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Miss Chinese International 2009 pageant ends with a third Toronto win
The 21st Miss Chinese International pageant was held two nights ago in Foshan, China. In the end, 25 year old Christine Kuo of Toronto, Canada won the crown. The beauty led the competition from the start to the beginning from winning the International Charm Award to having the highest swimsuit score (43 out of 50) in the final night and to winning the crown. This is the third Toronto win since Monica Lo in 1997 and Rosemary Chan's first Toronto win in 1992.
Hong Kong continues their long winning streak at MCI and wins 1st runner up again for the second consecutive time (nine 1st runner ups in total). Vancouver also records their third second runner up placement, the first since Crystal Pan in 2000. She was also PB's pick for MCI 2009. In terms of predictions, PB correctly predicted only three of the eight semifinalists, but all three of them (Toronto, Hong Kong, and Vancouver) placed in the top 3. Third darkhorses/alternates made the top 8 too (Auckland, Beijing, and Tubingen).
The top five placements were taken by Seattle's Ni Jiang, also the current Miss Chinatown USA and Tubingen's Julie Lam, also a debuting city at MCI. The top 8 placements were taken by Auckland, Beijing, and Zhengzhou.
PB congratulates all the winners and TVB for a fabulous show. Below are the final results and some photos.
Miss Chinese International 2009 Results:
Winner: #24 Toronto
1st runner up: #10 Hong Kong
2nd runner up: #26 Vancouver
Top 5 Finalists (In order of announcement): #20 Seattle, #25 Tubingen, #10 Hong Kong, #24 Toronto, and #26 Vancouver
Top 8 Semifinalists (In order of announcement): #20 Seattle, #25 Tubingen, #1 Auckland, #26 Vancouver, #10 Hong Kong, #28 Zhengzhou, #2 Beijing, and #24 Toronto
Special Awards:
Miss Friendship: #10 Hong Kong
Miss Young: #25 Tubingen
Oriental Charm Ambassador: #26 Vancouver
International Charm Ambassador: #24 Toronto

Miss Chinese International 2009 Swimsuit Scores

1. Auckland: 37
2. Beijing: 39
3. Chicago: 29
4. Chongqing: 37
5. Foshan/Pearl River: 26
6. Guangdong: 27
7. Hangzhou: 34
8. Harbin: 24
9. HeiLongJiang: 31
10. Hong Kong: 38
11. Jilin: 34
12. Kuala Lumpur: 31
13. Macau/Macao: 38
14. Manila: 34
15. Melbourne: 33
16. Montreal: 29
17. Nanjing: 40
18. New York: 36
19. San Francisco: 35
20. Seattle: 40
21. Singapore: 32
22. Sydney: 36
23. Tahiti: 31
24. Toronto: 43
25. Tubingen: 42
26. Vancouver: 33
27. Wuhan: 29
28. Zhengzhou: 36

Red: Top 5 scores in swimsuit

Black: Lowest 6 scores in swimsuit

Miss Chinese International contestants congraulating #10 Skye Chan of Hong Kong for winning Miss Friendship. This is the 3rd Miss Friendship winner from Hong Kong, now tying Calgary and Kuala Lumpur for the most Miss Friendship wins. Congratulations!
Miss Chinese International 2009 Dress Rehearsal, Miss Hong Kong wins Miss Friendship
The Miss Chinese International 2009 pageant had its dress rehearsal yesterday. The 28 contestants posed in swimsuit and like in recent years, the contestants voted for their very own Miss Friendship. In the end, Miss Hong Kong 2008 1st runner up, Skye Chan was announced as the winner. Skye is the third Miss Friendship winner from Hong Kong (after Winnie Yeung in 1996 and Mandy Cho in 2004). Hong Kong, Calgary, and Kuala Lumpur are tied for the most Miss Friendship wins by city. Congratulations! Skye has been known for being nice during the Miss Hong Kong pageant (also voted most friendliest). Hosts include Eric Tsang, Sarah Song and/or Derek Li. Bosco Wong, Ron Ng, and among others are announced as the guest performers tonight.
News articles:

The time is here...
One year has past very quick. Miss Paris, Oceane Zhu was chosen as PB's MCI 2008 winner and she went on to win the crown and Miss Young award. Tonight in Foshan, Pearl River, China she will crown the 21st Miss Chinese International winner. This year the HK Media had limited coverage due to lack of interest. Unfortunately the pageant has not been as popular as back in the 1990s or early 2000s... But this year's standards and quality are not bad at all.
Big favorites considered by internet fans include #24 Christine Kuo, the Miss Chinese Toronto 2008 winner who made history as the winner with the most awards at a single MCT pageant (five in total). New York's Vicky Pon is also the tallest Miss New York Chinese winner standing at 5'11". She has the facial beauty and height but her communication skills and lack of Chinese has made the HK press fail to look at her. Skye Chan, Miss Hong Kong 2008 1st runner up has great communication and language skills. She also won the Miss Friendship award, except her to perform well tonight (I was at Miss HK 2008 pageant and she is just outstanding that night).
#7 Linda Guo Yu Liang of Hangzhou is the first mute contestant at the pageant. Can her sign language skills affect her performance or allow the judges to add her some points? #15 Skye Chu Sai Kei of Melbourne seems to be the best representative since Jessica Yeung of 2005 (who placed 3rd at MCI 2005). She may pull a surprise. Miss Asian America 2008, Louisa Yang Liu looks prepared too. She speaks great Cantonese and may shine like how Sarah Song, MCI 2007 did. Number 5 Yang Yun of Foshan, Pearl River has a great figure and again great Cantonese. They may do something exceptional.
Miss Chinese Vancouver 2008, Cici Chen has pageant experience too. Great stage presence and a great smile, Cici has the potential to take it all too. The HK Media did not notice her and list her as a favorite though, but with the Oriental Charm Award under her belt, she is excepted to do well. Tubingen, Germany's Julie Lam has a great fresh look too. However her only disadvantage is her Chinese. Can she overcome this and manage to win like Kit Wong (1989) and Saesim Pornapa Sui (1994)? Hours will tell.
Lastly PB have #17 Laura Yang (Nanjing), #11 Momo Liu Mo Yi Yang (Jilin), #2 Dong Yi Yun (Beijing), #13 Florence Loi (Macau/Macao), #1 Lee Yen Yi (Auckland), and #16 Hurtado Luciana (Montreal) as darkhorses. With all that said, PB's Miss Chinese International 2009 is...
Congratulations to #26 Cici Chen, 陳娜良子! She is PB's Miss Chinese International 2009 and our prediction winner. Cici has great stage presence, excellent Cantonese, and will likely steal the judges' attention. The only obstacle she has is Vancouver's MCI success. The city has won four crowns already, will TVB allow another MCV win? 
PB thinks she and #24 Christine Kuo of Toronto are likely to take the crown tonight. Christine has the overall package too, but her only weakness maybe her stage performance as PB found her to be little nervous and not as comfortable as Cici. But both of them are tough competitors. Hong Kong's Skye Chan, New York's Vicki Pon, and Louisa Liu of San Francisco round out the top 5. Let's see tonight whether or not the results are accurate. May the best girl win!
Miss Chinese International 2009 Predictions:
Winner: #26 Vancouver
1st runner up: #10 Hong Kong
2nd runner up: #24 Toronto
Top 5 Finalists (4th to 5th place): #18 New York and #19 San Francisco
Top 8 Semifinalists (6th to 8th place): #17 Nanjing, #11 Jilin, and #5 Foshan
Darkhorses (9th to 15th place): #13 Macau, #2 Beijing, #25 Tubingen, #1 Auckland, #15 Melbourne, #4 Chongqing, and #12 Kuala Lumpur
Special Awards:
Oriental Charm Award: #26 Vancouver
International Charm Award: #24 Toronto
Miss Friendship: Either #10 Hong Kong or #26 Vancouver
Miss Young: #18 New York or #26 Vancouver or #24 Toronto (Worthy to note: The winner of Miss Young has made the top two in 2006 and 2008).
Official MCI 2009 website:
Comments: Many contestants this year speak Cantonese compared to last year. There will sure be competition, many standouts for the official portraits. PB like Miss New York Chinese 2008, #18 Vicky Pon's portrait the most. She is PB's Miss Chinese International 2009 Best In Official Portrait. She succeeds last year's winner, Aileen Xu of Chongqing (who went on to become 2nd runner up and join TVB later). Other notable portraits chosen as 2nd and 3rd place include #24 Christine Kuo, Miss Chinese Toronto 2008 and #25 Julie Lam of Tubingen, Germany. Congratulations!
This year's panel of judges are announced as Kevin Cheng, Gallen Lo, Susanna Kwan, and two other famous figures in China. The contestants will vie for Miss Friendship, Miss Young, second runner up, first runner up, and winner. This year's pageant will be three hours long (maybe due to the large amount of contestants this year) and there is excepted to be a top 8 cut and then top 5 (no top 10 or top 12 like recent years... sigh). Performers include TVB artistes Bosco Wong, Ron Ng, HK Bianca Wu, and Ng Ka Lok. Last year's second runner up, Aileen Xu (also PB's MCI 2008 Best In Official Portrait) and Oceane Zhu (PB's MCI 2008) will perform tango. The venue of the pageant has been announced to be held in Foshan, Pearl River just like last year.
PB's MCI 2009 Current list of top 10 favorites: Vancouver, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Macau, Jilin, Montreal, Toronto, New York, Auckland, and Tubingen
Canadians win two special awards:
Earlier on January 4 and 5th, two special awards were given out. The 28 delegates competed for the Oriental Charm Ambassador award. They all displayed great talent skills but in the end a panel of distinguished judges chose #26 Cici Chen of Vancouver as the winner. Congratulations! The other award was International Charm Award. The 28 delegates again performed talents but had to use their communication skills (a introduction round included this time). In the end contestant #24 Christine Kuo of Toronto won the title. The hot favorite has been compared to former MSHK and MCI winner Sonija Kwok and other women like Vivian Chow, and Zhang Zi Lin. Can she maintain her favoritism? Six days will tell the result...
Miss Chinese International 2009 Contestants and Numbers:
This year's contestants had their official numbers assigned to them in alphabetical order. Here they are:
1. Auckland
2. Beijing
3. Chicago
4. Chongqing
5. Foshan/Pearl River
6. Guangdong
7. Hangzhou
8. Harbin
9. HeiLongJiang
10. Hong Kong
11. Jilin
12. Kuala Lumpur
13. Macau/Macao
14. Manila
15. Melbourne
16. Montreal
17. Nanjing
18. New York
19. San Francisco
20. Seattle
21. Singapore
22. Sydney
23. Tahiti
24. Toronto
25. Tubingen
26. Vancouver
27. Wuhan
28. Zhengzhou
Miss Chinese International 2009 news
On December 31, 2008, the 28 delegates of Miss Chinese International 2009 pageant have arrived in Hong Kong. This year marks the first time that 28 delegates from 12 countries compete despite some cities being absent. Some cities which competed last year but not this year are Bangkok and Calgary. Paris which was the only city to represent Europe last year and won the pageant, will be represented by Tubingen, Germany. One may ask why?
The Miss China Europe pageant which selects MCI's Europe contestant has only one winner each year. Only the winner is sent to MCI and 2008's winner was Julie Lam of Tubingen, Germany and thus Paris is absent this year. Debuting cities other than Tubingen include Beijing, Guangdong, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Nanjing, Wuhan, and Zhengzhou. Macau (Macao) is also returning after a 10 year hiatus. The representative is Florence Loi who also proudly represented Macau at Miss International 2008 held in her home city.
Worthy to note in this year's pageant, Miss Hong Kong 2008 winner Edelweiss Cheung will not compete at Miss Chinese International 2009. She is replaced by her first runner up, Skye Chan who was also Miss Hong Kong World 2008 and competed at Miss World 2008 in Johannesburg, South Africa. According to newspapers, Edelweiss was asked by TVB to compete in Miss World but she refused. And now in MCI 2009, she again refused and used medical doctor records to use it as an excuse into not competing. This is not confirmed by either side. However one thing is a fact... Skye is the first Miss Hong Kong first runner up to compete at Miss Chinese International.
PB's comments so far: Skye has great communication skills and is tipped as a favorite. Toronto, New York, Nanjing, and Tubingen are marked by the Hong Kong Press as the hot doors/favorites. Vancouver, San Francisco, Seattle, Auckland, Foshan/Pearl River are beauties too. More news on the two awards handled out early tomorrow!
Miss Chinese Vancouver 2008 Results:
Winner: #9 Cici Chen
1st runner up: #3 Shu Yi Lu
2nd runner up: #8 Jiana Ling
Special Awards:
Miss Friendship: #9 Cici Chen
Miss Photogenic: #3 Shu Yi Lu
Miss Perfect Complexion: #7 Coco Yiu
Miss Best Posture: #8 Jiana Ling
Miss Energetic (?): #3 Shu Yi Lu
Miss Vivacious Beauty: #9 Cici Chen
Miss Popularity: #10 Vivian Zou
Comments: Well deserved winner. Cici is fluent in Cantonese and will fare well in Hong Kong. PB's Miss Chinese Vancouver 2008, Shu Yi Lu was 1st runner up, again foreshadowing the results of PB's Miss Chinese Toronto 2008, Louise Wang who also finished as 1st runner up. It was a close race between two and it could of gone both ways. PB wish Cici the best at Miss Chinese International 2009.
Miss Chinese Vancouver 2008 Predictions
Winner: #3 Shu Yi Lu
1st runner up: #9 Cici Chen
2nd runner up: #5 Charmaine Ma
Top 5 finalists (4th to 5th place): #2 Tracy Zhu and #10 Vivian Zou
Darkhorse/Alternate: #1 Alice Chuck
Comments: The pageant will be held tonight and this year's standards are quite even. No standouts i.e. Bernice in 2000 but three delegates can do very well at Miss Chinese International. Fairchild usually crowns tall winners and we can maybe except #1 Alice and #10 Vivian to do well. #9 Cici has a great look and so as #3 Shu Yi (a little Sherry Chan, MCT 2006 winner and 2nd runner up at MCI 2007 look). PB wishes all the delegates the best. May the best girl win.
Miss Chinese Toronto 2008 Results
Winner: #4 Christine Kuo
1st runner up: #10 Louise Wang
2nd runner up: #3 Juliana Jaw
Special Awards:
Miss Charming Communicator: #4 Christine Kuo
Miss Talent: #10 Louise Wang
Miss Friendship: #1 Monica
Miss Photogenic: #4 Christine Kuo
Miss Classic Fitness: #4 Christine Kuo
Miss Silky Hair: #4 Christine Kuo
In addition to Christine's win, she also bagged four other side awards, making her the first woman to win five awards at the Miss Chinese Toronto pageant. She will represent Toronto and take part in the Miss Chinese International 2009 pageant. Congratulations!



Miss Chinese Toronto 2008 Predictions
Winner: #10 Louise Wang
1st runner up: #4 Christine Kuo
2nd runner up: #8 Rita Hou
Top 5 finalists: #3 Juliana Jaw and #2 Emily Qu
Alternates (May pull a surprise): #1 Monica Lee and #7 Kerynn Wang
Comments: This year is very hard to tell. The top 3 will very likely be #4, #8, and #10. The winner is the hard pick, all three contestants are great and anyone may come out. It depends on their final performance tonight. Faciallly though I think #10 Louise has an advantage but #4 Christine and #8 Rita are pretty in their own ways. #8 Rita is also the sister of last year's Miss Chinese Toronto 2007 1st runner up, Ivy Hou. It would be great to see if Ivy can crown her own sister. Worthy to note 2007's contestant #3 Jennifer Ni was also the sister of Miss Chinese Toronto 2005, Elva Ni and Jennifer did not perform as well as Elva though. Let's see tonight if Rita and Ivy can become the first pair of sisters to make the top 3.
Good luck to all the contestants, may the best girl win.
Miss Chinese Toronto 2008 contestants revealed
Pageant Beauties' favorites so far: #10, #8, #4, and #5
The winner of the pageant will represent Toronto at Miss Chinese International 2009. The pageant finals will be held on November 28th and special hosts include Dominic Lam and Joey Leung. Guest performer will be Bosco Wong from Hong Kong.
Miss Chinatown USA 2009 Recruitment
Application is available here to download:
Past winners include Melissa Ng (Miss Chinatown USA 1992) and she went on to win 1st runner up at Miss Chinese International 1996 and Shen Chen (Miss New York Chinese 2005 2nd runner up). Notable contestants who finished as 1st runner up (Miss Chinese Chamber of Commerce) include Fala Chen (2003, MCI 2005 1st runner up), Grace Wong (2007, Miss Hong Kong 2007 1st runner up and Miss International 2007 top 15 semifinalist; Miss Friendship), and Winnie Yeung (1991, Miss Hong Kong 1995, MCI 1996 top 10 semifinalist).
The winner may compete in Miss Chinese International 2009 if there is enough funding and sponsorship. The deadline to enter is October 31, 2008.