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Yesterday in Poland, we witnessed yet a new Miss World. Miss Czech Republic, Tatana Kucharova wins the Miss World 2006 title. She beated out 103 other contestants to win. Second place went to a surprise Romania, who was also Miss World Southern Europe. Third place was Australia's Sabrina Houssami, also Miss World Asia Pacific. There was a top 17 rather than the purposed 16 due to a tie for judge's vote between India and Australia. Some surprises I thought were Martinique's exclusion from the top 17, Venezuela from the top 6, Lebanon from the top 6, Poland out of the 17, Namibia (though excepted to do well) won the viewer's votes rather than Angola. Vietnam was a surprise to win the world's votes and make the 17 leaving out Philippines and Singapore. Brazil also went past Venezuela and Canada and emerged as Miss World Americas. Overall, the result was fair as Tatana had the figure and beauty. Another Northern Europe winner for Miss World! Congratulations to Tatana!
Miss World 2006 Results:
Winner: Miss Czech Republic, Tatana Kucharova (Northern Europe)
1st runner up: Miss Romania, Ioana Valentina Boitor (Southern Europe)
2nd runner up: Miss Australia, Sabrina Houssami (Asia Pacific)
Top 6 finalists: Miss World Americas: Brazil
Miss World Caribbean: Jamaica
Miss World Africa: Angola
Miss World 2006 top 17 semfinalists (a tie for judge's vote in Asia Pacific Group):
Asia Pacific: India (judge's vote tie with Australia) and Vietnam
Northern Europe: Northern Ireland and Scotland
Southern Europe: Lebanon
Americas: Canada, Venezuela, and Mexico
Africa: Ghana and Namibia
Caribbean: Puerto Rico
Fast Track Winners:
Miss World Beach Beauty: Venezuela, Alexandra Guzman (Americas)
Miss World Sports: Canada, Malgosia Majewska (Americas)
Miss World Talent: Northern Ireland, Catherine Jean Milligan (Northern Europe)
Miss World Beauty With A Purpose: Ghana, Lamisi Mbillah
Here's how the semifinalists were chosen this year (courtesy of Global Beauties):

By Votes from the Audience:

-Czech Republic

By the Panel of Judges:

-Puerto Rico

By fast-track events:

-Venezuela (Beach Beauty)
-Canada (Sport Beauty)
-Northern Ireland (Talent)
-Ghana (Beauty with a Purpose)

Taken from :

The top 3, (from left): Miss Romania, 1st runner up, Miss Czech Republic, Miss World 2006, and Miss Australia, 2nd runner up.

Well today's the day. Miss World 2006 finals. Before we view the results or final show, why not see our delegates in the Vote For Me shows:

Read Global Beauties's Final Review:

Final Predictions:
After a month's of traveling and competition in Poland, 104 delegates will fight for the Miss World 2006 crown tomorrow night at 8p.m. (Poland time). 104 delegates and 16 spots, 4 from fast track winners, 6 from The Vote For Me show, and 6 for the judge's picks. Only 16% of the delegates will place, with the other 84% failing to place. Now who are the 16% delegates to place. Who are Pageant Beauties's predictions? Here they are:
Winner: Miss Venezuela World, Alexandra Guzman
1st runner up: Miss India World, Sabrina Houssami
2nd runner up: Miss Angola World, Stiviandra Oliveira
Top 6 finalists (also Regional Miss Worlds):
Czech Republic, Lebanon, and Martinique
Top 16 semifinalists:
Asia Pacific: India
Northern Europe: Northern Ireland and Poland.
Southern Europe: Italy
Americas: Canada, Panama, and Mexico
Africa: Nigeria
Caribbean: Puerto Rico
Fast Track Winners:
Miss World Beach Beauty: Venezuela
Miss World Sports: Canada
Miss World Talent: Northern Ireland
Miss World Beauty With A Purpose: Hopefully it will be Miss Hong Kong, Janet Chow. Janet has worked in hospitals and olderly homes. She is also a part time nurse. Puerto Rico is also another possibility due to her nurse job.
Regional Miss Worlds:
Miss World Asia Pacific: Australia
Miss World Northern Europe: Czech Republic
Miss World Southern Europe: Lebanon
Miss World Americas: Venezuela
Miss World Africa: Angola
Miss World Caribbean: Martinique
Strong Alternates: Asia Pacific (Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand), Northern Europe (Sweden, Ukraine, and Germany), Southern Europe (Israel, Spain, and Moldova), Americas (Chile, Brazil, and Peru), Africa (South Africa, Namibia, and Tanzania), and Caribbean (Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, and Dominican Republic).
With only 2 days left in the competition, interviews were held yesterday and today. More information afterwards. Okay, here they are, the winners:
Miss Australia World 2006
Best In Gown, Miss Australia! Sabrina looks stunning in this gown with the designs. Her gown color is really unique in many ways and matches her polished figure. Great job! Next for Best In Swimsuit is:

Miss Venezuela World 2006.

Yeah you guessed it, Federica! Winning the Miss World Beach Beauty competition, she has the figure and poise. Best In Swimsuit is you. For PB's Miss Photogenic is:

Australia again!

With the stunning hairstyle, sparkling eyes, beautiful smile, and polished facial, Sabrina is the delegate for Miss Photogenic. Now it is PB's Miss World 2006. She is...

Miss Venezuela World, Alexandra Federica Guzman! Likely, Venezuela will produce their 6th Miss World. The final predictions will be posted tomorrow. Here is some news on the delegates:

Miss World Charity Auction:

Courtesy of :

Contestants wait for the items which they have brought to be auctioned
Set in the majestic Hyatt Hotel in Warsaw the Miss World Charity Auction complete with the glitzy glamour of Poland’s high society and the contestants from the 2006 Miss World Contest were set for some serious fund raising.

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as the items the girls had brought with them thousands of miles from their home country were proudly presented on stage as bidders battled it out for the highly sought after crafts.

Highlights included Thailand’s crystal glass dragon boat, India’s gold necklace made with semi precious stones, Canada’s red sheep skin jacket, Philippines’ mother of pearl jewellery box, Lebanon’s Bonja watch and traditional cutlery set and Trinidad and Tobago’s cricket

bat signed by cricketing legend Brian Lara.

The big earners were Jamaica with her handcrafted cigars in a beautiful case, Venezuala with her marbled mint coloured necklace and Indonesia’s incredible wood carving.

Jamaica said ‘the box was made by a local artist from seven different types of wood including our national tree the Blue Mahoe and the cigars were hand rolled by a Cuban that is now a resident on the island from local tobacco. A huge amount of effort was put in and I am very pleased they went for such a high price.’
Indonesia’s goddess made from a single piece of

Kepelan wood was a sensation with a flurry of bids that ended up being one of the biggest earners of the night. 

Indonesia said ‘It is very heavy and very big and it took a lot of effort to bring it to Poland.  It feels good to raise money for charity and I feel like I have done my bit’

Miss World 2005 was warmly welcomed on stage to assist in the announcement of the grand total, which was in excess of 63,000 zloty.
The reigning Miss World thanked the contestants for their efforts and the people of Warsaw ‘This evening is very important and very special to me, and the contestants, it means the world that this money we have raised today will help children that really need and deserve it most.’

Preliminary interviews determining the 6 semifinalists:

Yesterday and today in Poland, the delegates talked with the judges and had their interviews. These interviews were important as they determined 6 semifinalists (one per each group) in the top 16.

List of hosts and judges announced:

Announced by the Miss World organization, the hosts this year will be: Angela Chow (Chinese TV Presenter, and hosted 2003-2005's Miss World pageant), Tim Vincent (last year's host), and Grazyna Torbicka. This year's judges include:

Julia Morley                 Miss World Organisation Chairman and Chairman of the Judges

Aneta Kreglicka          Poland’s only former Miss World, who held the title in 1989

Denise van Outen      Prolific actress and TV presenter known for her style and personality

Karan Johar                Leading Indian director known worldwide for his award winning movies

Dame Kelly Holmes   Multi Olympic gold medallist and British heroine, Dame Kelly Holmes

Krish Naidoo               Miss World Organisation International Ambassador

Louis Walsh                 Irish mastermind behind some of the world’s leading pop acts

Mike Dixon                   West End and Broadway award-winner musical director

Wilnelia Forsyth         Puerto Rican Miss World and designer of the Miss World beachwear range

All the pictures from the groups are taken from .





Hot/ Big favorites: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, *Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, and *Venezuela.

Delegates that have potential to place, not surprises nor hot doors: Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Uruguay.

Delegates that are surprises, barely noticed: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and United States.

Longshots/ Cold doors: Guyana.

*=Canada won the Miss World Sports title on 9/12/06. Venezuela won the Miss World Beach Beauty title on 9/7/06. Both automatically make the top 16.

Comments: 17 beauties and 4 will advance. Two big favorites, Canada and Venezuela are known for their winnings and both will fight for the Miss World Americas title. Likely Miss Venezuela, Federica Guzman having the figure and poise will make the top 3. Miss Canada, Malgosia Majewska also has a chance. For the other 2 spots, Panama and Mexico will likely fill in. Panama's Giselle Bissot has a pair of striking eyes, Mexico following with her Mexican fans. Brazil's Jane Oliveira is elegant in gown and well polished. Chile and Peru have lots of potential to place.

Only Miss Guyana, Dessia Braithwaite is in the longshot section. Her smile lacks happiness and her hairstyle is not good. Other than that, all the delegates have equal footing. With only 1 week less in the competition, things will get even hotter. Miss African delegates next.



South Africa


Hot/ Big favorites: Angola, Ethiopia, Ghana, Namibia, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Delegates that have potential to place, not surprises nor hot doors: Botswana, Congo Democratic Republique, Tanzania, and Zambia.

Delegates that are surprises, barely noticed: Kenya, Liberia, and Zimbabwe.

Longshots/ Cold doors: Mauritius.

Comments: 14 delegates and only 1 longshot. There are lots of favorites and beauties in this group. Angola's Stiviandra Oliverira was suppose to be the representive at Miss Universe 2006 but didn't compete due to the age requirements. Now in Miss World, she is a frontrunner to win the Miss World title. A beautiful smile and young figure, she should have no problem making the top 6. Nigeria and South Africa are stunning, poised, and elegant in their own ways. Both are possibilites to make the top 16. Tanzania looks really like her presuccessor, Nancy Sumari who was last year's Miss World Africa. Namibia has a spooky figure and with her dark figure, she is another delegate to shock the world.

In the longshots section, Miss Mauritius is the delegate. Vanesha's smile is quite uncomfortable. Her hairstyle is also normal. The special thing about her though, is the white skin. Now that Miss World has only less than 7 days of competition, things will get even tenser. The last group, The Caribbean will come next. Awards will be given out shortly.


Puerto Rico


Dominican Republic

Hot/ Big favorites: Here is the last group, Caribbean! Okay, the standouts, Martinique's Stephanie Colosse has a beautiful light brown tan skin color and glowing eyes. Looks quite like Miss Earth Air 2004. A top 6 Miss World contender. Puerto Rico's Thebyam Alvarez has beautiful eyebrowns and smile. Looks like Miss Universe 2005 1st runner up, Cynthia Olavarria. Puerto Rico supports all pageant queens by voting. Thebyam should be there. Next in the group is Miss Barbados, Latoya McDowald. After making the Miss World Beach Beauty top 10, she was named a favorite by pageant experts. With her natural smile, she will not be a surprise if replacing Puerto Rico. Trinidad and Tobago usually makes the semifinal like 2003 and 2004. Miss World is very unpredictable, and if Teneke makes it (like Miss Jamaica last year), it will be no surprise.

Miss Curacao and St. Lucia are the longshots in this group due to their hair, smile, and figure. Okay now that we revealed and reviewed all the groups, awards will be given out. They include: Pageant Beauties's Miss Photogenic, Best In Evening Gown, Best In Swimsuit, and Miss World 2006.






Hot/ Big favorites: Bosnia and Herzegovina, *Croatia, Cyprus, Italy, Lebanon, Macedonia FYRO, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, and Turkey.

Delegates that have potential to place, not surprises nor hot doors: Bulgaria, Greece, Israel, Slovakia, and Spain.

Delegates that are surprises, barely noticed: France, Gibraltar, Hungary, Montenegro, and Portugal.

Longshots/ Cold Doors: Georgia and Malta.

*=Won the Miss World Dress Designer award on 9-14-06.

Comments: In this group of beauties, Miss Lebanon, Annabella Hilal is the favorite to place. With a beautiful gown, hair, and eyes, she is a Miss World Southern Europe contender. Italy is a young sun shine girl. Cute eyes amd good hair. Moldova some how has sends great delegates in these 2 years, as Alexandra has charming and blondy hair. Isreal and Spain are dubbed favorites in this group by Global Beauties. Serbia's Vedrana Grbovic is another beauty to watch out. Croatia bagged the Miss World Dress Designer, will she have a edge in evening gowns?

Montengero's Ivana Knezevic is the first international delegate from Montengero at a international pageant. She lacks the facial beauty though. Considered as the long shots are Miss Georgia and Malta. Georgia doesn't have the figure and her eyes are too big. Her hairstyle is not good too. Malta looks a little bit older than 23. Maybe it's her hairstyle. She also has a unportional figure. Who will advance in this group? 23 delegates and only 2 will advance. The Americas group thoughts will be up later.


Czech Republic




Hot/ Big favorites: Austria, Czech Republic, England, Estonia, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Poland, Sweden, and Ukraine.

Delegates that have potential to place, not surprises nor hot doors: Belarus, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Russia, and Scotland.

Delegates that are surprises, barely noticed: Denmark, *Northern Ireland, and Norway.

Longshots/ Cold doors: Belgium, Finland, and Wales.

*=automatically semifinalist by winning Miss World Talent on 9-20-06

Comments: This group has many strong delegates. Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, and Ukraine. Other delegates that will shock the world is Estonia, Germany, Iceland, and Latvia. Czech Republic's Tatana Kucharova has beautiful eyes and blond hair. Placing as 2nd runner up at Miss Beach Beauty and top 20 at Miss World Dress Designer were her achievements. Miss Poland, Marzena Cieslik is another contender. Coming from the host country, she should have a lot of votes. Miss Sweden and Ukraine have beautiful and stylish beauty. Ukraine is a big possiblity to make it. Miss Estonia, Iceland, and Latvia are beautiful in their own ways, which are also strong alternates to place. Northern Ireland is already a semifinalist, by winning Miss World Talent.

The longshots belong to Miss Belgium, Finland, and Wales. Belgium lacks the smile, Finland for her bad hairstyle and teeth, and Wales for her figure. We can except lots of surprises in this group. Which 2 will advance to the semifinal? We're find out on September 30, 2006 Miss Southern Europe delegates to come next.

Vote For Me: (courtesy of Miss HK Beauties)
 (Miss Hong Kong, Janet's clip)
For other delegates, click on the right.
On September 20, 2006 in Wroclaw, the Miss World Talent competition was held for it's 4th year as a fast track event. In the end, Miss Northern Ireland World, Catherine Milligan took the title. She won by performing her Irish tune, She moves through the fair. Full article on the results (courtesy of MWO and ):

Northern Ireland wins the Miss World Talent Final
Northern Ireland sang her way into the Miss World Final with a show stopping performance of the Irish tune ‘She moves through the fair’.  Dressed in beaded green silk, Catherine stunned her fellow contestants and the audience of Wroclaw VIP’s with her atmospheric performance.

The look on her face said it all when her name was called as winner of tonight’s Miss World 2006 Talent Show.

Winning the award will fast track Northern Ireland through to the Miss World Grand Final in Warsaw on September 30th where she will join the final 16. 'I cannot believe it, in my wildest dreams I never pictured myself standing here a winner. I am so proud' said Catherine.

Second place was taken by Italy, a gymnast with Zimbabwe coming a close third with her traditional African click song.

Forth place was taken by Estonia for her modern ballet performance while Mongolia astounded all with her unbelievable traditional dance.

The judging panel chaired by Mrs Julia Morley included Miss World 2005 - Unnur Birna, international musical director Mike Dixon and  renowned choreographer,

Northern Ireland receives her trophy from the Mayor of Wroclaw
Miss World Talent 2006 results:
Winner: Miss Northern Ireland World, Catherine Jean Milligan (Northern Europe)
1st runner up: Miss Italy World, Elizaveta Migatcheva (Southern Europe)
2nd runner up: Miss Zimbabwe World, Lorraine Maphala (Africa)
3rd runner up: Miss Estonia World, Leisi Poldsam (Northern Europe)
4th runner up: Miss Mongolia World, Selenge Erdene Ochir (Asia Pacific)
Miss Northern Ireland is now automatically in the semifinals. Two year winning streak. Congratulations!
Donna Derby.

The award was presented by the Mayor of Wroclaw. 


Miss India World, Natashi Suri

Miss Philippines World, Anna Igpit

Miss Singapore World, Pereira Francisca

Miss Australia World, Sabrina Houssami

Hot/ Big Favorites: Australia, India, Philippines, and Singapore.

Delegates that have potential to place, not surprises, nor hot doors: PR China, Hong Kong China, Sri Lanka, Tahiti, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Delegates that are surprises, barely noticed: Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Mongolia.

Longshots/ Cold doors: Cambodia and Indonesia.

Comments: The big favorites in this group are Australia, India, Philippines, and Singapore. Likely, India and Philippines will make it. Miss India, Natashi Suri, has a beautiful skin color and eyes. With India having 5 Miss Worlds, they should have no problem making it. Miss Philippines, Anna Igpit has lots of Filipino supporters, all voting for her. Another big favorite, Miss Singapore, Pereira Francisca, a finalist at Miss Beach Beauty, will also be a possiblity to place. Miss Australia, Sabrina Houssami has beautiful eyes and smile. Very polished and elegant. Also another Miss World Asia Pacific contender. For the possible surprises, Miss Thailand, Melisa Mahapol. Beautiful eyes, hair, bright smile, she is a big surprise delegate to place. Sri Lanka is 2nd in this group, with China's Duo Liu and Janet Chow (Hong Kong) for 3rd and 4th. Duo has a very good figure and a model background which is a good advantage. Janet is one of the best English speakers, which might help her during Vote For Me (remember Northern Ireland last year). The longshots are Cambodia and Indonesia, though Indonesia placed in the Sports competition. Anything can happen in Miss World, as it is the most unpredictable Big Four beauty pageant in the world. Who will advance? We'll find out on September 30, 2006. Final predictions later to come.

The Miss World Dress Designer competition was held yesterday. As the 104 beautiful ladies paraded in gowns, only 20 moved on. From there, another top 10 and then the announcement of runner ups and winner. In the end, Miss Croatia World, Ivana Ergic emerged as the winner. Congratulations!
Information and photo courtesy of The Miss World Organization.

Miss World and Miss Croatia

Miss World Dress Designer 2006 results:

Winner: Miss Croatia World, Ivana Ergic (Southern Europe)

1st runner up: Miss Netherlands World, Sheryl Baas (Northern Europe)

2nd runner up: Miss India World, Natasha Suri (Asia Pacific)

3rd runner up: Miss Kenya World, Khadijah Kiptoo (Africa)

4th runner up: Miss Ireland World, Sara Morrissey (Northern Europe)

Top 20 semifinalists (5 of them are top 10 finalists):

Vietnam, China, Czech Republic, Poland, Lebanon, Romania, Italy, Aruba, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Colombia, USA, Venezuela, Angola and Mauritius.



Miss World Sports 2006 results:

Winner: Miss Canada World, Maigorzata Majewska (Americas again!)

1st runner up: Miss Puerto Rico World, Thebyam Alvarez (Americas)

2nd runner up: Miss Latvia World, Liga Meinarte (Northern Europe)

Top 24 semifinalists (4 from each group, determined by their physical fitness from their own group):


United States

Asia Pacific:



Trinidad & Tobago
Cayman Islands
Puerto Rico

Northern Europe:


Southern Europe:


Miss Canada automatically makes the top 16! She would join Miss Venezuela in the group. Next fast track event, Miss World Talent.

On the lawn by lake Oswin in the brilliant morning sunshine the contestants battled through the knockout stages to determine which four contestants from each continent will represent them in this afternoon’s finals.

The day started with a fabulous aerobic warm up session with all 80 girls on the boardwalk over the lake stretching, dancing and kicking in time with the music.

Next the girls were put through their paces with a series of tests to find the twenty-four finalists, these included in this order: steps, star jumps, burpees, sit-ups and press-ups.

Supporting the athletes were the colourful cheerleaders

Contestants cheer for their team members
from each continent giving their friends an extra boost with chants, banners and dances.  The girls from Africa danced eagerly to a hand drum, while Southern and Northern Europe fought it out with different chants and the girls from Asia wearing all red had various body paints emblazoning Asia on their face and chests.

The atmosphere was electric with the girls giving it their all.

The contestants who have made it through to the final are as follows:


Caribbean girls take to the jetty for their turn
Botswana - South Africa - Zambia - Namibia


Mexico - Canada - Unites States - Guatemala

Asia Pacific:

Indonesia - Japan - Korea - Mongolia


Martinique - Trinidad & Tobago - Cayman Island - Puerto Rico

Asia Pacific girls cheer on their fellow contestants

Northern Europe:

Latvia - Russia - Finland - Kazakhstan

Southern Europe:

Montenegro - Hungary - Slovakia - Itlay

As we speak the contestants are battling it our to win that fast track place into the final.  The winner will be announced soon.

Caribbean contestants

Contestants warm up

Contestants have 1 minute to do as many sit-ups as possible

Contestants try to complete as many star jumps as possible in 1 minute

The contestants celebrate on the podium

Canada wins Miss World Sports event

The continenal groups stand on the podium
Also Group Americas finished first, Caribbeans in second, and Northern Europe for third.

Puerto Rico, Canada and Latvia with their prizes

Voting for Miss World delegates is on :


Global audience invited to vote in unique SMS, WAP and online voting event

This time round, there are more routes than ever for people around the world to cast their nominations for the winner of the prestigious crown.

SMS, WAP and online voting will count alongside a panel of VIP judges, in the world’s most important festival to recognise the talents and achievements of young women.

Miss World – The Final is the World’s largest live annual TV event with viewing figures of more than two billion.  In an innovative move, this year’s festival will further embrace mobile technology to combine a global public vote with the opinion of a distinguished panel of expert judges from the worlds of fashion, photography, entertainment and beauty.

The panel of judges will cast their professional eye over the girls in a variety of situations to choose the top twenty from each individual category: Beachwear, Talent, Sportswoman and Beauty With A Purpose.  These most talented contestants in each category will then feature in TV specials to determine the winner in that field.  The judges will also pick their favourite from each continental zone, to stand alongside the public choice.

Miss World 2006 will be one of the largest global interactive votes in history.  Each contestant will be allocated a three-digit number for mobile SMS or WAP voting, online via or via national media in specific territories. Viewers will text the code of their favourite contestants to the broadcasters short-code mobile number.  Voting numbers will be prominently displayed on television graphics, online and in media.

Six Continental ‘Vote For Me’ Shows

Six new-look ‘Vote For Me’ TV specials will introduce and profile the contestants from each continental zone and invite the global television audience to cast votes to help determine who wins the tile of Miss World Africa, Miss World Americas, Miss World Asia Pacific, Miss World Caribbean, Miss World Northern Europe and Miss World Southern Europe - and ultimately the overall winner of Miss World 2006.  The girls will be seen in various locations, including the amber markets or Gdansk and Malbork castle, in evening and cocktail dress.

The first three 24-minute Vote For Me shows will be available for broadcast from 17 September (Asia Pacific, Northern Europe and Southern Europe).  The remaining three shows (Africa, Americas and Caribbean) will be available from 20 September.  Broadcasters can air any or all of these shows anytime and as often as desired before the televised Miss World Final at 20:00 (CET) on Saturday 30 September.

Four Fast Track Events

Four Fast Track events will provide the girls with a ‘golden ticket’ opportunity to make the final 16 alongside the 12 Continental Finalists - two from each zone.  These contests will be open to all contestants and will recognise special qualities in given areas.  The events are: Miss World Beach Beauty, Miss World Talent, Miss World Sportswoman and Beauty with A Purpose.

Fast Track winners will join the Continental Final applicable to them.  If a Fast Track winner also finishes first or second in their continental vote, the contestant placed third from that continent will go through to the Continental Final.
How the Voting Works

From 9 September viewers can vote for the contestants they wish to go through to the Miss World Final. Voting will close at 12:00 (CET) on 30 September, eight hours before the Final. There is no limit on the number of times they may vote.

The scoring mechanism ensures that each country receives an equal allocation of votes, regardless of the size of population, their chosen voting medium, or the total number of votes cast.

Votes will be added in each country and contestants will be assigned a ranking and score for that country.  The contestant with most votes will receive 12 points from that country, the next will get ten points, down to tenth place who receives two points.  One point is awarded to all other contestants.

Scores will then be added from every country within the contestant’s continental zone.  Votes from countries outside their zone will be calculated as one more voting country.  When added together, this will give the overall score for that contestant – the more points, the higher the final position.

At the start of the Final, the twelve Continental winners (the people’s favourite and the judge’s choice from each group) and the four Fast Track winners will be announced.  Then it is down to the star judging panel to make their final deliberations and name the six continental winners, and for Miss World Organisation Chairman Mrs Julia Morley to announce the overall Miss World 2006.

Yesterday in Sopot Beach, 104 delegates paraded in swimsuits. Earlier a top 25 group of delegates were chosen, and a top 10, then top 5. After much competition, Miss Venezuela World bagged the title. She will automatically make the semifinals in the top 16 final lineup. Venezuela has not placed in Miss World since 2003, so congratuations!

Winner: Miss Venezuela World, Federica Guzman (Americas), automatically in top 16. Congratulations!

1st runner up: Miss India World (Asia Pacific)

2nd runner up: Miss Czech Republic World (Northern Europe)

3rd runner up: Miss Angola World (Africa)

4th runner up: Miss Singapore World (Asia Pacific)

Top 10 finalists: Misses Barbados, Poland, Romania, Scotland, and Spain.

Top 25 semifinalists: Misses Canada, Colombia, Ireland, Italy, Nigeria, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Slovenia, and Sweden. Five other semifinalists were named due to their catwalk: Misses Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Georgia, and Jamaica.

Besides the fast track events, they visited different places and participated in different events.

Polonia Palace Hotel, the offical hotel site for Miss World 2006.

Thousands of people flocked to Gdynia seafront to join Miss World contestants and Mrs Julia Morley, Chairman of the Miss World Organisation, to plant thirty trees under a sunny blue sky, today (Tuesday).

Late afternoon thirty Miss World contestants, acting as ambassadors for their country and the other contestants, came to a designated area on the Bulwar Nadmorski, Gdynia’s main seafront boulevard, to thank the town for its hospitality and leave a lasting memorial to their week-long visit in the Baltic Sea resort.

Once the girls had planted their trees together with their country’s flag, they took the opportunity to meet the gathered crowd and personally thank locals for their warm welcome.

Tree planting has become a Miss World tradition to say thank you to the people of the visiting town and to support local charity projects. The idea is that these tree areas develop into shaded places for locals and visitors to gather and to relax, while reminding them of the place in bringing the world together in natural harmony.

Hong Kong thinks it is good idea to plant trees, as “living in a big city myself, I am very well aware of the need to have green areas where people can unwind.” South Africa agrees: “Relaxing under trees is such a privilege nowadays, as cities are getting more crowded. I hope the people of Gdynia will enjoy this area for years to come.”

Costa Rica

Brazil, who herself lives in the country that hosts most of the large Amazon basin, adds: “Trees are the lungs of the earth and people should look after them as if they were their own family.” Martinique adds: “I saw a lot of trees from the sky as we flew into Gdynia, which tells me that the people here love trees and woods. I am sure they will look after our trees long after we have gone.” 

Barbados hopes this garden “will provide much pleasure to the people of Gdynia for years to come, and would like to return one day to see that for herself.”

Mongolia was very pleased to get the chance to meet people from Gdynia: “The people here are very welcoming. I am very happy I had the opportunity to thank them for this personally.” Nigeria adds: “I just spoke to some really nice people, wishing me the best in my life and in the Miss World competition, and that while they don’t even know me!”

This year's format is as following:

Top 16 determined by:

Fast Track events: Miss World Beach Beauty, Miss World Sport, Miss World Talent, and Beauty With A Purpose (4).

Continental winners (12): 2 winners from each group, Asia Pacific, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Caribbean, Americas, and Africa.

Each winner from the group is determined by: a) global vote (1), b) judge's choice (1).

In the top 16, there will be 6 regional Miss Worlds, automatically making them the top 6 finalists. From those 6, we name 2nd runner up, 1st runner up, and the winner.

Later to come are thoughts of The Asia Pacific group.


Miss World Sport competition to be held in Gizycko.

If you think The Miss World finals is just a sweet trip, you’re wrong! The Miss Sport Woman competition taking place in Gizycko is going to be a huge challenge for the participants.

Don’t expect the referees to turn a blind eye! Olympic gold winner (Sydney 2000) Kamila Skolimowska knows very well what working hard means and you can be sure she will make the contestants battle to the line. Moreover, quick as a flash Pawel Korzeniowski (World Champion in Swimming, Montreal 2005) never gives up when fighting for a victory and that’s exactly what he’s going to demand from the competing girls. To win a golden medal you have to be extremely determined and so do you to win The Miss Sport Woman title!

What is necessary to perform well in the “Masurian Multiathlon” is a combination of endurance and technique as you need both strength and skills. The Miss World finalists will run, ride a bike, row and… We can’t reveal too much!  This spectacular event will be held in Gizycko on Tuesday, September 12th. Keep your fingers crossed for new Miss World records!
Do you want to know who climbs the podium? Are you eager to find out how tough it was to win The Miss Sport Woman title? Are you thrilling to watch the photos of a burst of beauty and power?

Welcome To Poland! A Opening Gala was held on the 4th. All 104 delegates greeted the audience. The event was broadcasted live in Poland.

Gala Dinner
On Sunday, the Miss World contestants were guests of honour at the televised Miss World Opening Gala, attended by Polish VIPs and dignitaries including the president of Warsaw, famous Polish actors and performers, and Mrs Julia Morley Chairman of the Miss World Organisation.

Broadcast live on Polish National Television (TVP), the two-hour TV special celebrated the cultures and beauty of people from around the world, and included some of the finest musical acts Poland has to offer today.

The gala was a first taster of the great line up of events the girls will be participating in over the next four weeks, including the Miss World Beachwear Final in Gdynia next

The spectacular stage for the Welcome Gala
week. The Warsaw Technical College formed the perfect backdrop for the girls to shine in the full glitter and glamour of their colour evening gowns.

Norway said, “Everyone wore such wonderful dresses, which made the evening extra special. I am really looking forward to the rest of the tour. You can bring on more of these events. It was great, I still feel very excited.”

Although for some girls this was virtually the first time they had walked down a catwalk, you would never have known.  Each commanded the red carpet with grace and elegance, showing off their most gorgeous dresses especially selected for this glamorous occasion.

Netherlands presents herself to Poland on the catwalk
Once the television programme had finished, the contestants had a chance to find out about the famous Polish hospitality and taste some fine food.

Excitement had been building during the day as the girls rehearsed on stage in their continental groups. A great buzz took hold of the dressing rooms, as more than a hundred girls prepared their make-up and hair for the live show.

“I felt very glamorous when I walked down the stairs, knowing that I was watched by millions of Polish people on television,’ said El Salvador. “This was a great opportunity to get a feel for the final and the other stage events.”

Lebanon added, “Being in the opening gala felt like magic with all the colourful sparkle in the room. This was great start to the Miss World celebrations and it has been a wonderful evening for me.  I hope I made my country proud on stage.”

Her sentiments were repeated by Aruba. “Coming down the steps as the first group meant that I could enjoy the show from the audience for most of the evening. It looked magical, seeing all the girls on stage.  Miss World has truly started.”

Portugal said, “It is great being able to represent my country in front of such a large audience. I am looking

The Welcome Gala was televised live all over Poland
forward to the rest of the tour, especially the final.”

The musical interludes were especially striking for Sri Lanka.  She said, “The music was really wonderful. As the acts were Polish, they were all new to me but I love discovering new music.  This has been a fantastic night to remember.”


9/2/06: Yesterday in Warsaw, Poland, more than 100 beautiful ladies around the world came together at the airport. They talked and had fun. Of course, that became the start of the pageant. Even though there's only one crown but more than 100 delegates, they already won one thing. That is friendship and experience. Anyway, thought out these 2 days, the delegates met with the press and had dinner and more. One of them was visiting The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier. Each region was represented by one delegate, Asia Pacific with two. The delegates were: Misses Australia and Thailand (Asia Pacific), Denmark (Northern Europe), Hungary (Southern Europe), Panama (Americas), Tanzania (Africa), and Puerto Rico (Caribbean). The delegates joined Mrs. Julia Morley, chairman of the Miss World organization to the Tomb.
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PR China, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand and Mongolia.
More than 100 beautiful young girls arrived in Warsaw, today, for the commencement of Miss World 2006.  Sunshine chased away the rain clouds to provide a glorious backdrop to the arrival of the contestants at the city’s Okacie airport.

The world’s media and Miss World fans flocked to the arrivals hall as flight after flight brought contestants from around the globe for the start of the four-week spectacular that will take in the sites of Poland.

What to pack is always a consideration when travelling.  But when one is spending a month in a foreign country with a schedule of events, galas and TV specials, this dilemma is multiplied to colossal proportions.  For many contestants, the solution is simple – take more luggage, with the average number of bags being five.  “I tried to

El Salvador, Costa Rica and Venezuela.
keep my packing to a minimum but it was impossible to chose,’ said Catherine, representing Northern Ireland.  “I only brought three suitcases – which is pretty good going, I think!”

Australia was one of the first to arrive, today, after a journey of more than 20 hours.  “It was a long flight but now that I am here it seems so exciting,’ she said.  “It is good to meet the other contestants and hear about our plans.  We have a fantastic month ahead.”

Excitement levels are rising as more girls arrive. Philippines could not contain her enthusiasm, commenting: “I have been looking forward to this for months, I am so excited.” Guatemala was very happy to arrive after a 16 hour flight and was determined to “have the best time of her life in the coming month.”

El Salvador agreed: “After travelling for over two days I am looking forward to making many new friends and learn about the Polish people and their rich history.” Finland already feels at home in Poland with the weather being similar to where she left from this morning: “It is only a short flight and it feels like it is all happening now.  I am so excited to be here.” Venezuela agreed: “I wouldn’t want to miss this for anything in the world.  This is going to be the most exciting time of my life. I cannot wait.”

Today the contestants spent time getting to know each other and coming up to speed on their packed program for the month.  On Saturday they will see some of the splendour of Warsaw’s old town, enjoy a Chopin concert

Venezuela talks with the press on her arrival.
in a park, before a grand fireworks extravaganza and light show at the Congress Hall.  The highlight of the weekend will be The Miss World Welcome Gala at Warsaw Technical College, when the contestants will be officially introduced to Poland in a two-hour live TV special.

After spending three days in Warsaw, the contestants will fly to Gdansk for a week beside the Baltic sea to film the Miss World Beachwear final.

The historic centre of Warsaw was the first stop on the month-long Miss World tour of Poland, when the contestants went walk-about in the city’s Old Town, on Saturday morning.

Passers-by young and old spontaneously applauded and stopped the girls for photographs and autographs as the party wound through the cobbled streets of the Old Town.  The girls posed in front of the Palace, gathered to snap shots of each other alongside the mermaid statue in the ancient town square, and laughed with a barrel organ grinder and troupe of clowns.

“I am really into architecture so I find all of this really interesting,’ said United States.  “The fact that this city

Belarus and El Salvador in the Old Town
was destroyed during WWII and was then rebuilt to such high standards is just incredible.  I love it here in Warsaw.”  Those sentiments were echoed by Chile, who added:  “I can’t believe the reaction we are getting from everyone, especially the children.  I have signed so many autographs that my hand is getting tired and I can’t eat my ice cream!”

After touring the reconstructed Old Town, the contestants enjoyed an hour of relaxation and culture beside a lake in the Lazienki Park.  This oasis of green in the centre of Warsaw is home to the Chopin Monument – a national landmark for Poland’s greatest composer.  The girls strolled through the park before sitting to listen to a special lunchtime concert of some of Chopin’s most loved works.

This was the perfect end to a good morning in Warsaw and left the contestants looking forward to a buffet lunch at their hotel.  In the afternoon, all contestants went to the Warsaw Technical College to rehearse for a two-hour television welcome gala, set for Sunday evening.



Austria talks to the Miss World cameras.

Afterwards the delegates had a spectacular fireworks display.

Fireworks light the sky over the Congress Hall in Warsaw.
The Warsaw night sky was alight with starbursts and cracking with near-deafening noise as Miss World 2005 Unnur Birna pressed the button to set off a magnificent fireworks display, tonight.

Miss World Organisation Chairman Mrs Julia Morley and Mayor of Warsaw Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz stood alongside Unnur Birna in the official ceremony to launch the month-long festival of Miss World 2006.  The Miss World contestants brought their own sparkle to proceedings when they took to the stage before the city’s Congress Hall to witness the spectacle exploding overhead. 
To a countdown of three-two-one, Unnur Birna set off the fireworks and lit a unique crown of light wrapped around the roof of the Congress Hall.  As the sky exploded in a blanket of colour and whizz-bang sounds, the Miss World 2006 contestants cheered and applauded from the steps of the building.

In front of a live TV audience and on the internet, as well as addressing the thousands of well-wishers gathered at the Congress Hall to mark the moment, Unnur Birna said that she has enjoyed her reign as Miss World 2005.  “Of course I am a little sad but I have spent a wonderful year doing a lot of good work.  Now is the time to hand over the crown to another girl and I am content with that.  But you know what they say: Once a Miss World, always a Miss World.”

Netherlands said:  “This was the perfect way to launch

Fireworks over the Congress Hall in Warsaw
Miss World 2006.  Warsaw is showing that we are welcome in and that makes us feel relaxed here.  Liberia, who had only been in town a few hours, added: “I have just arrived and now we have a massive fireworks display.  It makes me look forward to a wonderful month in Poland.”

The event followed a full day when the Miss World 2006 contestants walked around the historic Old Town of Warsaw, enjoyed a special Chopin concert in a city park, and rehearsed for a glittering TV gala the following day.

Later on in the weeks, Pageant Beauties would analyze each region and select their favorites. There will be awards given out for PB's Best Gown, Best Swimsuit, Miss Photogenic, and the overall Miss World.

The 56th Miss World pageant would be held in Poland on September 30, 2006. Billions of viewers around more than 200 countries will see the pageant. Unnur Birna, Miss World 2005 from Iceland would crown the winner at the conclusion of the pageant. Her successor would be 1 contestant out of 100+ delegates. So far 105 delegates are crowned, though some met withdraw. However due to the pageant's move to September, a number of countries failed to crown a winner. At the bottom are some facts and figures courtesy of
  • Cambodia will compete for the very first time in Miss World
  • Montenegro will be competing for ther very first time since it gained its independence.
  • Austria and Tahiti will return to Miss World after a long year hiatus.
  • Angola, Belarus, Cayman Islands, Chile, Curacao, Egypt, Finland, Kazakhstan, and Zimbabwe will also return to Miss World after failing to send their delegates in last year's Miss World.
  • Guatemala will be the first time to send a delegate to both Miss Universe and Miss World since 1982.
  • Ivana Knezevic will the the first Miss Montenegro ever at any international beauty pageant. But most importantly, she will be very first and official representative from at any international event since it's independence in June 3, 2006.
  • Eboundt Fatouma Blanda, current Miss was going to compete in Miss World 2006, unfortunately she won't attend due to the expiration of the participation deadline. However, it is confirmed from Ngalla Ibata, president of COMICO (Comite Miss Congo), that Eboundt Blanda will represent the at in Chile later this year. The nation will be represented in Miss World 2007.
  • and , will not take part in Miss World 2006. will not take part due to the political turmoil in the country, the national pageant was moved to January 2007 and its winner is expected to attend and . does not had enough time, financial assistance and an organized commitee to carry out the national pageant.
  • and held their national pageants, the organizers informed that their respective winners will go to Miss World 2007.
  • Soledad Gagliardo, Miss Mundo de Uruguay 2006, was replaced by her first runner-up because of unknown reasons.
  • Countries such as , , , selected their delegates and the national press informed about their respective participations in Miss World, those nations don't have a contestant number in the official website which indicate that they will not attend.
  • and will not attend the pageant because of financial problems.
  • , , and will not attend after the respective organizations failed to select a representative on time. Switzerland, on the other hand will choose a delegate on September 9, 2006 for both Miss Universe and Miss World next year which will be the first time since 1984.
  • lost the franchise in 2005.

The number of semifinalists this year are still unknown but there might be a top 16 this year rather than a top 15 (4 fast track winners + 12 (2 from 6 continental groups= 16). This year's format is like last year. Each delegate has a contestant number for your voting. Afterwards they will introduce themselves in a special of Vote For Me. Each episode is 30 minutes. Then 2 new special finals, Miss World Talent Show and Miss World Beach Beauty, each 60 minutes. Beauty With A Purpose and Miss Sport is also a fast track event, automatically making the semifinalist list. Not to mention the regional Miss Worlds will crown their respective winners, and the regional Miss Worlds automatically make the top 6. Miss World is also the largest event annually held and is the second event to gather more than 100 countries to participate (Summer Olympics to be the first). The pageant is going to heat up, when the delegates arrive on September 3. Here is a list of events courtesy of Global Beauties:

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS - Dates/Events subject to change

1st - Arrival of delegates

2nd - Tour of Warsaw, lighting of 'crown' at the Sala Congresawa. TVP will shoot footage of delegates, meeting with Julia Morley, Unnur Birna, Elizabeth Wierzbicka and Warsaw Tourism officials.

3rd - Dinner at Warsaw Institute of Technology with representatives of Warsaw and Miss World/Poland, along with local businesspeople, socialites. Entertainment.

4th - Delegates will arrive to beach city of Gdynia, on Poland's northern coast.

5th - Press Conference, Fashion Show in seaside hotel. Touring of city, trip on yacht, etc.

6th - A group of delegates will detour to the city of Malbork, to visit a famous castle.

7th - Gdynia. Opening of the Miss World Garden, where each country will plant one tree along a boulevard.

8th - Return to a Warsaw for a Polish festival

9th - Brazilian carnival.

10th - Excursion to Gizycko, a city in Poland's northeast; Boat show. Concert, parade.

11th - Press conference, motor show, girls shooting on boards, dinner

12th - Miss World Sport competition at city stadium.

13th - Excursion to Katowice, a city near Poland's southern border.

14th - Shootings

15th - Delegates in two groups. One will tour Katowic, one will go to nearby Zakopane to visit the Tatra mountains. Charity ball in the evening.

16th - Wieliczka/Krakow excursion. World Designer Award, visit to Wawelu

17th - Wroclaw, in Poland's southwest. Charity auction, painting, official welcome dinner at City Hall.

18th - In nearby Kudowa, the delegates will see the scenic valleys, horses, springs, fountains, etc.

19th - Klodzko. Historic architecture and rock formation, olympic stadium, etc.

20th - Miss World Talent show in Wroclaw. Visit to Children's home.

21st - Return to Warsaw in evening

22nd - Warsaw Museum.

23rd - Open-air musical performance (with contestants). Hyatt Warsaw auction.

24th - Polish heart choice election will be held, public will vote on their favorite which will be announced on 30th.

25th - touring os Warsaw for first half of day.

26th - Rehearsals - Evening ceremony in Chinese embassy with Mayor of Warsaw.

27th - Visit to zoo, Zelazowa (birthplace of Chopin).

28th - Rehearsals

29th - Dress rehearsal

30th - Final Event, Coronation Ball

Important events highlighted in orange and bolded.

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The Miss World 2006 pageant would be held in September 30, 2006 in Poland. Like last year, viewers would vote on each delegate and the judges in the end would vote for the top 15 group. The 100+ delegates would be divided into 6 groups: Asia Pacific, Americas, Africa, Southern Europe, Northern Europe, and The Caribbean. It is unknown for how much delegates from each group they will pick on because the Miss World Organization said there would be 4 fast track events. They include: Talent, Sports, Beach Beauty, and Beauty With A Purpose. That leaves 11 delegates out of 6 groups? Maybe the MWO take more delegates from larger groups and take fewer in smaller groups like The Caribbeans.
Meet the current delegates: