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Miss USA 2008 Records/Trivia:
  • Texas extends its lead in the "most winners" stakes to nine
  • Crystle's win follows Rachels, just as Kandace's followed Lynettes (TN won 2000, TX won 2001, TN won 2007, TX won 2008)
  • This was the first time that there were no former Miss Teen USA state titleholders or Miss America state titleholders in the top 5/6 since 1994.
  • Seven states placed both this year and last year.
  • This was Mississippi's highest ever placement at Miss USA (I still think that it is crazy that she will go down in the record books as better than Jennifer Adcock!). This was only MS's second placement in 18 years.
  • New Jersey placed for the first time in 11 years, and this was their first time in the top 5 since the top 3 3-peat from 1989-1991. Tiffany's placement equals their second highest placement ever.
  • Oklahoma's placement was their highest since another Lindsey (Hill) placed 3RU in 2004.
  • This was only PA's second placement in 15 years. LauRen and Kimmarie Johnson (1993) are the only PA delegates to make the top 5/6 since Michelle McDonald won in 1971.
  • Missouri placed back-to-back for the first time since Britt Powell followed Shelley Lehman's placement (1994-1995)
  • Massachusetts became one of just over 20 women to place at both Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. This was their first placement since her "big sister" Susie won in 2003, and only their second since Susie's "big sister" Shawnae won in 1998.
  • This is the first time since 2002 that the delegate representing the state of the reigning titleholder has made the semi-finals. This record was achieved by top 10 finalist Hailey Brown of Tennessee.
  • Indiana placed for the first time since 2003.
  • After not placing from 1997-2004, Florida has now made the top 10 or better four of the last five years.
  • Minnesota placed for the first time since 2002 (Lanore Vanburen) and only the second time since 1995
  • Rhode Island continued its dominance in the 2000s with its third consecutive placement (the first time they have done a 3-peat). RI has now placed 5 times in the 8 pageants since 2001. Considering that they did not place at all from 1973-1995 this is quite an accomplishment!
  • Utah placed consecutively for the first time since 1997-1998.
  • South Carolina placed for the third consecutive year and has now placed 8 times in 10 years.
  • California placed for the fourth consecutive year, the first time this has happened since the late 1970s. Unless they win next year their streak of having one Miss USA in each decade will be ended.
  • Ohio won her state's first Miss Congeniality a ward and Alaska's Photogenic award was also her state's first.

Miss Texas USA, Crystle Stewart is Miss USA 2008

The Miss USA 2008 pageant was held last night in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the end, 26 year old Texan beauty Crystle Stewart, also a entrepreneur and owner of a company called Inside Out was crowned as Miss USA 2008. Her victory is remarkable as she one of the big favorites to win the crown, and was also PB's Best In Official Fadil Portrait winner, PB's Miss Mid-West USA, and 2nd runner up prediction. She has also competed 5 times for the Miss Texas USA crown, 2003 (Semifinalist), 2005 (3rd runner up), 2006 and 2007 (1st runner up), and she has surpassed all the winners of the Miss Texas USA pageants at Miss USA! A strange note, in Miss USA 2006, Tara Conner of Kentucky was PB's Best In Official Fadil Portrait winner and was also our prediction for 2nd runner up and she ended up winning the crown! Now 2 years later, the same thing occurred but now for Crystle! She will represent USA at Miss Universe 2008 in Vietnam on July 13, 2008.

A surprise Mississippi, Leah Laviano was 1st runner up. She wasn't even on PB's list of alternates nor darkhorses/surprises. However she went on to make history as Mississippi's highest placed delegate at Miss USA. Congraulations. Second runner up was Miss New Jersey USA, Tiffany Andrade who was our alternate. She is only one of few women of New Jersey to make the top 3 at Miss USA after the 1989-1991 era. Oklahoma finished as 3rd runner up, and she was also the swimsuit and evening gown competition winner. PB thought that she had the crown at that stage but her final question led to her slight lower placement. She was PB's pick for 4th runner up. Rounding out the top 5 was again another PB's alternate, Pennsylvania. Suprisingly all 5 alternates of our list made the top 15! Overall PB predicted 7 of the semifinalists, with 5 alternates all make it. Overall the only three not on our list are Minnesota (placing 15th overall with the lowest swimsuit score), Mississippi (1st runner up), and California (12th overall).

Finishing the top 10 (in order of placement, based ONLY on evening gown since the swimsuit scores are erased) include: Missouri, Indiana, Florida, Tennessee, and Massachusetts. Very shocked that Tennessee and Massachusetts got the lowest scores. They both had good gowns and worked it. How did they get eliminated so fast?? Really disappointed there. What were the judges thinking?? Massachusetts was a little nervous indeed but a simple yet elegant dress was excellent on her. I still don't get why the contestants that are called in first usually get the lowest scores (i.e. Miss Virginia USA last year in swimsuit). That 1st position costed her since she was 10th in swimsuit and barely made the cut but didn't make the top 5. Tennessee's hair and gown flowed and I was sure she would get 8.800. However 8.460 is not good. The scores are insults to them.

The top 15 were completed by (in order of placement, 11th to 15th): South Carolina, California, Utah, Rhode Island, and Minnesota. In the round I truly believed that Jaime (Miss South Carolina USA) should of went on. She worked it out and I don't know how she lost by 0.002 points... Miss Indiana USA is beautiful too but I would of taken out some of the top 10. Very disappointing. As for the group of semifinalists, overall very good. However I was not very happy on how Miss Georgia USA, Amanda Kazak is shut out. She looks very beautiful and prepared and was even 2nd runner up at Miss America 2007. She was not even in!?!?! Virginia's preliminary performance wasn't that good and even though she was a top 10 finalist at Miss Teen USA 2005, she couldn't pull it through this time. I wanted both in though. New York was very strong in swimsuit and was PB's Best In Swimsuit but she was overlooked too. Washington was very good overall and so was Delaware. Too bad the judges had different opinions. Delaware continues to become the only state to have never made the semifinals at Miss USA...

Miss Ohio USA won Miss Congeniality (which surprisingly was not Miss Iowa USA) and Miss Alaska USA is Miss Photogenic. She is indeed photogenic, 2nd in our PB's Best In Official Fadil Portrait and was only 0.001 point behind winner Texas for the award. She is popular too, also our Viewers' Choice poll winner. Congratulations!

Overall the results were deserved. Miss Texas USA was actually 3rd in swimsuit and 2nd in gown but went on to win the crown like how Miss Universe Japan, Riyo Mori did in Miss Universe 2007. The scores this year were higher than last year (which is good) but yet the judges didn't know how to give them out. Such a shame... However hopefully the scores can be seen on Miss Universe 2008 and hopefully on Miss Teen USA 2008 which will be held in the Summer and maybe broadcasted on MTV.

The top 5 finalists (right to left and in order of announcement): Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma, New Jersey, and Mississippi. Note that for the 6th year in a row the second delegate being called into the top 5 won Miss USA!

Miss USA 2008 Final Results:

Winner: Texas
1st runner up: Mississippi
2nd runner up: New Jersey
3rd runner up: Oklahoma
4th runner up: Pennsylvania

Top 10 Finalists (In order of placement, based only on evening gown since swimsuit scores are erased): Missouri, Indiana, Florida, Tennessee, and Massachusetts

Top 15 Semifinalists (In order of placement): South Carolina, California, Utah, Rhode Island, and Minnesota

Miss Congeniality: Ohio
Miss Photogenic: Alaska

Miss USA 2008 Telecast Scores:
15. Minnesota: 7.938
5. Massachusetts: 8.954
1. Oklahoma: 9.474
14. Rhode Island: 7.972
4. Missouri: 8.977
8. New Jersey: 8.531
11. South Carolina: 8.476
6. Tennessee: 8.687
2. Pennsylvania: 9.183
9. Mississippi: 8.522
3. Texas: 9.178
10. Indiana: 8.478
12. California: 8.289
13. Utah: 7.984
7. Florida: 8.567
Evening Gown:
10. Massachusetts: 8.439
6. Missouri: 8.622
4. New Jersey: 8.991
3. Pennsylvania: 9.089
1. Oklahoma: 9.318
5. Mississippi: 8.953
9. Tennessee: 8.460
2. Texas: 9.169
7. Indiana: 8.578
8. Florida: 8.500
Key: Red: Eliminated after swimsuit competition, finished 11to 15th
Green: Eliminated after evening gown competiton, finished 6th to 10th
Orange: Leader of that competition
Miss USA 2008 LIVE Results:
Winner: Texas (I should of pick her... Congratulations!)
1st runner up: Mississippi
2nd runner up: New Jersey
3rd runner up: Oklahoma
4th runner up: Pennsylvania
Top 5: Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma, New Jersey, and Mississippi
*Note the average wasn't taken, only the evening gown scores. This means that Mississippi was 5th and the swimsuit scores were dropped.
Top 10 Finalists: Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Indiana, and Florida
Top 15 Semifinalists: Minnesota, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Missouri, New Jersey, South Carolina, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Texas, Indiana, California, Utah, and Florida
Special Awards:
Miss Photogenic: Alaska (Also PB's Viewers' Choice winner haha!)
Miss Congeniality: Ohio
Miss USA 2008 Telecast Scores:
Minnesota: 7.938
Massachusetts: 8.954
Oklahoma: 9.474
Rhode Island: 7.972
Missouri: 8.977
New Jersey: 8.531
South Carolina: 8.476
Tennessee: 8.687
Pennsylvania: 9.183
Mississippi: 8.522
Texas: 9.178
Indiana: 8.478
California: 8.289
Utah: 7.984
Florida: 8.567
Evening Gown (VERY Shocked):
Massachusetts: 8.439 (The lowest????)
Missouri: 8.622
New Jersey: 8.991
Pennsylvania: 9.089
Oklahoma: 9.318
Mississippi: 8.953
Tennessee: 8.460
Texas: 9.169
Indiana: 8.578
Florida: 8.500
Time has past very quickly. The Miss USA 2008 pageant is coming to an end tonight. PB's Best In Official Fadil Portrait, Best In Evening Gown, Best In Swimsuit, Best In Interview, Best Preliminary Performance has been announced. Here comes PB's last awards for Miss USA 2008.
Miss Alaska USA wins the Viewers' Choice poll
Viewers' Choice for Miss USA 2008
Who is your favorite to win Miss USA 2008? [1865 votes total]

Miss Alabama USA, Keisha Walding (58) 3%
Miss Alaska USA, Courtney Carroll (419) 22%
Miss Arizona USA, Kimberly Joiner (7) 0%
Miss Arkansas USA, Rachel Howells (33) 2%
Miss California USA, Raquel Beezley (23) 1%
Miss Colorado USA, Beckie Hughes (0) 0%
Miss Connecticut USA, Jacqueline Honulik (4) 0%
Miss Delaware USA, Vincenza Carrieri-Russo (34) 2%
Miss District of Columbia USA, Chelsea Rogers (0) 0%
Miss Florida USA, Jessica Rafalowski (63) 3%
Miss Georgia USA, Amanda Kozak (46) 2%
Miss Hawaii USA, Jonelle Layfield (23) 1%
Miss Idaho USA, Tracey Brown (2) 0%
Miss Illinois USA, Shanon Lersch (8) 0%
Miss Indiana USA, Brittany Mason (43) 2%
Miss Iowa USA, Abbey Curran (14) 1%
Miss Kansas USA, Michelle Gillespie (10) 1%
Miss Kentucky USA, Alysha Harris (15) 1%
Miss Louisiana USA, Michelle Berthelot (12) 1%
Miss Maine USA, Kaetlin Parent (10) 1%
Miss Maryland USA, Casandra Tressler (10) 1%
Miss Massachusetts USA, Jacqueline Bruno (109) 6%
Miss Michigan USA, Elisabeth Crawford (8) 0%
Miss Minnesota USA, Kaylee Unverzagt (13) 1%
Miss Mississippi USA, Leah Laviano (10) 1%
Miss Missouri USA, Candice Crawford (18) 1%
Miss Montana USA, Tori Wanty (16) 1%
Miss Nebraska USA, Micaela Johnson (3) 0%
Miss Nevada USA, Veronica Grabowski (24) 1%
Miss New Hampshire USA, Breanne Silvi (3) 0%
Miss New Jersey USA, Tiffany Andrade (24) 1%
Miss New Mexico USA, Raelene Aguilar (19) 1%
Miss New York USA, Danielle Roundtree (9) 0%
Miss North Carolina USA, Andrea Duke (24) 1%
Miss North Dakota USA, Stephanie Tollefson (5) 0%
Miss Ohio USA, Monica Day (13) 1%
Miss Oklahoma USA, Lindsey Jo Harrington (32) 2%
Miss Oregon USA, Mary Horch (0) 0%
Miss Pennsylvania USA, LauRen Merola (11) 1%
Miss Rhode Island USA, Amy Diaz (61) 3%
Miss South Carolina USA, Jamie Hill (48) 3%
Miss South Dakota USA, Charlie Buhler (7) 0%
Miss Tennessee USA, Hailey Brown (27) 1%
Miss Texas USA, Crystle Stewart (365) 20%
Miss Utah USA, Julia Bachison (7) 0%
Miss Vermont USA, Kim Tantlinger (4) 0%
Miss Virginia USA, Tori Hall (15) 1%
Miss Washington USA, Michelle Font (120) 6%
Miss West Virginia USA, Skylene Montgomery (22) 1%
Miss Wisconsin USA, Michelyn Butler (2) 0%
Miss Wyoming USA, Cassie Shore (12) 1%
Twenty five year old Courtney Carroll, Miss Alaska USA is the Viewers' Choice for Miss USA 2008! She won with 419 votes and took up 22% of the whole poll. Can she win tonight?
Meet the regional Miss USAs!
After viewing each of the delegates in their respective regions, four regional Miss USAs are chosen. First up meet PB's Miss North-East USA 2008.....
Miss Massachusetts USA, Jackie Bruno! The Miss Teen USA 2003 3rd runner up is well prepared for the pageant. Although she is only ranked 9th at the preliminaries but she has good interview skills and is well polished. Tall and stunning and very poised. Well deserved in this region! Other delegates to watch out tonight for the pageant in this region is Pennyslvania, Rhode Island, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York. Maine has also improved a lot since Miss Teen USA 2005. Except some surprises here.
Next up is PB's Miss South USA 2008. The winner is.....
Yes it is her Miss South Carolina USA, Jaime Hill. The Amazing Race 10 contestant who was eliminated on episode 2 worked it during the preliminaries. She had the gown and swimsuit catwalk. She is the one to look out in the South. Other strong delegates in this region are definitely the poised Texas and Tennessee. Texas has always send strong delegates and she performed really well in the preliminaries. However PB think that she out performed a little during the swimsuit presentation. However she has potential to take it all tonight. Tennessee's Hailey Brown is very stunning and just stand outs. Except her to do very well too, we might except a consecutive Miss Tennessee USA to win Miss USA! Georgia's 2nd runner up at Miss America 2007 is a good pageant experience. Except her to make at least the top 15. I forget to mention that Texas has also placed first runner up at Miss Texas USA 2006 and 2007. She was also 3rd runner up at Miss Texas USA 2005 and a semifinalist at the 2003 pageant. Can she break all odds and become the 9th Miss Texas USA to win Miss USA and the first black to black woman to win Miss USA? Time will tell.
Miss Universe Mania has also Miss Texas USA as their prediction winner (). Besides these four women, Miss Virginia might be able to pull a surprise. Florida and Kentucky are dark horses... watch out for them.
Next up is PB's Miss Mid-West USA. She is.....
Miss Indiana USA, Brittany Mason is the winner! She has great looks and a good gown. Except her to be the best in the Mid-West. She resembles a lot like Miss Switzerland Universe 2006 (2nd runner up at Miss Universe 2006). Miss Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota are great alternates too.
And lastly is PB's Miss West USA. She is.....
Miss Washington USA, Michelle Font! She has been on and off many people's list. PB picked her as she had a stunning gown and was actually 6th in our preliminary ranking. She has great potential to take it all. Miss Nevada USA comes very close behind and she can become the 5th woman to win in her homestate. Besides them, Utah is also very strong and was also a preliminary swimsuit winner at Miss America 2006. Except her to do well too. Besides them, Idaho was also the winner of the Quality of Life award at Miss America 2006. She may also do well. California, Alabama, Hawaii, and New Mexico follow.
Now all of the regional Miss USAs are announced. Here is PB's pick for Miss USA 2008. She is.....
PB Miss North East USA 2008, Jackie Bruno! The 5'10" beauty from Massachusetts is PB's pick for Miss USA 2008. Can she break all odds and become the 4th consecutive Miss Teen USA delegate to win Miss USA? Can she continue the five year chain of wins for Massachusetts? (1998 was MA's first win thanks to Shawnae Jebbia and the Miss MA Teen USA that year was Susie Castillo. Susie went on to win the Miss USA 2003 title five years later and during that time Jackie was Miss MA Teen USA. Now again five years later, will she be able to continue the chain? Will PB predict the winner correctly like for Miss Rachel Smith in 2007? Watch on NBC at 9:00 p.m. EST LIVE for the results. You may also check our website for the latest results.
Miss USA 2008 Final Predictions:
Miss USA 2008: Massachusetts
1st runner up: South Carolina
2nd runner up: Texas
3rd runner up: Tennessee
4th runner up: Oklahoma
Top 10 Finalists (6th to 10th): Georgia, Indiana, Utah, Washington, and Illinois
Top 15 Semifinalists (11th to 15th): Nevada, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and Iowa
Top 20 Alternates (16th to 20th): Florida, Rhode Island, Missouri, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania
Top 25 Dark horses and Surprises (21st to 25th): New York, Hawaii, Connecticut, Kansas, and North Carolina
Special Awards:
Miss Photogenic: Either Texas, Alaska, Indiana, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, South Carolina, New York, Georgia, Vermont, or Kentucky
Miss Congeniality: A sure bet PB thinks it is Miss Iowa USA!
More news on final performers and judges
The final judges tonight include Heather Mills, Rob Schneider, Kristian Alfonso, Joey Fatone, Christian Siriano, Amanda Beard, Kelly Carlson, Ken Paves, George Wayne, Robert Earl, and Shawne Merriman. Guest performers will be Finger Eleven and they will perform their hit song "Paralyzer."
PB's wishes all the delegates the best of luck! May the best delegate win!
Three more PB's awards announced
After days of going through the delegates' preliminary videos and photos, three important awards are determined. They include PB's Best In Evening Gown (based on the delegate with the highest average score in evening gown preliminary video and gown photo), Best In Swimsuit (Best In Swimsuit (based on the delegate with the highest average score in swimsuit preliminary video and swimsuit photo), and Best Preliminary Performance (based on the delegate with the highest average score in evening gown and swimsuit preliminary videos, close up interview not taken into consideration since it is not the preliminary interview response). The winners are:
PB's Best In Evening Gown for Miss USA 2008 is Miss Oklahoma USA, Lindsey Harrington!
Oklahoma - 9.832, Tennessee - 9.7735, and Georgia - 9.741
PB's Best In Swimsuit for Miss USA 2008 is Miss New York USA, Danielle Roundtree!
New York - 9.6835, Massachusetts - 9.6815, and Tennessee - 9.6205
Miss South Carolina USA, Jaime Hill! She is PB's Best Preliminary Performance for Miss USA 2008!
South Carolina - 9.8935, Tennessee - 9.886, and Texas - 9.865
Miss Alaska USA continues to lead poll
Miss Alaska USA, Courtney Carroll continues to lead the Viewers' Choice poll. She is currently 1st place with 393 votes (22% of the poll). Second place is Miss Texas USA with 355 votes and is only 2% behind. In third is Miss Washington USA with 120 votes and holds 7% of the whole poll. The poll will close tomorrow afternoon at 5:00 p.m. EST (2:00 p.m. Las Vegas time). Who is the viewers' favorite to win? Come back tomorrow to find out.
After days of viewing the delegates' preliminary videos and judging each delegate's evening gown and swimsuit presentation (close up interview not counted since it is not the preliminary interview response), PB's has selected a top 15. Will this 15 be all of the actual 15 semifinalists? Stay tuned to see. This list is not PB's final list of predictions.
Preliminary Winner: South Carolina - 9.8935
2nd to 15th: Tennessee (9.8860), Texas (9.8650), Oklahoma (9.8435), Indiana (9.7970), Washington (9.7405), Illinois (9.7280), Maryland (9.7215), Massachusetts (9.6965), Utah (9.6920), Rhode Island (9.6790), Georgia (9.6595), Florida (9.5370), New York (9.5080), and Pennsylvania (9.4980).
Bubbling Up (16th to 25th): Nevada (9.4910), Missouri (9.4855), New Jersey (9.4695), Hawaii (9.4695), Connecticut (9.4610), Oregon (9.4470), Delaware (9.4370), Kansas (9.4250), Virginia (9.4240), and Nebraska (9.3830)
Stay tuned for our regional Miss USAs and PB's Miss USA 2008!
Miss Massachusetts wins Best In Interview
Miss Massachusetts USA, Jackie Bruno is voted by PB to be the Best In Interview (or the best talker)! Her fast and detailed answers gave her a high score of 9.829 ahead of Miss Georgia USA (9.699) and Miss Arkansas USA (9.698). Congratulations! Will she be able to pull off a same response at the finals? Time will tell.
Miss Alaska USA continues to lead poll
The ranking for the Viewers' Choice award has remained the same. Miss Alaska USA, Courtney Carroll continues to lead. Can she break the 17 year curse? Time will tell.
PB's picks for Miss Photogenic:
PB's top 3 official Fadil Portraits were announced earlier. Miss Texas USA finished first, with Alaska and Indiana following. Can they be the country's pick for Miss Photogenic? Time will tell. Other strong alternates include Kentucky, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Georgia, and New York. All can easily win the Miss Photogenic award. PB's pick?, one of these eight women.
Best In Evening gown and swimsuit photos
Miss Georgia USA, Amanda Kozak received the highest score in the evening gown photo. Can she be able to win the Best In Evening Gown award?
Top 3: Georgia (9.838), Arizona (9.803), and Oklahoma (9.789)
PB think Miss New York USA, Danielle Roundtree looks the best in the swimsuit photo. Can she go on to win the Best In Swimsuit award? The two winners will be announced soon.
Top 3: New York (9.789), Massachusetts (9.777), and California (9.689)
Miss USA 2008 Presentation Show - Preliminary Videos
The all important preliminary competition, also known as Presentation Show was held on April 5, 2008 in Las Vegas. All of the 51 delegates competed in evening gowns and swimsuits. Private interviews were also conducted on the 6th, and the top 9 scores will advance to the top 15. The other 6 choices will be determined by the Miss Universe Organization and Mr. Donald Trump.
Watch the preliminary videos now online:
 (Miss Texas USA in swimsuit)
 (Miss Tennessee USA in evening gown)
Miss Iowa USA takes stage with grace and poise:
One may be confused while watching this video. Why is Miss Iowa USA, Abbey Nicole Curran walking like that? Abbey is the first Miss USA delegate with celebral palsy to compete in Miss USA. Her gown presentation and swimsuit performance () needed assistance. However despite all this, she took the stage with poise and grace and PB can say nothing but remarkable to her achievement. Can Abbey pull a surprise and make the top 15? April 11 is the day with answers. However PB have her marked for the winner of the Miss Congeniality award. Go Abbey!
Pageant Beauties will rank and judge each delegate in their preliminary videos. The highest score for both competitions will be the winner of the Best Preliminary Performance. The delegate with the highest composite score for the swimsuit competition (preliminary and photo scores) will be named Best In Evening Gown and same as Best In Evening Gown. Regional Miss USAs will be judged soon. Four winners from each region of the US (West, North-East, Mid-West, and South) will be chosen and vie for the title PB's Miss USA 2008! The states are categorized as follows:
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Oregon
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Wyoming


  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Maryland
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont


  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • South Dakota
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin


  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia
Miss USA 2008 Trivia:
  • Miss Hawaii USA, Jonelle Layfield is the sister of Miss Hawaii 2008, Ashley Layfield.
  • Miss Iowa USA has celebral palsy. Despite this, she went on to win the Miss Iowa USA title and is now in Miss USA!
  • Miss Missouri USA, Candice Crawford is the sister of Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford. She also competed in the Miss Texas USA 2003 and 2005 pageants. Alongside competing was Miss Michigan USA, Elisabeth Crawford who was a non-finalist in 2004 to 2006. The only delegates to have placed at Miss Texas USA in this year's pageant is Miss Texas USA, Crystle Stewart and Miss Nevada USA, Veronica Grabowski (semifinalist at Miss Texas USA 2003 and Miss Texas USA 2007). Since both competed at Miss Texas USA 2007, this is the second time Crystle and Veronica will compete against each other.
  • Miss Kansas USA, Michelle Gillespie is the great-great niece of Miss America 1921, Margaret Gorman of Washington, DC.
  • Rhode Island's Amy Diaz and New York's Danielle Roundtree also competed against each other for a statetitle. Both competed at Miss Florida USA 2007 where Amy placed as 3rd runner up.
Miss Alaska USA leads Viewers' Choice poll:
Miss Alaska USA, Courtney Carroll took the first place position in the Viewers' Choice poll from Miss Texas USA! She currently leads and is only 38 votes ahead of Miss Texas USA. Will she win the poll?
Miss USA 2008 NBC Site is now open: . Cast your vote for Miss Photogenic now!!
Miss USA 2008 Preliminary judges: David Dzanis, Lisa Howfield, Alicia Jacobs (former Miss Nevada USA), Sandy Mecca, Charles J. Nabit, J.D., Bob Webber, and Mark J. Wylie.
These judges will choose rank all the delegates and from there the top 9 will be chosen. They will be added to the 6 delegates chosen by the Miss Universe Organization and Mr. Donald Trump. From then these panel of judges will choose the top 10, top 5, runners up, and the new Miss USA. They include: Heather Mills, Rob Schneider, Kristian Alfonso, Joey Fatone, Christian Siriano, Amanda Beard (Miss Washington 2003, top 15 semifinalist at Miss America 2003), Kelly Carlson, and Shawne Merriman.
PB's Current Miss USA 2008 top 15: Texas, Indiana, Oklahoma, Nevada, Georgia, Massachusetts, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alaska, Virginia, Washington, Utah, Pennsylvania, and New York
Bubbling Up: Rhode Island, Maine, Arizona, New Jersey, and Missouri
Pageant Beauties' new format to select PB's Miss USA:
To select PB's Miss USA and also other winners for pageants we cover, we score each delegate based on their preliminary performances (from videos available via MUO sites) and photos. In the past two years PB has covered Miss USA, we score each delegate in photos and preliminary videos. The delegate with the highest overall composite score wins PB's Miss USA and is PB's pick to win Miss USA. In 2006, PB chose Miss West Virginia USA, Jessica Wedge as PB's Miss USA 2006. However Miss Wedge was eliminated right from the top 15 and from then on a new award arise... Best Preliminary Performance. The winner of this award for Miss USA, Miss Universe, and Miss Teen USA is automatically PB's pick for that competition, and winners have been very successful at the pageant. Winners include Miss Tennessee USA 2007, Rachel Smith who went on to win Miss USA 2007, Korea Lee (Miss Korea Universe 2007, 3rd runner up at Miss Universe 2007), and Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2007, Alyssa Campanella (1st runner up at Miss Teen USA 2007).
However PB will have a new format. The winner of the award will not automatically be PB's Miss USA. And PB is also naming regional Miss USAs from the North-East, Mid-West, South, and West. The winner of each region will compete for PB's Miss USA. These winners will be determined not just on their preliminary scores but also on the overall impression of that delegate.
The Preliminary Competition will be hosted tomorrow in Las Vegas, Nevada and videos will be posted on the Miss USA website on Sunday. After PB ranks each delegate, the regional Miss USAs will be announced and so as the winners for the Best in Evening Gown, Swimsuit, and Interview. Stay tune!
Miss Texas USA wins Best in Fadil Official Portrait!
Miss Texas USA, Crystle Stewart takes PB's first Miss USA 2008 award. She claims PB's Best in Fadil Official Portrait award, with the highest score in portrait. In second place was Miss Alaska USA and third went to Miss Indiana USA. Congraulations!
Scores: Texas: 9.789, Alaska: 9.788, Indiana: 9.567
Miss USA Backstage videos:
Follow the delegates in their latest photos and videos! Above is March 26, 2008's videos featuring videos of delegates in swimsuits during registration and fittings. More news to come later!
Miss Texas USA leads Viewers' Choice poll
Miss Texas USA, Crystle Stewart leads the Viewers' Choice poll so far. She has 102 votes and has 30 out of 100% in the poll. In second place so far is Miss Washington USA, Michelle Font who has 60 votes and is only 12% behind.
Miss USA 2008 Interview videos, official portraits, and photos posted
The Miss USA 2008 website has updated each state delegate's official Fadil Portrait and interview video. Photos for evening gown and swimsuit are also available. Go to following links to see:
Miss Massachusetts USA's official Fadil Portrait:
Miss Georgia USA's interview video:
Miss Virginia USA's evening gown photo:
Miss Alaska USA's swimsuit photo:
Pageant Beauties awards: Best in Official Fadil Portrait, Viewers' Choice award, Best In Evening Gown, Best In Swimsuit, Best In Interview, Miss Photogenic, Best Preliminary Performance, and Miss USA 2008. In addition, this year a new format will be used to determine the PB's Miss USA 2008. The format will be explained later. Stay tuned.
Miss USA 2008 Viewers' Choice Poll:
Viewers' Choice for Miss USA 2008
Who is your favorite to win Miss USA 2008?

Miss USA 2008 Trivia:
  • This year five Miss USA delegates have previously competed at Miss Teen USA. They include: Maine, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Rhode Island, and Virginia. Only Misses Massachusetts and Virginia place. Miss Virginia USA, Tori Hall made the top 10 at Miss Teen USA 2005 and Miss Massachusetts USA, Jacqueline Bruno was 3rd runner up at Miss Teen USA 2003. Those five delegates will attempt to become the 4th consecutive Miss Teen USA delegate to win Miss USA.
  • Only three of this year's Miss USA delegates are former Miss America state titleholders. They include Misses Georgia, Idaho, and Utah. Miss Georgia, Amanda Kozak was Miss Georgia 2006 and 2nd runner up at Miss America 2007. Miss Idaho USA, Tracey Brown and Miss Utah USA, Julia Bachison both competed at Miss America 2006. Miss Brown won the Quality of Life award and Miss Bachison won a preliminary swimsuit award. Interestingly Miss Georgia and Miss Utah are the first women to hold state titles for both states in both pageants. Miss Kozak will also attempt to become only the 5th woman to place in the top 5 at both pageants (Miss America and Miss USA).
  • Miss California USA, Raquel Beezley was originally announced as 2nd runner up but an accounting error was made and Christina Silva was crowned as Miss California USA. The error was discovered one week later and Miss Beezley was awarded the title. She has previously competed at the Miss Asia Pacific International 2005 pageant where she represented the US. She did not place in the top 5 nor win any awards.

More trivia to come later! Pageant Beauties' awards will also be announced later.

Miss USA 2008 Official Website:

Meet the contestants through interviews! And state headshot photos are revealed!

 (Miss Alabama USA, Keisha Walding's profile).

Pageant Beauties' Current Top 15 favorites: Massachusetts, Texas, Nevada, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Rhode Island, Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, California, Utah, Washington, and Missouri

Bubbling Up: Indiana, Arizona, Connecticut, Maryland, and Florida

Donny and Marie to host Miss USA Pageant (Article courtesy of UPI News, ):

BURBANK, Calif., March 14 (UPI) -- Donny and Marie Osmond have signed on to preside over the 2008 Miss USA Pageant live on NBC from the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

The pageant is to take place April 11.

NBC said this is the first time the brother-sister duo will have presented a prime-time special together since 2000. It also marks the third time they will have been the pageant's hosts.

The pair is best known for its 1970s prime-time variety show "The Donny & Marie Show" and daytime talk show "Donny & Marie," which ran from 1998 to 2000.

Donny and Marie Osmond also plan to reunite on stage for eight sold-out shows at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in July, NBC said.

"Watching the pageant was an anticipated yearly event when Donny and I were growing up," Marie Osmond said in a statement. "We are honored to be a part of this U.S. tradition and to hopefully make Miss USA a memorable night for millions of new viewers."

"We are so excited to have such television icons as Donny and Marie host our show," said Phil Gurin, executive producer of Miss USA Pageant 2008.

Heather Mills to host Miss USA 2008 pageant: (Article courtesy of Thaindian News, ):

Washington, Mar 20 (ANI): has signed up to be one of the judges for the upcoming Miss USA pageant.

This will be the first public role that 40-year-old Mills will be taking part in, ever since her divorce battle with McCartney was made public during the week, Contactmusic reported.

The Miss USA competition will take place on April 11th in , Nevada, and the Osmond siblings Donnie and Marie will be hosting the event, which was set up by businessman Donald Trump.


Miss USA 2008 to be held in Las Vegas:
The pageant will be held in Las Vegas for the first time. The venue of the pageant is Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino which is also the venue of the Miss America 2008 pageant. Delegates will arrive in the venue this week. More information to come soon.