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Offical chinese and international pageant sites:

Miss HK Beauties

Charmpress The Pageant Insider

Johnny's Pageant Page

Pan's Miss Hong Kong Pageant

Miss HK Galleries

Grand Slam Beauties

Global Beauties



Pageant News Bureau

Pageant Almanac

Jimmy's Pageant Page

Mabuhay Beauties

Miss Universe Crystal Ball

Pageant Websites leading to the Miss Chinese International Pageant:

Miss Chinese New Zealand

Miss China Europe

Miss Chinese Calgary

Miss Friendship Ambassador (Chicago)

Miss Chinese Hawaii

Miss Astro Malaysia Pageant

Miss Chinese Community Quest (Melbourne)

Miss Chinese Montreal

Miss New York Chinese Beauty Pageant

Miss Chinese Seattle

Miss Chinese Singapore

Miss Sydney Chinese Pageant

Miss Chinese Toronto

Miss Chinese Vancouver

Unoffical chinese pageant websites:

Miss Chinese Malaysia

Miss Chinese Melbourne

Miss Sydney Chinese

Offical International Pageant organization websites:

Miss Asia

Miss Asia Pacific International

Miss Asian America

Miss Chinatown USA

Miss Earth

Miss International

Miss Oriental Pearl

Miss Teen USA

Miss Teen World

Miss Universe

Miss Universe Canada

Miss USA

Miss World

Miss World Canada

US Miss World

Forum websites:

Miss Hong Kong Forum

Miss Hong Kong Discussion Forum

Pageant Fans' HQ

United States of Beauty

Miss USA Forum

Canadian Pageant Fans HQ

Pawee's Beauties Kiss & Tell

For more forum links to MSHK and MCI Winners, please visit Miss Hong Kong Beauties.
Miss Hong Kong and Miss Chinese International TVB sites:

Miss Hong Kong 2005

Miss Hong Kong 2004

Miss Hong Kong 2003

Miss Hong Kong 2002

Miss Hong Kong 2001

Miss Hong Kong 2000

Miss Chinese International 2006

Miss Chinese International 2005

Miss Chinese International 2004

Miss Chinese International 2003

Miss Chinese International 2002

Miss Chinese International 2001