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Photos of the final night courtesy of Thaimiss, :




Miss Hong Kong, Koni Lui:

The messenger winners:


Delegates in swimsuits:

Parade of national costumes:








More awards:

According to Thaimiss, there are a total of 19 awards. Photos show delegates wearing sashs of awards like Miss Best Nature, Messenger of Caring, and more. So I added more awards to the list. For all the awards, head down to 11/11/06.

Pageant Beauties's 6 semifinalists and 2 alternates made the top 12.
Miss International 2006 results:
Winner: Miss Venezuela, Daniela Di Giacomo
1st runner up: Miss Panama, Mayte Sánchez González
2nd runner up: Miss Korea, Jang Yoon-Seo 
Top 12 semifinalists (in order of announcement): Misses Thailand, Japan, Korea, Venezuela, China, India, Puerto Rico, Spain, Colombia, Panama, Dominican Republic, and Guadeloupe.
Special Awards:
Miss Friendship: Miss Hong Kong, Koni Lui (3rd time in a row, four Miss Friendships in the last 5 years)
Best National Costume: Miss Panama, Mayte Sánchez González
Miss Photogenic Japan: Miss Thailand, Vasana Wongbuntree
Miss Photogenic China: Miss Finland, Karoliina Yläjoki
Miss Goodwill: Miss Puerto Rico, Sharon Gomez
Miss Best Style: Miss Venezuela, Daniela Di Giacomo
Miss Best Nature: Miss Venezuela, Daniela Di Giacomo
Miss Best Language: Miss Ukraine, Marichka Kolomiyets
Messenger Of Peace: Miss Germany, Hiltja Muller
Messenger Of Caring: Miss Australia, Karli Smith
Messenger Of Beauty: Miss Congo, Maurielle Massamba
Messenger Of Intelligence: Miss Egypt, Elham Wagdi
Messenger Of Goodwill: Miss Thailand, Vasana Wongbuntree
Preliminary Awards:
Best Preliminary Performance: Miss Germany, Hiltja Muller
Best Figure: Miss Colombia, Karina Guerra
Most Beautiful Smile: Miss Hong Kong, Koni Lui
Best Overall Style: Miss Spain, Sara Sanchez Torres
Most Vibrant: Miss Brazil, Maria Claudia Barreto
Compassionate Award: Miss China, Chen Qian
The 46th annual Miss International pageant was held last night in Beijing, China. In the end, Miss Venezuela, Daniela Di Giacomo took first. First runner up and second runner up went to Misses Panama and Korea, which were major surprises. The top 12 included Misses Thailand, Japan, China, India, Puerto Rico, Spain, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Guadeloupe. Big favorites and also Pageant Beauties's top 2, Miss Finland and Germany failed to make the cut, in which Miss Germany received the Best Preliminary Performance (if she had a great performance, why didn't she make it?). For the 21st time, Miss Hong Kong failed to place. However, Koni did receive the Miss Friendship award, for the 4th time in 5 years. She also took the Most Beautiful Smile award, making her one of the most successful Miss Hong Kong. Misses Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, Korea were considered cold doors but all made the top 12. Other stunning beauties besides Finland and Germany that didn't make the cut were Brazil, Peru, and Nigeria. The sash factor played a big role in the pageant as Miss China and Japan made it. However, the judges did a good choice in choosing Miss Venezuela as the winner. Congratulations to Venezuela for producing their 5th Miss International crown. For the first time like in Miss Japan International, the winner wasn't crowned in the traditional pearl crown.
Tomorrow is the pageant! 52 young ladies around the world will fight for the title. Through this past month, the ladies have established great relationships, and indeed they will never forget this life time experience. Now, here are Pageant Beauties's thoughts:
First, Pageant Beauties's Miss Photogenic:
Photogenic (China)

Miss Finland, Karoliina Ylajoki, also Miss Photogenic China 2006 is Pageant Beauties's Miss Photogenic. She has beautiful hair and a sweet smile. Looking stunning in offical portrait and in gown, she is Pageant Beauties's Miss Photogenic.






Now, next on the list is Pageant Beauties's Best National Costume:

Pageant Beauties just like Miss Venezuela, Daniela Di Giacomo in her national costume. Her colorful costume and puffy figures on her costume is beautiful. Daniela is also wearing a heavy feather hat, which looks absolutely stunning.

Pageant Beauties's Miss Friendship winner is:

                Miss Hong Kong, Koni Liu! Koni made many friends as she posed with many delegates. She also receieved the Most Beautiful Smile award, which means that she knows how to smile to people. She indeedly gives people a nice image.
The 4th award is Pageant Beauties's Miss International 2006:

Miss Finland,
Karoliina Yläjoki. With her beautiful hair, popularity in Beijing, sweet smile, and more, she is Pageant Beauties's pick for Miss International 2006.
Best In Evening Gown and Best In Swimsuit will be chosen when the pageant is over. Now here are the final predictions for Pageant Beauties:
Winner: Miss Finland, Karoliina Ylajoki
1st runner up: Miss Germany, Hiltja Müller
2nd runner up: Miss Colombia, Karina Guerra
Top 12 semifinalists (4th to 12th place): Misses Venezuela, Spain, Thailand, Puerto Rico, Nigeria, Brazil, Peru, Hong Kong, and Japan.
Strong alternates (13th to 17th place): Misses Bolivia, China, Australia, Czech Republic, and India.
Special Awards:
Miss Friendship: Miss Hong Kong, Koni Lui
Best National Costume: Miss Venezuela, Daniela Di Giacomo
Remember to view the pageant through live internet telecast:
Pics courtesy of Global Beauties:

Best Preliminary Performance
Miss Germany, Hiltja Muller

Best Figure
Miss Colombia, Karina Guerra

Most Beautiful Smile
Miss Hong Kong, Koni Lui

Best Overall Style
Miss Spain, Sara Sanchez Torres

Most Vibrant
  Miss Brazil, Maria Claudia Barreto

Compassionate Award
Miss China, Chen Qian
The delegates yesterday paraded in swimsuits, evening gowns, and national costumes in Cuangzhou for the preliminary competition. There were 6 awards given out: Best Preliminary Performance, Best Figure, Most Beautiful Smile, Best Overall Style, Most Vibrant, and the winner of Compassionate. The winners include: Misses Germany, Colombia, Hong Kong, Spain, Brazil, and China got the above awards represectively. The top 12 semifinalists were also chosen from this night and they will pay a visit to Shanghai before heading back to Beijing for the finals.
Miss International Forum:
On October 31st, the delegates sat down to discuss world issues. There were three discussion questions: 1. What contribution should women make for the world peace? 2. What is the best way to encourage the mutual understanding between nations? and 3. Tell us about your country. Miss Hong Kong, Koni Liu spoke about World Peace: “Women can have influence on the world; “World Peace” is based on the respect, understanding and tolerant between human beings, which are taught by mothers, us women.” In the end, the forum was a success.
Some strange events before the forum:
1. Before heading to Beijing, China for the finals, an earthquake stuck the delegates in the morning.
2. Hong Kong Oriental Daily reporter gets beaten up by a security guard in Beijing for getting to close to the delegates. The Chinese Police is investigating right now. This happened during the press conference and tour on October 26.  
Delegates pose in swimsuits:
Also on October 31st, the delegates pose in swimsuits for fliming. Here are some photos courtesy of Sina:

The delegates posing in a group photo

Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Czech Republic
10/31/06 (Photos courtesy of Sina):
During the past few days, the contestants visited the Great Wall Of China. Yesterday, they planted a tree to raise for charity.

Contestants plant a tree today to raise for charity.

Miss International 2005, Precious Lara Quigaman during the charity auction.

The delegates joined by Miss International 2005, Precious Lara Quigaman visit famous landmarks of Beijing.

Contestants parading in red lanturns.
Here are some photos on the delegates during the selection of Miss Photogenic:

Miss Hong Kong, Koni Liu

Miss Korea, Jang Yoon-seo

Miss Czech Republic, Katerina Pospisilova


Miss Peru, Lissy Consuelo Miranda 

Miss Thailand, Vasana Wongbuntree

In the end, Miss Finland, Karoliina Yläjoki took the Miss Photogenic China title.


Meet the updated list of top 12 delegates for the title, Miss International 2006:
Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Japan, Finland, Colombia, Thailand, Nigeria, Brazil, Slovak Republic, Hong Kong, Philippines, and China.
Bubbling Up: Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Czech Republic, Martinique, and Northern Marianas.
(Some information courtesy of ):
Number of confirmed delegates:
This year there will be 52 delegates. Many countries failed to make the pageant. Miss United Kingdom and Miss USA didn't make it to Japan due to sponsor problems. Miss Israel and Lebanon also failed to enter due to conflicts between both nations. Here is the list of delegates courtesy of :
Aruba  Luizanne Donata
Australia  Karli Smith

Bolivia  Pamela Justiniano Saucedo
Brazil  Maria Cláudia Barreto de Oliveira
Canada  Emily Kiss
China  Chen Qian
Colombia  Karina Guerra Rodriguez
Congo  Maurielle Nkouka Massamba

Cyprus  Elena Georgiou
Czech Rep. Katerina Pospisilova
Dominican Rep.  Wilma Abreu Nazario
Ecuador  Denisse Elizabeth Rodriguez

Egypt  Elham Wagdi
Ethiopia  Fethiya Mohammed Seid
Finland  Karoliina Yläjoki
France  Marie-Charlotte Meré
Germany  Hiltja Müller
Guadeloupe  Meryta Melina
Guatemala  Mirna Lissy Salguero Moscoso
Honduras  Lissa Diana Viera S
Hong Kong  Koni Liu Wai-Yee
India  Sonali Sehgal
  Mami Sakurai
Kenya  Rachel Nyameyo
Korea  Jang Yoon-seo
Malaysia  Iris Hng Choy Yin
Martinique  Murielle Desgrelle

  Alondra del Carmen Robles Dobler
Mongolia  Bolortuya Dagva
New Caledonia
  Fabienne Pescale Vidoire
New Zealand
  Claire Beattie
Nigeria  Misel Nku
Northern Marianas  Shequita DeLeon Guerrero Bennett
Norway  Linn Andersen
Panama  Mayte
Sánchez González

Peru  Lissy Consuelo Miranda
Philippines  Denille Lou Valena Valmonte
Poland  Marta Jakoniuk
Puerto Rico  Sharon
Gómez Díaz

Serbia/Montenegro  Danka Dizdarevic
Singapore  Genecia Luo Wei Qi
Slovak Rep.  Dagmar Ivanova
Spain  Sara S
ánchez Torres
Sri Lanka  Gayesha Parera

Sudan  Rebecca Chor Malek
Liu Tzu-Hsuan
  Angel Delight Kileo
Thailand  Vasana Wongbuntree
Turkey  Asena Tugal
Ukraine  Inna Goruk
Venezuela  Daniela Anette Di Giacomo Di Giovanni
Vu Ngoc Diep
Misses Bahamas, Ghana, Greece, Guyana, Israel, Kazakhstan, Liberia, Malta, Nepal, Russia, Tahiti, United Kingdom, Uruguay, and USA all didn't compete. If all made it, there would have been 66 delegates.
On October 20, 2006, there was an charity auction. The delegates bought gifts representing their countries and auctioned them. In the end, Miss Vietnam, Vu Ngoc Diep sold her oyster encrusted painting for JPY 50,000. Congratulations!
Arrival in China:
Yesterday in China, the 52 delegates arrived in Beijing, China for the finals. They met the offical press in the hotel meeting room.
Miss Photogenic chosen in China:
Today in China, more than 100 reporters and press members met the 52 delegates that paraded in national costumes again. Like in 2004, the Chinese press chose their own Miss Photogenic. In the end, Miss Finland, Karoliina Yläjoki won the title. She is now considered a favorite to make the semifinals. Congratulations to Miss Finland!
View photos of the delegates at the Miss Japan International event:
Number of delegates?
I mentioned yesterday about the nations that didn't send a delegate to this year's pageant. However to Global Beauties (), Misses Bahamas, Ghana, Greece, Liberia, Nepal, Tahiti, and USA haven't arrived yet. If all don't compete, then there will be a number of 52 delegates only.
Miss Puerto Rico, Sharon Gomez
Miss Puerto Rico, Sharon Gomez in her national costume and holding a plaque after being named Miss Goodwill.
During the past few days, the delegates traveled around Tokyo. They also had lots of meetings with the Tokyo press. Here is some pictures provided by Miss Singapore's website ():

Seven Miss International delegates.

Misses Singapore, Egypt, China, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea at October 13's Dinner Reception.

Miss Goodwill chosen:
Miss Puerto Rico International, Sharon Gomez was announced Miss Goodwill today in Japan. Congratulations!
Unable to compete:
Misses Guyana, Israel, Kazakhstan, Malta, Russia, United Kingdom, and Uruguay did not compete in this year's pageant. Miss United Kingdom, Lucy Evangelista was also a semifinalist at Miss World 2005. 59 is the confirmed number of delegates in this year's pageant. This year makes history for the most delegates in Miss International. The previous record was 2004's 58 delegates.
More information on this year's delegates:
Photos courtesy of cnsphoto ().

                Miss Hong Kong, Koni Liu in her national costume

Miss Venezuela, Daniela Di Giacomo, in her national costume

Miss China, Chen Qian, in her national costume

Miss Japan, Mami Sakuari, in her national costume

Miss Taiwan in her national costume

The Miss International 2006 delegates parading in swimsuits.

Read exclusive interviews with the Miss International delegates:
Pageant Beauties's top 12 picks:
Brazil, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, Martinique, Poland, Slovak Republic, Thailand, and Venezuela.
Bubbling Up: Bolivia, Germany, Mexico, Northern Marianas, and United Kingdom.
Pageant Beauties's Awards for Miss International 2006:
Best In National Costume, Best In Evening Gown, Best In Swimsuit, Miss Photogenic, and PB's Miss International 2006.
Meet the current delegates in Tokyo!
There is a number of 61 delegates this year, making this year's pageant the most delegates. Familar faces in this year's pageant is Miss United Kingdom, Lucy Evangelista, who was a semifinalist at Miss World 2005. Another one was Miss Northern Marianas, Shequita DeLeon Guerrero Bennett, who participated at Miss Universe 2006.
Know more about the crown:

Miss Thailand, Vasana Wongbuntree, holding a blue plaque after being named Miss Photogenic Japan.

The delegates have arrived in Tokyo for the pageant! An estimated 50+ delegates will attend, and from these delegates there will only one winner. Anyway, like past years, a press conference was held in Toyko yesterday and the delegates paraded in swimsuits and national costumes. In the end, Miss Thailand was named Miss Photogenic in Japan. There will be another Miss Photogenic (like in 2004) named in China. In anyway, we congratulate Miss Thailand for winning the first award.
For more photos, visit:
The 46th Miss International beauty pageant will be held in Tokyo, Japan and Beijing, China this year. Similar to last year's format, there will be 9 semifinalists, 2 runner ups, and one winner. An estimated 50+ delegates will arrive in Tokyo on October 12. Like pre pageants, Miss Photogenic would be chosen early before the finals, with Best National Costume and Miss Friendship to be announced. Visit the offical site:
More information on the delegates once they arrive.