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Images courtest of Takungpao. Above: Miss People's Republic of China International (3rd runner up), Miss Colombia International (1st runner up), Miss Spain International (Winner), Miss Poland International (2nd runner up), and Miss Czech Republic International (4th runner up) pose with their plaques and sashs after the pageant.
Below: Miss International 2008, Alejandra Andreu of Spain and 3rd runner up, Miss Poland International smile after the pageant.
Above: Miss International 2007, Priscila Perales of Mexico crowns the new Miss International. To her right is Miss China International, Chang Liu who placed 3rd runner up, China's highest placement ever at Miss International.
Miss International 2008 Results:
Winner: Spain
1st runner up: Colombia
2nd runner up: Poland
3rd runner up: China
4th runner up: Czech Republic
Top 12 Semifinalists: China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Japan, Lebanon, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Spain, Turkey, and Venezuela
Special Awards:
Best National Costume: Aruba
Miss Photogenic: Spain
Miss Friendship: El Salvador
Miss Natural Beauty: Belarus
Viewers' Choice for Miss International 2008
Who is your favorite delegate to win Miss International 2008? [1764 votes total]

Miss Argentina International, Yesica Di Vincenzo (37) 2%
Miss Aruba International, Nuraysa Lispier (6) 0%
Miss Australia International, Kristal Hammond (2) 0%
Miss Bahamas International, Amy Knowles (17) 1%
Miss Belarus International, Tatiana Ryneiskaya (1) 0%
Miss Belgium International, Charlotte Van De Vijver (1) 0%
Miss Bolivia International, Paula Andrea Peñarrieta (54) 3%
Miss Brazil International, Vanessa Vidal[ (26) 1%
Miss Canada International, Elena Semikina (50) 3%
Miss China International, Chang Wei Liu (1) 0%
Miss Colombia International, María Cristina Díaz-Granados (245) 14%
Miss Costa Rica International, Mónica González (2) 0%
Miss Czech Republic International, Zuzana Putnáøová (3) 0%
Miss Dominican Republic International, Claudia Peña (20) 1%
Miss Ecuador International, Jennifer Pazmiño (60) 3%
Miss El Salvador International, Georgina Cisneros (7) 0%
Miss Estonia International, Kardi Nogu (0) 0%
Miss Ethiopia International, Nardos Desta (1) 0%
Miss Finland International, Jaana Taanila (0) 0%
Miss France International, Vicky Michaud (1) 0%
Miss Germany International, Katja Bondarenko (2) 0%
Miss Greece International, Sofia Roditi (1) 0%
Miss Guadeloupe International, Nancy Karen Fleurival (2) 0%
Miss Guatemala International, Yohana Marroquín (3) 0%
Miss Hawaii International, Serena Karnagy (1) 0%
Miss Honduras International, Alejandra Mendoza (2) 0%
Miss Hong Kong International, Sire Ma (14) 1%
Miss India International, Radha Bhrahmbhatt (20) 1%
Miss Indonesia International, Duma Riris Silalahi (8) 0%
Miss Italy International, Luna Voce (0) 0%
Miss Japan International, Kyoko Sugiyama (4) 0%
Miss Korea International, Min-jeong Kim (2) 0%
Miss Latvia International, Kristina Djadenko (0) 0%
Miss Lebanon International, Jessica Michelle Kahawaty (7) 0%
Miss Liberia International, Telena Casell (1) 0%
Miss Macau International, Florence Loi (6) 0%
Miss Malaysia International, Zi Wei Tham (95) 5%
Miss Martinique International, Violène Grainville (0) 0%
Miss Mexico International, Lorenza Bernot Krauze (117) 7%
Miss Mongolia International, O. Khulangoo (0) 0%
Miss New Zealand International, Rhonda Grant (0) 0%
Miss Norway International, Lisa-Mari Moen Jünge (2) 0%
Miss Panama International, Alejandra Arias (10) 1%
Miss Paraguay International, Rossana Galeano (0) 0%
Miss Peru International, Massiel Vidal (12) 1%
Miss Philippines International, Patricia Fernandez (257) 15%
Miss Poland International, Anna Tarnowska (9) 1%
Miss Puerto Rico International, Miriam Pabon (240) 14%
Miss Republic of Congo International, Blanda Eboundit (20) 1%
Miss Russia International, Ekaterina Grushanina (5) 0%
Miss Serbia International, Sanja Radinovic (0) 0%
Miss Singapore International, Tok Wee Ee (0) 0%
Miss Slovakia International, Lenka Sýkorová (2) 0%
Miss Spain International, Alejandra Andreu (9) 1%
Miss Sri Lanka International, Faith Landers (2) 0%
Miss Suriname International, Mireille Nederbiel (3) 0%
Miss Sweden International, Jenny Jansson (1) 0%
Miss Taiwan International, Ting Yen Yu (1) 0%
Miss Tanzania International, Jamillah Nyangasa (0) 0%
Miss Thailand International, Panasrom Kumkit (5) 0%
Miss Turkey International, Gülsün Uslu (0) 0%
Miss Ukraine International, Yulia Galichenko (76) 4%
Miss United Kingdom International, Nieve Jennings (1) 0%
Miss USA International, Kelly Best (21) 1%
Miss Venezuela International, Dayana Colmenares (238) 13%
Miss Vietnam International, Cao Thùy Dýõng (5) 0%
Miss Zambia International, Chipo Mulubisha (26) 1%
Congratulations to Miss Philippines International, Patricia Fernandez. Miss Fernandez is PB's Viewers' Choice winner for Miss International 2008 with 257 votes. She went on to place as a semifinalist in this year's pageant. Congratulations.
Miss Spain International is the new Miss International! Congratulations to all winners. Pageant Beauties had only four of the top 12 correct in our top 12 list (Colombia, Venezuela, Spain, and Japan). Five other delegates in the actual top 12 are in our alternates list (13th to 25th place): Ecuador, Poland, Puerto Rico, Philippines, and China. The other three that weren't are Czech Republic, Lebanon, and Turkey. Worthy to note, the results are quite similar to Miss Universe 2008. In Miss Universe 2008, Miss Colombia also finsihed 1st runner up and Miss El Salvador also won Miss Friendship (or Miss Congeniality). Miss Spain International, Alejandra Andreu's win adds her country's third Miss International crown. She is also the seventh Miss International to also win the Miss Photogenic award. Aruba recorded their second consecutive Best National Costume award, where as El Salvador ended the four year consecutive Miss Friendship streak for Hong Kong. Congratulations to all winners and hopefully TVB can broadcast the pageant again next year.
Miss International 2008 finals are today:
After weeks of competition, the 63 Miss International delegates will compete for the title tonight. Delegates will compete in swimsuit, evening gown, and national costume. A special award named Miss Natural Beauty is also excepted to be given out. The delegate with the best natural and beautiful skin will receive the award.
According to, Miss International 1960 Stella Marquez de Araneta is a judge at the pageant. The former Miss International hails from Colombia and will a 4th Colombian be crowned Miss International? After evaulating all the delegates, Pageant Beauties pick Miss Colombia International, Maria Cristina Diaz Granados as PB's Miss International 2008. Miss Granados, a 21 year old student looks very prepared. She is also on the top of many predictions' list and PB thinks she can take it all tonight.
Second to Miss Colombia International is Miss Canada International. Canada looks very stunning too and can possibly become a top 10 semifinalist, or maybe top 5. Venezuela has remained on the top for a long time and surely she will be right now. She is PB's prediction for third place. Rounding out the top 5 are Misses United Kingdom and Spain.
Delegates in the top 10 spots are: Norway, Japan, Republic of Congo, Bolivia, and USA
Pageant Beauties pick the other delegates from 11th to 20th place as alternates (respectively): Aruba, Brazil, Ecuador, Poland, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Philippines, Korea, Slovak Republic, China
Darkhorses (21st to 25th): Macau, Hong Kong, India, Argentina, and Russia  
Predictions for awards:
PB's Miss Friendship award goes to Miss Macau International.
PB's Miss Photogenic award goes to Miss Colombia International.
PB's Best National Costume: Korea, Macau, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, or Canada
PB's wishes all the delegates the best. The Viewers' Choice award is still open to vote until tomorrow morning EST time when the pageant is being held. May the best delegate win!
Miss Philippines International 2008 leads Viewers' Choice Poll:
After leading the poll for many weeks, Miss Colombia International has fallen to third place. She is only one vote behind Miss Venezuela International who is in second place right now and Miss Philippines International, Patricia Fernandez is leading right now. The poll will end very soon so keep on voting!
Regional Miss International winners:
First up is PB's Miss Americas International 2008. The winner is:
Miss Colombia International, Maria Diazgranados.
Coming in very strong in this region is the delegates from Canada, Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, and USA. Except a winner or at least a top 5 runner up in this group. Colombia has a very great choice in producing a fourth Miss International. Canada looks very stunning and prepared. She has experience (Top 10 finalist at Miss Universe Canada) and except her to do well. Canada's highest placement was 3rd runner up in 1961 thanks to Edna MacVicar and Miss Canada International 2008 may surpass the record. Venezuela always send good delegates and the organization may have another Miss International just after 2 years. USA's Kelly Best was also a top 15 semifinalist at Miss USA 2007 and considered as a dark horse, she can pull a surprise and win the crown.
PB's Miss Europe International 2008 - Miss United Kingdom International, Nieve Jennings
In this strong Europe group, PB chose Miss United Kingdom, Nieve Jennings. Nieve was a finalist in every fast track event at Miss World 2008. The past Miss Scotland World delegate did not make the top 16 during the final night and she looks prepared to make the cut this year. Norway comes very close in this list, she is stunning and well polished too. Delegates from Spain, Poland, Russia, Slovak Republic, Sweden, Latvia, and Belarus are competing very strongly. This group can bring many surprises and it depends on their final performance on which one can be the best in Europe, maybe the best in the International.
PB's Miss Africa International 2008 - Miss Republic of Congo, Blanda Eboundit
Miss Eboundit is the front runner on Africa's region. She was 2nd runner up at Miss Tourism Queen International 2007. She looks prepared and seems the strongest in Africa. South Africa, Tanzania, and Angola follow.
In the Caribbeans, PB's Miss Aruba International, Nuraysa Lispier is Miss Caribbean International 2008. The beauty has a fresh look and seems to be Aruba's strongest representative since 1994 when Alexandra Hincapié finished 2nd. She can become the country's third semifinalist and maybe the first winner. Puerto Rico is second in this group.
Lastly is PB's Miss Asia Pacific International 2008. The winner is Miss Japan International, Kyoko Sugiyama. Miss Japan International are always prepared at Miss International and Kyoko looks better than last year. Misses Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand look very good too. India might pull a surprise, and of course host delegates Macau and Hong Kong. Both delegates improved a lot since their national competition and both can do very well on their homeland.
The six delegates above will compete for the title of PB's Miss International 2008. Pageant Beauties' awards for Miss Photogenic, Viewers' Choice, Best National Costume, and Miss Friendship will also be announced soon. Stay tuned.
Miss International 2008 contestants will compete for a top 12
According to, this year's pageant will have a top 12 list (like in 2006). Sixty three delegates remain in the pageant. A top 5 is excepted to be announced and the pageant will be held in Macau and broadcasted on TVB for the first time.
This year Miss Photogenic might be announced during the final night. The award was traditionally given out in the beginning week of the pageant, right at the press conference in Japan. This year no news has been heard about the award. Best National Costume and Miss Friendship will be announced during the final night. Can Miss Colombia win it's country's sixth Best National Costume award? Can Miss Hong Kong continue to win Miss Friendship? The nation has already won the award for six times, four of which have been consecutive wins since 2004.
Hacken Lee, Priscilla Chan, and Miriam Yeung, all famous Hong Kong singers will perform during the final night. Mr. Lee is also the husband of Miss Hong Kong 1992, Emily Lo who competed at Miss Chinese International 1993 (finishing as 1st runner up) and Miss Universe 1993 in Mexico City (placing 45th overall). Earlier announced, Eric Tsang, Dodo Cheng, and Astrid Chan (Miss Hong Kong 1994 Top 12 Semifinalist) are the hosts.
Pageant Beauties' Current Top 12 favorites: Canada, Venezuela, Colombia, United Kingdom, Norway, Mexico, USA, Poland, Russia, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Spain
Miss International contestants arrive in Hong Kong:
The 2008 Miss International contestants arrived in Hong Kong. They will have a week long of activities before the pageant finals. Sixty one delegates remain in the competition right now, and it has been announced that there will be a top 10 this year. The format of the pageant is still unknown but it is likely that there will be a top 10 and top 3.
Miss Colombia International continues to lead the pageant. She has lead it from the start and she is still the leader right now. Voting will end next week, keep on voting!
Pageant Beauties' Current Top 15 favorites: Spain, Canada, Colombia, Venezuela, Norway, Japan, USA, Republic of Congo, Philippines, Mexico, Bolivia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Aruba, and Korea
Contestants will attend Miss International Japan final:
Like past years, the Miss International delegates visit Tokyo and attend the finals of the Miss International Japan pageant. The winner, who is named one year ahead for next year's Miss International pageant, will represent Japan in Miss International.
The pageant has produced stunning Miss International Japans, but surprisingly no winner has gone on to win Miss International. The closest was Miss International Japan 2002, Hana Urushima who finished third. Will this year's winner become Japan's first Miss International? Stay tuned to find out.
To view the delegates for the pageant, visit:
More Trivia:
  • Misses Guadeloupe, Latvia, Norway, and United Kingdom previously competed at Miss World 2007 in Sanya, China. Please note: Miss United Kingdom, Nieve Jennings represented Scotland in the Miss World 2007 pageant. Miss Jennings placed 3rd in the Miss World Sports competition and 2nd in the Miss World Talent competition (preliminary competitions that guaranteed contestants semifinalists spots if won).  
  • Two other delegates also competed against each other one of the big four beauty pageants - Misses Ethiopia and Liberia. Both delegates competed in Miss Earth 2007 in Manila, Philippines.
  • The shortest delegate in the pageant is Miss Hong Kong International, Sire Ma. Miss Ma stands at 5'3.5". The tallest delegate is Miss Canada International, Elena Semikina. Miss Semikina who is 25 years and hails from Toronto stands 6'1".

Miss Colombia International continues to be in first

The Viewers' Choice poll for Miss International 2008 has been open for weeks. Miss Colombia International continues to be in first, with 203 votes. Can she continue the lead?

Pageant Beauties' Current Top 15 favorites: Canada, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Norway, United Kingdom, Republic of Congo, Japan, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Aruba, USA, Poland, Norway, and Macau



Contestants arrive in Tokyo
On October 20, the delegates arrived in Tokyo for the pageant. A confirmed number of 64 delegates are participating this year in Tokyo and Macau.
Visit the official Miss International 2008 website:
Miss International 2008 Schedule:
Japan: Tokyo and Kyoto

Oct 19: Visit to Yokohama City, Welcome Party at Grand Pacific le Daiba
Oct 20: Press Conference, Grand Pacific le Daiba
Oct 21: Contestants travel to Kyoto. Sightseeing
Oct 22: Parade, Festival of Ages wearing National Costumes, Grand Prince Kyoto
Oct 23: Miss International Forum
Oct 24: Rehearsal
Oct 25: Election of 2009 Miss International Japan and Miss World Japan, Grand Prince Kyoto. Farewell Party


Oct 26: Contestants travel to Macau.
Oct 27: Orientation and rehearsals.
Oct 28: Press Conference at Venetian Macau; Government Visit
Oct 29: Golf Tournament
Oct 30: Promo shootings in Hong Kong
Oct 31: Promo shootings in Hong Kong
Nov 01: Tour of Macau World Heritage Sites. Ambassador Consulates dinner
Nov 02: Miss International Forum II
Nov 03: Rehearsals
Nov 04: Sponsor Event
Nov 05, 06: Rehearsals
Nov 07: Dress Rehearsals
Nov 08: Miss International 2008 Finals

Nov 09: Contestants return to Tokyo
Nov 10: Departures. Winners stay in Tokyo
Nov 14: Winners travel to Macau
Nov 16: Macau Grand Prix
Nov 19: Winners return home

Although unconfirmed yet, the Miss Photogenic award will be chosen by photographers maybe on October 28, during the Macau press conference.

View the latest photos of the beautiful delegates here:
Miss Colombia International continues to lead poll:
Miss Colombia International is still the leader of the poll. She has 197 votes, 16% of the whole poll. Second is currently Miss Venezuela International who has 15% (183 votes). Miss Puerto Rico International dropped to third right now, with 174 votes (14%). Voting will end before the pageant finals on November 8, 2008.
PB's Miss International 2008 Current Top 15 favorites: Puerto Rico, USA, Venezuela, Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia, Russia, Republic of Congo, Brazil, Japan, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Norway, Poland, and Aruba
Miss Hong Kong 2nd Runner up Sire Ma to take part in Miss International 2008
Article translated and courtesy of Singtao Newspaper (with addition info from The Sun Newspaper). Photos courtesy of Singtao.
Miss Hong Kong 2008 2nd runner up, Sire Ma will travel to Japan this morning to compete in the Miss International 2008 pageant. She will also travel there to film a special portion of the pageant. Yesterday she tried on her gown and was joined by reigning Miss Hong Kong 2008 Edelweiss Cheung, 1st runner up (also Miss International Goodwill) Skye Chan, and Tourism Ambassador winner (also top 5 finalist) Samantha Ko. They gave Sire eye drops, high heel pads, daily home products, and more for her trip. When asked is she nervous, she replied "I am happy and excited, I have never visited Japan, I have prepared many beautiful clothes and hope to exchange cultures (cultural diffusion)." This year at least 65 delegates will be competing (the most ever in a Miss International pageant). Sire said that 65 different delegates with different cultures will be present in Japan, and she bought many Hong Kong postcards and Chinese paper cutting art to give to the delegates. Sire expresses that she doesn't mind winning an award or not. "I just want the experience, having the chance to meet with different people with different cultures is already a big moral/lesson." Sire does not feel that her height and figure is a disadvantage. She expresses that since many delegates are tall, her short height might actually standout. "Actually it is an advantage, it is how you look at it yourself."
Eric Tsang, Carol Cheng, and Astrid Chan to host Miss International 2008
Hong Kong television network TVB will broadcast the pageant live for the first time. The pageant will also invite Eric Tsang, Carol Cheng, and Astrid Chan to host. Miss Chan was also a top 12 semifinalist at the Miss Hong Kong 1994 pageant. Mr. Tsang has also hosted the Miss Hong Kong pageant for many years since 1992, and his humor and jokes bring many laughter to the Hong Kong viewers every year.
Source of hosts is from Miss Chan's blog entry, said by herself in Chinese:
Miss Colombia International leads Viewers' Choice poll
Viewers' Choice poll for this year's Miss International pageant was launched yesterday. Over a day, Miss Colombia International, María Cristina Díaz-Granados has already received 110 votes. She is the current leader of the poll. Congratulations! Miss Puerto Rico International and Miss Mexico International follow in second and third.
Last year's Viewers' Choice winner, Miss Mexico International 2007, Priscila Perales went on to win the Miss International 2007 pageant. Can her successor to the Viewers' Choice award succeed her too? Time will tell very soon...
Trivia of this year's pageant:
  • This year's pageant will be excepted to break last year's record of 61 delegates. Sixty-seven delegates are excepted to compete in Macau, making this year one of the most competitive Miss International pageant.
  • Macau hosts the pageant with Japan for the first time. The Miss Macau pageant also returned after a 11 year hiatus. The winner, Florence Loi will compete in Miss International 2008 representing Macau and Miss Chinese International 2009, also representing Macau. The last time Miss Macau competed at Miss International was not 1997 though. Macau last competed in 2005, with Miss Zheng Ma representing the country. She was chosen by Macau organizers and was not an official Miss Macau pageant winner.
  • Estonia debuts in this year's pageant; sending Miss Kardi Nogu, a 20 year old from Saaremaa in hoping to become the first ever Miss International from Estonia.
  • Belgium returns after 12 years, Hawaii competes separately (not to be confused with Miss USA International) after being absent for 4 years; Bahamas and Sweden return since 2005.
  • Martinique and Norway also return to the pageant stage since last competing in 2006.
  • The pageant will be broadcasted live for the first time on Hong Kong television station TVB. TVB will co-host the event with Macau and Japanese organizers. The pageant will therefore be distributed to other countries around the world, since TVB has many markets and stations around the world.
  • A top 15 list is excepted to be announced during the final night. The annual press conference to select the Miss Photogenic wnner (selected by photographers) is excepted to be held soon.

Pageant Beauties will have the following awards this year:

Pageant Beauties' Miss International 2008, Viewers' Choice for Miss International 2008, Miss Photogenic, Best National Costume, and Miss Friendship. Like the Miss USA 2008 pageant and Miss Universe 2008, PB will select regional Miss International winners and they will compete for the title of PB's Miss International 2008.

PB's Miss International 2008 top 15 favorites: Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Aruba, USA, Bolivia, Japan, Norway, Republic of Congo, Brazil, Poland, Korea, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Philippines


Viewers' Choice for Miss International 2008 poll is currently open. Vote now:
 Viewers' Choice for Miss International 2008  
Who is your favorite delegate to win Miss International 2008?