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1. Tell us something about yourself (family, occupation, hobbies, etc)


I am eighteen year old Elrize Albert's a very passionate person who believes strongly in my goals, dreams, and convictions which I pursue with all my heart. Coming from a very loving and caring Christian family of four, my dad is a businessman who owns several businesses, my mother is a designer, and I have one brother who is 25 years of age. My family is the single most important thing to me in my life and by biggest support.  


I have a passion for learning about nature, society, and people. I love reading, gaining knowledge, and my favorite pastimes includes singing, dancing, and acting. Even after all my years modeling I still do have a passion for modeling even though I had been modeling since I was seven.    


I grew up in the heart of the Busheveld - Lephalale situated in the Limpopo province of South Africa.

I describe myself as a positive dedicated and motivated individual who sees life a journey and I intend to enjoy the ride. My philosophy is to take each opportunity that comes my way and to use it to the fullest and most productive way.


2. Why did you join your national pageant?

Since I was very young I had a dream to become a Miss Universe entering beauty pageants. This gave me the increased opportunity to make my dreams come true and build on my ambitions.


Entering Miss Teen South Africa was the ideal opportunity for me to put something back into my country, because you see to give is so much better that to receive for me, that I just had to do this pageant in South Africa.


It was a useful experience to meet people from all around the world, make new friends, gain self confidence, and develop myself at a metal of professional level as well as represent my country, South Africa at Miss Teen World 2006. 


3. Tell us about your country.


Situated in the Southern tip of the African continent, lies my country, South Africa. Consisting of more that 1 billion sq kilometers with a population of just over 45.3 million people which includes Africans, Asians, Europeans Hindus, and Chines. South Africa has been referred to as the ''rainbow country'' a title that illuminates our great diversity of people as the first most biological diverse country in the world; South Africa is indeed a Paradise waiting too be discovered.   


From our 20 national Parks - including seven world heritage sites home of two former Nobel prize winners, Mr. Desmond Tutu and Mr. Nelson Mandela. An abundant of wild life pasting beaches consisting of almost 300 km of cost lines and our majestic mounties like the in posing tales Mountain South Africa is the World's largest producer for gold platinum and chromtum. South boasts of an annual extraction of gold that totals nearly third of the World's total. South Africa is the largest producer of diamonds in the World. It is no wonder that the World's Largest Diamond was found in South Africa. South Africa is a democratic association consisting of Bicameral Parliament. The Bicameral Parliament consists of the national assembly (400 seats) and the national council of provinces (90 seats).  


In the new global vision, South Africa gives the world a land of unity and hope. We conquer the world with our vision of hope " ubuntu ngumuntu ngubantu" meaning unity in diversity, South Africa is indeed a country with no boundaries.


4. What was going through your mind when you were announced as the new Miss Teen World?


It was the biggest moment in my life! I had the dream of becoming an international beauty queen but never thought it would become a reality so quickly. I worked hard and prepared myself well before the pageant, but it was very important for me to keep all possibilities in mind. It was a bonus for me to be crowned as the new Miss Teen World. My goal was to come to the pageant and represent South Africa in the best possible way and no matter what the outcome was I would be proud of what I have reached.


5. What are your duties as the new winner?

As the new Miss Teen World my duties will be to contribute towards the youths of the world.

I will work to be an inspirations and motivation to them but above all I will lead them by example.

I will initiated campaigns to assist in the fight against HIV/ AIDS which discourages our vision for a brighter future motivational speech and awareness campaigns will be carried out throughout my year as Miss Teen World informing teenagers about the disadvantages and the negative effects and the unwanted problems caused by HIV/ AIDS.


I would also like to contribute towards the development of teenagers and community enlistment. My main goal is to help teenagers as well as other persons to realize their importance and never underestimate themselves .

As the future belongs to those who have faith and hope in themselves.


6. What are your future plans?


My ultimate goal is to be an ambassador to not only South Africa but for each and every city and country in the world. I would like to become a well educated successful business woman who will make a positive contribution in South Africa in the lives of all South Africans.


I am currently pursing a degree in BS marketing sale at the Trinity University America in south campus.

I wish to create opportunities for others where they could be able to showcase their talents. I would like to develop the performing arts industry and start many new sauces for aspiring actors, models and dancers.


Thank you very much to the  and Miss Alberts. Without them, this section would not be possible.

Miss Teen World 2006 in gown
Elrize in black dress
Elrize with her Miss Teen World Crown