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The Miss Earth 2006 pageant concluded 2 nights ago. The winner was Hil Yesenia Hernandez. Hil competed at Miss Earth Chile 2004 where she was 2nd place. The winner at that pageant, Erika N. failed to make the top 16 at Miss Earth 2004. The 1st runner up went to Miss India, Amruta Patki. She also bagged the Best In Long Gown award. Her placement makes India the only country of 2006 to place in all five major beauty pageants: Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, Miss Earth, and Miss Tourism Queen International. Third runner up went to the home country, Catherine Untalan. She is currently the highest placing delegate at Miss Earth from The Philippines. Fourth runner up goes to the beautiful Miss Venezuela, Marianne Puglia. She also took the Best In Swimsuit award. Powerhouses: Venezuela and India both placed in the top 4, where India was even two positions farther. It wasn't a surprise though. Martinique, Liberia, Bolivia, Canada, Thailand, Brazil, and more failed to place. The surprises in the top 16 were Bahamas, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovak Republic, Spain, and St. Lucia. Czech Republic went farther than excepted, top 8.
After failing to place in the Miss Universe 2006 pageant, Misses  Poland and Slovak Republic all made the cut. After being ingored in Thailand for Miss Universe 2005, Miss Egypt also bought glory to Egypt by making the top 8. Panama's Stefaine de Roux, a semifinalist at Miss Universe 2003 did it again for her country, making making the top 8. Like past years, all the top 4 winners received a crown. Red for Miss Earth Fire, blue for Miss Earth Water, light tan for Miss Earth Air, and white for Miss Earth.  Hil's win brings Chile their second major beauty crown, after Cecilia Carolina Fonck's Miss Universe 1987 win. Congratulations!
Miss Earth 2006 results:
The 2006 Miss Earth winners. (Left to right): Miss Earth Fire: Miss Venezuela, Miss Earth: Miss Chile, Miss Earth Air: Miss India, and Miss Earth Water: Miss Philippines.
Winner: Miss Chile, Hil Yesenia Hernandez
Miss Earth Air (1st runner up): Miss India, Amruta Patki
Miss Earth Water (2nd runner up): Miss Philippines, Catherine Untalan
Miss Earth Fire (3rd runner up): Miss Venezuela, Marianne Puglia
Top 8 finalists: Misses Czech Republic, Egypt, Panama, and Poland
Top 16 semifinalists: Misses Bahamas, Bosnia & Herzegovina, China, France, Slovak Republic, Spain, St. Lucia, and USA
Special Awards:
Best In Swimsuit: Miss Venezuela
Best In Long Gown: Miss India
Miss Photogenic: Miss Canada
Miss Congeniality: Miss Italy
Best In National Costume: Miss Samoa
Miss Talent: Miss China
The 6th annual Miss Earth pageant would be held in Manila, Philippines tomorrow. 82 nations are currently in Manila and have competed at preliminary competitions including Long Gown and Best In Swimsuit. Over the past week, they had a national costume competition (photos and article courtesy of the Miss Earth Organization, ):
NOVEMBER 19 – A colorful parade depicting the different cultures of countries around the world highlighted the Miss Earth 2006 National Costume Competition held at HILAGA (Paskuhan Village), City of San Fernando, Pampanga.

The 82 candidates of Miss Earth 2006 took center stage wearing national costumes that reflect the traditions of the countries they represent. A special panel of judges composed of costume and fashion designers, businessmen, and artists were appointed to choose this year’s Best National Costume. The award will be presented during the grand coronation night on November 26 at the National Museum.

The event has coincided with the launching of the Lantern Festival, which signals

the beginning of the Christmas Season in the lantern capital of the Philippines. San Fernando City Mayor Oscar Rodriguez, along with Miss Earth 2005 Alexandra Braun and Philippine Tourism Authority Deputy General Manager Adelaido Oriondo, led the ceremonial lighting of the biggest lantern in the country.

A special award, Mutya ning Parul San Fernando, was given to Miss Lithuania, Evelina Dedul.

The top 15 finalists during the earlier preliminary swimsuit competition met again on the 18th for the final swimsuit competition:
15 ladies with the most stunning figures paraded before a special panel of judges during the Miss Earth 2006 Final Swimsuit Competition held at the Convention Center of Fontana Leisure Parks, Clark Special Economic Zone, Pampanga.

The finalists were fielded from three preliminary swimsuit competitions held in Coron, Palawan; Golden Sunset Resort in Calatagan, Batangas; and Trace Aquatic Center, Trace College, Los Baños, Laguna. They are Misses Bolivia, Jessica Jordan; Brazil, Ana Paula Quinot; Canada, Riza Raquel Santos; France, Anne Charlotte Triplet; Guatemala, Catherine Gregg; Paraguay, Paloma Navarro; Philippines, Catherine Untalan; Poland, Francys Sudnicka; St. Lucia, Cathy Daniel; Tahiti, Raimata Agnieray; Tanzania, Richa Adhia; Thailand, Pailin Rungratansunthorn; Ukraine, Karina Kharchynska; USA, Amanda Pannekamp; and Venezuela, Marianne Puglia.

Miss Canada, Riza Raquel Santos, bagged the Miss Fontana special award, while the candidate who will be adjudged Best in Swimsuit will be announced during the grand coronation night.

A talent competition was held 3 days ago, and the ladies performed in all kinds of dancing, singing, and more. For photos during the competition, visit Mabuhay Beauties ().
Who will be Miss Earth 2006?
Out of the 82 beauties, there are lots of standouts, and anyone can win the title. Big favorites don't make it for sure like Miss Ukraine Earth 2005. With that said, here are our predictions:
Winner: Miss USA
Miss Earth Air: Miss Martinique
Miss Earth Water: Miss Venezuela
Miss Earth Fire: Miss Canada
Top 8 finalists: Misses Liberia, Thailand, Philippines, and Chile
Top 16 semifinalists: Misses India, Bolivia, Panama, Korea, Brazil, Poland, France, and Ethiopia.
Strong alternates to make the cut: Misses Ukraine, Tahiti, Nicaragua, and Egypt.
The pageant will be broadcasted live throughout Philippines through ABS-CBN. Delayed telecasts will be available through Star World. We wish the best of luck to all the delegates.


Best in Long Gown and Best In Swimsuit competitions held:

Pics courtesy of the Miss Earth organization:


The Best In Long Gown competition was held on November 9th, after the press conference. The delegates paraded in long gowns in the Airport Casino Filipino Grand Theater. The winner of the award will be announced during the final night, same as two other awards, Miss Photogenic chosen by the press, and Best In Swimsuit which was chosen on November 12th. The delegates were divided into three groups and each group had 5 finalists, totaling up to 15. Those 15 will compete again during the 18th for the award. Here is the list of the top 15 finalists:

Group 3 swimsuit finalists: Bolivia, USA, Poland, Thailand & Venezuela
Group 1: Coron, Palawan
GUATEMALA - Catherine Gregg
PHILIPPINES - Catherine Untalan
SAINT LUCIA - Cathy Daniel
TAHITI - Raimata Agnieray
UKRAINE - Karina Kharchinska
Group 2: Calatagan, Batangas
BRAZIL - Ana Paula Quinot
CANADA - Riza Raquel Santos
FRANCE - Anne Charlotte Triplet
PARAGUAY- Paloma Navarro
TANZANIA - Richa Adhia
Group 3 Los Baños, Laguna
BOLIVIA - Jessica Jordan
POLAND - Francys Sudnicka
THAILAND - Pailin Rungratanasunthorn
USA - Amanda Helen Pennekamp
VENEZUELA - Marianne Puglia


The delegates arrive in Manila:

waving placards with environmental messages (photos: AP via Yahoo! News - Nov 09).

Miss Thailand, Pattra Rung- rattanasoonthorn holding a plant during the press conference.

An estimated 90 delegates will be in Manila to compete for this year's crown. Miss Canada, Riza Rauqel Santos was the first delegate to arrive. Miss Georgia and Venezuela then followed. On November 9th, 73 delegates paraded in swimsuits. They also carried plants to promote the message of global warming during the press conference. Many favorites were chosen that day. The favorites are Misses India, Thailand, USA, Canada, Venezuela, Philippines, Chile, Poland, Egypt, and France. Misses Ethiopia, Ireland, Poland, and Slovak Republic competed at Miss Universe 2006. Miss Ethiopia, Dina Fekadu made the top 20 in the pageant. Also returning to the pageant scenery after 3 years is Miss Panama, Stefanie de Roux who was a top 15 semifinalist at Miss Universe 2003. Miss Egypt, Meriam George participated at Miss Universe 2005, with Miss Guadeloupe at Miss World 2006. Miss Bolivia, Jessica Jordon will also compete at Miss Universe 2007.


Offical site:

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For some unknown reason, the Miss Earth 2006 pageant has post poned to November 26, 2006 and back to The Philippines. A good thing is that a estimated 112 countries will participated, so if all attends, it will replace Miss World with the most delegates in any beauty pageant. More information on the delegates and the pageant later.


This year's Miss Earth pageant would be held in Chile. It is also the first time this international pageant left The Philippines and went to another nation. The pageant would be held on November 15, 2006. View the offical site for more information: .