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On August 12, 2006 the 34th Miss Hong Kong pageant was held. Over 3 million people viewed in Hong Kong, live in Australia and Singapore. In the end, Aimee Chan Yan Mei won the title and Miss International Goodwill. She is also a nonfinalist at the Miss Chinese Toronto 2004 pageant. Her news regarding her fake breasts did not ruin her chances. She had a great interview, bright and kind smile that won her the title. First runner up went to a surprise Janet Chow, also from Canada. Janet also won the Miss Photogenic title. Second runner up went to Koni Liu Wai Yee, Pageant Beauties's winner. Amy Tsang and big favorite, Suki Tsui Suk Man were in the top 5. This year there were a top 10 rather than a top 8 (see bottom for top 10 list). Surprise note: There were 3 contestants that competed at regional Miss Chinese International pageants, Miss Chinese Toronto and Miss NY Chinese. There has rarely been a case like that. My thoughts later to come.
Miss Hong Kong 2006 results:
Winner/ Miss International Goodwill: Number 13, Aimee Chan.
1st runner up/ Miss Photogenic: Number 15, Janet Chow.
2nd runner up: Koni Liu Wai Yee
Top 5 finalists: Number 1, Amy Tsang and Number 8, Suki Tsui Suk Man.
Top 10 semifinalists: Numbers 3, 4, 6, 11, and 14.
Representation: Looks like TVB made it on time. They will send this year's winners to Miss World and Miss International. Aimee was suppose to be sent to Miss World but due to the age limit (over by one year), Janet is going. As for Miss International, likely Koni will go. However, Aimee is also a good choice due to her fluent English, beautiful eyes, and smile. Too bad Aimee is not going to Poland...
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[The Sun 15/08/06]

Fresh Miss Hong Kong winners, champion Aimee Chan, first runner up Janet Chow, second runner up Koni Lui and Tourism Ambassador Suki Chui started a series of prizegiving events yesterday, visiting the travel agency to receive travel vouchers totalling $100,000. During the event, the girls looked like human backdrops as they kept their smiles and posed with the travel company executives. However, Aimee did not feel unhappy about this and smiled that she likes being photographed.

Early favourite Suki was not disappointed about missing out on the top three and she is much happier after her sweet talking boyfriend comforted her. She also indicated confidently that her career will be much greater than this in the future and she will not marry her boyfriend just because she has lost this contest.

The Miss Hong Kong show pulled in ratings of 25 points, down 4 points on last year. The broadcasting authorities received two complaints about the contestants revealing themselves in the swimwear section. "Beautiful Cooking" and "Queen's Classroom" received 58 and 15 complaints respectively, but the ratings were not affected as they recorded 34 and 25 points.

7/28/06: Miss Hong Kong 2006 predictions:
Here they are...
The winner should be
Koni Liu Wai Yee. She is the tallest delegate in the pageant. That gives her a edge. She also looks beautiful and stunning in her photos. A beautiful smile and long hair. Totally has winner's looks. She should have no problem making the top 3. Also a likely winner of Miss International Goodwill. However, she is the one to beat!
Coming in second is...
Miss Amy Tsang Oi-Mei! She is 23 years old, which is a good age for Miss Hong Kong. Amy also graduated from The United States, which gives her the education edge. What she might lose to Koni is her looks and height. However, Amy's looks and education will keep her up. Definitely top 3 material.
Now the second runner up should be...
Miss Suki Chui Suk-Man! First of all she has the looks. Also really photogenic in photos, adding to that is her model occupation, she might take it all. However, likely she will not win due to height and also she already won Tourism Ambassador award. Pageant Beauties has our hands crossed for her for the Miss Photogenic award.
Now time for the top 5...
She is Miss Aimee Chan Yun-Mei. Beautiful smile and hair. Really nice and photogenic. Also a likely Miss International Goodwill winner. However she is 25 years old, which might hurt her. The second top 5 finalist should be... Miss Zurine Cheng Wing Sum. She has also beautiful looks. Also a pair of shining eyes. What she lacks is the white skin, that the others have. Also her gossip with singer Denise Ho might affect her chances. She has the potential to make the top 3, but likely a top 5 finalist.
Now the top 8...
Likely to make the first cut are Miss Joyce Wong Ying. She has the best figure out of the 16. Also she is the 2nd tallest delegate after Koni, which is a big advantage. However, she lacks some looks and that spark that the top 5 have. Now, the second top 8 semifinalist, Miss Wendy Lee Wing Ji. First of all, she is quite cute. Also has a bright and beautiful smile. She should smile more naturally rather than purposely showing her teeth. However, she should have no problem making the cut. Lastly, Miss Christine Yau Wing-Yun should make the cut. Having a very bright and natural smile, she should make it to the top 8.
Here are the predictions:
Winner: Number 5, Koni Liu Wai Yee
1st runner up: Number 1, Amy Tsang Oi-Mei
2nd runner up: Number 8, Suki Tsui Suk Man
3rd runner up (if there is a top 4): Number 13, Aimee Chan Yun Mei
4th runner up (if there is a top 5): Number 11, Zurine Cheng Wing Sum
Top 8: Number 4 (Joyce Wong), number 14 (Wendy Lee), and number 16 (Christine Yau Wing Yun).
Alternates for top 8: Number 3, 7, and 15.
Special Awards: Tourism Ambassador: Number 8, Suki Tsui Suk Man
Miss Photogenic: Number 8, Suki Tsui Suk Man 
Miss International Goodwill: Number 5 (Koni) or number 13 (Aimee Chan).
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Niki Chow is announced a judge in the Miss Hong Kong 2006 pageant. She will be selecting the Miss Photogenic winner out of the 16 delegates.
Delegates attend Jewelry sponsors and got to wear and try on the jewelry.

[Ta Kung Pao, Wen Wei Po & The Sun 22/07/06]

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants appeared at their jewellery sponsor yesterday to see this year's crown, worth $1.6 million as well as to try on some jewellery. Number 11 Zurine Cheng Wing Sum and Number 16 Christine Yau Wing Yan were chosen at random to model the prizes for the first and second runners-up.

Afterwards, Zurine revealed that she was not feeling well and her voice was a little croaky from a cold as she said: "I am very happy and I hope that on the night of the contest, I will be able to wear the winner's crown. I do like diamonds, but I don't have the ability to buy them for myself, so I usually receive them as gifts from family. (Have any pursuers ever presented you with diamonds?) No, such a shame! I have never dated because I am very innocent, so I have not had my first love yet." As for Christine, she says excitedly: "I was so happy to be chosen, I feel so lucky! (Do you want to win the crown?) Of course I do, but winning or losing is not up to me, I will do my best though."

The sponsors then allowed the girls to choose any items they wanted to try on and Number 10 Liz Tsang Shui Shan chose a set of wedding gold including a 'pig plaque' and a pair of dragon-phoenix bangles that made her look very sparkly as she said directly: "I really like large pieces of gold, because I have a large frame." With the press laughing that her neck will be covered with gold on her wedding day, she says: "I hope so, if I can! Haha!" As for Number 8 Suki Chui Suk Man, she chose well as she picked a diamond and jade set worth over $100,000 to try on. She says: "I have never worn jade before, so I chose this to try on. (Has your boyfriend bought you any diamonds?) Just small items."

The delegates got ready to compete for Tourism Ambassador award.

[The Sun 23/07/06]

The 16 Miss Hong Kong contestants arrived at Zhongshan to compete for the "Tourism Ambassador Award" as well as film on location. After arriving at the hotel, a welcoming ceremony was arranged before they headed out to the former home of Chinese Nationalist Leader Dr Sun Yat-Sen in a packed schedule. The girls were well received by the local residents, who commented on their beuaty and many parents pushed their children out to be photographed with them. One lady handed her child over to Number 14 Wendy Lee Wing Chi, leaving her a little bewildered.

The contestants felt that the locals were very friendly amd welcoming and they also loved the beautiful food, however the weather was very hot and it was hard work for the girls during filming. Most of the contestants were not very clued up on who Dr Sun was, due to many of them having grown up abroad. For Number 1 Amy Tsang Oi Mei, who claims to originate from Zhongshan, this was her first ever trip back to her 'ancestral village' and she felt good about it. As she studied at Qinghua University before, she knows who Dr Sun is, but she does not know very much about him. For Wendy who grew up in New York, she is only aware of Chairman Mao Zedong as a Chinese leader, so it would seem that the contestants are in need of a lesson in Chinese history.

Number 11 Zurine Cheng Wing Sum has Mongolian roots, but she does not even know about the Mongolian Hero Genghis Khan and she says that her family tree records have been lost, so she does not know if she is descended from Genghis. She also reveals that after a car accident in 2003, she has delayed her education, so she has not completed university yet and has only finished her second year.

For gossip magnet Number 8 Suki Chui Suk Man, she made a wish earlier in Korea that she will get married and asked if she was desperate, she said: "I have heard that if you have a baby before you are 24, the child will be more intelligent. (Has your boyfriend proposed?) I won't say yet, I have to keep the mystery." Asked if her 41 year old boyfriend is desperate to marry, she smiles that even if her boyfriend wants it, she has to be ready too, because she is just 21. However, she added that she is mature enough for marriage now, contradicting herself somewhat.


[The Sun & Wen Wei Po 24/07/06]

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants continued filming in Zhongshan yesterday as they visited an orchard and the searing summer heat left them all dripping with sweat, as they filmed in the open and then helped the female workers collecting the fruit. Number 8 Suki Chu Suk Man seemed a little sleepy-eyed and was noticeably sluggish, but she was still confident that this would not affect her, despite only having had three hours sleep the previous night: "I don't feel very well today, but when I get on the stage, I will spark into action and be sharp again." On the other hand, Number 4 Joyce Wong Ying and Number 5 Koni Lui Wai Yee were wide awake and ready to take the limelight with their radiant smiles as they posed for the press. Despite the heat and sweat, Joyce had a great time plucking all the longans and yellowskins from the trees and she says that she has visited a lychee orchard before, but with so many fruit this time, it made her very happy, especially as she could eat them as she went along.

Number 14 Wendy Lee Wing Chi denies that not knowing who Dr Sun Yat-Sen is will affect Hong Kong's image: "I grew up in America and have never studied Chinese culture. The whole purpose of this trip is for me to learn more about Chinese culture and history." Wendy plans to stay and further her career in Hong Kong, no matter if she wins or not in the contest.

The previous evening, the girls had been invited for dinner and reception by the Zhongshan Tourism Authority Chairman as well as the Mayor of Zhongshan, where they were presented with souvenirs.

Number 8, Suki Chui Suk Man takes the first award of the pageant, Tourism Ambassador. She is now considered at least a finalist placement due to the fact that the past winners landed in the top 5 with no problem.

[Wen Wei Po 25/07/06]

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants attended Zhongshan's Shangri-La Hotel on Sunday evening to take part in the event to find this year's "Tourism Ambassador" as the girls each did their own act to promote the city. The award was taken by Number 8 Suki Chui Suk Man, who performed a sketch to promote the Yangze Reservoir. After the event, the girls were arranged to have their photographs with the guests, but Number 10 Liz Tsang Shui San suddenly went weak at the knees and had to be helped off the stage by Rosa Chan. Later, Number 11 Zurine Cheng Wing Sum suffered a choking fit and also had to be escorted backstage to recover.

Some of the girls had family present to support them, including Number 2 Karman Cheng Ka Man's mother and sister, Number 7 Melanie Chow Wing Yee's mother, Number 16 Christine Yau Wing Yan's sister, Number 11 Zurine Cheng Wing Sum's mother and cousin and Number 15 Janet Chow Ka Wai's cousin.

In the talent contest part of the show, each of the contestants were given a minute to introduce one of the sights of Zhongshan and in Suki's sketch, she played different characters including the "Chui Tree", "Husband Watching Stone Man" and a mermaid. Afterwards, she said happily: "I did say before that as soon as I am on stage, I will be very sharp! I wrote the sketch myself. (Why did you give yourself these names?) They were based on my nicknames when I was a child."

The award comes with $50,000 in prize money and Suki says she will give the money to her parents because they have retired now and she thinks this would be a nice gift. Asked if she will go on holiday with her boyfriend with the money, she says: "This is later! (Will you call him to tell him the good news?) I will think about it." Number 5 Koni Lui Wai Yee performed a cocktail making item, where she showed off her slinky waist as she shook the drink up, but she accidentally dropped the lid of the shaker that caused her to shout out that this was a mistake.

Number 10 Liz Tsang used a Hip Hop and Rap routine to talk about Zhongshan's Commerce Museum and although she wore a close fitting red dress and heals, she still did the Hip Hop moves and it was quite interesting. Liz was unable to stand during the photo ceremony and she later explained: "I am ok now, I felt the lights on my when I was on th stage and all the flashes from the cameras startled me. Zurine and I are both feeling unwell, so we have been supporting each other. Although I didn't win, I am not disappointed because Suki did very well and I know that I could not do it as cutely as she did, so I chose to use Hip Hop instead."

Zurine performed a ballet routine, standing on her toes throughout as she used pictures to introduce her sight. After her coughing fit, she was surrounded by the press and she said: "It is time for me to take my medication. Maybe the lights were too strong and it made me feel unwell. I am not disappointed, Suki already did very well during rehearsals. My family were here to support me today, so I am very happy." Number 14 Wendy Lee Wing Chi combined plate spinning with playing the piano for her act introducing Zhongshan's walking street, but she gave a rather dozy smile from the time she stepped onto the stage and she explained afterwards: "I was not nervous, smiling helps to reduce the pressure. I am not disappointed, but my Chinese could be better."

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[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 19/07/06]

Fifteen of the Miss Hong Kong contestants arrived at a cosmetics company for a promotional event yesterday, with Number 6 Rachael Chan Man Fong absent due to illness. The group split into four to take part in games about make up and skincare and Number 4 Joyce Wong Ying emerged as the winner.

During the event, the girls had to identify different types of perfume with their noses and MC Miguel Choi suddenly said: "This training is like training police dogs." incurring the displeasure of the event executive Rosa Chan.

With the recent publication of Joyce's sexy photoshoot as well as suggestions that she was flirting heavily with Korean Star Se7en whilst filming in Korea, she responded saying: "Maybe the reporters like writing about me lately and are on a roll. I wish they would let me go. I don't feel that I am as precocious as the press make out, if I was, then I would not be in the finals of the Miss Hong Kong contest. The reports are not true and with so much negative press, I will work even harder to give a better performance."

Number 8 Suki Chui Suk Man was asked why she rushed off so quickly after returning from Korea and she said: "I was rushing to get home. I only saw my boyfriend the next day. (Did you miss him?) I missed my family too. (How about your boyfriend?) Haha, he was okay."

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[Wen Wei Po, Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 15/07/06]

The Miss Hong Kong entourage continued their tour of Korea yesterday as they attended a sports centre in Seoul to have a Taekwondo class. Full of spirit, despite the busy filming schedules over the last few days, the girls donned their suits and joined a group of local students for a demonstration before taking a few classes in self-defence and kicking with the resident black belt instructor. Number 13 Aimee Chan Yan Mei usually seems of the quiet studious type, but she surprised everyone yesterday by being top of the class. Number 15 Janet Chow Ka Wai and Number 16 Christine Yau Wing Yan presented the children with the gifts that they had prepared.

With his martial arts background, guest performer Chin Ka Lok offered his advice and instruction to the contestants and even posed for a photograph beside a very happy Aimee. He laughs that sometimes he teaches his girlfriend Lee San San how to fight, but because she is already quite a fighter, then he saves a couple of moves for his own self defence!

The delegates leave Korea.

[Ta Kung Pao 16/07/06]

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants have now returned to Hong Kong after completing their location filming in Korea. On their final day, they were joined by Chin Ka Lok in the Kumsan area, where they tried their hand at ginseng digging, harvesting ginseng to make ginseng wine with before enjoying a banquet of dishes made from flowers.

Ka Lok then left them in the afternoon and the girls returned to Lotte World at dusk, where they joined Korean singer Se7en to shoot a dance routine. When Se7en arrived, he shook hands immediately with all of the contestants and said in Cantonese: "Pretty Girls", making all the girls very happy indeed. Se7en indicated that the first feeling that he got when he met the sixteen contestants was they they are all very beautiful, so he could not help commenting on this. Recently Se7en has been residing in America, where he has been enjoying the comfortable lifestyle that suits him, so he has been making the most of it.

The delegates are back in Hong Kong!

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 17/07/06]

The Miss Hong Kong contestants wore their bikinis on the final day of filming in Korea at the Spa Castle resort and without their sarongs this time, they truly showed off their figures.

Number 4 Joyce Wong Ying and Number 13 Tiffany Tse Wing Shan stole the limelight with their great figures and seductive poses and swimsuit design, with Number 13 Aimee Chan Yan Mei, Number 14 Wendy Lee, Number 15 Janet Chow and Number 7 Melanie Chow also doing well.

Among them, Janet was asked by the press to stand a little more straight on, but she ended up giving a twirl and causing a few laughs. After the shoot, the girls returned to Hong Kong, ending their 11 day location shoot.

Upon her return, Joyce was asked about the recent reports suggesting she had revealed her pubic hair in a bikini shot from the past. She responded: "I think the magazines exaggerated the report and I was a little unhappy. After all, I am a university student and possible Miss Hong Kong. (Any regrets?) No, at the time I was not a proper model yet and I was naive and inexperienced, so it couldn't be helped." As for often being the focus of attention due to her figure, she says graciously: "I don't mind. My figure is a good point, but I hope that people will look for my other good points." As for fellow model Number 5 Koni Lui Wai Yee, she was asked if she has had bikini shots before, but she immediately refused to comment on this matter.

For Number 11 Zurine Cheng Wing Sum, who is rumoured to have been boycotted by some of her fellow contestants leading to her crying on the phone to her mother, she denied this saying: "I was just chatting to my mother and not crying, I get on well with all the girls." Hot favourite Number 8 Suki Chui Suk Man hurried off as soon as she left the plane. Maybe she was in a hurry to meet her boyfriend, but after being followed by the press all the way, she changed her mind and decided to take the train back to the city instead.

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The delegates meet Bosco Wong.

[The Sun, Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 12/07/06]

The Miss Hong Kong contestants continued their location filming in Korea, flying out to Seoul and meeting with their guest for this second leg, Bosco Wong. They will be learning some Korean language, customs and ceremonies at Korea University and appear wearing traditional Korean dress.

Number 4 Joyce Wong Ying performed well in the swimwear parade, but Number 5 Koni Lui Wai Yee's swimsuit was more like a tube top. Asked if she felt Koni lost out because of her costume, Joyce indicated that she did not think so and felt that the tube top quite suited Koni. As for Koni, she did not feel that she was disadvantaged and it is not about how much cloth is there, but whether it looks good on the person.

Number 8 Suki Chui Suk Man learned a few words of Korean yesterday and was able to say 'How are you?'. She felt that the Korean language sounds very beautiful and graceful and the language is built together like Roman script. She loves listening to Korean songs because they always make her very emotional. She once worked with Bosco as a model for the company which he is sponsored by and has had her photo taken with him before, but Bosco didn't remember her. Asked about the reports that Suki is dating an older man, Bosco feels that love is not about age as long as both partners love each other.

The delegates wear traditional korean dresses:

[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 13/07/06]

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants and guest performer Bosco Wong wore their traditional Korean costumes to rehearse a cultural dance and drumming routine. However, Number 9 Chloe Nguyen had both her feet stepped on and Number 3 Florence Li was absent due to feeling unwell. After lunch, the contestants moved onto Seoul's Lotte World theme park to continue filming, where they joined a tour group from Hong Kong and became a human attraction themselves, albeit a rather beautiful one.

The delegates have a Korean make up:

[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Wen Wei Po 14/07/06]

The Miss Hong Kong location shoot continued in Korea yesterday, where the girls attended a Korean Make Up Class at the Foret Beauty Centre, led by renowned make-up artist Lee Kyung-Min. Lee is the dedicated make up artist of many local stars, including Lee Young-Ae, Choi Jin-Woo and Jeon Ji-Hyun. The girls were all very excited at the chance to learn from the master and Number 15 Janet Chow Ka Wai was lucky enough to be picked as the model to be made up by Lee, so this made her even happier. Number 11 Zurine Cheng was asked to demonstrate her skills learned from Lee on Number 14 Wendy Lee.

Afterwards, the contestants headed out to the cookery school to learn how to make some traditional pickled vegetables and tea foods, but on the way, they met with a protest march where thousands of protesters put Seoul's traffic to a standstill. Finally, the group left their transport and walked for an hour to reach the college, delaying the progress of the shoot. The group were addressed by a cast member of the series "Dae Jang Geum" dressed in traditional costume and giving the girls a lovely surprise.

The contestants met their third guest performer Chin Ka Lok yesterday to film in Korea House, where they all dressed in traditional palatial costumes to prepare palatial foods. Ka Lok joined them in tasting the food and sharing his feedback.

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[Ta Kung Pao 10/07/06]

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants continued their filming on location in Korea yesterday amid with reports breaking that Number 9 Chloe Nguyen and Number 15 Janet Chow were spotted with a man at a bar just before they left for Korea.

When the two ladies were quizzed about this, Chloe says that she has not seen the report yet, but she denies going to the bar, saying she only went for a meal. Chloe says that she does not drink or smoke and even when she was in Holland, she was too young and her mother would not allow her to go to these places. As for Janet, she admits having gone to a restaurant with Chloe, but she did not go to the bar. She also adds that as she has just returned to Hong Kong from Toronto, she does not know her way around and has been depending on Chloe to show her around. Asked if she has a boyfriend, she says: "Yes, but the man in the reports is my cousin and the clothes were presented to him by two of his female friends. (Does your boyfriend support you entering the contest?) He is very supportive, because everyone has their own goals, so we have to do our part." Although she has known her boyfriend for ten years, they have only been dating for a year and a half. As for the reports saying that she was buying $10 underwear from the street hawkers, Janet says that her underwear was brought from Toronto and she has not bought any from Hong Kong.

Also, Number 12 Tiffany Tse was very absorbed into her filming and does not find it hard work. As for reports that she is always having her photo taken with Roger, she was asked if she fancied him. She denied this replying: "Everyone has been having photos with Roger, but in one scene, I am the first to work with Roger, so we have got to know each other. I really do admire his professionalism and his expressive eyes."

Number 1, Amy Tsang's birthday! Roger Kwok and the contestants celebrate with her.

[Ta Kung Pao & Wen Wei Po 11/07/06]

Originally, the sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants had been arranged to show off their swimwear on the beaches of Jeju, but as there is a typhoon brewing there, they have had to stay in the hotel for the shoot. Although the girls appeared in bikinis, they still had a sarong around their legs, so the audience were a little disappointed. Number 8 Suki Chui Suk Man showed a scar from when she had her appendix out so she tilted herself away from the camera. Number 3 Florence Li Wing Sze and Number 14 Wendy Lee Wing Chi revealed some bra marks under their shoulders.

It was the 23rd birthday of Number 1 Amy Tsang Oi Mei on Sunday and after dinner, the guest performer Roger Kwok suddenly brought her out a birthday cake to celebrate as the other fifteen contestants sung 'Happy Birthday' to her. Afterwards, Roger gave into public demand and gave her a special birthday kiss on her cheek. Asked what her birthday wish was, she says it is a secret, otherwise it wouldn't come true, so she would not reveal it. She also revealed that she likes to do yoga to maintain her figure.

TVB revealed their offical profiles: .
Pageant Beauties's profile picks: Number 1, 13, 11, 8, and 16.
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[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 09/07/06]

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants continued on their second day of filming in Korea yesterday and originally they had been planned to take a trip on a hot air balloon, do bungee jumps and fly microlite planes, but this was cancelled due to bad weather and they were all rather disappointed.

For Number 1 Tsang Oi Mei, who was suffering from countless outtakes on the first day, she improved a lot. She explained her earlier mistakes, saying that this was the first time she had filmed so she was a little stiff. asked if she has sought advice from the experienced Roger Kwok, she says that she has not been to ask him directly, but when they have been instructed, she has been paying attention. As for the cancellation of the activities, she is a little disappointed, but seeing the other balloons already made her happy.

Number 5 Lui Wai Yee has had filming experience as she is a model, but this was her first time filming for television, so she feels she still has a lot to learn and she feels that she has to get used to keeping her eyes open because the sunshine is so strong. She is trying her hardest not to make mistakes so that she does not affect everyone else's progress. Her target is to do it in one take and she was praised for her performance by the director. She says she will not intentionally keep fit for the swimsuit parades, because if you are too thin, then you look strange in swimwear.

Number 8 Tsui Suk Man does not have a fear of heights, but she has never tried bungee jumping and she was very scared when she crossed a bridge in Australia where you could see through to underneath, she found this very terrifying. She feels that her performance is not bad and she has not suffered any illness because she was worried about not being able to adapt. She seems to have a very good relationship with Lui Wai Yee, and she says that although they are all getting on very well, she and Lui offer each other encouragement and support.

TVB released the official photos for contestants 1 through 8 yesterday and the girls wore strappy dresses that showed off their cleavage. Number 1 Tsang Oi Mei with her 34.5 inch bust and Number 4 Wong Ying with her 35 inch bust were the most outstanding, whereas Number 8 Tsui Suk Man was a little behind with just 33 inches. Wong indicates that to be on top form for her swimwear shoot, she has been doing 50 sit ups a day to try and lose five pounds.

Courtesy of :
The girls attend a Yogo class to keep fit. MSHK #1, Tsang Oi-Mei wins the Face Of A Winner award, voted by the 14 Mr. Hong Kong contestants.
The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants attended a yoga class yesterday at a fitness centre to learn some basic exercises and for Number 8 Suki Tsui Suk Man, was ready for the press after being photographed going for a meal with her middle-aged engineer boyfriend. She said: "I was prepared mentally for it and I am not afraid of being photographed, so I will not reduce the time I spend with him, dating is a normal activity. (Does your boyfriend support you taking part?) Yes, a lot. (But has being followed reduced the petting you do?) A little, we just hold hands."

The news against Suki just keeps coming though as yesterday a newspaper received a photograph that was supposedly Suki in the nude. She denies that this washer, saying: "I have never taken such a photo, so it definitely isn't me. (Someone has done this to frame you?) I don't know, but this will not affect my confidence. When I was a model, I was very careful about accepting my jobs and the sexiest I have been is wearing a tube top. (You have a lot of spots on your face, are you feeling the pressure?) I can handle the pressure, but the classes are intense and I have been sleeping late." Miss Hong Kong's adopted 'mother' Rosa Chan says that she has seen the photograph and does not think that the person in the picture is Suki.

Earlier, Number 1 Tsang Oi Mei was voted the "Face of a Winner" by the Mr Hong Kong finalists, but she seemed rather nonchalent about this: "It was just a game, every girl has her own aura. (Do you feel you have the qualities to become the winner?) I am confident." As for Number 13 Chan Yan Mei, she was smitten by Mr Hong Kong Number 1 Francois Huynh and voted for him as 'sexiest': "His eyes are as beautiful as his smile that comes from the heart, he makes my heart beat!" For Number 4 Wong Ying, who has a 36D bust, the tight sports clothes showed off her great figure but she said modestly: "The top is very tight and I still have to lose weight. I hope to lose another 5 lbs and take some off my thighs."

The 16 girls got ready and head to Korea. They will flim with Se7en or 2 of the three TVB actors (Moses Chan, Bosco Wong, and Kevin Cheng).

The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants headed out to Korea for their location filming yesterday and before they set off, they first held a blessing ceremony at TVB City. Roger Kwok will be joining them as guest performer. As the girls were paying their respects to the gods, it suddenly rained and the girls got out their umbrellas to avoid the rain in what was a rather embarrassing situation.

Roger says that he has only met the girls once, so he does not have any favourites yet. From what he has seen though, the girls seem to be a lot of fun and don't mind being called by their nicknames. When the girls saw Roger, they started calling him 'Ah Wong' and Roger laughs: "If you call me Ah Wong, then I will call you all my Lo Por Jai's (Little Wife). They don't mind about this." He will be spending five days in Korea to try and help the girls show their most genuine side. ASked if he will feel awkward having sixteen girls clad in bikinis around him, he laughs that he will not because he would be too happy.

The host on the day Miguel Choi revealed that Roger had met his girlfriend Cindy Au whilst filming in Korea and with this revelation, Roger could only smile and not respond.

The gossip surrounding the contestants has been endless and among them, Number 11 Cheng Wing Sum has been the target of revelations by her former manager that she used to be drink and smoke and tell everyone that she had been dating Denise Ho. To these reports, Cheng says that she has read the reports and she has not been in any affairs with Denise because she does not know her. She thinks that she has probably spoken about Denise with this manager and signed to be a singer with a similar voice to Denise's, so this has caused a misunderstanding with her manager. As the reports are untrue, she and her family reserve the right to take legal action. She also indicates that she does not drink or smoke or party late and that she has ended her contract with this manager a year ago. She admits that she has changed her name because her previous name was the same as another female artiste.

Number 4 Wong Ying was photographed by the press in secret and it was suggested that she spent five days in at her boyfriend's home. She says that the person involved was not her boyfriend and she was just watching football. In any case she had to go to TVB City for rehearsals every day, so there was no way she could stay in for five days. Asked if her real boyfriend was jealous, she laughs that of course her real boyfriend knows the truth. Number 8 Suki Tsui Suk Man has not had time to prepare a mobile phone that is compatible with the Korean networks, so she laughs that she will have to use the hotel phones to keep in touch with her boyfriend. This eleven day trip to Korea will be the longest time that she has been away from home.

Miss Hong Kong 2006 Number 4, Wong Ying knows Mr. Hong Kong #10 contestant!
The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants met the fourtee Mr Hong Kong contestants at TVB City yesterday to film for a special show entitled "When Miss Hong Kong met Mr Hong Kong". Producer Ho Siu Wai revealed that this show will be in two parts, firstly there will be some questioning sessions for them to get to know each other and then this will be followed by two votes to find "The Mr HK's choice Miss Hong Kong" and the "Miss HK
s choice Mr Hong Kong". A blessing ceremony was held at the start of filming, but Miss Hong Kong Number 5 Lui Wai Yee and Number 6 Chan Man Fong did not take part because of religious reasons.

Miss HK Number 4 Wong Ying met the Mr Hong Kongs for the first time and felt that their standards were very high. Asked if she knew any of them when she was a model, she openly admitted to knowing 'magician' Number 11 Fury Wong Tin Chau through a friend. As they are both in contests this year, have they shared experiences? She says: "We have not had time, but we have spoken on the phone. (Will you be voting for him?) Maybe. (Do you have your favourites?) I think that Number 7 Larry Chan Leung Wai and Number 13 Johnny Lam Kwan Meng are not too bad, because I like tall men. (You don't fancy Fury's chances then?) I was just taking a glance, you don't just win Mr Hong Kong by being tall." When he was asked about Wong Ying's comments, Fury seemed a little awkward and unnatural when he found out that she claimed to know him: "She is a friend of a friend, I met her before at a friend's function. (Did you know she was taking part in Miss Hong Kong?) Only afterwards. (You seem a little embarrassed?) I am shy! (Your special talent is in magic, do you use this to attract the ladies?) Of course not, I perform for all my friends."

When the press asked Wong Ying and Fury to have a photo together, Fury refused at first and in the end, after much pushing and persuading, he was positioned beside her, causing Wong Ying to apologise to him. Fury then asked nervously: "How did this happen? What did you say? What's going on?" Wong was asked afterwards why he had said this and she denied hearing it, saying that it was just a mistake. As for whether she thought he was rather embarrassed, Wong replied: "It was being dragged suddenly for a photograph together! (Has he used his magic to charm you?) I have seen him practice his coin trick on the MTR. (You have an affinity?) I often meet my friends around. (But he is very embarrassed!) I don't think he will mind a photograph. (Do you have a sixth sense?) Stop leading me on now. (Has he 'magicked' some flower for you before?) No." Another pair of friends in the two contests were Miss Hong Kong
Number 8 Tsui Suk Man and Mr Hong Kong Number 2 Otto Chan Chi Kin. Tsui says that she likes intelligent men and will look at his personality first, but when it was mentioned that you need to know someone a while before you can gauge their intelligence, she says: "Choosing an other half takes time as well. (Is age not a factor?) No, this does not matter."

With earlier reports that Miss Hong Kong Number 5 Lui Wai Yee has been living with her speeding boyfriend n Tuen Mun, she denied this, saying: "We are not co-habiting, I live with my family. (Your boyfriend is a racer?) I don't find that, and his car cannot get to 190 km/h, you can check that out. (Will you be contacting your friends less now?) I am very busy lately, so I have not had time to see my friends. (Are you worried this will affect you?) No, I am just worried it will affect the school because I am a supply teacher and the parents will find it rather strange." She reinforces that dating is a private matter and she should not say too much. She says that she likes men with substance, intelligence and knowledge: "If someone becomes my boyfriend, he must be someone that I really admire. (How about the one in the report?) I admire all my friends."

Anonymous letters have been sent into a newspaper, suggesting that Mr Hong Kong Number 4 Kelvin Leong Kwok Yin is gay and when he heard about this, Kelvin laughs: "Who said that? (The anonymous letter.) Don't believe it, just leave them to it. (You like girls?) Of course!" As he had earlier been selected as "The Most Popular Charm Mr Hong Kong" at an earlier promotional event, he feels that this latest prank is from people who are jealous. This will not affect his feelings though because he is full of confidence.

Number 9, Yuen Yee's 19th birthday was held 2 days ago. She celebrated with the delegates and MSHK 1979, Olivia Cheng. All the delegates also played with pottery.
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 The sixteen Miss Hong Kong contestants visited a pottery factory yesterday and as it was Number 9 Yuen Yee's 19th birthday, the girls held a birthday party for her, presenting her with a cake and a card and Number 12 Tse Wing Shan planted some cream on the birthday girl's nose. Yuen Yee said happily that her birthday wish is for good health and to win an award at the contest. She adds that she never imagined she would spend her birthday with so many people, so this is a very memorable birthday for her. Tutor Olivia Cheng also joined in the celebrations.

As for the magazine reports that Number 8 Tsui Suk Man has been consulting a fung shui expert to change her luck so she can win the contest, she clarifies that the fish that she has at home is her father's hobby and she reveals that there is a large tank and a small tank at home. Asked how the press managed to get photos of her home,she explains that when her father returned home that day, a photographer suddenly appeared and took two photographs. She says there is no fung shui setup in her home and she will keep her curtains drawn now.

Although Tsui Suk Man says that there is no fung shui connection in her home, she does admit that she has been to see a fortune teller because she believes in this. However, she adds that this consultation was not about whether she will win or not, but rather asking for how she can reduce the gossip about her. She feels that keeping a low profile will help. As for other experts suggesting that her nose gives her a fortune of 'losing favourite', she says that she is already very happy to get into the final, so she will not give herself any undue pressure.

During the event, the contestants, together with guest tutor Olivia, joined the mentally impaired workers at the factory to learn pottery and Number 11 Cheng Wing Sum was praised by Olivia. Cheng Wing Sum says that she has known how to do pottery for a while and she once made a piece for her mother's birthday. As for the rumours that because Cheng Wing Sum's mother wants her daughter to be famous, so she has told her daughter to 'slide' into the photos with the favourites, Cheng denies this, saying that she was chatting with her mum about other things and not about being a 'human magnet' (sticking to the right people). She adds that her family have told her not to compare herself with other people and just go in without any expectations. Although she has been prepared for the press coverage, she hopes that the reporters will not disturb her family, moreover her mother has no interest in becoming a 'star mother'. Other contestants who did quite well with their creations included Number 6 Chan Man Fong and Number 10 Tsang Shui Shan.

Having already met the contestants earlier, Olivia says that she has her own selection and says that there will be some contestants who will emerge as a dark horse. She would not reveal who she was referring to though, saying that the most important time is when they meet the judges. As for all of Tsui Suk Man's news, Olivia says that the judges will not take any notice of their gossip and too much news may not be such a good thing.

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Number 4 and 10 bought bras together.
Soon after their rehearsals yesterday, Miss Hong Kong finalist Wong Ying joined fellow contestant Tsang Shui Shan to go bra shopping in Tsimshatsui, where they went to a lingerie store in Granville Road, trying on various designs for about half an hour before leaving with their chosen items. Afterwards, they went to another bra shop that was having a sale and bought plenty of items without trying them. As well as bras, they went into an outlet shop, where they bought some tops.

The 16 delegates offically met the press (PB's current top 3: First to third: number 5, number 11, and number 8).
 The 2006 Miss Hong Kong pageant will be held at the Hong Kong Coliseum on 12th August and the sixteen finalists met the press officially for the first time after their makeovers. Although the event was held at the pool of a housing development, maybe because the girls are still undergoing slimming, so they were arranged to wear some casual summer outfits instead of swimwear. The loose fitting dresses weren't too sexy and some even gave the girls a bit of a 'bucket waist'. The girls were asked to walk along a catwalk to the centre of the pool to introduce themselves and although they had undergone training, the nerves showed as some girls ended up 'marching' down the platform.

According to the information provided from the event, there are nine contestants who are educated to university standard and only Number 10 Tsang Shui Shan is just a high school graduate. Sporting a 'Cleopatra' style haircut, Number 12 Tse Wing Shan is studying archeology at university and she says she would like to go to Egypt for a dig when she graduates. She loves her hairstyle as she feels that this matches her course very well. As for their figures, the official measurements have not yet been released, but from the event, Number 1 Tsang Oi Mei, Number 4 Wong Ying and Number 11 Cheng Wing Sum have fuller figures. As for their ages, the youngest contestant is 19-year old Number 9 Yuen Yee and 25-year old Chan Yan Mei is the eldest. Yuen Yee says that the other 'elder sisters' have been looking after her and Chan Yan Mei does not think that she will lose out on age because this proves she has more life experiences.

Hot favourites such as Number 4 Wong Ying, Number 8 Tsui Suk Man and Number 11 Cheng Wing Sum seemed to be rather tired yesterday and for Tsui Suk Man, who has had a lot of gossip about her since she entered the compeition, she was asked whether she felt pressurised because of being dubbed a favourite. She says that she is happy enough already to get into the finals and if she gains a top three position, then this would be a bonus. She will not think too much about other things. In response to the reports that she has a boyfriend in his forties and questions about his support for her, she said: "My friends and family are all very supportive. (Is your current boyfriend the one you want to marry?) We'll go with the flow." with reports that she had revealed in the training camp that she wants to get married soon, she as asked about this and she replied: "Every girl wants to get married, I think I will get married before I am 30." Wong Ying and Tsang Shui Shan were asked about their 'bra shopping experience' reported by the press and they admitted it openly, saying that it is perfectly normal to prepare some underwear for the contest.

Number 5 Lui Wai Yee wore a white puffy dress and she says it is very cute. As for being dubbed as a favourite, she smiles: "I am not a hot favourite, just among the 'better ones'. She also says she does not think she looks like Shu Qi, but since she was ten years old, people have noticed a resemblance. Number 15 Cheng Wing Sum's outfit seemed very conservative compared to her usual low cut tops and asked if she was worried about the press following her around as a favourite, she said: "I am not worried. I am usually with my family or going to the community centre to do voluntary work, so I have nothing to hide."

According to executive Ho Lai Chuen, the contestants will be heading out to Seoul and Jeju Island in Korea for the location shoot, which will last a week. The girls will take lessons in Korean culture and customs. They will also visit a cosmetic surgery college. It has been confirmed that Korean stars se7en will be the guest performers. Other guests will include Roger Kwok, Kevin Cheng and Bosco Wong, but they are currently working on their schedules. Mr Ho says that they will most likely select two of the three men.

On the Mr Hong Kong front, Assistant Organising Manager Rosa Chan received a letter from the school where Number 10 Siu Cheuk Ming was alleged to have molested a 16 year old girl. The school gave a glowing reference for him and indicated that he has won many awards for the school and there was no such incident that happened.

The 16 contestants attend a event where they all got a $9500 HKD watch!
The sixteen contestants for this years Miss Hong Kong pageant attended an event held by the watch sponsors of the show in Causeway Bay, where the company's CEO Olivier Bernheim presented each of the girls with a Tango watch as a souvenir, worth $9500 each. After the group photograph, Mr Bernheim suddenly tapped Number 14 Lee Wing Chi on the shoulder, scaring her into pulling back.

Afterwards, when asked if she was a little frightened, she replied graciously: "No, he was not brushing my back, just tapping me on the shoulder. (Did you find him very amicable?) I have not thought about this." After tapping the contestant on the shoulder, Mr Bernheim continued to give the MC Ursule Wong a peck on the cheek and forehead, leaving her with a bit of a cold sweat. Afterwards, when asked if she found his actions a little intimidating, she replied: "Foreigners are usually a little warmer. (Do you feel like you are losing out to him?) It's not as though he kissed me on the lips. this is just a polite gesture."

Number 8 Tsui Suk Man was asked whether her boyfriend (ex-husband of former supermodel Janet Ma) has bought her an expensive watch as a birthday present, she replied directly: "No, I usually go out with my boyfriend for a meal on my birthday to celebrate." As for Janet's criticisms of her as not qualifying as a 'model' because she has never walked on a catwalk, Tsui Suk Man says: "I have never done a catwalk show, I am just a photographic model. (Has your boyfriend told you that Janet is his ex-wife?) We have always been very open with each other."

Contestant numbers 9 to 16 were filming yesterday at TVB for a promotional clip and responding to the comments about her having rather thick legs, Number 10 Tsang Shui Shan said: "I have been doing sports since I was young and there will be muscle there, no matter how skinny I am. (Some reports suggest you look like Korean male star Lee Jun Ki?) That is quite funny, but to look like a star is good." Hot favourite Number 11 Cheng Wing Sum was asked if her darker skin tone will put her at a disadvantage, but she replies: "I don't think so, I actually look more special."  
Fourth episode: The 21 delegates compete for the last time and to call home. The challenge was to prevent the water in a big tube to spill out. The fastest team to do so wins the challenge and calls home. Team A finishes first this time. They got to call home. As for the other 2 teams, they had no punishment. Instead all of them relaxed in a club of some sort, and played games.
Fifth episode: The 12 semifinalists of the final 16 was revealed. The 4 overseas delegates were introduced to us in the end. Just can't believe that C3 didn't make it. A7, a friendly delegate was also eliminated, where many voted for her to win.
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TVB's Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2006 will be held on 12th August and the sixteen finalists were called into TVB City yesterday to meet each other, hear the rules, have their measurements taken and pick their numbers. They also met with the hair and image stylists to prepare for their official meeting with the press on Friday. The four overseas contestants also met the media for the first time, but the quality was not as high as the girls from abroad in past years. Among them, wearing a red low V cut dress was Lee Wing Chi from New York, who stood out from the rest with her great figure and beaming smile and challenging local favourite Wong Ying. Making a change from her usually conservative appearance, Tse Shan showed off a little of her chest. The other overseas contestants are Chow Wing Yi from Los Angeles, and Cheng Ka Man and Chow Ka Wai from Toronto.

As for the three hot favourites, Cheng Wing Sum, Tsui Suk Man and Lui Wai Yee, Cheng stole the show with her little strappy dress and after seeming a little exhausted and spotty earlier, Tsui was also back on form, but her choice of outfit wasn't as eyecatching as Cheng. Lui wore her green dress that she has previously been sighted in, showing she is quite thrifty with her clothes. (I�ve seen the dress before. Konnie Lui wore it to one of her first interviews. However it is much too casual for this occasion. It's almost like a beach dress! Aiy...Zurine Cheng definitely has one of the best fashion sense of the competition. Her outfits always stand out in a "MHK" way) The funniest sight of the day was Lee Wing Sze, who had thick make up on and kept her mouth closed as she forced a smile and was likened to a paper doll. Maybe she was too nervous and because she seemed to have some rather sweaty armpits! Tsang Shui Shan has previously been noted as looking rather masculine, but she appears to have made an improvement yesterday, wearing a strappy top and some make up, adding a little more femininity.

2006 Contestants
#1 Tsang Oi-Mei
#2 Cheng Ga-Man (Toronto)
#3 Lee Wing-Sze
#4 Wong Ying
#5 Lui Wai-Yee
#6 Chan Man-Fong
#7 Chow Wing-Yi (LA)
#8 Tsui Suk-Man
#9 Yuen Yi
#10 Tsang Sui-San
#11 Cheng Wing-Sam
#12 Tse Wing-San
#13 Chan Yan-Mei
#14 Lee Sze-Ji (New York)
#15 Chow Ga-Wai (Toronto)
#16 Yau Wing-Yan

Miss Hong Kong Boot (Beauty) Camp will air on Jade World (USA) on June 12-16, 2006.
My Thoughts: I thought all of them are beauties. The camp was really clean compare to what I thought. The delegates each day would train and compete over the 2 other teams for victory.
First episode: All delegates were introduced. Their first challenge was to line up from tallest to shorest (from left to right). Team C was the fastest. Then came the important challenge for the episode. That is transporting balls from several tubes into a bucket. The fastest team could call home (they had all their cell phones taken). Team B won. Team A and C therefore had to be "punished" and had to set up Team B's room.
Second episode: Before the first episode ended, the girls were asked to take a hike up a mountain way in the night with only a flashlight. The catch is they had to go up by themselves. The trip took 20 minutes, maybe later for some delegates like B1 who was afraid of the dark. Anyway, everybody passed the obstancle. However, B1 cried. Her high school friend, B3 comforted her. Then from this episode, I started to like B3 because of her attitude. B1 also studies languages (good to participate at international pageants). The challenge this episode was to build a wooden swing thing (?) and shoot some bags over a distance, where a member from the team catches it. B2 also got hit with the end and was bleeding. B1 went to wth her to the bathroom. Of course, her sacrifice wasn't for nothing. Team B won the challenge again. They got to play golf with MSHK 1979, Olivia Cheng, where the others sweeped the floor outside the golf field. Team B also called home. I wonder was that accident that caused B2 to get eliminated. However, I just can't believe social worker and 5'8" beauty C3 failed to make the cut.
Episode 3: The delegates had a tough challenge. They had to built wooden boats using bamboo and big tanks. Then travel across a lake and grab a flag. A flag contains $50, $150, and $300. The winners gets to call home. Team C won the challenge by taking $300 to buy food and cook it. Team B took $150 flag and Team A with $50. The losers had to clean the dishes. MSHK 2005 and runner up, Tracy Ip and Sharon Luk attended the camp and ate the food.
After many days of training, the top 16 delegates are chosen! Here is the list of the 12 delegates from the Hong Kong group:
A1 Chan Man Fong
A2 Cheng Wing Sum
A5 Tsang Oi Mei
B1 Florence Lee Wing Sze
B3 Yau Wing Yan
B4 Chui Suk Man
B5 Tse Wing Shan
B6 Tsang Shui Shan
B7 Wong Ying
C1 Aimee Chan Yan Mei (Miss Chinese Toronto 2004 #7 contestant)
C4 Konnie Lui Wai Yee
C5 Nguyen Yee
Overseas group:
Cheng Ka Man 
Janet Chow Ka Wai ( Miss Chinese Toronto 2004 contestant #2)
Melanie Chow Wing Yee
Lee Wing Chi (Miss NY Chinese 2004 top 5 finalist)
This year's batch is quite high. The overseas group is very beautiful mainly because many delegates participated at regional chinese pageants.  I see one of them performing well at the Miss Chinese International 2007 pageant.
Today in Hong Kong, 9 delegates would be eliminated out of the group of 21. Regarded by many, this year's batch is quite plain and poor. My big favorite would have to be Suk Chui. With beautiful looks and height, I would say she is the one to beat.
Article translation from : The twenty-one Miss Hong Kong contestants were gathered at the Sai Kung camp for a 'Survivor-style' council meeting, where tutors Eric Tsang, Carol Cheng and Olivia Cheng made their selections of the nine girls who would be eliminated at this stage, leaving twelve finalists. To set the scene, the site was set up as a barbecue park to get the girls into the spirit. Emotions were mixed as they entered and despite the numerous rumours, hot favourite Tsui Suk Man was in good spirits. Asked if she was confident, she did not respond, but smiled. As for Lui Wai Yee, she was brimming with confidence, looking out for the cameras all along the way, compared to the girls who were preparing themselves to leave the competition, who were avoiding the press.

Pageant Beauties' top 5 favorites (for the 21 delegates):

1. B4, Tsui Suk Man             

2. C4, Liu Wai Yee

3. A5, Tsang Qi Mei

4. A3, Law Ching San

5. C3, Lam Suet Man

To view the delegates, visit: .

A more detailed review would be given on each top 12 delegates when the episodes on the delegates airs on JadeWorld USA. Also visit the offical Miss Hong Kong 2006 site: .


On May 28, 2006, the Miss Hong Kong 2006 top 21 delegates were revealed to the public. In the batch of delegates, there were many models. Some were graduates of Universities. The 21 delegates would be training for 5 days and their show would be airing June 5th to 9th on the Jade Channel at 7:30pm. During the episodes, the 4 overseas delegates would be revealed.  
All the delegates had been busy. On May 30th the delegates entered the Po Leung Kuk Pak Lam Chung Vacation Camp for training. On that day they had a trip at night up a hill where they were given a torch and whistle. However, it still scared Miss Lui Wai Yee and Lee Wing Sze.
Then on the 30th, they continued on their training. They were gossip regarding a contestant (Tsui Suk Man) for dating with a 50 year old man. Miss Tsui explained to the press: "This is my private life and I don't want to talk about it." Miss Hong Kong 2005 and 1st runner up, Tracy and Sharon visited their camps.
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On June 1st, there was a injury news. Miss Tsang Shui Shan injured her knee when pushing her canoe away. After bleeding and getting help from first aiders, she said that her performance will not be affected by the injury. It was also announced that on the 7th, there would be a meeting eliminating 9 delegates and remaining 12. The 12 would join the 4 high standard overseas delegates to form the final 16. They all would be in the finals on August 12, 2006, with no semifinals.  
On May 13, 2006, the secondary interviews were conducted for the pageant. TVB narrowed the group of 300 delegates into 60. The group definitely increased in standards, with one being Carrie Ng Ka Yee, top 12 finalist in Miss Asia 2004 HK District competition. Pageant Beauties wish all the 60 delegates the best of luck.
Also visit  for further MSHK 2006 coverage.
2 days ago, girls from local and HK arrived at TKO TVB City for the MSHK 2006 interview. Many delegates were educated, however newspapers commented that they were ugly, especially Miss Lolita. TVB interview 300 girls in swimsuits, with 1 minute introduction. Then they will be narrowed down to 40-50 delegates for further interviews. Many delegates are College graduates, some coming from Europe. After that they will be narrowed to 20 and being trained by Dodo Cheng, Eric Tsang, and more. After all this, only 12 girls would be chosen out of 21, where they will join 4 overseas delegates to compete in the finals on August 12, 2006 (same date as Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant). Like earlier said the final 16 would go to Korea and flim outdoor shootings. Se7en (Korean singer) would join them.
Miss Hong Kong 2005 participate at 2006 international pageants?
The Miss Hong Kong 2006 pageant would be held in August this year. Last year, MSHK 2004 1st RU, Queenie Chu participated at Miss International 2005 because of the international pageant's move to September. That made no time for Carrie Lam, MSHK 2005 2nd RU to design her gowns and costume. Anyway, Miss World 2006  will also be held in September this year, so MSHK 2006 winners will not be in both pageants. With that said MSHK 2005, Tracy Ip might participate at Miss International 2006 because Carrie is overage. Sharon, the 1st RU could participate at Miss International, but then she could not go to Poland on the same month to participate at Miss World 2006 (Tracy participated in 2005, where Carrie is overage). There is also a slight chance that the award winners and finalists might compete at both pageants.  
The Miss Hong Kong 2006 pageant would be held in August. TVB earlier already conducted interviews with overseas contestants (Toronto, Los Angeles, Vancouver, New York, and San Francisco). They currently are also conducting interviews with local contestants (Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, and more) and Hong Kong delegates. Visit April's 2006 Misc News page for more details. Anyway, TVB had a press conference 2 days ago. The MSHK 2005 winners and Kevin Cheng and Steven Ma attended. Kevin and Steven also modeled with Tracy Ip, the reigning MSHK 2005. TVB announced on the press conference that 4 overseas delegates would compete. The 4 overseas delegates are all college graduates, some having master degrees. They will arrived in Hong Kong at May. TVB also said that about 9 local delegates would join the group of 16, making only room for 3 delegates from Hong Kong. TVB explained because of time constraints, 20 delegates competing in 3 hours is too much. That's why there is only 16 this year. TVB hopes to send the delegates to Korea and flim a outdoor shooting with popular Korean stars. Article on  .