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The Miss Earth 2008 Court. From left to right: Miss Brazil Earth (3rd runner up, Miss Earth Fire), Miss Mexico Earth (2nd runner up, Miss Earth Water), Miss Philippines Earth (Miss Earth 2008), and Miss Tanzania Earth (Miss Earth Air). Image courtesy of Women of the Earth for Miss Earth.
Miss Earth 2008 Results:
Miss Earth 2008: Philippines, Karla Henry
Miss Earth Air: Tanzania, Miriam Odemba
Miss Earth Water: Mexico, Abigail Elizalde
Miss Earth Fire: Brazil, Tatiane Alves

Top 8 Finalists

Misses Colombia, Spain, Switzerland, and Venezuela

Top 16 Semi Finalists

Misses Czech Republic, Korea, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Russia, Thailand, and USA

Special Awards:

Miss Photogenic - Miss Philippines
Best in National Costume - Miss Panama
Best in Swimsuit - Miss Mexico
Miss Talent - Miss Australia
Best in Long Gown - Miss Venezuela
Miss Friendship - Ecuador

The 8th annual Miss Earth pageant was held in Manila, Philippines last night. At the end of the pageant, Miss Philippines Earth 2008, Karla Henry was crowned as the new winner. She is the 7th Miss Philippines Earth to place at the pageant after her predesuccessor's exclusion from the top 16 last year. She is also the first Miss Earth winner to win in her home country. Tanzania finished as Miss Earth Air, equivalent to 1st runner up. She almost became the first African to win the pageant, after Miss Kenya Earth succeeded the crown in the 2002 pageant (original titleholder was dethroned). Miss Mexico Earth finished as 2nd runner up (Miss Earth Air) and also became the first Mexican to place in Miss Earth. Miss Brazil Earth rounded out the top 4, becoming Brazil's fourth woman to place and it was again in the top 4 (all the other three titleholders made the top 2, with Priscila Almeida winning the title in 2004).

Venezuela continued to fare well and placed in the top 8. This is their fourth consecutive top 8 placement. Switzerland also recorded their second consecutive placement, Colombia recorded their highest placement, and Miss Spain Earth, a big favorite in the pageant also made the top 8 (her country's third consecutive placement).

Miss Earth USA became the fourth Miss USA contestant to compete in Miss Earth and made the top 16. PB's Miss Earth 2008, Miss Romania Earth settled for a top 16 placement and could of went farther... This year's results were not big of a surprise compared to recent years, and PB managed to predict 9 out of the top 16. Two other alternates (Misses Czech Republic and Switzerland) also made the top 16. Only five delegates (Misses Thailand, Nigeria, Poland, Korea, and Russia) were out of PB's top 25 list (although there was a itching for Misses Thailand and Poland).

PB wish Miss Philippines Earth, Karla Henry, now Miss Earth 2008 the best. May she promote the importance of environmental awareness and have a great year.


Right after the Miss International 2008 pageant, the Miss Earth 2008 pageant will be held tonight. Over 80 delegates are in Manila right now and hope to become their country's first or second Miss Earth winner. Many delegates have the chance and anyone may take it. Miss Earth has guaranteed some surprises with examples of results in past years (2007 for instance, Miss Korea and Miss Ukraine, two big favorites who did not even make the top 16).
The goal of the pageant is to promote recycling and environmental awareness. Who does PB's think can do the best job? Here are PB's final predictions:
Miss Earth 2008 Final Predictions:
Winner (Miss Earth): Romania
1st runner up (Miss Earth Air): Spain
2nd runner up (Miss Earth Water): Brazil
3rd runner up (Miss Earth Fire): Philippines
Top 8 Finalists (from 5th to 8th respectively): Venezuela, Mexico, Slovak Republic, and Greece
Top 16 Semifinalists (from 9th to 16th respectively): Japan, India, Tanzania, Netherlands, Peru, Honduras, Colombia, and USA
Top 25 Alternates (17th to 25th respectively): Czech Republic, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Georgia, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Guam, and Bosnia & Herzegovina
Preliminary Awards, Special Awards:
Best in Swimsuit: Abigail Elizalde - Mexico

Best in Long Gown: Daniela Torrealba - Venezuela

Best National Costume: Shassia Ubillus - Panama

Miss Earth Designers Award: Karla Paula Henry - Philippines

Miss Photogenic: Karla Paula Henry - Philippines

Miss Talent: Rachael Smith - Australia

Sponsor Awards:

Best Smile: Tatiane Alves (Brazil)

Eagle Express Award: Karla Paula Henry (Philippines)

Face of the Night: Mariana Rodríguez (Colombia)

Gandang Ricky Reyes Award: Abigail Elizalde (Mexico)

Joel Cruz Signature Award: Ria Antoniou (Greece)

Jubille Foundation Award: Abigail Elizalde (Mexico)

Miss Skin Care: Jennifer Desbouiges (Guadeloupe)

Miss Aficionado: Miriam Odemba (Tanzania)

Miss Asei Award: Kenia Andrade (Honduras)

Miss Fontana: Karla Paula Henry (Philippines)

Miss Golden Sunset: Tatiane Alves (Brazil)

Miss Milcu Confidence: Ria Antoniou (Greece)

Miss Psalmstre Placenta: Daniela Torrealba (Venezuela)

Miss Puerto Princesa: Denise Garrido (Canada)

Miss RCBC E-Woman: Adriana Reverón (Spain)

Pasigandahan Awards: Seo Seol-hee (Korea) - Overall winner

Karla Paula Henry (Philippines) - for Manila

Minna Nikkila (Finland) - for Mandaluyong

Simone Burke (Jamaica) - for Makati

Lin Mor (Israel) - for Pasig

PB's pick for Miss Earth 2008 is Miss Romania, Ruxandra Popa. Miss Popa has a fresh face and has the height and many cannot avoid her green eyes. She will do well, at least a top 16 semifinalist finish. Spain comes next in our predictions list and she may win her country's second international title after Miss International 2008. Spain is a favorite indeed, watch out for her. Brazil usually does well at Miss International and Miss Tatiane Alves looks ready. She can possibly make top 4. Rounding out the top 4 and PB's Miss Earth Fire prediction is Philippines. After last year's surprising exclusion of Miss Philippines Earth in the finals, Karla Henry looks ready to bring back the glory. She has already won four awards and seems very strong.
Miss Venezuela usually does well at any pageant and Daniela Torrealba has the potential to be in top 8. Misses Mexico, Slovak Republic, and Greece seem to do well and they should be able to make top 16. Japan has international pageant experience like finishing 5th at Miss Tourism Queen International 2008. She can be Asia's best performer. India... a little surprise. She may continue the India streak and maybe the surprise of the night. Tanzania looks very beautiful and she is Africa's biggest hope to make the cut. Of course the other African delegates are great too and some may make it. USA's representative, Jana Murrell was Miss Nebraska USA 2005 and was a favorite at Miss USA 2005. She did not make the cut there but this time she looks better and prepared to compete. Can she do it?
Wish all the delegates the best of luck. The pageant will be broadcasted by ABS-CBN live tonight in Manila. The Flipino Channel will also broadcast delayed telecasts. May the best delegate win.
Visit the Miss Earth Official website for press release and news:
About 90 delegates will compete in Manila for the pageant. Early favorites chosen by Pageant Beauties include: Brazil, Romania, Thailand, Philippines, Mexico, Venezuela, USA, Czech Republic, Greece, South Africa, Poland, Spain, Dominican Republic, Slovak Republic, and Sweden