced differently in Mandarin).
The delegates also traveled to Causeway Bay and a salon to have a make over. All the delegates' hairstyles didn't change much. Only 21 year old, Miss Netherlands, Chinzy Choi had a big change.
Now since the article mentions 20 delegates, Miss Nanning, Ying-ying Zhao has a big chance of not participating this year. There could be a replacement delegate from Homeland Beauty, however I think she wouldn't make it on time due to visa problems. Miss Taipei is also rumored to have pulled out of the competition therefore leaving 20 delegates.
Article translated and courtesy of (TVBSpace, ):
Miss Chinese International Contestants Arrive in Hong Kong

The twenty-one contestants from around the world taking part in the Miss Chinese International Pageant 2007 have arrived in Hong Kong and will compete for the title on 20th in Foshan. Missing from the contestants was the winner of the "Homeland Beauty" pageant Zhao Ying Ying from Nanning, who was having problems with her visa and unable to make it in time for the first gathering. Her application details are still being verified now.

Hong Kong representative Aimee Chan joined the other contestants at TVB City yesterday to have their measurements taken and to pick their numbers. They were then sent off to stylists in Causeway Bay and Festival Walk for image consultancy. There were plenty of pretty girls among the contestants, who were quite tall and of a high quality. One contestant Ivy Lui of Johannesburg (sister of current MCI, Ina Lui) resembles Race from the girl group 2R. Aimee indicates that she is on good form.

The delegates will take offical portraits and have a press conference in the upcoming days.
The Miss Pearl River 2006 pageant was held on December 24th, 2006. The winner was #12, Li Rui. She is currently a University student at the age of 21. Standing at 5'11", she is the tallest delegate for next year's pageant.
Logo and theme of the pageant.
Miss Li Rui taking her first walk as Miss Pearl River 2006.
Miss Nanning, Ying-ying Zhao is the winner of the Homeland Beauty pageant. She will be competing at MCI 2007 representing Nanning.
The Miss Chinese Vancouver 2006 pageant was held in the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre yesterday. #10 Susana Su, standing at 5'8" and 23 years old won the crown. She also bagged the Miss Photogenic award, an award that has been given to 8 former winners. She will represent Vancouver at MCI 2007. Taking 1st runner up was #4 Teresa Chang. Third went to #6 Carrie Wang, who looked stunning in her offical portrait and photos. Carrie also took 2 other side awards. #3 Natalie and #7 Amy, both favorites to make the top 3 failed. They both received 2 awards though. There were a number of 12 awards, the most ever in the pageant.
Miss Chinese Vancouver 2006 results:
Winner: #10 Susana Su
1st RU: #4 Teresa Chang
2nd RU: #6 Carrie So

Miss Friendship: #2 Fiona Liu
Miss Photogenic: #10 Susana So
Perfect Complexion: #9 Sisi Liu
Best Posture: #6 Carrie Wang
Vivacious Beauty: #6 Carrie Wang
Miss Energetic: #3 Natalie Zhang
Classic Elegance: #7 Amy So
Beautiful Life Ambassador: #3 Natalie Zhang
Miss Popularity: #7 Amy So


Can't believe that the year has pasted so fast, as Miss Chinese Vancouver 2006 will be crowned tonight. This powerhouse will be strong like previous years, with strong delegates that will compete for the crown tonight. The reigning MCV 2005, Crystal Li would crown her winner at the end of the 3 hour pageant, broadcasted live by Fairchild TV at 7:55 p.m. Now, it's time for Pageant Beauties' predictions...
Winner: #10 Susana Su
1st runner up: #3 Natalie Zhang
2nd runner up: #1 Michelle Jiang
Strong alternates (if there's a top 5, they're be there): #7 Amy So and #9 Sisi Liu.
#10's Susana is Pageant Beauties's MCV 2006! Susana is the tallest delegate at the pageant, standing at 5'8". A big advantage. Secondly, she has beautiful eyes and hairstyle in the pageant.
Closely behind Susana is #3's Natalie. Natalie speaks Cantonese which a great advantage too. Her portrait is one of the best too, so she will be a strong possibility for Miss Photogenic.
For second runner up, we pick Michelle. Michelle has great energy and is a favorite to win the Miss Energetic title (at 18 years old). The only contestants that will stop her from getting into the top 3 are #7's Amy and #9's Sisi, both stunners. Amy looks like a Miss Friendship winner. Anything can happen tonight and may the best delegate win.
The 8 delegates for Landscapes & Beauties revealed (courtesy of TVBSpace, ):

[Ta Kung Pao 13/12/06]

'Homeland Beauty' Finalists Revealed in Swimwear

L-R: 1. Wang Peng Peng, 2. Gu Meng Ling, 3. Wan Mei Jia, 4. Tang Yan Qing, 5. Ma Yan, 6. Li Bi, 7. Huo Yan Jing, 8. Zhao Ying Ying

The eight mainland finalists from the earlier episodes of "Homeland Beauty" (aka 'Landscapes & Beauties) appeared to meet the press in their swimwear yesterday ahead of this week's final. However, before the photoshoot, there appeared to be a 'battle of the elbows' with Number 1 Wang Peng Peng and Number 8 Zhao Ying Ying winning on the elbow front and pushing the other contestants out of the way and covering their competitors with their elbows.

Number 4 Tang Yan Qing was the worst off as she was pushed to one side completely by the other contestants. However, she indicated that she did not mind and pointed out that if everyone put their hands on their hips, then the group photo would not look good. Number 8 Zhao Ying Ying indicated that she did not know she was covering Number 7 Huo Yan Jing and if she did, she was very sorry. She adds that Number 7 stood facing the wrong direction and she did not want to be obstructed, so she had to do this. She also says that she has had to adapt to this because they have not rehearsed together before, so there will be some minor problems. She believes that Number 7 will not be angry with her because they share a room and are good friends.

Number 6 Li Bi is lacking a little in height and in the official photos, it was found that she had not shaved her armpits. When she heard this, she immediately reacted strongly: "What? Really? That's disgusting! I hope you don't publish that photograph, I am young and naive." She says that she does usually shave her armpits and she will pay more attention to this in future.

The show will be hosted by Wong He and Ha Yu. Originally it was supposed to be Wong He and Bowie Lam, but there have been rumours that they have fallen out and Bowie has pulled out of the job because he allegedly could not stand Ah He for stopping him from eating meat and as a result Ha Yu was asked to step in.
Miss Singapore Chinatown 2006 was crowned on December 6, 2006. The title went to #13 Leow Cai Ling who is 21 yrs old and stands at 5'7.5". She will represent Singapore at MCI 2007. In other news, Wong He and Bowie Lam continues their search for beauties in "Landscape and Beauties."
Miss China Europe and Miss Chinese Melbourne chosen:
Miss China Europe 2006 was chosen on November 27th, in The Netherlands. The winner is Miss Netherlands, #3 Chinzy Choi.  She also took the Miss Talent award. She will represent Amsterdam at MCI 2007. The 1st runner up was Miss Sweden, #8 Daisy Ma. If Daisy have won, she will have represent Sweden at MCI 2007. Second runner up went to Miss UK, #10 Fiona Hoang. All of the top 3 spoke Cantonese.
Going to represent the city of Melbourne at MCI  2007 is #3 Jenifer Jiang. jenifer also took the Miss Photogenic title. Jenifer is currently a first year University of Melbourne student, and speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, English, and Japanese. She will represent Melbourne at MCI 2007. Her court includes: #10 Emmy Cui and #4 Ho Ping Lo, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up represectively. Pageant Beauties's pick, #7 Kelly Meng unfortunely failed to place in the top 3. She was the winner of MSHK Beauties's MCM 2006 webmaster's choice though.
How many delegates will be in Fuoshan for MCI 2007?
As of December 1st, 2006, 16 delegates are confirmed for the pageant. They include: Misses Amsterdam, Auckland, Bangkok, Calgary, Chicago, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Melbourne, Montreal, New York, Seattle, Sydney, Tahiti, and Toronto. San Francisco is the only delegate not to be confirmed to compete or not. Delegates that will soon be crowned are Singapore, Vancouver, and of course the China delegates. Pearl River is one example. Three other Chinese cities will join the list. They could be from Dalian, Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Xian, Chengdu, Nanning, or Guangzhou. Cities that have not announced whether or not they elected their winners to go to Fuoshan include Brisbane, Lima, and Taipei. Lima and Taipei both competed at the last 4 years, with Taipei even longer. Taipei will likely send a delegate, but the South American continent might not have any representives for next year. If all of the delegates mentioned above competed, there will be a total of 26 delegates. Likely there will be 22 delegates. If only Hawaii and the Malaysian territories return after a long hiatus...
Miss Chinese Toronto 2006 results:
Winner: #3 Sherry Chan
1st runner up: #6 Belinda Yan
2nd runner up: #12 Cleone Yip
Top 5 Finalists: #2 Peggy Li and #10 Caroline Khuu
Special Awards:
Miss Photogenic: #6 Belinda
Miss Vitality: #6 Belinda
Miss Friendship: #4 Thuy Linh
Miss Fitness: #3 Sherry Chan
Miss Charming Communicator: #6 Belinda
Miss Talent: #9 Amy Yang
Miss Vivacious Beauty: #5 Wendy Wen Wen
The 2006 Miss Chinese Toronto pageant was held yesterday in Toronto. Live on Fairchild TV, 12 delegates competed in interview, swimsuits, talent, fitness, and more. In the end, Sherry Chan (#3) took the title. Second place went to #6 Belinda Yan who did extremely well during the final night and won 3 side awards. Third place went to Cleone Yip (#12). There was a top 5 list this year going to #2 Peggy Li and #10 Caroline Khuu. Pageant Beauties's pick, #8 Abigail Lee failed to make the top 5 due to a poor performance. A little bit surprised as she had the whole package (education, height, pageant experience, and more). The guest performer was Moses Chan and Amigo Choi also from TVB, join River Lee and Dominic Lam as hosts. For photos of the event, visit MSHK Beauties: ()


The Miss Chinese Toronto 2006 pageant will be helded today. It will be broadcasted live through Fairchild TV at 8:30 p.m. The 12 delegates are all stunners and anybody has a chance. Pageant Beauties's pick for Miss Chinese Toronto 2006 is...
#8's Abigail Lee! Abigail has height, education, beautiful smile, and pageant experience. She competed at Miss Universe Canada 2006 and Miss World Canada 2006, both winning Miss Congeniality. She should have no problem winning Miss Friendship tonight. She is able to speak a little of 7 languages (Chinese, English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, French, and German. She should place high at the pageant.

1st runner up goes to #3, Sherry Chan. Sherry has one of the best figures and hair styles. A big possiblity for Miss Photogenic. We except  her to do quite well tonight. Second runner up goes to #4, Thuy Vuong. Thuy is also photogenic in pictures and has one of the best hairstyles. Other delegates that have potential to make the top 3 are: #2 Peggy Li, #6 Belinda Yan, and #12 Cleone Yip. Out of all the 6 delegates mentioned, Peggy (#2), Thuy (#4), Belinda (#6), and Cleone (#12) speaks Cantonese, which is a good advantage.

Miss Chinese Toronto 2006 predictions:
Winner: #8 Abigail Lee
1st runner up: #3 Sherry Chan
2nd runner up: #4 Thuy Yuong
Alternates for top 3: #2 Peggy Li, #6 Belinda Yan, and #12 Cleone Yip.
Special Awards:
Miss Photogenic: #3 Sherry Chan
Miss Vitality: #6 Belinda Yan
Miss Friendship: #8 Abigail Lee
Healthy Figure Award: #3 Sherry Chan
Charming Communicator: #8 Abigail Lee
Harry Siu Wisdom Award: #11 Daisy Chan
Vivacious Beauty Award: #3 Sherry Chan
Pageant Beauties wish the best of luck to all the delegates.
Miss Pearl River 2006 pageant:
Next year's Miss Chinese International pageant will greet delegates from Mainland China as China is famous for beautiful ladies and for Miss Asia's success. To celebrate this event, the Miss Hong Kong 2006 winners traveled to Guangzhou and started the promotion for delegates. The deadline to enter is December 15th and auditions for the next 2 days. On the 19th a preliminary competition will be staged, with the grand final being held on December 24th. The winner will receive RMB 80,000 and the chance to represent Pearl River at MCI 2007. For more information, visit:
Fuoshan will host MCI 2007:
For the 3rd time in the pageant's history, the pageant will be held in a venue outside of Hong Kong. MCI 2007 will be held in Fuoshan. TVB will be working with FSTV to produce the pageant. After many success at last year's pageant (which the delegates visited Fuoshan), TVB chose Fuoshan as the 2007 venue. About 25 delegates will compete in Fuoshan.
Pageant Date is confirmed:
News courtesy of TVB Space, :

[Ta Kung Pao 14/11/06]

Miss Chinese International Pageant 2007 Details Revealed

In order to welcome contestants from new representative cities in China, TVB's Miss Chinese International Pageant has changed its Chinese Name to "Kwok Jai Chung Wai Siu Jer" and as well as welcoming entries from overseas Chinese beauty queens, there will also be contestants from Mainland pageants. The competition will take place in Foshan to mark the occasion. TVB executive Mr Ho Lai Chuen joined the President of Foshan Television to sign a contract of co-operation and accompanied by Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui, they raised their glasses to wish the show well when it takes place on 20th January.

Mr Ho indicates that this year there will be contestants representing 22 cities overseas and together with the mainland contestants, this will total 25 contestants. The mainland contestants will include the winner of the Miss Pearl River Pageant and the winner of TVB's "Landscapes and Beauties" selections. All contestants will be arriving in Hong Kong in mid-January to prepare for the event. Mr Ho says that in the past, Miss Chinese International has been held in Panyu and this year, there will be location shooting in the host city of Foshan to show the beauty of the city and its traditional scenery. If the response from the mainland is good, then he does not rule out the possiblity of going to other cities in China for future contests. As for suggestions that they are copying the Miss Asia idea of holding it in different places, Mr Ho says that there are differences between them because they will still be inviting contestants from all around the world and with the success of former Miss Chinese International winners, the brand has already become well known among the overseas communities.

Aimee will be representing Hong Kong at this contests and in order to give her their support, Janet and Koni presented her with a card and a gift. In the card, Janet wrote 'I love you' and Koni's message was 'Enjoy your life'. They also presented her with a guidebook of Foshan so that Aimee can learn about the city and act as host to the other girls.
Aimee was so touched that she began to cry and it was only thanks to comforting from her good sisters that a smile broke from the tears. With Koni winning two awards at the Miss International Pageant, a cake was presented to her yesterday to celebrate and she fed some strawberries to the other girls.

Aimee later indicated that they are all very close and as Janet often says 'I love you' to her parents and friends, so when she heard this she was very touched. Talking of Koni and her awards, does this put pressure on Aimee? She says that she will not compare herself to Koni, but she is very happy for Koni. She also smiles: "I feel excitement more than pressure and I don't want to give myself too much pressure, otherwise I will make mistakes. Only without pressure can you do your best and I will treat myself as the host, inviting the other girls to my home, promoting Hong Kong and sharing cultural experiences. (Are you worried that the focus will just be on your figure?) No, every girl has something that people talk about and I understand that this is just a topic of conversation. (There will be mainland contestants this year, they are usually very good at speaking?) And also very pretty! However, I will not compare myself to them and will just do my best. You have to look at things from many angles and when you meet a strong competitor then it is a challenge." Over the next two months, Aimee will be taking the time to keep fit, but she will not be losing any more because women look much pretttier with some flesh and it is all about balance.

Miss Sydney Chinese 2006 results:
Winner:#1 Sarah Song
1st RU: #4 Coco Li
2nd RU: #12 Lin Lin
#7 Shirley Ho
#11 Frances Lee

Miss Charity: #8 Tracy Shek
Miss Photogenic: #4 Coco Li
Miss Healthy: #4 Coco Li
Miss Friendship: #12 Lin Lin
Miss Popular: #1 Sarah Song
Sarah will represent Sydney at MCI 2007. She stands at 5'3.5" and is 21 years old.
Miss Chinese Vancouver 2006 news:
To be held on December 13, 2006 at 7:55 p.m. in Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre is the Miss Chinese Vancouver 2006 pageant. The ten delegates that will compete for this year's crown were revealed in a press conference this Tuesday. They will compete for the prizes and the chance of a lifetime- to represent Vancouver at MCI 2007. Hong Kong host, Joey Leung will fly to Vancouver to host the event. He will be joined by 2 hosts of Fairchild TV- Anita Lee and Ricky Cheung. The special guest for this year's pageant is Anthony Lun. There will be a total number of 11 awards this year. They include: Winner, 1st runner up, 2nd runner up, Miss Photogenic, Perfect Complexion, Best Posture, Miss Energetic, Vivcious Beauty, Best First Impression, Beautiful Life Ambassador, and Miss Friendship.
Offical Site:
 from Miss HK Beauties
Comments: This year's batch is the best in many years. Even though #10, Susana Yui is the only delegate to be 5'8", many delegates are stunning in looks. My favorite is #3, Natalie Zhang. She looks beautiful in her eyes and hairstyle. A likely Miss Photogenic winner. Other delegates that are stunning are #1, Michelle Yue, #9, Sisi Liu, and #10, Susana Yui.
Miss Chinese Toronto 2006:
Go to  for more information on the voting for the Miss Photogenic award.
Miss Astro Chinese International 2006 results:
Winner: #8 Novel Lim Siew Theng
1st runner up: #4 Ling Lam Mei Ling
2nd runner up: #5 Josephine Goh Lee Chen
3rd runner up: #7 Rachel Lai Ying Qi
4th runner up: #6 Cally Poon Pui Ling

Special Awards:
Miss Photogenic: #8 Novel Lim
Perfect Figure: #4 Ling Lam
Miss Talent: #4 Ling Lam
Miss Friendship: #9 Goey Yu 

Earlier announced awards:

Best Host/ Miss Eloquent: #5 Josephine Lee Chen


Yesterday night in Malaysia, broadcasted by The Astro Wah Lai Station (channel 30), the Miss Astro Chinese International pageant was held. After hours of competition in gowns, swimsuits, interview, 21 year old, Novel Lim won the crown. She also bagged the Miss Photogenic title. She will represent Kuala Lumpur at MCI 2007. She was a big favorite to after taking Miss Photogenic, as in the last nine years, seven of the Miss Photogenics took 1st place. She was described by the judges as "Elegant, polite, stylish, but a little nervous." She was crowned by Annabelle Kong, 2nd runner up at MCI 2006 and last year's winner. First runner up went to another beauty, Ling Lam Mei Ling. She also took the Miss Talent and Perfect Figure award. She was described by the judges as "having a pair of eyes that can talk, having her own opinion, and could think to solve problems."  Second runner up, Josephine Lee Chen had great eloquent and was described by the judges as "born to be on stage." Miss Friendship, also known as Miss Goodwill was won by #9's Goey Yu. Pageant Beauties's winner, #1's Clare Wong Yee Chin failed to make the top 5. Many factors led to her placement, her height and the judges described her as "not elegant." However, Clare was one of the most prettiest delegate, but the top 5 voting system (the public chose the top 5) was unfair, as the popular delegates made the cut. Though with this system, Pageant Beauties predicted 4 out of the 5 finalists. The hosts also announced the top 5 by a cruel way. When it was determined who was out, they were immediately sent to the back stage. They even said "You are not picked, you can head backstage!" Then from that top 5, the judges picked the winner.

The crown fell:

After the raining Miss Astro Chinese International, Annebelle Kong crowned the new winner, Novel was asked about her feelings. She was too happy, as the crown fell on the floor. The crown also changed shape from being circular into oval.

Novel's chances:

Novel has great poise and knowing Cantonese, she has a good chance to continue the streak for Kuala Lumpur.

Other links:


Other articles:


Courtesy of MSHK Beauties and Plem Magazine:
Miss Chinese Toronto 2006, Miss Vitality:

This year, a new award "Miss Vitality" was created by FTV's MCTP organizers. The 12 delegates competed in a series of events at the Docks in downtown Toronto to determine the winner for Miss Vitality.

Filming took place back in early October & the temperature was approximately 5 degrees. The 12 delegates were put to the test to complete 7 obstacle courses, such as climing, running, swinging on ropes, etc. Winner will be announced at the finals on November 24th.

Back L-R #9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4,
Front L-R #12, 11, 10, 3, 2, 1

Monica Pang, Miss America 2006 1st runner up, also an Malaysian, hosts the Miss Astro Chinese International 2006 pageant (courtesy of ):

KUALA LUMPUR: She arrived a month ago and was the talk of the town. 

What has Miss America 2006 first runner-up Monica Pang Li Pinn been up to? Hosting TV shows? Endorsing products? 

Monica Pang, Miss Georgia 2006 and also 1st runner up at Miss America 2006.
Well, for starters she has found a job close to her heart – judging Miss Astro Chinese International 2006 at Genting Highlands tomorrow.  

“I am honoured to be invited to be a part of this prominent beauty pageant,” said the 26-year-old lass who is a former Miss Georgia.  

“It’s been a while since my involvement in any beauty pageant, so it is good to return to the pageant industry.” 

Monica’s father Peter, who is from Kluang, Johor, was an engineer with the Michelin Tyre Corp for 25 years and was based in South Carolina, the United States, where Monica was born in 1981. 

“Back in the States, I have judged a few small pageants and was a consultant for Miss Chinatown there, but they were nothing as big as this Miss Astro Chinese International,” she said.  

“It’s going to be a challenge. I am confident my past experience as a judge in pageants will help here.”  

Monica said she was excited at judging her first overseas beauty pageant. 

“If there are more opportunities to be a judge in pageants in the future, I certainly welcome them,” she added. 

For the Miss Astro contestants, Monica said she would be looking for someone who can carry and present herself well, both on and off stage. 

She said it would be an honour to work with the other judges – designer Eric Choong, Roth Lai, Sampson Yuen, model Irene Santiago, Felicia Ling and Ann Lee. 

“They are all very influential and well known personalities. It’s definitely the team for such an upscale event,” she said.  

On October 29, 2006, in the Deerfoot Inn & Casino in Calgary, 10 delegates competed for the Miss Calgary Chinese title. After hours of competition, number 2, Yvonne Chapman won the title. She will represent Calgary at MCI 2007. The first runner up went to number 4's Delaine Lee who also took the Miss Congeniality. As the pageant is held every 2 years, Delaine might represent Calgary at MCI 2008. Third place went to number 7, Katherine Chen. Miss Photogenic was number 9's Ernestine Huynh. Yvonne is currently 19 years old and is a student at The University Of Calgary.
Miss Chinese Toronto 2006 news:
Go to  to vote for your winner of Miss Charming Communicator 2006.
Ticket Information: For vips, it costs $238, $198 for others. Call 905-883-9288 for tickets.
Miss Astro Chinese International 2006:
Organized by The Astro Television, the 10 finalists would compete for their chance to represent Kuala Lumpur at MCI 2007. Kuala Lumpur does really well at MCI, producing one winner, two 2nd runner ups, 4 top 5 finalists, and two Miss Friendship winner. Now will Astro continue their streak? It all depends on this year's winner.
Winner: #1 Clare Wong Yee Chin
1st runner up: #8 Novel Lim
2nd runner up: #4 Lam Mei Ling
Top 5: #6 Cally Poon and #7 Rachel Lai Ying Qi.
Clare is also the winner of Pageant Beauties's Miss Astro Chinese International 2006. Congratulations and may the best girl win.
Courtesy of Neves:
On October 21st, in the Holiday Inn Hotel, 10 delegates competed for the Miss Chinese Montreal 2006 title. In the end, 5'7" beauty, Lois Zhu (number 7) took the crown. First runner up went to number 8, Jessica Chan who is also the niece of Miss Chinese Montreal 1985, Judy Woo. She also attended the pageant to support Jessica. Second runner up went to number 1's Heather Lin. Miss Friendship was won by #3, Valerie Haw. Neves attended the pageant and saw that 1st runner up, Annabelle Chung crowned the winner, and 2005's winner, Vicki Ng Wan was not invited. Maybe she was dethroned after coming back from Hong Kong? It is not yet confirmed but Lois will represent Montreal at MCI 2007.
MISS CHINESE MONTREAL 2007 RESULTS, Courtesy of Neves and photo from MSHK Beauties: 
WINNER: #7, Lois Zhu
1st RU: #8, Jessica Chan
2nd RU: #1, Heather Lin

Miss Friendship: #3, Valerie Haw 
Courtesy of MSHK Beauties:
The 10 delegates for this year's Miss Chinese Montreal pageant are known. To view their profiles, visit: .
I mentioned on the 11th that the pageant will be held on tomorrow. It's unconfirmed yet. Pageant Beauties will once update when we have the information.
Miss Chinese Toronto 2006 press conference (courtesy of MSHK Beauties):

Miss Chinese Toronto 2006:
Fairchild TV had a press conference today. During the conference, the 12 delegates were revealed. TVB actor, Moses Chan will also travel to Toronto to perform. Familar faces include Contestant number 8, Abigail Lee, who was Miss Congenality at Miss Universe Canada 2006 and Miss World Canada 2006. She's quite friendly! Maybe it's because of her knowledge with languages as Abigail speaks 6 languages. It should be no surprise if Abigail took MCT 2006 Miss Friendship and MCI 2007's Miss Friendship (winning MCT 2006 too). Other delegates that are stunning are number 3, Sherry Chan, number 7, Michelle Hsiao (5'10" in height!), and number 9, Amy Yang Fan. There will be tough competition this year. To view all the delegates, visit the all new site:
Remember Canadian fans, tune in to Fairchild TV on November 24, 2006 at 8:30 p.m. for the pageant (live). Too bad there's no FCTV in New York... but I can see the pageant live on the offical site. However, I can still remember the green background and upside down images on my computer...  
Miss Chinese Toronto news:
On Fairchild TV's show, What's On, also hosted by MCT 2005, Elva Ni, it is announced that there will be 12 contestants competing for this year's crown. The reason is due to the high number of contestants auditioning. The delegates will be revealed on October 20, 2006.
Offical 2006 pageant site:
Miss Chinese Vancouver news:
After one month's auditioning, contestants performed in talent, swimsuits, and asked interviews. Ten contestants will be chosen this year, and the list will be revealed on November 7, 2006.
Offical 2006 pageant site:
Miss Sydney Chinese 2006 and Miss Chinese Community Quest 2006 news:
Miss Sydney Chinese 2006 pageant would be held on November 12, 2006. The 12 semifinalists have been selected. They will be revealed soon. Miss Sydney Chinese 2005, Fiona Che will crown her successor.
The Miss Chinese Community Quest pageant, also known as Miss Chinese Melbourne had a press conference on September 30. A number of 12 contestants will fight for the crown and a chance to represent Melbourne at MCI 2007.
Offical Site:
Miss Chinese Melbourne Site:
Mainland China delegates:
Earlier TVB changed the chinese name of MCI to a different one in order to recieve contestants from China. Yesterday in Hong Kong, Bowie Lam and Wong He, with MSHK 2005, Tracy Ip, and 2nd runner up, Carrie Lam, and 6 other girls hosted a special event. Named, "Beauties Of The Land," which is a new traveling show to be broadcasted on the Jade channel, Bowie and Wong travelled around 8 Chinese cities and worked with the local television networks, and chose 8 finalists from the 8 cities. From these 8 cities, they will compete for the top 3 positions, and those 3 will represent their represective cities at MCI 2007. The top 3 will be chosen in Hong Kong later this year.
Courtesy of Neves:
The Miss Chinese Montreal 2007 pageant will be held on October 21, 2006 in Montreal. More information and links soon.
More news on the current delegates. Miss Sydney Chinese sponsered by TVB Australia has started. They are currently recieving applications. Here is the link:

Miss Bangkok 2006:
Miss Bangkok, Parichat Wisutthiphat, who stands at 5'8" will represent Bangkok at Feb's pageant. Here is a list of delegates courtesy of Miss HK Beauties:
Astro's Miss Astro Chinese International pageant:
The winner of the pageant will represent Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at next year's pageant. Last year's winner, Annabelle Kong will crown her successor on November 4, 2006. Favorites so far: Number 1, 7, and 5. More information here:
View the profiles of the Miss Calgary Chinese 2006 contestants. The top 2 winners will represent Calgary at MCI 2007 and 2008 respectively.
Possible Miss Chinese International date:
Everybody knows that every year Chinese Lunar New Year is on January or February, next year on February 18, 2007. Now from previous experiences, MCI is held every saturday on the week before the New Year. Then it will be on the 10th because it's the Saturday before the 18th, a Sunday. 
MCI 2006, Ina Liu's sister, go or not?
There has been news recently on the HK Discussion forum, that MCI 2006, Ina Liu's sister, also runner up at Miss Chinese South Africa is going to MCI 2007. That's because that the pageant is held every 2 years, sending the winner and 1st runner up to MCI. Same as cities like Chicago and Calgary. Will it be true? Many webmasters say no, but it could be possible as Ina stated it in a interview:
Held yesterday in New Zealand, the Miss Chinese New Zealand 2006 pageant was held. There were 12 contestants but one winner. The eventual winner was Number 10, Cindy Chui Ji Suen. She was the tallest delegate in the pageant, standing at 5'9". Besides representing New Zealand at MCI 2007, she also won a side award. Special guests to the pageant were Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma, and MCI 2005, Leanne Li.
Links and information courtesy of MSHK Beauties:
Winner: Number 10 Cindy Chui
1st runner up: Number 11 Rain
2nd runner up: Number 8 Mandy
Miss Chinese Vancouver, a grand pageant sponsered by Fairchild TV, and also producing 4 MCI winners is now open for applications. As long as you resided in Vancouver or Canada, you can apply. Remember you have to be at least 17 years old and not over 25. For more information on the pageant, visit: .
The finals are scheduled on December 13, 2006, where Crystal Li will crown her successor.
Here it comes! The annual Miss Chinese International pageant. In it's 19 year anniversary, Miss Chinese International will be even bigger. This year Miss Chinese International's chinese name is changed to accept China delegates. An estimated 30 contestants will participate. So far 5 delegates are crowned. More delegates will join the group later. So far the cities of Chicago, Hong Kong, New York, Seattle, and Tahiti are crowned. Miss Calgary Chinese and Miss Chinese Toronto have confirmed their pageant dates. Miss Chinatown Singapore and Miss Chinese Melbourne are also applying delegates now. More to come.
Miss Chinese Toronto site:
Miss Calgary Chinese site:
Miss China Europe site:  
Applying now:
Miss Chinatown Singapore site:
Miss Chinese Melbourne site: