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Miss International 2007 Videos:

Promotion clip for the pageant to be helded in Beijing, China. The Chinese sponsors later backed out and the pageant was held in Tokyo.

Delegates parade in national costumes and announcement of the top 15.

Miss International 2007, Priscila Perales in the interview competition (English) and a Spanish interview. Crowning moment below:

If it can't be seen, go to  or .

Global Beauties's Grand Slam Ranking:

Find out which countries went up in the global ranking and which countries fell in the ranking. For the first time in the ranking, Belarus earned it's first points and Hong Kong and Sri Lanka move to 100th place (out of last place) for earning 11.5 points. Venzuela moved up to first, India failing to defend it's points in 1997 fell to second.



Last night in Tokyo, 61 delegates around the world competed for the 47th Miss International crown and in the end Miss Mexico International Priscila Perales won. Miss Perales was also Miss Mexico Universe 2006 where she competed at Miss Universe 2006 making the top 10 (placed 9th overall). However yesterday night she captured the the heart of the judges and won the crown. She is also the first Miss Mexico to win and the first Miss Mexico to win a major beauty pageant, last one being in 1991 when Lupita Jones won Miss Universe 1991. Her crossover at both pageants were very similar to 1987's winner Miss Puerto Rico International Laurie Rivera. Miss Rivera was 4th runner up at Miss Universe 1987 and later won Miss International. Also a fellow Miss Puerto Rico at both pageants was Miss Dayanara Torres, a semifinalist at Miss International 1992 but later won Miss Universe 1993. A rare coincidence also happened: Miss Japan won Miss Universe in Mexico this year and Miss Mexico won Miss International in Japan this year! Miss Greece finished as 1st runner up, her country's highest placement since 1994 when Greece won. Miss Belarus debuted at this year's pageant and finished as second runner up, a very successful placement thanks to Yuliya Sindzeyeva. Miss Sindzeyeva was also 4th runner up at Miss Europe 2006.
Making the top 15 was Misses Chile, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Puerto Rico, Russia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and Venezuela. Misses Japan, Korea, Russia, Spain, Turkey, and Venezuela's placements were excepted. Pageant webmasters did not see Misses Chile, Hong Kong, and Sri Lanka, however Pageant Beauties had Misses Chile and Hong Kong on the alternates list! Hong Kong should be very happy as the country placed for the first time since 1985 when Miss HK 1985 2nd runner up Ellen Wong made the top 15 and won the 21st Century Fashion award. The country also won the Miss Friendship award for the 6th time (1981, 2002, 2004-2007), also 4th consecutive year they won the award. Another coincidence note: The two Miss Hong Kongs that place at Miss International (from 1985 to 2007) both have the last name - Wong. Indeed Miss Hong Kong International 2007 Grace Wong did make history at Miss International. Currently Hong Kong is the nation with the most Miss Friendship awards won at Miss International and the most congenial awards won at an international beauty pageant. Sri Lanka also placed at Miss International for the first time since 1964, which is 43 years ago! After 30 years of absence, Indonesia competes and also places! Their last placement and first was in 1977 when the country was 2nd runner up. Japan, Korea, Puerto Rico, and Spain place for 2 years in a row, with Japan placing for the 15 consecutive year. Despite this Japan hasn't won the international crown yet. Favorites that failed to make it were Brazil, France, India, and Dominican Republic.
Thoughts: Miss Mexico International's win was well deserved. Her experience at Miss Universe 2006 definitely helped. I predicted her to win second but like I stated earlier she can easily take the crown. And she did! My prediction winner, PB's Miss International 2007 Miss Turkey also placed as a semifinalist. A little bit surprised that Misses Brazil and India did not make it. Very happy that Asia had four semifinalists, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, and Korea. Pageant fans might be surprised with Miss Hong Kong and Indonesia making it but Japan and Korea were excepted. Not many surprises in the top 15 unlike last year. All the delegates did a good job!
Crowning moment:

If it can't be seen, go to:  or .

Photos from final night (Courtesy of Getty Images and

Miss Hong Kong International, Grace Wong Kwan Hing receives her award as Miss Friendship, voted by the other delegates.

The delegates parade in evening gowns.

Miss Mexico International, Priscila Perales competes in swimsuit.

Miss Mexico International, Priscila Perales competes in national costume.

Miss Aruba International wins Best National Costume.

Miss Mexico International, Priscila Perales reacting after being crowned and named Miss International 2007.

Congratulations to all the delegates!


Left to right: Miss Greece (1st runner up), Miss Mexico (Winner), and Miss Belarus (2nd runner up).
Miss International 2007 Results:
Winner: Mexico
1st runner up: Greece
2nd runner up: Belarus
Top 15 Semifinalists (in ABC order): Chile, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Puerto Rico, Russia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and Venezuela
Special Awards: Miss Photogenic: Japan
Miss Friendship: Hong Kong
Best National Costume: Aruba
Prediction Results: 9 out of the top 15 semifinalists correct, 2 alternates made top 15, and Miss Hong Kong did win Miss Friendship.
After weeks of activities, the 61 delegates in Tokyo will compete for the Miss International 2007 crown. The most number of delegates in the history of the pageant, this year there will be a top 15 rather than a top 12. From there there will be no top 5 and just a top 3. Many of the delegates are stunning this year and in Miss International - anything can happen. There may be a surprising winner but about 8 delegates have equal chances. After much consideration, Pageant Beauties made a list of the top 15 with 10 alternates.
The winner for PB's Miss International 2007 is Miss Turkey International, Asli Temel! Miss Temel looks stunning on stage and very fresh and poised. In second place was Miss Mexico International, Priscila Perales. A Miss Universe 2006 top 10 semifinalist is also strong no matter in catwalk and poise. Miss Perales was also PB's Miss Universe 2006. She can easily take Mexico's first Miss International crown. Miss Spain international is PB's pick for second runner up. The beauty queen lead our Viewers' Choice poll in the beginning but although she finished 6th, she will definitely make the cut. She is also Global Beauties's pick for the crown. Other stunners who can take the crown are definitely Asia. Miss India and Miss Japan are very strong. Miss Korea might also make it. Miss Hong Kong is an alternate but she is the front runner for the Miss Friendship title. Also thank you very much for your votes. Pageant Beauties received 1052 votes for our Viewers' Choice award and it was very close. In the end, Miss Mexico International, Priscila Perales won the competition after coming back from behind. She edged out Miss Venezuela International for first place only 2 votes behind. Pageant Beauties wishes all of the delegates the best of luck. The pageant will be broadcasted on TV Tokyo and in other Asian countries. May the best delegate win!
Viewers' Choice for Miss International 2007
Who is your favorite to win the Miss International 2007 crown? [1052 votes total]

Miss Argentina International, Paula Quiroga (26) 2%
Miss Armenia International, Rita Tsatryan (3) 0%
Miss Aruba International, Jonella Oduber (1) 0%
Miss Australia International, Danielle Byrnes (1) 0%
Miss Bahamas International, Melissa Key (1) 0%
Miss Belarus International, Yuliya Sindzeyeva (3) 0%
Miss Bolivia International, Angelica Olavarria (10) 1%
Miss Brazil International, Carolina Prates (128) 12%
Miss Cameroom International, Houag Marthe Nathalie (0) 0%
Miss Canada International, Justine Stewart (1) 0%
Miss Chile International, Marie Ann Salas (43) 4%
Miss China International, Lina Ding (1) 0%
Miss Chinese Taipei International, Tzu-Wei Hung (0) 0%
Miss Colombia International, Milena Lamus (20) 2%
Miss Republic Of Congo International, Jolette Wamba Miylou (0) 0%
Miss Costa Rica International, Leonela Paniagua (2) 0%
Miss Czech Republic International. Veronika Pompeova (4) 0%
Miss Dominican Republic International, Ana Vinas (25) 2%
Miss Ecuador International, Jessica Ortiz (5) 0%
Miss Egypt International, Madonna Khaled (0) 0%
Miss El Salvador International, Ledin Damas (3) 0%
Miss Ethiopia International, Kidan Tesfahun (0) 0%
Miss Finland International, Joanna Vare (2) 0%
Miss France International, Sophie Vouzelaud (3) 0%
Miss Germany International, Svetlana Tsys (0) 0%
Miss Ghana International, Dilys Zahabi (0) 0%
Miss Greece International, Despoina Vlepaki (4) 0%
Miss Guadeloupe International, Ann-Love Viranin (0) 0%
Miss Guatemala International, Alida Boer (3) 0%
Miss Honduras International, Margarita Valle (6) 1%
Miss Hong Kong International, Grace Wong Kwan Hing (29) 3%
Miss India International, Esha Gupta (23) 2%
Miss Indonesia International, Rahma Landy (5) 0%
Miss Japan International, Hisako Shirata (4) 0%
Miss Korea International, Ka One Park (0) 0%
Miss Latvia International, Laura Fogele (0) 0%
Miss Lebanon International, Greys Bejjani (2) 0%
Miss Liberia International, Harriette Thomas (1) 0%
Miss Malaysia International, Lim Nee (2) 0%
Miss Margarita Island International, Jenyfer Maduro (0) 0%
Miss Mexico International, Priscila Perales (157) 15%
Miss Mongolia International, Gerelchuluun Baatarchuluun (0) 0%
Miss New Zealand International, Kyla Hei Hei (0) 0%
Miss Nigeria International, Sokari Akanibo (0) 0%
Miss Panama International, Stephanie Arauz (17) 2%
Miss Paraguay International, Daiana Ferreira (0) 0%
Miss Peru International, Luisa Monteverde (6) 1%
Miss Philippines International, Nadia Lee Cien Shami (113) 11%
Miss Poland International, Dorota Gawron (4) 0%
Miss Puerto Rico International, Haydil Rivera (119) 11%
Miss Russia International, Alexandra Mazur (2) 0%
Miss Serbia International, Teodora Marcic (2) 0%
Miss Singapore International, Tsai Christabel (5) 0%
Miss Slovak Republic International, Kristina Valuskova (1) 0%
Miss Spain International, Nerea Alea (62) 6%
Miss Sri Lanka International, Aruni Rajapakse (0) 0%
Miss Sudan International, Yar Ong'a (0) 0%
Miss Surinam International, Chantyn Ramdas (0) 0%
Miss Tanzania International, Jamila Munisi (2) 0%
Miss Thailand International, Prapaphan Phongsrithong (5) 0%
Miss Turkey International, Asli Temel (3) 0%
Miss Ukraine International, Mariya Varyvoda (0) 0%
Miss United Kingdom International, Samantha Freedman (1) 0%
Miss USA International, April Strong (34) 3%
Miss Venezuela International, Vanessa Peretti (155) 15%
Miss Vietnam International, Pham Thi Thuy Duong (3) 0%
Pageant Beauties' final predictions:
Winner: Turkey
1st runner up: Mexico
2nd runner up: Spain
Top 15 Semifinalists (4th to 15th): India, Brazil, Japan, Puerto Rico, Korea, Venezuela, France, Dominican Republic, Belarus, Russia, Australia, and Latvia
Alternates (16th to 25th): Poland, Serbia, Hong Kong, USA, Philippines, Slovakia, Colombia, Tanzania, Chile, and Canada
Special Awards: Miss Photogenic: Japan
Miss Friendship: Hong Kong
Best National Costume: Mexico
Photos courtesy of
Congratulations to Miss Turkey International, PB's pick for Miss International 2007!
Congratulations to Miss Hong Kong International, Grace Wong Kwan Hing for being chosen as PB's pick for Miss International 2007 Miss Friendship.
Congratulations to Miss Mexico International for being PB's Miss International 2007 Best National Costume and Viewers' Choice winner.
Delegates visit Hakone Yunessun spa resort facilities in Hakone town on October 10th. Yesterday delegates visited the town of Kyoto. Delegates will be busy rehearsaling for the finals which will take place on Monday, October 15th.
Current top 5 for Viewers' Choice award:
Spain, Philippines, USA, Hong Kong, and Mexico
Current top 12 list (no particular order): Mexico, Spain, Turkey, France, Japan, India, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Russia, Hong Kong, and Chile
Miss New Zealand, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Lebanon sit down and enjoy Japanese tea during the tour of Yokohama. They also got to taste differents kinds of sweets and desserts.
The delegates pose for a picture in the Sankeien, a Japanese garden.
Miss Hong Kong, Grace Wong Kwan Hing reacts after her earrings were touched by a Japanese baby boy.
Tour of Yokohama:
The Miss International delegates toured the city of Yokohama, Japan today. First they visited Sankeien, a Japanese garden. They then enjoyed Japanese tea as delegates sat down for a tea ceremony. Afterwards delegates traveled to the chinatown of Yokohama. Tonight they will attend the World Festa Yokohama 2007 event. For more of their photos, visit:
Vote for Viewers' Choice for Miss International 2007:
Viewers' Choice for Miss International 2007
Who is your favorite to win the Miss International 2007 crown?

More Trivia at pageant:
Miss Russia, Alexandra Mazur represented her nation at Miss World 2006 helded in Warsaw, Poland. Miss Mazur did not make the top 17 at the pageant. She is hoping is make some impact in Tokyo.
Miss Puerto Rico, Haydil Rivera was Miss Teen World 2005.
Miss Chile, Marie Ann Salas participated in the Miss Universe Chile 2006 pageant. However, she fell down a horse during the competition and withdrawed.
Miss France, Sophie Vouzelaud and Miss Venezuela, Vanessa Peretti are the the first deaf and mute contestants to compete in Miss International. Miss Vouzelaud was also suppose to compete in Miss World 2007 after the winner of the pageant, Rachel Legrain Trapani offered her spot to the first runner up, Miss Vouzelaud. However due to the new decision made by the Miss World Organization where they will no longer accept runner ups as contestants, Miss Trapani will travel to Sanya, China to compete in Miss World 2007.
Event of the day:
October 7th, 2007: Tour the city of Yokohama / participate in the event of World Festa Yokohama 2007.
(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)
Yesterday in Tokyo, the local press photographers voted for the winner of the Miss Photogenic (Japan) award. In the end, home country delegate Miss Japan, Hisako Shirata was voted as the winner. This is only the second time in the history of the pageant did Japan win the award. The award has been voted by the press photographers every year during the first press conference where delegates parade in swimsuits and national costumes. 60 delegates have arrived so far and six have yet to arrive.
Schedule Of Events:
  • September 30: Arrival to Japan
  • October 1: Arrival to Japan
  • October 2: Orientation / Official photo session
  • October 3: Press Conference, Welcoming Party, and election of Miss Photogenic
  • October 4: Visit to the Ministry of Earth, Infrastructure and Transport
  • October 5: Reception party of Miss International
  • October 6: Pay visit to Hakone
  • October 7: Tour the city of Yokohama / participate in the event of World Festa Yokohama 2007
  • October 9: Tour the city of Kamakura
  • October 10: Experience of Japanese dance
  • October 11: Tour the city of Kyoto
  • October 12: Annual Miss International Forum / Home Party
  • October 13: Rehearsal
  • October 14: Rehearsal
  • October 15: Miss International Beauty Pageant 2007 Final
  • October 16: Departures
  • October 17: Departures


Will delegates travel to China?

It was announced earlier the pageant will be helded from September 30th to October 28th in Tokyo and China but later the Chinese sponsors backed out and so the pageant will be helded on the 15th of October. However Miss Japan who was named Miss Photogenic yesterday had the sash Miss Photogenic Japan. In last year's pageant, Miss Thailand and Miss Finland won the Miss Photogenic awards voted by the press in Japan and China. That's why there are two sashs where one is Miss Photogenic Japan and Miss Photogenic China. Will one more delegate be named as Miss Photogenic by the Chinese press?

Miss Hong Kong 2007 1st runner up Grace Wong in evening gown and national custume (photos courtesy of Miss HK Gallery):

Miss Hong Kong 2007 1st runner up Grace Wong is in Tokyo right now competing and representing Hong Kong at Miss International 2007. This is only the 4th time that the first runner up competes at the international pageant. Usually the second runner up at Miss Hong Kong competes since the first runner up goes to Miss World, but there is a change this year. The first time this happened was in 1990 when Helen Yung competed at Miss International 1990. One year later Valerie Chow was not send to Miss World 1991 since TVB (organizers of the Miss Hong Kong pageant) lost the franchise to ATV (another television station). Miss Chow competed at Miss International. In 2005 since the pageant was helded too late and the Miss International Organization required a name for the 2005 international pageant, TVB chose 2004 1st runner up Queenie Chu to compete. Miss Chu became the first Miss Hong Kong delegate to compete at Miss World and Miss International. She eventually became the 4th Miss Hong Kong to win the Miss Friendship award. Hong Kong has won the award, chosen by the contestants for three consecutive years already. They have also won it in 1980 and 2002, so the nation is only tied with Japan for the most Miss Friendship awards won. Grace has been known for her fun personality and she can also follow her predecessors' path.
Latest photos:
Latest news:
Global Beauties:  
Offical Site:
The Miss International 2007 pageant will be taking place in Toyko, Japan on October 15, 2007. Like the two years before, it is excepted that there will only be 12 semifinalists and from there a 2nd and 1st runner ups and the new Miss International. Delegates are excepted to arrive in Toyko at September 30th. Due to the weeks of events, Miss International Canada, Alice Panikian will not compete at Miss International 2007. She was excepted to compete but declined because her University did not allow her. Miss Justine Stewart from Victoria, British Columbia will take her place. Miss Panikian was remembered as a favorite to win the Miss Universe 2006 crown in Los Angeles, California. She ultimately finished as 6th place. A fellow contestant in the pageant, Miss Mexico Priscila Perales who finished in the top 10 at 9th place will compete in Miss International 2007. She is the first ever Miss Mexico International titleholder. Other delegates who competed at Miss Universe and will compete in Toyko next month is Misses Poland, Guatemala, and Serbia. All competed at Miss Universe 2007 in Mexico City but not made the top 15. USA was also excepted to be represented by Danielle Lacourse, Miss Rhode Island USA 2007 and 1st runner up at Miss USA 2007 but unfortunely she is replaced by April Strong, a 19 year old student standing at 5'8". Grace Wong, 1st runner up at Miss Hong Kong 2007 is also excepted to compete at Miss International 2007 representing Hong Kong. If it is confirmed, it will only be the second time that TVB (organizers of the Miss Hong Kong pageant) send the 1st runner up at the pageant instead of the 2nd runner up. The first time that happened was in 2005 when Miss Hong Kong 2004 1st runner up, Queenie Chu competed and won the Miss Friendship title. More news to come later.