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The Miss Universe 2007 pageant has ended nine days ago. Below is a short review and record on the pageant. A longer and detailed review on the finals might be written later. The newly crowned Miss Universe, Riyo Mori will be going back to Japan in 2 days. Japan has waited for 48 years for their second win.
  • Japan is now the nation with the longest gap between wins for one country! The honor was previously helded by Australia.
  • Miss Brazil continues the streak and places in the top 5. Their last placement in the top 5 was in 1981 in New York City.
  • Venezuela finished as second runner up, bringing Venezuela back to the top 5 since 2005. Venezuela hasn't been doing very well in the 2000s as they failed to make the cut for 2 years (2004 and 2006). Ly bought the glory back to Venezuela.
  • Korea's Honey Lee also broke their 19 year curse of non placement. Their last placement was in 1988 where Yunjung Chang placed as 1st runner up (their highest placement so far). It was also the year where they hosted the summer olympics.
  • Miss USA, Rachel Smith finished as 4th runner up like her presuccessor, Tara Conner. However Rachel must have had a bad night. Rachel fell during the evening gown competition and after she made the top 5 (where Miss Mexico did not), the audience starting booing her. Again like in Miss Universe 1993 where Mexico City played hosts did the audience booed at Miss USA. In 1993, Miss USA, Kenya Summer Moore was booed throughtout the pageant (except when she was eliminated from the top 3). At least Rachel did not have to deal with the boos in the swimsuit and evening gown competitions. The reason for the booing was because of the US and Mexico relationships relating to illegal immigrants. The audience also thought that the judges favored Rachel as she fell but still made the top 5 and that Miss Mexico did not. I thought that even if Rachel did not fell she would have still made it. Rachel might have received a 9 or higher if there was no fall. No need for the calculator! The average between Miss USA and Miss Mexico are obivous. Rachel handled it so well and looked calmed despite the fall. She still smiled and walked gracefully. Well deserved score! But many have said that if Rachel did not fall, the crown might have been in her reach.
  • The Mexican audience proved to the world that they are rude and I doubt that the Miss Universe Organization will ever want the pageant helded in the city or on the National Auditorium again.
  • Tanzania debuts in the pageant this year and successfully places in the top 10. Tanzania finished 6th overall. Similar to European nation Latvia which finished 7th overall at Miss Universe 2005. It was also in 2005 did they first participated.
  • Angola's Micaela Reis is the highest placing delegate at Miss Universe for Angola. Micaela finished 7th overall.
  • Nicaragua returned to the semifinals after 30 years. Their last placement was in 1977 where they made the top 15.
  • Slovenia makes the top 15 for the first time.
  • Ukraine, Denmark, and Thailand continue their streak by placing in the semifinals for 2 years in a row.
  • Interesting notes: This year is considered the separation of powers. The delegates from Americas usually dominate the semifinals. Like in 2005 where 8 of the 15 semifinalists were from the Americas. In 2006, 10 out of the 20 semifinalists were also from the Americas. This year only 5 of the top 15 semifinalists were from the Americas. Two from Africa, four from Asia, and four from Europe. Unlike 2005 where only one African nation and one Asian nation made the semifinals. Like a repeat of 2005, no European delegates made the top 10. All of the 4 European representives finished 11-15th place. In the top 5, no African delegate was presented. Both African nations finished 6th or 7th. Though the Americas gained 3 of the top 5 spots this year, the best results came from Asia. Japan won the crown, Korea took 4th, India took 9th, and Thailand took 14th. Miss Photogenic and Miss Congeniality were both taken by Philippines and China. Indeed it was Asian's night.
  • Awards: Once again, Philippines took Miss Photogenic for the 3rd year in a row (7th Miss Photogenic title). Many have said and I agree that the award should be changed to Miss Popularity or Miss Internet. Year by year the Filipino fans take the polls and vote for Miss Philippines no matter if she is photogenic or not. The award is no longer based on if a delegate is photogenic or not but based on their popularity. When will it change? Miss China won the Miss Congeniality award for the first time. She was known for her friendly personality. Well deserved!
  • Favorites who failed to make it: Miss Spain, Greece, South Africa, Serbia, and Estonia. Overall the European delegates this year were the strongest group but none of them made the top 10. Misses Spain and Greece were such beauties. Their preliminary performances were good but could of shined more. This might caused their nonplacement. Puerto Rico was not as strong as her presuccessor, Zuleyka Rivera who was Miss Universe 2006 and broke the streak. Puerto Rico has made the top 5 for the last 3 years and has produced 2 winners in the 2000s. Just a shame that Uma could not continue the streak. Though Uma was not one of the most beautiful delegates in the pageant, she was the tallest delegate in the batch. Her preliminary performance wasn't that bad. Maybe she finished 10th-15th and was later replaced by the Miss Universe Organization and Donald Trump's choices?
  • Six out of the top 15 was chosen by the Miss Universe Organization and Donald Trump. I thought that it was unfair for the delegates that placed 10th to 15th. Many have asked "What criteria did they use to pick the semifinalists?" Based on the top 15, I would say that Misses Czech Republic, Ukraine, Denmark, and Nicaragua were definitely chosen by Trump. The other two might have been Slovenia, India, or Angola. Miss India did not shine much in preliminary swimsuit or evening gown. Her interview must have saved her a lot. She might be one Trump's choice.



Miss Universe 2007 is Miss Riyo Mori from Japan!

Miss Universe 2007 Final Results:

1st Runner-up: BRAZIL, Natalia Guimaraes
2nd Runner-up: VENEZUELA, Ly Jonaitis
3rd Runner-up: KOREA, Honey Lee
4th Runner-up: USA, Rachel Smith

Top 10 Finalists:
6. TANZANIA, Flaviana Matata
7. ANGOLA, Micaela Reis
8. MEXICO, Rosa Maria Ojeda
9. INDIA, Puja Gupta
10. NICARAGUA, Xiomara Blandino

Top 15 Semifinalists:
11. SLOVENIA, Tjasa Kokalj
12. CZECH REPUBLIC, Lucie Hadasova
13. DENMARK, Zaklina Sojic
14. THAILAND, Farung Yuthithum
15. UKRAINE, Lyudmilla Bikmullina

**The BEST NATIONAL COSTUME award was not presented this year**


Review of the finals and records to be posted tomorrow.


First Class: Korea, Japan, USA
Business Class: Venezuela, Thailand, and Mexico
Economy Class: Serbia, Brazil, and Spain
Bordering Now: South Africa, Tanzania, and China
Waiting List: Greece, Slovenia, and Guatemala
Comments: The planefield has changed a little since the 26th. Miss Korea and Miss USA continue to be on the first class and Miss Venezuela has dropped to the business class. The empty seat went to Miss Japan. Miss Thailand also upgraded to a business class after waiting to get on the plane and Miss Greece drops to the waiting list. Miss Serbia finally has a seat (in the economy class) after being on the waiting list. Miss China is also bordering now. This is the final update for the planefield as the finals are being helded tonight.
Best National Costume is:
How can Miss Korea, Honey Lee's national costume be ignored? Her drum and hat make a good prop to the costume. She is a favorite for the Best National Costume title as Global Beauties also chose Honey as the Best National Costume winner. How can she win tonight? Miss Mexico, USA, Venezuela, and Honduras follow.
Best In Swimsuit is:
Miss Venezuela is the winner. Congratulations!
Best In Evening Gown is:
Miss USA, Rachel Smith is the Best In Evening Gown. Congratulations!
PB's Miss Photogenic is:
Again, Miss Venezuela! She is PB's Miss Photogenic. Here is PB's Viewers' Choice winner:
Viewers' Choice for Miss Universe 2007
Who is your favorite to win Miss Universe 2007? [1552 votes total]

Miss Albania Universe, Sadina Alla (32) 2%
Miss Angola Universe, Micaela Reis (7) 0%
Miss Antigua & Barbuda, Stephaine Winter (3) 0%
Miss Argentina Universe, Daniela Stucan (0) 0%
Miss Aruba Universe, Carolina Raven (17) 1%
Miss Australia Universe, Kimberly Busteed (2) 0%
Miss Bahamas Universe, Trinere Lynes (1) 0%
Miss Barbados Universe, Jewel Garner (1) 0%
Miss Belgium Universe, Annelien Coorevits (2) 0%
Miss Belize Universe, Maria Jeffery (1) 0%
Miss Bolivia Universe, Jessica Jordon (9) 1%
Miss Brazil Universe, Natalia Guimaraes (41) 3%
Miss Bulgaria Universe, Gergana Kochanova (0) 0%
Miss Canada Universe, Inga Skaya (8) 1%
Miss China Universe, Ning Ning Zhang (7) 0%
Miss Colombia Universe, Eileen Roca Torralvo (11) 1%
Miss Costa Rica Universe, Veronica Gonzalez (4) 0%
Miss Croatia Universe, Jelena Maros (2) 0%
Miss Curacao Universe, Naemi Monte (15) 1%
Miss Cyprus Universe, Polyvia Achilleos (0) 0%
Miss Czech Republic Universe, Lucie Hadasova (1) 0%
Miss Denmark Universe, Zaklina Sojic (5) 0%
Miss Dominican Republic Universe, Massiel Taveras (27) 2%
Miss Ecuador Universe, Lugina Cabezas (1) 0%
Miss Egypt Universe, Ehsan Hatem (7) 0%
Miss EL Salvador Universe, Lissette Rodriguez (1) 0%
Miss Estonia Universe, Viktoria Azovskaja (2) 0%
Miss Finland Universe, Noora Hautakangas (4) 0%
Miss France Universe, Rachel Legrain-Trapani (3) 0%
Miss Germany Universe, Angelina Glass (4) 0%
Miss Georgia Universe, Ana Giorgelashvili (0) 0%
Miss Greece Universe, Doukissa Nomikou (50) 3%
Miss Guatemala Universe, Alida Boer (1) 0%
Miss Guyana Universe, Meleesa Payne (1) 0%
Miss Honduras Universe, Wendy Salgado (3) 0%
Miss Hungary Universe, Ildiko Bona (0) 0%
Miss India Universe, Puja Gupta (13) 1%
Miss Indonesia Universe, Agni Pratistha (38) 2%
Miss Israel Universe, Sharon Kenet (0) 0%
Miss Italy Universe, Valentina Massi (4) 0%
Miss Jamaica Universe, Zahra Redwood (9) 1%
Miss Japan Universe, Riyo Mori (9) 1%
Miss Kazakhstan Universe, Gauhar Rakhmetalieva (0) 0%
Miss Korea Universe, Honey Lee (62) 4%
Miss Lebanon Universe, Nadine Njeim (13) 1%
Miss Malaysia Universe, Adelaine Chin (6) 0%
Miss Mauritus Universe, Sandra Faro (1) 0%
Miss Mexico Universe, Rosa Maria Ojeda (32) 2%
Miss Montenegro Universe, Snezana Buskovic (1) 0%
Miss New Zealand Universe, Laural Barrett (2) 0%
Miss Nicaragua Universe, Xiomara Blandino (15) 1%
Miss Nigeria Universe, Ebinabo Potts-Johnson (0) 0%
Miss Norway Universe, Kirby Ann Basken (4) 0%
Miss Panama Universe, Sorangel Matos (5) 0%
Miss Paraguay Universe, Maria Jose Maldonado (2) 0%
Miss Peru Universe, Jimena Elias (21) 1%
Miss Philippines Universe, Anna Theresa Licaros (463) 30%
Miss Poland Universe, Dorota Gawron (6) 0%
Miss Puerto Rico Universe, Uma Blasini (118) 8%
Miss Russia Universe, Tatiana Kotova (11) 1%
Miss Serbia Universe, Teodora Marcic (3) 0%
Miss Singapore Universe, Jessica Tan (2) 0%
Miss Slovak Republic Universe, Lucia Senasiova (2) 0%
Miss Slovenia Universe, Tjasa Kokalj (1) 0%
Miss South Africa Universe, Megan Coleman (12) 1%
Miss Spain Universe, Natalia Zabala Arroyo (12) 1%
Miss St. Lucia Universe, Yoanna Henry (3) 0%
Miss Switzerland Universe, Christa Rigozzi (2) 0%
Miss Tanzania Universe, Flaviana Matata (20) 1%
Miss Thailand Universe, Farong Yuttitham (41) 3%
Miss Turks & Caicos Universe, Saneita Been (2) 0%
Miss Ukraine Universe, Lyudmila Bikmullina (5) 0%
Miss Uruguay Universe, Giannina Silva (1) 0%
Miss USA Universe, Rachel Smith (251) 16%
Miss US Virgin Islands Universe, Renata Christian (1) 0%
Miss Venezuela Universe, Ly Jonaitis (82) 5%
Miss Zambia Universe, Rosemary Chileshe (4) 0%
Voted by the viewers, Miss Philippines is the winner of the Viewers' Choice award. Next is the Best Preliminary Performance winner:
Miss Korea is the Best Preliminary Performance winner. She has the highest score in both competitions! She is also PB's Miss Universe 2007.
Here are Pageant Beauties's final predictions:
Winner: Miss Korea
1st runner up: Miss USA
2nd runner up: Miss Venezuela
3rd runner up: Miss Japan
4th runner up: Mexico
Top 10 (from 6th to 10th place): Misses Spain, Greece, Tanzania, Thailand, and Brazil
Top 15 (from 11th to 15th place): Slovenia, Estonia, South Africa, Angola, and Serbia
Alternates: Guatemala, Paraguay, China, Puerto Rico, and Philippines
Pageant Beauties wishes each delegate the best of luck. May the best delegate win!
Yesterday, you saw the planefield system for each region. Now, all the 77 delegates will combine to make the planefield. How will each delegate fair? Let's see:
First Class: Korea, Venezuela, and USA
Business Class: Japan, Mexico, and Greece
Economy Class: Spain, Tanzania, and Brazil
Bordering Now: Slovenia, Thailand, and Philippines
Waiting List: South Africa, Paraguay, and Serbia
Comments: Did your favorites make the any of the classes? There will be one more update tomorrow. Will Korea, Venezuela and USA keep their first class seats or fall? Find out tomorrow!
What is the planefield system?:
Similar to the Starting Grid system of Global Beauties, Pageant Beauties launches the planefield system. Inspired from an airplane, the delegates will be categorized into five groups or classes. They include: first class, business class, economy class, bordering now, and waiting list. All of the delegates in any international pageant travel to the venue to compete. In the planefield system, delegates are like traveling to the venue and as the planefield is small, some will have to move out of a class or even out of the plane. The system displays how the delegates are in rank throughout the competition.
Meet the delegates from Asia:
First Class: Korea, Japan, and Philippines
Business Class: Thailand, China, and India
Economy Class: Australia, Kazakhstan, and Indonesia
Bordering Now: New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia
Waiting List: None
At Home: Sri Lanka
Comments: In this group, the clear favorites are Miss Korea, Honey Lee and Miss Japan, Riyo Mori. Both are beautiful in their own ways. They should have no problem making the cut. Miss Philippines is also a strong and favorite delegate to make it. She could break the 7 year curse. Thailand, China, and India follow. China and India are also big possibilities to make it. China is also a favorite for the Miss Congeniality award. Sri Lanka did not get to compete for the title though the delegate was elected.
Meet the delegates from Northern Europe:
First Class: Estonia, Norway, and Switzerland
Business Class: Denmark, Poland, Ukraine, and France
Economy Class: Russia, Finland, and Czech Republic
Bordering Now: Belgium and Germany
Waiting List: None
At Home: Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Sweden, and United Kingdom
Comments: Miss Estonia is one of the tallest delegates this year. She is a stunning beauty. She could return Estonia to the semifinals after 2000. Miss Norway and Switzerland are also stunners to make the cut. Five nations withdrawed from this group this year.  
Meet the delegates from Southern Europe:
First Class: Greece, Spain, and Slovenia
Business Class: Serbia and Italy
Economy Class: Albania and Montenegro
Bordering Now: Lebanon, Slovak Republic, and Hungary
Waiting List: Bulgaria, Croatia, and Georgia
At Home: Turkey
Comments: Misses Greece, Spain, and Slovenia stand out the most. Spain and Greece has a big chance of placing in the top 15 this year. Miss Slovenia can easily become her country's first semifinalist.
Meet the delegates from Africa:
First Class: Tanzania, Angola, and South Africa
Business Class: Nigeria
Economy Class: Egypt and Zambia
Bordering Now: Mauritius
Waiting List:
At Home: Ethiopia, Ghana, and Namibia
Comments: In this short Africa group, Tanzania and Angola are the big favorites. Tanzania should easily make the cut and become the first semifinalist from her country. South Africa is also a big alternate. Despite Ethiopia being a semifinalist last year, they withdrawed this year.
Meet the delegates from North and Central America:
First Class: USA, Mexico, Canada
Business Class: Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Panama
Economy Class: Honduras and Costa Rica
Bordering Now: None
Waiting List: Belize and El Salvador
At Home: None
Comments: Miss USA, Rachel Smith and Miss Mexico, Rosa Maria Ojeda are the clear powerhouses of this group. Rachel has the height, figure, and style. Rosa has poise and confidence as the Mexicans root for her in the audience. The host delegate usually makes it and the Miss Universe Organization wouldn't want the booing to happen 14 years later. Though Miss Canada was not my favorite to win the Miss Universe Canada title she has potential to make the top 15.
Meet the delegates from South America:
First Class: Venezuela, Brazil, and Paraguay
Business Class: Colombia, Argentina, and Ecuador
Economy Class: Peru and Bolivia
Bordering Now: Guyana
Waiting List: Uruguay
Comments: South America is a strong group this year. Venezuela's Ly Jonaitis is the big favorite to win by many webmasters and betmakers. She can easily become the 5th Miss Venezuela to win Miss Universe. Brazil is the winner of this year's Top Model Of The World contest and could easily make the cut. Paraguay is also a favorite to make the semifinals like how her presuccessor did last year.
Meet the delegates from The Caribbean:
First Class: Jamaica and Dominican Republic
Business Class: Curacao and Puerto Rico
Economy Class: Barbados and Bahamas
Bordering Now: St. Lucia, US Virgin Islands, and Aruba
Waiting List: Antigua and Barbuda and Turks and Caicos
At Home: Cayman Islands, Northern Marianas, St. Martin, St. Vincent and The Grenadines, and Trinidad and Tobago
Comments: This group is one of the weakest groups this year. Miss Jamaica is the only favorite to make it. However, Miss Puerto Rico, Uma Blasini could make it due to her stage presence and height.
The planefield will be updated tomorrow. However this time, the seven groups will join together to form the planefield. Stay tuned!

Snezana Buskovic, Miss Montenegro 2007, Laural Barrett, Miss New Zealand 2007, Xiomara Blandino, Miss Nicaragua 2007, Sorangel Matos, Miss Panama 2007, Kirby Ann Basken, Miss Norway 2007, and Ebinabo Potts-Johnson, Miss Nigeria 2007 pose in their Tadashi dresses during the presentation show yesterday. They will compete for the 2007 Miss Universe crown on May 28th, 2007 in Mexico City, Mexico.

The presentation show (preliminaries) was held yesterday. The evening gown and swimsuit competitions were helded. Furthermore, the interviews were also helded on the 21st and 22nd, meaning that all the judging is complete. The top 9 average scores of the preliminaries and the 6 delegates chosen by the Miss Universe Organization and Donald Trump wil make up this year's top 15. The online preliminary evening gown and swimsuit videos are up. Go to:  for the swimsuit video (this is Miss Mexico's video). Go to  for the evening gown video (this is Miss Greece's video). The winners of the Best In Evening Gown, Best In Swimsuit, and Best In Preliminary Performance will be announced soon.

TV Presenter Rebecca de Alba was suppose to judge the preliminary competition yesterday. However she declined the offer after she knew that she was only part of the preliminary judges.

Planefield System: This all new grading system similar to Global Beauties's starting grid. It has something to do with the classes of an airplane. Come back tomorrow to see the system.


National Costume Competition (photos courtesy of Miss Universe Organization):

National Costume Show

Farung Yuthithum, Miss Thailand 2007; Flaviana Matata, Miss Tanzania 2007; Christa Rigozzi, Miss Switzerland 2007, and Lyudmyla Bikmullina, Miss Ukraine 2007, wait backstage at the 2007 Miss Universe National Costume Show at the Angel of Independence in Mexico City, Mexico.

National Costume Show

Sadina Alla, Miss Albania 2007; Maria Jeffery, Miss Belize 2007; and Verónica González, Miss Costa Rica 2007, in the dressing room before the 2007 Miss Universe National Costume Show at the Angel of Independence in Mexico City, Mexico.

National Costume Show

Miss Korea 2007 gets ready for the 2007 Miss Universe National Costume Show at the Angel of Independence in Mexico City, Mexico.

National Costume Show

Miss Antigua & Barbuda 2007 takes the stage at the 2007 Miss Universe National Costume Show at the Angel of Independence in Mexico City, Mexico.

National Costume Show

Miss Greece 2007 and Miss Guatemala 2007 await their turn backstage at the 2007 Miss Universe National Costume Show at the Angel of Independence in Mexico City, Mexico.

National Costume Show

Miss Estonia 2007; Miss Ecuador 2007; Miss Egypt 2007; Miss Georgia 2007 and Miss France 2007 get some last minute instructions from Javier Amaya, Assistant Choreographer at the 2007 Miss Universe National Costume Show at the Angel of Independence in Mexico City, Mexico.

National Costume Show

Miss Lebanon 2007 and Miss Kazakhstan 2007 await their turn backstage at the 2007 Miss Universe National Costume Show at the Angel of Independence in Mexico City, Mexico.

National Costume Show

Miss Brazil 2007 gets her costume ready for the the 2007 Miss Universe National Costume Show at the Angel of Independence in Mexico City, Mexico.

National Costume Show

Jessica Tan, Miss Singapore 2007; Farung Yuthithum, Miss Thailand 2007; Javier Amaya, Assistant Choreographer, and Flaviana Matata, Miss Tanzania 2007, watch the monitor backstage at the 2007 Miss Universe National Costume Show at the Angel of Independence in Mexico City, Mexico.

National Costume Show

Miss Guatemala 2007 gets her costume ready for the the 2007 Miss Universe National Costume Show at the Angel of Independence in Mexico City, Mexico.

National Costume Show

Miss USA 2007 and Miss US Virgin Islands 2007 await their turn backstage at the 2007 Miss Universe National Costume Show at the Angel of Independence in Mexico City, Mexico.

The national costume competition was held in Angel de la Independencia yesterday. The 77 delegates paraded in their national costumes representing their native country. The show ended after 45 minutes due to rain. Like how it happened 14 years ago, Miss USA was booed once again. In 1993, Miss USA, Kenya Summer Moore was booed throughtout the whole competition in Miss Universe 1993. She was booed as the Mexicans were angered as Miss Mexico did not make the top 10. Rachel was booed because of the unstable political relations between Mexico and the United States. The most appluaded delegates were Miss Mexico, Rosa Maria Ojeda and Miss Spain, Natalia Zabala. If the Best National Costume recipients are chosen by appluase, Miss Mexico will sure win. The winner of the Best National Costume award will be announced during the final telecast.
Judges and hosts announced:
Dancing With the Stars, Mario Lopez will co-host with Miss Teen USA 1998, Vanessa Minnillo during the finals. Mario has hosted the 2003 Miss Teen USA pageant and Vanessa has hosted the 2004 Miss Teen USA pageant.
Preliminary judges: Rebecca de Alba, Fred Howard, Adel Chabbi, Dimitris Margetas, Justine Pasek, Leigh Rossini, Thuy Tran will pick 9 of this year's semifinalists. The other 6 will be chosen by the Miss Universe Organization and Donald Trump. Last year, Donald Trump got to pick 5 of the top 20 semifinalists.
Telecast judges:
-NBC's "Heroes" James Kyson Lee
-NBC's "Deal or No Deal" briefcase model Lindsay Clubine
-Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (photo)
-Rocker Dave Navarro
-World and Olympic figure skating champion Michelle Kwan
-Celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves
-Fashion designer Marc Bouwer
-"Project Runway" judge and Elle magazine fashion director Nina Garcia
-Former Miss Universe (1993) Dayanara Torres.
They will choose the new Miss Universe after the 2 hour show. On a interesting note, one of the judges, Miss Universe 1993, Dayanara Torres won her crown in Mexico City, also in the National Auditorium (where the finals will be helded). This time she will be a judge and not a contestant.
National Gift Auction - The 77 Miss Universe 2007 contestants raised some US$ 20.000 for charity in the National Gift Auction, which took place yesterday night at Arroyo Restaurant in Mexico City. Each candidate brought from her own country a special gift to be auctioned in yesterday's event. The money was donated to the Mexican Red Cross.
Viewers' Choice for Miss Universe 2007:
The poll has been opened for 12 days and a number of 1183 votes has been made. Thank you very much for voting. So far, Miss Philippines, Anna Theresa Licaros is still leading with about 33%. Miss USA, Rachel Smith was the leader during the first few days but fell behind. She is in 2nd currently. Currently in 3rd place is Miss Puerto Rico. She had 8% in votes. Please continue voting!
Pageant Beauties will also launch a new system to display our favorites for the top 15. Quite similar to Global Beauties' Starting Grid though it is different in many ways. Stay tuned!
Today the delegates will attend the National Gift Auction. Each delegate will auction a gift from their country to raise money for charity. The delegates are also busy practicing their catwalk today. Rehearsal, rehearsals, rehearsals.
Cancelled: The fashion show will be cancelled this year. This is the third year since 2005 that there was no show. The last fashion show was held in 2004 where the 80 delegates paraded in the latest fashion in Quito, Ecuador.
National Costume Competition: After the controversy of Miss Mexico Universe, Rosa Maria Cuen's national costume earlier, the trivia for the competition has not ended. The competition was originally scheduled to be held in outdoors in the Plaza de la Constitucion in el Zocalo. A panel of judges was also excepted to choose the winner. However, two days ago, the location has been changed back to a stage located near Angel de la Independencia. According to Global Beauties, there will be no judges choosing the winner, but the winner will be chosen by applauses. A unique way to choose the winner but could the audience clap for 77 times? Mostly importantly, this way will favor the pageant crazy countries like Philippines or the host nation, Mexico. No offence though.
Miss Photogenic voting now open:
Click here to vote:
Offical Miss Universe 2007 NBC site:
Pageant Beauties evaulated the 77 delegates in their Fadil Berisha portraits. After looking at 77 beautiful faces, Pageant Beauties chose as Best in Fadil Berisha Portrait:
Miss Korea Universe, Honey Lee is the winner! She is the first Miss Universe delegate to win the Best In Fadil Berisha Portrait title since PB did not choose a 2006 portrait winner. Other than Honey, this award has been awarded in the 2006 and 2007 Miss USA pageants. In Miss USA 2006, the eventual winner, Tara Conner won the Miss USA title. 2007's winner, Helen Salas went on to win 4th runner up at Miss USA 2007. Could Honey go on to place in the top 5 of Miss Universe 2007? Could the streak continue? We're see in 12 more days.
Yesterday in the Gran Melia Cancun in Cancun, Mexico, the 77 delegates pose in BSC Swimsuit Thailand to take the annual swimsuit poster. Miss Nigeria also arrive yesterday, just in time for the photoshoot. Had she arrived on the 14th or tomorrow, she would have missed it. Her offical portrait and photos hasn't been taken yet. Her profile should be updated soon. She and the other 76 delegates will travel to Mexico City today and take part in the Welcome Dinner hosted by Miss Universe 1991, Lupita Jones from Mexico. For more on their schedule of events, visit: .
Miss Universe 2007 interview video and photos up:
The interview videos are up on the offical site. Go here for more:  (this is Miss USA, Rachel Smith's video). To click for other nations, go to their profile and click on videos. The presentation show (preliminaries) videos will be posted soon. Also each delegate has taken their offical portraits, evening gown, and swimsuit photos. Go to here for more:  (this is Miss Korea, Honey Lee's swimsuit photo). Here is Miss Venezuela's evening gown photo: . Based on all the photos, there will be a PB's Miss Universe 2007 Miss Photogenic winner. PB's best in swimsuit and evening gown winner will be selected based upon their photos and preliminary performance.
Here are some photos of the delegates in Cancun parading in BSC Swimsuit Thailand:
For photos of the delegates in YMI Jeanswear, visit: .
Photos found on the Backstage of the offical site ():

Xichimilco Canal

Rachel Legrain-Trapani, Miss France 2007; Jewel Garner, Miss Barbados 2007; Saneita Barbara Been, Miss Turks & Caicos 2007; Ningning Zhang, Miss China 2007; Renata Christian, Miss US Virgin Islands 2007, and Lissette Rodriguez, Miss El Salvador 2007, with Mariachi Singer Martin Contrones, at the Xichimilco Canal in Mexico City.

Cañon del Sumidero National Park in Sumidero, Chiapas

Lucie Hadasova, Miss Czech Republic 2007; Ildikó Bóna, Miss Hungary 2007; Angelina Glass, Miss Germany 2007; Natalia Zabala Arroyo, Miss Spain 2006, and Giannina Silva, Miss Uruguay 2007, take a boat ride at Cañon del Sumidero National Park in Sumidero, Chiapas.

Santo Domingo Church in San Cristobal, Chiapas

Adelaine Chin, Miss Malaysia 2007; Jewel Garner, Miss Barbados 2007; Rachel Smith, Miss USA 2006, and Polyvia Achilleos, Miss Cyprus 2007, enter Santo Domingo Church in San Cristobal, Chiapas in San Cristobal's Historic District.

CRIT Children's Hospital in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas

Xiomara Blandino, Miss Nicaragua 2007; Snezana Buskovic, Miss Montenegro 2007; Gergana Kochanova, Miss Bulgaria 2007; Me Leesa Payne, Miss Guyana 2007; Lugina Cabezas, Miss Ecuador 2007; Rosa Maria Ojeda Cuen, Miss Mexico 2007; Wendy Salgado, Miss Honduras 2007; Angelina Glass, Miss Germany 2006, and Teodora Marcic, Miss Serbia 2007, meet some of the patients at CRIT Children's Hospital in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas.


Presentation Event for the State of Chiapas

Giannina Silva, Miss Uruguay 2007; Ly Jonaitis, Miss Venezuela 2007; Renata Christian, Miss US Virgin Islands 2006, and Rachel Smith, Miss USA 2007, wave to the crowd at the Presentation Event for the state of Chiapas at the Polyforum Mesoamericano y Centro de Convenciones Calzada Andres Serra Rojas in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas.
Photos during registration and fittings:

YMI Jeanswear

Polyvia Achilleos, Miss Cyprus 2007; Noora Hautakangas, Miss Finland 2007; Adelaine Chin, Miss Malaysia 2007, and Teodora Marcic, Miss Serbia 2007, chat near the YMI Jeanswear table during registration and fittings for the Miss Universe 2007 competition at the Camino Real Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico on May 1, 2007.

Megan Coleman, Miss South Africa 2007

Costume designer Pete Menefee adjusts the sash of Megan Coleman, Miss South Africa 2007, during registration and fittings for the Miss Universe 2007 competition at the Camino Real Mexico in Mexico City.

Annelien Coorevits, Miss Belgium 2007

Costume Designer Pete Menefee helps Annelien Coorevits, Miss Belgium 2007, choose her Tadashi dress during registration and fittings for the Miss Universe 2007 competition at the Camino Real Mexico in Mexico City.

Rachel Legrain-Tapani, Miss France 2007

Segment Producer DJ Feldman films Rachel Legrain-Tapani, Miss France 2007, during registration and fittings for the Miss Universe 2007 competition at the Camino Real Mexico in Mexico City.

Photo Shoot

Ningning Zhang, Miss China 2007, checks her reflection during a photo shoot during registration and fittings for the Miss Universe 2007 competition at the Camino Real Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico.

Make Up

Lazaro Gonzalez applies makeup to Micaela Reis, Miss Angola 2007, during registration and fittings for the Miss Universe 2007 competition at the Camino Real Mexico in Mexico City.

Make Up

A makeup artist applies makeup to Ly Jonaitis, Miss Venezuela 2007, during registration and fittings for the Miss Universe 2007 competition at the Camino Real Mexico in Mexico City.

Website Interview

Angelina Glass, Miss Germany 2007, conducts her website interview for during registration and fittings for the Miss Universe 2007 competition at the Camino Real Mexico in Mexico City.

Photo Shoot:

Photo Shoot

Rachel Smith, Miss USA 2007; Veronica Gonzalez, Miss Costa Rica 2007; Alida Maria Boer, Miss Guatemala 2007; Sorangel Matos, Miss Panama 2007; Inga Skaya, Miss Canada 2007; Daniela Stucan, Miss Argentina 2007; Zuleyka Rivera, Miss Universe 2006; Eileen Roca, Miss Colombia 2007; Jessica Jordan Burton, Miss Bolivia 2007; Lissette Rodriguez, Miss El Salvador 2007; Rosa Maria Ojeda Cuen, Miss Mexico 2007, and Maria Jeffery, Miss Belize 2007, pose with a Mexicana airplane in Mexico City.

Photo Shoot

Eileen Roca, Miss Colombia 2007; Veronica Gonzalez, Miss Costa Rica 2007; Alida Maria Boer, Miss Guatemala 2007; Sorangel Matos, Miss Panama 2007; Lissette Rodriguez, Miss El Salvador 2007; and Jessica Jordan Burton, Miss Bolivia 2007, listen to Miguel Armando at a photo shoot with Mexicana airplanes in Mexico City.

Visit to the museums:

Dolores Olmedo Patino Museum

Jewel Garner, Miss Barbados 2007; Snezana Buskovic, Miss Montenegro 2007, and Daniela Stucan, Miss Argentina 2007, pose together at the Dolores Olmedo Patino Museum in Mexico City.

Dolores Olmedo Patino Museum

Puja Gupta, Miss India 2007; Kirby Ann Basken, Miss Norway 2007, and Nadine Njeim, Miss Lebanon 2007, pose together at the Dolores Olmedo Patino Museum in Mexico City.

Franz Meyer Museum

Jimena Elias, Miss Peru 2007; Inga Skaya, Miss Canada 2007; Jessica Jordan Burton, Miss Bolivia 2007, and Massiel Taveras, Miss Dominican Republic 2007, tour the Franz Meyer Museum in Mexico City.

Viewers' Choice for Miss Universe 2007:

Currently leading is Miss Philippines, Anna Theresa Licaros who has 124 votes, about 24%. Right behind is Miss USA, Rachel Smith who has 105 votes and is just 4% behind. Currently in third place is Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Venezuela. Please continue voting!

Vanessa Minnillo to host Miss Universe 2007:

Former Miss Teen USA 1998, Vanessa Minnillo will host the Miss Universe 2007 pageant. She also hosted the 2004 Miss Teen USA pageant and was a judge in this year's Miss USA pageant. Her co-host (male host) will likely be Tim Vincent or Tony Potts.

Ticket information:

Tickets now on sale: Tickets for the 2007 Miss Universe pageant are now on sale. Available for the Presentation Show, Dress Rehearsal and Live Telecast.

-Presentation Show (Wed. May 23rd, 7:30 pm): Watch all 77 contestants compete in swimsuits and evening gowns ($75, $45, $30, $20, $10)
-Dress Rehearsal A complete rehearsal of the final telecast, have the opportunity to see how the show is going to be ($30, $20, $13, $8)
-LIVE TELECAST (Mon. May 28th, 8 pm): The grand finale where a new Miss Universe will be crowned ($230, $140, $75, $45, $35)


Contestants visit rehabilitation center in the city of Tuxtla Gutierrez:
Twenty one of the 77 contestants visited a rehabilitation center today. Many left the center in tears as they witnessed how the children suffered from diseases. The contestants played and gave gifts to the children.
Current top 15 list: USA, Venezuela, Greece, Korea, Japan, Tanzania, Russia, Mexico, Estonia, Thailand, Spain, India, Brazil, Ukraine, Paraguay, and Angola.
Bubbling up: Slovenia, Philippines, Finland, Norway, and Argentina.
Miss Sri Lanka withdraws from competition:
Aruni Rajapakse (photo above) was elected in March to represent the Asian nation of Sri Lanka at this year's Miss Universe competition. However she did not arrive in Mexico for the pageant and the offical site has also took off Sri Lanka from the participating nations list. Indeed she will not compete at Miss Universe 2007. This drops the participating nations to 77.

Miss Greece Universe 2007, Doukissa Nomikou, standing at 1.76m and at 20 years old is in Mexico right now representing Greece. She is the last national delegate elected for Miss Universe 2007. Right after Doukissa was crowned in Greece on May 3th, hours later she got on the plane and is in Mexico right now!
Number of semifinalists goes back to 15:
The Miss Universe Organization has confirmed that there will be no top 20 this year but a top 15. It is unknown though whether there will be a top 10 cut or the top 15 competes in both swimsuits and evening gowns.

Miss Nigeria, Ebinabo Potts-Johnson will be the last delegate to arrive in Mexico. She is excepted to arrive on May 14th.
Schedule of events:
The delegates will meet the governer tonight. They will also visit Chiapas today. For more on their schedule, visit: .
View the latest photos of the delegates at:
Pageant Almanac's online game:
Delegates arrive in Mexico:
Misses Ecuador, Panama, and Angola pose for the cameras in the Camino Real Mexico Hotel in Mexico.
Over the past few days, the delegates have been arriving in Mexico and getting their sashs and portraits taken. The first delegate to arrive in Mexico was Miss Korea, Honey Lee. The last delegate who will arrive in Mexico will be Miss Greece as the national competition takes place tomorrow. The delegates' interview videos and close up portraits will be posted soon. Go to:  to view their profiles. Miss Photogenic voting will also be opened for voting soon. This year, Pageant Beauties will select a Best In Evening Gown, Best In Swimsuit, Best In National Costume, Miss Photogenic, Best Preliminary Performance, and the overall Miss Universe 2007 winner. The Viewers' Choice for Miss Universe 2007 poll will also be open soon. Stay tuned!
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Miss Lebanon 2007:
Photo courtesy of the Miss Lebanon Organization.
19-year old Nadine Njeim won the Miss Lebanon 2007 pageant held on April 27th at the Casino Du Liban in north Beirut. The 1.81 m beauty will now represent Lebanon at the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants this year.

The 1st runner-up was Maha Khoury. She is expected to represent Lebanon at the Miss International 2007 pageant in China.

The remaining runner-ups were Sahar Sbeity (2nd), Sasha Dahdouh (3rd) and Greta Habib (4th).

It's also a curious fact that Miss Lebanon 2004-2005 was also named Nadine Njeim.

Miss Universe 2007 will greet 78 delegates:

According to Global Beauties, there will be 78 delegates this year. The number of delegates decreased this year, as the 2006 pageant greeted 86 delegates. Many countries withdrawed this year due to lack of sponsership and also heavy fees. These countries include: Cayman Islands, Chile, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Namibia, Netherlands, Northern Marianas, St. Martin, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Sweden, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, and United Kingdom. Despite 16 countires withdrawing, two more also failed to attend. Miss Lithuania and St. Kitts & Nevis were elected but failed to compete. The countries of Guam, Curacao, and Romania were excepted to compete but there was no national pageant held. However, the nation of Honduras will return since 2002 and Belize, Barbados, and Italy since 2005. The delegates will arrive in Mexico at April 30th. They will visit Cancun, Tuxtla Gutierrez, San Luis Potosi, and Mexico City. The preliminary and final competitions will be helded in the National Auditorium in Mexico City at May 23rd and May 28th respectively.

National Costume Controversy:

In April 2007, controversy erupted over the proposed national costume of Rosa María Ojeda, Miss Mexico. The skirt of the costume depicted scenes from the Cristero War, a Roman Catholic rebellion in the 1920s in which thousands of people were killed, including hangings. The outfit included a bullet-studded belt and crucifix necklace. The design was chosen from over thirty others and had been intended to show Mexico's culture and history, but it elicited controversy amid claims it was in poor taste and innapropriate. Pageant owners said that the costume would be resigned to include images of the Virgin of Guadalupe.


The 56th Miss Universe pageant will be held on May 28th in Mexico this year. 80+ delegates will be competing though a number of nations have withdrawed. Withdrawing nations include: Cayman Islands, Iceland, Namibia, Northern Marianas, Panama, St. Martin, and Trinidad & Tobago. However nations that will or might be coming back are: Barbados, Belize, Curacao, Guam, Honduras, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, and St. Kitts & Nevis. Four new nations will also be competing. They include Serbia, Montenegro, Tanzania, and Lithuania. All information are unconfirmed yet. However if all is true, this year's pageant will have about 91 delegates.
Former Miss Zambia World competes at Miss Universe:
Lusaka, ZAMBIA - Rosemary Mulenga Chileshe, 26, will represent Zambia at the 2007 Miss Universe pageant, in Mexico City. Rosemary is a pageant veteran and has already represented her country at the Miss World pageant, back in 2004.

Rosemary grew up in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia with her family, then traveled overseas due to her parents professional work. She graduated Hallam University with a BSc (Hon’s) in Business Property Management. She considered Surveying as her chosen path as she believes it to be a highflying, sophisticated industry, a career which offers different activities every day.

She is also a model who has graced several pages of fashion magazines and catalogues in Africa.

Miss Sri Lanka Universe 2007:

Reebonn Miss Sri Lanka for Miss Universe 2007

The glamorous pageant to choose this year's Miss Sri Lanka took place at the Hilton last Sunday. Aruni Rajapakse, from Kandy won the hearts of the audience, several mini pageants and walked away with the crown.

The panel of judges for the finals were Rozanne Diasz. Ramani Fernando, Channa Daswatte, GM of Hilton William Costley and Sophia Blake.

The show started off with the girls stepping out in sarees provided by Mix Up, then the swimwear round and finally the evening gown segment designed by Michael Wijesuiya with fabric provided by Fabric Gallery.

Aruni will be off to Mexico later this year to participate in the international pageant.