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Miss World 2008 Results:
Winner: Russia
1st runner up: India
2nd runner up: Trinidad & Tobago
Top 5 Finalists (4th to 5th place): Angola and South Africa
Top 15 Semifinalists: Barbados, Brazil, Croatia, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, Ukraine, and Venezuela
Special Awards:
Miss People's Choice: Vietnam
World Designer Award (Best Evening Gown): United States
Fast Track Awards:
Miss World Beach Beauty: Mexico
Miss World Top Model: Russia
Miss World Sports: Iceland
Miss World Talent: Barbados
Continental Queens of Beauty:
  • Africa: Brigith dos Santos (Angola)
  • Americas: Hannelly Quintero (Venezuela)
  • Asia & Oceania: Parvathy Omanakuttan (India)
  • Caribbean: Gabrielle Walcott (Trinidad & Tobago)
  • Europe: Ksenia Sukhinova (Russia)
Comments: Johannesburg was a great host at Miss World this year. The performers were great and the pageant had many excitement. Miss Russia World deserved it. She has wisdom and a great facial appearance. The Miss World Organization will have a great year with this next titleholder.
In PB's predictions, for the first time ever, PB predicted the winner correctly. Four semifinalists were earlier announced but PB managed to put eight more semifinalists on the predictions' list. Two alternates also made the cut. PB only excluded Miss Puerto Rico World in the top 15, other than that PB did a good job. Miss Vietnam World did win Miss People's Choice although Miss Ukraine World did not win the World Designer Award, Miss United States World did and she looks excellent in her gown. Congratulations to all winners and PB will have coverage again in Johannesburg, South Africa for Miss World 2009.
Miss People's Choice voting is closed, but she will not advance to the top 15:
Announcement made on :

Miss People`s Choice

The vote has now closed but due to technical reasons beyond our control the Miss People`s Choice will not be included in tonight`s Final.

Ratings will be announced on the Miss World website on Monday 15 December.

However, did you pick the new Miss World or any of the contestants who will make it through to the Final fifteen or even the top five?

Well you will just have to wait and see! But make sure to keep visiting the website for all the latest news as the evening wears on.

PB's Viewers' Choice for Miss World 2008
Who is your favorite delegate to win Miss World 2008? [1374 votes total]

Miss Albania World, Egla Harxhi (22) 2%
Miss Angola World, Brigith dos Santos (14) 1%
Miss Antigua & Barbuda World, Athina James (0) 0%
Miss Argentina World, Agustina Quinteros (3) 0%
Miss Aruba World, Christina Trejo (2) 0%
Miss Australia World, Katie Richardson (0) 0%
Miss Austria World, Kathrin Krahfuss (0) 0%
Miss Bahamas World, Tinnyse Johnson (1) 0%
Miss Barbados World, Natalie Griffith (1) 0%
Miss Belarus World, Volha Khizhynkova (0) 0%
Miss Belgium World, Alizée Poulicek (3) 0%
Miss Belize World, Charmaine Chinapen (3) 0%
Miss Bolivia World, Jackelin Arias (6) 0%
Miss Bosnia & Herzegovina World, Tanja Vujièiæ (1) 0%
Miss Botswana World, Itseng Kgomotso (1) 0%
Miss Brazil World, Tamara Almeida (150) 11%
Miss Bulgaria World, Julia Yurevich (0) 0%
Miss Canada World, Leah Ryerse (0) 0%
Miss Cayman Islands World, Nicosia Lawson (0) 0%
Miss Chile World, Nataly Chilet (16) 1%
Miss China PR World, Mei Yan Ling (8) 1%
Miss Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) World, Jamie Lin (1) 0%
Miss Colombia World, Katherine Medina (30) 2%
Miss Congo DR World, Christelle Ndila (0) 0%
Miss Costa Rica World, Amalia Matamoros (3) 0%
Miss Croatia World, Josipa Kusi¿ (1) 0%
Miss Curaçao World, Norayla Francisco (0) 0%
Miss Cyprus World, Mari Vasileiou (0) 0%
Miss Czech Republic World, Zuzana Jandová (3) 0%
Miss Denmark World, Lisa Lents (0) 0%
Miss Dominican Republic World, Nathali Montes de Oca (79) 6%
Miss Ecuador World, Marjorie Cevallos (30) 2%
Miss Egypt World, Sanaa Ismail Hamed (0) 0%
Miss El Salvador World, Gabriela Gavidia (4) 0%
Miss England World, Laura Coleman (0) 0%
Miss Ethiopia World, Hibret Fekadu (0) 0%
Miss Finland World, Linda Wikstedt (0) 0%
Miss France World, Laura Tanguy (0) 0%
Miss Georgia World, Khatuna Skhirtladze (0) 0%
Miss Germany World, Anne Katrin Walter (0) 0%
Miss Ghana World, Frances Takyi-Mensah (0) 0%
Miss Gibraltar World, Krystel Robba (0) 0%
Miss Greece World, Angeliki Kalaitzi (0) 0%
Miss Guadeloupe World, Frédérika Charpentier (0) 0%
Miss Guatemala World, Maribel Arana (0) 0%
Miss Guyana World, Christa Simmons (0) 0%
Miss Honduras World, Gabriela Zavala (1) 0%
Miss Hong Kong China World, Skye Chan (2) 0%
Miss Hungary World, Szilvia Freire (1) 0%
Miss Iceland World, Alexandra Ívarsdóttir (6) 0%
Miss India World, Parvathy Omanakuttan (7) 1%
Miss Indonesia World, Sandra Angelia (1) 0%
Miss Ireland World, Sinéad Noonan (0) 0%
Miss Israel World, Tamar Ziskind (0) 0%
Miss Italy World, Claudia Russo (0) 0%
Miss Jamaica World, Brittany Lyons (2) 0%
Miss Japan World, Mizuki Kubodera (0) 0%
Miss Kazakhstan World, Alfina Nassyrova (0) 0%
Miss Kenya World, Ruth Kinuthia (0) 0%
Miss Korea World, Choi Bo-in (2) 0%
Miss Latvia World, Ina Avlasçvièa (0) 0%
Miss Lebanon World, Rosarita Tawil (4) 0%
Miss Lithuania World, Gabrielë Martirosianaitë (0) 0%
Miss Macedonia FYRO World, Suzana Al-Salkini (0) 0%
Miss Malaysia World, Soo Wincci (1) 0%
Miss Malta World, Martha Fenech (0) 0%
Miss Martinique World, Elodie Delor (0) 0%
Miss Mauritius World, Olivia Carey (0) 0%
Miss Mexico World, Anagabriela Espinoza (219) 16%
Miss Moldova World, Iana Varnacova (0) 0%
Miss Mongolia World, Anun Chinbat (0) 0%
Miss Montenegro World, Mariana Mihajloviæ (0) 0%
Miss Namibia World, Marelize Robberts (0) 0%
Miss Netherlands World, Carmen Kool (0) 0%
Miss New Zealand World, Kahurangi Taylor (1) 0%
Miss Nigeria World, Adaeze Igwe (3) 0%
Miss Northern Ireland World, Judith Wilson (0) 0%
Miss Norway World, Lene Egeli (0) 0%
Miss Paraguay World, Gabriela Rejala (1) 0%
Miss Peru World, Annmarie Dehainaut (15) 1%
Miss Philippines World, Danielle Castaño (91) 7%
Miss Poland World, Klaudia Ungerman (3) 0%
Miss Portugal World, Andréia Rodrigues (2) 0%
Miss Puerto Rico World, Ivonne Orsini (202) 15%
Miss Russia World, Ksenia Sukhinova (34) 2%
Miss Scotland World, Stephanie Willemse (0) 0%
Miss Serbia World, Nevena Lipovac (0) 0%
Miss Seychelles World, Elena Angione (0) 0%
Miss Sierra Leone World, Tyrilla Gouldson (0) 0%
Miss Singapore World, Faraliza Tan (1) 0%
Miss Slovakia World, Edita Krešáková (1) 0%
Miss South Africa World,Tansey Coetzee (0) 0%
Miss Spain World, Patricia Rodríguez (16) 1%
Miss Sri Lanka World, Rochelle Correa (0) 0%
Miss St. Lucia World, Joy-Ann Biscette (0) 0%
Miss Swaziland World, Tiffany Simelane (0) 0%
Miss Sweden World, Jennifer Palm Lundberg (1) 0%
Miss Tanzania World, Nasreem Ndiye (0) 0%
Miss Thailand World, Ummarapas Jullakasian (1) 0%
Miss Trinidad & Tobago World, Gabrielle Walcott (9) 1%
Miss Turkey World, Leyla Tuğutlu (0) 0%
Miss Uganda World, Dora Mwima (0) 0%
Miss Ukraine World, Irina Zhuravskaya (34) 2%
Miss United States World, Lane Lindell (9) 1%
Miss Uruguay World, Fatimih Dávila (0) 0%
Miss Venezuela World, Hannelly Quintero (316) 23%
Miss Vietnam World, Dương Trương Thiên Lý (6) 0%
Miss Wales World, Chloe Morgan (0) 0%
Miss Zambia World, Winfridah Mofu (0) 0%
Miss Zimbabwe World, Cynthia Muvirimi (0) 0%
Congratulations to Miss Venezuela World, Hannelly Quintero. You are voted by internet fans as the one to win Miss World 2008. Thank you for voting.  
Congratulations Miss Russia World 2008, you are PB's Miss World 2008.
Miss World 2008 Final Predictions:
Winner: Russia*
1st runner up: Mexico*
2nd runner up: Ukraine
Top 5 Finalists (4th to 5th place): India and South Africa
Top 15 Semifinalists (6th to 15th place): Brazil, Czech Republic, Spain, United States, Trinidad & Tobago, Angola, Philippines, Iceland*, Venezuela, and Barbados*.
Top 25 Alternates (16th to 25th place): Belgium, Antigua & Barbuda, Kazakhstan, Chile, Costa Rica, Thailand, Martinique, Uruguay, Jamaica, and Croatia.
*=Already made the top 15 after winning a fast track event.
Special Awards:
Best Dress Designer Award: Ukraine 
Miss People's Choice (To be announced on the 15th on ): Vietnam, Philippines, or Thailand
Fast Track Awards:
Beauty With A Purpose: Kenya or Trinidad & Tobago
Fast Track Awards announced earlier:
Miss World Beach Beauty: Mexico
Miss World Top Model: Russia
Miss World Sports: Iceland
Miss World Talent: Barbados
The pageant will be hosted by Angela Chow and Tumisho Masha. Miss Chow has been the host of Miss World since 2003 and Mr. Masha is a South African actor and television presenter. Both will work together for the first time. British pop rock band McFly will perform tonight. They will perform their hit single "Lies" during the live telecast tonight. The pageant will be watched by two billion viewers around the world and it is confirmed that E! will be broadcast the pageant in USA (5 p.m. EST on Sunday, December 14). Remember to watch it US fans! PB wishes all the delegates the best, may the best girl win.
Miss Venezuela World continues to lead poll
Miss Venezuela World continues to lead the Viewers' Choice poll. She has been the leader for weeks and seems to be a huge favorite. Misses Mexico and Puerto Rico trail behind second and third. Voting will end tomorrow.
Miss World Beauty With A Purpose Top 4 finalists:
  • Miss Hungary World, Szilvia Freire: For working with the NEM ADOM FEL Foundation, dedicated to the awareness that handicapped and disabled people are of value to our society, and to make these individuals feel accepted.
  • Miss Kenya World, Ruth Kinuthia: For working with a school in the slums of Nairobi mainly for students who have been orphaned by HIV AIDS, helping raise funds for the sustenance of the school, as well as being a role model for students.
  • Miss Mexico World, Anagabriela Espinoza: For assisting the Casa Hogar of Jilotepec, "Ayuda y Solidaridad con las Niñas de la Calle", which means help and solidarity with little girls from the streets. Anagaby created a dynamic game called "Pass the Crown" where she would ask the children about their best personal quality, and then award them a tiara.
  • Miss Trinidad & Tobago World, Gabrielle Walcott: For working with the Just Because Foundation, which works to give hope and health alternatives to children living with cancer. While working with them, she decided to create hospitable conditions for these children since the present ones were not adequate. Gabrielle helped raise about $100,000 in Charity for the creation of a new children's ward.
Congratulations to the four finalists. Please note that Miss Mexico World already won Miss World Beach Beauty 2008. This means that one of the three finalists will win the award. Congratulations and good luck to all three!
The last fast track event, Miss People's Choice will be announced tomorrow. The delegate with the most votes will automatically make the top 15.
Since 2006 judges took part in preliminary interviews and chose some of the top 15. In 2006 there were top 17 semifinalists and seven of them were chosen by the judges. Last year the judges chose ten of the top 16 and six of the delegates made it through fast track events. This year nine of the15 semifinalists will be chosen by the judges. Earlier the judges made their picks and selected their favorites. The nine selected semifinalists will be announced tomorrow like last year.
The time has come again. One year has past and the reigning Miss World 2007, Zhang Zilin will relinquish her crown. This year there are many favorites from Americas and Europe and PB thinks that the winner will come from those regions. This year PB will select regional Miss Worlds and here are the results. First is PB's Miss Africa World:
Congratulations Miss South Africa World 2008, Tansey Coetzee. The South African delegate has also placed 13th at Miss Universe 2008. Misses South Africa have always done well at Miss World and Miss Coetzee seems prepared. Last year Miss PRC, Zhang Zilin also won in her home country so the host delegate has a chance of repeating her victory. Angola looks stunning and Uganda seems very strong. Darkhorses in this region are Nigeria and Botswana.
Next up is PB's Miss Europe World 2008. The winner is...
It's her, Miss Russia World! Miss Russia World 2008, Kseniya Sukhinova looks beautiful and seems to be the strongest Miss Russia World since 1992 (when the nation won courtesy of Julia Kourochkina). She is on the top of many pageant fans' list and bookmakers' list. She has already won Miss World Top Model (like last year's winner, Zhang Zilin). Except Miss Kourochkina to do well. Miss Ukraine has also continued to stay fit and stunning since her win. Very likely both women will vie for the Queen of Europe title. Third in Europe is Miss Czech Republic World who is another favorite. Iceland's Alexandra Ívarsdóttir has already won Miss World Sports 2008 and has made the top 15. Can she manage to go all the way and become Iceland's 4th Miss World since Unnur Birna won in 2005? Croatia, Spain, Poland, and Belgium are good alternates too. Europe is indeed a competitive group this year.

Next is PB's Miss Asia Pacific World 2008. She is

India has produced five Miss World winners and Parvathy Omanakuttan seems prepared. Miss Indias does very well in interviews and PB is pretty safe to say Miss Omanakuttan will impress the judges. Miss Philippines World goes behind in second with a strong delegate. Miss Turkey looks facially beautiful, so as Miss Thailand World, and Miss Kazakhstan. Darkhorses in this region are Misses Australia, Japan, and Korea. However Miss Malaysia World seems to be gaining favoritism and may pull a surprise. Miss Hong Kong China World is also a flight attendant and her communication skills are excellent. Can she win the judge's interview and make it?

Miss People's Choice is also likely to come from this region since pageant fans from countries of Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand vote and support their delegate to the fullest.

PB's Miss Caribbean World 2008 is

Miss Trinidad & Tobago World, Gabrielle Walcott. Miss Walcott may follow her predecessor's path and may take Queen of Caribbean. Miss Puerto Rico, Barbados, and Martinique follow in this distinct group. Miss Barbados World already made the top 15 after winning Miss World Talent and she can pull a surprise too. Miss Jamaica World has also fared well in the pageant and she not be looked down.

Lastly is PB's Miss Americas World 2008. The winner after much consideration is:

The winner is Miss Mexico World,  Espinoza Marroquin Anagabriel! Miss Anagarbriel already made the top 15 after winning Miss World Beach Beauty and she is one of the best Miss Mexico Worlds ever. Miss Mexico World has never won a Miss World crown before and Miss Anagabriel has the potential to take it all. Brazil is trailing right behind Mexico with the stunning Tamara Almeida. It is likely to be a fight between both for the Queen of Americas title. However Misses United States, Venezuela, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Chile, and Uruguay are all possiblities too! Worthy to note in this region, Miss Honduras World was a top 8 finalist in Miss Earth 2004 and so as Miss Chile World in Miss Earth 2005. Both are experienced and are darkhorses.
Other delegates that have international pageant experience are Miss Martinique World who was a top 16 semifinalist in last year's Miss Earth and Miss Brazil World was second runner up in Miss Tourism Queen International 2007. PB will reveal PB's Miss World 2008 and Viewers' Choice winner tomorrow. Stay tuned!
Miss Venezuela World continues to lead poll
After weeks of voting, the standings of the Viewers' Choice poll have not changed. Miss Venezuela World continues to lead poll. Miss Mexico World and Puerto Rico take 2nd and 3rd. Big favorite, Miss Russia World has received 28 votes despite being on the list of pageant fans and betting agencies.
Miss World Beach Beauty 2008 Results:

Winner: Mexico
1st Runner-up: South Africa
2nd Runner-up: Russia

Top 10 Finalists: Angola, India, Lebanon, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Spain, Venezuela

Top 25 Semifinalists:

New Zealand
Trinidad & Tobago
United States
Miss World Top Model 2008 Results:

Winner: Russia
1st runner up: Angola
2nd runner up: India

Top 10 Finalists: Czech Republic, Croatia, Curacao, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Venezuela

Top 32 Semifinalists:

Puerto Rico
Trinidad & Tobago
United States
Miss World Sports 2008 Results:
Winner: Iceland
1st runner up: Nigeria
2nd runner up: Portugal

Top 6 Finalists: Greece, Israel, Peru
Miss World Talent 2008 Results:

Winner: Barbados
1st runner-up: Austria
2nd runner-up: Ukraine

Top 19 Finalists: Cayman Islands, Chinese Taipei, Croatia, Denmark, Gibraltar, Indonesia, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Martinique, Mexico, Nigeria, Northern Ireland,
Portugal, South Africa

Congratulations to Miss Barbados World, Natalie Olivia Griffith. She has the won the fourth fast track event of the six available. She is automatically into the top 15, congratulations. The last semifinalist from Barbados was Linda Yvonne Field in 1974 when she made the top 15. It was also that year did the Caribbean Island debut in the Miss World pageant. Can Miss Griffith go on to win Continental Queen of Caribbean? Stay tuned.

PB's Miss World 2008 Top 15 favorites: Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Philippines, Venezuela, Mexico, United States, Ecuador, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Iceland, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, and Chile


Miss Russia World wins Miss World Top Model
One of the big favorites for this year's Miss World title, Miss Russia World has won Miss World Top Model! Congratulations, Miss Russia World is automatically into the top 15. The stunning beauty has topped the bookmakers' list and many fans' list.
Miss Mexico World, congratulations as you are Mexico's fifth consecutive semifinalist. Miss Mexico World won the annual Beach Beauty Competition and automatically makes the semifinals.
Lastly so far is the Miss World Sports competition. Another fast track event, the winner automatically makes the top 15. The winner is
Miss Iceland World. Her kicking skills came in handle in determining her as this year's winner. She is automatically into the semifinals, the first Miss Iceland World to make the cut since Unnur Birna won in 2005. Congratulations to the three fast track winners. There are still Miss World Talent, Beauty With A Purpose winner, and Miss People's Choice yet to be announced. All these winners will be automatically into the semifinals.
Complete results of the fast track events and more trivia tomorrow. Here are the current PB's Top 15 favorites:
Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Mexico, USA, Venezuela, Belgium, Philippines, Puerto Rico, South Africa, India, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, and People's Republic of China.
According to the current Viewers' Choice Poll, Miss Venezuela World, Hannelly Quintero is leading. She has 311 votes (25% of total poll). Can she continue on with the lead? Voting will continue on to December 12, continue to vote.
Miss World Beach Beauty 2008 Top 25 Semifinalists:
The first fast track event, Miss World Beach Beauty 2008 was held this morning in Johannesburg. The 109 delegates competed in swimsuits and a list of 25 semifinalists was chosen. A top 5 and a winner will be announced either next week or on the final night. The winner will automatically make the top 16 semifinalists list. Here are the top 25 semifinalists:
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
South Africa
Trinidad & Tobago
United States
The next fast track event, Miss World Talent show will be held on December 1. The winner will also automatically make the top 16.
Pageant Beauties' Current Top 16 favorites: Ukraine, Russia, Venezuela, United States, South Africa, Chile, Canada, Philippines, Brazil, Ecuador, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, and Colombia
Pageant Beauties' Viewers' Choice for Miss World 2008 Poll OPEN. VOTE NOW:
PB's Viewers' Choice for Miss World 2008
Who is your favorite delegate to win Miss World 2008?