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Miss PR China wins Miss World 2007!
Two nights ago concluded the world's largest beauty pageant in the world - Miss World 2007. In the end, local favorite, Miss China, PR of, Zhang Zilin won the crown. It is the first time the nation has won the title and Zhang is the first Far East winner and the first from Asia since 2000 when India won. Miss Zilin became the big favorite weeks into the competition after she placed 3rd in the Miss World Beach beauty competition and won the Miss World Top Model competition. Zhang is also the first lady in many years to win in her home country. Sanya, China, this year's host has been the host of the pageant for 4 years already (2003-2005, 2007). In the event Sanya hosts, three Miss China Worlds have placed, and one of them went on to win the crown. Second place went to Angola's Micaela Reis who was also 7th place at Miss Universe 2007. She is currently the highest placed delegate from Angola at Miss World. Mexico finished third place, the nation's 4th consecutive placement and top 3 placement for the second time in three years.
Suprises of the night were Dominican Republic's exclusion from the top 5. The beauty has been the big favorite for bookmakers and local press but failed to make the cut. Lithuania was also Europe's strongest contender but also did not place. Trinidad and Tobago and Sweden were alternates on the list however they weren't expected to male the top 5. Fans excepted Dominican Republic, Jamaica, or Malaysia to take their places. As for Pageant Beauties's predictions, every semifinalist was on either our semifinalist list or alternates list.
For the first time, the Beauty With A Purpose award was shared by two delegates - Misses Ecuador and Hong Kong China. Due to this, the number of semifinalists became 16 rather than the originally purposed 15. Both made the semifinals breaking a long year without placement. For Ecuador it is 21 years and for Hong Kong China it is 20 years. With Hong Kong China's placement, it is currently 73th in Global Beauties's Grand Slam Ranking () and the nation has been named Best Mover of the Year. Great job Hong Kong! Previously the nation has also placed at Miss International after a 21 year curse. Grenada participated for the 3rd time only and one of their two previous placements was first (when Jennifer Hosten was named Miss World 1970). The Island has placed again after 37 years. Congratulations to all winners and delegates! Another wonderful year of Miss World. See you next year for Miss World 2008 in Ukraine!
Miss China crowned Miss World 2007
Indo-Asian News Service
Saturday, December 1, 2007 (Sanya, China)
Miss China Zi Lin Zhang was crowned Miss World 2007 at a glittering event at the Chinese tourist resort of Sanya Saturday, beating 106 participants. India's Sarah-Jane Dias failed to make it to the semi-finals.

Miss Angola Micaela Reis, 18, was the first runner up while 19-year-old Carolina Mor n from Mexico was the second runner up at the gala Saturday night held in the Crown of Beauty Theater at Sanya in Hainan province.

Zhang was crowned by last year's Miss World, Tatana Kucharova, from the Czech Republic, after Julia Morley, chairperson of the Miss World Organisation and of the international panel of judges, announced her name as the winner.

Valene Maharaj of Trinidad and Tobago and Annie Oliv of Sweden were the other two in the last five at the pageant, the second largest edition after Miss World 2003.

The delegates reached Sanya on November 2 and visited a number of popular spots in China.

In the fast track awards, Zhang was the Miss World Top Model, Miss Dominican Republic Ada Aim e de la Cruz the Miss World Beach Beauty, Miss United States Abigail McCary the Miss World Sports and Miss Ghana Irene Dwomoh the Miss World Talent.

The Beauty With A Purpose title was won jointly by Miss Ecuador Valeska Saab and Miss Hong Kong Kayi Cheung.

Unlike 2005 and 2006 editions, this year's event did not have continental zones in the selection of the semi-finalists.

The event, hosted by Chinese TV presenter Angela Chow and Latin American celebrity Fernando Allende, also witnessed some high voltage and touching dance performances.

One of the highlights was Mandla Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mandela, introducing his grandfather's televised message on World Aids Day. It was followed by children from South Africa and a local school and all the contestants joining in singing the World Aids Day song.
The top 5 and Miss World 2007 Continental Queens of Beauty - Sweden (Europe), Trinidad & Tobago (Caribbean), Mexico (Americas), China (Asia and Oceania), and Angola (Africa)
Delegates during the evening gown parade.
Delegates parade in swimsuits during the introduction.
Miss Korea World 2007, Eun Ju Cho walks to receive her Best Dress Designer award.
Delegates congratulate Miss China as the new Miss World. Photos courtesy of UNIAN ().
Miss World 2007 LIVE Results:
Winner: People's Republic of China
1st runner up: Angola
2nd runner up: Mexico
Top 5 finalists: Trinidad & Tobago and Sweden
Top 16 semifinalists: Austria, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ghana, Grenada, Hong Kong China, Jamaica, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, USA, and Venezuela
Miss World Continental Queens:
Queen of Africa: Angola
Queen of Europe: Sweden
Queen of America: Mexico
Queen of Asia & Oceania: China PR
Queen of the Caribbean: Trinidad & Tobago
Fast Track Awards (Guaranteed into the top 16):
Miss World Beach Beauty: Dominican Republic
Miss World Sports: USA
Miss World Top Model: People's Republic of China
Miss World Talent: Ghana
Beauty With A Purpose: Ecuador and Hong Kong China (Reported tie between two)
Best Dress Designer award: Korea
Comments to come later.
Tomorrow is Miss World 2007!
Indeed it is very fast because one month has past. The 106 delegates will vie for the Miss World 2007 crown, the largest international beauty pageant with over 100 contestants. Today delegates had a dress rehearsal for the press to expect what will tomorrow's show be like. Private preliminary interviews has been conducted yesterday and on Wednesday and the other 10 semifinalists has been chosen.
This year's quality is like previous years, with big favorite clearly being Miss Dominican Republic but can she win like how Rosanna Davison of Ireland did in 2003? Miss Davison was the big favorite to win in 2003 and was also Miss World Beach Beauty. She went on to win the crown. Besides that the bookmakers have all the odds on her too but just today a new bookmakers favorite arise, Miss People's Republic of China (). Miss PR China is the top bet of 14 bookmakers agents and Dominican Republic follows closely in second place. China has never won the crown and came close in 2003 when the pageant was staged in China. The country finished 3rd, the nation's highest placement at the pageant. This year's Miss PR China, Zi Lin Zhang is also strong. She won the Miss World Top Model competition with her extraordinary catwalk and could take the whole competition. It is a close race between them two.
Other strong favorites include Angola who is Africa's strongest representive. She has been a favorite since the beginning due to her 7th place finish at Miss Universe this year. Caribbean's strongest delegate would have to be Dominican Republic. However Jamaica has also been on the top for bookmakers and pageant fans. She is the one who might overtake Dominican Republic. Puerto Rico is also another favorite to win the Miss World Caribbean title. Trinidad and Tobago is also a strong dark horse. And of course, Grenada should not be neglected. She is very stunning and can easily win Miss World Caribbean.
From Europe, Lithuania is the big favorite. Russia, Italy, and Austria are other favorites. Scotland has also been a runner up at two fast track events - Sports and Talent. She is another favorite to win. Can Eupore win again? It all depends on them. Slovenia and Slovakia should not be overlooked. They can easily pull a surprise. From the Americas, Venezuela failed to become a favorite. The pageant powerhouse has recently lost ground in Miss World after missing the cut in 2004 and 2005. She might impress the judges though. USA has automatically made the cut after winning Miss World Sports but Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, and Canada are strong. In Asia Pacific, PR China dominates like said before. Host delegate and Miss World Top Model winner. Malaysia and Japan are strong too. Surprises might be Korea and Beauty With A Purpose top 5 finalists - Indonesia and Hong Kong China. Both Indonesia and Hong Kong China gained some attention after their finalist finish for the Beauty With A Purpose award. They have also made the Pageant Cafe list of long shots. Both have the power to pull a surprise.
From Africa we have Angola being the front runner, South Africa who also competed at Miss Universe with Angola, and Ghana who already made the top 15. Below is a list of final predictions from each region and the predictions for tonight's show. Who is your pick to win? UK viewers can view the show at Challenge TV and Star World at 12:00 p.m. UK time. The website () will also have the latest clips of the pageant. The pageant will be held at 8:00 p.m. Sanya time.
The show's format will run like this (Courtesy of Global Beauties):

The opening number consists of a performance by a Chinese dance company. The candidates then enter the stage in swimwear, dancing to Miss World's opening theme. After that, they are all introduced wearing evening gowns. The best evening gown creation is then announced.

The five fast-track winners are called on stage, first the already known winners - Dominican Republic (Beach Beauty), China (Top Model), USA (Sports) and Ghana (Talent), and then videos showing the top 5 social projects are displayed (Hong Kong, Ecuador, Jamaica, Indonesia and Sweden). The 5th fast-track winner (Beauty With a Purpose) is then announced.

Following that we will get to meet the other 10 semi-finalists, all picked by the judging panel during the preliminary interviews. After each of the semi-finalists is announced, a video with the delegate introducing herself will appear.

Then the judges will choose five finalists, who will each have 40 seconds to convene them why she should be the next Miss World.

Finally, Miss World Chairman, Julia Morley announces who the two runner-ups and the winner are.

Viewers' Choice for Miss World 2007
Who is your favorite to win the Miss World 2007 crown? [10170 votes total]

Miss Albania World, Elda Dushi (141) 1%
Miss Angola World, Micaela Patricia Reis (10) 0%
Miss Argentina World, Alejandra Noelia Bernal (13) 0%
Miss Aruba World, Boyoura Martijn (5) 0%
Miss Australia World, Caroline Louise Clowes Pemberton (1) 0%
Miss Austria World, Christine Reiler (5) 0%
Miss Bahamas World, Anya Watkins (9) 0%
Miss Belarus World, Alena Aladka (10) 0%
Miss Belgium World, Halima Chehaima (16) 0%
Miss Belize World, Felicita "Leesha" Arzú (25) 0%
Miss Bolivia World, Sandra Lea Hernández Saavedra (16) 0%
Miss Bosnia and Herzegovina World, Gordana Tomić (284) 3%
Miss Botswana World, Malebogo Marumoagae (3) 0%
Miss Brazil World, Regiane Andrade (153) 2%
Miss Bulgaria World, Paolina Racheva (1) 0%
Miss World Canada, Sara Ghulam (19) 0%
Miss Cayman Islands World, Rebecca Parchment (10) 0%
Miss Chile World, Bernardita Zúñiga Huesbe (119) 1%
Miss China, P.R. of World, Eilin Zi Lin Zhang (65) 1%
Miss Chinese Taipei World, Yen Chin Li (1) 0%
Miss Colombia World, María José Torrenegra Ariza (49) 0%
Miss Costa Rica World, Wendy del Carmen Cordero Sánchez (5) 0%
Miss Croatia World, Tajana Jeremić (8) 0%
Miss Curaçao World, Mckeyla Antoinette Richards (2) 0%
Miss Cyprus World, Dora Anastasiou (1) 0%
Miss Czech Republic World, Kateřina Sokolová (3) 0%
Miss Denmark World, Line Kruuse (11) 0%
Miss Dominican Republic World, Ada Aimée de la Cruz (281) 3%
Miss Ecuador World, Valeska Alexandra Saab Gómez (93) 1%
Miss El Salvador World, Silvia Michelle Melhado Rodríguez (116) 1%
Miss England World, Georgia Faye Horsley (2) 0%
Miss Estonia World, Kadi Sizask (0) 0%
Miss Ethiopia World, Mihiret Abebe (3) 0%
Miss Finland World, Linnea Eeric Annickki Aaltonen (3) 0%
Miss France World, Rachel Legrain-Trapani (5) 0%
Miss Georgia World, Tamar Nemsitsveridze (0) 0%
Miss Germany World, Janice Behrendt (0) 0%
Miss Ghana World, Irene Akosua Boatemaa Dwomoh (2) 0%
Miss Gibraltar World, Danielle Samantha Pérez (1) 0%
Miss Greece World, Aikaterini Evangelinou (8) 0%
Miss Grenada World, Vivian Charlott Burkhardt (16) 0%
Miss Guadeloupe World, Nancy Karen Fleurival (1) 0%
Miss Guatemala World, Hamy Nataly Tejeda Funes (28) 0%
Miss Guyana World, Candace Charles (17) 0%
Miss Hong Kong China World, Kayi Cheung (20) 0%
Miss Hungary World, Krisztina Bodri (13) 0%
Miss Iceland World, Jóhanna Vala Jónsdóttir (969) 10%
Miss India World, Sarah-Jane Dias (54) 1%
Miss Indonesia World, Kamidia Radisti (37) 0%
Miss Ireland World, Bláthnaid McKenna (3) 0%
Miss Israel World, Liran Kohener (1) 0%
Miss Italy World, Giada Wiltshire (122) 1%
Miss Jamaica World, Yendi Phillips (4514) 44%
Miss Japan World, Rui Watanabe (4) 0%
Miss Kazakhstan World, Dana Kaparova (2) 0%
Miss Kenya World, Catherine Wangari Wainaina (0) 0%
Miss Korea World, Eun-Ju Cho (1) 0%
Miss Latvia World, Kristīne Djadenko (0) 0%
Miss Lebanon World, Nadine Njeim (14) 0%
Miss Lithuania World, Jurgita Jurkuté (62) 1%
Miss Macedonia, FYR of World, Jana Stojanovska (1) 0%
Miss Malaysia World, Deborah Priya Henry (78) 1%
Miss Malta World, Stephanie Zammit (0) 0%
Miss Martinique World, Vanessa Beauchaints (2) 0%
Miss Mauritius World, Melody Selvon (0) 0%
Miss Mexico World, Carolina Morán Gordillo (601) 6%
Miss Moldova World, Ina Codreanu (0) 0%
Miss Mongolia World, Oyungerel Gankhuyag (2) 0%
Miss Montenegro World, Marija Ćirović (3) 0%
Miss Namibia World, Marichen Jolandi Luiperth (2) 0%
Miss Nepal World, Sitashma Chand (8) 0%
Miss Netherlands World, Melissa Sneekes (10) 0%
Miss New Zealand World, Stephanie Maria Dods (3) 0%
Miss Nigeria World, Manuchi Gail Teresa Abii Nwankwo (6) 0%
Miss Northern Ireland World, Melissa Jane Patton (2) 0%
Miss Norway World, Lisa-Mari Moen Jünge (3) 0%
Miss Panama World, Shey Ling Him Gordon (21) 0%
Miss Paraguay World, María de la Paz Vargas Morinigo (1) 0%
Miss Peru World, Cynthia Jessenia Calderón Ulloa (64) 1%
Miss Philippines World, Margaret Nales Wilson (560) 6%
Miss Poland World, Karolina Zakrzewska (8) 0%
Miss Puerto Rico World, Jennifer Guevara Campos (491) 5%
Miss Romania World, Elena Roxana Azoitei (3) 0%
Miss Russia World, Tatiana Kotova (4) 0%
Miss Scotland World, Nieve Jennings (4) 0%
Miss Serbia World, Mirjana Božović (7) 0%
Miss Sierra Leone World, Fatmata B. Turay (2) 0%
Miss Singapore World, Roshni Kaur Soin (4) 0%
Miss Slovakia World, Veronika Husárová (0) 0%
Miss Slovenia World, Tadeja Ternar (5) 0%
Miss South Africa World, Megan Kate Coleman (25) 0%
Miss Spain World, Natalia Zabala Arroyo (25) 0%
Miss Sri Lanka World, Romanthi Maria Colombage (7) 0%
Miss Suriname World, Charisse Melany Moll (3) 0%
Miss Swaziland World, Nkosing'phile Dlamini (2) 0%
Miss Sweden World, Annie Oliv (3) 0%
Miss Tanzania World, Richia Maria Adhia (2) 0%
Miss Thailand World, Kanokkorn Jaicheun (8) 0%
Miss Trinidad and Tobago World, Valene Maharaj (23) 0%
Miss Turkey World, Mukerrem Selen Soyder (36) 0%
Miss Uganda World, Monica Kansiime Kasyate (0) 0%
Miss Ukraine World, Lika Roman (3) 0%
Miss United States World, Abigail McCary (150) 1%
Miss Venezuela World, Claudia Paola Suárez Fernández (579) 6%
Miss Vietnam World, Thu Minh Dang Thi (27) 0%
Miss Wales World, Kelly-Louise Pesticcio (1) 0%
Miss Zimbabwe World, Caroline Marufu (4) 0%
Viewers' Choice for Miss World 2007 is
Miss Jamaica, Yendi Phillips! Miss Phillips came by storm as she overcame the two favorites for the award earlier - Iceland and Mexico. Misses Iceland and Mexico lead the poll for 2 and 1 weeks represectively but in the end Miss Phillips suddenly gained a large amount of supporters and votes to make her the winner! A record of 10710 votes have been recorded, the most ever for a PB's Viewers' Choice poll. Thanks for voting! She is the viewers' and fans' choice for Miss World 2007. Congratulations!
Pageant Beauties's Miss World 2007 is
It's her Miss Dominican Republic, Ada Aimee de la Cruz! Ada is very tall and stunning and is the big favorite to win for many sites. She will be a good Miss World. She is the first woman from the Dominican Republic to win the PB's Miss World title. She succeeds Miss Venezuela World 2006 who was PB's Miss World 2006. Congratulations!
In Second place is Miss People's Republic of China. It was definitely a close race between both delegates. The scores were extremely close. Miss Lithuania was third. Here are the final predictions with each continental group winner and Beauty With A Purpose award winner.
Miss World 2007 Final Predictions:
Miss World 2007 and PB's Miss World 2007: Miss Dominican Republic (Miss World Beach Beauty)
1st runner up: People's Republic of China (Miss World Top Model)
2nd runner up: Lithuania
3rd runner up: USA (Miss World Sports)
4th runner up: Malaysia
Top 15 (6th to 15th place): *Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Grenada, Angola, *Ecuador, Russia, Austria, Italy, and Ghana (Miss World Talent)
Alternates (from 16th to 30th place): Venezuela, Brazil, Ukraine, Trinidad & Tobago, Japan, Philippines, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Spain, *Sweden, Canada, *Hong Kong China, *Indonesia, Australia, and Korea
Miss World Continental Queens predictions:
Queen of Asia & Oceania: People's Republic of China
Queen of Europe: Lithuania
Queen of Caribbean: Dominican Republic
Queen of Americas: USA
Queen of Africa: Angola
Beauty With A Purpose prediction (1st to 5th place): Jamaica, Indonesia, Hong Kong China, Ecuador, and Sweden
Best Dress Designer award: Miss People's Republic of China
*=Top 5 finalists for the Beauty With A Purpose award. The winner will automatically make the top 15 and if she is one of the ten picks from the judges to make the cut, the delegate in 11th place from the judges picks will make the cut.
Also note this year there will be NO continental group awards announced during the finals like previous years (2005 and 2006). This means no delegate will automatically make the top 6 like in 2005 and 2006.
Pageant Beauties wishes all the delegates the best of luck. Expect lots of surprises and suspense in Miss World. May the best delegate win!
Miss Ghana World, Irene Dwomoh holds a trophy after being announced as Miss World Talent 2007.
Miss World Talent 2007 results:
Winner: Ghana
1st runner up: Scotland
2nd runner up: Sweden
Top 17 Finalists:
Australia, Canada, England, Gibraltar, Grenada, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Macedonia FYRO, Malaysia
Malta, Singapore, Slovakia, and Thailand
Eighteen highly talented contestants performed in the Miss World Talent Final tonight and it was Ghana’s wonderfully original comic afro dance which deservedly carried the day.

In second place was Scotland’s beautiful rendition of the ‘Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond’ and Sweden’s very appropriate final performance of the evening, Abba’s ‘Thank You For The Music’, took third.

The decision was an extremely close one with all of the top three being favoured by two judges each – it was only when placings were taken into account that Ghana won the verdict. 

With all eighteen performances deserving of huge praise in a talent show that was as varied as one could have possibly imagined, it was hardly surprising that the judges struggled to separate the contenders. From a comic monologue to an operatic aria; from linear flower arranging to kung fu dancing; from a magic show to flamenco dancing – this talent show had it all.   

At the end it was Ghana’s beaming smile under her wonderful afro wig which shone out in the Holiday Inn ballroom as she was presented with her Miss World Fast Track trophy by the reigning Miss World, Tatana Kucharova.  Then the party could really begin!

Iceland continues to lead Viewers' Choice poll
Miss Iceland World continues to lead the poll. She has held the top position for 1 week already. Voting will end on November 30th, 2007. The poll has received 5200 votes already, the most ever for our Viewers' Choice poll! Thank you for voting.
There are only three more days until the finals. Delegates are currently soaking it all up and did last minute shopping. They will have lots of rehearsals in the upcoming days. A review of each continental group will be published soon. For now view the updated list of top 15 and alternates:
Current top 15: Lithuania, USA, Grenada, People's Rupublic of China, Dominican Republic, Malaysia, Scotland, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Japan, Mexico, Angola, Brazil, and Philippines
Alternates: Ecuador, Albania, Trinidad and Tobago, Northern Ireland, and Sweden
*Delegates who have already made the top 15 after winning a fast track event include: Dominican Republic (Beach Beauty), USA (Sports), People's Republic of China (Top Model), and Ghana (Talent). The winner of the last fast track event, Beauty With A Purpose will be announced during the finals on December 1st.*
Miss World Talent 2007 results:
Winner: Ghana
1st runner up: Scotland
2nd runner up: Sweden
Miss Ghana World, Irene Dwomoh has won the Miss World Talent award, the 4th fast track event of the competition. She has automatically make the top 15. She successes Miss Ghana World 2006, Lamisi Mbillah who won the Beauty With A Purpose award which automatically qualified her to make the top 17 last year.
Miss China, PR of wins Miss World Top Model
The 3rd fast track event, Miss World Top Model was held today in Beijing during the Dynasties Fashion Show. Delegates modeled in different chinese designs and gowns where a panel of judges chose Miss Eilin Zi Lin Zhang of the People's Republic of China as Miss World Top Model. She automatically makes the top 15 semifinalists list. Miss Zhang was also 2nd runner up earlier at the Miss World Beach Beauty competition. Second place went to Miss Puerto Rico and third went to Miss Mexico. Misses Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Trinidad & Tobago, and Venezuela rounded out the top 7.
Miss World Top Model 2007 results:
Winner: China
1st runner up: Puerto Rico
2nd runner up: Mexico
Top 7 finalists: Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Trinidad & Tobago, and Venezuela
Beauty With A Purpose top 5 announced:
Delegates in national costumes during the Red Cross Charity event.
On November 21st, 2007 the delegates attended the Red Cross Charity event. 24 delegates paraded in national costumes and through text messaging and donations, delegates raised $5.5 million USD for the Red Cross society in China. During the event, Miss World chairman Julia Morley announced the top 5 finalists of the Beauty With A Purpose award, in which the winner of the award will auotmatically make the top 15 like Miss Korea and Ghana in 2005 and 2006. The top 5 finalists include:

Miss Hong Kong China, Kayi Cheung: Helps old people and regularly works at retirement homes. She also has strong ties with UNICEF.

Miss Ecuador, Valeska Saab: Helps people with a terrible generic skin condition called Itchiosis.

Miss Jamaica, Yendi Phillips: Helped people recover from a hurricane which hit the island by organising a fashion show and music event.

Miss Indonesia, Kamidia Radisti: Helps less fortunate children with home schooling, free medical services for babies and young children.

Miss Sweden, Annie Oliv: Has for the last two years worked with a disabled person who has always been in a wheelchair and unable to do anything for herself.

The winner of this award will be announced during the finals on December 1st, 2007. One of these five finalists will become a top 15 semifinalist. Who do you think has the best field of contribution? Who do you will win?


Delegates visit The Great Wall:
The 106 delegates continued their tour of Beijing by visiting the most famous landmark of Beijing and China and one of the seven wonders of the world - The Great Wall. Delegates visited the Badaling section of the wall and view the beautiful scenery as they walked up the wall. Delegates took pictures and on the way up to the top, 2 groups of delegates sang the Olympic Torch Anthem to celebrate the 2008 Summer Olympics.
Who will win the Beauty With A Purpose award?
The winner of the award will be announced tonight during the Red Cross Charity Ball event where delegates auction their items bought from their countries to Beijing. The winner of the award will automatically make the top 15.
Delegates arrive in Beijing
After weeks of touring Sanya, delegates traveled to Hainan and has arrived in Beijing! Beijing will be the site of the 2008 Summer Olympics and is the capital of China. Delegates were presented with Olympics mascots or bears in five different colors which resemble and have different meanings. They also got the chance to record the 2008 Summer Olympics torch relay anthem. The anthem is named as Light the Passion, Share the Dream. Delegates sang the following lyrics of the song:

Flame is the light like a star in the sky
It will burn forever strong and light the way for you and I
We wish upon the stars, that dreams will take us far
Hope and peace in the world we all belong

Love love love we will share together
Love love love we are one

One world one dream
Let us share our hearts together all as one
In a place where we join in the harmony
One world one dream
Let us celebrate the powers of our heroes
Who’ll rise with strength and pride

Love love love we will share together
Love love love we are one

Time and time again they flexed their power spirit and glory
Win or lose they stood together high
Hearts and souls unite together
Bring the worlds to love each other
Reach reach for the sky

One world one dream
Let us share our hearts together all as one
In a place where we join in harmony
One world one dream
Let us celebrate the powers of our heroes
Who’ll rise with strength and pride
Light the passion share the dream all as one

The song will be broadcasted during the finals on December 1st, 2007. The delegates will stay in Beijing for 4 days, while visiting the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, and other landmarks.

Iceland continues to lead Viewers' Choice Poll

Iceland's Jóhanna Vala Jónsdóttir is still going strong by gaining 667 votes out of 3500 total votes. She has lead the poll for almost a week already! Will she hang on to the position?


Delegates visit the Pulanna Factory
Yesterday the delegates visited the Pulanna Factory to view Pulanna's natural herbal cosmetics and pharmaceutical factory. They were greeted with chinese women in traditional costumes waving white handkerchieves and colourfully clad band. Then like past years, the delegates planted a "Beauty Tree" to to remember the event. The delegates then put on indoor shoes and pink or white coats while touring the inside factory.
Photos of delegates during the Hainan Carnival Parade yesterday:
Delegates attend Hainan Carnival Parade
The 106 delegates paraded in floats yesterday with the reigning Miss World 2006, Tatana Kucharova of the Czech Republic. The delegates took many pictures as they traveled along the streets of Sanya, China. Delegates had a fun time playing games and waving their hands. They will soon travel to China's capital, Beijing to take part in the Miss World Talent competition, the third fast track event of five total events. The top 20 semifinalists for the event are yet to be named.
Delegates visit Deer Park on November 15th
26 delegates had a fun time exploring Deer Park near Sanya's coastline. The park is a national landmark of China, and has attracted millions of tourists every year to visit. The delegates also walked up to a huge stone monument and a gnarled old tree where they wrote their wish on a red ribbon and tied it to a branch. They also had a fun time buying gifts and souvenirs at a gift shop. The gifts included necklaces, hats, and more.
Miss Hong Kong China hold a cake after celebrating her 24th birthday in Sanya.
New leader for Viewers' Choice poll:
Miss Mexico World held the 1st position for many days but there has been a new leader. Miss Iceland World, Jóhanna Vala Jónsdóttir is currently the leader with 602 votes, gaining 19% of the whole poll. Miss Mexico World has dropped to second place, with 12% and 376 votes. Voting will not be closed until November 30, 2007 so keep on voting.
Misses United States, Scotland, Sweden, and Wales pose with gold medals after the competition. Photo courtesy of the Miss World Organization ().
Miss United States World, Abigail McCary wins Miss World Sports!
The second of the five fast track events, Miss World Sports was helded yesterday in Sanya. Delegates had to go through rounds of fitness and strength competitions and in the end, Miss United States World, Abigail McCary was named Miss World Sports. She is the first Miss United States to win the title and will automatically make the top 15. Abigail has been known to be a athletic and her win was not a surprise. She is also only the second Miss United States to win a fast track event, lasting being Nancy Randall, Miss United States World 2004. Nancy won the Miss World Beach Beauty award and went on to place as second runner up. First, second, and third runner ups for the Miss World Sports title were the representives of Sweden, Scotland, and Wales respectively. Congratulations to all winners!
Delegates drop to 106:
Originally the 107 delegates arrived in Sanya for the pageant but days ago, Miss Chinese Taipei World, Yen Chin Li withdrawed the pageant. This drops the number of delegates from 107 to 106.
Who will become Miss World Top Model?
The Miss World Top Model competition started in 2004 and has not been helded since. Delegates parade in fashions and display their run way skills. The competition will be helded on November 24, 2007.
Miss World Talent and Miss World Sports:
Two fast track events, Miss World Talent and Miss World Sports will be helded in the upcoming days. Currently Miss World Sports is being helded in Sanya right now. The winner of the event will automatically make the top 15. The delegates have auditioned for the Miss World Talent competition which will be helded later. More than 70 delegates displayed their talent and the judges picked the top 20 semifinalists which will compete in Shanghai next week for the Miss World Talent title.

Miss Beach Beauty 2007: Dominican Republic, Ada de la Cruz
1st Runner-up: Jamaica, Yendi Phillips
2nd Runner-up: China, People's Republic Of, Zi Lin Zhang

Top 5 finalists: Lithunia (Jurguita Jurgute) and Mexico (Carolina Moran Gordillo)

Top 21 semifinalists:

Austria, Christine Reiler
Belgium, Halima Chehaima
Brazil, Regiane Andrade
Ethiopia, Mihret Abebe
Grenada, Vivian Burkhardt
Italy, Giada Wiltshire
Japan, Rui Watanabe
Korea, Eun-ju Cho

Lebanon, Nadine Njeim
Malaysia, Deborah Henry
Mongolia, Oyungerel Gankhuyag
Philippines, Margaret Wilson
Spain, Natalia Zabala
Trinidad & Tobago, Valene Maharaj
Ukraine, Lika Roman
Venezuela, Claudia Suarez

The Miss World Beach Beauty competition, the first track event was helded today in Sanya, China. The 107 delegates modeled in swimsuits designed by Miss World 1975, Wilnelia Merced from Puerto Rico. In the end the big favorite in the competition so far, Miss Dominican Republic, Ada de la Cruz was selected the winner. She is automatically into the top 15 semifinalists list. Congratulations! Originally it was excepted that there will be a top 20 list but because of a tie for 20th place, one more semifinalist was named.


Today contestants attended the annual Welcome Dinner. View the contestants in evening gowns during their entry by 
Contestants visit Yalong Bay Golf Club on November 6th.
Contestants pose in Yalong Bay Golf Club.
Misses Sweden, USA, Wales, and Belarus practice their golf skills.
Contestants attend Opening Press Conference:
Misses Angola, India, China, South Africa, USA, and Lithuania made short speeches during press conference.
During the press conference, some important announcements were made. First it has been announced that the contestants will enjoy a special Olympic Stadium visit for the 2008 Summer Olympics. They will get to tour the stadium first hand before the offical opening ceremony on August 8, 2008. Former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela will also give a special televised message during the grand final to be helded on December 1, 2007. For the other announcements, visit:
Miss Beach Beauty Competition:
Currently the contestants are parading in swimsuits and judged by a special panel of judges. The judges will narrow the 107 contestants to a top 15, 20, or 25. Then another top 10 will be chosen from the smaller field until a top 5 is announced. The runner ups and winner will be then revealed. The winner will automatically be a top 15 semifinalist during the finals. The winner will be known soon. Go to the offical website, for more news.
On November 6th, Miss Swaziland World, Phile Dlamini holds a cake after celebrating her 23th birthday with the contestants. Like Miss Nigeria World, the contestants sang Happy Birthday in English and Spanish to Phile.
Miss Mexico World, Carolina Gordillo continues to lead poll:
So far Miss Mexico World, Carolina Gordillo continues to lead the Viewers' Choice poll. She has 332 votes so far, 17% of the whole poll. 1902 votes has been counted so far. Thanks for voting. Will Carolina get to continue the lead?
Current top 15 list: Lithuania, USA, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Grenada, China, South Africa, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Angola, Austria, Philippines, and india
Bubbling Up: Italy, Northern Ireland, Montenegro, Thailand, and Japan
Miss World 2007 Chinese Offical Site:
Also two other names had been added to the judges panel. They will select 10 out of the 15 semifinalists this year. The two other judges include:
  • From England, Annabel Croft (Former tennis star and television presenter.)
  • From England, Ben de List (Reknowned fashion designer.)


Miss World 2007 Panel of Judges revealed:
  • From Italy, Nancy Dell'Olio (Ex girlfriend of England national football captain Sven Eriksson, tv presenter and socialite.)
  • From England, Martin Kemp (Member of the band Spandau Ballet in the 1980's.)
  • From England, Duncan James (Former member of the boy band Blue, now an actor and tv presenter.)
  • From Puerto Rico, Wilnelia Merced Forsythe (Miss World 1975 and fashion designer. She also designed the swimsuits for the miss Beach Beauty competition every year.)
  • From England, Julia Morley (President and chairman of the Miss World Organization.)

So far Miss Mexico World, Carolina Morán Gordillo leads our Viewers' Choice poll with 145 votes out of 420 votes, taking over 35% of the whole poll. Will she continue to lead the position?


Vote for your favorite to win Miss World 2007:
Viewers' Choice for Miss World 2007
Who is your favorite to win the Miss World 2007 crown?

Delegates visit 2007 International Cycle Race:
All photos courtesy of :
Delegates get interviewed on live TV.
On November 3th, 26 lucky delegates got to attend the Opening Ceremony of the International Cycle Race. They watched local dancers and gymnasts perform and were amazed with the display of fireworks. Delegates also met with their countries' team at the race. Miss Kazakhstan World said after meeting them: "My country is so important to me and I am so happy to see our team. I saw them at the airport when I travelled to China earlier this week and now I have seen them again. They support me and I support them. It would be great if we both did well in our competitions!"
Delegates pose with racers before the big race.
Delegates continue tour to Nanshan Buddhism Cultural Park:
Delegates pose for a picture.
26 delegates out of the 107 beauties continued their tour of Sanya on November 5th in the Nanshan Buddhism Cultural Park. The park has been well known for being the tallest sea based statue in the world. Delegates practised the Buddhist prayer ritual in the square and others did in the temple. Delegates enjoyed their visit to the giant Buddha and the temples that surround it.
Delegates visit Nantian hot springs:
Delegates relax in Nantian hot springs after filiming was conducted.
Over 20 delegates traveled to Nantian hot springs for filming. The footage will be shown on December 1st, 2007, during the live final event watched by 2 billion people around the world in 200 countries. Delegates also enjoyed the relaxing hot springs that are said to bring beautiful skin, relax stress, and bring good health.
Miss Nigeria's birthday:
Miss Nigeria World, Munachi Abii gets presented with a cake during her 20th birthday on November 5th, 2007
Miss Nigeria World, Munachi Abii was very happy on November 5th, 2007. It was her 20th birthday and she was congratulated with 106 other delegates around the world. She was presented with a cake and a party was helded for her in the Crowne Plaza Sanya Hotel. A traditional at almost every birthday party, same as Miss World was singing Happy Birthday. The other 106 delegates sang Happy Birthday in English and later Spanish. The Chinese chefs at the hotel also sang the song in Chinese as well as preparing the food for the party.
The eight birthday girls cut the cake.
It has been a traditional not just for Miss Nigeria World but for every contestant whose birthday falls during the Miss World competition to be celebrated. This year eight lucky contestants are birthday girls and their birthdays are during November 5th to December 1st. They include:

Nigeria (Munachi Abii) who will be 20 years old on November 5th
Swaziland (Nkosingiphile Dlamini) who will be 23 years old on  November 7th
Guatemala (Hamy Tejda Funes) who will be 23 years old on November 9th
Hong Kong China (Ka Yi Cheung) who will be 24 years old on November 18th
Israel (Liran Kohener) who will be 19 years old on November 20th
Bahamas (Anya Watkins) who will be 22 years old on November 23th
Hungary (Krisztina Bodri) who will be 22 years old on November 30th
Gibraltar (Danielle Perez) who will be 24 years old on December 1st

Earlier the eight delegates celebrated their birthdays earlier with a big cake. It is also the first time the nation of Hong Kong China celebrates her birthday in Sanya. No delegate from that nation has done that yet.

Virgin Media Network's Challenge channel to broadcast Miss World live in the UK:

Virgin Media Television’s light-entertainment channel Challenge has inked a deal with Zeal Entertainment, on behalf of the Miss World Organization, for the exclusive U.K. broadcast rights to the live Miss World 2007 competition final in December.

This marks the second consecutive year that Challenge will have aired the live two-hour Miss World final, which will be held on December 1 this year in Sanya, located in China’s Hainan Province. With global viewing figures of nearly two billion, Miss World is the largest live annual TV event, broadcast to nearly 200 countries. The Miss World 2006 final on Challenge attracted a third more 16- to 34-year-olds than the channel average and was up more than 141 percent on the slot average.

During the 57th edition of Miss World this year, contestants from more than 100 countries will embark on a four-week tour of China, which will include visits to the Olympic city of Beijing and the Great Wall of China. Charity fundraising will be a key part of the tour under the “Beauty with a Purpose” banner, which has seen Miss World raise over £250 million for good causes.

Celia Taylor, the director of programs for Virgin 1, Bravo, Bravo 2, Trouble and Challenge, said: “Miss World is a total joy. It’s a fantastic enduring brand that adds real glitz and glamour to Challenge’s winter schedule and is an indulgent treat for everyone.”

For more updates on Miss World showings in your country, visit our Airing Dates section.


Offical Site:
Global Beauties:

Pageant Beauties' Current top 15 (in no particular order): Dominican Republic, Mexico, Angola, Venezuela, Malaysia, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Ecuador, Trinidad & Tobago, China, Philippines, Spain, Austria, and France
Miss Beach Beauty Competition to be helded on November 10, 2007:
The Miss Beach Beauty competition will be helded next Saturday on November 10th. The 107 delegates will model swimsuits designed by Miss World 1975 Wilnelia Merced from Puerto Rico. The delegates will be then narrowed to a smaller field of delegates, usually a top 15 or 20. From there a top 5 will be chosen and the runner ups and winner will be announced. The winner will automatically make the semifinals since the competition was established in 2003. 
  • Misses Angola, France, Lebanon, Russia, South Africa, and Spain competed at Miss Universe 2007 helded in Mexico City, Mexico. Only Miss Angola made it and placed 7th overall.
  • Although 110+ delegates were excepted, only 107 made it to Sanya. This is the largest edition of participating nations at Miss World, tied with Miss World 2004.
  • The nations of Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Guernsey, Malawi, Switzerland, and US Virgin Islands withdrawed. Ten countries returned after not participating for at least one year: Suriname (1981), Sierra Leone (1988), Grenada (1996), Belize (2003), Lithuania and Paraguay (2004), Chinese Taipei, Nepal, New Zealand, and Uganda (2005).


Contestants arrive in Sanya, China:
Delegates arrived in Sanya, China for the pageant today. 107 delegates will compete. Nations of Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Guernsey, Malawi, Switzerland, and US Virgin Islands.
Offical Site:
Miss Universe Japan 2006 Kurara Chibana will not compete in Miss World 2007:
Earlier that has been rumors that Miss Chibana will compete in Miss World 2007 after placing 1st runner up and winning the Best National Costume award at Miss Universe 2006. However it is confirmed by the Miss World Organization that 23 year old Rui Watanabe of Tokyo is Miss World Japan 2007 and will represent Japan at Miss World 2007 ().
Meet the offical delegates:

Five fast track events, possibly top 15, top 17, or top 20:

This year there will be 5 fast track events, Miss Beach Beauty, Miss Talent, Miss World Sports, Miss World Top Model, and Beauty With A Purpose (). Like recent years, the winners of these events will automatically make the semifinals. This year there has been a rumor that there will be no continental zones so all the delegates will compete for the semifinals. This could mean that after the fast track events, there will be 10 spots for the viewers to vote on, making a top 15. The continental system might also be used again as the organization has yet to confirm the rumor. A top 20 might also be presented due to the increasing number of delegates in this year's pageant (it is excepted that more than 110 delegates will compete). Then the viewers' will get to choose the other 15 contestants. The interview system might also be used like in 2006 where a panel of judges choose half the number of delegates to make it into the semifinals depending on interview. Stay tuned to Pageant Beauties for the latest updates!


Miss Universe Japan 2006 Kurara Chibana to compete at Miss World 2007?
On, there has been news that Miss Universe Japan 2006 Kurara, 1st runner up and Best National Costume winner at Miss Universe 2006 will compete at Miss World 2007. The offical Miss World Japan site and offical Miss World site has yet to confirm the information but can it be true? The last time that a Miss Universe first runner up competed at Miss World was in 1979 when Gina Swainson of Bermuda finished 1st runner up at Miss Universe 1979 but later won the Miss World 1979 title. Can Kurara become the first Miss World Japan to win Miss World Asia Pacific and go on to win Miss World? It will soon be known. Besides Kurara, Angola will be represented also by a Miss Universe finalist and she is Micaela Reis who finished 7th at Miss Universe 2007. She is the favorite for the Miss World Africa title so far.
So far 112 delegates are excepted to represent their nations at Miss World. An additional 5-7 nations are excepted so about 110 delegates will be in Sanya, China for this year's pageant. If all works out, the pageant will break Miss Tourism Queen International 2007's record of 108 delegates, bringing the pageant the most number of delegates in any international beauty pageant.
Miss China 2007:
Miss China 2007 was crowned yesterday. Miss Yang Hanyang, hailing from Beijing was crowned Miss China 2007. She will represent China at Miss World 2007. Earlier also Miss France 2007 1st runner up Sophie Vouzelaud was excepted to compete at Miss World 2007 as the winner Rachel Trapani gave her the chance. However the Miss World Organization no longer accepts runner ups at the national pageant and did not accept Miss Vouzelaud's entry. Miss Trapani will compete at Miss World 2007. Also the same issue came up with Miss Hong Kong as traditional the first runner ups at the national pageant compete at Miss World while the winners doesn't. However this year TVB, organizers of the pageant enforced the new rule and Miss Hong Kong 2007 Kayi Cheung will compete at Miss World not 1st runner up Grace Wong who competed at Miss International 2007 finishing as a semifinalist.


Miss Regiane Andrade, a 23 year old student of psychology and model is crowned the new Miss Brasil Mundo. She will compete in the 2007 Miss World pageant to be helded on December 1, 2007 in Sanya, China. She was crowned by the outgoing titleholder, Jane Borges, Miss Brasil Mundo 2006 and Miss World Americas 2006.
Number of delegates to pageant:

So far 92 delegates around the world are excepted to compete at Miss World 2007. Nations to elect their representives soon are Hungary (9/26), Germany (9/29), Cayman Islands (9/26), Kenya (9/29), and many more in October. At least 109 delegates are excepted, breaking the most number of contestants in a beauty pageant set by the 2007 Miss Tourism Queen International pageant. The most could be up to 121 delegates to 124. For the latest information on the contestants elected, visit or .

The Miss World 2007 pageant will be helded in Sanya, China for the fourth time. It was last helded in 2005, where Unnur Birna of Iceland captured the 2005 title. Miss World 2003 and 2004 were also helded there. An estimated 100+ delegates will compete. This year five fast track (preliminary events) will be helded. They include: Miss World Sports, Miss World Talent, Miss World Beauty With A Purpose, Miss World Top Model, and Miss World Beach Beauty. All of the winners of these events will automatically make the semifinals. Adding two delegates from each region (Asia Pacific, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Caribbean, Americas, and Africa). Like last year, there will be 17 semifinalists this year.

Miss Turkey 2007:

Miss Turkey 2007 was crowned last week. The winner, Selen Soyder will represent Turkey at Miss World 2007 in Sanya, China. Miss Sinem Sülün was the 1st runner up and will take part in the Miss Universe 2008 pageant. The 2nd runner up, Feyza Çýpa will compete in Miss Europe 2007 and the 3rd runner up, Aslý Temel will compete in Miss International 2007.

Miss France 2007:

Sophie Vouzelaud will become the first deaf and mute person to compete in Miss World. She will represent France at Miss World 2007. Sophie finished as 1st runner up in the national pageant but winner Rachel Legrain-Trapani offered her the chance to compete in Miss World 2007. Rachel already competed in Mexico City this year for the Miss Universe 2007 title. "I admire her courage and determination. She is showing the world that a disability such as this should not stop people from going after their goals", said Rachel. Sophie will try to become the first deaf and mute Miss World winner. She will also become the first delegate to communicate in sign language during the Vote For Me show. Another deaf and mute beauty will also compete in a international pageant. She is Vanessa Peretti from Venezuela who will attempt to win the Miss International 2007 title and succeed Daniela Di Giacomo (Miss International 2006 from Venezuela).

Lima, Peru - Cynthya Calderon, 18, was crowned Miss Peru World yesterday night in Lima, Peru. She represented the department of Tacna. Maria Julia Montilla, Miss World 2004 from Peru, was one of the the judges.

The pageant was involved in some serious controversies over the past two weeks. Before yesterday's final event, 4 candidates withdrew.