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Miss USA 2006 Review
Chelsea Cooley looked really beautiful in red gown. She introduced herself during the first minute of the show. After that it showed the 51 contestants dancing in their black Tadashi dresses. This year there were lots of changes compared to last. First Billy Bush didn't host. Second the intros weren't show in first but the hosts. Third the delegates were divide into 3, where after the first group (Alabama-Kansas) came music showing the delegates dancing. After that Kentucky to North Carolina, more dancing, and North Dakota to Wyoming. Fourth, the delegates' intros had their close Fadil Berisha shots. Fifth, the East Village Opera Company performed during the swimsuit and evening gown competitions. Sixth, was the backstage shots showing all the delegates instead of them coming out.  Adding to that was pageant commentator, Carson Kressley and Chelsea Cooley giving funny comments on the delegates. The swimsuit competition was also held first before the evening gown competition with 10 finalists. Lastly, the judges gave the final questions this year instead of picking the top 5's questions.
Anyway, after the intros, Miss USA 2005, Chelsea Cooley came out wearing the $200,000 USD Miss USA crown. She talked with the hosts about her experience as Miss USA 2005. After she walked backstage, the delegates' backstage shots were shown. Then came the announcemnt of the top 15. Kentucky was called first. Florida was last. I was totally surprised. I only predicted 7 out of the top 15, with 1 dark horse and 1 close shot. When did RI, AL, DC, illinois, Georgia, Maine, California, and Ohio come out? RI and AL was on my alternates' list but the others performed average in the perliminaries. Especially Georgia. Didn't know how did she take 3rd and beat out Florida and Ohio. Also surprised how West Virginia and North Dakota was left out from the group. Both had great gowns and a good performance in the preliminaries.
After that a video played featuring Baltimore and the delegates. The swimsuit competition then followed. First up was Kentucky. Great hair and body. RI was not as fit but was confident. Texas's hair was swinging like her cap. Alabama moved slowly and gave a great pose. DC was okay. illinois was tall but lacked smile and pose. SC was stunning. Nevada maybe didn't hear Nancy call her name because she didn't mov for 3 seconds. However her hair swinged. Her eyes were spooky and mysterious. She should have advanced to the top 10. Georgia's hair was messed up. Didn't know why the judges liked her. Maine was natural and tall. California had good hair take matched her skin. Arizona had a good body. Ohio was beautiful. Didn't know why I didn't chose her at first but she was tall and her hair was gorgeous. Tennessee walked slowly smile. Last was Florida. She also had no smile but beautiful hair. Carson and Chelsea said Alabama had the best body. However SC and Tennessee's hair was very done. Looked like they went for a job at Hawaiian Tropic. Also mentioned that Miss Ohio had a subtle wedgie control that worked beautifully.
After that a commercial was the announcement of the top 10. Only 4 of my delegates were in the ten. Especially surprised that DC and Georgia made it leaving out beauties like Nevada, Arizona, and Tennessee. Then the top 10 videos were played. Each delegate talked about themselves. Another video played later introducing more of Baltimore to us. After a commercial came the evening gown competition.
First up was Miss California. Beautiful hair and purple gown. SC had a great white gown. Maybe if she smiled she would have advanced to the top 5. Ohio's gown was okay. Kentucky had a stunning white gown that matches her hair. Florida's gold gown was also elegant. Texas was marvelous. She wore a eye popping red gown that looked really beautfiul. Alabama's gown not good nor bad. DC changed her gown to gold which was also beautiful. Georgia's blue gown was good but didn't like her hair and eyes. Last was RI. Her green gown was really special. Then came Carson and Chelsea. Chelsea liked Texas's gown but Carson didn't like her earrings. Three judges were asked about their ideas. After a commercial, Miss Congeniality and Miss Photogenic was given out. Miss Minnesota won Miss Congeniality, with Florida taking her 2nd Miss Photogenic title (Miss Florida won her 1st at Miss Teen USA 1997).
The top 5 announcement came. Like again, Georgia made it. The last spot I thought would go to Miss Texas. However, Florida was called surprised, surprised. SC and Texas were both left out making room for Ohio, California, and Georgia. Then the top 5 delegates talked with the hosts. Miss Ohio talked about her grandma's wish which was seeing her win Miss USA. Kentucky talked about her running in a 12 foot poster of herself. California spoke about her influence of her grandma. Georgia told us about her scary tour of Mexico. Lastly, Florida told us about her craziest thing done on Halloween.
Then came the final questions. Ohio picked Jillian Barberie's question. "If you could tell you son something you know now as a adult, what would it be?" Ohio said "To breathe. Life isn't as complicated as it seems. Just enjoy every moment that life is worth." Kentucky was asked by Nicole Linkletter, "Do you think that today's pop stars are positive rolemodels to young people, why or why not?" She replied "I think they are getting a little bit too edgy and risque. I think there are some pop stars out there that do make girls look up to them in a positive way, but I think it is a little too much and I think they need to tone it down a little bit, so yeah. California had the easiest question. Asked by James Hyde, "So many families seem to be growing apart. How do we keep them together?" Tamiko said "Spending time together I think is the key to keeping families together. Not all of us are blessed with the largest families. A family can consist of 2 people. It is a matter of spending time with one another, whether a mother or daughter or a family of 15. Time is what keeps a family together." Excellent answer. Georgia's question came from Hines Ward, "What can men learn most from women?" Georgia who rolled her eys like in American Idol replied "We are a strong creature. We put up with a lot. Seriously, we wear these heels. I have been here wearing these high heels for 3 weeks. We atre strong and empowered. Believe in yourself and stay strong in everything you do." I think Lisa didn't quite answer the question. She should have competed for Miss Teen USA not Miss USA. Now she's overage, she can't. She totally looks and speaks like a teen then a Miss USA. Lastly, Florida with the hardest question asked by Donald Trump Jr. "Are we as a society getting too concerned with being too politically correct?" Florida answered "I would have to say so. I think that especially in the the department of Religion per se, that we have to watch our boundaries, in our schools. They are taking a lot of religious terms out of our schools. I think we are coming too conscious of being politically correct. Her answered contained lots of ums which was not good.
After a video on the prize packages of the new Miss USA, the delegates took a walk letting the judges put in their final scores. A commercial break and the winners were announced. I was hoping Kentucky would win but it looked like California would emerge as the winner. Miss USA 2005, Chelsea Cooley took her final walk, tripping 2 times. However she smiled and laugh all the trips off. Great Miss USA of course. Florida was 4th RU, which was not surprising due to her interview. However, when Ohio was 3rd RU, not Georgia I was scared for Kentucky. The audience might have agreed because there were boos when Ohio was announced. When Georgia took 2nd RU, and it was down to Tara and Tamiko, I hoped Tara would win. Maybe it was because she had beautiful eyes and hair and has that spark that Tamiko didn't have. When Tamiko was annnounced 2nd by Drew, I jumped and clapped loudly for Tara. She totally deserves it! Tara was unlike other queens who cried. She had a big smile and I can't believe that she placed 2nd at Miss Teen USA 2002 but went over her presuccessor, Kristen Johnson who finished 3rd also at Miss USA. Many people said Tamiko should of won the title. Maybe I think Tamiko didn't won was because she was from L.A., California. This year's Miss Universe pageant is in Los Angeles, California! If Tamiko did win, she would be the home country, home state, and home town girl, so it would be hard for her to not win the Miss Universe 2006 title (the Miss Universe pageant is also from USA). Anyway, we congratulate Tara on her win. This proves that Miss USA's can be in any shape. Good luck at Miss Universe!  
Tara being crowned by Chelsea
The Miss USA 2006 pageant is only 2 days away! The pageant would be televised live on NBC at 9pm Eastern/ 8pm Central. All of the 51 delegates were beauties, and it was hard for PB to choose the winner. However after viewing the preliminary photos and clips, PB made a decision. Miss West Virginia, Jessica Wedge, is proclaimed the predictions' winner, making her PB's Miss USA 2006. She gained lots of points in the photos earlier (scores ranged from 8 to 9.30). The photos include: offical headshots, Tadashi casual wear, swimsuit portraits, Fadil Berisha headshots, evening gown portraits, and close up shots, all on  and . Miss South Carolina was leading earlier in photos, however she lost 0.004 of a point to Jessica. She would have ranked higher if she didn't change her gown from blue to white in the evening gown presentation. Hopefully, Lacie would change her gown back during the finals. Rounding out the top 5 were Misses Kentucky, Texas, and North Dakota, placing 3-5th respectively.
Miss USA 2006 Final Predictions:
Winner: Miss West Virginia
1st runner up: Miss South Carolina
2nd runner up: Miss Kentucky
3rd runner up: Miss Texas
4th runner up: Miss North Dakota
Top 10:
6th: Miss Nevada
7th: Miss Pennsylvania
8th: Miss Florida
9th: Miss Arizona
10th: Miss Mississippi
Top 15:
11st: Miss Idaho
12nd: Miss Missouri
13rd: Miss Washington
14th: Miss Tennessee
15th: Miss North Carolina*
The Alternates and Close Shots are possible to make the top 15.  
Alternates: 16th-Miss Louisiana, 17th-Miss Nebraska, 18th-Miss New York, 19th-Miss Wyoming, 20th-Miss Kansas 
Close Shots: 21st-Miss New Hampshire, 22nd-Miss Colorado, 23rd-Miss Arkansas, 24th-Miss Rhode Island, 25th-Miss Delaware
Darkhorses (some might break the chances and place): 26th-Miss Oregon, 27th-Miss New Jersey, 28th-Misses Alabama and Iowa**, and 30th-Miss Utah
Longshots (not possible to place): 48th-Miss Montana, 49th-Miss Wisconsin, 50th-Miss Hawaii, 51st-Miss Alaska
*=Misses North Carolina, Louisiana and Nebraska all were tied for 15th. However, PB chose North Carolina as 15th, 16th for Louisiana, and 17th for Nebraska by comparing their average preliminary scores on the clips and their stats.
**=Misses Alaska and Iowa are tied for 28th.
Comments: The delegates earlier were also ranked from 9 to 9.5 on their preliminary photos and clips. Miss Texas was both winners in the preliminary video clips, however because of her other low scores in the photos she only took 4th place. However she is able to rank higher during the finals. Miss South Carolina switched her blue gown into a white one, which was not good. Her white preliminary gown is not as good as the blue one in my opinion. Miss Kentucky was really confident during the presentation show. It shows by her catwalk. What the judges might deduct in her preliminary score is her height (5'5"). However her looks and catwalk would bring her to the top 10 and even further. As for the longshots, didn't know how Miss Alaska ranked 51st. Her performance at the presentation show was average and her photos aren't that photogenic. However, Miss Montana and Wisconsin should have been the long long shots after Miss Alaska. Both of them are short (5'1" and 5'3") and both are fat. If I had to predict their percentages of making the 15, I would say 20% out of 100. In anyway, good luck on all the delegates of Miss USA 2006 and who will succeed Chelsea Cooley, Miss USA 2005? Find out April 21, 2006. Pageant review on the results afterwards.    


The Deal Or No Deal episode aired April 12, 2006. The 26 delegates did a good job in modeling and opening suitcases. Here are the money values and order in which the player, Brian Kennedy chose:

1st to open (suitcase Brian kept): #11, Miss New Jersey, $25. 2nd to open (first case opened): #9, Miss Rhode Island, $400. 3rd: #19, North Dakota, $5000. 4th: #22, Minnesota, $200,000. 5th: #7, Utah, $500,000. 6th: California, $1000. 7th: #5, Indiana, $25,000. 8th: #21, Connecticut, $50,000. 9th: #16, illinois, $500. 10th: #13, South Carolina, $100. 11th: #2, Florida, $10. 12th: #10, Michigan, $750. 13th: #12, Virginia, $10,000. 14th: #17, Pennsylvania, $300. 15th: #25, Arkansas, $100,000. 16th: #15, New Mexico, $750,000. 17th: #18, Louisiana, $75,000. 18th: #26, Maine, $5. 19th: #6, Massachusetts, $0.01. 20th: #4, Kentucky, $1. 21th: #20, Nevada, $75. 22th: #8, Delaware, $300,000. 23th: #1, Alabama, $200.

After all these opening, Brian made a deal. He was asked what case would he picked if he didn't make the deal. He picked #14, Miss West Virginia, which contained $1,000,000! After that, Miss North Carolina ($50) and Miss Missouri ($400,000) opened their cases together.

Thoughts: Miss South Carolina, Lacie Lybrand is very photogenic. She also has a beautiful smile. Really confident by saying "I am lucky number 13!" Miss Kentucky, Tara Conner has good acting skills. When she peeked at her $1 case, she was frowning and unhappy, like Brian chose a wrong case. However, after she opened the case to the audience she smiled. Other beauties like Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, Alabama, and West Virginia, all have beautiful smiles, hair, and eyes.  

4/14/06: The preliminary competition is being held tonight at 8pm in Baltimore, Maryland. Before we get to view the contestants in preliminary gowns and swimsuits, PB judged the 2006 contestants in one pic, evening gown. The photos can be found on . The delegates were again ranked from 8 to 9.30. However this time, the delegates' gown scores aren't averaged in with their average scores yet. Only when the delegates' preliminary photos are revealed, PB's will have another current top 15 list. Anyway, the Miss USA 2006 delegates were ranked and the winner is:
With a score of 9.28 points, Lacie Lybrand, Miss South Carolina USA is the winner of the evening gown portrait. A beautiful blue gown with beautiful earrings and hair, she is the winner of the PB's Miss USA 2006 Best in Evening Gown. Closely behind is Miss Kentucky with 9.25 points. 3rd is West Virginia with 9.24 points. Congratulations to all winners!
Pageant Beauties' Top 10 in Best in Evening Gown:
1st place: Miss South Carolina
2nd place: Miss Kentucky
3rd place: Miss West Virginia
4th place: Miss Texas
5th place: Miss Arizona
6th place: Miss North Dakota
7th place: Miss Louisiana
8th place: Miss New York
9th place: Miss Rhode Island
10th place: Miss Maine  
4/11/06: Only 10 days left, the Miss USA 2006 delegates attend activities and also prepare for the all important preliminary competition. Before Pageant Beauties viewed the contestants in preliminary gowns and swimsuits, PB view the contestants in 5 pics (offical headshots, Tadashi casual wear, swimsuit portraits, Fadil Berisha headshots, and close ups from video interview). All these pics were found on and  .
The 52 delegates were ranked from 8 to 9.30 for each catergory. After the 5 catergories were averaged in to get each delegate's average score, the winners were chosen. After much ranking and analyzing, PB announces each individual winner from each pic:
First, the Fadil Berisha portrait winner. She is...  
Miss Kentucky USA 2006, Tara Conner having a score of 9.26! Next is the winner of the swimsuit portrait. She is...
Miss South Carolina, Lacie Lybrand with a score of 9.00. She is also the winner of the Tadashi casual wear with 9.20 and close up shots with 8.98!
Lastly, the winner of the offical headshot is Miss DC, Candace Allen. She has the highest score of all catergories with a score of 9.27! Congratulations to the 3 winners. In total, Miss South Carolina, Lacie Lybrand is the winner with 9.03 points. In 2nd place is Miss West Virginia, Jessica Rae Wedge with 9.01 points! 3rd place is Miss Kentucky with 8.93 points.
Pageant Beauties' Current top 15 based on the 5 pics:
1st place: Miss South Carolina
2nd place: Miss West Virginia
3rd place: Miss Kentucky
4th place: Miss North Dakota
5th place: Miss Idaho
6th place (tie): Misses Mississippi and Nevada
8th place: Miss Texas
9th place: Miss Pennsylvania
10th place: Miss Delaware
11th place (tie): Misses Kansas and Washington
13th place: Miss New Mexico
14th place: Miss Florida
15th place: Miss Missouri 
Besides that, Miss South Carolina is PB's current favorite for the Miss USA 2006 title. She is also named by PB, Pageant Beauties' Miss USA 2006 Miss Photogenic. Hopefully she and the other top 4 winners would win the Miss Photogenic award. Would the list change after the preliminary competition on April 14, 2006? Stay tune.
2/20/06: Each one of the 51 contestants are beautiful and it was hard to select the 5 predetermined favorites. However from the headshots and stats on, Pageant Beauties finally made their decision! The predetermined number 1 favorite so far is: Kentucky! A former Miss Teen USA 2002 2nd RU, she is sure to make it to the top 15. Great smile indeed, but the only disadvantage might be her height (5'5"). Anyway, her beauty won't stop her from making the top 10 and even further.
Miss Kentucky USA 2006
The 2nd favorite for Pageant Beauties is going to, Miss Delaware. A beautiful offical headshot and eyes, would sure bring her in the top 15. Her only disadvantage might be her height (5'6"). Anyway, I doubt she'll be excluded in the top 15. The first Miss Delaware to make the top 15 is her!
Miss Delaware USA 2006
The 3rd predetermined favorite is Miss North Dakota! Beautiful hairstyle and blue eyes that shine, North Dakota would sure make the top 15 after 10 years. Also tall in height (5'9") and young in age (21), she would sure sweep the pageant.   
Miss North Dakota USA 2006
On the list of the 4th predetermined contestant, it goes to Miss Idaho. With brown eyes and 5'9" in height, she would sure make the top 15 cut. Would there be another winner after Brandi Sherwood succeeded in 1997? We'll see... 
Miss Idaho USA 2006
Last but not least making the top 5 predetermined favorites is... Miss Florida. With blue eyes, with blonde hair, she is another sure semifinalist for Miss USA 2006. She also represented Florida at Miss Teen USA 1997 winning the Miss Photogenic award. Although not making the top 10 cut, her experience at Miss Teen USA, won't repeat in Miss USA. Her only disadvantage might be her height (5'7"), but this won't break Florida's 2 year winning streak.
Miss Florida USA 2006