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Congratulations to Miss Venezuela Universe, Dayana Mendoza!
The Miss Universe 2008 pageant was held on July 13, 2008 in Vietnam. At the end of the two hour pageant, Miss Venezuela Universe 2008, Dayana Mendoza was crowned as the new Miss Universe. She was crowned by outgoing titleholder, Riyo Mori of Japan. She will live in New York City, sharing an apartment with Miss USA and Miss Teen USA during her reign.
Colombia produced their country's fourth 1st runner up, Dominican Republic finished 3rd for the second time in 4 years. Russia was the only European nation to make the top 5 and Mexico rounded off the top 5 by placing 5th.
Kosovo (similar to Tanzania) finished 6th overall after debuting at the pageant for the first time. Spain placed 7th, USA made the top 10 for the 5th consecutive time (and 2nd consecutive time that Miss USA fell in the evening gown competition), Italy placed 9th, and Australia rounded out the top 10.
Czech Republic, Hungary, South Africa, Japan, and Vietnam made the top 15 and placed 11th to 15th respectively.
Pageant Beauties is very happy to predict the winner accurately! PB also managed to predict 7 other semifinalists in the top 15, with 2 alternates making the top 15. The countries not on either lists were Spain, Italy, Australia, Czech Republic, and Hungary. PB had an itching to pick Australia and Italy but the other three delegates were surprises. Spain however performed quite well during the final competition and deserved her placement.
Miss USA, Crystle Stewart definitely looked stunning but that fall costed her... Nevertheless she is beautiful and recovered very well. However the other delegates were stronger, which led to her placement. Colombia rocked both competitions and her high scores were worth of recognition. Her final answer wasn't as good as Miss Venezuela (in PB's opinion) which led to her 1st runner up placement. Well she tried her best, no regrets.  
NBC will not broadcast Miss Teen USA 2008 and it is said by female host Mel B that Miss USA 2009 will be held in Las Vegas in The Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. Congratulations to the new Miss Universe and the Miss Venezuela organization for producing a 5th Miss Universe.
Miss Universe 2008 Results:
Winner: Venezuela - Diana Mendoza
1st runner up: Colombia - Taliana Vargas
2nd runner up: Dominican Republic - Marianne Cruz
3rd runner up: Russia - Vera Krasova
4th runner up: Mexico - Elisa Najera
Top 10 Finalists (6th to 10th place): 
6) Kosovo - Zana Krasniqi
7) Spain - Claudia Moro
8) USA - Crystle Stewart 
9) Italy - Claudia Ferraris
10) Australia - Laura Dundovic
Top 15 Semifinalists (11th to 15th place):
11) Czech Republic - Eliška Bučková
12) Hungary - Jazmin Dammak
13) South Africa - Tansey Coetzee
14) Japan - Hiroko Mima
15) Vietnam - Lam Thuy Nguyen
Special Awards:
Miss Congeniality: El Salvador - Rebeca Moreno
Miss Photogenic: Thailand - Gavintra Photijak
Miss Universe 2008 Final Competition Telecast Scores:
2. Venezuela: 9.327
8. Kosovo: 8.120
5. Mexico: 9.071
15. Vietnam: 7.050
13. South Africa: 7.133
9. Australia: 7.814
14. Japan: 7.100
6. Dominican Republic: 8.983
10. Italy: 7.671
1. Colombia: 9.433
7. Russia: 8.414
11. Czech Republic: 7.386
12. Hungary: 7.229
3. USA: 9.207
4. Spain: 9.150
Evening Gown:
6. Kosovo: 8.264
10. Australia: 7.557
7. Spain: 8.200
3. Mexico: 9.429
1. Colombia: 9.829
8. USA: 8.050
4. Dominican Republic: 9.036
5. Russia: 8.471
9. Italy: 7.729
2. Venezuela: 9.697
Key: Red: Eliminated after swimsuit competition, finished 11to 15th
Green: Eliminated after evening gown competiton, finished 6th to 10th
Orange: Leader of that competition
PB's Miss Universe 2008 Miss Photogenic
Since the Miss Universe Organization decided not to have the Miss Photogenic award, PB decided to select a winner for this category. After reviewing all the 80 delegates in their photos, PB chose Miss Puerto Rico Universe, Ingrid Rivera as Miss Photogenic. Congratulations!
This year's pageant is very competitive compared to recent years. Big favorites are clearly in the Americas and PB see this year's pageant as a repeat of Miss Universe 2008. Americas will for sure dominate the top 15, possibly the top 5. Asia is not as strong as last year, and Thailand and India are the only hope for this region. However Japan, Vietnam, Korea, and China may pull a surprise. Miss Sri Lanka Universe was also a semifinalist at last year's Miss International pageant and even though her preliminary performance was dull, she may pull a surprise. Miss Malaysia Universe's interview gave her PB's Best In Interview award and she may get her way into the semifinals. Singapore's pageant experience is also a advantage to her in making the cut.
In Europe not much strong delegates. Russia, Kosovo, Norway, Belgium, Ireland, and Ukraine are the favorites here.
Caribbean we have Misses Puerto Rico, Trindad & Tobago, Jamaica, and Aruba. Cayman Islands has Miss World experience like Miss Puerto Rico Universe. Both of their interviews were good so they can do well. Watch out for them.
Africa... Only Miss South Africa Universe, Angola, Tanzania, or Ghana. Ghana's interview impressed PB very much and she may shine in the preliminary interview. Watch out for them three. Other then them, Africa hasn't been very strong...
And then is Americas. The strongest group in many years. Mexico and USA have been performing very strongly, and Canada also performed well in the preliminaries. South America has tons of beauties, Misses Venezuela, Panama, Colombia, Brazil... PB thinks the winner and runner ups will likely be from the Americas.
With all that in mind, here are PB's regional Miss Universes. From Asia, Miss Asia Pacific Universe 2008 is...
Congratulations to Miss Vietnam Universe! Miss Nguyen (9.300) has the highest overall score in Asia's region which makes her the winner. Miss Japan Universe and Miss thailand Universe are 2nd and 3rd with scores of 9.241 and 9.218.
PB's Miss Europe Universe is
Congratulations to Miss Russia Universe. She won with a score of 9.194. Miss Norway Universe was second with a score of 9.103. Misses Albania Universe (9.048) and Ukraine (9.048) settle for third (a tie!). Next is PB's Miss Caribbean Universe 2008:
Yes is her, Miss Puerto Rico Universe! Miss Ingrid Rivera, former Miss World 2005 2nd runner up won with a score of 9.404. Second went to Miss Dominican Republic Universe with a score of 9.309 and third went to Miss Trinidad & Tobago Universe (9.227). Congratulations!
Miss Africa Universe 2008 is
The big favorite in Africa wins! Miss South Africa Universe won with a score of 9.178. Congratulations! Misses Angola Universe (9.029) and Miss Tanzania Universe (9.005) are second and third respectively. Finally is Miss Americas Universe 2008. The winner is...
Miss Venezuela Universe. She has the highest preliminary score and highest overall score in the Americas. She won with a overall score of 9.570. Second place for Miss Americas Universe is Miss Mexico Universe with 9.413. Miss USA Universe finished in third with a score of 9.380. Congratulations!
From these six titleholders, PB chose PB's Miss Universe 2008. The winner is...
Congratulations again to Miss Venezuela Universe, Dayana Mendoza. You are PB's pick for Miss Universe 2008. Can Miss Mendoza take it all on the final night? Stay tuned on NBC at 9:00 p.m. EST at July 13, 2008 to find out! PB wishes all the delegates the best and may the best win!
Miss Universe 2008 Final Predictions:
Winner: Venezuela
1st runner up: Mexico
2nd runner up: USA
3rd runner up: Puerto Rico
4th runner up: Panama
Top 10 Finalists (6th to 10th place): Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, South Africa, and Vietnam
Top 15 Semifinalists (11th to 15th place): Trinidad & Tobago, Norway, India, Thailand, and Kosovo
Strong Alternates and Darkhorses (16th to 25th place): Belgium, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Ireland, Korea, Canada, Peru, Philippines, Angola
Special Awards:
Best National Costume: Peru; Puerto Rico; USA; Vietnam; or Philippines (since it is decided by internet vote)
Miss Congeniality: Vietnam (host delegate are friendly); Cayman Islands; China; or Ghana
Miss Mexico Universe is Viewers' Choice winner!
Viewers' Choice for Miss Universe 2008
Who is your favorite delegate to win Miss Universe 2008? [2281 votes total]

Miss Albania Universe, Matilda Mecini (47) 2%
Miss Angola Universe, Lesliana Pereira (2) 0%
Miss Antigua and Barbuda Universe, Athina James (2) 0%
Miss Argentina Universe, Silvana Belli (2) 0%
Miss Aruba Universe, Tracey Nicolaas (4) 0%
Miss Australia Universe, Laura Dundovic (15) 1%
Miss Bahamas Universe, Sacha Scott (4) 0%
Miss Belgium Universe, Alizée Poulicek (10) 0%
Miss Bolivia Universe, Katherine Universe, David Céspedes (4) 0%
Miss Brazil Universe, Natália Anderle (74) 3%
Miss Canada Universe, Samantha Tajik (45) 2%
Miss Cayman Islands Universe, Rebecca Parchment (2) 0%
Miss China Universe, Wei Ziya (11) 0%
Miss Colombia Universe, Taliana Vargas (129) 6%
Miss Costa Rica Universe, María Teresa Rodríguez (2) 0%
Miss Croatia Universe, Snježana Lonèareviæ (0) 0%
Miss Curaçao Universe, Jenyfeer Mercelina (1) 0%
Miss Cyprus Universe, Dimitra Sergiou (1) 0%
Miss Czech Republic Universe, Eliška Buèková (9) 0%
Miss Denmark Universe, Marie-Sten Knudsen (2) 0%
Miss Dominican Republic Universe, Marianne Cruz (59) 3%
Miss Ecuador Universe, Doménica Saporitti (7) 0%
Miss Egypt Universe, Yara Naoum (6) 0%
Miss El Salvador Universe, Rebeca Moreno (1) 0%
Miss Estonia Universe, Julia Kovaljova (0) 0%
Miss Finland Universe, Satu Tuomisto (12) 1%
Miss France Universe, Laura Tanguy (5) 0%
Miss Georgia Universe, Gvantsa Daraselia (0) 0%
Miss Germany Universe, Madina Taher (3) 0%
Miss Ghana Universe, Yvette Nsiah (1) 0%
Miss Greece Universe, Dionissia Koukiou (11) 0%
Miss Guam Universe, Siera Robertson (7) 0%
Miss Guatemala Universe, Jennifer Chiong (5) 0%
Miss Honduras Universe, Diana Barrasa (6) 0%
Miss Hungary Universe, Jázmin Dammak (2) 0%
Miss India Universe, Simran Kaur Mundi (34) 1%
Miss Indonesia Universe, Putri Raemawasti (117) 5%
Miss Ireland Universe, Lynn Kelly (1) 0%
Miss Israel Universe, Shunit Faragi (7) 0%
Miss Italy Universe, Claudia Ferraris (2) 0%
Miss Jamaica Universe, April Jackson (2) 0%
Miss Japan Universe, Hiroko Mima (9) 0%
Miss Kazakhstan Universe, Alfina Nassyrova (1) 0%
Miss Korea Universe, Sun Lee (23) 1%
Miss Kosovo Universe, Zana Krasniqi (7) 0%
Miss Malaysia Universe, Levy Li Su Lin (0) 0%
Miss Mauritius Universe, Marie-Anne Olivia Carey (1) 0%
Miss Mexico Universe, Elisa Nájera (391) 17%
Miss Montenegro Universe, Daša Živkoviæ (1) 0%
Miss Netherlands Universe, Charlotte Labee (5) 0%
Miss New Zealand Universe, Samantha Powell (0) 0%
Miss Nicaragua Universe, Thelma Rodríguez (20) 1%
Miss Nigeria Universe, Stephanie Oforka (7) 0%
Miss Norway Universe, Mariann Birkedal (9) 0%
Miss Panama Universe, Carolina Dementiev (44) 2%
Miss Paraguay Universe, Giannina Rufinelli (0) 0%
Miss Peru Universe, Karol Castillo (33) 1%
Miss Philippines Universe, Jennifer Barrientos (197) 9%
Miss Poland Universe, Barbara Tatara (3) 0%
Miss Puerto Rico Universe, Ingrid Rivera (255) 11%
Miss Russia Universe, Vera Krasova (7) 0%
Miss Serbia Universe, Bojana Boriæ (0) 0%
Miss Singapore Universe, Shenise Wong (5) 0%
Miss Slovak Republic Universe, Sandra Manáková (2) 0%
Miss Slovenia Universe, Anamarija Avbelj (0) 0%
Miss South Africa Universe, Tansey Coetzee (16) 1%
Miss Spain Universe, Claudia Moro (5) 0%
Miss Sri Lanka Universe, Aruni Rajapaksha (8) 0%
Miss Switzerland Universe, Amanda Ammann (0) 0%
Miss Tanzania Universe, Amanda Ole Sulul (4) 0%
Miss Thailand Universe, Gavintra Photijak (127) 6%
Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe, Anya Ayoung-Chee (51) 2%
Miss Turkey Universe, Sinem Sülün (13) 1%
Miss Turks & Caicos Universe, Angelica Lightbourne (4) 0%
Miss Ukraine Universe, Eleonora Masalab (0) 0%
Miss United Kingdom Universe, Lisa Lazarus (1) 0%
Miss Uruguay Universe, Paula Díaz (4) 0%
Miss USA Universe, Crystle Stewart (172) 8%
Miss Venezuela Universe, Dayana Mendoza (194) 9%
Miss Vietnam Universe, Nguyễn Thùy Lâm (8) 0%
Congratulations to Miss Mexico Universe! With 391 votes, she is PB's Viewers' Choice for Miss Universe 2008 winner.
Next up is PB's Miss Universe 2008 Best In Swimsuit. The winner is:
Miss Venezuela Universe! Miss Mendoza has the highest preliminary swimsuit score and looks the best in PB's judging. She has a score of 9.586. Except her to take the stage with fire on Sunday night (Monday morning in Vietnam). Second place went to Miss Brazil Universe (9.387) and third was Miss Mexico Universe (9.332). Congratulations! Next is PB's Miss Universe 2008 Best In Evening Gown:
Yes again, is her! Miss Venezuela Universe (9.592) is also PB's pick for the Best In Evening Gown. Dayana looks stunning and elegant in evening gown. It was a close race between her and Miss Panama Universe who had a score of 9.585. In third was Miss Thailand Universe with 9.489. Congratulations!
After PB has reviewed all the delegates in their preliminary performances, PB has the Best Preliminary Performance winner. She is again Miss Venezuela Universe, Dayana Mendoza. Congratulations!
Miss Venezuela Universe has already won PB's Miss Universe 2008 Best In Official Fadil Portrait, Best In Evening Gown, Best In Swimsuit, and Best Preliminary Performance. Can she win all the other awards? Find out tomorrow where PB will post their final predictions and regional Miss Universes. Who will be PB's Miss Photogenic? PB's Miss Universe 2008? Stay tuned!
Miss Universe 2008 Preliminary Videos posted
Videos of each delegate in preliminary swimsuit and preliminary evening gown are posted at the Miss Universe website. Go here to see Preliminary videos:
 (This is Miss Venezuela Universe's preliminary swimsuit video).
 (This is Miss Vietnam Universe's preliminary evening gown video).
Pageant Beauties has judged each delegate in their preliminary performances. The results of Best In Swimsuit, Best In Evening Gown, Best Preliminary Performance, the regional Miss Universes, PB's Miss Universe 2008, and Viewers' Choice winner will be all announced tomorrow.
Good luck delegates in their rehearsals. Add oil.
Congratulations to Miss Malaysia Universe, Levy Li Su Lin for winning PB's Miss Universe 2008 Best In Interview award. Her close up interview video was the best out of the 80 delegates for the award. Her response gave her a score of 9.668, the highest score given to any Miss Universe delegate so far. Miss India Universe is second with a score of 9.665 and Miss Puerto Rico Universe is third (9.653). Congratulations!
See her close up interview video here:
Delegates in XQ Historical Village:
Photos courtesy of the Miss Universe Organization.
The Preliminaries, also known as Presentation Show will be held in the Crown Convention Center at 7 p.m. Vietnam time. Delegates will be judged in BSC swimwear swimsuits and evening gowns chosen by themselves. Personality interviews were also held yesterday and on the 6th. The top 9 scores will be chosen and those 9 delegates will make up 9 delegates of this year's top 15. The other 6 delegates are chosen by the Miss Universe Organization and Mr. Donald Trump.
Miss Mexico Universe to do well in swimsuit?
Earlier on the 2nd of July, Miss Mexico Universe was chosen as the Best In Swimwear winner. The competition, similar to Miss World's fast track event, Miss Beach Beauty, chose the delegate looking the best in swimsuit. Miss Mexico Universe won and was given a $2000 cash prize and a trophy. Will this mean she will dominate the preliminary swimsuit competition today? Time will tell but she is definitely a favorite to win and should not be looked down.
THANHNIEN - Miss Mexico Elisa Najera celebrates her victory in the Swimwear Show last night at the Vinpearl Land Resort.

Miss Mexico Elisa Najera was judged the “Queen of Vinpearl” as she outperformed 79 other Miss Universe 2008 contestants in the Swimwear Show held in the coastal city of Nha Trang last night.

As the winner of the event, the 21-year-old beauty, received a crystal trophy and US$2,000 in cash.

“I am very happy and proud to have won this event,” Najera said.

“All of the girls looked stunning in their bikinis and the jurors surely must have had a difficult decision to make.

“The award is a great encouragement for me as I prepare to compete in the next several events in the days ahead,” Najera added.

She headlined the top five girls – including Miss India, Miss USA, Miss Colombia, Miss Spain – at the event organized by Thanh Nien at the Vinpearl Land Resort on one of Vietnam’s most beautiful islands – Tre Island.

The Swimwear Show, the third event on this year’s list of “mini-competitions,” may have been the most anticipated occasion for local reporters as it serves as the last chance for correspondents to meet with and photograph the international contestants.

Vinpearl Land’s Music Water Stage was packed with thousands of audiences screaming in delight as they witnessed the 80 girls strut about in their swimsuits on a special night that featured performances by local artists as well as a spectacular display of special effects.

Wednesday morning, the contestants had given the media a glimpse of what was to come by gathering poolside at the Diamond Bay Resort to pose in swimwear, attracting the attendance of more than 50 international and local correspondents.

The first two mini-competitions were the Traditional Costume presentation and the Ao Dai Fashion Show.

In the next few days, the girls will conduct interviews with designated jurors and participate in the Presentation Show and Dress Rehearsal from July 5-8.

Fifteen girls will then be selected to compete in the finale, to be broadcast live worldwide via America’s NBC channel on July 13.

PB's current top 15 favorites: Mexico, Venezuela, USA, Peru, Panama, Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, Singapore, Ghana, Trinidad & Tobago, Norway, Belgium, India, and South Africa.

Bubbling Up: Kosovo, Colombia, Thailand, China, Dominican Republic.

Miss Universe 2008 Best National Costume voting open
Currently voting for Miss Universe 2008 Best National Costume is open. Go to the website to vote. Remember one e-mail per vote. Voting will end around July 12 and the winner will be announced on July 13th.
Worthy to note, all 80 delegates are in the running for the award online. This may mean then that there will be two Best National Costume winners, one from internet and one from the judges votes. However this is unconfirmed yet. Stay tuned to Pageant Beauties for more news and updates later.
Delegates in BSC swimwear at Diamond Bay:
Photos and video courtesy of the Miss Universe Organization.
Delegates in VIN Pearl Gala:
Video of Miss Universe 2007, Riyo Mori visiting Khanh Toan Village:
Miss Universe 2008 NBC Site open:
NBC has officially opened their website for Miss Universe 2008. Voting for the Best National Costume award will be open on Monday at 9 a.m. PT. The winner will receive a trophy and cash prize worth up to $1000 USD.
Miss Venezuela Universe wins PB's Miss Universe 2008 Best In Official Fadil Portrait!
Congratulations to Miss Venezuela Universe, Dayana Mendoza for winning PB's Miss Universe 2008 Best In Official Fadil Portrait award. She won with a score of 9.594! In second was Miss Costa Rica Universe with 9.589 and Miss Mexico Universe with 9.569. Congratulations!
Miss Peru Universe wins PB's Miss Universe 2008 Best In National Costume!
Congraulations to Miss Peru Universe, Karol Castillo for winning PB's Miss Universe 2008 Best In National Costume award. She won with a score of 9.599. Second went to Miss Puerto Rico Universe (9.592) and Miss USA Universe finished it off with third place (9.585). Congratulations!
Miss Mexico Universe continues to lead poll
The poll has been open for 2 weeks already, and Miss Mexico Universe continues to lead. She has 366 votes, making up 19% of the total votes. Miss Puerto Rico Universe is in second still, with 195 votes, 10% of the votes. Miss Venezuela Universe is currently third, with 171 votes (9%).
Voting will end on July 11, 2008. The winner will also be announced then. Stay tuned!
Delegates parade in Nha Trang City:
Video and photos courtesy of Miss Universe Organization:
Riyo Mori, Miss Universe 2007 participates in the Miss Universe 2008 contestant parade in Nha Trang City, Vietnam.
On July 1, 2008, delegates visited Wonderpark to film for the Opening Number for the Miss Universe 2008 pageant:
Video of delegates filming for the Opening Number in BSC swimwear:
Delegates visit the SOS Village in Nha Trang City:
Photos courtesy of the Miss Universe Organization
Delegates in Welcome Parade in the Ancient City in Hoi An:
Photos of delegates in Diamond Bay Resort and Golf Ribbon Cutting:
Miss Universe 2008 Prize Package:

MISS UNIVERSE® 2008 will receive the following from the Miss Universe Organization:

  • The new MISS UNIVERSE will an exquisite tiara created by CAO Fine Jewelry (a division of PNJ) designed by Mrs. Dang Thi Kim Lien and Rosalina Lydster.
  • A year-long salary as MISS UNIVERSE.
  • A shoe wardrobe from Nina Footwear.
  • A year's worth of hair care products and tools from Farouk Systems.
  • A swimsuit wardrobe from BSC Swimwear Thailand.
  • A collection of eveningwear gowns from Scala, designed by Sherri Hill.
  • A National and International advertising campaign and a complete denim wardrobe from YMI Jeanswear.
  • A New York City apartment for the year of her reign including living expenses.
  • A two-year scholarship from The NY Film Academy in New York City valued at up to $100,000.
  • A trophy from Rogaska Crystal.
  • Personal appearance wardrobe.
  • A year-long membership to Gravity Fitness.
  • Year-long hair services John Barrett Salon.
  • Modeling portfolio by leading New York City fashion photographer Fadil Berisha.
  • Casting opportunities and professional representation by the Miss Universe Organization.
  • Extensive travel opportunities with a personal travel manager representing sponsors and charitable partners.
  • Access to various New York City events including movie premiers and screenings, Broadway shows and launch parties.
  • Consultation with stylist Billie Causieestko and access to an event wardrobe from leading fashion designers.
  • Professional public relations media training.
  • Professional media/public relations representation by Rubenstein Public Relations and Planet PR in New York City.
  • Year-long dermatology and skin services provided by Dr. Cheryl Thellman-Karcher.

FIRST RUNNER UP - $3,000 cash award and a crystal trophy from Rogaska
SECOND RUNNER UP - $2,000 cash award and a crystal trophy from Rogaska
THIRD RUNNER UP - $1,000 cash award and a crystal trophy from Rogaska
FOURTH RUNNER UP - $1,000 cash award and a crystal trophy from Rogaskal

TOP TEN (10) SEMI-FINALISTS - $500 cash award and a crystal trophy from Rogaska

MISS CONGENIALITY UNIVERSE™ AWARD - $1,000 cash prize and a crystal trophy from Rogaska awarded to the contestant selected by her fellow contestants as the most charismatic and inspirational.

BEST NATIONAL COSTUME AWARD - $1,000 cash prize and a crystal trophy from Rogaska awarded to the contestant with the most creative National Costume voted on and selected by the public via

All Contestants will receive the following gifts:

  • An assortment of Farouk Systems hair care products and tools
  • Swimwear from BSC Swimwear Thailand
  • Competition and fashion footwear from Nina
  • YMI denim gift package
  • Robes provided by Aegean Apparel
  • Gift bags provided by WOW! Creations
  • Eveningwear by Scala, designed by Sherri Hill

The new Miss Universe will also be crowned with a new crown this year:

World Renowned Vietnamese Brand PNJ to
Unveil Unique Crown for the 2008 Miss Universe® Competition

NEW YORK, NY - June 20, 2008 - The Miss Universe Organization announced today that CAO Fine Jewelry (a line of the renowned Phu Nhuan Jewelry (PNJ) company in Vietnam) has created the coveted 2008 Miss Universe crown. 

The winner of the 2008 Miss Universe® Pageant, which will broadcast live on NBC July 13th from the Crown Convention Center in Nha Trang, Vietnam, will be crowned with the masterpiece which was designed by Rosalina Tran Lydster of Jewelry by Rosalina and Ms. Dang Thi Kim Lien of CAO Fine Jewelry.

The crown, valued at $120 thousand dollars, is made of 18K white and yellow gold. It is comprised of over 1,000 precious stones; including 555 white diamonds (30 carats), 375 cognac diamonds (14 carats), 10 smoky quartz crystals (20 carats) and 19 morganite gemstones (60 carats).

The colors of the jewels chosen for the crown have great significance. The yellow luster of the gold represents the prosperous thriving economy in Vietnam. White, light pink and cognac are the main hues in the crown which represent inspiration and feeling.

"The Miss Universe crown is one of the most revered pieces of jewelry in the world", said Paula M. Shugart, President of the Miss Universe Organization. "We are very excited to have partnered with CAO Fine Jewelry and Jewelry by Rosalina to create this yearís crown".

"The curved design creates a natural rhythm and a stable structure for the crown, symbolizing the spirit of unity. The crown combines the beauty and the character of each nation, accomplishing the goal of the pageant, which is international unity", explained designers Ms. Kim Lien and Rosalina Lydster.

Contestants from more than 80 countries will be judged in three categories: swimsuit, evening gown and interview as they vie for the title of Miss Universe 2008 and the opportunity to wear the crown. The winner will receive a tiara by CAO Fine Jewelry valued at $30 thousand dollars.


Miss Mexico Universe continues to lead poll
Congratulations to Miss Mexico again! She is leading the poll again with 336 votes, 21%. Miss Venezuela continues in second, while Miss Puerto Rico leads in third. Miss USA is settling for fourth so far, only 10 votes behind Miss Puerto Rico. Keep on voting you all!
Hosts announced for Miss Universe 2008

'America's Got Talent' Host Jerry Springer and Spice Girl Mel B to Host the 2008 Miss Universe Pageant Live from Vietnam on July 13

NEW YORK, June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Paula M. Shugart, President of the Miss Universe Organization announced today that the host of NBC's hit summer show, "America's Got Talent," Jerry Springer and actress/singer Mel B will host the 2008 Miss Universe Pageant live on NBC (simulcast on Telemundo) from the Crown Convention Center in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam on Sunday, July 13th at 9:00 p.m. ET (delayed PT).

"This is obviously a great honor and getting to work alongside Mel B makes it even better," said Springer.

"I'm thrilled to be a co-host of the Miss Universe Pageant," said Mel B. "I believe the diversity and dedication that the pageant brings inspires and empowers young women across the globe."

Cultural icon Jerry Springer, host for 17 seasons of the hit talk show "The Jerry Springer Show," as well as the host of "America's Got Talent," boasts a resume that includes such diverse roles as: Mayor of Cincinnati, political pundit, lawyer, award-winning newscaster, country recording artist, international emcee, TV personality, author, movie star, progressive talk- radio broadcaster and ballroom dancer on the hit "Dancing with the Stars."

His popularity has also led him to be a favorite guest-speaker at college campuses across the country, not to mention a special guest lecturer at Oxford University in England. Springer has also added a Broadway appearance to his distinguished list of achievements, starring for a week in the production of the "Rocky Horror Show Live."

Melanie Brown, better known as Mel B, has made her mark as an accomplished singer, actress, producer, designer and TV personality. Mel B became a household name as "Scary Spice," one of the members of the iconic girl group the Spice Girls. She has appeared in numerous TV specials, shows and films as well as on Broadway in the hugely successful musical "Rent." Mel B is currently working on her third solo album, slated for release in early 2009.

Her newest project, "The Singing Office," will premiere on TLC later this month, with Mel serving as Executive Producer and Co-Host. Additionally, she was a finalist on the fifth season of "Dancing with the Stars," where she became a fan favorite with her dance experience and fun disposition on the dance floor. She has since become a special events correspondent for "Access Hollywood."

Each contestant, representing 80 countries from around the world, will be judged in three categories: swimsuit, evening gown and interview as they vie for the coveted title of Miss Universe 2008. The Miss Universe show is an internationally celebrated event with distribution in more than 170 countries.

Japan native, Riyo Mori, Miss Universe 2007 will crown her successor at the conclusion of the telecast. During her reign, she has traveled the world as an advocate for HIV/AIDS education, research, and legislation. The newly crowned Miss Universe will go on to do the same.

Donald J. Trump and Phil Gurin of The Gurin Company will again serve as Executive Producers for MISS UNIVERSE® 2008.

To purchase tickets for the telecast visit: .

Photos of delegates in Ha Long Bay:
Courtesy of the Miss Universe Organization. Delegates took a boat tour of the famous Ha Long Bay in Hanoi.
Delegates also visited the Hanoi Peoples Committee on the 26th:
More news on the delegates, mini competitions including the Best In Swimsuit competition later on. PB will also evaluate each delegate in official portrait and national costume soon. Stay tuned!
Photos courtesy of Miss Universe Organization
Miss Venezuela Universe wins Best In Ao Dai
Miss Venezuela Universe, Dayana Mendoza parades in Ao Dai (traditional Vietnamese costume) after being selected as the Best In Ao Dai winner. Despite tripping on the costume during presentation, Miss Mendoza still won the award. Congratulations! Runner ups include the delegates from India, Vietnam, Thailand, and Kazakhstan. Worthy to note, in the top 5 finalists for the award, all the runner ups are from Asia and the winner is from South America!
Other delegates in Ao Dai costumes:
Delegates in Charity Auction:
The 80 delegates earlier attended a charity auction in the Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers in Ho Chi Minh city. Each gift was bought from their own native country. Delegates raised a total of $23,000 USD. Congratulations!
Miss Mexico Universe leads Viewers' Choice poll
Miss Mexico Universe, Elisa Nájera leads the Viewers' Choice poll. She has 302 votes so far making up 25% of the whole poll. In second so far is Miss Venezuela Universe with 12%, 138 votes. Third place currently is Miss Puerto Rico Universe with 9% and 112 votes. Voting will end on July 11, 2008.
Miss Spain Universe to Miss Thailand Universe National Costume Video:

Delegates in national costume:

Miss Universe official website has interview videos posted. Videos of delegates in national costumes are also posted. Go here to see:

 (This is Miss Puerto Rico Universe's interview video).

 (This is Miss USA Universe's national costume video).

Fadil Berisha Official Portraits revealed:

Miss Venezuela Universe poses and gets photographed by well known photographer Fadil Berisha. For the other official portraits, go to this site:  (This is Miss Venezuela Universe's profile and portrait).

Pageant Beauties will choose their favorites in these three categories soon. Stay tuned for the winners.


Vote for your favorite Miss Universe 2008 delegate here:
Viewers' Choice for Miss Universe 2008
Who is your favorite delegate to win Miss Universe 2008?

Voting for the poll will end on July 11, 2008 8:00 p.m. EST. The winner of the poll will be then announced. Pageant Beauties wish all the delegates the best of luck! Besides PB's Viewers' Choice for Miss Universe 2008, PB will also give out awards to the following categories:
PB's Best In Evening Gown, Best In Interview, Best In Swimsuit, Best Preliminary Performance, Best In Fadil Official Portrait, Best In National Costume, Miss Photogenic, and regional Miss Universes will be chosen.
Like Miss USA 2008, the 80 delegates will be divided into regions, and the delegates will be rank upon the preliminary performances and overall impression. The delegates highest in their region, will then compete for PB's Miss Universe 2008. The regions will include PB's Miss Asia Pacific Universe 2008, Miss Europe Universe 2008, Miss Caribbean Universe 2008, Miss Africa Universe 2008, and Miss Americas Universe 2008. Stay tuned!
Meet the first list:
PB's Current top 15 favorites for the crown: USA, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, Panama, Kosovo, Ireland, Australia, Japan, South Africa, Peru, and Trinidad & Tobago
Bubbling Up: China, Dominican Republic, Brazil, India, and Albania
News on the delegates' Fadil official portraits tomorrow.
Delegates tour Ho Chi Minh City
Photos courtesy of Miss Universe Organization
Delegates pose for a photo in the Rex Hotel.
A group of delegates pose for a photo in front of People's Committee Building during a city tour in Ho Chi Minh City.

Satu Tuomisto, Miss Finland Universe 2008; Natalia Anderle, Miss Brazil Universe 2007; and Samantha Powell, Miss New Zealand Universe 2008, enjoy the view from the top of the Rex Hotel during a city tour in Ho Chi Minh City.

Claudia Ferraris, Miss Italy Universe 2008, Levy Li Su Lin, Miss Malaysia Universe 2008, Rebeca Moreno, Miss El Salvador Universe 2008, and Tracey Nicolaas, Miss Aruba Universe 2008 shop at the Ben Thanh Market during a city tour in Ho Chi Minh City.

Contestants pose for a photo on top of the Reunification Palace during a city tour in Ho Chi Minh City. 

No More Miss Photogenic voting:

Possibly due to the large support shown by the Filpino fans over the past 3 years, Miss Philippines has won Miss Photogenic every year since 2005. Puerto Rico had the record before, with 4 consecutive wins from 2001-2004 and a total of 6 awards. Philippines managed to win by just one more year, 7 awards in total. This year, NBC's official Miss Universe 2008 website will NO LONGER have Miss Photogenic voting. Instead the Best National Costume award will be in place.

Viewers will be able to vote for their favorite for the Best National Costume award. The delegate with the most votes will get the award. The award was not handed out last year, making a return and replacing the controversy Miss Photogenic award this year.

Last night in Vietnam, the 80 delegates also competed in the Best National Costume competition. The 80 delegates paraded in marvelous, magnificent and colorful costumes designed in their own country. Each reflected their own personal culture, heritage, and customs. In the end, a panel of judges selected 10 lucky contestants who will go on to win the award. These 10 finalists will be on and be voted by the viewers on the best costume. The top 10 finalists include:

The Top 10 of the National Costume Competition
Miss Albania Universe Matilda Mecini; Miss Colombia Universe Taliana Vargas; Miss Dominican Republic Universe Marianne Cruz; Miss India Universe Simran Kaur; Miss Kosovo Universe Zana Krasniqi; Miss Mexico Universe Elisa Najera; Miss Peru Universe Karol Castillo; Miss South Africa Universe Tansey Coetzee; Miss Venezuela Universe Dayana Mendoza; and Miss Vietnam Universe Thuy Lam are the Top 10 delegates in National Costume. They were selected by a panel of judges during the National Costume Competition held at the Lions Theatre in Ho Chi Minh City on June 22nd. The winner of this award will be chosen by internet votes collected through
Since popular pageant countries Philippines and Puerto Rico are out in the running, will Mexico be the delegate who will win the award? Who will Vietnam, the host nation win (after the votes that carried Miss Vietnam World 2006 into the top 17 of Miss World 2006). Who will the winner be? Voting for the award will be open shortly, stay tuned!
Registration and Fittings
Photos courtesy of Miss Universe Organization
Miss Bolivia Universe 2008, Kate David waves her sash as she prepares to take pictures during registration and fittings in Ho Chi Minh City host hotel.
Carolina Dementiev Justavino, Miss Panama Universe 2008, and Diana Barrasa, Miss Honduras Universe 2008, pose for a photo in their BSC swimwear at the Ho Chi Minh City host hotel.
Miss Guam Universe 2008, Siera Robertson poses for a photo in her BSC swimwear at the Ho Chi Minh City host hotel.
Nguyen Thuy Lam, Miss Vietnam Universe 2008 and Gavintra Photijak, Miss Thailand Universe 2008 arrive at the Ho Chi Minh City host hotel.
Crystle Stewart, Miss USA Universe 2008; Claudia Ferraris, Miss Italy Universe 2007, and Matilda Mcini, Miss Albania USA 2008 pose for a photo in her BSC swimwear at the Ho Chi Minh City host hotel.
Video of the delegates posing in BSC Swimwear swimsuits during registration and fittings:
Miss Romania will not compete
Although Miss Romania was excepted to return to Miss Universe after 10 years, the Miss Universe website has removed Romania from the list of official contestants. This year's pageant will greet 80 delegates, the most since 2006, equaling the number of entries in 2004.
More news on Registration and Fittings of the delegates tomorrow. Stay tuned! Viewers' Choice poll will be open soon.
The Competition has begun!
The Miss Universe 2008 pageant will be held in Vietnam this year. 81 contestants around the world will vie for the crown and title. This year the quality has not been very strong like past years but there has been many favorites. Puerto Rico's Ingrid Rivera is one of them. She was 2nd runner up at Miss World 2005 and her beauty can easily pull her to win. She can easily become the 6th Puerto Rican to win Miss Universe. Her pepper spray incident before has gained her some popularity and the judges may easily favor her.
USA's Crystle Stewart has come a long way to the pageant. She competed for the Miss Texas USA pageant five times until she won! She was semifinalist in 2003, 3rd runner up in 2005, 1st runner up in 2006 and 2007, and finally won in 2008. Had she not won Miss Texas USA 2008, she would of been overage for the Miss USA pageant and other state pageants but she pulled through. Congratulations! She went on to win the covered Miss USA crown and is now in Miss Universe. Can she win Miss Universe too?? The last time Miss USA has won Miss Universe was in 1997 and 11 years is not a short amount of time..
Sri Lanka was suppose to compete in Miss Universe last year but withdraw. She went on to become a semifinalist in the Miss International 2007 pageant and now is in Vietnam. Did the pageant experience help and can Sri Lanka pull it off again? Miss Cayman Islands also competed at Miss World previously and can the experience help her too? Speaking of pageant experience, Singapore's Shenise Wong has a lot. She previously competed at Miss Asia Pacific 1999, Miss International 2000, and Miss World 2005. Can she bring glory to her country and place? Time will tell...
Miss Bahamas, Sacha Scott, is the daughter of a former beauty queen who also represented the Bahamas at Miss Universe 1983. Can Sacha become the next Amelia Vega (Amelia's mother was a former Miss Dominican Republic World) or Unnur Birna (Unnur's mother was Miss Iceland 1983 and competed at Miss Universe 1983 and Miss World 1983; finishing as a top 5 finalist)? Time will tell...
Other news
Here are the schedule of delegate arrivals courtesy of Global Beauties:

2008 Miss Universe Pageant
Contestant Arrival Schedule


 1                     Guam                         Siera Robertson                  
 2                     Peru                           Karol Castillo


3                      Albania                    Matilda Mecini
4                      Kosovo                    Zana Krasniqi
5                      Vietnam                  Nguyen Thuy Lam
6                      Ukraine                     Eleonora Masalab              
7                      Russia                      Vera Krasova                       
8                      USA                         Crystle Stewart                    
9                      El Salvador               Rebeca Moreno                  
10                    Hungary                   Jazmin Dammak                 
11                    Thailand                   Gavintra Photijak    
12                    Greece                      Dionissia Koukiou              
13                    Italy                         Claudia Ferraris                  
14                    Indonesia                 Putri Raemawasti               
15                    France                      Laura Tangua                      
16                    Finland                     Satu Tuomisto         
17                    Curacao                    Jenyfeer Mercelina             
18                    Croatia                     Snjezana Loncarevic         
19                    Belgium                    Alizee Poulicek                   
20                    Malaysia                   Levy Li Su Lin         
21                    New Zealand              Samatha Powell                  
22                    Brazil                        Natalia Anderle                   
23                    Ireland                      Lynn Kelly                            
24                    Nigeria                      Stephanie Oforka               
25                    Estonia                      Julia Kovaljova                    
26                    Aruba                         Tracey Nicolaas                 
27                    Trinidad &Tobago    Anya Ayoung-Chee                       
28                    Georgia                      Gvantsa Daraselia              
29                    Turkey                        Sinem Sulun                                   
30                    Switzerland               Amanda Ammann              
31                    Mexico                       Elisa Najera                         
32                    Antigua & Barbuda  Athina James                      
33                    Honduras                  Diana Barrasa                     
34                    Bolivia                       Katherine David                  
35                    Paraguay                   Gianinna Ruffinelli                                        
36                    Ecuador                     Domenica Saporiti              
37                    Jamaica                     April Jackson                                   
38                    Costa Rica                Maria Teresa Rodriguez    
39                    Puerto Rico               Ingrid Rivera                        
40                    Dominican Rep.       Marianne Cruz                    
41                    Nicaragua                 Thelma Rodriguez


42                    Czech Republic       Eliska Buckova                   
43                    South Africa            Tansey Coetzee                  
44                    Turks & Caicos         Angelica Lightbourne        
45                    Panama                  Carolina Dementiev
46                    Sri Lanka                 Aruni Rajapakshe               
47                    Norway                    Mariann Birkedal    
48                    India                      Simran Kaur Mundi            
49                    Angola                    Lesliana Pereira                  
50                    Slovak Republic       Sandra Manakova              
51                    Mauritius                 Olivia Carey                        
52                    Australia                 Laura Dundovic                  
53                    Cayman Islands       Rebecca Parchment          
54                    Israel                      Shunit Faragi                     
55                    Tanzania                 Amanda Ole Sulul              
56                    UK                          Lisa Lazarus                        
57                    Egypt                      Yara Naaom                         
58                    Venezuela               Dayana Mendoza               
59                    Bahamas                 Sacha Scott                         
60                    Ghana                     Yvette Nsiah


61                    China                       Ziya Wei                               
62                    Phililppines               Jennifer Barrientos             
63                    Kazakhstan               Alfina Nassyrova                
64                    Singapore                 Shenise Marie Wong         
65                    Japan                         Hiroko Mima                         
66                    Korea                         Sun Lee                                
67                    Canada                      Samantha Tajik                   
68                    Spain                         Claudia Moro Fernandez  
69                    Slovenia                    Anamarija Avbelj                 
70                    Poland                       Barbara Tatara                     
71                    Colombia                   Taliana Vargas                    
72                    Uruguay                    Paula Diaz               
73                    Serbia                       Bojana Boric                  
74                    Montenegro              Dasa Zivkovic                      
75                    Germany                    Madina Taher                      
76                    Cyprus                       Dimitra Sergiou                   
77                   Netherlands              Charlotte Labee

Pending arrivals:
Denmark, Argentina, Guatemala, Romania


Returning countries:

Romania is excepted to return to Miss Universe since 1998. Guam has already arrived in Vietnam, last competing in year 2000. Netherlands and Vietnam last competed in 2005 and makes a return too. Countries that were in Los Angeles in 2006 will also return after a one year hiatus. They include: Cayman Islands, Ghana, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, and United Kingdom. Kosovo is excepted to debut at the pageant.


Bulgaria, Chile, Lebanon, Namibia, Northern Mariana Islands, and Sweden are not competing this year. Bulgaria's national pageant is scheduled to be held in July 2008, with Northern Mariana's pageant to be held later (to select 2009's representative).

Lebanon is unable to compete due to scheduling conflicts and Chile's national pageant will be held later this year. Miss Sweden, Lina Hahne, stated in her blog that she had hoped to travel to Vietnam but the organizer decided not to send her ().

Barbados, Belize, Guyana, US Virgin Islands, and Zambia was excepted to compete but no information on their representatives...

Stay tuned to Pageant Beauties for the latest updates and news.