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Miss Chinese International 2008 Results:

Winner: #13 Paris (Pageant Beauties predicted)

1st runner up: #12 Hong Kong

2nd runner up: #4 Chongqing

Top 5 finalists: #2 Mudanjiang and #20 Sydney

Top 11 Semifinalists (Tie): #3 Hunan, #5 Hangzhou, #7 Pearl RIver (Foshan), #9 Manila, #10 Kunming, and #23 Montreal

Special Awards:

Most Courageous: #14 Auckland

Miss Friendship: #15 Calgary

Miss Young: #13 Paris

Comments: Paris was well deserved but can't believe Hong Kong was second. Vancouver, New York, Toronto, and Melbourne deserved to be in top 10. Montreal should of been in top 5. Overall well deserved win and I was happy to pick Paris's Oceane Zhu as the winner. Congratulations!

Crowning moment:



Calgary wins Miss Friendship award


The Miss Chinese International 2008 pageant will be held in Foshan tonight. #15 Delaine Lee of Calgary was voted Miss Friendship, while #4 Aileen Xu standed out with the best figure. The 23 delegates around the world will vie for the top 3 awards and the Miss Young award tonight. Miss Hong Kong 1999 2nd runner up, Myolie Wu, Eric Tsang, and Sammy Sum (host of 15/16) was announced as the hosts earlier. This is the 3rd time Calgary has won the award, after their win in 1988 and 1999. The Hong Kong press see Chongqing, Paris, Sydney, Montreal, and Hunan as favorites to win. Dark horses include Vancouver, Toronto, Kunming, and Hong Kong.

Miss Chongqing, Aileen Xu is Pageant Beauties' MCI 2008 Best In Official Portrait!

Miss Paris, Oceane Zhu is Pageant Beauties' Miss Chinese International 2008! She has been a favorite for the Hong Kong press since the beginning. Can she take it all?

Miss Chinese International 2008 Final Predictions:

Winner: #13 Paris

1st runner up: #20 Sydney

2nd runner up: #23 Montreal

Top 5 finalists (4th to 5th place): #4 Chongqing and #16 Vancouver

Top 10 semifinalists (6th to 10th place): #18 Toronto, #3 Hunan, #21 Melbourne, #17 New York, and #12 Hong Kong

Bubbling Up (11th to 15th place): #11 Singapore, #1 Kuala Lumpur, #10 Kunming, #15 Calgary, and #8 Shenyang

Miss Young prediction: #23 Montreal

Miss Friendship and Most Courageous (Earlier announced): #15 Calgary and #14 Auckland



Tahiti's Karen Chong Tops MCI Swimwear Stakes

Translated and courtesy of  Some sentences translated from The Sun Newspaper ().

Chime Long Paradise Amusement Park (長隆歡樂世界) in Guangzhou provided the backdrop for the swimsuit parade filming for this year's Miss Chinese International Pageant (國際中華小姐).

Before the shoot, the 23 contestants were joined by guests Cathy Leung (梁雨恩), Jason Chan (陳柏宇) and Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) for a ride on the roller coasters in the park, including a vertical drop ride. However, due to this being quite a scary ride, three of the girls: Number 7 Li Qinxin (李沁芯), Number 21 Kelly Meng (孟醇) and Number 22 Karen Chong (鍾嘉玲) refused to go on. Then a few more girls including Number 1 Joanne Yew (尤鳳音), Number 11 Desiree Yong (楊詩穎) and Cathy all pulled out too just as they were about to board the ride, but this did not affect filming.

The ladies then donned their swimsuits and posed for the cameras and the photographers around the fountains in the garden and reporters were stunned by Number 1 Joanne's 37 inch hips and cellulite thighs.

Number 22 Karen had the fullest bust of the girls and quickly stole the attention of the cameras with her 36 inch upper measurement.

Vancouver representative, Number 16 Jessica Choi (蔡凱欣) tried to grab some attention by striking some rather crazy poses for the photographers, but pageant director Rosa Chan (陳紫蓮) stepped in and told her not to exaggerate her movements so much. The movements almost caused her to move her swimsuit, fortunately it didn't happen.

The finals of the pageant will be held on 26 January 2008.

#14 Lisa Li wins Most Courageous award:

Delegates went on a roller coaster and competed for the Most Courageous award. #14 Lisa Li of Auckland was voted the winner of the award due to her courage of going on the roller coaster. Congratulations!

Yesterday the official portraits and profile stats for each delegates were revealed to the press. The official website is also up.

Official Website:

Pageant Beauties also chose five favorites from the 23 delegates. Overall this year's portraits are grand and unique, with red being the background color. Red is also a symbol of luck and joy as it is very close to Chinese New Year. Based on the official portraits, PB chose as a top 5 for the Best In Official Portrait award. They are:

#16 Jessica Choi of Vancouver

#11 Desiree Yong of Singapore

#23 Ting Jia Lorigiano of Montreal

#20 Ivy Han of Sydney

#4 Aileen Xu of Chongqing

The winner of the Best In Official Portrait award will be announced the day before the finals, January 25, 2008.

PB's Miss Chinese International 2008 Current top 5 favorites:

Vancouver, Toronto, Chongqing, Sydney, and Singapore

Top 10 alternates: Montreal, New York, Paris, Melbourne, and Auckland

Bubbling Up: Hunan, Tahiti, Bangkok, Hangzhou, and Hong Kong



Miss Chinese International 2008 Wikipedia article


Official Portraits and stats revealed:

Yesterday TVB revealed the official portraits of the 23 delegates and their measurements. The press were greatly impressed with big favorites #4 Xu Meng of Chongqing and #20 Hon Hiu Dan. Both have 34 as their bust number. #4 Xu Meng also posed in a deep V red dress which captured the press's eyes. The biggest bust would go to #22 Karen Gnetha Chong Fat of Tahiti who has a 36. #1 Joanne Yew is dubbed as the look alike of Cathy Chui and with hips of 37, she has been named as "Gross tyrant." As for Miss Hong Kong Kayi Cheung, her height (5'4") and measurements lost out to the other contestants.




20 contestants pose in their colorful outfits in Foshan for filming. The three contestants missing from the picture are #15 Delaine Lee (Calgary), #17 Stacy Wang (New York), and #20 Hon Hiu Dan (Sydney). They did not arrive in the stadium as they felt sick and caught a cold due to the cold weather and lack of sleep.

Yesterday the contestants visited Foshan, China for outdoor filming and shootings in Foshan Century Track and Field Stadium. Three contestants in the pageant felt sick due to the cold weather in Foshan and lack of sleep. They included #15 Delaine Lee (Calgary), #17 Stacy Wang (New York), and #20 Hon Hiu Dan (Sydney). They will not be seen in the filming and shootings portion of the pageant which will be broadcasted on January 26th.

However after the filming, #16 Jessica Choi (Vancouver) and #18 Liang Wang (Toronto) retreated back to the hotel in the afternoon as they were also reported sick. In total five contestants and three of them from Canada have fallen sick.

#16 Jessica Choi of Vancouver has also been sick before. This time she has caught a cold again and she admitted that she lacked time to sleep. She has adopted to Vancouver's cold weather but with this time being unable to wear a coat, she became sick. As for #18 Liang Wang from Toronto, Liang has seen a doctor but her cold hasn't been fully cured. She also said "To prevent my parents from being worried, I didn't tell them that I'm sick!"

As for Miss Hong Kong Kayi Cheung, the whole morning in the stadium was facing the cold. She did not feel though the contestants were too tired and therefore got sick. She was asked if she has confidence and she said "Yes! After meeting the judges, I immediately put down my burden (chinese known as heart head big rock).


Pageant Beauties' Current top 5 favorites:

Sydney, Paris, Hunan, Vancouver, and Toronto

Top 10 Alternates: Melbourne, Montreal, Chongqing, Shenyang, and Manila

Bubbling Up: Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Auckland




MCI Contestants Meet The Judging Panel

Translated and courtesy of

The 23 contestants for this year's Miss Chinese International Pageant (2008國際中華小姐競選) attended an event today, where they met this year's judging panel that consists of TVB Best Actor Moses Chan (陳豪) and Best Actress Lee Si Kei (李司棋), 70s crooner Kenny Bee (鍾鎮濤), heiress Poman Lo (羅寶文) and Cantonese opera star Pang Zhi Quan (彭熾權).

The ladies were allowed to select their own outfits for the event to show their fashion tastes and eye for detail, but Ting Jia Lorigiano (黃婷佳) from Montreal and Toronto's Liang Wang (王靚) appeared in the same outfit and there was a little awkwardness.

Early hot favourite Hon Hiu Dan (韓曉丹) from Sydney said that she felt more confident in herself after meeting the judges and Hong Kong representative Kayi Cheung (張嘉兒) was also very relaxed at the event and said that it was similar to when she took part in the Miss Hong Kong pageant. As for comments that some of the the other contestants had a wider face than she did, she said she had not noticed and would not upset by any comparisons.

This is the first time that Moses has judged in this contest and he said that the winning factors for him is for the contestants to be easy on the eye and have good conversation skills. Asked if he will use rumoured girlfriend Bernice Liu, who was a previous Miss Chinese International winner, as a standard to compare against, he said that he has to set his own high standards as a judge, so he would not compare in this way.

Asked if he felt that any of this year's contestants could challenge Bernice, he said that Bernice is a very strong person, so it is difficult to compare. He also revealed that he is a little nervous about the forthcoming swimwear parade and he is glad that he will have Kenny with him to keep him company.

Kenny was very pleased to have this chance to openly look at pretty girls and he said that in a pageant, the contestants have to look good overall and have good manners.

Si Kei said that the girls are representatives of the Chinese people and must have good poise and grace.



Official list of delegates and numbers:

#1 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#2 Jingbohu, China

#3 Hunan, China

#4 Chongqing, China

#5 Hangzhou, China

#6 Bangkok, Thailand

#7 Pearl River (Foshan), China

#8 Shenyang, China

#9 Manila, Philippines

#10 Kunming, China

#11 Singapore

#12 Hong Kong

#13 Paris, France

#14 Auckland, New Zealand

#15 Calgary, Canada

#16 Vancouver, Canada

#17 New York, USA

#18 Toronto, Canada

#19 Seattle, USA

#20 Sydney, Australia

#21 Melbourne, Australia

#22 Tahiti, French Polynesia

#23 Montreal, Canada

The cities of San Francisco, Chicago, and Johannesburg sent a delegate last year but didn't this year. Johannesburg also did very well in the past two years, with one winner and one 1st runner up but looks like the committee did not manage to organize a pageant. Chicago's Nancy Xu Yi-Nan was excepted to compete but withdrawed before going to Hong Kong due to schedule conflicts. The 1st runner up did not compete as she is left for next year and all the other contestants did not go (again due to schedule conflicts with holidays and with TVB only giving the committee one day to confirm a delegate). Rotterdam was replaced with Paris this year (representing Europe) and Nanning was replaced with the other China district delegates. For the first press conference photos held on January 9th, visit Miss HK Gallery ().

Kisses And Funny Walks As MCI 2008 Contestants Meet Press

Translated and courtesy of

Miss Chinese International Pageant 2008 (國際中華小姐競選) contestants met the press officially for the first time at the Gold Coast Hotel in Hong Kong today.

The 23 beauties wore mandarin collar patterned Chinese style dresses as they were introduced onto the stage and invited to strike a pose for the press. Many of the overseas contestants appeared to be quite flirtatious and Melbourne representative Kelly Meng (孟醇) won over the reporters by blowing them kisses during her pose. Miss Toronto Wang Liang (王靚) seemed to have a very exaggerated walk, whilst Jessica Choi (蔡凱欣) from Vancouver seemed to walk like a robot.

In contrast to this rather comedic display, the representatives from China and Hong Kong representative Kayi Cheung (張嘉兒) seemed to give rather boring poses and definitely lost out on the press attention. Kayi said that she had thought about her poses before she went on stage and was not worried about having the limelight stolen because she also showed off her figure in her poses. Asked why she did not blow any kisses, she said that she would do certain things in different situations, but as Miss Hong Kong, she felt that she should act properly to reflect this title. She added that the pageant was all about the beauty, so this was more important.

Pageant Beauties' MCI 2008 current top 5 favorites: Montreal, Melbourne, Paris, Chongqing, and Vancouver

Top 10 alternates: Toronto, Hunan, Sydney, Manila, and Bangkok

Bubbling up: New York, Kuala Lumpur, Auckland, Singapore, and Hong Kong




Delegates get numbers assigned, first press conference

Photo courtesy of Miss HK Gallery ()

The delegates met with the press for the first time on the 5th. The delegates also received numbers. Miss Hong Kong Kayi Cheung got her wish granted as she wished for a high number. Kayi received #12. The number of delegates had been revealed as 23, with one city not participating this year. The city is San Francisco. San Francisco's Betty Hsu is not participating in MCI 2008. Betty has not arrived in Hong Kong yet and the competition has already started. The filming was held for 4 days and the delegates will return to Hong Kong tomorrow.

Below is a list of cities and numbers assigned to them. TVB has yet to reveal all the delegates' numbers:

#3 - Yunan, China
#4 - Chongqing, China
#5 - Hangzhou, China
#8 - Shenyang, China
#12 - Hong Kong
#13 - Paris
#16 - Vancouver
#17 - New York
#20 - Sydney
#21 - Melbourne
#23 - Montreal

Favorites: Montreal and Paris remain in the top list of the Hong Kong press, and Sydney and Melbourne also also being noticed. Pre-favorites: Toronto, Vancouver, and Bangkok haven't caught the press's attention yet.

#16 Vancouver and #23 Montreal ride horses

After a lucky draw, #16 Jessica Choi from Vancouver and #23 Ting Jia Wong from Montreal get to ride horses. #12 Kayi Cheung of Hong Kong wanted to ride a horse but unfortunely was not picked. Both delegates were excited and the filming result will be seen on the final telecast.




Delegates arrive in Tsui State for filming and shootings

Photo and article courtesy of Takungpao.

Title: Kayi Cheung is satisfy with making top 10:

This year's Miss Chinese International pageant is currently in Xuzhou, China for filiming and shootings. Yesterday the delegates met the press for the first time. The quality of this year's delegates have been high, especially #13 Miss Paris, Oceana Zhu and #23 Miss Montreal, Ting Jia Wong being tipped as hot favorites. Miss Hong Kong, Kayi Cheung honesty thinks that this year's quality is high and is satisfy with making the top 10.

Miss New York sprains her right ankle

Xuzhou's temperature was only a few degrees, so delegates wore white coats to prevent cold. #17 Miss New York, Stacy Wang sprained her right ankle during the filming and had to rest aside. Stacy had danced since she was six and has learned ballet, tango, and Chinese dance. She laughed "Two, three weeks ago I injured my right ankle due to dancing and it did not fully heal, can't believe this time I got injured again. Luckily I can still walk. It shouldn't be a big problem." Reporters asked "Are you worried about the competition?" and she said "No worries because it is still three weeks until the finals."

Miss Paris being the most "in"

The first ever Paris representive at the pageant, Oceana Zhu combed the most "in" haircut of the season making her standout, being asked participating at MCI for the first time, she stated that win or lose is not important, it is the experience of meeting friends the most important. She hopes to have a happy training experience. 17 year old Tina Jia Wong of Montreal is a Italian and Chinese mix and is the most youngest contestant at the pageant (also like Vicky Ng in 2006 and where she withdrawed....). She has a bright smile and white skin, and was asked whether she has confidence of winning. She replied that she will try her best and the result has no relationship, she is coming here to play. She also told the press that she is a girl who likes to eat and wiil do more exercise to keep fit.

Local contestant Kayi Cheung feels that this year's delegates asked her about pageant experience (remainder Kayi participated in MCV 2005, MSHK 2007, and Miss World 2007), and boasted that this year's quality is very high. She laughs: "If I can make top 10 I am satisfied", (do you have confidence in winning?). She stated they (the other delegates) were all winner's material, so she will not have too much thoughts.



Delegates arrive in Hong Kong

Yesterday a number delegates arrived in Hong Kong for the pageant. Most of them were from Canada and USA. Their names and information were not given to the press yet and according to The Sun Newspaper (


Miss Chinese Toronto, Liang Wang was asked "What is your name?" Liang did not reveal it to the reporters and said she was has to ask TVB first (Smart indeed. It is so easy to know her chinese name though reporters, go to A Canadian delegate was dubbed as the lookalike or young girl version of Ada Choi (Miss Hong Kong 1991 2nd runner up). The girl is identified by Pageant Beauties as Miss Chinese Montreal, Ting Jia Lorigiano. She caught the press attention for her tall figure and smile. Like Liang she was unwilling to tell her information. Will she be a big favorite like Vicky Ng in 2006 (also from Montreal)? It will be found out soon.


The Sun:


Offical website:



Miss Chinese International 2008 date and venue:

The Miss Chinese International 2008 pageant will be held in Foshan, China for the second year. The date of the pageant has been announced as January 26, 2008, the last Saturday of January 2008. Twenty four contestants will be in attendance, making the pageant the largest edition since 1993 (twenty seven contestants). The offical site and more news will be available later.



Miss Chinese International China pageant Top 5 announced:

In a glamerous event hosted by TVB for the first time, Miss Chinese International 2008 China pageant - the official preliminary competition to select China's representives to MCI 2008 concluded yesterday. In the event with talent, interview, and more, the top 5 was announced and they will travel to Xuzhou next year for the international finals. The top 5 were contestants #6, 7, 8, 11, and 15, representing Shenyang, Kunming, Hangzhou, Hunan, Chongqing respectively. Contestant #8 also won Miss Best Talent while contestant #15 was also Miss Best Humor. The five delegates will represent their cities in MCI 2008 in hoping to become the first China representive to win the international title.

Celebration Party:


Yesterday the contestants had a celebration party for a good show. Male judge Joe Ma of the pageant was surrounded by the delegates asking for a photograph, making the delegates lost some of their grace. Contestant #15 from Chongqing was most happy of her talent portion and contestant #11 from Hunan liked every portion of her performance.



Miss Best Talent and Miss Best Humor announced:

Singtao Article Link:

Yesterday the 15 delegates of the Miss Chinese International 2008 China pageant met with the panel of judges. They include TVB actors Joe Ma, Bosco Wong, and Miss Hong Kong 2001 and Miss Chinese International 2002 top 5 finalist Shirley Yeung. Contestant #11 was also quite friendly to the judges and left a good impression among the male judges. Miss Best Talent was awarded to #8 and Miss Best Humor was won by #15. Congratulations!



Miss Chinese International 2008 China pageant predictions:

Winner: #15

1st runner up: #11

2nd runner up: #7

Top 5 finalists: #8 and #14

Alternates: #9, 10, #12, #13, and #4



Great selection of delegates. The winner will definitely do good at MCI 2008. Now PB's pick as winner is #15 Miss Chongqing. She is the tallest of all delegates and is very poised. #11 Miss Hunan is also strong. It is between them two. However the others are favorites as well and any one can win. The top 5 delegates like the Miss Asia pageant HK/ Macau finals will compete at the international pageant. With 5 entries from Mainland China, 24 delegates are excepted at the pageant. Cities who might participate but did not announce their winners yet include: Johannesburg, Manila, and Taipei. Cities who have not participated over one year or less: Brisbane, Hawaii, Lima, and Los Angeles are also excepted to return.

Meet the updated list of delegates:



Miss Chinese Vancouver 2007 Results:

Winner: #8 Jessica Choi

1st Runner Up: #9 Jessie Huang

2nd Runner Up: #2 Kitty Li

Top 5 Finalists: #1 Queenie Ma and #7 Lu Lu

Miss Popularity: #1 Queenie Ma
Miss Beauty Life Ambassador: #3 Gloria Tan
Miss Friendship: #4 Annie Zheng
Miss Energetic: #6 Leslie Chow
Miss Classic Elegance: #7 Lu Lu
Miss Photogenic: #8 Jessica Choi
Miss Vivacious Beauty: #8 Jessica Choi
Best Complexion: #8 Jessica Choi
Best Posture: #9 Jessie Huang


PB's MCV 2007 winner, Queenie Ma made the top 5 and won the Miss Popularity award. The winner is Jessica Choi, our prediction for 1st runner up. Jessica continues the tradition and wins the Miss Photogenic award and the crown. Almost every winner has gathered the award except Crystal Li, MCV 2005. Jessica also took 2 other side awards, congratulations! She is only one of two winners to have gathered 4 awards at the pageant. The first and other one was MCV 2003, Linda Chung who went on to win the Miss Chinese International 2004 crown. First runner up was #9 Jessie who was predicted by us to be 2nd runner up. Third place went to #2 Kitty Li. #7 Lu Lu was our prediction for 5th place and indeed she placed in the top 5. Jessica will represent Vancouver at Miss Chinese International 2008 and will become a favorite to win the crown. She might become the 5th MCI winner from Vancouver!

Miss Chinese International 2008 China pageant:

Offical site:


The pageant finals will be held on December 15, 2007 at 9:00 p.m. HK time. The winner will represent her city at MCI 2008.



Miss Chinese Vancouver 2007 Predictions:

Winner: #1 Queenie Ma

1st runner up: #8 Jessica Choi

2nd runner up: #9 Jessie Huang

Top 5 alternates (4th and 5th place): #3 Gloria Tan and #7 Lu Lu


Hard year to pick. Each contestant has a chance, with no clear standouts unlike last year. #1 Queenie is definitely top 3 material. She should be no surprise to win the crown. She is also PB's Miss Chinese Vancouver 2007! The last winner was Susana Su who went on to win the Miss Chinese Vancouver 2006 crown. Will Queenie follow her footsteps?

Miss Chinese International 2008 China pageant delegates pose in swimsuits:


The 15 Mainland China delegates for the Miss Chinese International 2008 China pageant posed in swimsuits yesterday. The standouts in the group include #12, 14, and 15, especially delegates #12. That day was also delegate #7's 19th birthday and delegates presented her with a cake. She was asked if she wants to join TVB and she replied "Hope to, every delegate wants to join the big family of TVB." During the event, delegate #10 unfortunely tripped while walking down the stairs and the delegates and director immediately picked her up.



Miss China Europe 2007 Results:

Winner: #2 Oceane Zhu
1st runner up: #1 Maggie Zhang
2nd runner up: #10 Suan Lieu

Top 5 finalists: #5 Nina Le and #6 Sammy Ho

Other awards:
Miss Friendship: #10 Suan Lieu
Miss Elegance: #2 Oceane Zhu
Miss Beautiful Body: #5 Nina Le
Miss Photogenic: #3 Diana Hu

Winner Miss Oceane Zhu is from France and will represent her region, Paris, France at Miss Chinese International 2008. She is a student and stands at 1.74 m.

Miss Chinese International 2008 China pageant news:



The 15 delegates of the 2008 Miss Chinese International China pageant met the press on the 6th. They were joined by the reigning Miss Chinese International winner, Sarah Song and 2nd runner up Sherry Chan. The quality has been extremely good, 14 of the delegates being University students and very tall. The favorites so far for the crown include #7 Miss Kunming, #11 Miss Hunan, and #15 Miss Chongqing.



Miss Chinese Toronto 2007 Results:

Winner: #4 Liang Wang

1st runner up: #2 Ivy Hou

2nd runner up: #10 Carol Zuo

Special Awards:

Miss Photogenic: #4 Liang Wang

Miss Friendship: #5 Joey Zhang

Miss Talent: #9 Linda Tam
Charming Communicator: #3 Jennifer Ni
Miss Classic Fitness: #4 Liang Wang
Miss Vitality: #10 Carol Zuo

Comments: Overall the results were deserving. #4 Liang has been a favorite from the start and during the pageant, she delivered a excellent performance. #2 Ivy was predicted by Pageant Beauties to finish as 1st runner up and indeed she took it. #10 Carol took second runner up and she had a good performance too. She finished sixth place on our list, just missing the top 5 alternates. Misses of the pageant were definitely #6 Cindy, #3 Jennifer, and #5 Joey. #6 Cindy was very good in interview but the hosts kept on challenging her in the conversation which may have led to unplacement. #3 Jennifer had a lot of pressure as her sister was Elva Ni, Miss Chinese Toronto 2005 and top 5 finalist at Miss Chinese International 2006. Due to that Jennifer performed did not perform the best out of the group. She won the Charming Communicator award, making Elva and her the only pair of sisters to win awards at the pageant. Pageant Beauties' Miss Chinese Toronto 2007, #5 Joey also made a average performance which has led to her unplacement. Joey was voted Miss Friendship though by the other contestants. #4 Liang Wang, 18 year old student standing at 5'7" will represent Toronto at the Miss Chinese International 2008 pageant to be helded in Foshan next year. Congratulations to all winners!

Miss Friendship Ambassador 2008 Results:

Winner, Miss Friendship Ambassador 2008: Nancy Yinan Xu
1st runner up, Miss Friendship Ambassador 2009: Nancy Kwong
2nd runner up: Angelica Zhang
Special Awards:
Miss Photogenic: Angelica Zhang
Miss Congeniality: Shirley Wen

The Miss Friendship Ambassador 2008 pageant was helded on October 28, 2007 in Chicago. Nine contestants competed for the crown and in the end, Nancy Yinan Xu was the winner. Nancy stands at 5'9" and is 21 years old. She was named Miss Friendship Ambassador 2008 and will represent Chicago at Miss Chinese International 2008. Another Nancy, Nancy Kwong was named 1st runner up. As the pageant is helded every two years and Miss Chinese International is helded every year, the top 2 competes at MCI. She will hence represent Chicago at Miss Chinese International 2009. Other pageants who have the same system are Seattle and Calgary. Second runner up was Angelica Zhang who was also named Miss Photogenic. The same thing also occurred in 2006's pageant helded in 2005 where the second runner up also won Miss Photogenic. Congratulations to all the winners!



Miss Chinese Toronto 2007 Predictions:

Winner: #5 Joey Zhang

1st runner up: #3 Jennifer Ni

2nd runner up: #2 Ivy Hou

Top 5 finalists: #6 Cindy Lin Yan and #4 Liang Wang


Hard to pick this year. Quite an even group and anybody can take it all. Even the most educated and tall might lose out. However Pageant Beauties chose #5 Joey Zhang as PB's Miss Chinese Toronto 2007. Joey is the tallest out of the whole group and will stand out. However many favorites from behind, like say #3 Jennifer. Jennifer is the sister of Miss Chinese Toronto 2005 Elva Ni. Will Fairchild crown another Ni sister? However she is strong. #2 Ivy also stands out and might take it all. One of the most prettiest delegates at the pageant, she is a favorite to also win. In the top 5 are #6 Cindy and #4 Liang. They are also strong alternates to the top 3. Performers at the show include Michael Tong Mun Lung who was once a TVB actor. The pageant will be broadcasted live on Fairchild TV at 8:30 p.m. Eastern time. Who will succeed Miss Chinese Toronto 2006, Sherry Chan?

Miss Chinese Vancouver 2007 Profiles:

The Miss Chinese Vancouver 2007 pageant will be helded on Wednesday, December 12, 2007 in the Vancouver Convention Center at 7:55 p.m. PST time. The top 10 finalists were chosen early and their profilles are up. View them now:

Amigo Cui from TVB will also travel from Hong Kong to Vancouver to host. Eva Yueng will host for the 6th time and Ricky Cheung for the 3rd time.

Favorites so far: #1, 9, 7, and 3



For the first time ever TVB is organizing the Miss Chinese International 2008 China pageant! This year there will be no Homeland Beauty series which was a reality series visiting 8 chinese cities to select Mainland China's representive at Miss Chinese International. Only residents of China are allowed to compete. More information soon.

Official Site:

Miss Chinese Montreal 2007 article:

Meet the list of delegates: