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Miss Hong Kong 2nd Runner up Sire Ma to take part in Miss International 2008
Article translated and courtesy of Singtao Newspaper (with addition info from The Sun Newspaper). Photos courtesy of Singtao.
Miss Hong Kong 2008 2nd runner up, Sire Ma will travel to Japan this morning to compete in the Miss International 2008 pageant. She will also travel there to film a special portion of the pageant. Yesterday she tried on her gown and was joined by reigning Miss Hong Kong 2008 Edelweiss Cheung, 1st runner up (also Miss International Goodwill) Skye Chan, and Tourism Ambassador winner (also top 5 finalist) Samantha Ko. They gave Sire eye drops, high heel pads, daily home products, and more for her trip. When asked is she nervous, she replied "I am happy and excited, I have never visited Japan, I have prepared many beautiful clothes and hope to exchange cultures (cultural diffusion)." This year at least 65 delegates will be competing (the most ever in a Miss International pageant). Sire said that 65 different delegates with different cultures will be present in Japan, and she bought many Hong Kong postcards and Chinese paper cutting art to give to the delegates. Sire expresses that she doesn't mind winning an award or not. "I just want the experience, having the chance to meet with different people with different cultures is already a big moral/lesson." Sire does not feel that her height and figure is a disadvantage. She expresses that since many delegates are tall, her short height might actually standout. "Actually it is an advantage, it is how you look at it yourself."
Eric Tsang, Carol Cheng, and Astrid Chan to host Miss International 2008
Hong Kong television network TVB will broadcast the pageant live for the first time. The pageant will also invite Eric Tsang, Carol Cheng, and Astrid Chan to host. Miss Chan was also a top 12 semifinalist at the Miss Hong Kong 1994 pageant. Mr. Tsang has also hosted the Miss Hong Kong pageant for many years since 1992, and his humor and jokes bring many laughter to the Hong Kong viewers every year.
Source of hosts is from Miss Chan's blog entry, said by herself in Chinese:
Miss Hong Kong 2008 Results:
Winner: #3 Edelweiss Cheung
1st runner up: #6 Skye Chan
2nd runner up: #11 Sire Ma
Top 5 finalists: #4 Samantha Ko, #7 Hilda Leung
Top 8 Semifinalists:
#5 Jovy Leung, #8 Angela Yiu, #12 Denice Wong

Special Awards:
Miss Photogenic: #11 Sire Ma
Miss International Goodwill: #6 Skye Chan
Miss Internet Popularity: #2 Nadia Lun
Miss Tourism Ambassador: #4 Samantha Ko
Miss Trendy Vision: #7 Hilda Leung
Miss Edelweiss Cheung will represent Hong Kong at Miss World 2008 in an location to be announced. The pageant finals will be held in December 12. She will become the tallest Miss Hong Kong in history to compete at Miss World and Miss Chinese International 2009. First runner up Skye Chan (known for being friendly and speaking languages, she is a flight attendant) will represent HK at Miss International 2008 held in Macau and Japan. Both women will attempt to become the 2nd consecutive semifinalists at both pageants from HK, with Skye hoping to become the 5th consecutive Miss HK to win Miss Friendship at Miss International. Congratulations to all winners (PB only got 5 out of the top 8).
Miss Hong Kong 2008 Final Predictions:
Winner: #7 Hilda Leung
1st runner up: #4 Samantha Ko
2nd runner up: #8 Angela Yiu
Top 5 finalists (4th and 5th place): #5 Jovy Leung and #3 Edelweiss Cheung
Special Awards:
Miss Photogenic: #4 Samantha Ko; #5 Jovy Leung; or #8 Angela Yiu
Miss International Goodwill: #7 Hilda Leung or #8 Angela Yiu
Awards handled out already:
Tourism Ambassador: #4 Samantha Ko
Trendy Vision Award: #7 Hilda Leung
Out unofficial and sponsor awards were also handled out early. This year is quite competitive and the standards is high. Anyone may pull a surprise and take it all. I will also have the chance to see the pageant live in HK so I am quite excited right now ^_^.
#3 Edelweiss Cheung is quite tall and like the previous 2nd runner ups, all were tall. She can possibly take 3rd! It all depends on her final performance. This year is very hard to pick, especially with Kayi's win last year. It shows everybody that it is unpredictable these days... I think #8 and #6 might do very well that night. They are not very noticed but the preshow performances they made impressed me. #7 Hilda has the overall package and winners look I think. #11 is a favorite yet I think she is little short. However except her to pull a surprise and maybe make the top 5 or top 3. Big favorite #4 Samantha Ko has the overall package too, height is good but her English is her only weakness. Other than that, except her to shine.

PB wishes all the delegates the best of luck! Lets see how my predictions do this year ^_^.


Miss HK Finalists Join Mass Aerobics

Courtesy and translated by :

Eleven of the Miss Hong Kong 2008 finalists attended a mass aerobics session today as part of Po Leung Kuk's 130th Anniversary celebrations. Number 7 Hilda Leung was absent after spraining her ankle during filming in Zhuhai.

The ladies joined the visitors and guests for the aerobics routine and then shared their own fitness tips on the stage with the audience.

Number 9 Iris Tse suffered from quite severe nerves during her speech and kept fluffing her lines. Asked afterwards if she could not cope with the pressure, she explained that she has been suffering from a cold, so this affected her performance.

Number 3 Edelweiss Cheung spoke of how she has become much healthier after giving up smoking and was pleased that she no longer suffered from wheezing. Asked if she would start smoking again after taking part in the competition, she said that it was unlikely because she now realises the harm that smoking can cause and she would rather spend the time doing aerobics instead.

Hot favourite Number 4 Samantha Ko seemed to be a little puffy-faced at the event. She explained that she suffers from water retention, but her mother has been making her soup to help reduce the condition. Asked if she will be undergoing a face-slimming regime ahead of the contest, she said she will not, but hopes she will look as good as when she was filming in the Caribbean.

The Miss Hong Kong finals will take place on 19 July.

When Miss HK Meets Mr HK
Translated and courtesy of :

This year's Mr Hong Kong and Miss Hong Kong finalists were brought together in a TVB special When Miss HK Met Mr HK that was filmed yesterday.

As the shoot coincided with the 24th birthday of Miss Hk Number 5 Jovy Leung, the crew organised a cake and celebration for her.

Some semi-naked photographs of Number 4 Samantha Ko have been published this week in a tabloid magazine and she admitted that she was the person in the photographs, but denied that she has ever posed for swimwear or underwear shoots. Asked if she found these pictures acceptable, she said that it was not the case and she was merely posing for some promotional pictures for a hair salon.

Asked why she thought these photos had surfaced, Samantha explained that the photographer and the stylist also had copies of the pictures. As for speculation about whether or not she had distributed the pictures to the press herself as a publicity stunt, she insisted that she would never do such a thing. As for whether she had any regrets about posing for the photographs, she said that it was just a job at the time, but she would have preferred not to have taken them.

Miss Hong Kong executive Rosa Chan revealed that Samantha had notified the organisers of the existence of this set of photographs, but she was not aware that they were semi-naked poses. However, the committee understood her professional needs and have accepted her explanation.

Mr Hong Kong's "Takeshi Kaneshiro Lookalike" Ho Kwan Shing has also been revealed to have posed for underwear shots and he explained that these were taken when he was a model and was part of his work. Asked if he has also had any nude photos, he said that he has never tried these shoots.

Koni Lui Joins Miss Hong Kong Bikini Shoot

The twelve Miss Hong Kong 2008 finalists were filming on location today at the Chimelong Water Park in Panyu, where they played around in the pool wearing their bikinis and showing off their figures.

They were joined by former Miss Hong Kong second runner up Koni Lui for the shoot, who also wore a bikini and showed the new girls the ropes when it came to looking good on camera.

Asked if she felt that she was overshadowing the contestants with her great figure, Koni replied modestly that she did not think that was the case. She smiled that all of the contestants are very pretty, but admitted that she is slimmer and more toned than she was when she took part in the competition.

With the men from the Mr Hong Kong contest also joining the ladies in Panyu for a joint location shoot, Koni was asked if she could view this as a working date with her boyfriend Dickson Wong who is a contestant in the men's competition. She said that she only found out that he would be joining them today, but she will not feel awkward about working with him.

During the filming, Number 5 Jovy Leung accidentally caught the bra top of Number 4 Samantha Ko, knocking it out of place and nearly revealing Samantha's naked chest. Fortunately Jovy covered it up in time and rescued the situation.

Asked about this incident later, Samantha said that she had tried to be extremely careful and had checked each time she emerged from the water. Asked if she felt that Koni was stealing the limelight from her, she said that this was not the case and complimented Koni on her great figure, height and beauty.




News translated and courtesy of :

Joyce Shin Takes 'Best Performance' Award

26 June 2008

The Miss Hong Kong 2008 finalists took part in a promotional event with jewellery sponsors Luk Fook today.

The contestants each had to model some jewellery for the company's representatives and the best performance was selected to receive a special jewellery prize.

Number 10 Joyce Shin was eventually chosen as the winner and when she was presented with her prize, she was so happy that she started to cry.

Asked if she was usually so sensitive, Joyce replied that she was not generally very tearful, but she was just too happy at today's event. When asked if she was worried about this being interpreted as a publicity stunt, she said that people know that she is not that kind of person and moreover, she would not cry intentionally because this would smudge her make-up.

The contest is now building up to the final on 19 July.




Samantha Ko: I Don't Know Bill Chan

Miss Hong Kong 2008 contestant #4 Samantha Ko's official portrait.

Article translated and courtesy of :

The footage filmed as part of the Miss Hong Kong 2008 location filming in Miami and the Caribbean has been edited into two special programmes that will be aired on 26 June and 03 July.

A premiere party was held today to promote the shows and the twelve finalists were invited to watch the clips and then share their experiences on the stage, speaking in Chinese and English.

When it was her turn to go on stage, Number 1 Ana Man was still busy learning her lines, whereas Number 4 Samantha Ko was much more confident with her English presentation.

Number 3 Edelweiss Cheung seemed to suffer from stage fright and this affected her performance greatly. She explained that it was probably because she has not met the press for a while. Asked if she will be this nervous again during the final show, she replied confidently that she had strong improvisation skills, so she was not worried.

There have been rumours that Samantha is a friend of Mr Hong Kong contestant Bill Chan, but when she was asked about this, she said that she did not know Bill personally, but he was a pupil in a different class in her Form 7 year. She explained that the photograph that has been published in the press was taken during their graduation ceremony.

Miss HK Ladies Battle Crowds & Spots

Courtesy and translated by :

The Miss Hong Kong 2008 finalists attended a charity sale event yesterday in a shopping mall, where they attracted the crowds by selling cosmetics packages sponsored by SaSa. However, the public seemed more interested in taking photographs of the ladies than in buying their wares.

Number 11 Sire Ma appeared to be the most popular with the crowds, with some fans even asking for her autograph. As Sire and Number 5 Jovy Leung will be celebrating their birthdays in July, the sponsors had also arranged for them to be presented with some early birthday presents. Asked if she would like to win an award at the contest as an early birthday present, Sire replied that it would be a great encouragement for her, but she will do her best.

Sire's skin condition has improved a lot since she appeared at an earlier event with her face covered in spots and she said that the outbreak was the side effects from the medication she was taking. She hoped that the forthcoming location filming in China will not cause another flare up.

This time it was the turn of Number 2 Nadia Lun to carry some spots on her forehead and she explained that this was due to lack of sleep. She said that she hopes it will clear up soon as she has been drinking plenty of water and applying hydration facials.


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Hilda Leung Wins 'Trendy Vision Award'

The twelve Miss Hong Kong finalists attended a promotional event for the contest's official eyewear sponsors today, where they modelled some of the designer glasses in the hope of winning the Trendy Vision Award.

During the event, the final photographs of the self portrait competition, held aboard the cruise ship during location filming, were revealed and award judges - current Miss Hong Kong winner Kayi Cheung and renowned photographer Alain Yip awarded points to choose their winner.

Number 7 Hilda Leung and Number 8 Angela Yiu both emerged with with 51 points and after further deliberation, Hilda was chosen as the overall winner. Presented with her award and also prizes of HK$50,000 eyewear vouchers and HK$50,000 cash, Hilda announced that she will be donating her prize money to the Sichuan Earthquake relief fund. She added that as well as the earthquake, she was also very concerned about the people caught up in the South China floods, so she urged everyone to offer their support to the emergency aid.

Asked how she felt about winning over the contest favourite Angela, Hilda replied that everyone has their strengths and she was pleased that the judges chose her. Angela was not upset at losing out to Hilda and said graciously that Hilda's photograph was very beautiful.

Asked for her choice of the top five contestants, Kayi said that she thinks Number 4 Samantha Ko,Number 5 Jovy Leung, Hilda, Angela and Number 11 Sire Ma all have potential.



Article courtesy and translated by :

Miss HK Finalists Out & About

9 June 2008
Emma Lam

The twelve Miss Hong Kong finalists have been out meeting the competition's product sponsors this week and were joined by celebrity spokesmodels Rain Li, Annie Man and Alice Chan at a skincare product promotion yesterday.

Number 4 Samantha Ko also won HK$30,000 of beauty treatments for displaying the fastest reaction in a game.

After meeting the contestants, the guests each had their favourites and Alice revealed that she knew the parents of Number 3 Edelweiss Cheung and complimented her beautiful long legs. Asked if she was aware of the reports suggesting that Edelweiss is a drinking and smoking party animal, Alice said she had not seen the reports, but believed that Edelweiss is just being young and will learn as she grows up.

Edelweiss thanked Alice for her praises and said that she will be seeking advice from her senior about how to relax after the competition is over.

When Number 5 Jovy Leung was asked about rumours suggesting that she has already been selected by a TVB executive to win an award, she replied that she does not know any executives and denied that she was receiving special treatment from the crew. She believed that the competition will be fair and said that she has gained some lifetime memories from the experience, so she thanked her family for encouraging her to take part.

The twelve ladies also attended an event to promote TVB's Most Popular Television Advertisement Awards today and chose their favourite ads.

Samantha was asked about the appearance of some photographs of her from her schooldays, showing that she had quite a full figure even then. She smiled that this is a good thing because it proves that she is completely natural.

Number 8 Angela Yiu has appeared in advertisements before playing roles including a mother. She said that she did not mind playing different roles as long as it fulfilled the requirements for the client.

Since returning from location filming, the quality of Number 11 Sire Ma's skin has deteriorated and she explained that she has been to see the doctor and has taken medication for her skin condition that arose from blocked pores. She said that the doctor advised her to take rest and avoid make-up, but this is unavoidable when appearing in public.

PB's Updated list of favorites: #5, #11, #4, #3, and #7.



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Miss HK Contestants Try Surfing

27 May 2008
Emma Lam

The Miss Hong Kong entourage continued their filming in Miami yesterday, heading on board the world's largest cruise liner, The Freedom of the Seas.

On board the ship, the ladies were filmed trying out the surfing pool on the decks. Giving demonstrations of standing, paddling and kneeling on the boards, there were varying levels of success. Fortunately, there were coaches on hand to give the ladies some tips and make sure that they were safe.

After one of the coaches wrapped his arms around her waist, Number 6 Chan Sin Yeung was asked if she was concerned about the level of physical contact. However, she said that as she is a flight attendant, she has a lot of contact with people from other nationalities, so she understands that this is nothing unusual in Western cultures. When she was in the water, she was seen to have been pushed against the wall with a bang, but when asked abou this later, she said she was fine. She seemed more concerned about her voice and explained that she had been suffering from a sore throat since she arrived in America, but still made sure that she called her boyfriend every day.

Number 3 Edelweiss Cheung blamed her inability to stay on the board on her height, whilst Number 1 Man Pak Chi explained her constant screaming, smiling that this helped to raise her courage as she was quite scared. However, she added that the exercise was a lot of fun.

Miss HK 2008 Beauties On Board

28 May 2008
Emma Lam

After visiting the world's largest cruise ship, the 12 Miss Hong Kong finalists boarded sister ship - The Enchantment of the Seas yesterday, to embark on a cruise of the Caribbean and continue their location filming. They were joined by TVB funnymen Eric Tsang and Chin Ka Lok for the trip.

A helicopter was also arranged to fly overhead to film the ladies who were dressed in colourful beachwear and stood on the ship's main deck for the shoot. However, there was a fire drill during the filming and there were some comical scenes as the girls in their high heels and pretty clothes had to don a life jacket and dash down to the assembly area.

After the drill, the ladies returned to the deck to wave to the helicopter, but the strong sea breeze left many of them a little flustered as they battled to keep their hair and skirts under control. Some of the girls resorted to wrapping their hair in turbans, but this made them look extremely odd in the line-up. They explained that this was designed by the stylists and they did not think it looked strange.

Number 11 Ma Choi was one of the girls with the hair wraps and said that if she wanted to become an artiste, then she should be willing to try many different things. She added that she felt it looked fine. She seemed to be suffering from an outbreak of spots that were still visible through her make-up. Asked if the stress of the competition was upsetting her hormone balance, she explained that her skin was not used to the make-up, sun lotion and lack of sleep, so it had become quite sensitive. She said that she has received treatment from the doctor, but it is not having much of an effect.

Despite rumours suggesting that she has had a boob job, Number 4 Ko Hoi Ling showed off her bust with pride in her low cut top and flowing dress on the ship's deck. She was often seen to be holding her arms across her chest and was asked if she was worried about revealing herself. She said that they had taken precautions to avoid any accidents. Asked if she felt that she had been given a particularly sexy outfit, she replied that the stylists had chosen different clothes in line with each contestant's body shape.

Miss HK plays 'Super Trio' in Mexico

29 May 2008
Emma Lam

The twelve Miss Hong Kong finalists reached Mexico on their location filming trip to the Americas. After their cruise ship docked at the resort of Cozumel, the ladies put on their bikinis to go and film with some dolphins.

During their time aboard the ship on their journey from Miami, their travelling companions Eric Tsang and Chin Ka Lok had laid on some Super Trio Show water games for them in the pool and the girls had enjoyed some fun as well as a soaking.

Number 11 Ma Choi was especially absorbed in the games and in the bucket and umbrella game, she was so eager that she reached for the bucket to soak her opponent regardless of whether or not she had won. Ka Lok laughed that she was really putting her all into the game, but in the end, her team still lost.

The losers had to suffer the forfeit of diving into the pool and even the non-swimmers were not spared as Number 8 Yiu Ting Chi was pushed into the pool by Eric and Number 4 Ko Hoi Ling was picked up by the two men and dropped into the pool. Finally, the winners were tricked into posing by the pool and then pushed in by the cheeky gameshow hosts.

Hoi Ling's team were eventually named as overall winners and received prize money of HK$20,000 each. Asked what she planned to do with her money, she replied that she will donate it to the Sichuan Earthquake fund.

When the ladies arrived on the beach in their bikinis, Number 12 Denice Wong seemed to show off a much fuller bust than she did before. This captured the attentions of the reporters and the locals. Asked if she was putting up a fight against the contest favourite Hoi Ling. She replied that everyone has their strengths and she will not compare herself to others.

Miss HK Celebrate Angela Yiu's Birthday

1 June 2008
Emma Lam

On the final day of filming aboard the Enchantment of the Seas on their Caribbean cruise experience, the twelve finalists for the 2008 Miss Hong Kong pageant ended with a celebration for Number 8 Angela Yiu's 24th birthday. The ladies celebrated the occasion yesterday with guest performer Chin Ka Lok and birthday cake.

Perhaps affected by the memory of his failed relationship with former Miss Hong Kong winner Lee San San, Ka Lok was very reluctant when asked to give Angela a birthday kiss. Instead he just posed next to her to humour the photographers. The other contestants were more sporting though as they all shared a kiss with their new friend.

Overcome with emotion, Angela said that she never imagined that she would celebrate in this way and this was her most memorable birthday so far. Asked what her birthday wish was, she said she wished for happiness and good health. As for whether or not she wishes to win the pageant, she replied that it will all depend on her performance on the night, so she hopes she will keep in top form until then.

When Ka Lok was asked why he bought Angela a gift instead of giving her a kiss, he explained that he had heard about her birthday celebration earlier on, so he decided to buy her the toy bear out of courtesy. He laughed that birthday kisses don't have to be real as long as everyone is happy.

Miss HK Do Bikini Sports On Miami Beach

1 June 2008
Emma Lam

The final day of location filming for the 12 Miss Hong Kong pageant 2008 finalists was spent on Miami's South Beach, where the ladies were split into groups to go running, cycling and rollerblading in their bikini tops and hot pants.

All the action caused a lot of jiggling and bobbling during filming and it was Number 4 Samantha Ko and Number 1 Ana Man that attracted the most attention, with their fullsome figures, from the locals and tourists.

Asked if she was embarrassed by the gazes, Ana replied that this was the first time that she has been jogging on a beach, but as long as the shoot portrayed a healthy image, she did not mind at all.

Samantha was a little less relaxed, saying that she felt a little awkward, but when she saw that all the locals were dressed in a similar way, she felt like she was blending into the crowd. She added that she was quite good at cycling because she used to go with her family to go bike-riding in Shatin. She revealed that she has quite an active family because she often goes out for morning walks and exercise with her parents and grandparents. Asked if this was how she kept her figure looking so good, she smiled that this was just down to eating less and doing more exercise.

Number 10 Joyce Shin, Number 11 Sire Ma and Number 12 Denice Wong were sent to do some rollerblading, but in the end it was only Sire who managed to complete the task. The other two ladies had to be pushed down a slope by the crew to complete the shoot after proving very reluctant to try standing up on their own. Denice then ended up crashing into a male crew member because she did not know how to stop. Afterwards, Joyce and Denice both said that they had great fun and gained confidence after a while, but it was definitely Sire who stole the show for their clip.

The ladies arrived back in Hong Kong this evening to prepare for the contest final on 19 July.

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Miss HK Contestants Visit US Alligator Farm

Translated and courtesy of :

Location filming for this year's Miss Hong Kong Contestants began today as the 12 ladies were joined by Edmond So and William Chan for the start of the 12 day shoot in America.

The first leg of the trip began after a blessing ceremony at the hotel and the girls donned their vests and shorts to visit an alligator farm in Miami to test their courage.

Number 3 Edelweiss Cheung was frightened stiff at the sight of the 16-inch baby reptiles, but it was Number 4 Ko Hoi Ling who captured everyone's attention by suddenly bursting into tears. She later explained that she has always been very afraid of animals and was even scared by ants and cats when she was younger. She added that she was not afraid of going on roller coasters, but was just afraid of things that were "alive". Asked if she was afraid of "live humans", she smiled and did not respond.

The next leg of the trip included a speedboat ride to the Miami Sea Aquariums and Ko sparked of suspicions that her phobia may have been faked, when she was spotted being extremely excited at meeting dolphins and even giving them a kiss. When she was asked why she was not scared of these animals, she continued to insist that she had been holding back her fear for the shoot.

Guest performer William was very pleased to be visiting Miami for the first time, especially with so many pretty girls as companions. Asked who he thought could be a winner, he said that he has only worked with the ladies for one day, so he can only remember Edelweiss because she is the tallest.

PB's early favorites includes the tall #3 Edelweiss, #4 Ko Hoi Ling, #7 Vancouver Overseas delegate, and #9 Mo Choi.




Miss Hong Kong 2008 Local finalists chosen

Article translated and courtesy of :

The 17 contestants selected for the televised rounds of this year's Miss Hong Kong Pageant a judging panel selection event on Sunday.

The panel included Amanda S, Winnie Young (楊婉儀), Andrew Lam (林敏驄), Wong Jing (王晶), William Tang (鄧達智), Mak Ling Ling (麥玲玲) and James Lee (李丞責). Eighty members of the public also cast their vote for their favourites in a display swimwear, talent and debate. The show will be edited into two special shows to be aired later in the month.

The ten contestants selected to be fast-tracked into this year's finals were Number 1 Chan Sin Yeung (陳倩揚), Number 5 Leung Sin Man (梁倩汶), Number 6 Tse Ching Ting (謝靜婷), Number 7 Man Pak Chi (文柏姿), Number 9 Ko Hoi Ling (高海寧), Number 10 Wong Kit Ting (黃潔婷), Number 12 Yiu Ting Chi (姚婷芝), Number 14 Cheung Shu Nga (張舒雅), Number 16 Lun Chi Yuen (倫紫玄) and Number 17 Ma Choi (馬賽).

Andrew commented that all the finalists were worthy of their place, whilst William and make-up aartist Rick Chin were both in support of the leggy Cheung Shu Nga. They described her as a combination of Isabella Leong (梁洛施) and Maggie Cheung (張曼玉). Ko Hoi Ling was described as being a young looking Fala Chen (陳法拉) and was complimented for her great figure.

Feng shui master Mak Ling Ling was asked why the high profile contestant Decem Tong (湯傲欣) did not make it through and she explained that Decem was rather nervous during the event. The ten finalists will be attending their first official press conference on May 12. 

Two Overseas delegates will join the ten to form the top 12 finalists. The finalists will compete for the crown and title of Miss Hong Kong 2008 in July 19. The winner will represent Hong Kong at the Miss World 2008 pageant in Ukraine and 1st runner up at Miss International 2008 (unconfirmed yet).




Miss Hong Kong 2008 News:

Miss HK 2008 Auditions Begin

22 April 2008
News courtesy and translated of

The first auditions for the local recruitment of contestants for the Miss Hong Kong 2008 Pageant took place today at TVB City, where a total of 173 girls met the producers and executives for the first time.

The quality of contestants this year was not particularly high, with most of them on the skinny side and only a handful who stood out as pretty. As in previous years, there was a mixture of the strange and delusional, with some girls so reluctant to show their faces that they were covering them up with scarfs and shades.

The more memorable contestants were those who bore resemblance to celebrities, such as Kary Ng, Joyce Cheng and Gaile Lok. The Joyce-lookalike appeared to fall over when she was avoiding the press, but when she arrived at TVB City, she still smiled and said she was fine.

Under instruction from the organisers, the girls did not say much to the waiting press and as they had to model their swimwear, many of the girls had obviously worn their swimwear underneath their dresses and skirts. When the reporters pointed out to one of the girls that her bikini bottom was sticking out from her jeans, she went on to yank her trousers up in full view of everyone.

One casual looking contestant, who had returned from overseas to take part did not do much for the pageant's reputation by displaying what seemed to be a reversed "V" gesture as she posed for photographs. Dressed in a t-shirt, shorts and plastic sunglasses, she looked like she was on her way to a beach party rather than a beauty contest.

TVB executive Ho Lai Chuen was a member of the judging panel and he revealed that over 1000 applications had been received this year and from the girls that they would audition, only 14 of them would make it through the finals. 30 girls will first be selected for a panel selection, where eight finalists will be selected. The remaining places will go to those who manage to win additional challenges that will be set.

Asked if he felt that the quality of contestants this year was poor, Mr Ho said supportively the he did not find this was the case and he was also pleased that so many contestants from the UK, America and Germany were taking part. He also pointed out that there were also many university graduates among the applicants.

Mr Ho also revealed that the location shoot this year will take place in America and filming will begin in May. The finals will be held on 19 July at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wanchai.

Miss HK 2008 Second Round Auditions

27 April 2008
News courtesy and translated from

The second round of interviews was held for the 2008 Miss Hong Kong Pageant yesterday at TVB City.

Just 38 ladies were called back for the selection event and the quality of the contestants was a massive improvement from those spotted in the first set of auditions that were held earlier in the week. The majority of the girls had long hair and they all followed the instructions not to speak to the press, but still remained very polite as they entered the studios.

The most high-profile contestant spotted was Decem Tong, who was a member of the girl-group HDBoBo that hosted programmes for Sony Playstation's promotional internet channel Hi TV.

Pageant producer and TVB executive Ho Lai Chuen revealed that the top 18 girls will go forward to the Miss Hong Kong reality show that will take place in early May. From these selections, 10-12 finalists will be chosen to join the finalists from the overseas selection to set off on 22 May for location filming in Miami and on a Carribbean cruise liner.

Guest performers have also been confirmed as Edmond So for Miami and Eric Tsang and Chin Ka Lok for the cruise ship.