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Miss America 2009 Final Results:
Winner: Indiana
1st runner up: Georgia
2nd runner up: Iowa
3rd runner up: New York
4th runner up: Florida
Top 7 Finalists: California and Tennessee

Top 10 Semi-finalists: District of Columbia, Hawaii, and Michigan
Top 12 Quarter-finalists: Arkansas and Kentucky
Round of Top 15 Contestants: Alabama, Delaware, and South Dakota
Comments: Congratulations to Miss Indiana 2009, Katie R. Stam! PB accurately predicts 11 of the top 15 semifinalists and one alternate (Miss Florida) also made the top 15. This is also the first time three of PB's picks for the top 5 (Misses Indiana, Georgia, and New York) all placed in the top 5 and in the predicted placements. Congratulations to all the winners and to the first Miss America from the state of Indiana!
Miss America 2009 Predictions:
Winner: Indiana
1st runner up: Georgia
2nd runner up: Hawaii
Top 5 Finalists (4th to 5th place): New York and South Dakota 
Top 15 Semifinalists (6th to 15th place): Alabama, District of Columbia, Idaho, Oklahoma, Michigan, Kentucky, California, Mississippi, Vermont, and Delaware
Alternates/Darkhorses (16th to 24th place): Florida, Illinois, Nebraska, South Carolina, Virgin Islands, Missouri, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Rhode Island
Congratulations to Miss Indiana 2009, Katie R. Stam. You are PB's Miss America 2009! Katie seems to look very prepared for the pageant, looking facially beautiful and physically fit (First night's preliminary swimsuit award winner). She can be as successful as her previous titleholder, Nicole Rash who was 1st runner up last year (also PB's Miss America 2008 1st runner up). Congratulations to her.
Miss Georgia comes in second. The African American beauty looks pretty and her talent also won her the Preliminary Talent award. Except her to do well. Miss Hawaii is also strong and she can pull a surprise too. New York and South Dakota are strong competitiors too and they will fare well. As for the other contestants, all of them can also win, and it all depends on their final performance. No matter win or lost, all the contestants are their state titleholders and should be proud.
Host of Miss America 2007, Miss Universe 2007, Miss Teen USA 1998, and Miss Teen USA 2003 pageants, Mario Lopez will be the host tonight. Here are the preliminary award winners:
Preliminary Swimsuit:
Night One: Indiana
Night Two: Mississippi
Night Third: New York
Preliminary Evening Gown:
Night One: Delaware
Night Two: Georgia
Night Third: Vermont
Miss New York USA 2008, Danielle Roundtree crowns the new Miss New York USA, Tracey Chang. Tracey is 25 years old and will compete at Miss USA 2009. Congratulations!
Miss USA state pageants for 2009 are coming to an end soon. The new Miss USA will be crowned on April 19, 2009 in Las Vegas. Stay tuned for more coverage of the Miss USA 2009 pageant.
Miss America 2008 Results:

Miss America 2008: Kirsten Haglund (Miss Michigan)

First runner-up: Nicole Rash (Miss Indiana)

Second runner-up: Elyse Umemoto (Miss Washington)

Third runner-up: Hannah Kiefer (Miss Virginia) 

Fourth runner-up: Jessica Jacobs (Miss North Carolina)

Top 8 Finalists: Melissa Chaty (Miss California), Christina Thompson (Miss Wisconsin), and Molly Hazlett (Miss Texas).

Top 10 Semifinalists: Diana Reed (Miss Iowa) and Leah Massee (Miss Georgia).

Top 16 Quarterfinalists: Crystal Garrett (Miss South Carolina), Grace Gore (Miss Tennessee), Katie Bailey (Miss Arkansas), Kylie Williams (Miss Florida), Jill Stevens (Miss Utah - "People's Choice" semifinalist), and Kimberly Morgan (Miss Mississippi).

Miss Teen USA 2008 Results:

Miss Teen USA 2008: Stevi Lauren Perry, Miss Arkansas Teen USA

First Runner Up: Brittany Pjetraj, Miss South Carolina Teen USA who will assume the duties of Miss Teen USA 2008 if for some reason she cannot fulfill her responsibilities.

Second Runner Up: Julia Dalton, Miss North Carolina Teen

Third Runner Up: Lindsey Evans, Miss Louisiana Teen USA

Fourth Runner Up: Shareece Laree Pfeiffer, Miss Idaho Teen USA

Top 15 Semifinalists (Competed in swimsuit and evening gown):

Courtney Parker, Miss Alabama Teen USA
Ashley Stainton, Miss Arizona Teen USA
Taylor Atkins, Miss California Teen USA
Danielle Rose Scimeca, Miss Colorado Teen USA
Jillian Leigh Wunderlich, Miss Florida Teen USA
Caroline Lunny, Miss Massachusetts Teen USA
Courtney Morgan, Miss New Hampshire Teen USA
Taylor Gorton, Miss Oklahoma Teen USA
Elliot Griffin, Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA
Megan Leigh Myrehn, Miss Virginia Teen USA

Miss Photogenic Teen USA(TM) Award: Sana, Idnani, Miss New York Teen USA. The general public voted at for the delegate who exemplifies beauty through the lens of a camera.

Miss Congeniality Teen USA(TM) Award: Elizabeth Hollomon, Miss Mississippi Teen USA. The award reflects the respect and admiration of the delegate's peers, who voted for her as the most congenial, charismatic and inspirational participant.

Thoughts: Due to limited coverage of the pageant, PB decided not to predict the pageant. There was no predictions' list nor PB's Miss Teen USA 2008 winner. It is such a pity that the pageant is not broadcasted on NBC this year... Miss Arkansas Teen USA is indeed a great choice. She is only her state's third semifinalist since 1985! The Carolinas continue to be strong and both states made the top 5 for the second consecutive year! North Carolina even better, three top 3 finishes in three years! Idaho placed only for the second time since the state won in 1989 thanks to Brandi Sherwood (future Miss USA 1997) and so as Louisiana (after Shelley Hennig won in 2004, the host of the pageant too).

There was no top 10 this year and 10 other states were named in the top 15. New Hampshire (like Idaho) also recorded their 2nd semifinalist in the 26 year pageant. Congratulations!

Although Miss New York Teen USA and Miss Mississippi Teen USA did not place, both delegates won Miss Photogenic (voted at ) and Miss Congeniality respectively. This is only New York's first Miss Photogenic award and Mississippi has a record, three Miss Congeniality awards (tying South Carolina) for the most Congeniailty awards. It is also the second consecutive Miss Congeniality award the state has won. Congratulations to all the winners!

Miss America 2008 Final Predictions:
Winner: Rhode Island
1st runner up: Indiana
2nd runner up: Illinois
Top 5 finalists (4th place to 5th place): Alaska and Dis. of Columbia
Top 16 semifinalists (6th place to 16th place): Tennessee, Texas, Oregon, Nevada, Florida, Oklahoma, Alabama, Michigan, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Iowa
Bubbling Up (17th to 20th place): Hawaii, Ohio, New York, Utah, and Washington
Miss America 2008 Preliminary winners
Preliminary Night One
 Las Vegas, Nevada – January 22, 2008 Miss Iowa Diana Reed was named Tuesday night’s preliminary Talent winner for her Baton Twirling performance to “You Can’t Stop the Beat,” during the first night of competition in 2008 Miss America Live! at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.  Diana will receive a $2,000 scholarship.  Also in the spotlight was Miss Rhode Island Ashley Bickford, who was the preliminary Lifestyle and Fitness winner in a black Winnwear swimsuit with gold trim.  Ashley will receive a $1,000 scholarship.
Preliminary Night Two
Las Vegas, Nevada – January 23, 2008 Miss Massachusetts Valerie J. Amaral was named Wednesday night’s preliminary Talent winner for her Vocal performance “Anyway,” during the second night of competition in 2008 Miss America Live! at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.  Valerie will receive a $2,000 scholarship.  Also in the spotlight was Miss Michigan, who was the preliminary Lifestyle and Fitness winner in a black Winnwear swimsuit with gold trim and will receive a $1,000 scholarship.
Preliminary Night Three
 Las Vegas, Nevada - January 24, 2008 - Miss Connecticut Dana Elaine Daunis was named Thursday night's preliminary Talent winner for her Vocal performance "Let Him Fly," during the third night of competition in 2008 Miss America Live! at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Dana will receive a $2,000 scholarship. Also in the spotlight was Miss Texas Molly Hazlett, who was the preliminary Lifestyle and Fitness winner in a black Winnwear swimsuit. Molly will receive a $1,000 scholarship.
Comments: The winner of a preliminary award doesn't guaranteed a automatically spot in the top 16. However in past years winners of preliminary awards usually go on to win the crown. Pageant Beauties highly like Miss Rhode Island who was also 6th place at Miss Teen USA 2002. She can become the first Miss America from Rhode Island! Full predictions to be posted soon.
Miss America 2008 to be held on January 28, 2008

Los Angeles, CA – The Miss America Organization and TLC announced today that Entertainment Tonight co-anchor and correspondent Mark Steines will host the 2008 Miss America Live! airing from Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday, January 26 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed).  The two-hour HD event airs as the finale to MISS AMERICA: REALITY CHECK, a four-part special designed to prep the 52 hopefuls for a renewed competition that will redefine what it takes to be Miss America, a relatable “it girl” who can connect with today’s modern woman. 

From small town Iowa to the red carpets of Hollywood, Emmy-winning journalist Mark Steines has established himself as one of the most trusted and charismatic figures in entertainment news today with his sincerity and signature charm. 

Art McMaster, President and CEO for the Miss America Organization stated, “Mark is the perfect choice to host our event.  We know that his dedication and commitment to the Miss America program will shine through, and given the fact that Mark is married to one of our most beloved Miss America’s, Leanza Cornett, he already offers a great appreciation for the show.”

“Mark has been at the forefront of television entertainment news for over a decade, interviewing some of Hollywood’s biggest names,” said President and general manager of TLC Angela Shapiro-Mathes.   It’s only natural that he would host one of television’s biggest events featuring America’s  next generation of celebrities.”

Steines has garnered numerous journalistic honors and accolades, such as four Emmy nominations resulting in three Emmy wins.  He was awarded with a National Iris Award for outstanding reporting and garnered national recognition by the Women’s Sports Foundation.  Steines was also named one of People Magazine’s “Sexist Men in 2004.”

Also an actor, Steines has appeared on such television shows as “CSI: NY,” “Half & Half,” “Suddenly Susan” and “The Practice” as well as in Sony Pictures NIXON, among others.  He recently lent his voice to the hit Disney Channel cartoon “Handy Manny” opposite Wilmer Valderrama, and has performed on stage in an Alhambra Theater production of “Barefoot in the Park.” 

The Miss America Organization and TLC have teamed Grammy Award-winning producer Anthony Eaton and Emmy Award-winning director Bruce Gowers to helm the 2008 Miss America Live! event

2008 Miss America Live! Puts the Spotlight On National Judges
Saturday, January 26, 2008
Live from Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, on TLC


Atlantic City, NJ, January 3, 2008– 2008 Miss America Live! promises to be an exciting event with the announcement of the strikingly diverse panel of national judges.  This year’s panel of seven esteemed judges includes a legendary Olympic athlete, an edgy fashion designer, Hollywood’s hottest casting director, the editor of a trendy magazine, a successful entrepreneur,  one of CNN’s most popular newscasters and today’s favorite fitness trainer.  They will evaluate the contestants from the preliminaries through the final night of competition, which will be premiering live from Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday, January 26, 2008 8:00PM ET live/PT tape-delayed,  exclusively on TLC.  Plus, this year America will get to play the part of judge as TLC introduces Miss America: America’s Choice, an online competition designed to choose the 16th finalist. 


The judges were announced by Sam Haskell, Chairman of the Board for the Miss America Organization (MAO), Art McMaster, President and CEO of MAO, and Anthony Eaton, Producer of 2008 Miss America Live!  This year’s panel of judges is comprised of experts in each of the fields that a young woman must excel in, in order to be named Miss America.  Miss America must be beautiful, talented, intelligent and well-spoken, a leader, have a commitment to her community, be contemporary in her style and fashion - a relatable and individual ‘it girl’ who can connect with today’s modern woman, as well as being physically fit.   To determine who will be Miss America 2008 the following panel of judges has been selected:

From the Field of Beauty and Fashion - Trace Ayala – This Memphis-born fashion designer is the co-founder of William Rast denim with his childhood friend, Justin Timberlake.  Ayala designs comfortable and stylish denim with quality fabrics and a well-designed fit. 

From the Field of National Press defining today’s “It Girl” - Sarah Ivens – Ivens is the Editor-in-Chief of OK! Magazine, which under her key direction has become America's fastest-growing publication and one of the most successful magazines specializing in celebrity news.  

From the Field of Community Service - Jackie Joyner-Kersee – Considered one of the greatest athletes of all time, Joyner-Kersee is the first woman to win back-to-back gold medals in the seven disciplined event heptathlon.  Since retiring from competition, Joyner-Kersee has devoted herself to giving back to her community.   As Founder and Chairperson of the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Foundation, she spearheaded fundraising efforts to collect more than $12 million to build a safe haven for young people. 

From the Field of Talent – JASON La PADURA
– This native New Yorker is the casting genius behind the Disney Channel phenomenon “High School Musical” and will soon begin work on the feature film, “High School Musical 3.”  He is currently casting the NBC hit “Heroes” and CBS’ “Cane.” 

From the Field of Fitness - Kim Lyons As a star of NBC’s hit show, “The Biggest Loser,” Lyons exemplifies fitness.   Lyon’s first book will be published in January 2008.  She is also featured in the bestselling The Biggest Loser Cookbook, and “The Biggest Loser” Workout DVDs.

From the Communications/Interview Field - Robin Meade – As the lead news anchor for Headline News’ morning show, “Morning Express with Robin Meade,” she has anchored the network’s coverage of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Before joining CNN, Meade worked at NBC Chicago where she covered the 1996 Olympics, which included reporting on the Centennial Olympic Park bombing.  Meade is a former Miss Ohio who competed in the 1992 Miss America Pageant.  She is the recipient of two Emmy Awards.

From the Field of Leadership Development - James Arthur Ray – Ray is the President and CEO of James Ray International, a multi-million dollar corporation dedicated to teaching individuals to create wealth in all areas of their lives:  financially, relationally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually.  He has been featured on Extra, The Today Show, Larry King Live, and the Oprah Winfrey Show for The Secret.


This year, America has the opportunity to select a surprise 16th pageant finalist with Miss America: America’s Choice, an online competition that allows viewers to vote for their favorite Miss America contestant.  Fans can vote by visiting  beginning on Friday, January 4, after the first episode of TLC’s new reality special, MISS AMERICA: REALITY CHECK and through the final episode on Saturday, January 26 (3am EST).  The contestant with the most votes, who is not already included as a top 15 finalist, will be chosen as “America’s Choice,” and be revealed during the MISS AMERICA LIVE! finale.


MISS AMERICA: REALITY CHECK premieres January 4, at 10 PM (ET/PT) and airs consecutive Friday nights leading up to the MISS AMERICA LIVE! finale on January 26.  Hosted by Michael Urie, the four-part series is designed to get these 52 state winners to forget everything  they’ve learned in “pageant schools” over the years…the walk…the talk…the hairspray…and prepare them for the final competition to select Miss America 2008…the relatable “it girl” who can connect with today’s modern woman.  

Trivia of this year's pageant:
  • This year marks the 3rd year the pageant will be held in Las Vegas. The pageant will be broadcasted on TLC for the first time after the Organization failed to renew it's airing contract with ABC and CMT.
  • Miss Alaska previously competed at Miss USA 2004. Miss Oregon competed at Miss Teen USA 2000, and Miss Rhode Island (representing Connecticut) and Miss Tennessee (representing Mississippi) competed at Miss Teen USA 2002. Only Miss Rhode Island, Ashley Bickford made the top 10 at Miss Teen USA. The pageant also had two future Miss USAs competing (Miss USA 2006, Tara Conner of Kentucky - 2nd runner up and Miss USA 2007, Rachel Smith of Tennessee - 9th place and Miss Photogenic).
  • Miss America is decreasing in popularity due to it's image of being a old pageant. A reality tv show will feature 52 delegates (50 states, DC, and US Virgin Islands) and how they are transformed to make the pageant a modern pageant.
  • This year will be the first year since 2004 where are more than 10 semifinalists. The internet viewers may vote online at for their favorite contestant. That contestant will join 15 others chosen in the prelimaries and will make up the top 16.


Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2008, Ingrid Rivera keeps her crown:
Miss Rivera will represent Puerto Rico at Miss Universe 2008 in Vietnam. She will attempt to win Puerto Rico's 6th Miss Universe crown.
India’s Priyanka is Miss Tourism Pageant 2007!
Courtesy of The Borneo Post Online

SIBU: Her beauty, talent, intelligence and politeness have earned Priyanka Shah from Mumbai, India the title Miss Tourism Pageant 2007 at the World Grand Final here Thursday evening.

The 24-year-old beauty, spotting vital statistics of 33-26-37 beat 29 other beauties to take home the cash prize of RM10,000.

MISS TOURISM PAGEANT: Priyanka (centre), flanked by Andrea (right) and Lauryn posing for photographers. 

First runner-up was Andrea Vidal, 20 from Venezuela (35-26-37) who was made RM5,000 richer, and second runner-up Lauryn Maree Eagle, 19 of Australia (34-27-35) who took home RM3,000.

Besides the main title, eight subsidiary titles which carry RM1,000 prize money each were also given away by the organisers - Sibu Development Council, The State Ministry of Tourism, and Alaric’s Productions Company.

Miss Permai Jaya went to South Korea’s Yea Bin Jeong, 23 (33-25-36) who also captured the title of Miss Talent, and Aline Avancini, 25 (33-26-35) of Brazil who also had two titles to her credit - Miss Riveria and Miss Best Costumes. Priyanka also won the Miss Desa Ilmu title, Colombia’s Claudia Milena Molina Torres, 22 (37-25-37) Miss Best Evening Gown and 25-year-old Veranika Shytsikava (36-25-37) of Belarus Miss Charity. Malaysia’s Penelope Ling, 18-year-old Sibu lass (33-28-37) was named Miss Friendship.

At a press conference after the crowning ceremony, Priyanka told journalists that apart from being active in sports (she was the captain of India netball team which participated in the Asian Youth Championship in Kuala Lumpur 2005), and had a professional degree (degree in engineering working as a telecommunication and electronics engineer in Mumbai), she was also fluent in many languages, among them Hindi, Madhrati, Marvani, Gujarati, Punjabi, German and English.

“I also speak a little Malay which I just picked up,” she said.

Minister of Urban Development and Tourism Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh had the honour to crown Priyanka, Andrea and Lauryn, while Deputy Minister of Housing and Local Government Datuk Robert Lau Hoi Chew, Sibu Municipal Council chairman Datuk Tiong Thai King, and joint organising committee chairmen Vincent Goh and Chieng Buong Toon took turn to crown winners of the subsidiary titles.

Alaric Soh of Alaric’s Production Company, chief executive officer of Sarawak Tourism Board Gracie Geike, deputy Resident Ismail Mohamad Hanis, and community leaders were among those present at the function.

Thirty countries represented at the pageant were host Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Mongolia, South Korea, Venezuela, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Botswana, Lebanon, Macedonia, Serbia, Tunisia, Russia, America, Chinese Taipei, Macau, Hong Kong, Colombia, Brazil, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Nigeria, Australia and China.

Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2008, Ingrid Rivera on the Today Show:
Article and link:
*Please note the interview was conducted before the pepper spray test proved to be negative.*
Ingrid Rivera willing to face Polygraph:
It is reported that Miss Rivera will take a lie detector test to prove that she is telling the truth. There is also a new version of the story.
Article and link:
Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2008, Ingrid Rivera's gowns and make up tested negative for pepper spray. What happened then?
Article and photo courtesy of USA Today ()
Authorities: Beauty queen's items negative for chemicals
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — The evening gown and makeup of a Puerto Rican beauty queen tested negative for pepper spray, forensic experts said Friday, casting doubt on claims that her belongings had been doused with the chemical in a bid to sabotage her pageant bid.

An at least four-day delay in submitting the items for testing could have affected the outcome, said Abigail Marrero, spokeswoman of the island's Forensic Science Institute.

Pageant officials could not be reached Friday for comment, or to explain why the items had not been turned over to forensic experts sooner.

Miss Puerto Rico Universe winner Ingrid Marie Rivera was composed while strutting before pageant judges last week, but backstage stripped off her clothes and applied ice bags to her face and body as she swelled and broke out in hives. She beat 29 rivals to win the crown nonetheless.

"We noted that when she finished applying makeup and went to get on stage, she began to get red in the face, on the back and shoulders — everywhere she had applied makeup."


Organisers of a beauty pageant in Puerto Rico are investigating a case of sabotage after a contestant's dress and make-up were covered with pepper spray.

Ingrid Marie Rivera beat 29 pageant rivals to become the 2008 Miss Universe contestant, despite breaking out twice in hives - a red swollen rash.

Ms Rivera remained composed onstage before the judges, but backstage she applied ice packs to her face and body.

Her clothing and make-up later tested positive for pepper spray.

"We thought at first it was an allergic reaction, or maybe nerves," said pageant spokesman Harold Rosario.

"But the second time, we knew it couldn't have been a coincidence."

Bomb threat

The pageant organisers said they hoped to catch whoever was responsible for the prank but have not involved the police.

The pageant also saw the theft of Ms Rivera's bag - which contained her dresses, make-up and credit cards - and the last day of the competition was postponed after a bomb threat.

Ms Rivera admitted that she had considered dropping out of the contest. "At one point I said, 'Am I a masochist?'"

"But I said: 'I am with God and this is my goal, regardless of the results.'"

Ms Rivera won Miss World Caribbean in 2005, and local media had predicted she would win the Puerto Rican pageant.

Her rivals complained she was too experienced and should be disqualified.

Link of article:

Other articles:




Miss Ingrid Rivera of Darado is crowned by Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2007, Uma Blasini as the new Miss Puerto Rico Universe.

Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2008, Ingrid Rivera with her crown and sash.

The delegates in gowns.

Yesterday the Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2008 pageant was held. In the end, big favorite Ingrid Rivera of Dorado won the title. Miss Rivera will represent Puerto Rico at Miss Universe 2008 to be held in May 2008 in Vietnam. Standing at 1.75 m and currently 24 years old, Miss Rivera was also Miss Global Queen 2003 and Miss World Caribbean 2005 and 2nd runner up at Miss World 2005. She is the only the 3rd woman so far to carry both the Miss Puerto Rico World and Miss Puerto Rico Universe titles. She is so far the #1 favorite to win the Miss Universe crown and pageant fans expect her to follow the footsteps of Michelle McLean, Miss Universe 1992 who also was a finalist at Miss World. A little note, Ingrid has the same last name as Zulekya Rivera, Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2006 and Miss Universe 2006. Can Ingrid follow the footsteps of Zulekya? Best of luck Ingrid and congratulations to all winners!  


Miss Young International 2007 results:
Winner: Thailand  Vasana Wongbuntree
1st runner up: Brazil  Andressa Ramirez Penteado
2nd runner up: Taiwan  Lee Yan-Jin

Top 6 Finalists:
Australia  Jane Lundmark
Ecuador  Xiomara Paulina Camacho Villavicencio
Uruguay  Claudia Rossina Vanrell Escalante

Top 12 Semi-finalists:
China (Beijing)  Liu Xiao-ou
Malaysia  Suzanne Loh Lih Fan
Moldova  Alexandra Betiu
Romania  Alexandra Nicoleta Beldiman
United Kingdom  Sophie Elizabeth Jones
Venezuela  Yorayma Kathrin López Cerón

Special Awards:
Miss Friendship: Australia
Miss Photogenic: China
Best In Long Gown: Taiwan
Best National Costume: Thailand
Best Skin: United Kingdom
Best Smile:Vietnam
Miss Disco Queen: Taiwan

Comments: The winner, Miss Thailand, Vasana Wongbuntree has also competed at Miss International 2006 and Miss Tourism Queen International 2007. She has done very well at both pageants. She won the Miss Photogenic award and placed in the top 12 at Miss International and then became 1st runner up at Miss Tourism Queen International 2007.
Miss Globe International 2007:
On October 2, 2007 in Tirana, Albania, 18 year old Helen da Silva from Rondonia, Brazil was crowned Miss Globe International 2007. Miss Silva beated out 42 other delegates around the world to win the title. The international pageant has been helded for 19 years already and many winners have gone on to compete in other international pageants. One would be the 2001 winner Maricar Balagtas from the Philippines who later on competed in Miss Universe 2004 in Quito, Ecuador. The most successful out of the winners would have to be Priscilla Meirelles, the 2003 winner from Brazil who later won Miss Earth 2004 helded in the Philippines.
Offical Site:
Miss Lebanon crowned Miss Intercontinental 2007:
Nancy Aflouny, 23 year old woman from Lebanon was crowned Miss Intercontinental 2007 after beating out 40 other delegates from around the world. She was crowned by the 2006 winner Miss Katarina Manova from Slovak Republic. The 1st runner up was Miss Korea Yoo Han-na and 2nd runner up was Miss Margarita Island, Emily Fernandez. The representives of Brazil and Greece took 4th and 5th represectively. Misses Colombia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Hungary, Malta, Serbia, Seychelles, Thailand, Ukraine, and Venezuela rounded off the top 16. Among the panel of judges were Miss Intercontinental 2001, Ligia Petit from Venezuela who is a famous actress in Venezeula now. The pageant was helded a week ago in Mahe, Seychelles.
Offical Site:

Kanagowa delegate was crowned Miss Japan International 2008:
Miss Japan International 2008 pageant was held last night in Tokyo, Japan. In the end, Miss Kanagowa, Kyoco Ayamen was crowned Miss Japan International 2008. For the first time ever in the history of the pageant, the event was held in conjunction with the Miss International 2007 pageant and the 2007 winner Hisako Shirata crowned Miss Ayamen as the winner. Miss Shirata was also still competing in the Miss International 2007 pageant, won by Miss Mexico International, Priscila Perales. Miss Ayamen beated 3,700 other women to win the crown and will represent Japan at Miss International 2008.
Miss Florida Teen USA 1997 and Miss Florida USA 2006 to compete in Miss Young International:
Cristen Duren, Miss Photogenic at both Miss Teen USA 1997 and Miss USA 2006 will represent USA at Miss Young International. The 26 year old beauty queen was also 4th runner up at Miss USA 2006. Miss Young International was a international pageant from 1970 to 1983, held by the organizers of the Miss International pageant. It was discountinued after 1983 due to operating costs but it has been helded in 2002 and 2006. On October 27, 2007 in Taiwan, People's Republic of China the pageant will be attended by 40 contestants, with the nation of Vietnam debuting.
 (Miss Young International Offical Blog)
 (Miss Vietnam attends Miss Young International)
Miss Venezuela 2007:
The annual Miss Venezuela pageant was helded in Caracas, Venezuela on September 13, 2007. In the end of the event, three new winners were crowned. The winner was Miss Amazonas Dayana Mendoza, a 21 year old student who stands at 1.76m. She will compete in Miss Universe 2008, possibly helded in Vietnam. The first runner up went to 21 year old Hannelys Quintero who is 1.76m in height and will compete at the Miss World 2008 pageant. The winner for Miss Venezuela International 2008 was 20 year old Dayana Colmenares, who is currently a student. Standing at 1.75m, she will compete in Miss International 2008.
Offical site:
Miss Belize Earth 2007:
Announced by the Pageants Belize Ltd., the nation of Belize is excepted to debut in this year's Miss Earth pageant. On Global () is has announced with Pageants Belize Ltd.'s confirmation that Miss Leilah Pandy, a former Miss Belize 2003 will compete at Miss Earth 2007. Miss Pandy also represented her nation proudly at the Miss Universe 2004 pageant helded in Ecuador. Miss Pandy is also the first Miss Belize to compete at Miss Earth. She will leave for the Philippines on October 17, 2007 to participate in a number of activities before the pageant on November 11th.
Miss Polonia 2007:
On September 13, 2007, 23 year old Barbara Basia Tatara was crowned as Miss Polonia 2007. Standing at 1.76m, Miss Tatara will represent Poland at Miss Earth 2007. She is also excepted to compete at Miss Universe 2008, possibly helded in Vietnam. She beated out 31 other women to win the title and among the judges was Miss Polonia 2004 Katarzyna Borowicz, who was a top 5 finalist at Miss World 2004 and 3rd runner up (Miss Earth Water) at Miss Earth 2005.
Miss Virginia's Outstanding Teen 2007 wins Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2008:

Orlando, FL - August 12, 2007 - Miss Virginia’s Outstanding Teen Caitlin Brunell walked the runway as the third Miss America's Outstanding Teen on Saturday night in the Linda Chapin Theater at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. This historic crowning moment marked her first steps on a journey that will take her across the country promoting scholastic achievement, creative accomplishment, community involvement and healthy living for our nation's youth.

Through an official partnership with the US Dream Academy, Brunell will help improve the outlook of America's young people by increasing literacy through creative mentoring. She will also continue work on her personal platform “Caitlin’s Closet”, a program that aims to make special gowns and dresses available to those that are unable to afford them.

Interesting note: Miss Brunell is the daughter of Washington Redskins quarterback Mark Brunell. With Miss Brunell's win, Virginia is the first state to place in the top 3 for two consecutive years. Oklahoma on the other hand continues their streak by placing in the semifinals for the third time in a row. No other state has placed two or more times. Congratulations to all the delegates!

First Runner Up
Miss Utah's Outstanding Teen
Lindsey Brinton

Second Runner Up
Miss Pennsylvania's Outstanding Teen
Elena LaQuatra

Third Runner Up
Miss Louisiana's Outstanding Teen
Mary Jane Hobgood

Fourth Runner Up
Miss Kentucky's Outstanding Teen
Ann-Blair Thornton

Top Ten Finalists:
Miss Wisconsin's Outstanding Teen Bishara Dorre
Miss Oklahoma's Outstanding Teen Jamie Butemeyer
Miss Mississippi's Outstanding Teen Jasmine Sharee Murray
Miss Florida's Outstanding Teen Alexandra Milbrath
Miss Indiana's Outstanding Teen Morgan Jackson


Miss Teen Puerto Rico wins Miss Teen World 2007:

Fourteen countries vied for the coveted title of Miss Teen World 2007 in Queensland, Australia off the Gold Coast. The lovely contestants was graciously hosted by Sea World Resort for an entire week.

They had a fun-filled week jam pack of activites and got a chance to learn different cultures, languages, and their ways of living. The girls that competed came from around the world ages 14-19 years of age. They competed in Swimwear, Evening Gown, Interview, and on stage interview. Talent was an optional division and wasn't a requirement for the title.

A panel of 8 judges selected vibrant 15 year old Emily Guiturrez from Puerto Rico as the new Miss Teen World, and the sensational Ashley Moser, 15 year old from United States came in First Runner-Up, along with Cali Tanner, 17 years old from Cananda placing second. Fashion TV provided highlights and coverage of the pageant. The pageant was held at Fratelli's Restaurant by the waterfront.

Other Awards: Miss Talent- Bahamas, Best in Costume- Puerto Rico, Miss Congeniality- United States, Miss Photogenic - Siberia, Best in Swimsuit- Siberia.

Mrs. World 2007 crowned:
Mrs. World 2007 was crowned on March 8th in Russia. The winner was Mrs. America, Diane Tucker who comes from the state of Arizona. She is the 4th winner from America. First runner up went to Mrs. Guatemala, 2nd runner up to Mrs. Estonia, 3rd runner up to Mrs. China, Mrs. Kenya and Mrs. South Africa took 4th and 5th runner up represectively. Mrs. Germany, Israel, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, and Canada made the top 12. Mrs. Congeniality also went to Mrs. Canada. Mrs. France took the Best Costume award and Mrs. Photogenic went to Mrs. Finland. The WE Network will broadcast the pageant soon.
Mr. World 2007:
The Mr. World 2007 competition was held on April 1st in Sanya, China. Out of 56 contestants, Mr. Spain, Juan Garcia emerged as the 5th winner. He is also the first winner from Spain. Mr. Brazil, Lucas Gil was very close in succeeding the last winner, Gustavo Gianetti also from Brazil in becoming the second Mr. World from Brazil. Lucas finished second. Third place went to Mr. China, Lejun Tony Jiang. Finishing the top 5 were Mr. Chile and Mr. Costa Rica. Mr. Costa Rica was also a semifinalist at the 2007 Manhunt International contest. Completing the top 12 were Mr. Austria, India, Lebanon, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, South Africa, and Ukraine.
Miss St. Lucia and Miss Grenada World crowned:
There were rumors that the nation of St. Lucia will not attend Miss Universe after last year's pageant. However it is confirmed now that 24 year old, Yoanna Henry will compete at Miss Universe 2007.
Miss World 2007 will be adding another nation to the list of 100+ contestants. The Caribbean nation of Grenada will return to Miss World after 11 years since Miss World 1996. This time, it is represented by Vivian Charlott Burkhardt, a 21 year old student hoping to become a medical doctor. The pageant was organized by Grenada's first Miss World, Jennifer Hosten. Vivian will compete for Miss World 2007, in hoping to become the second Miss World from Grenada.
Tanzania competes at Miss Universe for the very first time:
Binibining Pilipinas 2007 pageant was held on March 3th in Manila, Philippines. With 30 delegates and 3 rounds of competition (swimsuit, long gown, and interview), three new queens were crowned.
Photo courtesy of the offical site. From left to right: 1st runner up, Binibining Pilipinas International, Binibining Pilipinas World, Binibining Pilipinas Universe, and 2nd runner up.
Candidate #14, Nadia Lee Shami is 18 years old and standing at 5'9½", is Binibining Pilipinas International 2007. She will represent Philippines at Miss International 2007. Candidate #11, Margaret Wilson is 17 years old and standing at 5'9½", is Binibining Pilipinas World 2007. She will represent Philippines at Miss World 2007. She also took the titles of Miss Photogenic, Watson's Style Icon Award, and Miss Ever Bilena. Candidate #9, Anna Thersea Licaros is 22 years old and standing at 5'9", is Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2007. She will represent Philippines at Miss Universe 2007 held in May 29th in Mexico City. She will also attempt to make the semifinals after Miriam Quiambao in Miss Universe 1999. Congratulations to all the award winners and best of luck in their represective pageants.
Miss Congo 2007:
Brazzaville, CONGO - Miss Congo 2007 was recently crowned at the elegant Palais du Parlement, in the capital city of Brazzaville. The winner was 19 year old Katissia Christhy Kouta. Representatives of all provinces participated in the pageant.

The event was attended by several ministries of Congo and a few national and international beauty queens, such as Miss France 2006, Alexandra Rosenfield, Miss Côte d'Ivoire, Miss Democratic Republic of Congo (former Zaire), Miss Gabon and Misses Congo 2005 and 2006. Katissia will represent Congo at Miss World 2007 in Warsaw, Poland.

Miss Estonia Universe 2007 crowned:

On March 6th, 2007, 20 year old Victoria Azovskaya was crowned Miss Estonia Universe 2007. Standing at 181 cm (almost 6 feet), she is confirmed to represent Estonia at Miss Universe 2007. The first runner up was Julia Tjulinova and the second runner up was Marleen Pärkmaa.


Miss Universe Canada 2007:

21 year old Igna Skaya, a model standing at 5'11" was crowned Miss Universe Canada 2007. She won the crown over 57 delegates over Canada. First runner up was Ramona Amiri, former Miss World Canada 2005 and top 15 semifinalist at Miss World 2005. Had she won over Igna, she would have represented Canada at Miss Universe this May, but she is currently 26 years old so she cannot reapply next year. Second runner up was Tereza Schmied; 3rd runner-up was Samantha Tajik, and the 4th runner-up was Laura Salazar. Completing the top 10 finalists, were Serene Aandahl, Jane Gingera, Stefanie Listro, Jessica Trisko and Meghann Turnbull. The top 15 semifinalists included: Sun Bains, Simran Singh, Giuiana Borelli, Isabelle Grastin, and Ashley Bursey. Shannon Baker took home the Best Hair award, while Laxmi Navkar was named Miss Congeniality; Giuliana Borelli was named Miss Photogenic, Leah Milne won the People's Choice Award, and Tereza Schmied was awarded the CHIO Swimwear award. Former Miss Universe Canada 2005 and Miss Universe 2005, Natalie Glebova was a judge. Igna will now represent Canada at Miss Universe 2007 in hopes of winning Canada's third Miss Universe.

On Saturday, February 24, 2007, the new Ceska Miss 2007 (Miss Czech Republic Universe) was crowned. The winner is 20-year old Lucie Hadasova. She stands 178 cm (5`10") and will now represent Czech Republic in Miss Universe 2007

The first runner up was Eva Ceresnakova, who will go on to compete at Miss Earth. The second runner up was Lilian Sarah Fischerova.

Special guests at the pageant were Czech-born (and former wife of Donald Trump) Ivana Trump and reigning Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera.


Information found here:
Miss Chinatown USA 2007 Results:
Miss Chinatown USA 2007- #6 Betty Hsu (from SF).
Miss Chinese Chamber Of Commerce (1st Runner up)- #8 Kwan Hing Wong (New York)
Miss San Francisco Chinatown - #9 Louisa Liu (from SF/Berkeley)
2nd Runner up - #3 Amy Ng (Seattle)
3rd Runner up - #7 Heidi Sun Woan (California)
4th Runner up - #4 Sonia Tam (Hawaii)
Miss Talent - #10 Winsy Dong (New York)
Notes: Betty was Miss Central Coast 2006, a preliminary competition to Miss America 2007 (). She was tied with Miss City Of Orange for a Preliminary Evening Wear award. Interestingly, Miss Chinatown USA 2005, Carol Chen was Miss San Francisco also! Two Miss Chinatown USA winners in Miss California. Second runner up is Amy Ng, the #5 contestant at MCI 2006. She was also Miss Chinese Seattle 2005. Miss Talent winner, Winsy Dong was a top 5 finalist at Miss New York Chinese 2005. Betty is currently 25 years old, so she might not be able to represent San Francisco at Miss Chinese International 2008. In that case, Louisa, Miss San Francisco Chinatown should be the representive since the 1st runner up, Kwan Hing Wong is from New York.
Crowning video above courtesy of . Visit the site for more videos and contestant info.
Miss Universe 2007 to be held in Cancun, Oaxaca, and Mexico City:
Six days ago, the President of Promoting Group Mu Mexico, Mr. Pedro Rodriguez announced that the Miss Universe 2007 pageant will be held in Mexico. "It is a fact that Cancun is one of the cities that will host the annual beauty pageant during the month of May", added Rodriguez after holding a meeting with local authorities. This will be the 4th time that we say hola to Mexico, as Miss Universe was held previously in 1978, 1989, and 1993. The delegates are expected to arrive around May 4th to May 6th. The pageant is excepted to take place on May 29th, almost 2 months earlier than last year. This will also mean that the raining Miss Universe, Zuleyka Rivera from Puerto Rico will reign for a little more than 9 months. The number of delegates that will be competing for the title has decreased as the pageant moved back to May. Global Beauties stated that 90 countries will compete, but on Wikipedia () it states that about 70 delegates will participate. As of February 17th, only 28 countries are elected. Due to the decreasing number of delegates, only a top 10 will be selected this year. The national costume, swimsuit, and evening gown preliminaries will also be held in different places. The final competition will be held in the National Auditorium in Mexico City.
Miss USA 2007 Press Release:


New York, NY – January 16, 2007 - Donald J. Trump and Paula M. Shugart, president of the Miss Universe Organization, announced today that Los Angeles, California will host the 56th Annual Miss USA Competition where Miss USA 2006, Tara Conner, will crown her successor at the conclusion of the two-hour primetime telecast.  The competition makes a return to Los Angeles after airing the last two years live from Baltimore, Maryland.  The celebrated show will air live from the Kodak Theatre on Friday, March 23rd on NBC.

"We are excited to announce that the 2007 Miss USA show will be broadcast from the Kodak Theatre in the famed 'glamour capital’ of the world, Hollywood," said Shugart.  "The greater Los Angeles area is a fantastic tourist destination and we look forward to seeing the numerous friends, families and fans that will visit during the three week pageant period."
Miss USA travels the nation as an advocate for breast and ovarian cancer awareness, education, research, and legislation.  Each contestant from 50 states and the District of Columbia will be judged in three categories: swimsuit, evening gown and interview.

The Miss Universe Organization, producers of the MISS UNIVERSE®, MISS USA® and MISS TEEN USA® Pageants, is a Donald J. Trump and NBC Universal partnership.  Utilizing its nationwide grass roots infrastructure, the Miss Universe Organization is committed to increasing awareness of breast and ovarian cancers.  By forging relationships with organizations committed to research and education, such as the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and Gilda’s Club, Miss USA is armed to educate women today.

The Wilshire Grand Los Angeles Hotel is the official Host Hotel of Miss USA 2007.

The 2007 Miss Suomi (Finland) pageant was held yesterday. The winner is Miss Noora Hautakangas who is 22 years old and stands at 175 cm. Noora will represent Finland at Miss Universe 2007.
The 1st runner up was Miss Jenni Laaksola. Jenni will compete at Miss International 2007 this fall. The 2nd runner up went to Joanna Vare. Miss Vare will represent Finland at Miss Europe 2007.
#1 Miss Jelena Maroš from Split, Croatia was crowned Miss Universe Croatia 2007 last night. She was crowned by last year's winner Biljana Mančić. Jelena is currently 19 years old and hopes to be a lawyer. She stands at 180 cm and will represent Croatia at Miss Universe 2007.

Miss America 2007 Results:

Winner: Miss Oklahoma, Lauren Nelson
1st runner up: Miss Texas, Shilah Phillips
2nd runner up: Miss Georgia, Amanda Kozak

 3: Misses Georgia, Oklahoma, and Texas.  

3rd runner up: Miss Mississippi, Laryn Foshee
4th runner up: Miss Alabama, Melinda Toole

Top 5: Misses Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Alabama.
Top 10: Misses Georgia, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, Utah, Hawaii, Washington, and California.

Special Awards:
Miss Congeniality: Miss Alabama
Miss America Smile: Miss Missouri

Quality Of Life Winner, 1st runner up, and 2nd runner up: Misses Rhode Island, Arizona, and Alabama. Finalists include Misses Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, and Virginia.

The Miss America 2007 pageant was held in Las Vegas' Planet Hollywood & Casino yesterday. Only for the second time was the pageant held outside of Atlantic City and also broadcasted on CMT. In the end, 20 year old Lauren Nelson of Oklahoma was crowned the 82th Miss America. She succeeded Miss Oklahoma 2006 and Miss America 2006, Jennifer Berry. It is extremely rare to see two consecutive winners from the same state. This is the 3th time only, with the first time being 1935 to 1936 where Henrietta Leaver and Rose Coyle of Pennsylvania both won. The second time was in 1959 and 1960 where Mary Ann Mobley and Lynda Lee Mead of Mississippi both won. First runner up went to Miss Texas, Shilah Phillips who was also the first American American Miss Texas. Second runner up went to Amanda Kozak of Georgia. Interestingly, Georgia and Oklahoma was both in the top 3 last year. Once again Miss America proved to be safe for both states. With this win, Oklahoma has produced 6 winners and has placed non stop from 2002 to 2007. Third runner up and fourth runner up was Miss Mississippi and Miss Alabama. Miss Alabama was also voted Miss Congeniality and was 2nd runner up for the Quality Of Life award. The top 10 was completed by Misses California, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Washington. Former Miss Arkansas Teen USA 2004, Sarah French won the Miss America Smile award. Interestingly she represented the state of Missouri at this year's pageant as she moved to Missouri. Even though she failed to place at both pageants, she also took Miss Photogenic at Miss Teen USA 2004, meaning two awards at both pageants. Miss Nelson will travel around the US and visiting schools and work with charity groups over the upcoming year.

Miss America 2007 pageant will be on CMT tonight at 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. EST. There will be a top 10, top 5, 2nd runner up, 1st runner up, and winner. I did a quick list of predictions for the top 10 depending on their preliminary performance and portraits.  The top 10 include:
Misses Kentucky, Missouri, California, Virginia, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, South Carolina, Arkansas, and Delaware.
Alternates: Hawaii, Colorado, Kansas, Michigan, and North Carolina
Pageant School Winner: Miss Arkansas.
The 2007 delegates pose at a press conference.
This year's competition will be held in Las Vegas at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. 52 delegates representing DC, the 50 states, and the Virgin Islands will compete for the crown. At the end of the 2 hour show, Miss America 2006, Jennifer Berry will crown her successor. There is a lot of twists this year. Two special awards include Miss America Smile Award and Miss Congeniality. Both will be voted by the public at . The three important preliminary competitions will be held soon. Remember to watch the two hour special, Pageant School: Becoming Miss America at 9 p.m. EST this Friday. The show will feature the 52 delegates in a pageant school with former Miss Americas training for the final night. At 1 a.m. this Sunday, CMT Total Access will air on CMT. The finals will be held at 8p.m. EST in Las Vegas. Like last year, CMT will air the pageant. There will be ten semifinalists this year, with a top 5, and then top 3, although CMT released a press conference saying that there will be a top 15 list (see the article below at 5/13/06). More news and live results coming later.
Miss New Jersey USA 2007, Ashley Harder resigns (courtesy of ):
Ashley Harder has resigned as Miss New Jersey USA because she is pregnant, Harder confirmed yesterday.

Harder, 20, has informed the Miss Universe Organization, which oversees the pageant. Her first runner-up, Erin Abrahamson, will step in to compete as Miss New Jersey in the Miss USA pageant March 23 in Los Angeles.

"It was my decision to resign due to the situation," Harder, a graduate of Camden Catholic High, told us in an interview yesterday. It's against the rules of Miss USA to compete while pregnant.

Harder says she and live-in boyfriend Gregg D'Antonio, 28, are expecting their baby in "late summer." They are planning to wed, but are taking things "one step at a time," Harder said. D'Antonio owns Trig Snowboarding, a snowboarding apparel company.

Harder is part of the CW Philly 57 Crew, appearing on air, and also working as a Channel 57 (WPSG-TV) community ambassador. She was crowned Miss New Jersey USA in October in what was her first beauty pageant.

This has been an unusual year for the Miss USA organization. Last month, Miss Nevada Katie Rees was dethroned after photos of her exposing her breasts and kissing another girl popped up on online gossip sites. And last month, Miss USA Tara Conner entered rehab at Wernersville's Caron Foundation after admitting to underage drinking, after media reports surfaced about her alleged drug and alcohol abuse and sexual indiscretions.

"This isn't another scandal. This is a baby; this is a life," Harder said when asked if she was worried her pregnancy would be treated as scandal, in light of Rees and Conner. Harder says being a mom "is a title I have always wanted and will always cherish."

Harder began her modeling career while in high school, where she was a National Honor Society student. She moved to New York after graduating in 2004 to work as a model. She's traveled to Japan and appeared in ads for Pepsi and Versace, among others. She'll be cheering for Abrahamson to represent New Jersey in the Miss USA pageant in March. Abrahamson, 22, is a senior at Montclair State, and also an aspiring singer. The Miss Universe Organization could not be reached for comment.

More: Now since Ashley resigned, her 1st runner up, Erin Abrahamson will take over. Erin is also a former Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2001, though unplaced at Miss Teen USA 2001. She will join 10 other former Miss Teen USA delegates at Miss USA 2007. Miss USA 2007 is the second Miss USA pageant with the most pageant crossovers from Miss Teen USA and Miss America. Miss USA 2003 with 15 contestants is the most crossovers. However, the Miss USA 2007 batch broke the number of most Miss Teen USA state titleholders, with 11. Previous record was Miss USA 2003 with 10. For more information, visit: .
Venue and pageant date confirmed:
The Miss USA 2007 pageant will be helded on March 27, 2006. The venue is Los Angeles, California in The Kodak Theatre. This will be the second time helded in Los Angeles and the theatre, after the 2004 pageant. A strange note: all the venues for Miss USA 2007, Miss Teen USA 2006, and Miss Universe 2006 are in California.
Miss Nevada USA 2007 stripped of title (article courtesy of Yahoo News):
NEW YORK - Miss Nevada USA was stripped of her title Thursday after racy photos of her appeared on the Internet, pageant officials said. Some of the photos show Katie Rees, 22, kissing other young women, exposing one of her breasts and pulling down her pants to show her thong underwear at a party in Tampa, Fla.

"Katie Rees has been relieved of her duties as Miss Nevada USA 2007," said Paula M. Shugart, president of the  Organization, which owns the   pageant and others.

Rees' dismissal comes two days after Miss USA Tara Conner was allowed to keep her tiara when she admitted underage drinking at New York bars and agreed to go into rehab and undergo drug testing.

Pageant officials couldn't immediately provide a telephone number for Rees and said they didn't know when the photos of her were taken.

Shugart made the decision to jettison Rees, but pageant co-owner Donald Trump supported it, said Miss Universe Organization spokeswoman Lark-Marie Anton.

Trump, who co-owns Miss Universe with NBC, gave Conner a second chance after meeting with her Tuesday. Trump said Conner, 21, was a good person with a good heart and deserved to keep her title.

"I think Tara is going to be the great comeback kid," Trump said during his televised announcement, with a teary-eyed Conner by his side.

Apparently, there will be no comeback for Rees, whose reign was truncated because of the photos.

Rees has appeared as Miss Nevada USA at charity events such as the Goodie Two Shoe Giveaway, at which underprivileged students received free shoes, backpacks and school supplies.

Shugart said first runner-up Helen Salas will assume the title and compete at the next Miss USA pageant on March 23 in Los Angeles.

Helen was also Miss Nevada Teen USA 2004 and 2nd runner up at Miss Teen USA 2004. This is the second time a winner was replaced by it's 1st runner up, first in 2005 where Sloan Bailey resigned due to personal reasons.

Miss USA 2007 delegates:

All of the 52 delegates for Miss USA 2007 are selected. There will definitely be some tough competition, as many delegates previously competed at Miss America and Miss Teen USA. First is Misses Alaska, Florida, and Mississippi. All three competed at Miss America. Alaska in 2003 and Florida and Mississippi in 2005. All three did not place, but Jenna Edwards of Florida received a preliminary swimsuit award.

Misses Idaho, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia previously competed at Miss Teen USA. Miss New York USA, Gloria Almonte and Miss North Carolina USA, Erin O' Kelley both competed at Miss Teen USA 2001. Gloria placed really high, 1st runner up and Erin did not place. Gloria has a very high chance to become the 5th Miss USA from New York. In the 2002 group is Misses Minnesota, Tennessee, and Virginia USA. Minnesota and Tennessee made the top 10 in the finals, where Tennessee's Rachel Smith came in the 9th, just a spot ahead of Minnesota. In the 2003 batch is Misses Idaho, Indiana, and Missouri USA. Out of them three only Miss Indiana USA, Jami Stallings made the top 15. Lastly, Miss Texas USA, Magan Ellis and Miss Nevada USA, Helen Salas competed at the 2004 pageant. Both made the top 15, where Helen placed as 2nd runner up.


Francine Eickemberg, Miss Brazil won the 2006 Reina Sudamerican pageant. She is the 4th winner from the nation of Brazil. She previously competed at Miss World 2000, won the 2001 International Queen of Coffee title, and was 1st runner up at Miss Mesoamerica. The 1st runner up went to a surprise Bolivia, Ana Maria Ortiz. The big favorite, Lourdes Arévalos from Paraguay, also 3rd runner up at Miss Universe 2006 finished 3rd. She also took Most Beautiful Face award, voted by the internet. The top 6 finalists were: Misses Dominican Republic, Peru, and Uruguay. Other awards were Best National Costume won by Miss Ecuador, Miss Friendship by Spain, and Best Figure by Bolivia. The pageant was held on October 27, and 15 countries coming Latin America competed.  

Also held on October 27th was the Miss Europe 2006 pageant. 33 nations around Europe competed for the crown. In the end, Miss France, Alexandra Rosenfeld, also a participant at Miss Universe 2006 won the crown. She was crowned by the raining Miss Europe, Shermaine Sharivar from Germany, who also was a participant at the Miss Universe 2004 pageant. First runner up went to the home nation, Ukraine. Spain took 3rd, where Miss Poland, Katarzyna Borowicz took 4th, Katarzyna have also competed at Miss World 2004 and Miss Earth 2005, where she took 4th runner up and 3rd runner up respectively. Miss Belarus finished 5th. The top 12 were Misses Armenia, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Moldova, Norway, and Switzerland. Norway have also competed at Miss International 2005 with Miss Sweden. Other familar faces in the pageant were Misses Albania and Hungary which competed at Miss World 2005. Misses Great Britain and Iceland competed at Miss World 2006. Last but not least was Miss Greece who also represent Greece at Miss Universe 2006. Congratulations to all the winners and semifinalists.


Today in the morning at The New York Stock Exchange, Miss Teen USA 2006, Katie Blair, Miss Universe 2006, Zuleyka RIvera, and Miss USA 2006, Tara Elizabeth Conner helped ring the bell. All 3 queens are currently living in The Trump Place apartment together.
24 year old and model, Shriata Hisako was crowned Miss Japan International 3 days ago. The Miss International 2006 delegates also attended the event. For the first time in the pageant's history, the traditional pearl crown wasn't used, replaced by a crystal crown.
Nancy Randall
A professional model from The United States, she is most notable to compete in Miss World 2004, and take 2nd runner up. Though she had success in Miss World, she can't seem to compete in the other 3 international pageants.
At Miss USA
Wanting to compete at Miss Universe, she won Miss New Orleans USA, and went on to Miss Louisiana USA. She placed 1st runner up in the pageant, to Christina Cuenca, where she was unplaced at Miss USA. Miss Louisiana USA is quite a easy pageant, and many fans were disappointed to not see Nancy at Miss USA. 
At Miss Earth USA
After Miss Louisiana USA, she went on to compete in Miss Earth USA, a beauty pageant to select The United States representive to Miss Earth. She also placed 1st runner up, in a pageant whose standards aren't quite high. The eventually winner was Amanda P. (former Miss USA 2004 1st runner up from South Carolina). She succeeds Miss USA 2005 nonsemifinalist, Amanda Kimmel, who placed in the top 8 at Miss Earth. Aren't these facts and figures weird? Now that Nancy is 26 years old, she will be overage and unable to compete in a second international pageant. Pageant Beauties wish the best of luck to Nancy in the modeling career.
On August 19, 2006, 51 teens around The United States competed for the Miss America's Outstanding Teen pageant. In the end,  Miss NY Outstanding Teen, Maria DeSantis won the title. First runner up was Miss Michigan Outstanding Teen, Nina Davuluri. Virginia, Tennessee, and Arkansas took 2nd, 3rd, and 4th runner up respectively. The top 10 semifinalists were Alabama, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. New York's last USA crown dates back to 1995, where Shanna Moakler won Miss USA.
Miss New York's Outstanding Teen Maria DeSantis
Wins Miss America's Outstanding Teen Competition

Orlando, FL - August 20, 2005 - Miss New York’s Outstanding Teen Maria DeSantis walked the runway as the second Miss America's Outstanding Teen on Saturday night in the Linda Chapin Theater at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. This historic crowning moment marked her first steps on a journey that will take her across the country promoting scholastic achievement, creative accomplishment, community involvement and healthy living for our nation's youth.

Through an official partnership with the US Dream Academy, DeSantis will help improve the outlook of America's young people by increasing literacy through creative mentoring. She will also continue work on her personal platform of getting teens involved in the fight against cancer.

DeSantis, a 17-year-old Staten Island resident, attends Staten Island Technical High School. She studies AP courses in math, Russian, chemistry, English and macroeconomics in the most rigorous high school on Staten Island.

The Miss Tourism Queen International 2006 pageant was held yesterday. A crown favorite, Miss Philippines, Justine Gabionza, took the crown. She was also Miss Asia Queen. This year's pageant greeted 86 delegates, making it a grand slam pageant by Global Beauties. 
Held on St. Petersberg, Russia, the Mrs. World 2006 pageant was held on April 29, 2006. Late morning today (12 a.m.) the pageant aired on WE for it's 5th time. The winner was also from Russia, Mrs. Sofia Arzhakovskaya. She is just 18 years old. Tall and beautiful, I thought if she competed at Miss World she would have made it. Anyway, I saw the show for about 37 minutes beginning at 12:37 a.m. (missed the show for 4 times). The show was quite boring, the host Alan T. did not bring excitement. Especially when announcing the names of the top 12, he said one name at a time, with no surpense. I had to wake up early today so I saw the pageant until 1:15 a.m. It totally do not looked like a pageant. WE showed video clips of the married delegates complaining about this and that and also mentioned about the double crowning crisis. I do not get to see up the part where Mrs. Costa Rica was announced the winner and then taken the crown away. Didn't know why WE even broadcasted the pageant (very embrassing). The organizers even went as far as telling the delegates to vote on one delegate and get her out of the pageant (semifinals). Crazy! Lots of delegates complained that Mrs. Costa Rica had to take off the crown. According to Turn for The Judges, this was what happened:

When Bermudez Romero was declared the winner of the competition and crowned with the $29,000 replacement crown, competition organizer David Marmell burst onto the stage and demanded that the transmission be temporarily interrupted.

Then the order was given on the public address system “Guards, close the auditorium exits. There has been a mistake. The finale will be reshot. The winner is Russia.”

The crowning of Arzhakovskaya was filmed with only about ten competitors on the stage and catcalls from the audience. The delegates dumped the ribbons or sashs on the floor. Anyway, I though the judges chose the right winner. Mrs. Russia was truly beautiful. What I saw was Alan announced the top 12 semifinalists, which 10 were the preliminary winners and 2 were the ''Miss World fast track winners.'' The delegates competed at cooking and hockey for the 2 covered spots. Mrs. Finland and China took it. What is unknown however is how Mrs. Kenya made the top 5 and take 3rd runner up because she failed to make the top 12 cut. If she is included there are 13 semifinalists.

Here is the results courtesy of the Mrs. World 2006 site:

Winner: Mrs. Russia, 1st runner up: Mrs. Costa Rica, 2nd runner up: Mrs. Finland, 3rd runner up: Mrs. Kenya, 4th runner up: Mrs. China, 5th runner up: Mrs. Poland.

Top 12: Mrs. America, Guyana, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, and Ukraine.

Best Costume: Mrs. Russia, Most Original Costume: Mrs. Kenya, Mrs. Congeniality: Mrs. Bolivia.

Crowning video courtesy of MSHK Beauties: .

Looks like the woman made the mistake, not Tickle. What chaos indeed! You have to hear Mrs. Norway curse and Mrs. New Zealand scream. Embrassing... I get now why the contestants and audience do not react when Mrs. Costa Rica was crowned and Mrs. Russia won. Many people couldn't understand English. That's why. However, didn't Tickle feel unusual when they crowned Costa Rica instead of Russia? He just saids nothing...



The Miss Teen World pageant would be held in April 2007 next year. Next year's venue would be Australia.
Announced by the MUO, the Miss Teen USA 2006 pageant would be held on August 15, 2006 in Palm Springs, Calfornia. Palm Springs has hosted the event for 2 times in 2003 and 2004. This year the event would also be held in the Palm Springs Convention Center (can't find a larger stage?). Like in 2003 and 2004, the stage would have big screens and little steps for the delegates and maybe the delegates would be standing in the same spots in 2004? Definitely the gowns, hosts, swimsuits, performers, and more would change.
Miss Chinese International 2006 delegate, Royce Ann Go Estella finishes in the top 10 of the Miss Earth Philippines 2006 pageant. Miss Catherine Yu Untalan is the winner and will represent Philippines at the Miss Earth 2006 pageant in Chile. She already is considered a front runner for the title.
For many viewers that miss or didn't get to see the Miss Universe 1988 pageant you can view clips of the opening, swimsuit competition, crowning, and more on: . Watch TVB (Hong Kong)'s second and so far last Miss Hong Kong to make the semifinals at Miss Universe.



NASHVILLE, TN and ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - April 1, 2006 - The road to becoming Miss America just took another twist as CMT and the Miss America Organization announce FINDING MISS AMERICA - a seven episode documentary series that follows the 52 Miss America finalists through the preliminary competitions prior to the 2007 MISS AMERICA PAGEANT. The series will air in the days leading up to the two hour Pageant, which is scheduled to premiere live in January 2007 on CMT. 

For the first time in the Pageant's 85-year history, viewers will be given the opportunity to cast their votes via phone and for their favorite contestants, thereby determining finalists to compete in the 2007 MISS AMERICA PAGEANT. In addition, viewers will get an inside look at the crucial, never-before-seen judges interview portion of the preliminary competition. 

"One of our goals with last year's Pageant was to give viewers the opportunity to really get to know these contestants and root for their favorites," said Paul Villadolid, vice president, programming and development, CMT. "With the creation of this documentary series, viewers are now introduced to these contestants like never before, and are able to vote for seven of their favorites to make the finals. Now, in addition to their talent and smarts, personality will play a huge role in determining these finalists."

"This is a great change in direction for the continued evolution of the Miss America Organization," said Art McMaster, president/CEO of the Miss America Organization. "While we deeply value and honor our organization's traditions, we believe that this series will only increase viewer interest while showcasing the talents and character of these amazing women." 

"These young women are educated, compassionate and beautiful and it's about time that viewers are finally able to see the hard work and dedication that goes into becoming Miss America," said Phyllis George, Miss America 1971 and member of the Miss America Organization Board. 

The series will begin with each of the Miss America contestants traveling to the Pageant's host city in the Fall of 2006, where they will be divided up by random order into seven groups. Each of the seven episodes of the docu-series will focus on one particular group, as they live together and compete in the preliminary competitions -- evening wear, swimwear, talent and the one-on-one judges interviews, which have been previously conducted behind closed doors. At the end of the preliminary period, judges will tally their votes and secretly select the top eight finalists to be revealed live at the 2007 Pageant. 

FINDING MISS AMERICA will begin airing in January 2007, in the days leading up to the 2007 MISS AMERICA PAGEANT. At the end of each episode, viewers will be able to vote for their favorite contestant via phone and Both viewer and judges selections will be announced live during the Pageant telecast, with 15 finalists advancing. The judging of the 15 finalists will follow the same established rules as in years past. 

Villadolid adds: "This series will reflect the type of original programming that CMT does so well -- positive, heartfelt storytelling. FINDING MISS AMERICA will reveal the sacrifice and character of these accomplished contestants." 

FINDING MISS AMERICA will be produced by Julie Pizzi and Patty Ivins at PB&J Television. The one-hour, seven episode series will be executive produced by Paul Villadolid and Nicole Zien for CMT.

Article courtesy of the Miss America Organization. Also congratulations to CMT for having the highest ratings for Miss America (It broke the ratings for the annual CMT Music Country Awards!).


On April 22, 2006, Miss USA 2005, Chelsea Cooley was selected winner of the Celebrity Cooking Showdown. She was voted by millions of viewers around America as the winner. Congratulations!
The Miss Teen World 2006 pageant was held in Trinidad & Tobago on April 22, 2006. 23 Teens around the world competed for the title and crown as Miss Teen World 2006. After much competition, Miss Teen South Africa, Elrize Alberts took the title of Miss Teen World 2006. 1st RU was Miss Teen Australia, Kyra Roberton. 2nd RU was Dajana van den Broeck of Germany. Miss Alberts also took 2 other side awards-Best in Evening Gown and Miss Intelligence. Congratulations to all the winners! 
Offical Results:
Miss Teen World 2006: Miss Teen South Africa-Elrize Alberts
1st RU: Miss Teen Australia-Kyra Roberton.
2nd RU: Miss Teen Germany-Dajana van den Broeck
3rd RU: Miss Teen Canada-Laura Leigh
4th RU: Miss Teen Mexico-Adriana Castro Rios
5th RU: Miss Teen Hungary-Annette Maximovics
6th RU: Miss Teen Puerto Rico-Fabiola Plaza Diaz
Miss Teen World Caribbean 2006:
Queen: Miss Teen Bahamas
1st RU: Miss Teen Puerto Rico
2nd RU: Miss Teen Trinidad & Tobago
Best in National Costume Top Seven:
1st: Miss Teen South Africa
2nd: Miss Teen Ukraine
3rd: Miss Teen Trinidad & Tobago
4th: Miss Teen Puerto Rico
5th: Miss Bahamas
6th: Miss Teen Mexico
7th: Miss Teen Peru
Best in Swimsuit Top Seven:
1st: Miss Teen Australia
2nd: Miss Teen Mexico
3rd: Miss Teen Peru
4th: Miss Teen Germany
5th: Miss Teen Honduras
6th: Miss Teen Hungary
7th: Miss Teen South Africa
Best in Evening Gown Top Seven:
1st: Miss Teen South Africa
2nd: Miss Teen Germany
3rd: Miss Teen Australia
4th: Miss Teen Honduras
5th: Miss Teen Mexico
6th: Miss Teen Peru
7th: Miss Teen Hungary
Top Seven in the Talent Contest:
1st: Miss Teen Trinidad & Tobago
2nd: Miss Teen Honduras
3rd: Miss Teen South Africa
4th: Miss Teen Germany
5th: Miss Teen Hungary
6th: Miss Teen Canada
7th: Miss Teen Puerto Rico
Special Awards:
Miss Teen World Physic: Australia
Miss Teen World Miss Intelligence: South Africa
Miss Teen World Most Beautiful Face: Honduras
Miss Teen World People's Choice: Germany
Miss Teen World Miss Elegant: Honduras
Miss Teen World Best Perfect Ten: Hungary
Miss Teen World Best Photogenic: Mexico
Miss Teen World Best Smile: Puerto Rico
Miss Teen World Miss Congeniality: Australia
Miss Teen World Best Evening Gown: South Africa
Special thanks to the Miss Teen World Organization for confirming this information.
(Article taken from Miss USA Unoffical Forum)
SHE WAS ONLY 46. MA. Rosario "Chat" Silayan--1980 Miss Universe third runner-up, actress and, most recently, TV host--died Sunday night after a two-year bout with colon cancer.

Only family and close friends had known she was sick.

"Chat kept her illness a secret to avoid a media circus. Also, she didn't want the public to see her in such a state," said Rene Salud, her fashion designer, friend and mentor.

Salud said even he didn't know Silayan had fallen ill until a year after the cancer was diagnosed.

"It came to me as a great shock," he told the Inquirer in a phone interview yesterday. "I wished I could do something to help her."

Silayan died at around 8 p.m. at St. Luke's Medical Center in Quezon City, according to her mother Antonietta Rivera.

The daughter of the late actor Vic Silayan, Chat is survived by her husband Mike Bailon and children Victor Anthony, Timothy and Michaela.

Her remains lie at the Santuario de San Antonio in Forbes Park, Makati City. Interment is set for Saturday at the Manila Memorial Park in Sucat, Parañaque City.

"Chat died in her sleep," her mother said. "She didn't seem to be in pain. Mike had told me the night before that Chat wanted to see me. When I arrived the next day at 4:30 p.m., she was asleep. I thought of waking her up but changed my mind because I decided it was better for her to rest. Now I wish I did wake her up--at least she'd have known that I was around."

"I know for a fact that she suffered a lot because of the cancer," Ledesma recalled. "But she was very courageous because she was certain that she would go to heaven."

The last time she saw Silayan, the singer said, was six months ago. "At the time, I had heard she was already in a bad way, but there she was at the mall with her family. I think they were going to see a movie."

Rivera said her daughter had started feeling pains in the abdomen and lower back two years ago, but that the actress, a health buff, had brushed off those symptoms, saying they were probably just the result of a rigid exercise regimen.

Finally, Rivera recounted, Silayan was alarmed when she passed blood in her urine and stool. She went for a checkup then, the mother said.

Her daughter had insisted that discussions about her illness be kept to a minimum, Rivera added.

"Michael was her faithful companion throughout this battle," she said. "Even while we accepted that death came to everyone sooner or later, we were all hoping for a miracle for Chat."

Along with other Born Again Christians like Ledesma and Coney Reyes, Silayan had taken an active part in the presidential campaign of Bro. Eddie Villanueva--founding director of the Jesus is Lord Church Worldwide--in 2004. -By Marinel R. Cruz, Inquirer
View her at the Miss Universe 1980 pageant at  .
Chelsea Cooley, Miss USA 2005 would give her Miss USA title away tomorrow. Reigning for 1 year and 10 days, Miss Cooley participated at different charitable events. She also traveled around the world and competed at the Miss Universe pageant finishing in the top 10. She also holds the Miss North Carolina Teen USA 2000, Miss North Carolina USA 2005, and Miss United States Teen 2001 titles. Chelsea also appeared in NBC Shows like Passions and yesterday, Celebrity Cooking Showdown. Chelsea prepared 3 dishes,
The link for Celebrity Cooking Showdown (watch right now): .
Here is a List of Prizes for Miss Teen World 2006 (found on ).
Miss Teen World Miss Perfect Photo Miss Teen World Most Elegant
Miss Teen World Most Talented Miss Teen World Miss Popularity
Miss Teen World Congeniality Award Miss Teen World People's Choice
Miss Teen World Best Smile Miss Teen World Most Beautiful Face
Miss Teen World Best National Costume Miss Teen World Most Confident
Miss Teen World Miss Intelligence Miss Teen World Miss Teen Caribbean
Miss Teen World Best Physique and Body Miss Teen World Miss Perfect 10
Miss Teen World Best Evening Wear Miss Teen World Best Ambassador

Winners of the 15th to 11th Prizes receives a Trophy engraved with example:
Miss Teen World presents Miss Teen World Portugal Janet Doe as a Top Fifteen Semi Finalist

plus USD $200 Cash Prize

Winners of the 10th to 6th Prizes receives a Trophy engraved with example:
Miss Teen World presents Miss Teen World Portugal Janet Doe as a Top Ten Finalist
plus USD $300 Cash Prize

The Top 5 winners receives a Trophy engraved with example:
Miss Teen World Runner Up
plus gift baskets, makeup, designer outfits and lots of products from our sponsors.

4th Runner up: USD $500 cash prize 3rd Runner up: USD $700 cash prize
2nd Runner up: USD $1000 cash prize 1st Runner up: USD $2000 cash prize

The new Miss Teen World receives as part of her total prizes; an all expenses paid trip to Hollywood, California USA and a chance to compete at the World Championship of the Performing Arts, where her talents will be viewed by over 75 top talent scouts, movie producers, movie star agents, producers and model search agencies among others. It's her ticket to International Stardom!

Plus a return trip to Trinidad and Tobago with accomodation and costumes to participate in Carnival for 2007, jewellery, gift baskets, makeup, designer outfits and our new Queen will be features in several top local and caribbean magazines as part of her one year modeling contract with the Miss Teen World Organization.

Also vote for the Queen of the Miss Teen World Pageant at the delegates' section.

The Miss Teen World pageant would be held on April 22, 2006 in Trinidad & Tobago at 8:30 pm. There will be 35 teens around the world competing for the covered crown. Today, the 2006 contestants competed at the national costumes contest. During the 18th, they will compete in the swimsuit and intelligence contests. 2 days later, the talent and evening gown contest. Lastly, during the 22nd, it is the crowning and coronation ball. Visit the offical site at: .
The book, Universal Beauty: The Miss Universe Guide To Beauty is available online on NBC, Ebay, Amazon, and more.
The description written by NBC is:
The MISS UNIVERSE® Pageant represents the international ideal of beauty, and this unique beauty guide has the inside tips from all over the world that only members of this very exclusive club can tell. Beauty writer Cara Birnbaum and former Miss Universe winners bring together the diverse tips, insights, and secrets that have set these women apart and brought them to the pinnacle of beauty. Former title holders will share their beauty regimens as will the professionals who work with contestants to achieve the Miss Universe look. Readers with busy schedules will benefit from tips that will take them from daytime looks to ultraglamour in a matter of minutes.

Because Miss Universe is international, all races, skin tones, hair types, and body types will be included. Former title holders of different ages will address how personal care and beauty regimens change over time to continue to achieve a fantastic appearance.

  • Hardcover
  • Full-Color Illustrated
  • 224 pages
  • Size: 8 x 10 x 3/5

Order your copy today at .

3/28/06: Yesterday in Club Zen, Trinidad and Tobago, Miss Kenisha Thom won the Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe crown, letting her represent T&T at Miss Universe 2006. Does anybody recognized her name? She was a former Miss T&T World winner, and in Sanya, China, made the semifinals for the top 15 in 2004! She will be on her way to Miss Universe in hoping to make the top 15 and continuing the streak of T&T. The 2006 Miss T&T World is Tinkete de Freitas. She will represent T&T at Miss World 2006 in September. The 1st runner up was Valene Maharaj.
3/28/06: Miss Teen World, the international world pageant attracting different countries of the world to compete. Like Miss Teen USA and Miss Teen America, teens would compete for the world title. For more events and news visit: .
3/11/06: Miss Chinatown USA 2005, Carol Chen, was crowned Miss San Francisco 2006 on March 11, 2006. She will represent San Francisco at Miss California 2006.
Yesterday March 1, 2006 in China, the Miss Universe China competition was held. Miss Fang, #24, was the winner. She also bagged Miss Style and Miss Shine award. The 1st RU, took Miss Goodwill. During the final night, Nicholas Tse (HK Singer) appeared, with other performers. There was an evening gown and swimsuit competition, narrowing the cut from 50 to only the top 5. Besides that, other awards were given out, like Miss Media Popularity, Miss Energy, Miss Photogenic, Miss Talent, and more. Latest news: Fang Qi, the 2006 MUC winner is dethroned. The reason explained by the president of the Chinese Organization was that she failed to accomplish her duties as the winner which include: training (for Miss Universe 2006), appearances, and other activities. The 1st runner up, Miss Hui, standing at 1.79m tall and 22 years old, she will represent China at Miss Universe 2006.

Photo up: Miss Canada Universe 2006, Alice Panikian.

3/22/06:The Miss Universe Canada 2006 Pageant was held yesterday in Montreal, Canada. 49 beauties competed for the crown, and the hot favorite, Alice Panikian took the title of Miss Universe Canada 2006. She also bagged the Miss Photogenic award, and the preliminary Miss Christina Swimsuit award. 1st runner up is Ana Zotovic, also Miss Christina Swimsuit award 2nd runner up winner. 2nd runner up is Angela Triantafyllakis, 3rd runner up, Fanny Samaniego, and 4th runner up was Galyna Skrypnyk. The top 10 include: Claudia Cote, Shaileen Stanley, Stephanie Cloutier, Melanie Marcotte, and Stacy Mckinney. The top 15 are: Isobel Agar, Maika Desnoyers, Tiffany Boulton, Marie-Pierre Gonneville, Catherine Frechette. The other award winners are: Leslie Cloutier (People's Choice Award), Ana Zotovic (Best Hair), and Abigail Lee (Miss Congeniality). Alice will represent Canada at Miss Universe 2006. With her height and looks, definitely top 5 material.  

3/04/06: The new Binibining Pilipinas 2006 Universe, World, and International are crowned! One mystery is unknown because on the offical site of Binibining Pilipinas 2006, there are 18 offical delegates but on the clip for YourTube, there is 23! Anyway, #17, Miss Lia Andrea Ramos, emerged as the new Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2006 winner, and will represent Philppines at Miss Universe 2006. She also walked away with half the awards including: Miss Photogenic, Best in Swimsuit, Miss Philippine Airlines, and Miss Beautiful Hair award. I accept her to did quite good at Miss Universe 2006. For Binibining Pilipinas World 2006, it went to #20, Miss Anna Maris Igpit, also winner of Best in Evening Gown. She will represent Philippines at Miss World 2006 held in September. For Binibining Pilipinas International 2006, it went to #9 Denille Lou Valmonte. 1st Runner up was #11, Rosalyn Santiago and 2nd Runner up was #21, Jeanne Bernadette Bello, also Miss Talent. The other 5 semifinalists were #5, 10, 13, 18, 22. Other awards were won by: #4, Mylene Maligaya (Miss Friendship) and #7, Louise Dianne Navera (MB Reader's Choice award).