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Miss Earth 2007 Final Results:
Winner: Canada
Miss Air - 1st runner up: India
Miss Water - 2nd runner up: Venezuela
Miss Fire - 3rd runner up: Spain
Top 8: Georgia, Peru, Switzerland, and Thailand
Top 16: Martinique. Nigeria, Romania, Czech Republic, South Africa, Lebanon, Sweden, and Dominican Republic
Special Awards:
Beauty For A Cause: South Africa
Miss Friendship: Lebanon
Miss Talent: Lithuania
Best National Costume: Thailand
Best in Long Gown: Venezuela
Best in Swimsuit: Venezuela
Miss Photogenic (voted by online viewers): Philippines
  • Miss Canada likely stated early was a surprise to win. She wasn't noticed by Pageant Beauties and other pageant websites. Only Global Beauties labeled her as a darkhorse. Prior to the pageant, Miss Canada, Jessica Trisko participated at Miss Universe Canada 2007. She made the top 10 at the pageant. The eventual winner of the pageant, Inga Skaya did not make the top 15 of the Miss Universe 2007 pageant. Miss Skaya also beated out big favorite, Ramona Amiri, Miss World Canada 2005 and top 15 semifinalist at Miss World 2005 to win the Canadian title.
  • PB's Miss Earth 2007, Miss Ukraine was definitely the one who should of make it. She was the big favorite from the start. Misses Brazil, Korea, Poland, and more were also ignored.
  • Miss Venezuela becomes the first woman to win both awards at the pageant. She also won Venezuela's first Miss Earth Water crown.
  • USA fails to place at the pageant, the first time since 2004. Philippines also did not place, breaking a 6 year streak starting from 2001, the first edition of the pageant.
  • Miss Friendship winner, Miss Lebanon breaks the odds and places in the top 16. No Miss Friendship has ever placed at the pageant until this time.
  • The nation of Czech Republic continues to be the only nation to have placed at all the international beauty pageants of 2007. It depends on Miss World 2007 will whether or not the nation has the record.
  • Congratulates to all the winners and delegates on a job well done.


Miss Earth 2007 Final Results:
Winner: Canada
Miss Air - 1st runner up: India
Miss Water - 2nd runner up: Venezuela
Miss Fire - 3rd runner up: Spain
Top 8: Georgia, Peru, Switzerland, and Thailand
Top 16: Martinique. Nigeria, Romania, Czech Republic, South Africa, Lebanon, Sweden, and Dominican Republic
  • Surprising results! Miss Canada was not much noticed during the whole competition and she emerged as the winner.
  • India and Venezuela make the top 4 for the second year in a row. Venezuela makes it for the 3rd time. Canada and Spain for first time.
  • Big favorite and PB's Miss Earth 2007 does not make top 16. Korea also. Philippines who makes the top 16 every year fails to make it for first time.
Viewers' Choice for Miss Earth 2007
Who is your favorite to win Miss Earth 2007? [4370 votes total]

Miss Albania Earth, Shpresa Vitia (59) 1%
Miss Argentina Earth, Maria Antonella Tognolla Sanvitale (3) 0%
Miss Australia Earth, Victoria Louise Stewart (2) 0%
Miss Bahamas Earth, Sharon Eula Rolle (0) 0%
Miss Belgium Earth, Melissa Cardaci (216) 5%
Miss Belize Earth, Leilah Anne Magdalena Pandy (19) 0%
Miss Bolivia Earth, Carla Loreto Fuentes Rivero (13) 0%
Miss Bosnia and Herzegovina Earth, Dzenita Dumpor (982) 22%
Miss Botswana Earth, Millicent Ollyn (1) 0%
Miss Brazil Earth, Patrícia Silva Ferreira Andrade (49) 1%
Miss Canada Earth, Jessica Nicole Trisko (4) 0%
Miss Cameroom Earth, Pauline Marcelle Kack (0) 0%
Miss China Earth, Yu Pei Pei (2) 0%
Miss Colombia Earth, Mileth Johana Agámez López (21) 0%
Miss Congo Earth, Maurielle Nkouka Massamba (0) 0%
Miss Costa Rica Earth, Natalia Salas Mattey (3) 0%
Miss Cuba Earth, Ariana Barouk (3) 0%
Miss Czech Republic Earth, Eva Èerešòáková (7) 0%
Miss Denmark Earth, Trine Lundgaard Nielsen (2) 0%
Miss Dominican Republic Earth, Themys Febriel (84) 2%
Miss Ecuador Earth, Verónica Ochoa Crespo (12) 0%
Miss El Salvador Earth, Julia Iris Ayala Regalado (422) 10%
Miss England Earth, Clair Cooper (7) 0%
Miss Ethiopia Earth, Nardos Desta Tafese (3) 0%
Miss Fiji Earth, Minal Maneesha Ali (1) 0%
Miss Finland Earth, Anna Pohtimo (3) 0%
Miss France Earth, Alexandra Gaguen (0) 0%
Miss Georgia Earth, Nanka Mamasakhlisi (2) 0%
Miss Germany Earth, Sinem Ramazanoglu (1) 0%
Miss Ghana Earth, Diana Naa Blankson (0) 0%
Miss Guadeloupe Earth, Virgine Mulia (2) 0%
Miss Guatemala Earth, Jessica Scheel Loyola (20) 0%
Miss Iceland Earth, Katrín Dögg Sigurdardóttir (7) 0%
Miss India Earth, Pooja Chitgopekar (12) 0%
Miss Indonesia Earth, Artri Aldoranti Sulistyowati (6) 0%
Miss Israel Earth, Mor Donay (0) 0%
Miss Italy Earth, Bernadette Mazzú (863) 20%
Miss Japan Earth, Ryoko Tominaga (2) 0%
Miss Kazakhstan Earth, Zhazira Nurkhodjaeva (1) 0%
Miss Kenya Earth, Volen Auma Owenga (0) 0%
Miss Korea Earth, Ji-Eun Yoo (12) 0%
Miss Latvia Earth, Ilze Jankovska (0) 0%
Miss Lebanon Earth, Amale Al Khoder (0) 0%
Miss Liberia Earth, Telena Cassell (1) 0%
Miss Lithuania Earth, Monika Baliunaite (3) 0%
Miss Macau Earth, Zhang Xiao Yu (0) 0%
Miss Malaysia Earth, Dorkas Cheok Huai Yee (3) 0%
Miss Martinique Earth, Elodie Delor (15) 0%
Miss Mexico Earth, María Fernanda Cánovas Leal (897) 21%
Miss Nepal Earth, Bandana Sharma (4) 0%
Miss Netherlands Earth, Milou Verhoeks (13) 0%
Miss New Zealand Earth, Claire Kirby (2) 0%
Miss Nicaragua Earth, Iva Karlos Grijalva Pashova (9) 0%
Miss Nigeria Earth, Stacey Garvy (1) 0%
Miss Niue Islands Earth, Shevalyn Ligovai Poimafiti Maika (2) 0%
Miss Northern Ireland Earth, Aine Gormley (0) 0%
Miss Norway Earth, Margaret Paulin Hauge (2) 0%
Miss Paraguay Earth, Montserrat Quevedo (0) 0%
Miss Peru Earth, Odilia Pamela García Pineda (40) 1%
Miss Philippines Earth, Jeanne Angeles Harn (61) 1%
Miss Poland Earth, Barbara Tatara (12) 0%
Miss Romania Earth, Alina Gheorge (0) 0%
Miss Sierra Leone Earth, Theresa Turay (1) 0%
Miss Singapore Earth, Chen Nicole Lin (3) 0%
Miss Slovakia Earth, Barbora Palovièová (1) 0%
Miss Slovenia Earth, Tania Trobec (1) 0%
Miss South Africa Earth, Bokang Montjane (0) 0%
Miss Spain Earth, Angela Gomez Durán (27) 1%
Miss St. Lucia Earth, Oneka McKoy (2) 0%
Miss Suriname Earth, Safyra Rachida Duurham (1) 0%
Miss Sweden Earth, Ivana Gagula (12) 0%
Miss Switzerland Earth, Stephanie Gossweiler (1) 0%
Miss Taiwan R.O.C. Earth, Sonya Lee (0) 0%
Miss Tanzania Earth, Angel Delight Kileo (1) 0%
Miss Thailand Earth, Jiraporn Sing-ieam (6) 0%
Miss Trinidad and Tobago Earth, Carleen Ramlochansingh (6) 0%
Miss Turks and Caicos Islands Earth, Tameka Teshan Deveaux (2) 0%
Miss Uganda Earth, Hellen Karungi (0) 0%
Miss Ukraine Earth, Galyna Andreeva (21) 0%
Miss USA Earth, Lisa Marie Forbes (34) 1%
Miss U.S. Virgin Islands Earth, Je T'aime Cheree Cerge (7) 0%
Miss Venezuela Earth, Silvana Santaella Arellano (312) 7%
Miss Vietnam Earth, Truc Diem Truong (19) 0%
Miss Wales Earth, Sarah Michelle Sairandhri Fleming (0) 0%
Miss Zambia Earth, Sphiwe Mutale Benasho (0) 0%
Miss Zimbabwe Earth, Nyome Omar (1) 0%
Miss Hong Kong Earth, Fan Miao Meng (1) 0%
Congratulations to Miss Bosnia and Herzegovina Earth, Dzenita Dumpor. She wins the Viewers' Choice award, winning a total of 982 votes, 22% of the whole poll. Second place went to Miss Mexico Earth, Maria Leal. Miss Leal was 1% behind and had 897 votes. Third place was Miss Italy Earth, Bernadette Mazzu. She gained 863 votes and had 20%. Congratulations to all winners.
Pageant Beauties' Miss Photogenic goes to Miss Ukraine Earth, Galyna Andreyeva! She was selected through photos online at and many more. Congratulations!
Who is Pageant Beauties' Miss Earth 2007?
After selection looking through their headshots, long gown, national costume photos and their overall impression of each delegate during the past month, Pageant Beauties chose as Miss Earth 2007:
Miss Ukraine Earth, Galyna Andreyeva is the winner! She is Pageant Beauties' pick to win tonight's crown.

Miss Earth 2007 Final Predictions:

Winner: Ukraine
1st runner up: Brazil
2nd runner up: Venezuela
3rd runner up: Korea

Top 8 (5th to 8th place): Poland, Philippines, Mexico, and Guatemala

Top 16 (9th to 16th place): India, Vietnam, Thailand, USA, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Belize, and US Virgin Islands

Alternates (17th to 21st place): Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Martinique, and South Africa

Good luck to all the delegates. May the best girl win!


Miss Bosnia and Herzegovina Earth, Dzenita Dumpor continues to lead Viewers' Choice poll
After 3 days Miss Dumpor continues to lead the Viewers' Choice poll. She has 21% out of the whole poll, gaining 748 votes. Miss Mexico Earth and Miss Italy Earth are second and third respectively so far. Both have 743 and 717 votes respectively. The poll will close all voting soon so keep on voting!
Miss Bosnia and Herzegovina Earth, Dzenita Dumpor leads Viewers' Choice poll
So far our Viewers' Choice poll has received 2038 votes! Thanks for your voting. Miss Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dzenita Dumpor is leading with 395 votes, 19% of the whole poll. In second is Miss Mexico, Maria Leal with 325 votes, gaining 16% of the whole poll. In third place so far is Miss Venezuela, Silvana Arellano with 286 votes, 14%. Voting will end before November 11, 2007.
Special Awards
On November 1st in Vietnam, four special awards were given out. First was Miss Charm, won by Miss Korea, Ji-Eun Yoo. Miss Yoo has been offen compared to Miss Korea 2006, Honey Lee who has won 3rd runner up at Miss Universe 2007. Will Miss Yoo get to win Korea's first Miss Earth title? Korea has did quite well this year, placing at Miss Universe and Miss International and Miss Yoo can continue the streak. Miss Peru was chosen as Miss Fitness and she has already made the top 15 of the Best In Swimsuit competition. She can take the award too. Miss Vietnam was chosen as Miss Fashion and Miss Brazil won the Best In Ao Dai award.
Delegates are currently back in Philippines. Then two more awards were presented: Miss Psalmstre Placenta and Miss Fontana. Miss Venezuela and Miss Korea respectively took the awards. Congratulations to all winners!
Miss Hong Kong arrives in Philippines:
It has been confirmed by the Miss Earth Organization, Hong Kong will be represented at Miss Earth 2007. The special page of delegates at the pageant on the offical site has listed Miss Fan Miao Meng to be the representive of Hong Kong. Miss Meng is the last delegate to arrive in the Philippines after 87 other delegates. She stands at 5'11 and is 20 years old. Miss Meng has been added to the list of delegates in the Viewers' Choice poll, at the end of Miss Zimbabwe Earth, Nyome Omar.
With Miss Meng's addition, the Miss Earth 2007 pageant will feature 88 delegates, breaking the record for the most delegates in any Miss Earth pageant and the 2006 Miss Universe pageant's record for 86 delegates.
Updated list of the top 16: Korea, Venezuela, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mexico, USA, Philippines, Brazil, Peru, Vietnam, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Colombia, Martinique, Thailand, and India
Bubbling Up: Poland, Ecuador, South Africa, Hong Kong, and Belize
Vote for your favorite to win Miss Earth 2007:
Viewers' Choice for Miss Earth 2007
Who is your favorite to win Miss Earth 2007?

30 Contestants arrive in Vietnam:

Beautiful women from 30 different countries arrived in the coastal city of Nha Trang yesterday afternoon to compete for the Miss Earth 2007 crown, held in Vietnam for the first time.   

Nha Trang's Cam Ranh Airport was crowded with organisers, reporters, onlookers and police in the afternoon as the international beauty contestants hit the ground. 

As the convoy left the airport, they were flanked by colorful signs welcoming visitors for the Miss Earth 2007 competition. 

As Miss Peru Odilia Garcia left the airport she praised the hospitality of the Vietnamese. 

While admitting that she was tired after a long journey, Odilia said that she was in high spirits for the upcoming competition. 

After traveling the 30 km from Cam Ranh Airport to the contest venue at Vinpearl Land, Miss Australia Victoria Stewart expressed her awe of the beautiful landscape of the region. 

Asked her feeling about the local environment, another beauty commented, “Like any other countries, Vietnam needs to care for its environment. With such a beautiful beach, there's lots of work to do to keep the city and beaches clean.” 

The beauty contestants had little time to rest after arriving at Vinpearl Land before the press briefing which was scheduled at 5 p.m. 

At the press conference and welcoming ceremony, chairman of the Philippines-based Carousel Production Inc., Ramon S. Monzon expressed his gratitude to the local organisers, namely Thanh Nien Newspaper, Elite Vietnam and the Vinpearl Company. 

Monzon said he was proud that Miss Earth had grown since its inception in 2001 to become one of the world's three most prestigious pageants. 

He went on to say that the Miss Earth competition had given a platform to beautiful young women interested in making a difference in global conservation efforts. 

Candidates share their views 

At the press briefing, 30 candidates came to the stage one at a time to express their viewpoints about the pageant and its mission of promoting environmental conservation. 

Onlookers were particularly impressed by Miss Australia Victoria Stewart’s speech when she stated emphatically, “I would like to send a message: We all need to take action and take care of the environment. We must protect future generations!” 

While Canadian representative Jessica Trisko focused on starting grassroots environmental education with children around the world, the Czech delegate focused attention on cooperative efforts and consensus building among nations. 

Miss Ukraine Galyna Andreeva claimed that today more and more people approve of the global conservation effort, and added that the Miss Earth pageant woudl not only help publicize this issue, but highlight the host country Vietnam to a world audience. 

Hectic schedule 

The pageant participants have a busy schedule before the contest. 

They took part in environment protection activities this morning by planting trees and picking up rubbish around Nha Trang Beach. 

In the afternoon they interacted with underprivileged children and gave gifts to them. 

In the evening they will attend an extravagant gala dinner where admirers and audience members will have the opportunity to meet them and take their picture. 

Of the five portions of the contest, one features a local flavour. 

The beauty contestants will each be judged in a segment where they are wearing traditional Vietnamese ao dai. 

The Top 15 Best In Swimsuit finalists named:

The 86 delegates were divided into groups of 3 like last year's format. From each group, five finalists were chosen and together the top 15 Best In Swimsuit contestants were chosen. They include: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, India, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Thailand, US Virgin Islands, and Venezuela. 

  • The confirmed number of delegates is 86. The only country that is yet to confirm their participation is Hong Kong and the Organization has not took off the country's name on the offical site yet. However it is highly unlikely that the nation will compete since there is only 10 days until the finals.
  • Originally over 90 delegates were excepted but many nations did not compete. Full explanation below:
  • Nations that withdrawed: Armenia, Aruba, Curacao, Moldova, Pakistan, and St. Martin.
  • Nations that did not compete due to franchise problems: Iraq and Puerto Rico.
  • Nations that did not compete due to visa problems: Scotland and Tibet
  • Due to injuries and accidents, Egypt and Honduras did not compete.
  • Tunisia selected their representive, Oumaima Taleb to compete but for an unknown reason she did not compete.
  • The representives of China, Costa Rica, Tanzania, and Vietnam were not their national winners. China competed as the original winner was underage, Costa Rica compete because the winner was not allowed by school to compete, Tanzania's original winner was dethroned and Vietnam's original winner was overage.
  • Out of the 86 delegates, only one competed at a international pageant. She is Miss Tanzania Earth, Angel Delight Kileo who participated at Miss International 2006 in Tokyo, Japan and Beijing, China.
  • Miss USA Earth, Lisa Marie Forbes is the 3rd consecutive US Miss Earth winner to compete in Miss USA. She was previously Miss Kansas USA 2004 and represented Kansas at Miss USA 2004. Her predecessor, Amanda Helen Pennekamp was Miss South Carolina USA 2004 and also competed at Miss USA 2004! Lisa did not place but Helen placed 1st runner up to Miss USA 2004, Shandi Finnessey.

Beauty For A Cause Award: This special award was first given in 2003 to Miss Afghanistan, Vida Samadzai to acknowledge her for promoting environmental issues and caring for earth. The award hasn't been given out since then but this year the award returns.

Telecast information: The pageant will be televised live on ABS-CBN, Channel 2 on November 11, 2007 at 9:30 p.m. with replay in 35 countries in Asia and the Middle East covered by Star World on December 15th and December 16th.

Current top 16 list (in no particular order): Korea, Brazil, Venezuela, Tanzania, Ukraine, Philippines, South Africa, England, Sweden, Guatemala, China, Slovakia, USA, Mexico, Poland, and India

Bubbling up: Thailand, Belize, Ecuador, Peru, and Kazahhstan

Pageant Beauties Awards: PB's Miss Earth 2007, Viewers' Choice for Miss Earth 2007, and Miss Photogenic.


83 delegates in Manila, 13 yet to come:
So far 83 delegates have arrived in Manila right now. 13 countries including Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Liberia, Kenya, Macau, Netherlands, Scotland, Sierra Leone, South Africa, and Tibet have elected their delegates but are yet to come. Originally Armenia, Azerbaijan, Barbados, Chile, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Honduras, Hong Kong, Macedonia, Martinique, Mongolia, Montenegro, Namibia, and Serbia were on the list at the offical website () but currently only Armenia, Hong Kong, and Martinique remain. Misses Armenia and Martinique have arrived in Manila for the pageant but Hong Kong has yet to reveal the delegate's name. The Miss Earth Organization has wanted to have Hong Kong participate in the pageant since it's debut and it has only competed once - in 2005. If Hong Kong can make it to Manila, it can possibly be Miss Hong Kong 2007 1st runner up, Grace Wong (top 15 semifinalist and Miss Friendship winner at Miss International 2007) or 2nd runner up Lorretta Chow. That is because the Miss Hong Kong pageant is the offical national pageant in Hong Kong (the 2005's Hong Kong delegate Gu Reu is not from the Miss Hong Kong pageant - owned by TVB). The Miss Earth Organization has talked with TVB to send a delegate and TVB was interested first but stated that they won't send a delegate. However anything may happen and there might be a chance that Miss Hong Kong is in Miss Earth 2007! Stay tune to Pageant Beauties for the latest updates!
  • Suprisingly Chile has not send a delegate to this year's pageant. The reigning Miss Earth 2006, Hil Hernandez is from Chile and the organization has done quite well at Miss Earth.
  • Miss China Yu Pei Pei wasn't the offical winner. The offical winner was Pu Jingjing who was replaced due to underage.
  • Although elected, they did not compete in Miss Earth: Egypt (due to injury), Puerto Rico (franchise lost), and St. Martin (withdraw). 13 other elected contestants have yet to arrive in Manila but hasn't confirmed their nonparticipation.
  • The nations of Armenia, Aruba, Belize, Cuba, Fiji, Iceland, Moldova, Northern Ireland, US Virgin Islands, and Zimbabwe debuts in Miss Earth.
  • Cameroom, Colombia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Macau, Niue, Slovenia, Trinidad & Tobago, and Zambia return after not participating last year.
  • Cayman Islands, Chile, Egypt, Greece, Haiti, Ireland, Macedonia, Puerto Rico, Russia, Samoa, and Tahiti participated last year but not this year.
Contestants arrive in Manila:
The delegates have arrived in Manila. They will enjoy weeks of activities and trips around the Philippines before the finals on November 11. Thirty delegates will also travel to Vietnam for a short amount of time (). This is also the first year that two countries have hosted the host. Before 2007 the Philippines has been the host for the pageant since it's debut in 2001 and in 2006 when the pageant was scheduled to be held in Chile but was moved back. For more photos on the delegates today, visit: and .
Amount of delegates:
It is excepted that this year's pageant would greet over 90 delegates breaking the most number of delegates in a Miss Universe pageant (which was Miss Universe 2006). Currently 70 countries are in Manila right now and nations yet to arrive include: Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Congo, Curacao, Egypt, Ethiopia, Guadeloupe, Iceland, Israel, Liberia, Kenya, Macau, Netherlands, Pakistan, Panama, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Sierra Leone, Slovenia, South Africa, St. Martin, Suriname, Tibet, Tunisia, and Zambia.
Miss Belize Earth 2007:
Announced by the Pageants Belize Ltd., the nation of Belize is excepted to debut in this year's Miss Earth pageant. On Global () is has announced with Pageants Belize Ltd.'s confirmation that Miss Leilah Pandy, a former Miss Belize 2003 will compete at Miss Earth 2007. Miss Pandy also represented her nation proudly at the Miss Universe 2004 pageant helded in Ecuador. Miss Pandy is also the first Miss Belize to compete at Miss Earth. She will leave for the Philippines on October 17, 2007 to participate in a number of activities before the pageant on November 11th.
Miss Polonia 2007:
On September 13, 2007, 23 year old Barbara Basia Tatara was crowned as Miss Polonia 2007. Standing at 1.76m, Miss Tatara will represent Poland at Miss Earth 2007. She is also excepted to compete at Miss Universe 2008, possibly helded in Vietnam. She beated out 31 other women to win the title and among the judges was Miss Polonia 2004 Katarzyna Borowicz, who was a top 5 finalist at Miss World 2004 and 2nd runner up (Miss Earth Water) at Miss Earth 2005.