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1. Tell us a little of your background (family origin, languages spoken, birth place, education, and occupation).
I was born in Houston, Texas on June 30, 1986. My father is of German and Dutch decent. My mother is of French Decent. Both parents were born and raised in Texas. I am the oldest to a Sister, Cassidy (20) and brother, Chase (16). I graduated from high school in 2004 and am currently a Senior at Sam Houston State University, majoring in Mass Communications/Radio-Television. As a guest sports reporter on MyFox Houston Live, I feel confident in my career path in radio, television and film. I have worked part-time as a sales clerk while attending college. I am currently a professional model and involved in philanthropy work.

2. What are your hobbies? Is competing in pageants one of them?

I think it is very important to have hobbies in your life. In my down time I like to read, work out, and attend family outings. I have great memories of hunting trips with my family. I don't really “hunt”, just love getting up early, having coffee at five am and dressing up in the camo!! I love to learn new recipes and try them out on my friends and family (especially my famous chile enchiladas). As an avid sports fan, I love attending baseball games, especially when my little brother Chase is playing. I am pretty well-rounded and will try just about anything from karaoke to rappelling a mountain.

3. Why did you compete in Miss Texas USA 2007-2009? What did you learn in these three years?

Prior to competing at Miss Texas USA, I had only competed in the teen division twice and Miss once at 17 years old. I had taken some time off to focus on my education. In March of 2006, I lost my grandmother to lung cancer. Looking at her life and her accomplishments made me realize that winning Miss Texas USA had always been a dream of mine. I decided to compete at Miss Texas USA in June and placed 3rd runner-up. The following year I went back as Miss Houston USA and placed 1st runner-up to Crystle Stewart. Of course the last year my dream came true as I was crowned Miss Texas USA 2009. I really feel that the pageant experience encourages excellence in young women and so many life-long skills. The experience has helped me to develop public speaking and community leadership skills and the opportunity to meet other wonderful young women from around the State of Texas. The most important thing I learned is that each competition was a competition with myself and MY personal best! Whether you win or not the experience will develop skills that are used in all areas of your life.

4. Did you believe you will win? What was going through your mind as you were announced winner/crowned?

This last year I did believe that I would win Miss Texas USA. It was part of my preparation to go into the competition believing that I was ready to be Miss Texas USA 2009. I continued that mindset into the final moment of competition. That being said once I realized that I was really Miss Texas USA 2009 words can't describe my thoughts and feelings as it all unfolded. I can only say that my crowning moment is one that I will never forget. From that moment it has just gotten better every day!! The last part of the live telecast shows me running to the other contestants and saying, “I am going to Miss USA!” Knowing that I am representing the great state of Texas in the next Miss USA pageant is pretty amazing for me.

5. What qualitites/characteristics did you think the judges saw in you that made you the winner?

I think the judges really saw me for who I am, confident, intelligent and prepared for the job of Miss Texas USA. I have always seen the interview process as a conversation between friends which helps me to be genuine. A good friend told me right before I walked into the interview room to remember to let them see your heart! I believe that's when the judges chose me as their winner!

6. What do you hope to accomplish as Miss Texas USA?

As Miss Texas USA I hope to bring awareness to so many charitable organizations that benefit so many people who are in need. Some of my favorite foundations are Race for the Cure and Sprint for Life. Since my crowning I have developed a personal interest in supporting foundations that assist pediatric cancer patients, involving myself with foundations such as Snowdrop, Periwinkle, Make A Wish and American Cancer Society. It has been so awesome to work to provide the kids that beat their disease funds to go on and pursue their educational dreams!! In addition, I have been so blessed to work with the Shriners and visit the children that they work so diligently at supporting. These men are so passionate for what they do and have taught me so much about service! Making a difference in the lives of others is what I hope to accomplish as Miss Texas USA 2009.

7. Miss Texas USA has been excellent at Miss USA, winning nine crowns and five of them being consecutive winners (1985-1989). Do you hope to repeat another consecutive victory just like 1985-1986? How will you prepare for Miss USA?

Of course we are hoping for a back to back for Texas this year. I will pour all my heart in soul into my preparation for Miss USA. I will be working closely with my sponsors and directors which will include training in all areas of competition. The next few months will be more intensified training in the areas of fitness, interview and presentation. Much of how I prepared for Miss Texas USA, I will carry forward to Miss USA to be the best version of myself I can be!

8. Many pageant fans consider you as a favorite for the crown. How do you feel?

I feel so blessed to be considered a favorite for the crown! It is my dream to be Miss USA! The support is awesome, especially at the national level and I am grateful to all who believe in me! All this said, I will not take anything for granite- training twice as hard for the title of Miss USA! Thanks for your support and I will see you all in Vegas!

9. Lastly what message do you want to tell pageant fans that are reading this interview right now?

I would like to tell all pageant fans that I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be competing for Miss USA in April. My message is your dreams can become reality by staying true to yourself and keeping your eye on the goal! I will leave with a quote that I live my life by...”You can't hit a homerun unless your step up to the plate”!

Comments: Thank you very much to Ms. Daniels, Mr. Clark, and the whole Miss Texas USA Organization. Without you all, this interview will not be possible. PB wish Ms. Daniels the best at Miss USA. Congratulations to Ms. Daniels and no matter if she makes the cut or not, it is a notable achievement to make it this far. Congratulations!