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Miss Hong Kong 2007 ends with #3 Kayi Cheung winning:
Article translated from Singtao Newspaper ():
The Miss Hong Kong 2007 pageant was helded last night and it ended through controversy. The winner was #3 Kayi Cheung, a 23 year old student from the University of British Columbia, a university famous for producing Miss Hong Kong winners. Big favorite Gigi Lai look alike: Lily Ho failed to make the top 8 with a favorite #9 Grace Wong winning three awards: Miss International Goodwill, Miss Photogenic, and 1st runner up. Another favorite #7 Lorretta Chow dubbed as the Flora Chan look alike won the 2nd runner up title.
This year marks the 35th anniversary of the pageant. Eric Tsang, Nat Chan, and Sammy Leung were the hosts. They unfortunely did not bring the show to it's climax and it ended normally. The judges were: Lotetta Chu (Miss Hong Kong 1977), Allan Zeman, Andrew Lau Wai Keung (movie director), Lily Ho (former actress), and Edward Cheng Wai-Sum. The Miss Photogenic judges included: Moses Chan, Charlie Yeung, Sofie Rahman (Miss Hong Kong 1995 1st runner up), and Mike He (Taiwan actor). Kate Tsui and Raymond Lam were the guest performers. Miss Hong Kong winners, runner ups, and one semifinalist totaling ten beauty queens from 1997 to 2006 was also invited at the event.
This year marks the 10th year anniversary of the unification of Hong Kong and China, Miss Hong Kong had a section on promoting and bringing up the problem of pollution. The first eight delegates answered question regarding pollution and the last eight bought their own childhood photos and talked about their unforgetable memories. Then the delegates had a performance with guest performers Kate Tsui and Raymond Lam, where some of the delegates went up a wall while getting hooked to a wire.
Next came the swimsuit section. The delegates' pre recorded scenes were shown and then each delegate took off their jacket. The scores were also seen on the television screen. The highest scores went to #7 Lorretta Chow, #9 Grace Wong, #11 Kendra Wong, and #12 Nicole Lee, a four way tie with an 34 out of 50. #14 Candice Chiu had stage fright and during the section, she walked too fast and took off the jacket too fast before the swimsuit scenes ended. This did not stop or effect her making from the top 8 though and going on to the top 5.
The delegates did the same routine like previous years where they answered questions in their swimsuits. There weren't any embrassing or hard questions this year. The top 8 included: #1 Joey Mak, #3 Kayi Cheung, #4 Mandy Wong, #5 Destiny Cheng, #6 Anita Wong, #7 Lorretta Chow, #9 Grace Wong, and #14 Candice Chiu. After the interview, the delegates were cut down to five including: #3 Kayi Cheung, #4 Mandy Wong, #7 Lorretta Chow, #9 Grace Wong, and #14 Candice Chiu.
After the announcement of the top 5, TVB showed some scenes of the delegates fliming (pre recorded). #14 Candice Chiu also said that people think she made it this far due to the relationships of her family. She later cried on stage. Miss International Goodwill and Miss Photogenic #9 Grace Wong also cried as she thanked her father and mother. The University of British Columbia has been famous for their beauty queens and they took the glory. Out of three of this year's delegates, two made the top 3 and were the university students. They were #3 Kayi Cheung and #7 Lorretta Chow. #9 Grace Wong also took three awards including 1st runner up, Miss International Goodwill, and Miss Photogenic. Upon the announcement of the winner, the audience had a moment of boos and jeers.
After the pageant, Miss Photogenic judge Charlie Yeung said that the top 3 were all her favorites. She said the winner #3 Kayi Cheung has a great personality. Mike He, the first time that he has been a Miss Photogenic judge said that #3 has been his favorite for the crown. He thinks Kayi has a sweet smile.
The winner, #3 Kayi Cheung expresses that she is not unhappy of being thought as a darkhorse who won surpringly. "I thought my performance was good," said Kayi. "The best was the interview  with the hosts," she added. #9 Grace Wong received the 1st runner up title and said she was happy for receiving the Miss International Goodwill title. "#3 Kayi Cheung is pretty," Grace replied. Second runner up, #7 Lorretta Chow also thought that Kayi was pretty. When asked what did she lose in, she replied "I have to ask the judges to know then."
Comments: In the Singtao article yesterday (not this one), it said that #12 Nicole Lee tripped two times. First time was on stage during the performance of Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui where luckily #9 Grace Wong caught her. However when she went backstage, her whole body fell. Luckily the accident did not air and she was immediately assisted by #9 Grace Wong and a chaperone. Besides the accident, rumors are also spreading that the winner, Kayi Cheung won the crown due to secret relationships. Many internet fans have also supported #9 Grace Wong into taking her the winner's crown. The awards will be announced later.

Miss Hong Kong 2007 Final Results:

Winner: #3 Kayi Cheung
First runner up: #9 Grace Wong
Second runner up: #7 Lorretta Chow
Top 5 finalists: #4 Mandy Wong and #14 Candice Chiu
Top 8 semifinalists: #1 Joey Mak, #5 Destiny Cheng, and #6 Anita Wong

Special Awards:
Miss International Goodwill: #9 Grace Wong
Miss Photogenic: #9 Grace Wong
Miss Tourism Ambassador: #2 Lily Ho
Most Attractive Legs: #7 Lorretta Chow
Miss Vivality Ambassador: #3 Kayi Cheung

Sponsor Awards:
Best Perfume Wisdom Award: #6 Anita Wong
Image Improvement Star Award: #15 Joyce Ko
Perfect Intelligence Star: #11 Kendra Wong
Contestant Most Suited To Wearing Jewelry: #12 Nicole Lee

Comments: Very disappointed. I just cannot believe that Kayi won. She did not have the height, barely smiled throughtout the competition, and the figure. She just won on the interview. I thought the night belonged to #7 Lorretta (who received the highest swimsuit interview score -80) or #9 Grace who won both Miss International Goodwill and Miss Photogenic. Both have the standard heights of Miss Hong Kong. Both looked and performed better in terms of other competitions (catwalk, poses, etc.). I thought the best Kayi can do is 3rd or even a top 5 position. I predicted her to even not make the top 10 (although I thought she will get pass it). I totally was shocked and surprised with her win. The audience was also surprised like me. They booed at Kayi upon her announcement into the top 5 and when she was named the winner. What were the judges thinking? What were the judges judging the contestants on? 100% interview. I could not see how Kayi won other than her interview. Kayi is also one of the shortest Miss Hong Kongs (joining Shirley Yeung and Virginia Yung). I will give a newspaper story and PB's Best In Interview, Evening Gown, and Swimsuit tomorrow.

Viewers' Choice for Miss Hong Kong 2007
Who is your favorite to win the Miss Hong Kong 2007 title? [87 votes total]

#1 Joey Mak Ho-Yee (2) 2%
#2 Lily Ho Ngo-Yee (24) 28%
#3 Kayi Cheung (Overseas delegate from Vancouver) (2) 2%
#4 Mandy Wong Chi-Man (1) 1%
#5 Destiny Cheng Ying-Ying (0) 0%
#6 Anita Wong Wai-Lam (2) 2%
#7 Lorretta Chow Mei-Yun (23) 26%
#8 Janis Leung Wing-Sze (Overseas delegate from Vancouver) (2) 2%
#9 Grace Wong Kwan-Hing (7) 8%
#10 Louise Wong Yin-Yun (3) 3%
#11 Kendra Wong Chung-Yin (Overseas delegate from San Francisco) (5) 6%
#12 Nicole Lee Kit-Ying (13) 15%
#13 Silvia Leung Ga-Yun (0) 0%
#14 Candice Chiu Ga-Dik (2) 2%
#15 Joyce Ko Ho-Ting (1) 1%
#16 Jenny Cheng Wai-Ching (Overseas delegate from Las Vegas) (0) 0%
Congratulations! #2 Lily Ho won the Viewers' Choice for Miss Hong Kong 2007 award. She won 24 votes, one more vote than second place winner, Lorretta Chow! Third place is #12 Nicole Lee with 13 votes, 4th place for #9 Grace Wong, and 5th place to Overseas contestant #11 Kendra Wong. Lily was also voted Miss HK Beauties' People's Choice award. Will Lily gather the most votes for the popularity title on  like here? Remember to watch the pageant LIVE on the Jade channel in Hong Kong at 8:30 p.m. It will also be televised live in Australia and Singapore with delayed telecasts to Malaysia, Europe, The US, and Canada.
Miss Hong Kong contestants pose in swimsuits. Tomorrow is the finals:
Yesterday, the 16 contestants met in the Hong Kong Coliseum and posed in swimsuits. Although organizers of the pageant made the delegates keep fit but the press was rather harsh on the delegates. #2 Lily Ho, #11 Kendra Wong, and #16 Jenny Cheng was criticized for their unporportional figures and hips. #1 Joey Mak, #5 Destiny Cheng, #7 Lorretta Chow, and #9 Grace Wong were said to stood out yesterday night. #5 Destiny Cheng was also luckily chosen out of the 16 delegates to wear the $1.8 million (HKD) crown. #6 Anita Wong and #10 Louise Wong were picked by the 14 finalists of Mr. Hong Kong 2007 as their winners. Tomorrow night will be the finals. With months of hard work and effort, tomorrow will tell it all.

After viewing many photos of the delegates and their performances on television, Pageant Beauties chose their pick for Miss Photogenic. She is...
It's her again! Her tall figure and performance in the New Talent Singing Contest 2005 did bring Lorretta experience in the camera and photos. Congratulations! Will Lorretta win the Miss Photogenic title tonight?
Who is Pageant Beauties' pick for Miss Hong Kong 2007? The winner is:
Congratulations! Taking the Best Offical Portrait, Miss Photogenic, and Best In Reality Show awards, Lorretta takes the big one. A favorite from the start, Lorretta has the height, poise, and Michelle Ye looks (Miss Chinese International 1999). Lorretta can easily win the title tonight or place in the top 3. Wish her the best of luck!
Second place is to #9 Grace Wong. Grace is a beautiful contestant from the start and is a favorite. Grace's personality and catwalk skills from Miss Chinatown USA can pull her an advantage. Also being able to speak fluent english, this might make her take 1st runner up.
Third place went to #2 Lily Ho. Lily is the big favorite from the start but her height and figure has been a disadvantage. However Lily has the potential to take it all. However will the age be a major factor?
In the top 5 are #12 Nicole Lee (4th) and #1 Joey Mak (5th). Nicole has had grace and beauty throughout the whole contest and resembles a little like Ivy Lui (Miss Chinese International 2007 1st runner up). Nicole has looked beautiful and graceful in the Reality Show and in public appearances. She can also take the Miss Photogenic award. #1 Joey Mak, a 18 year old favorite that has a sweet smile and great personality. She is also very tough after that fall in the Great Wall during the fliming in Beijing. However Joey has the potential to move up to the top 3 and win some awards.
Top 10 semifinalists include: #6 Anita Wong (6th), #4 Mandy Wong (7th), #5 Destiny Cheng (8th), #14 Candice Chiu Ga-Dik (9th), and #10 Louise Wong (10th).
Predictions for awards:
Miss Photogenic: #7 Lorretta Chow
Miss International Goodwill: #7 Lorretta Chow or #12 Nicole Lee
Miss Internet Popularity: # 2 Lily Ho
It was hard making the top 10 list. Every delegate has a chance to make it in and there will be surprises. #3 Kayi Cheung, winner of the Vivcious Beauty Award at Miss Chinese Vancouver 2005 is on the alternates list for the top 10. Her training in Miss Chinese Vancouver might help her. #11 and #13 are also fierce competitors and cannot be looked down in any way. There is my list of predictions. After viewing the show, the winners of the Best In Evening Gown, Best In Swimsuit, and Best In Interview will be announced. Go to:  and   for live results. I will not update until I watch the show (starting at 8:30 p.m.) in the US (that will kill all the suspense then! I will announce the Viewers' Choice winner later on tonight. Voting ends on 1:00 a.m.
Miss Hong Kong 2007 contestants meet judges:
Yesterday, the 16 contestants met the offical judges. They include: Miss Hong Kong 1977, Loletta Chu, Allan Zeman, movie director Andrew Lau Wai-Keung, Edward Cheng Wai-Sum, and former actress Lily Ho. The hosts have been announced as Eric Tsang, Nat Chan, and Sammy Leung. Allan Zeman, one of the judges spoke with the contestants in english and it was said that #2 Lily Ho and #5 Destiny Cheng did not speak well in english. They later replied that they didn't lose out in english. #2 Lily Ho said that she reads novels and speaks english in class. #5 Destiny Cheng explained that she attended international class in United Kingdom, so english is not a problem to her. The overseas contestants were reported to speak english very well, with an edge over them.

Viewers' Poll for Miss Hong Kong 2007 is open for voting. Cast your vote here:
Viewers' Choice for Miss Hong Kong 2007
Who is your favorite to win the Miss Hong Kong 2007 title?

The winner of the poll will be announced on the 20th. Next is the winner of PB's Miss Hong Kong 2007 Best In Reality Show:
Contestant #7, Lorretta Chow is the winner! Her interview, catwalk, and talent was supreme during the show. Also with her tall height, she is inevitable. Coming in second place was #9 Grace Wong and third was #2 Lily Ho. Next is the winner of the Best Offical Portrait:
#7 Lorretta Chow the title! Second place went to #2 Lily Ho and third place goes to #12 Nicole Lee. Congratulations! Other awards to be announced soon!
#7 Lorretta Chow wins Most Attractive Legs Award

The 16 contestants for this year's Miss Hong Kong Pageant showed off their legs at a sponsor's event yesterday, where they contested the award for "Most Attractive Legs". However, their limelight was stolen somewhat by guest judge Shirley Yeung, who taught the newcomers a lesson or two.

Wearing vests and hotpants,the girls paraded before judges Shirley and Aimee Chan. After earlier outshining the girls in Beijing with her figure during the athletics event, Shirley appeared in her super short pants and once again wowed the audience. Asked if she was intentionally stealing the limelight, Shirley said: "You flatter me! I rarely go to the beach, so I don't wear shorts very much. The outfit was prepared by the organisers, so there is no such issue. (Are you worried about exposing yourself?) No, I have underclothes on."

The beautiful legs award went to the tallest contestant Number 7 Lorretta Chow and she says that her figure is very balanced and this award has raised her confidence. As for winning prize money of $33,000, Lorretta says she will take the girls out for a meal to celebrate.

Aimee passed on some tips to her juniors, saying that the preparations before the show are very important, so they need to keep calm and not drink too much water the night before to avoid being puffy. Soon to hand over the title, Aimee has been preparing for a number of hosting jobs. Asked if she will be promoted by TVB into the next 'super-host', she says: "I don't know yet, I will let the company arrange my work, but I have not signed a contract yet."

Miss Hong Kong Filming in Macau

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants were filming on location in Macau yesterday, where they visted the Cathedral of Saint Paul and the Taipa Houses Museum before enjoying a Portuguese meal. At the cathedral, they attracted the attention of many tourists and became complimentary models.

Yesterday also happened to be the 19th birthday of Number 7 Lorretta Chow and a birthday cake was arranged for her to celebrate. However, when the cake arrived, Lorretta had mysteriously disappeared and it turned out that she was suffering from a nosebleed, so had retired to the washrooms. The girls had to wait for her to return before they sung "Happy Birthday" to her in what was quite an amusing situation. Asked if she had a nosebleed becase she was too happy, she says that it was because of the hot weather, so she will drink more water and herbal teas to cool down and avoid having a nosebleed on stage.

Number 2 Lily Ho has never been to a Casino in Macau before, but she often visits the racecourse, because her father often dines there. Asked if her father is a big race winner, she smiles that her father still loses more than he wins. Lily's sister is renowned racing commentator Gigi Ho, so is it down to her poor tips? She says she has never really studied her sister's tips and just looks at whether the horses are attractive or not.

Miss Hong Kong Visit Jewellery Sponsors

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants visited the jewellery sponsors to try on some diamonds yesterday, but the items they were given to wear varied between the girls. Number 2 Lily Ho and Number 1 Joey Mak modelled the most expensive and the least expensive items, valued at $1.28 million and $90,000 respectively. Joey said that this was down to the organisers to match their outfits, so she did not mind. As for Lily, she did not feel especially fortunate, saying: "Everyone looks beautiful with their jewels."

The girls voted for the "Contestant Most Suited to Wearing Jewellery" and Number 12 Nicole Lee won the vote and was presented with a set of jewellery worth $6000. She said happily: "I have never worked before, so I have never had a set of jewellery like this, so this is my first time and I will cherish this greatly."


Anita Wong wins Best Perfume Wisdom award

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong finalists were at the Tsimshatsui branch of Sasa Cosmetics where they had a quiz on Perfume knowledge. Number 6 Anita Wong emerged as the winner of the competition and was awarded with a $5000 cosmetics voucher for Sasa, but she showed her generosity as she shared her prize with the other contestants, with the other girls in her team receiving $500 each and the other girls $100 each.

'Mature Ting Ting' Number 9 Grace Wong has been spotted out partying late and hugging male friends and she admits this, saying: "That was two months ago and my friends from France and America came to visit me, so we went down to Lan Kwai Fong. My friends were very gentlemanly and when they saw a seat in the venue, they pointed and then helped me to my seat. (Have you been warned by the competition?) No, I was not being unruly and just showing hospitality towards my friends.

Number 2 Lily Ho has been dubbed as hot favourite by netizens and she says she has been busy rehearsing and not had time to go online, but she thanks everyone for their support and will do her best.

Reports indicate that there will be a 'Catwalk in the Air' for this year's final and the girls will be hoisted on wires up to a platform 30 feet high for part of the show. TVB has been testing the girls' senses of balance to make sure they can do it. Kate Tsui and Raymond Lam will also be performing at the final, in a Broadway musical number. Kate says: "I will be dancing with all my juniors at the Coliseum and I am a little nervous. (Are your costumes sexy?) I don't know yet." Miss Photogenic judges have been confirmed as Mike He, Moses Chan and Charlie Yeung.

Kendra Wong and Joyce Ko Win Miss Hong Kong Beauty Sponsor Awards

The Miss Hong Kong finalists attended their "Whole Body Transformation Graduation" at Sa Sa Beauty + yesterday, where Number 15 Joyce Ko was presented with the "Image Improvement Star Award", for proving that she had not only improved her imae, but she also has a wonderful rapport with everyone. The award was voted for by the other contestants and with ten votes, she is highly tipped to win 'Miss Friendship'. Joyce is very touched to have the support from her fellow contestants. Number 14 Kendra Wong was awarded with "Perfect Intelligence Star".

Number 2 Lily Ho was asked if she had undergone treatment to reduce her bottom, but she said obediently: "I have only tried the famous facials here, but if I have the chance, I will try the slimming treatments." As for being photographed having a facial in the car, she says: "I have been very busy lately, so I had to make the most of my time and use the mask in my dad's car. I will not do it next time."


[Ta Kung Pao 26/06/07]

Lily Ho Wins Tourism Ambassador Award

The 16 Miss Hong Kong contestants have completed their filming in Panyu and returned to Hong Kong yesterday. At the evening event earlier, the winner of the "Tourism Ambassador Award" was announced, where last year's winner Suki Chui was one of the judges. The award was finally won by hot favourite Number 2 Lily Ho Ngo Yee.

The competition on the evening was split into two parts. Firstly they had to use the different animals from the Panyu Animal Park to introduce the gourmet food of Hong Kong. Then there was a talent contest. Among the acts were singing, dance, playing the Chinese zither and painting and the families of many of the girls were there to offer their support. Lily's item was playing the Chinese zither and when she stepped onto the stage, she was looking around for her parents and she was elated when she spotted them. She did not let them down when she went on to win the award and the $50,000 prize money. Afterwards she said happily: "When I saw them it gave me a boost of confidence. (How will you celebrate?) We will go and eat. (Are you not afraid of getting fat?) Eating healthily should not be a problem." She says that she has been learning to play the zither since she was young. As for Suki's comments that she will get into the top three, is Lily confident? She says that everyone is very good and outstanding, so she does not think she stands a large chance.

Suki has had her eye on Lily from the start and she was right about her on this award. Suki says: "I did give her a very high score and I think she will get into the top three. (Is it because her news volume is high like yours last year?) I feel she is very friendly and is ok all round. She is still very young, but faces pressure very well. (She has been nicknamed as 'Luxury Butt'?) When girls are 18, they will change and she will be different next year. (Even bigger?) No, she will get fitter and fitter." As for reports that Number 3 Kayi Cheung was crying after losing out, she explained that she was uncomfortable under the spotlights and she felt that Lily was very good on the zither, because it is not easy. She says: "I have to practice my Chinese, because I felt that my performance was very poor." Number 14 Candice Chiu Ka Dik was still happy despite not winning because her performance was quite good, but her mother could not come to support her because she is still abroad. She adds that she is used to thinking in English, so she often makes grammatical mistakes when she speaks and she will work hard on improving her Chinese.

[Ta Kung Pao 25/06/07]

Miss Hong Kong Water Park Shoot & Joey Mak's Sudden Bust Growth Under Scrutiny

The 16 Miss Hong Kong contestants were filming in Panyu's Changlong Water Park yesterday, where they played among the water jets and waterfalls in their bikinis. The focus of the press rested with Number 1 Joey Mak Ho Yee, whose chest appeared to have grown somewhat since the last shoot, raising suspicions that she was wearing bra pads. Asked about this, she explained that it was just a different cutting of the bikini top. To avoid revealing themselves, all the girls were careful to protect their swimwear with their arms during the waterspout shoots. As the girls posed on the steps leading to the pool, Joey and Number 2 Lily Ho Ngo Yee were caught out by the regular jets of water and after a good soaking had to have their hair and make up done again by the staff. However, when Number 8 Janis Leung Wing Sze was caught out, no-one appeared to come to her aid and she was left on her own.

When the press asked Joey if she was wearing a nu-bra underneath the swimsuit, she refused to reply and avoided the question. Lily supported her friend and said that her figure has always been good, but the last swimsuit did not show this off. She says she does not feel that there are any tricks. Lily indicated that being caught in the waterspouts was good fun.

As for Janis, who was left on her own, she smiled: "You are too sensitive, they were shooting first, so the crew were more concerned about them." She does not mind being ignored, but she did admit that when she was drenched, she was worried about her swimsuit being washed away and she felt uncomfortable when the water was in her eyes. Number 12 Nicole Lee Kit Ying had to climb onto a rubber ring to go down a water slide, but she took care to protect her chest all the way down. She says she did not want to expose herself and as for Joey's sudden change in cup size, she smiles: "I am not a man, so I will not take notice of other people's breast sizes!"

Kayi Cheung Wins Vitality Ambassador Award - Miss HK Contestants Bake in 40 Degree Heat

The Miss Hong Kong contestants continued their tour of Zhaoqing yesterday as they filmed in a lavender field, baking in the 40 degree heat and feeding the local mosquitoes. Even before arrival, Number 1 Joey Mak Ho Yee was already complaining of being unwell and was given special treatment as she was allowed to rest and was sheltered with an umbrella as she went around. However she did not look unwell and explained that after her fall on the Great Wall, she has been cutting out tofu and egg from her diet, so this has left her quite weak. She is not worried about this being taken as attention seeking.

Asked if they found this particular shoot hard work, Number 7 Lorretta Chow Mei Yan and Number 14 Candice Chiu Ka Dik both said it was not too hard. As for the mosquito bites, Candice says: "The spiders in Australia are even bigger, so small insects are no big deal! I am quite brave and playful." Also, the contestants voted for their 'Vitality Ambassador' and the first award of the contest was won by Number 3 Kayi Cheung. She says she is confident of winning a crown and it was revealed that hot favourites Number 2 Lily Ho and Joey did not receive any votes at all.

Read the all new article that Pageant Beauties created on Wikipedia for Miss Hong Kong 2007!
Congratulations to contestant #2, Lily Ho for winning the second award of the pageant, Miss Tourism Ambassador 2007! This award was first given out in 2003 and for four years now, all the winners placed in the top 5. Two have even made it further to the 1st runner up crown. Will Lily continue the streak and place in the top 5 or take it all?
The first award of the pageant, Miss Energetic was given out yesterday. The 16 delegates voted for the delegate that they thought was energetic and spirited. In the end, #3 Kayi Cheung, former Miss Chinese Vancouver 2005 contestant #5 and winner of the Vivacious Beauty Award was the winner. She received five votes out of the 16 delegates and was the winner. Interesting note: The Vivacious Beauty Award in Miss Chinese Vancouver was also based on energy. Surprisingly, contestant #1, Joey Mak Ho Yee and big favorite #2 Lily Ho Ngo Yee did not win one vote from any delegate.
Miss Hong Kong Outdoor Event Fills Janis Leung with Fear & Further Injury for Joey Mak

The 16 Miss Hong Kong contestants were in Zhaoqing yesterday filming some difficult outdoor activities climbing and sliding between the rocks and then riding the river rapids in rafts.

Although the girls were kitted out with safety gear, when Number 8 Janis Leung Wing Sze was attached to the first rope for rock-climbing, she suddenly went pale and called out: "I am not doing it, I am very scared!" Afterwards she explained that she is scared of heights and she has never gone on any roller coaster rides in her life and when she looked down from above, she had already felt uncomfortable and frightened. Asked if she is worried about this affecting her chances in the contest, she said: "There is nothing I can do, I am not brave enough to do it."

As for Number 1 Joey Mak Ho Yee who had injured herself earlier, she indicates that her injuries have recovered mostly, but she will be more careful in the future. However, she met with more trouble when the raft that she was riding in with Number 2 Lily Ho Ngo Yee suddenly capsized and in the water she complained about the pain after knocking her existing injury. As for her being rather accident-prone, is she worried about being accused of stealing the limelight? She says: "I hope not, I do not want to get hurt." Lily is glad that she was not injured and says that she does like exciting activities, so she wants to go and do the climb again. Although she can swim, she was still very frightened when she fell in the water: "I did not know how deep the water was and when the raft knocked into me, I could barely breathe. (Will this leave a bad memory?) No, it was good fun."

Daughter of veteran actress Leung Siu Ling, Number 14 Candice Chiu Ka Dik says she likes outdoor activities, but her mother would not let her take part in them, so she could only try them after she went to Australia to study. Asked if her mother knows about her taking part in these activities, she says that her mother has come back to Hong Kong and does know, but she did not scold her and just told her to get more rest because she has become a little hoarse recently.

At one point, there was some dissatisfaction from the local tourists as they complained about the filming getting in the way of their enjoyment.


[The Sun 19/06/07]

Lily Ho: I can Lose the Weight

This year's Miss Hong Kong contestants were interviewed by Metro Radio yesterday before taking part in a beauty event, where they have been offered beauty and slimming treatments. 'Miss Hips' Number 2 Lily Ho Ngo Yee was asked if she would be trimming down her hips and she syas: "No, I hope that I can slim down my whole body." She also says that she has learned how to deal with the pressure and admits that she was upset at first by the criticisms, but now she finds that silence is golden. She injured her ankle whilst filming on location in Beijing and is also suffering from an allergic reaction, so she hopes to have recovered by the time she wears her swimsuit again.

As for Number 1 Joey Mak Ho Yee who fell over on the Great Wall, she says she has been recovering gradually and her father has been helping her clean her wound every day. Aside from this, Number 9 Grace Wong Kwan Hing who has been sporting cellulite in her pictures, she says that the treatments will help her reduce this and balance the colour tone of her skin.


[Wen Wei Po 20/06/07]

Miss Hong Kong Contestants Watch Dragon Boat Races

At the dragon boat festival yesterday, the 16 Miss Hong Kong contestants were joined by last year's winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui at Shatin's Shing Mun River to watch the races and support the TVB team. Aimee indicates she has never paddled in a dragon boat before, but was the drummer once. Asked whether the men would paddle faster when she was beating the drum, she was a little embarrassed and smiled that she did not know.

Asked if she has been passing on her tips to this year's contestants, Aimee says that she told them that winning or losing is not important as long as they just be themselves and keep an open heart. This way they can be natural. Also, not to drink before bed to avoid looking puffy in the morning.

Koni says that there were a lot of people who called to her as 'The Puzzle Girl' after her character in her show, making her very happy. Many of the contestants indicated that this was their first time at the dragon boat races and only Number 11 Kendra Wong Chung Yin indicated that she once paddled in a dragon boat when she was studying in America, but she was very slow because she was not very rhythmic and afterwards, her arms were aching very badly.

Two Miss Hong Kong contestants get injured on Great Wall

As the saying goes, you are not a True Chinese until you have been to the Great Wall and this year's Miss Hong Kong contestants made their visit to the wall as part of their location filming in Beijing. However, the girls seemed a little over-enthusiastic during the filming of the run and Number 1 Joey Mak Ho Yee and Number 9 Grace Wong Kwan Hing were both injured. Joey was taken away to the hospital by ambulance to have her wounds dressed, whilst Grace suffered from cramping.

On their final day of filming in Beijing, the girls went for a run from the gate up to the next watch tower in a race to get their number and run down again. The winner of the race would be awarded with a special 20 second promotional slot at the forthcoming Miss Hong Kong Olympics Promotional show. Because of this, the girls worked especially hard, leading to the injuries.

Joey was originally ahead of the others, but after going up a few flights of steps, the force was too great and on the slope, she fell over, injuring her elbow, hands, knees and hips. However, even after falling, she was still smiling as she stood up quickly. The crew immediately helped her to disinfect her wounds and then called an ambulance to take her to hospital. When Joey fell, most of the girls stepped up to help, but her regular best friend Number 2 Lily Ho Ngo Yee was too busy sticking to Number 14 Candice Chiu Ka Dik and whilst Joey was receiving treatment, the two other girls seemed to be celebrating with a drink of water like champagne.

Afterwards, Joey indicated that she was very happy about her first visit to the Great Wall, so she does not mind about injury. She says she will be more careful in the future and not go rushing around. Asked if she has a strong urge to win, she explains that she likes to do stair running. As for Lily, who had earlier injured her ankle, she took things very easily with Candice as they gently strolled up and back down again along with Number 15 Joyce Ko Ho Ting who also took her time. Lily said that she was fine when she was running up, but then she found it hard on the way down, so he had to take it a step at a time holding the handrails because the steps were very high. When asked why Candice and Joyce joined her at the back, she explained that Candice had earlier injured her hip and Joyce was a little swollen, so she took it easy. She feels that the taking part is what is important and she is happy to have visited the Great Wall.

EO2 and Shirley Yeung also joined the girls to support them on their race and EO2 were asked about their rather lewd remarks made earlier about 'training the girls'. They explained that they were using a Cantonese expression and this led to a misunderstanding.

Mama Mak Cries as Daughter Joey Mak Returns Injured from Beijing

The 16 Miss Hong Kong contestants returned to Hong Kong yesterday after a nine day tour of Tianjin and Beijing for their location filming. Many of their friends and relatives were at the airport to meet them, including the parents of Number 1 Joey Mak, who was injured during a run on the Great Wall. Talking of her injury, she says it is still a little painful and she has a bruise on her hip that hurts when she moves, but fortunately the doctor has said she is not seriously injured. Mama Mak was very worried about her daughter's condition and could not hold back the tears. Joey comforted her mother, but then ended up crying herself in a very touching scene.

Number 2 Lily Ho has become entangled in rumours recently that her friendship with Joe Nieh (Ngai Chun) has broken up the 18 year relationship he has had with Vivien Chow. It has been revealed that she knows Joe from an ATV collaboration. In response to questions about this, Lily says she has just returned and does not know what is going on, but she does not know Joe very well and she only met him once or twice at a couple of functions and has never been in touch with him privately. When the reporters suggested that these rumours are arising because she is a favourite in the contest, she says that this has been written by the magazines and she feels she has the same chances as any of the other girls. Asked if she is afraid this will affect her image, she says that even if she is afraid, then there is nothing she can do, so she will just work hard to be herself. Her father and sister were there to meet her yesterday and in response to the reports, Mr Ho indicates that the media has different needs and he believes his daughter will learn how to face them.


Miss Hong Kong Swimwear Shoot

The sixteen contestants for the 2007 Miss Hong Kong Pageant were filming at a Beijing hot spring part for their swimwear parade with special guest Chin Ka Lok yesterday. There was nothing outstanding about the girls figures and although most of them were quite well balanced, there were plenty of flaws. Among them, hot favourite Lily Ho may have good looks, but her wide shoulders, full bottom and thick hands showed up in her bikini. Although Cheng Wai Ching's buttocks are quite full, her bust is as flat as a mirror and she is very skinny, showing protruding ribs and collarbones. As for Wong Kwan Hing, her belly looks like she is three months pregnant. Chow Mei Yan seemingly has the best fiure, but her bust is a little lacking, unlike the girl with the fullest bust Lee Kit Ying, who is a 34C or D.

Maybe they are just not used to revealing their shoulders in public, but during filming, they were all covering themselves with towels and grasping hard onto them, afraid of them falling. Lily was also the only one to have a little skirt beneath her bikini bottoms, maybe to help hide her thighs. She says: "Maybe the designer felt this would suit me better. (You are grasping onto a towel, are you very nervous?) No, just that I do not wear a bikini much usually and it is quite unnatural walking down the pebbled path, but I felt my performance was ok. (Which part of your body needs improvement?) I feel my teeth are not white enough and I have some baby fat, but other than that I am quite balanced. (Are you worried about your focus being stolen?) I admire myself and admire others, sometimes you have to look at the whole figure and big is not best. (Have you asked for advice on enhancing your breasts?) I do not wish for enhanced breasts and the heavens are very fair, so no-one is perfect and so I still have to accept my shortcomings. (You do not think you are perfect enough?) No, I don't mean that, I hope that people will not dwell on my imperfections."

Lee Kit Ying puts her ample bust and toned muscles down to a regular regime of Taichi and Taekwondo. As for winning the limelight yesterday, does she feel that the others are giving her funny looks? She says: "No, they all usually compliment each other and there is no avoidance. (Will your confidence rise after today?) No, everyone has their own beauty and I do not stand out." As for Wong Kwan Hing, she puts her belly down to muscle, saying that she does a lot of sport. Is she worried about being overshadowed? She says that everyone has their own type of beauty and have balanced figures, so she has been doing sport with them all. Chow Mei Yan says her figure comes from her parents, so she will not be envious of Lee Kit Ying.

Chin Ka Lok will also be teaching the girls Taekwondo and Wushu. Meeting the girls for the first time yesterday, he feels that the standards are very good, with Wong Yin Yan looking like Joyce Chen and Wong Chung Yin looking like Linda Chung. They are all very easy on the eye. So what about figures? He says that they are all very balanced and big is not always best.

Miss Hong Kong Contestants Show off Martial Arts

The 16 Miss Hong Kong contestants were at the Beijing Physical Education University yesterday and after showing off her figure at the swimwear shoot yesterday, Number 2 Lily Ho Ngo Yee was the focus of the press after the official figures released by TVB were revealed for her as 5ft 5 ins tall, weight 119 lbs and measurements 33-24-35. Talking of the criticisms against her, she seemed a little teary and said: "I Will not intentionally lose weight, my health is more important and will eat more vegetables and less snacks. I do Latin dance regularly. (Are you worried about losing out on this?) No, it is about the whole picture." However, many netizens have been supportive of Lily, saying: "It is not a crime to have big hips, it proves she will be a good child-bearer."

After practising some Taekwondo, Number 9 Grace Wong Kwan Hing worked the hardest and guests Sammy Leung, Siu Yee and Chin Ka Lok all praised her. Ka Lok who was also a tutor indicated that he had the strongest impression of her and felt that she was very suited to a career in showbiz. Sammy laughed that many of the girls communicated in English and he felt like he had joined an 'English tour'. He says: "I can't even chat with them! Grace is very crazy and we have thought about changing her name from 'gracy' to 'crazy'."

As for the compliments, Grace says: "Everyone was working very hard and were very tired,so I wanted to raise everyone's spirits and when you are happy, you will smile more. I am interested in entering showbiz, but I am putting my heart into Miss Hong Kong and I would like to be the Goodwill Ambassador and Tourism Ambassador."

Miss Hong Kong Contestants Sticking to the Stars

The 16 Miss Hong Kong contestants continued their Beijing location shot yesterday and with the drop in focus on the early favourite Number 2 Lily Ho Ngo Yee, the other girls took their opportunity to push into the limelight. The girls were joined by Eric Suen at their pool event yesterday wearing one-piece swimsuits, but Lily and also Number 5 Destiny Cheng Ying Ying accidentally revealed themselves. Eric boasted beforehand that his swimming was very good and had shaved his chest hairs in preparation, even putting up the V symbol during the photoshoot and saying he would give the girls a head start, but when the time came to race, he bombed rather than dived into the water and swam very slowly. Seeing how far ahead she was, Number 9 Candice Chiu Ka Dik slowed down towards the end and allowed him the dignity of 'winning' the race.

Asked if she had let Eric win, Candice shook her head and said: "I starte cramping during my swim, maybe because I have not swam for a long time. I was looking around for someone to help me." However Eric revealed that Candice had let him win: "My old injury resurfaced and after swimming, Candice had said she waited for me. She also said she would buy my album." Maybe Candice is taking advice from her mother and sticking to the stars to get noticed.

Also, the contestants joined Fala Chen for a ribbon dance and 'Fala lookalike' Number 6 Anita Wong Wai Lam finally met the real Fala in person. As for the suggestions of their resemblance, Fala says: "The face is not the same, but our figures are alike." Anita was ready with the compliments for Fala, saying: "She is very beautiful and elegant, but we only look alike from certain angles."

Pageant Beauties will have more awards for Miss Hong Kong this year. Besides PB's Miss Hong Kong 2007, there will also be Viewers' Choice, Miss Photogenic, Best In Reality Show, and Best In Offical Portrait. The Best In Evening Gown, Best In Swimsuit, and Best In Interview awards will be given out after the pageant is held.
Miss Hong Kong 2007 Contestants First Official Press Conference

The sixteen contestants for the 2007 Miss Hong Kong Pageant met the media officially for the first time yesterday and tomorrow they will be heading out for Tianjin and Beijing to film on location. Miss Hong Kong executive Mr Ho Lai Chuen indicated that the guests for this trip will be Eric Suen, Fala Chen, Shirley Yeung, Chin Ka Lok, Sammy Leung, Siu Yee and EO2 and will feature the most guests ever to tie in with the different Olympic Games events. As for whether Fala will steal the limelight from the contestants, Mr Ho replied: "No, let them compete for the limelight!" After the location shoot, they will be heading to Panyu and Xiaoqing to compete for the Tourism Ambassador award.

The girls introduced themselves on the stage and they split into their smaller groups for photographs before the final group photo. The youngest contestant is Number 2 Ho Ngo Yee (Lily), who is 18 years old. The eldest is 16 Cheng Wai Ching from Las Vegas, who is 25 years old. Most of the girls have further or higher education standards. There were reports earlier that Lily's elder sister was involved in a an affair at the racetrack with a trainer, leading to his wife developing mental health problems, Lily was asked about this by reporters, but she was very frightened and said: "Let me ask the minder first." When the minder arrived, she answered the questions from the press and said denied the allegations, but said she has not seen the reports. Asked if she knows any people from the world of horse racing, she says she is only just 18, so she has never been to the racecourse and although her father likes the sport, she does not go with him and has never met any horse trainers. She also indicated she was very nervous meeting the press for the first time. Lily is currently studying law at the Hong Kong Institute of Further Education.
Number 10 Wong Yin Yan was earlier spotted sharing an umbrella with a man who had his arm around her waist as he accompanied her home. Asked if this was her boyfriend, she was frightened as she said: "No, he is just my colleague and my supervisor, but I do admit he is trying to court me." As for the implied overnight stay, she denies this saying: "I only remained downstairs in his home for a short while, I don't understand why they did not see me leave. I have never stayed overnight away from home." She says she has already explained herself to the organisers and fortunately they are very supportive. Currently studying at Canada's 'Miss Hong Kong University' UBC is 9 Chow Mei Yan and she has been dubbed as 'Flora Chan lookalike', making her very happy. As for "Ting Ting lookalike' Wong Kwan Hing, she feels that Ting Ting is very pretty and everyone has their own opinions. As for 16 Cheng Wai Ching, she does not feel she is very old. Does she feel this will affect her chances? She says she will go with the flow. Possibly due to wearing too much make up, Wai Ching's appearance does not seem to have improved after re-styling,but there were some successful outcomes. Among these were 6 Wong Wai Lam, who looked even more like Fala Chen in both figure and appearance after the makeover and also 12 Lee Kit Ying, who went from a 'housewife' look to a modern beauty.


[The Sun 05/06/07]

Chiu Ka Dik's Identity Revealed Overshadowing Hot Favourite Lily Ho

The 16 finalists for this year's Miss Hong Kong contest took part in a blessing ceremony for their location filming together with the guest performers yesterday and after revelations about her background, Number 14 Chiu Ka Dik has become the media focus, overshadowing early favourite Number 2 Lily Ho.

In response to reports that she is the daughter of former TVB artiste Leung Siu Ling, Ka Dik indicated that her mother did not mind: "My mother is very supportive of me and told me to do better. My mother is overseas now, but I can't say where but she will be coming back to Hong Kong to support me later. (There are rumours you have the support of an executive?) If that was the case I wouldn't need to enter the pageant, I would just go straight into the industry! I did not reveal my background because I did not want people to know. (How do you resemble your mother?) Everything, I am her daughter!"

Producer Chin Kwok wai reveals that among the location shoots, running down the Great Wall will be hardest work, but Ka Dik has an injury to her back, so she may avoid this. She says: "I slipped when I was taking part in a charity event earlier and there is a small crack in the bottom of my spine, so I have to see whether I can run up the Great Wall."

Favourite Lily Ho was asked whether she is worried abotu Ka Dik stealing the limelight, She says that everyone is treated the same. Aside from this, she reveals this is her first trip to Beijing: "My mother is very worried and this morning my dad escorted me here and gave me some medicines. My mother did not see me off, but I did want her to because 9 days is not a long time, but it is also not a short time."

[Ta Kung Pao 06/06/07]

Miss Hong Kong 2007 Filming in Tianjin

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants have reached Tianjin for their location filming yesterday. The girls first visited the Liberation Bridge in the morning, where they released some balloons on which they had written their Olympic wishes. However, as the temperature there is around 37 degrees, the girls quickly rushed into the shade and hid under umbrellas upon their arrival to avoid being tanned.

Maybe due to the weather being too hot and the schedule being too packed, contestants 1 to 4 also had to shoot their profile pictures at a restaurant, so they were very tired when they returned to the hotel. When Number 2 Lily Ho was asked if she found it hard getting up so early in the morning, she syas that everyone had to meet up at 6:15 am, but maybe because it is just the first day, so she is not too tired. Howoever, she wanted an early night. Lily says this is her first trip to Tianjin and it felt good, but she never imagined it would be so hot. She also says that Rosa Chan is treating everyone well,giving them all a bottle of birds nest.

Number 14 Chiu Ka Dik's mother is from Tianjin, so her grandmother knows how to make a lot of Tianjin foods such as Zajiang noodles and Dalu noodles. As for her mother revealed as being veteran film star Leung Siu Ling, she says it was her friend who told her about this. Is her mother unhappy about this? She says she has not been in touch with her mother yet.

Comments: Pageant Beauties's favorites so far are number 2, 7, and 9. Contestant number 9, Grace Wong is the current Miss Chinese Chamber Of Commerce 2007 (1st runner up at Miss Chinatown USA 2007). Grace is from New York. This is the second year that a delegate from New York makes the top 16. Last year, Wendy Lee, a top 5 finalist at the Miss NY Chinese 2004 pageant made the top 10 at Miss Hong Kong 2006. Unlike Wendy, Grace is not one of the 4 overseas delegate. If Grace wins the pageant, she will represent HK at MCI 2008, meaning that she will again compete with fellow Chinatown USA delegate, Betty Hsu who won the Miss Chinatown USA 2007 pageant and will represent San Francisco at MCI 2008. Contestant number 7, Chow Mei Yan is the winner of Fairchild TV's New Talent singing contestant held in Vancouver. Could her previous experience on stage help her in Miss Hong Kong? She might easily become the first New Talent singer to become Miss Hong Kong. This year is also the first year where a Las Vegas delegate was chosen in the overseas group (#16 Cheng Wai Ching). Three delegates (#3, #7, and #8) hailing all from Vancouver are UBC students. In 1997-2006, four winners have hailed from UBC. Could there be a 5th winner?
Miss Hong Kong 2007 Overseas contestants revealed:
The 12 finalists for this year's Miss Hong Kong Pageant joined the 4 overseas contestants from the US and Canada to meet the stylists and make-up artists at TVB City yesterday. The overseas contestants are Leung Wing Sze, Cheng Wai Ching, Kayi Cheung and Wong Chung Yin. Although in the past, the girls from abroad have always been favourites to win, the four this year have not proved outstanding as yet, with Kayi and Wing Sze looking decidedly frumpy. Kayi is reported to have received the 'Vivacious Beauty Award' at the 2005 Miss Chinese Vancouver pageant.

At yesterday's event, the girls were all dressed smartly and most brandished designer handbags, with hot favourite Ho Ngo Yee being the most eyecatching in her maroon dress. The girls were all happy to answer when asked for their names and one of the girls Chiu Ka Dik wore a flower around her left wrist. Asked if she had just come from being a bridesmaid in a wedding, she smiled that this was just fashion.

Miss Hong Kong Deputy Organisational Manager Rosa Chan indicated that as well as meeting the stylists yesterday to gain their advice, the girls also selected their numbers, tried on their costumes and shoes and completed the basic formal procedures. Talking of 'Gillian Chung Lookalike' being followed around by the press, will they be teaching the girls how to deal with the paparazzi? Ms Chan says that she will tell the girls to be careful and has taught them how to face the press. She says that for the girls to be dating is unavoidable, but they should not act unacceptably in public.

[The Sun 28/05/07]

Miss Hong Kong Contestants Film Clip in the Cold

The 16 contestants for the Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2007 braved a yellow rainfall warning yesterday to continue with their training and filming at TKO TVB City. The girls appeared in their uniform casualwear, but the air conditioning in TVB City was very cold and they had to bring their own coats to wear to avoid catching a chill. Also after their hair and make-up restyling, the girls have improved their appearances significantly.


[The Sun 16/05/07]

Miss Hong Kong Early Favourites Ousted

The 24 contestants for this years Miss Hong Kong contest took part in a special interview show earlier where the final 12 contestants were selected by a special panel of judges. Early favourites including the 'Gillian Chung Lookalike ' were eliminated.

The girls appeared in their own outfits and make up to take part in the event and wee subjected to the scrutiny of judges including Shirley Yeung, Tracy Ip, Joe Ma, William Tang and Lee Shing Chak and took part in events including a talent contest and question and answer in swimwear. Early favourite 'Gillian Chung Lookalike' Wong Ka Sin dressed in a youthful outfit and she seemed to win over the male judges showing her confidence in her beauty and height. However, the former Miss Hong Kong winners who were the female judges felt that she lost out due to her lack of height and 'unfriendly' attitude, which did not tie in with the Miss Hong Kong image. Cheung Wai Yee appeared in a sexy outfit, but the comments emerged that she she overdid the sexiness by doing a belly dance for the judges and with some rather raunchy photographs emerging of her, there were concerns about this affecting the image of the pageant.

Other early favourites including 'Gigi Lai Lookalike' Ho Ngo Yee, 'Ting Ting Lookalike' Wong Kwan Hung and 'Fala Chen Lookalike' Wong Wai Lam all gave excellent performances, impressed the judges and sailed through to the final. Asked for their selection criteria, Tracy indicated that she was looking for beauty and eloquence, Shirley says that she was looking for external and internal beauty, whilst Joe says that he was looking for a unique quality in his girls. After the event, they organised transport for the girls and Wong Ka Sin and Cheung Wai Yee left together. Wong went onto Mongkok to meet up with her 'Mini Mark Lui' boyfriend after dropping Cheung off.

Comments: Pageant Beauties is surprised that Miss Wong Ka Sin (Gillian Chan look alike) was eleminated so earlier. She had potential to place a lot higher. The 4 overseas delegates will also be announced soon.
Miss Hong Kong Contestants Meet the Press

The Miss Hong Kong Pageant has always promoted a community spirit and the 24 contestants selected for the first round of the contest appeared at a Community Chest event yesterday to meet the press for the first time. They joined many local and mainland chefs to cook and attracted many members of the public.

The 24 girls all prepared their own outfits and did their own hair and make-up, so none of them really stood out and most of them appeared to be rather 'frumpy' in appearance. According to the Pageant's executive Rosa Chan, this is an opportunity for the girls to understand the joy of doing charity work because Miss Hong Kong will need to participate in many of these events. They just asked the girls to look smart and presentable. The most outstanding girls among the crowd was 'Gigi Lai Lookalike' Ho Ngo Yee, who wore an eyecatching white dress, which inadvertantly revealed her bra strap and showed a little sex appeal.

The Miss Hong Kong 2007 Pageant finals will take place on 21st July. The twenty four girls selected so far will be taking part in a "Miss Hong Kong Interview Reality Show" today to select the final 12 contestants for the final show.

Commands: Like last year there will be only 16 delegates, 4 from overseas and 12 from local. I was suprised that Miss Kwok Si Lam was shut out of the top 24. I thought she was very beautiful. She definitely had pageant material. Her rumors earlier definitely caused effected her.

("Lookalike Gillian Chung" Wong Ka Sin)

[Ta Kung Pao 13/05/07]

Miss Hong Kong Contestants Prepare for Talent Contest

The 24 selected contestants for the 2007 Miss Hong Kong pageant were in attendance at TVB City yesterday to prepare their talent show acts for the forthcoming interviews reality show that will take place on Monday evening. They were all heavily laden with their musical instruments such as electric organs, er-hu and Chinese zithers to show the crew how much talent they have.

Those present at the second interview such as 'commoner Cathy Tsui', 'Michelle Saram look-alike', 'reported cosmetic surgery' Kwok Sze Lam and 'repeat contestant' Chan Sum Yee were all absent from this show and only 'Gillian Chung Lookalike', 'Gigi Lai Lookalike' and 'Grace'made an appearance. Executive Rosa Chan was asked whether Kwok Sze Lam was rejected because of her surgery, she just said that the judges have their own opinions and she does not know the reason. She says that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the judges had their favourites. The remaining contestants are all confident that they will get into the final 12.

The reality show on Monday will invite 8 male and 8 female judges to select the final 12 contestands. The male judges will include Joe Ma (artiste), Patrick Kong (film producer), William Tang (fashion designer) and Lee Shing Chak (feng shui master). The female judges will include Anne Heung, Shirley Yeung, Tracy Ip, Priscilla Chik and Ellen Wong. The four overseas contestants will arrive in Hong Kong next week and join the 12 finalists to meet the press officially at the beginning of June.


[Ta Kung Pao 16/05/07]

Shirley Yeung Advises Contestants Not to Step Out of Line

The 24 selected contestants for the 2007 Miss Hong Kong pageant attended a further round of auditions at TVB City on Monday to fight for a coveted place in the show's finals. The programme will be aired on 2nd June, so the results are top secret at the moment and the 12 finalists will join the 4 overseas contestants at that time to meet the press.

Before filming started, the 24 girls joined together for a photocall, with their positions dictated by their groups. As they are yet to be 'packaged', they all looked a little plain and innocent, but were not allowed to be interviewed by the press. The show's producer Chin Kwok Wai indicated that the girls have been split into six groups to firstly meet with representatives from the Wai Yin Association and as well as introducing themselves wearing swimwear, they had to answer questions from the panel and then go on to perform their talent performances, including acts such as belly dancing, playing the Chinese zither, knotting and magic. The top six scoring contestants will automatically qualify for the final and the other 18 will go forward to the second round, where they will met with representatives from the fields of education, television, make-up. feng shui, sport and economics to answer more questions.

The Wai Yin representatives included Tracy Ip and Shirley Yeung, who appeared in low cut dresses. Tracy says that she has dressed up especially to be a judge and as her dress was sponsored, she missed out on the more conservative designs because she arrived late at the fitting. Talking of her requirements, she says that the most important thing are comfortable looks and gracious and elegant poise, whereas figure is less important. Shirley says that inner beauty is as important as their appearance and the most important thing is to be confident, natural and charming. As for the contestants being followed around by the press, Shirley advises tham that they have to be more aware of things around them during the contest and as long as they keep within the bounds, then being followed is not a problem.

[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Apple Daily 06/05/07]

Miss Hong Kong Interviews Kick Off to Rumours of Cosmetic Surgery

The 2007 Miss Hong Kong Pageant started its first round of auditions yesterday, which will continue over the next few days. Over a hundred girls attended TVB City at around lunchtime and at its peak, there were 40 people crammed into the minibus. There was a mix of figures and appearances, with the beauty covering the spectrum from very good to very bad.

Among the contestants was production company boss Siu Ding Yat's latest signing Kwok Si Lam and despite the earlier rumours of her having had cosmetic enhancements, she did look outstanding compared to the other girls, wearing her white top, jeans and LV handbag. When the reporters called Siu, he admitted that he did nominate her and he also suggested that she took part. He indicates that Si Lam is 20 years old and although she is only educated to high school standard, she is very pretty, with her figure measurements standing at 33,23,33. He indicates that she has been a model and shot many advertisements. He signed her because he wanted her to be a spokesmodel for a hair removal company, but this has no effect on her entering the pageant. He laughs: "If TVB want her, I can give her to them." Asked if Si Lam has undergone any cosmetic surgery, he says she has not: "If she has, I would say. She has just had a crown fitted to her teeth." However, reporters have managed to find earlier pictures of Si Lam on the internet and there is a significant change to her appearance.

TVB executives for the event Mr Ho Lai Chuen and Ms Rosa Chan spoke about the quality of this year's contestants and Mr Ho commented: "Make your own decisions, our six judges are very pleased." He indicates that the rules this year are a little different from past years and in the interviews over the next few days, they will be selecting twenty or thirty out of the hundreds of girls that they see. These will take part in a 'Miss Hong Kong Interviews Reality Show'. In this programme, the girls will be subjected to a panel interview of eight professional men from the fields of medicine, sport and commerce and eight women from the Wai Yin Association. From these, the final selection of 12 girls will be made for the finals. Together with the 4 girls from the overseas pre-selection, there will be 16 contestants in total. For this additional programme, there will be a question and answer session as well as a swimsuit parade. The final will take place at the Hong Kong Coliseum on 21st July.

Asked if the girls will be disqualified if they are proven to have had surgery to improve their appearance, Mr Ho says: "It is difficult to define what is cosmetic enhancement, unless it is medically proven." Ms Chan adds: "It is hard to define, does wearing braces count?" Mr Ho says that in the contest, there is no rule to say that you cannot take part if you have had enhancements. Has he taken notice of Kwok Si Lam? He says: "I have just seen her in the interviews, I don't know her background and we have not been introduced specifically."

[Ta Kung Pao 10/05/07]

Plenty of Lookalikes at Miss Hong Kong Second Interviews

The 2007 Miss Hong Kong Pageant held its second round of interviews yesterday and about sixty contestants were brought into TVB City by three minibuses, including lookalikes of Gillian Chung, Gigi Lai, Michelle Saram; a commoner version of Cathy Tsui and the Siu Ding Yat nominated Kwok Sze Lam. Maybe because the weather was warm, most of the girls wore low cut strappy dresses, shorts or short skirts, fortunately they had very balanced figures and showed off their good points.

Although the organisers forbade the girls from answering questions from the press, they allowed themselves to be photographed and just a few of them rush away with their heads down. Among them, the most exaggerated was one girl who had her hair mussed up, wore sunglesses and had covered her face with her shawl, not revealing her looks at all, creating murmurs of 'Dance of Passion' from the reporters. It would seem that with so little self esteem, her chances of getting through will be slim. When another girl was asked what her name was, she quickly replied: "Grace!". At this time, the show's executive Rosa Chan was walking past and she scolded: "Did you know you are not allowed to tell them your name?" The girl then seemed rather apologetic. Last year's contestant Chan Sum Yee who was eliminated at the training camp is back again this year to try again.

Rosa indicates that the contestants met with executives including Ho Lai Chuen, Virginia Lok and producer Chin Kwok Wai yesterday and were required to introduce themselves and model their swimwear. Twenty-four girls will be selected to enter the 'Miss Hong Kong Interviews' reality show and subjected to more interviews with professionals before the final 12 will be selected. They will then join the 4 international contestants for the last 16, which will be revealed to the press in early June. They will then head out to Tianjin and Beijing for location filming for nine days to mark the preparations for the 2008 Olympic Games. The four overseas contestants will be arriving in Hong Kong on 20th May.

As for Kwok Sze Lam being invited back for a second interview, Rosa was asked whether her cosmetic surgery will have any effect on her chances. Rosa says that it is difficult to prove whether or not she has had surgery and there are no rules against this, so there should be no impact, but she personally prefers girls who offer a more comfortable impression.


Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui took part in a recruitment event at Olympian City yesterday, where they were arranged to play some games with the audience members. However, when the members of the public were invited onto the stage, there was a fight about who was going up and there was some chaos. In the end, the security staff and host Miguel Choi had to step in and sort things out so that the event could proceed.

Asked about the audience members rushing onto the stage, Aimee says that she was not frightened because there were security staff on hand. She feels that having such a good response from the audience is a good thing and proves that they have their appeal. The new pageant will be taking place soon, so asked how she feels about being succeeded, Aimee says that this will be in July and at the moment, she is not feeling anything. As for whether she will stay in Hong Kong afterwards, she says she is interested in entering showbiz and would like to try filming series. As for concerns that her Cantonese is not very good, Aimee says that there are many Miss Hong Kong contestants whose Cantonese is not very good and the most important thing is that she is willing to learn, so she believes that she will make improvements.

Koni hopes that she can sign for TVB after the end of her Miss HK responsibilities and after being a model for six years, she is looking for a new challenge to learn new things. She says frankly that many of her model friends will be entering the contest this year and have asked her if the prizes are better this year because it is the tenth anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to China. Janet entered last year as an overseas contestant from Toronto and she says that some of her friends who were unsuccessful last year will be entering again this year and she hopes that they will get through this year.

Anne Heung Sings to Promote Miss Hong Kong Pageant

Anne Heung, Marsha Yuen, Priscilla Chik, Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui took part in a Miss Hong Kong 2007 Promotional Event in Causeway Bay earlier, sharing their experiences of entering the pageant. As members of the Wai Yin Society, Anne, Priscilla and Marsha all sang songs at the event and also promoted the 25th Anniversary of the society events, including a large charity primary school singing contest, which will include entries from 50 schools, singing over 80 songs.

Anne perfomed a song 'Need You Every Moment' at the event and this is a song she often performs on stage, so she knew it well. Asked if she will be encouraging her friends to take part, she says that she knows of someone, but some of them are too young and still do not want to take part. Her cousin took part in the contest a few years ago, but she only found out recently, otherwise she could have passed on some tips.

Marsha says her friends are already too old now and have missed their chance to take part. She has just finished her concert and plans to study music in Shanghai so that she can move into the field of musicals. She has been invited to take part in a musical in New York, so she will be heading out soon to discuss this, however if there are any offers to film series, then she has to take these too. Given the choice though, she would much prefer working on the musical.

Miss Hong Kong 2007 local recruitment begins! Applications are available from April 11th to April 30th. Delegates from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Singapore, and more can also join. Just go to your nearest TVB rental store for more details.
Overseas delegates chosen, former Miss Hong Kong winners promote for Miss Hong Kong 2007:

[Ming Pao & Ta Kung Pao 12/04/07]

Past Winners Support Miss Hong Kong 2007 Recruitment

The Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2007 will be taking place at the Hong Kong Coliseum on 21st July and as this year marks the tenth anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China, the slogan for this year's contest has been revealed as 'The Feelings of Ten Years of Return, Witnessed by Your Beauty'. The press conference to launch the event yesterday was held at Wanchai's Golden Bauhinia Square and attended by past winners, including Virginia Yung, Anne Heung, Shirley Yeung, Mandy Cho, Tracy Ip and Aimee Chan. Around twenty other past contestants were also present for the photocall attracted a large crowd of tourists, causing some chaos.

Originally, Sonija Kwok was also due to attend, but she pulled out at the last minute indicating that she was suffering from stomachache, sprouting rumours about her absence. However, TVB executives Mr Ho Lai Chuen and Ms Rosa Chan both supported her. Ms Chan indicated that Sonija had been suffering from stomach problems the night before so she notified them through the artiste department that she would be absent from the event. She says that Sonija had booked time into her schedule to take part and she did not have to do this if she did not want to attend. Mr Ho does not feel that the recent negative press has affected Sonija's Miss Hong Kong image and the showbiz industry is one full of truths and fallacies. Sonija is quite a significant Miss Hong Kong winner as she took the Miss Hong Kong title in 1999 and also won the Miss Chinese International contest in 2000, so they hope that she can attend another event in the future.

Mr Ho indicates that the overseas recruitment is now complete and they have selected four overseas contestants to take part in the finals. As this year is the tenth anniversary of the return of Hong Kong rule to China and also marks the year of preparation for the Beijing Olympics next year, they will be taking the location shoot to Beijing like they did ten years ago, planning to visit the Olympic stadiums in Beijing and Tianjin as well as arranging for the girls to be accompanied by Olympic athletes for the shoot. The initial interviews for the pageant will take place at the beginning of May and past winners will be invited to be on the judging panel.

At the event yesterday, the ladies all appeared in their own outfits and Anne, Tracy and Sharon Luk's outfits were the sexiest, however, 'big sis' Virginia has kept very well and did not lose the limelight. Mandy appears to have put on some weight, especially on her hips. Asked if she is putting on the pounds because she is happy now she is dating, she says: "I have got fitter!"

Virginia comments that the past ten years have passed in the blink of an eye and at first she had thought about whether or not to take part in this event because she was worried about people knowing her age. However, she has accepted that after entering Miss Hong Kong, you cannot hide this and the most important thing is to keep looking good. Originally she was on vacation in Japan and she returned early especially for this event. Her husband was not too happy about her attending the event because he was worried that she could not look after their son, so she had to give him plenty of notice. As for the other winners of her year (Vivian Lee & Charmaine Sheh), she says that she did bump into Charmaine earlier. She also reveals that she is looking for pretty girls to take part in this year's contest and that Kate Tsui was nominated by one of her friends.

Suki Chui indicated that she learned a lot by taking part in the contest last year and it has changed her life. Asked if she will be nominating her sister to take part, she says her sister refused because she is not brave enough. The event was hosted yesterday by Wong Yi Hing, but Suki kept her distance despite having worked together, seemingly trying to avoid further rumours between them. She says: "Of course not, he was not the only one and it has blown over now." She also indicates that they are good friends. Yi Hing slipped up during his introductions, when he forgot Mandy and Virginia's names.

Miss Hong Kong 2007 is here! Overseas recruitment is currently beginning in the US and Canada. Applications will be available tomorrow, February 23th to March 10th. Below is information from the offical website (). The promotion clip was also released today in the US (Seattle, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and more) and Canada (Toronto, Vancouver, and more). The video features Miss Hong Kong 2005, Tracy Ip and Miss Hong Kong 2006, Aimee Chan. Both of them share their experiences in the pageant. For the application, visit: .