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Full Results of TVB Anniversary 2008 Ceremony:
Best Actor 最佳男主角*
Ha Yu (夏雨)
Moonlight Resonance <溏心風暴之家好月圓>

Best Actress 最佳女主角*
Michelle Yim (米雪)
Moonlight Resonance <溏心風暴之家好月圓>

Best Supporting Actor 最佳男配角*
Wayne Lai (黎耀祥)
The Gentle Crackdown II <秀才愛上兵>

Best Supporting Actress 最佳女配角*
Tavia Yeung (楊怡)
Moonlight Resonance <溏心風暴之家好月圓>

Favourite Male Character 我最喜愛的電視男角色*
"Gam Wing-Ho" ("甘永好") in Moonlight Resonance <溏心風暴之家好月圓> played by Raymond Lam (林峯)

Favourite Female Character 我最喜愛的電視女角色*
"Chung Siu-Hor" ("鍾笑荷") in Moonlight Resonance <溏心風暴之家好月圓> played by Lee Si Kei (李司棋)

Most Improved Male 飛躍進步男藝員*
Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍)
Best Selling Secrets <同事三分親>, Super Trio Supreme <鐵甲無敵獎門人>, D.I.E. <古靈精探>, Miss Hong Kong 2008 <2008年度香港小姐總決賽>

Most Improved Female 飛躍進步女藝員1/2
Nancy Wu (胡定欣)
Wars of In-Laws II <野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶>, D.I.E. <古靈精探>, Legend of the Demigods <搜神傳>, The Silver Chamber of Sorrows <銀樓金粉>, Strictly Come Dancing 2 <舞動奇跡2>

Best Presenter 最佳節目主持
Susie Wong (蘇施黃)
So Good <蘇GOOD>

Best Drama 最佳劇集*
Moonlight Resonance <溏心風暴之家好月圓>

Best Variety Show 最佳綜藝資訊節目
The Story of a Million People <了解‧關懷一百萬人的故事>

Most Enjoyable Value Program 最具欣賞價值大獎
The Art of Cantonese Opera <合晒合尺>

Most Fashionable Artiste 時尚魅力大獎
Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) Most Popular Artiste tvb.com人氣大獎*
Raymond Lam (林峯)

Lifetime Achievement Award 萬千光輝演藝大獎*
Paul Chun (秦沛)
*=Predicted accurately the winner of that award. For Most Improved Actress, I had it between Tavia and Nancy and thus 1/2 credit is given.
Thoughts: All well deserved. There were not much surprises and every one did their best. Congratulations to all winners, especially to Moonlight Resonance winners for sweeping six of the fifteen awards!
TVB Anniversary 2008 Predictions:
Best Actor: Ha Yu (Moonlight Resonance)
Best Female Actress: Michelle Yim (Moonlight Resonance)
Most Favorite Male Character: Raymond Lam (Moonlight Resonance)
Most Favorite Female Character: Louise Li (Moonlight Resonance)
Best Supporting Actor: Wayne Lai (The Gentle Crackdown II)
Best Supporting Actress: Tavia Yeung (Moonlight Resonance)
Most Improved Actor: Wang Cho L. (Best Selling Secrets and host)
Most Improved Actress: Tavia Yeung or Nancy Wu
Best Host: Eric Tsang, Louis Yuen, Wang Cho L., and Chin Kar Lok (The Super Trio Show)
Best Drama: Moonlight Resonance (A Sure bet)
Best Variety Show: Maybe Towards  Towards the World or The Super Trio Show
TVB Blog Award: Raymond Lam (Safe bet for sure, dominates it)
Most Stylish Charm Award: Raymond Lam
Most Admiral Show: Towards Traveling the World
Highest Recognization Award: Maybe Lee Heung Kam, Paul Chun, or Chow Chung, 
One of the hardest years to predict... I think the race for Best Actor and Actress will be very close. I think Mr. Ha Yu has a edge since he is more experienced but Raymond has the acting too and his character is outstanding. It can go either ways but I think Mr. Ha Yu might take it. However the other 3 awards will go to Raymond, esp. TVB Blog Award (he dominates the week, month, and year...). For Best Supporting Roles, Wayne and Tavia seem very strong. Tavia's character really standed out and shined. She will take home so award hopefully, making Most Improved Actress (or maybe Nancy will take it).
Most Favorite Actor and Actress, both characters are my favorites. I really like their personality, so hope both can win those titles! Most Improved Actor will likely be Wang Cho L. but Tsui Wing maybe able to pull a surprise or Derek Ko.
Best Host... most likely a four way tie. The Super Trio Show is funny and has great ratings, likely the favorite wins. Best Drama... way too obvious, must be Moonlight Resonance. I will be very shocked if it wasn't Moonlight Resonance. Best Stylish Charm award, a newly designed award for 10 lucky artistes who will be judged by 5 famous Hong Kongers. I think the winner will be Raymond, the most popular actor in TVB right now (so many fans), and he has the looks.
Best Variety Show may be Super Trio again or Towards Traveling the World. The values and morals learned in Towards Traveling the World is so high, the show might win another award for Most Admiral. Lastly is the Highest Recognization Award. I pick Mr. Chow Chung, Paul Chun, or Lee Heung Kam. All three are good performers and anyone is worthy of recognization.
No matter who wins tonight, remember to always be happy and have a good positive mind. Add oil all TVB artistes, may the best win.
Miss NY Chinese 2008 Results:
Winner: #13 Vicki Pon
1st runner up: #8 Jessica Yang
2nd runner up: #10 Shelly Yang
Top 5 finalists: #9 Stephaine Huang and #11 Melody He
Special Awards:
Miss Congeniality: #7 Loviena Yang
Miss Photogenic: #3 Angie Chen
Best Evening Gown/ Best Dressed: #13 Vicki Pon
Miss Best Talent: #10 Shelly Yang
Miss Popularity: #13 Vicki Pon
Congratulations very much to the stunning Vicki Pon! Vicki standing at 5'9" (and wearing a 3' high heels) will represent New York at the Miss Chinese International 2009 pageant held in Hong Kong and china. She will definitely be a favorite in PB's opinion based on her exotic looks. Will she be the next Fala Chen? Now her only weakness is her Chinese, if she can practice and nail her interviews in Chinese, she can easily win the crown. Add oil Miss New York Chinese 2008!
Mr. Hong Kong 2008 Results:
Winner: #12 Michael Tsu
1st runner up (based on votes from bar chart): #9 Calvin Lui
2nd runner up: #6 Joey Law
Top 6 finalists: #1 William Wong and #3 Alan Wan (Youth Group, both from USA) and #9 Calvin Lui and #10 Dickson Wong (Mature Group)
Special Awards:
Youth Group winner: #6 Joey Law
Mature Group winner: #12 Michael Tsu
Elimination, Back to Life winner: #9 Calvin Lui
Best Image: #9 Calvin Lui
I think the audience made a right choice! Michael Tsu will represent Hong Kong in Mr. Hong Kong 2009 to be held later next year (unconfirmed). He is the first winner from Nevada, USA.
Miss NY Chinese 2008 Final Predictions:
Winner: #13 Vicki Pon
1st runner up: #10 Shelly Yang
2nd runner up: #7 Loviena Liao
Top 5 finalists (4th and 5th place): #2 Christine Huynh and #6 Katie Guo
PB wishes all the 13 delegates the best! The pageant will be hosted by Aimgo Chui from TVB and guest performer is Roger Kwok from TVB. Winner will represent New York at Miss Chinese International 2009 in China/Hong Kong.
Meet the 13 delegates here:
All news courtesy and translated by :

Final 12 For Mr HK 2008 Confirmed

23 June 2008

The final twelve Mr Hong Kong contestants were invited to TVB City today and on their way in, they met the press for the first time after being confirmed as finalists.

Local competitor Bill Chan certainly caught the attention of the waiting reporters as he flexed his muscles because he did not realise that his fly was undone. When this was pointed out, it left him extremely embarrassed.

Koni Lui's rumoured boyfriend Dickson Wong was among the contestants, sporting a new short haircut. Another contestant with the surname of Chiu was reprimanded by one of the staff members for chewing gum as he posed.

The three overseas contestants also attended the event and provided the locals with some tough competition.

The contest producer Ho Siu Wai revealed that the age range of the contestants this year spanned from 18 to 30 and the three overseas contestants have come from New York, Los Angeles and Nevada. The contestants will once again be split into the Youth and Mature groups. With the average age of the contestants much lower this year, Ms Ho said that the competition will be quite close as they are all bursting with healthy vitality.

As the contest will be held very close to the opening of the Olympic Games, the planning has been quite rushed. As a result, the location filming venue is yet to be confirmed.

Mr HK Contestants Get A Makeover

24 June 2008

With the finalists confirmed for the Mr Hong Kong 2008 contest on 02 August, the twelve men attended their first function today at a male grooming salon, where they were all given a haircut and makeover.

This was the first opportunity for the press and public to cast a proper critical eye across the contestants and Ho Kwan Shing was compared to a "miniature Takeshi Kaneshiro".

Another contestant, Dickson Wong was asked about his oily complexion and he pointed out that he has always naturally been that way, but he will be using more facial masks in the run up to the competition to try and improve its condition.

Although the men were very co-operative towards the reporters, they had been instructed not to answer too many questions ahead of the official press conference tomorrow. However, this did not stop New York contestant Mr Wan and "inflated Lo Chun Shun" Chan Koon Biu from posing and showing off their muscles.

The two-hour restyling did not result in any major noticeable changes to the men's appearances, but they were all happy with their clean up and attracted the attentions of some of the girls on the way out.

Muscles And Egos In Their Full Glory

25 June 2008

The twelve finalists for this year's Mr Hong Kong 2008 Contest met with the media at their first official press engagement today. The men first modelled some casual gear and then changed into their gym clothing to give a demonstration of the fitness equipement.

Among the contestants were plenty of well-muscled contenders, the largest of which was Number 4 Bill Chan. He certainly capitalised on this, giving plenty of archer poses for the reporters. He seemed very pleased with his physique, boasting that he had only 4% body fat and he is working to reduce this even more.

Bill was asked about the recent news around the photograph of him and Miss Hong Kong contestant Samantha Ko appearing on his personal blog and her subsequent clarification that she does not know him. He explained that they were schoolmates from different classes and they did make contact, but he did not know her very well. As for whether this was just an early publicity stunt, he said that the truth was that they did go to school together and if he saw her again, he would say hello. He added that he has quite a lot of knowledge around nutrition and many people, including Samantha, has asked for his advice.

Number 8 Ho Kwan Shing has been compared to actor Takeshi Kaneshiro and asked if he felt that his slight build would put him at a disadvantage compared to the other men, he said that this was because of his latin dancing. As for reports that he knows Stephy Tang, he explained that he and Stephy took part in a schoolyard modelling competition and they got to know each other during the competition, but did not keep in touch afterwards. Asked about suggestions that he is quite flirtatious, he said that this was not the case, but he declined to comment about whether or not he had a girlfriend.

Koni Lui's rumoured boyfriend Number 10 Dickson Wong was asked once again about his greasy complexion and he said that he has learned to start using grease absorbant tissues. Asked if Koni had made the suggestion to him, he denied this and said that they have both been working hard so have not been in contact for a while.

Overseas contestants, Number 12 Chu Wang Sung and Number 6 Wan Ka Wai stood out from the rest in terms of looks. Chu revealed that when he was at university, he performed on the power rings as a gymnast for a year. He said that he has the support of his family and his girlfriend to take part in the contest and has been keeping in touch with them at every step of the way.

Wan's appearance caused some people to wonder if he is mixed race. He said that his parents are both Hong Kong people, but he was born in America. After being checked over by the coach at the event, he admitted that he is a fat and his figure is only so-so.

Grace Wong Is 'Queen Of The Dance'

Translated and courtesy by :

The second series of Strictly Come Dancing has drawn to a close and Hong Kong representative Grace Wong (Miss Hong Kong 2007 1st runner up, Miss International 2007 semifinalist and Miss Friendship, and Miss Chinatown USA 2007 1st runner up) and her mainland dance partner Yu Hao Ming (俞灝明) have emerged as the overall winners of the TVB and Hunan TV joint production dance competition.

A celebratory event was held today and Grace showed off her trophy to her Miss Hong Kong and TVB colleagues. Timmy Hung and his mainland partner Chen Lu came second and Nancy Wu's hard work paid off coming in with a respectable third place with her partner, Nathan Lee from Korean boyband TAKE.

TVB executives Virginia Lok and Ho Lai Chuen joined the show's producer Stella Ho, judging panel guests Shek Sau (石修) and Lau Dan and the other contestants to congratulate the winners and also to mark the show's success once again.

Grace was very proud to be named as the "Queen of the Dance" and said that after this experience, she has learned never to give up in any situation. She revealed that the hard work during rehearsals has helped her to slim down and she has lost almost 7 lbs in the process. She also expressed her thanks to good friend Kayi Cheung (Miss Hong 2007 winner, Miss World 2007 semifinalist; Beauty With A Purpose winner, and Miss Chinese International 2008 1st runner up) for her unwaivering support.

Despite being favourite to win the competition, Nancy was not disappointed with third place and said that she was happy for Grace and was pleased with her own performance. She said that she was quite emotional just before her last dance with Nathan and they have promised to keep in touch with each other. Asked if there is a chance of romance, Nancy said that there is not because he is three years younger than her and far too hyperactive for her.
Myolie Wu (Miss Hong Kong 1999 2nd runner up), Angela Tong (Miss Chinese International 1995 semifinalist), Christine Ng (Miss Asia 1989 3rd runner up and Miss Photogenic) finished 6th-8th respectively in the competition. Congratulations to all winners!

Tattoos & Piercings Are OK for Mr Hong Kong

12 June 2008
Emma Lam

Hopefuls for the Mr Hong Kong Contest attended a second set of auditions and interviews at TVB City yesterday.

32 men attended the selection, including many muscley men, who tried to catch the attention of the judges and the press by wearing deep-V jumpers to show off their chests or giving martial arts demonstrations in the corridor. Among the men was Dickson, boyfriend of Miss Hong Kong 2nd runner-up Koni Lui (also Miss International 2006 Best Smile and Miss Friendship winner). One flirty contestant even blew kisses to the waiting press, leaving them in fits of laughter.

TVB executive and production manager Ho Lai Chuen revealed that the two contestants entering from overseas who did not make it back for this set of auditions will be given a final chance today. After this, nine finalists will be selected to join the three men selected earlier in overseas panels and the twelve will then be split into the "Youth" and "Mature" groups to start training. They will be meeting the press officially on 25 June.

Asked about one of this year's contestants having tattoos and nose piercings, Mr Ho said that they asked for the reason for doing this and the contestant explained that this was done when he was younger and bore sentimental value to him. As a result, this did not affect his chances in entering the competition, provided he did not wear any such jewellery during the competition.

Miss Hong Kong 2008 and Mr. Hong Kong 2008 Overseas Recruitment:

Miss Hong Kong And Mr Hong Kong Recruitment Kicks Off

Translated and courtesy of

Miss Hong Kong winners Kayi Cheung (張嘉兒), Grace Wong (王君馨), Lorretta Chow (周美欣) and Lily Ho (何傲兒) were joined by some winners of the Mr Hong Kong contest including Matthew Ko (高鈞賢), Francois Huynh (黃長發), Michael Chiu (趙國東) and Hu Zhiwei (胡志偉) to launch the start of the overseas application campaign for this year's competitions, which will begin on 29 February.

The main feature on this year's promotional poster for the Miss Hong Kong pageant are the lines of Lorretta's back, because when the material was being produced, Kayi was busy preparing for Miss Chinese International and Kayi had other work to attend.

Kayi was not disappointed at being left off the poster and said that the most important thing was that it looked beautiful. Asked if she will be encouraging her friends to take part in this year's contest, she said that most of her friends are already above the age limit.

Talking of the recent sex photos scandal and Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐)'s statement to the press yesterday, Kayi said that she felt Gillian was very brave and offered her support. She added that following this incident, girls should learn to take more care of themselves. Lily also praised Gillian for her courage and said that the most important thing is to learn from your mistakes.

Grace revealed that as well as winning first runner up in Miss Hong Kong, she was also the runner up in the Miss Chinatown USA San Francisco pageant. She said that she will be joining Miss Hong Kong production manager Rosa Chan (陳紫蓮) on a promotional trip to San Francisco shortly.

Talking of the sex photos scandal, Grace said that this is other people's private affairs so she did not want to expand on the matter any further. Talking of some of her own provocative photos being revealed in the past, she said that she used to make funny poses with her friends in the past, but now she will be much more careful about her actions.
Official Website (Miss Hong Kong 2008):
Miss Hong Kong 2008 Overseas Application:  
Official Website (Mr. Hong Kong 2008):
Mr. Hong Kong 2008 Overseas Application:
Recruitment for both pageants end February 29, 2008.
Miss USA 2008 to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada
The Miss USA 2008 pageant will be held on April 11, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The pageant will be staged in the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, the venue also used for Miss Universe 1991, Miss Universe 1996, and Miss America 2006-2007 pageants. The pageant will be again broadcasted on NBC for the 6th consecutive year. However the 26th Miss Teen USA pageant will be broadcasted on NBC and will not be held in the Summer. The pageant will be held before the Miss USA pageant, in April.
Article on Miss Kansas USA and Miss Kansas Teen USA:  
Latest list of contestants representing their states and trivia:
Mix-Up Strips Miss California-USA of Her Title

Christina Silva, Who Lost Crown Due to Scoring Error, Says She Wants to Learn the Truth

An apparent mix-up in vote counting led the wrong woman to be crowned Miss California-USA. Four days after the pageant, Christina Silva, the crowned winner, had to give up her title to the girl who had been named second runner-up.

In an exclusive interview with "Good Morning America" Silva, 24, spoke about her ordeal and her fight to uncover the truth.

Silva was ecstatic the night she won. "I saw my family by the balconies and all I could do was cry and wave and say thank you God, thank you God. It was an amazing, amazing feeling."

The president of Ecuador's mom even called Silva's grandmother to congratulate Silva on the accomplishment and to let her know what a great achievement this was for an Ecuadorian-American.

But the euphoria didn't last long. Four days later Silva spoke with Keith Lewis, the executive director of the competition, who broke the news.

Thursday, Silva went to Lewis' house with her parents. "Within 10 minutes he just said, 'I don't know how to say this to you but you are not the winner. Miss [Raquel] Beazley, the second runner-up, is the winner, and there was an accounting error.'"

Silva says Lewis warned her that coming forward about the matter would hurt her career.

"All he kept saying is, 'Christina, you can continue wearing the crown and the sash and go on to Miss USA, but if this leaks your integrity and your acting career could be jeopardized. And we know you're faith-based and a woman of integrity and we know you're going to do the right thing, right?'"

Silva was then further shocked because Lewis told her to call Beazley right away. "It was so bizarre, they kept saying, 'You have to tell her. You have to tell her. You're the honorable one.'"

Overwhelmed and wanting to do the right thing, Silva says she agreed without fully understanding what had happened. "I said OK and they had me call within 30 minutes of dropping this bomb."

"That night he was showing me a bunch of papers, but we're talking four days after the fact." Silva said she had already spoken to Lewis on Monday though and at that point he "didn't have an inkling that anything was wrong."

Now Silva says she just wants justice. "I don't want the title. I want the truth."

"Something does not add up and it's not the votes," said Silva's lawyer, Wilfredo Perez. "First the order was flipped, then there was an addition error, now it's the standard of Miss Universe wasn't used. Lewis told Silva he found out Thursday; now he says he learned the very next day. Something does not add up."

Perez has requested the names of anyone who had any contact with the ballots. He has not yet received a response, but Lewis has said that he will cooperate on several occasions and that he is embarrassed for the pageant.

The contestants at the Nov. 25 competition at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles were scored by five celebrity judges who independently ranked them. The mix-up occurred when the points were reversed, with the lowest point given to the winner and the highest to the fourth runner-up, Lewis told the Associated Press.

The pageant allowed Silva to keep her crown, sash and necklace and returned her $1,500 entry fee after the error was discovered, The Associated Press reported. Duplicates were being made for Beazley.

Link of article:

Latest News: Christina Silva, who was crowned MISS CALIFORNIA USA® 2008 on Sunday November 25, 2007 at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles, relinquished her crown to the real winner Raquel Beezley after it was discovered that an accounting error resulted in her incorrectly receiving the prestigious title.

Twenty-four year old Silva said, “When I found out it didn’t belong to me, I knew there was only one thing to do… no matter how difficult.”

“This is a very unfortunate situation but Christina has made a trying situation less so by being one of the classiest women I have had the pleasure to work with and an absolute picture perfect role model” said California State Director, Keith Lewis, “I really would have enjoyed working with Christina as the reigning MISS CALIFORNIA USA®. I know that whatever she does, she is going to be a huge success.”

Twenty-one year old Raquel Beezley from Barstow will go on to compete at the MISS USA® pageant on NBC in the April 2008 as the reigning MISS CALIFORNIA USA®.

Beezley was surprised when she received a call from Silva congratulating her as the actual titleholder. “I think it is pretty impressive that Christina called me to inform me of the error,” Beezley said. “I hope over the next year I can show the same type of poise and grace under pressure as she has in such a short period of time.”


Miss California USA 2008 Results:

Miss California USA 2008: Raquel Beezley

1st runner up: Brandi Williams, Miss Woodland Hills
2nd runner up: Christina Silva, Miss Los Angeles
3rd runner up: Carrie Prejean, Miss Greater San Diego
4th runner up: Nicole Chiu, Miss Palos Verdes

Top 10

Ashley Phelps- Miss Mission Beach
Jessica Morgan- Miss Pala Verde Ranch
Sarah Chapman- Miss Almaden
Marian Cubero- Miss San Bernadino
Betty Hsu- Miss Berkley

Top 15

Jessica Estrada- Miss Rancho Cucamonga
Katie Bestebreurtje- Miss La Jolla
Lacey Wilson- Miss Pacific Heights
Kenia Andrade- Miss Pacific Palisades
Nicole Johnson- Miss Westlake Village

Miss Raquel Beezley was the favorite to win the crown since the start. She will compete in Miss USA 2008 representing California. Raquel had also won the Miss Southern California 2002 title and competed in Miss Teen America 2002 and represented USA at Miss Asia Pacific International 2005. She did not place at both pageants.


Miss California USA 2008: Cristina Silva

1st runner up: Brandi Williams, Miss Woodland Hills
2nd runner up: Raquel Beezley, Miss Barstow
3rd runner up: Carrie Prejean, Miss Greater San Diego
4th runner up: Nicole Chiu, Miss Palos Verdes

Top 10

Ashley Phelps- Miss Mission Beach
Jessica Morgan- Miss Pala Verde Ranch
Sarah Chapman- Miss Almaden
Marian Cubero- Miss San Bernadino
Betty Hsu- Miss Berkley

Top 15

Jessica Estrada- Miss Rancho Cucamonga
Katie Bestebreurtje- Miss La Jolla
Lacey Wilson- Miss Pacific Heights
Kenia Andrade- Miss Pacific Palisades
Nicole Johnson- Miss Westlake Village

In the pageant were two Miss Chinatown USAs - Carol Chen (2005) representing San Francisco and Betty Hsu (current queen, 2007) representing China Town. Only Betty made the cut and finished in the top 10. She has also the Best In Evening Gown preliminary award winner in the Miss California 2006 pageant. Miss Cristina Silva will represent California at Miss USA 2008.

Miss South Carolina USA 2008 is Jaime Hill
She may have lost in The Amazing Race 10 show but she has won another title. 23 year old Jamie Hill competed alongside fellow friend Kellie in the 10th season of the popular Amazing Race reality tv show and finished as 10th place, the 3rd team to leave. She will join other beauty queens like Nicole O' Brian (Miss Teen USA 2000 1st runner up and Miss USA 2003 2nd runner up), Christie Lee Woods (Miss Teen USA 1996), and more as beauty queens who have competed in the Race. The season also featured Miss America 2006 contestants Dustin (Miss California 2006) and Kandice (Miss New York 2006) in the Race. They finished fourth.
TVB 40th Anniversary Ceremony results:
Best Actor 最佳男主角
Moses Chan (陳豪) Heart Of Greed <溏心風暴>

Best Actress 最佳女主角
Lee Si Kei (李司棋) Heart Of Greed <溏心風暴>

Best Supporting Actor 最佳男配角
Louis Yuen (阮兆祥) Heart Of Greed <溏心風暴>

Best Supporting Actress 最佳女配角
Fala Chen (陳法拉) Steps <舞動全城>

My Favourite Male TV Character 我最喜愛的電視男角色
"Tong Chi On" aka "Dak Dak Dei" ("唐至安" aka "得得地") in Heart Of Greed <溏心風暴> played by Moses Chan (陳豪)

My Favourite Female TV Character 我最喜愛的電視女角色
"Wong Sau Kam" aka "Sai Kai" ("王秀琴" aka "細契") in Heart Of Greed <溏心風暴> played by Susanna Kwan (關菊英)

Most Improved Male Artiste 飛躍進步男藝員
Amigo Chui (崔建邦)
Scoop <東張西望>/ E-Buzz娛樂直播/Jade Solid Gold <勁歌金曲>/Enjoy Yourself Tonight Reunion <再會歡樂今宵>

Most Improved Female Artiste 飛躍進步女藝員
Kate Tsui (徐子珊)
On The First Beat <學警出更>/Steps <舞動全城>

Best Host 最佳節目主持
Harlem Yu (庾澄慶) Patrick Tang (鄧健泓)
Foodie 2 Shoes <味分高下>

Best Drama Series 最佳劇集
Heart Of Greed <溏心風暴>

Best Variety Show 最佳綜藝資訊節目
On The Road <向世界出發>

Most Creative Show 最具創意節目
Foodie 2 Shoes <味分高下>

Best Promotional Film 最佳宣傳片
The Drive Of Life - Prologue <歲月風雲 - 序幕篇>

Admiration Worthiness Award 最具欣賞價值大獎
Ten Years <拾年>

TVB Special Achievement Award 萬千光輝演藝大獎
Lydia Sum (沈殿霞)

Mainland's Favourite Male TVB Artiste 內地觀眾最喜愛TVB男藝人
Raymond Lam (林峯)

Mainland's Favourite Female TVB Artiste 內地觀眾最喜愛TVB女藝人
Gigi Lai (黎姿)
As you see, I only predicted for 9 awards and I did quite well, 4 categories correct! The other 5 were either in second or third place. For the other awards I didn't predicted, it was too clear that Heart of Greed would win the Best Drama award and dominate the whole ceremony. Congratulations to Moses for winning both awards. His character Dak Dak Dei is a success! I also predicted that Louis Yuen would win best Supporting Actor and Lee Sze Kei for Best Actress. Susanna Kwan deserved her Most Favorite Female TV Character award too. Surprises definitely Kate in winning Most Improved Actress. Her acting has improved a lot but Bernice also deserved it. Bernice has also acted for 6 years since her winning of Miss Chinese International 2001 and her first appearance in Virtues of Harmony so I don't know why she lost. And then came a controvers y over Amigo Chui's win. He did not act in any TVB dramas and just hosted for Scoop, E-Buzz, Jade Solid Gold but he was nominated for the Most Improved Actor award. Shouldn't it be Best Host award? Also another controversy was Raymond Lam winning the first ever Mainland's Favorite Male TVB Artiste award. His acting has improved a lot though and he deserved it. Foodie 2 Shoes also did quite well, winning two awards. Miss Chinese International 2005 contestants also took the ceremony by storm. MCI 2005 1st runner up, Fala Chen won the Best Supporting Actress award for her role in Steps and Miss HK 2004 and MCI 2005 top 5 finalist Kate Tsui also won Most Improved Actress award. Congratulations to both queens!
Miss Hong Kong Beauties Model For Young Photographers

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Miss Hong Kong representatives Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), Grace Wong (王君馨) and Lorretta Chow (周美欣) were guests at a children's digital photography competition today to be models for the young photographers.

Grace shared her experiences from taking part in the Miss International pageant in Japan last month, saying that she made many friends and when Miss Thailand visited Hong Kong earlier, she was happy to show her around to try Hong Kong's snacks and take her to go shopping in Causeway Bay. Originally she had also planned to take her friend to see the night scenes of Hong Kong harbour, but she was unwell and had to say in the hotel instead. Grace said that Miss Thailand was very courteous and offered to return the favour if she ever visited Thailand.

Aimee had a short haircut at the event and she explained that in her new series Thieves With Principles <盜亦有道> she plays a police officer, so she had to cut her hair to play the part. She has a few action scenes in the series, but she is not worried about injuring herself because she trusts the production crew and has body doubles to help her. She added that the character is very direct and tomboyish, so it is very similar to her own personality.

Lorretta said that she has never worked as a proper model before, but she did do some fashion shows when she was at school. She said that when she won the New Talent contest in Vancouver, she was invited to take part as a guest model and she found it to be a lot of fun.

Stunning Kenix Kwok Wows The Crowd

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Kenix Kwok (郭可盈) wore an elegant black dress to take part in the press conference for her sponsors Vagheggi slimming (韻姿纖體), showing off her shoulder and beautiful figure for the media.

To mark the brand's eighth anniversary, a cake was presented for Kenix and company executives to blow out the candles. She was so excited and happy, it seemed like it was actually her birthday.

Kenix has been relaxing recently as she takes her time in selecting her next project.

Sponsors Provide Linda Chung With $4.5 million Gems

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Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) was at her jewellery sponsors' showroom trying on her gems for the TVB Anniversary awards ceremony and extravaganza show today.

Presented with a set of diamonds worth HK$3.49 million and a diamond and rubies set worth HK$1.09 million, Linda said that she preferred the heart shaped diamonds because it matched her Heart of Greed <溏心風暴> character Sheung Joi Sum (常在心).

Linda admitted that she does like diamonds a lot, but she has never bought any for herself since she started working. Her mother has bought her a pair of sapphire earrings though. Linda says that from time to time, she will wear them during filming because she cannot wear costume jewellery as she suffers from allergic reactions.

With all the female artistes at the TV station dressing in their finest for the two end of year shows, is Linda afraid that she will not look as good as the others? She said that there is no need to compare as long as her outfit suits herself. Linda has selected a low cut strappy dress for the anniversary show.

Stephen Wong Denies Winning Women Over

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Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Kate Tsui, Miss Hong Kong 2004 (徐子珊)), Stephen Wong, Mr. Hong Kong 2005 top 4 finalist (黃長興) and Claire Yiu, Miss Asia 1998 2nd runner up (姚嘉妮) attended the costume fitting session for new TVB series Sweet Talk today.

Stephen described his character, saying that he is a young man who has just returned from abroad and is an expert at winning women's hearts, but a bit of a player. When he said he did not know how to play this role, everyone laughed because this was in direct contrast to his recent string of rumours, linking him with Mandy Cho (曹敏莉) and incurring the wrath of former girlfriend Bibi Leung (梁寶賢).

Afterwards, Stephen was asked if he would be putting some of his own character into the role and he smiled: "My character is returning from abroad, so he will bring some Western personality with him and will have relationships with Queenie Chu (朱慧敏) and Claire's characters, but not at the same time." Asked if he is a bit of a womaniser in real life, he pointed out that the scriptwriter is helping him to improve his acting. As for his recent rumours, he said he did not want to say too much because he knows that his colleagues are always laughing at him.

When the reporters asked if he was under pressure from TVB to avoid dating in public, he said that the company have not said anything, but he wants to concentrate on his work and keep a low profile with his personal life. He added that he would like to save up some more money before he starts dating. When it was pointed out that Mandy is quite well off, he said: "She is very nice and easy-going and we are good friends. I feel that the most important thing in a relationship is that both parties get along and not about having money. If you date someone because of their background, then it is meaningless."

Kate will play a partially-deaf dubbing artiste in the series and later on, her character loses her hearing completely and has to depend on sign language to communicate. She smiled: "This is a great responsibility, but I have worked with Kenneth on several occasions and I am very comfortable working with him." She did not know whether or not the company were trying to model them as a dream couple and asked if she found Kenneth boring, she said that his personality is quite serious, but he is an ideal co-star.

Mandy Cho And Kate Tsui Choose Anniversary Jewellery

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Mandy Cho (曹敏莉) and Kate Tsui (徐子珊) were at a jewellery sponsor showroom today, trying on over HK$10 million worth of jewellery.

Mandy selected two sets of jewels to wear with her evening gown and also her dancing dress for her performance at the TVB anniversary gala. She revealed that she will be joining some of the other celebrities from the hit show Strictly Come Dancing <舞動奇跡> for a routine, so she has been rehearsing hard. However, she has agitated the injury that she sustained whilst dancing in Hunan and the doctor has said she has a small crack in her rib, so she must be careful. She will soon start filming a new series with Anita Yuen (袁詠儀) where she has to fight, so she has been resting as much as she can so that she is fit to start filming.

With the recent reports linking her romantically with Stephen Wong (黃長興), Mandy was asked if there has been any awkwardness whilst working with Stephen again during the dance rehearsals. She smiled that there is nothing to be awkward about when you are dancing and they are becoming more and more compatible. Asked if Stephen has been looking after her again with the return of her injury, Mandy laughed that her mother has been looking after her this time.

Kate selected a set of jewellery to wear at the TVB awards ceremony, where she has been nominated for the best actress and most improved actress awards. She said that she was not very confident at first, but after seeing the generous sponsorship from the company, she seems to have gained some confidence.
TVB 40th Anniversary Ceremony Predictions:
For the first time ever, Pageant Beauties will try to predict the results of each award at the 40th Anniversary ceremony. I am a frequent viewer of TVB dramas and I would have to say that this year is quite unpredictable. Except lots of surprises.
Best Actor:
1st choice: Moses Chan (Heart of Greed)
2nd choice: Ha Yu (Heart of Greed)
3rd choice: Bobby Au Yeung (Dicey Business)
Top 5 alternates: Dayo Wong (Men Don't Cry) and Damian Lau (the Drive of Life)
In this category, Moses is the big favorite. His character in Heart of Greed was both funny and good. He has improved a lot and he can take it all. Ha Yu was also funny in the series and his acting has also improved. He might take the award too. Bobby has been nominated for the International Emmy for the category Best Performance by an Actor and will his favoritism help him?
Best Actress:
1st choice: Lee Sze Kei (Heart of Greed)
2nd choice: Susanna Kwan (Heart of Greed)
3rd choice: Liza Wang (Glittering Days)
Top 5 alternates: Myolie Wu (War and Destiny) and Gigi Lai (The Ultimate Crime Fighter)
The big favorite to win is Lee Sze Kei in Heart of Greed. Her role in the drama is very memorable especially her lines and her facial expressions. She is my pick. Susanna Kwan's evil role in the drama is also a favorite to win. Her acting has also improved hands down. Likely the award is between their hands but there is always surprises...
Best Supporting Actor:
1st choice: Louis Yuen, Lei Seng Cheung (Heart of Greed)
2nd choice: Ng Wai Kwok (The Drive of Life)
3rd choice: Bill Chan Shek Sau (War and Destiny)
Top 5 alternates: Kenneth Ma (The Family Link) and Bryan Leung Kar Yan (The Ultimate Crime Fighter)
Louis Ruan or funny Lei Seng Cheung had his acting very improved in Heart of Greed. He is usually very funny but he acted as a bad person in Greed. He did very well and should win the award.
Best Supporting Actress:
1st choice: Gigi Wong (The Drive of Life)
2nd choice: Fala Chen (Steps)
3rd choice: Leila Tong Ling (The Family Link)
Top 5 alternates: Halina Tam (Glittering Days) and Claire Yiu (Steps)
Gigi Wong, also host of the TVB cooking show on soups is the pick here. Her role in The Drive of Life is excellent. Fala's evil role in Steps is also another favorite to win. Fala could take the award.
Most Favorite Male TV Character:
1st choice: Moses Chan (Heart of Greed)
2nd choice: Ha Yu (Heart of Greed)
3rd choice: Raymond Lam (Heart of Greed)
Top 5 alternates: Dayo Wong (Men Don't Cry) and Michael Tse (The Family Link)
Heart of Greed dominates the top 3 for this group! However who knows, there might be a surprise like in 2006. But I think it is between Moses Chan and Ha Yu.
Most Favorite Female TV Character:
1st choice: Lee Sze Kei (Heart of Greed)
2nd choice: Susanna Kwan (Heart of Greed)
3rd choice: Linda Chung (Heart of Greed)
Top 5 alternates: Michelle Yim (Heart of Greed) and Myolie Wu (War and Destiny)
Like again Heart of Greed dominates the top 3. Hard to pick but it can easily go to Lee Sze Kei.
Most Improved Actor:
1st choice: Chris Lai Lok Yi (Heart of Greed)
2nd choice: Matthew Ko (Steps)
3rd choice: Stephen Wong Ka Lok (Steps)
Top 5 alternates: Amigo Cui (Host of TVB shows - Scoop, E-Buzz, Jade Solid Gold) and Stephen Wong (Steps)
Chris Lai is the front runner for this title and he has improved a lot since his first series, Sunshine Heart Beat. He should easily won the title.
Most Improved Actress:
1st choice: Bernice Liu (Steps)
2nd choice: Kate Tsui (Steps)
3rd choice: Fala Chen (Steps)
Top 5 alternates: Leila Tong (The Family Link) and Natalie Tong (The Green Class of Home and more)
Bernice should win this award. She has been nominated for so many times but never won it. Her acting has improved the most out of the whole list of finalists, so she should win the award.
Best Host:
1st choice: Natalis Chan, nicknamed Smart Brother (Challenge Of The Stars)
2nd choice: Lydia Chum (Where are they now?)
3rd choice: Harlem Yu and Patrick Tang (Foodie 2 Shoes)
Let's see how my predictions do. Watch the show tonight to find out!

Tracy Ip Wins $15000 In New TVB Game Show


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Tracy Ip (葉翠翠), Vivien Yeo (楊秀惠), Renee Dai (戴夢夢) and I Love U Boyz took part in filming for TVB's new game show Happy Sammy Happy Family <開森玩家> yesterday.

Among the celebrity contestants, Tracy (Miss Hong Kong 2005) was the most absorbed into the games and she even grazed her legs on the rubber mats, but her hard work did not go to waste and she walked away with the $15,000 prize money as well as a 20 year supply of sanitary products and facials. Tracy laughed that her menopause is not due for another 20 years, so this prize will prove very useful.

Tracy said that she put her heart into playing games because she believes that if you do not do this, then you will have less enjoyment.

One of Miss Astro Chinese International 2003 and Miss Chinese International 2004 top 5 finalist Vivien's prizes was 20 years supply of oral hygiene products and she became the target of jokes from the show's host Sammy Leung (森美) about her suffering from hallitosis.

Michelle Reis Gains A Few Pounds

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Michelle Reis (李嘉欣) and Anne Heung (向海嵐) took part in the opening of a flagship store for Mikimoto today.

Wearing a beautiful red low cut dress, Michelle looked ravishing and her figure was looking a little bustier and rounder than in the past. When she heard the remarks, she said that she has gained three pounds and is feeling better at 108 lbs, so she will be trying to keep her weight at this level. Asked if she has increased her bust size, she said that she had not and she has no plans to increase them because she is happy with what nature has given her and she is afraid that she might regret it if she changed them.

Michelle was spotted out with her boyfriend Julian Hui (許晉亨) on Halloween night, wearing a diamante Halloween top. Asked about the earlier rumours that a meal with Julian's family ended with unhappy faces, she replied impatiently: "If you want to believe it, then believe it." She added that she had no need to explain her relationships with his family to anyone else.

As president of the Wai Yin Association that brings together former contestants from the Miss Hong Kong pageant, Anne was asked about the recent criticisms about the Miss Hong Kong and Miss Asia winners this year having wide faces. She said that for beauty pageants, internal beauty is just as important and for Miss Hong Kong, the foundation has always been centred on beauty and intelligence.

15% of the new store's takings for the day were donated to the Wai Yin charity fund.
Miss Hong Kong 2006 top 10 semifinalist Wendy Lee and Mr. Hong Kong 2007 Benjamin Yuen in Janice Vidal's MV
Recently Miss Hong Kong 2006 top 10 semifinalist and Miss New York Chinese 2004 top 5 finalist Wendy Lee and Mr. Hong Kong 2007 Benjamin Yuen have filmed a music video for Janice Vidal's song - 無所謂. Mr. Hong Kong 2005 contestant, Billy Kong is also in the MV. Inside the MV, they will be involved in a love triangle where Wendy and Benjamin cheat on Janice. What happens in the end? Watch in here:

Zeng Guang Wins Miss Chinese Cosmos 2007

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The 2007 Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant finals took place this evening, held at Hong Kong's AsiaWorld Expo exhibition centre and hosted by Phoenix CNE.

The twelve finalists performed in a song and dance routine and also took part in question and answer sections during the show and the title was won by Shaanxi province representative Zeng Guang (曾光). Twenty year old Zeng is currently a student of Legal English at the Xian University of Foreign Languages.

The first runner-up went to Laura Wang (王倩倩), from America, who also won the award for the Most Caring Performance. Beijing's Jiang Nan (姜楠) took the second runner-up position and also the Best Cultural Aura award. Miss Photogenic went to He Jing (何晶) also from Beijing and former Miss Asia 2005 contestant Yang Liuqing (楊柳青) from Jiejiang won the award for World Chinese Commerce Goodwill Ambassador.

After the awards ceremony, Zeng's mother joined her on the stage and they shared a tearful embrace. She expressed her thanks to her mother and said that the experience was like a dream. She said that winning the competition was a surprise because every contestant had worked very hard. Asked how she would be celebrating, she said she would hold a party and invite the other contestants to share her mother's cooking.

During the show, there were some touching moments when clips were shown of interviews with the finalists' families. Ma Xin (馬欣) and Yang both broke down into tears after hearing the words from their families. Ma was brought up by her mother and has never seen her father before. When she heard her mother talk about how she had brought up her five children alone, Ma was overcome with emotion and wept. Yang explained that the reason why she was very emotional during her film was because she had never heard her father speak of her with such pride before.

Li Yapeng (李亞鵬) and Athena Chu (朱茵) were among the judges line-up. Li said that he did not really want to be a judge, but he agreed to take part because of the close links that the pageant had with his charity, the Smile Angel Foundation (嫣然天使基金). The charity was founded by Li and his wife Faye Wong (王菲) to provide treatment for cleft lip children in poor areas. As part of the competition, the contestants visited some of the poor areas of Guizhou that the charity provides aid to. Asked what his criteria were to judge beauty, Li miled that he will look at intelligence, personality and appearance.

This was also the first time that Athena had judged a beauty pageant and her outfit was even sexier than the contestants. She felt that a smile was very important for beauty and also their performance on the evening.

Richie Ren (任賢齊) was the guest performer at the show, taking part in the musical number with the contestants and also singing the theme song for the contest "If There Wasn't You" <如果沒有你>.

Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant has been held annually since 2003 and has rapidly grown to become the largest international Chinese beauty pageant. The competition is open to women of Chinese descent from throughout the world and the scale of production by worldwide Mandarin-language satellite channel Phoenix CNE is grand and always extremely well executed.

Beauty Queens Sell Charity Cookies


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Youthful sixties crooner Joe Junior had the pleasure of the company of beauty queens Leanne Li (李亞男), Suki Chui (徐淑敏), Sharon Luk (陸詩韻), Sarah Song (宋熙年), Grace Wong (王君馨), Lorretta Chow (周美欣) and Lily Ho (何傲兒) at a charity cookie sale yesterday.

The celebrities all worked hard to sell the cookies to shoppers at Olympian City to raise money for the Yan Chai Emergency Aid Fund. When the girls took their wares down to the audience stands, they were mobbed by a group of fans who were more interested in taking their photographs than buying any cookies. Fortunately, there were some charitable souls who were prepared to part with their cash to raise money for the cause.

Suki said that she had tried her hand at making cookies in the past and was asked whether or not she has made them for her boyfriend. She said that she has not because she would rather sell them for charity instead. After the event, she had to rush to another function in Macau. Asked if she would be trying her luck in the casinos whilst she was there, she said she will not because she does not have enough time, but she did visit one for the first time when she was there on an earlier job and she won $800.

Sarah's t-shirt had quite a wide opening, but she was not worried about exposing herself because she had a vest on underneath. She said that she was quite nervous because it was the first time that she had sung live in public, but she had been practising hard to prepare for her performance.
Suki Chui & Benjamin Yuen Represent Hong Thai
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Since 2003, Hong Thai Travel's winter marketing campaign has been using the "3S" theme around "Ski", "hot Springs" and "Spa". This year, the company has added an additional "S" to the campaign, providing an extra option of "Sea" for its customers.

A promotional event for the "4S" campaign was held today, attended by last year's Miss Hong Kong 2006 Tourism Ambassador Suki Chui (徐淑敏) and this year's Mr Hong Kong 2007 Winner Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), who will be the image representatives for this season. During the event, Suki and Benjamin appeared in various costume representing each of the categories.

Hong Thai General Manager Ms Susanna Lau (劉美詩) said that after inviting Suki to be their image girl at the end of last year, their advertising campaign had been highly successful. As a result, they have signed her again for the new campaign and introduced Benjamin to help portray the feelings of hot and cold, action and relaxation in the different settings. This new pairing is designed to capture the attentions of both male and female customers.
View the pictures here:
Pageant Beauties wishes Myolie Wu, Miss Hong Kong 1999 2nd runner up Happy Birthday! Myolie is currently 28 years old.
Miss Astro Chinese International 2006 2nd runner up Josephine Goh Lee Chen to film in Hong Kong:
Josephine Ng, also known as Jojo and Josephine Goh Lee Chen will come to Hong Kong to film a move with Simon Yam. Jojo was 2nd runner up at Miss Astro Chinese International 2006, a pageant conducted to elect Malaysia's representive to Miss Chinese International the following year. Jojo's eloquent has given her many chances to act and host many shows. Recently she posed in a bikini in Astro TV's Drama series "Ten Smile" and has led to a increase in popularity. She has announced in a press conference that she will come to Hong Kong and act with Simon Yam in a invested 1,500,000,000 budget film. Read the entire acticle below (in Chinese):
Article Link:
Please note that the editors made a mistake. Jojo was 2nd runner up in Miss Astro Chinese International not Miss Chinese International.
Miss Chinese International 1997 Monica Lo's news:
Recently Monica participated in AXN network's game show "Dangerous Challenge Asia Version" with his boyfriend, Edwin. However after one month into the game, both broke up. Monica and Edwin had been dating for 10 years, maybe right after Monica won the Miss Chinese International 1997 crown. One of the reasons she stated for the broke up was that Edwin kept on yelling at her. Both are still friends though and still remain in contact.
Article links:
Photo above: Miss Hong Kong 2007, Kayi Cheung in her evening gown. Photo below: Miss Hong Kong 2007 top 3 (from left to right): 2nd runner up Lorretta Chow, Winner Kayi Cheung, and 1st runner up Grace Wong

Kayi Cheung Prepares For Miss World

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Miss Hong Kong Winner Kayi Cheung (張嘉兒) will be heading to the Sanya Resort in Hainan Island on 02 November to take part in this year's Miss World Pageant, representing Hong Kong. Following a month of training and preliminary competitions, the final will take place on 10 December.

The evening gown that Kayi will be wearing for the event was revealed today to the press at TVB City and she was joined by runners-up Grace Wong (王君馨) and Lorretta Chow (周美欣), who offered their support to her for the contest. They presented Kayi with a portable steam iron to take with her to Sanya.

Kayi said that she was not going with any expectations and she has been busy keeping fit for the contest.

Asked about comparisons with the Miss Asia Contest winner Grace Cheung (張家瑩) with suggestions that they show some resemblance, Kayi said that she had not paid much attention and only knew that their names were very similar. She also pointed out that she has never met Grace [Cheung] before. Asked if she felt she was prettier than her, Kayi said that it was hard to compare because they each have their strengths.

As for criticisms about her wide face, Kayi said that she has undergone some cheek slimming procedures, but only because they were part of her prizes for winning the pageant and not directly as a result of the comments.

Grace Cheung Wins Miss Asia 2007

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The Miss Asia Pageant 2007 finals took place at ATV's new grand show studio this evening and 23 year old student Grace Cheung (張家瑩) representing Hong Kong was crowned the winner.

Hot favourite Grace also took the award for Best Figure at the event and luck was definitely on her side when she also won the lucky draw for a car. In the talent section of the competition, she sung the song "My Pride" <我的驕傲> and Pinky Cheung (張文慈) commented that if she did not win, she could become a singer instead. Asked how she felt after her win, Grace replied: "It was very confusing and I am very happy. There was one person who gave me a lot of confidence and that was my teacher. I never imagined I would win and I hope to become the most outstanding Miss Asia winner."

The first runner-up position went to Korean actress Choi Ju Hee (崔智熹) and 22 year old student Sun Chen (孫辰) from China's Hubei province took the second runner-up place. Neha Ahuja from India was awarded the title of Miss Photogenic and other awards presented on the evening were Best Traditional Costume, which went to Eva Roslan from Singapore; the Most Attractive Hair Award to Cindy Wong (黃倩婷) from Hong Kong and the Miss Friendship title that went to Kathy Wu (吳嘉星) representing America.

The final was hosted by Vinci Wong (王賢誌), Vincent Kok (谷德昭) and Kenneth Chan (陳啟泰). Vinci continued his recent run of anti-TVB comments, saying just as the results were announced for the top three: "Whoever gets into the top three, they are all more beautiful than Miss Hong Kong." He said later that he was just speaking the truth and that this was not a comment against TVB.

Guest performers for the event included Soler and Pace Ng (吳佩慈).
Comments: A little harsh and ironic to hear Vinci Wong say that because before leaving TVB he hosted the Miss Hong Kong 2002 final pageant (for the guest the winner part) and Miss Chinese International 2004. And now he is saying that the top 8 is more beautiful than Miss Hong Kong. Although I did not see the show yet the format of it is confusing. The top 16 got divided into 2 groups and each group performs talent or answers a question. However after that the top 8 don't get tested and after the lucky car draw event, the top 3 is determined. What did the judges judge the top 8 on? It also doesn't make sense to recruit contestants from Canada and USA. It's Miss Asia! However the overall result was good and Grace was a big favorite before hand. A little surprised that #19 Wu Fang, China's District winner did not make the top 8. She was stunning too. #1 Jessica Wong was a contestant at the Miss Chinese Toronto 2005 pageant winning Miss Friendship and Miss Charming Communicator but unfortunely she did not make the top 16.
Miss Asia 2007 Results:
Miss Asia 2007: #8 Grace Cheung Ka-Ying (HK)
1st RU: #10 Choi Ju-Hee (Korea)
2nd RU: #18 Sun Chen (China)

Top 8 Finalists:
#3 Ruiz Yang Siu-Wen (Taiwan)
#4 Hannah Cheung Hoi-Yin (HK)
#5 Cindy Wong Sin-Ting (HK)
#12 Neha Ahuja (India)
#15 Mikako Margaret Stukas (Japan)

Top 16 Semi-FInalists:
#2 Cinderella Li Yi-Ran (HK)
#6 Kathy Wu Jia-Xing (USA)
#9 Natalya Selivanova (Uzbekistan)
#14 Tran Thi Huong Giang (Vietnam)
#19 Wu Fang (China)
#20 Li Tong-Tong (China)
#21 He Yu-Ying (China)
#22 Tian Xiao-Lei (China)

Special Awards:
Miss Friendship: #6 Kathy Wu (USA)
Miss Photogenic: #12 Neha Ahuja (India)
Miss Sparkling Hair: #5 Cindy Wong (Hong Kong)
Miss Perfect Figure: #8 Grace Cheung (Hong Kong)
Best National Costume: #13 Eva Roslan (Singapore)
Miss Astro Chinese International 2007 Results:
Winner: #2 Joanne
1st RU: #13 Tiffany
2nd RU: #4 Emily

Miss Photogenic: #8 Naomie
Miss Talent: #13 Tiffany
Miss Friendship: #7 Sharon
Miss Body Beautiful: #10 Yen

Winner is 20 year old Joanne Yew from Penang. Joanne is currently a Adv. Dip in Fashion Marketing & Management. The 5'9.5" beauty wants to be a successful person in the fashion industry. She will represent Kuala Lumpur at Miss Chinese International 2008 in January. She is currently the tallest contestant to be sent to MCI 2008.

Miss Chinese Montreal 2007:

The Miss Chinese Montreal 2007 pageant was helded on October 19, 2007 and 17 year old Health Science student Ting Jia Lorigiano. She is of Chinese & Italian decent. The 17 year old beauty will represent Montreal at MCI 2008.

Miss Chinese Montreal 2005, Vicki Ng's news:

At the day the 19 year old beauty was crowned Miss Chinese Montreal 2005, she was a big favorite to win the Miss Chinese International 2006 crown. The Hong Kong Press and internet sites had her as the one to beat but suddenly on January 12, 2006 she withdrawed from the pageant. TVB, organizers of the pageant stated that she was 17 and as she was not 18 she needed a parent consent form. However the question was one year ago why did TVB let Vicki join the pageant in the first place? Vicki left with her parents way in the morning and they did not say anything, TVB explained everything the day afterwards. TVB said that her parents did not want her to compete and Vicki listened and withdrawed. However in this link(), it tells a all new story. Here is the story:

, 18, of Laval withstood incredible pressure but she resisted and stood up for what's right.

She hasn't been so high profile lately but she'll be on your cube soon as one of the 26 hostesses on the local French version of , starting later this month, called . It's taping right about now.

The Vanier College student speaks English, French, Russian, Spanish and is learning Italian - but her tongue can't manage Chinese, not yet anyway. Her mother is French Canadian and her ethnic-Chinese father is from Mauritius. "He likes Chinese food," she quips.

Vicki has been sporting her Miss Chinese Montreal 2006 tiara proudly but not with the greatest of ease since earning it in November 2005 at Ruth Koo Lam's annual show, which costs something like $200 to attend.

As is custom, Vicki, as the winner, was shipped off to Hong Kong to participate in a high-profile pageant last January. Montrealers who went on to acting fame in China include '92 winner (who went on to win the HK contest) and 1995 beauty local champ .

Some had Vicki considered a to win against 16 Chinese diaspora pageant victors from places like Toronto, New York and Vancouver.

A day after arriving in Hong Kong, organizers presented Vicki with a contract with TV broadcaster . She was shocked. "It said I couldn't come back to Montreal at any time. There was no guaranteed money. It didn't say whether I was going to get a place to live or not. They wanted me to stay in Hong Kong for the rest of my life. I was underage and told them I'd have to discuss it with my parents."

The other contestants, who were all over 18, signed the paper.

Then the unpleasant armtwisting commenced.

A pageant official rang up Vicki's parents to loudly persuade them to sign the contract. "It was like 2 am, she yelled at them, telling them to sign the contract. The organizer said it was not a dangerous contract but my parents worried. Yelling at my parents, that was not right. My mother asked one of my uncles and he said that if I signed it then nobody could do anything to take me out of there."

"The contracts were inhumane. They made no sense."

Vicki stayed two weeks in Hong Kong but left a week before the tournament. She has no regrets.

"I was 17. It was a good experience, I learned a lot. I had a lot of chances there. The press loved me a lot there. I was approached by all the newspapers to speak to them."

"If I had signed, I don’t know what they would have done. They said we have to stay loyal to them for years and the contract could be renewed whenever they want and I had nothing to say about it. It was really ridiculous and most of the girls didn’t read the contract because most of us trusted a lot the girls bringing us there."

Nowadays Vicki is doing some modelling. "But I do it on the side. My studies come first."

Comments: Two stories. The poster of the story is not Vicki herself so it can be false. However will TVB really do that? It remains a mystery.

Vicki's profile and photos at Flickr:  

Miss Asia Swimwear Parade Ahead Of Final

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The 2007 Miss Asia Pageant will be taking place on the evening of 28 October and the 23 finalists appeared in swimwear for the press today. Their official odds of winning calculated against the votes from the website were also announced.

Hot favourites to win include Number 19 Wu Fang (吳芳) from China, Number 10 Choi Ju Hee (崔智熹) from Korea, Number 4 Hannah Cheung (張海燕) representing Hong Kong and Number 5 Cindy Wong (黃倩婷), also from Hong Kong.

Three contestants emerged with odds of just 99-1. They were Number 13 Eva Roslan from Singapore, Number 17 Qiao Yi Fei (喬伊菲) from Shandong Province, China and Number 23 Dai Yu Qiu (戴羽秋) from Guangdong. Dai was a little upset when she heard the results.

Many of the ladies showed off some poor figures as they posed on their bikinis, but number 3 Ruiz Yang (楊琇雯) from Taiwan wowed the crowds with her 33 inch bust. Number 6 Kathy Wu (吳嘉星) from America revealed a tattoo on her hips, whilst Number 18 Sun Chen (孫辰) revealed her pads through the thin material of the outfit.

Wu Fang said that she was very happy at being a favourite, but she said this does not reflect the final result because her performance on the night will be very important. She said that her strengths were her smile and her confidence. As for the material being too thin and revealing on their outfits, she said that the crew were looking after them well and there was no danger of revealing themselves.
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Kenix Kwok Enjoys Her Leisurely Lifestyle
Kenix Kwok (郭可盈) was a guest at the Sisters Pictorial Beauty Pro awards 2007 on 15 October 2007. Other guests included Tracy Ip (葉翠翠) and Niki Chow (周麗淇).

Tracy received the award for the female artiste with the most perfect skin and she wore a low cut dress and about HK$600,000 worth of diamonds to receive her award. Asked how she keeps her skin looking so good, Tracy replied that she will drink a glass of warm water every morning and watch her diet. She will be taking on a spokesmodel job for a health food brand shortly, which she tried out for herself. She found that it reduced the size of her pores, so she is recommending it to her friends.
Kenix was asked about the problems that she and husband Frankie Lam (林文龍) were having with their builders. She said that they have already issued a solicitor's letter to the company. She pointed out that they had wanted to handle the situation peacefully, but it was not possible in the end and their lawyer had pointed out that there had been too many mistakes. However, she added that they were not bad people and she was simply looking for fair treatment after paying for an incomplete job.

Asked if she felt that the builders were being difficult because they were celebrities, Kenix said she did not think this was the case and it was just down to their inability to complete the work. She complained about the inconvenience of living in a hotel: "We were not desperate to move out of the old house, but we never thought the work would take this long." She refuted rumours that they had to sell up to raise money for the new house, saying that the reason they did not rent out their old house was because they got a good price and did not want the hassle of dealing with tenants.

Asked about her work, Kenix said that she has a few scripts that she is reading, but has not accepted yet because she is still resting. She is enjoying the leisurely lifestyle, so she is in no rush and can wait for the right script to come along. She said that TVB have not sent her any scripts and she has not confirmed anything with ATV yet.

Miss Chinatown USA 2005 and Miss Chinatown USA 2007 to compete in Miss California USA 2008:
Miss Chinatown USA 2005, Carol Chen and Miss Chinatown USA 2007, Betty Hsu will compete against one another in the Miss California USA 2008 pageant, to be helded in November 25. Carol had also competed at Miss California 2006 after winning the local preliminary title, Miss San Francisco 2006. She did not win an award or place at the state pageant though. Betty also competed alongside Carol in Miss San Francisco 2006 where she placed as 1st runner up but then won the Miss Central Coast local title and won the Best Evening Gown award at Miss California 2006 (in which Carol didn't). Now both queens will compete again in Miss California USA after Carol won the Miss San Francisco USA title and after Betty won the Miss Chinatown USA title. The beauty queens will compete along with 126 other contestants around the state of California for the important state title.

Miss Hong Kong 2007 1st runner up Grace Wong forgets her Miss Friendship award in Tokyo:
Translated from Mingpao ():
The reigning Miss Hong Kong 2007 1st runner up Grace Wong competed at Miss International 2007 earlier in Tokyo, winning the Miss Friendship award. Yesterday she held a press conference to announce the win, however there was no victory award (blue plaque) present. Grace said she was Big Head Shrimp (clumsy), she replied "After I received the award I was busy taking photos with the other contestants and I gave the award to my Tokyo chaperone. After I came back from Hong Kong, I realized that I left the award in Tokyo. I have to wait for the Miss International Organization to mail me it back." During the time of the pageant, there were many trivia. As the contestants had language barriers, everybody had to create simple English to match the body to communicate. Grace's parents also traveled to Tokyo to support Grace, making her very happy.

The Singtao newspaper also stated that Grace's father was also on the day of the finals, October 15. Grace happily said "The last time that I will be in pageants, my mom and dad came to support me. That night was also my father's birthday and making it into the top 15 and winning the award was the best birthday present to him. Later I will head to Fuzhou with my family to visit my 80 year old grandmother (hasn't see her for 19 years)." During the pageant, Grace was very kind to help the contestants translate and practice dance steps, making her to win friendship. Miss India International also traded an Qi Pao and Indian costume with Grace's things as a souvenir. Also Grace just received a card written personally by Miss Korea International which made her cry.

For more photos, including a photo showing Grace with Miss International 2007 Priscila Perales, go to and click on news. Go to October 18, 2007's entry.


Miss Hong Kong 2007 1st runner up, Grace Wong arrives at Hong Kong International Airport. She was given flowers by Miss Hong Kong 2007 2nd runner up Lorretta Chow (left) and Miss Hong Kong 2007 Kayi Cheung (right).

Article translated from The Sun ():
Grace Wong uses body language to win Miss Friendship:
The reigning Miss Hong Kong 2007 1st runner up, Grace Wong represented Hong Kong at the 47th edition of the Miss International beauty pageant (Miss International 2007). She successfully won the Miss Friendship award, bringing Hong Kong the award for four consecutive years. Yesterday afternoon, she arrived in Hong Kong from Tokyo. Miss Hong Kong 2007 Winner Kayi Cheung and 2nd runner up Lorretta Chow congratulated her and bought her flowers. All three of them did not stop talking.

Competing against 60 other countries (not 67)  and two contestants(not one)  being mute, Grace said "I have translation with me, but many speak Spanish so actually lots of countries use body language to communicate. I am surprised to win the Miss Friendship award, I was just being myself. And to represent Hong Kong and make it to the top 15, it has not happen for 22 years," (last time being Ellen Wong in 1985). Grace also said that some contestants promised to visit her in Hong Kong on Christmas and Miss Hong Kong 2007 winner Kayi Cheung will compete in Miss World 2007. After meeting with Grace, she had to go on the airplane to Vancouver to visit her mother.



Grace Wong's offical site: Pleasing Grace (). There are exclusive photos of Grace in the pageant and on stage during the finals.

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Maggie Cheung Raises Money For AIDS Charity

7 October 2007

Emma Lam

Maggie Cheung (張可頤) took part in a charity event at the apm mall yesterday, raising money for the Hong Kong AIDS Foundation.

At the event, Maggie revealed the set of six figurines that she had designed especially for this campaign, featuring some of the characters she has played in television series over the years. The are a limited edition of just 500 sets.

Asked if she will be turning her focus to charity events, Maggie agreed that in the past six months, most of her engagements have been for charity events. She said that she will be returning to filming television series next year, but will be going for quality over quantity.

With the TVB anniversary approaching, the reporters asked Maggie what her thoughts were on this year's best actress nominations and she said she felt that Lee Si Kei (李司棋) stood a good chance of winning. She also added that there is much less pressure for her this year watching from the sidelines and even if she is nominated again in the future, she no long feels it is necessary to worry too much about winning because it does not matter.

Miss Hong Kong 2003 2nd runner up Priscilla Chik and Miss Hong Kong 1991 Miss Photogenic Amy Fan in ATV Sitcom:

ATV will start filming for new sitcom <靈舍不同> shortly and a press event was held today to introduce the leading characters and cast members.

The series is set in a Kowloon housing estate, in the 1960's, which is faced with demolition after standing for 40 years.

The storyline will be following the people in the neighbourhood, such as the unambitious truck driver played by Benny Chan (陳展鵬), his superstitious gambler played by Billy Lau (樓南光), crazy psychic played by Amy Fan (樊奕敏) and kind-hearted blind piano teacher played by Elle Choi (小雪). Veteran actress Stella Ng (吳浣儀), plays the ghost of her mother, who watches over her.

Priscilla Chik (戚黛黛) will be playing a ghost in the show and other quirky characters include

a fireman who misses his wife played by Patrick Keung (姜皓文), a ghost who wants to become a recognised doctor played by Wong Oi Yiu (黃璦瑤) and an evil scheming local councillor played by Mickey Chu (朱健鈞).

The human and ghostly figures in the housing estate will be demonstrating the spirit of community and joining together to overcome hardships.

Miss Mundo de Puerto Rico to compete in Miss Puerto Rico Universe:
Miss Mundo de Puerto Rico (Miss Puerto Rico World) 2005, Indrid Rivera will compete at Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2008! The 24 year old Marketing & Finance student at the University of Puerto Rico, just turned 24 today. Pageant Beauties wishes Miss Rivera Happy Birthday. Miss Rivera will compete at Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2008 after winning the preliminary title, Miss Dorado Universe. The city Dorado has never won the national title and Miss Rivera hopes to become the first winner. She has also competed at Miss World 2005 representing Puerto Rico and finished as second runner up, the nation's highest placement since their win in 1975. Her experience in Miss World will definitely help her. Pageant Beauties wishes her the best of luck. The pageant will be helded in November 23, 2007 in Centro de Bellas Artes in San Juan. For more news, visit:

Offical Site:


Miss Pearl River 2007:
The Miss Pearl River 2007 pageant was helded in Foshan on September 22, 2007. The winner was contestant #8 Miss Lee who will represent Pearl River at Miss Chinese International 2008. She was crowned by the reigning Miss Chinese International, Sarah Song of Sydney. 12 contestants compete for the title. The second runner up was Miss Macau. Special performers included Steven Ma, TVB actor and judge at Miss Chinese International 2007.



Miss Hong Kong 2007 1st runner up Grace Wong in evening gown and national custume (photos courtesy of Miss HK Gallery):

Miss Hong Kong 2007 First Runner Up Grace Wong (王君馨) will be heading over to Tokyo tomorrow to take part in the Miss International Pageant on 15 October, representing Hong Kong.

Wong revealed her evening gown and national costume selections yesterday at TVB City and was presented with a set of hair straighteners by second runner up Lorretta Chow as a good luck gift. Chow said that they would allow her to change her hairstyle as she wished.

Asked how she felt in anticipation of the contest, Wong said that she was quite nervous originally, but she is now very excited and looking forward to it. She will be joining 66 other beauties from many countries around the world. Asked whether or not she was confident of winning an award as Hong Kong has won the Miss Friendship award for three consecutive years already, she said that as she also won the Miss Friendship title in the Miss Hong Kong contest, then it would be nice to win the same title again. She adds: "I hope to get into the final twelve, but I have spoken to my predecessors, Janet Chow (周家蔚) and Koni Lui (呂慧儀), and their advice to me is to just enjoy the experience."

Wong has been busy brushing up on her Japanese language skills in preparation for the trip so she can help the other contestants as an interpreter. She has also prepared some multicoloured trinket boxes as gifts for the other girls.

Recently many Miss Hong Kong winners including Sonija Kwok (1999), Shirley Yeung (2001), Mandy Cho (2003), and 1st runner up at Miss Hong Kong 2006 Janet Chow arrived in Hunan, China to participate in the dancing competition "Strictly Come Dancing." Mr. Hong Kong 2007 Benjamin Yuen also competed. Go to for more photos and information. Pageant Beauties also wishes the best for Benjamin who injured his back during the rehearsals. Get well soon! Watch their performances on the Jade Channel in Hong Kong's TVB station tonight at 7:00 p.m. Hong Kong time. They will come back from Hunan to Hong Kong on August 8, 2007.
Miss Hong Kong 2002 1st runner up Victoria Jolly recently married Mr. Oliver Slobado in London on August 26! Congratulations to the new couple!
Miss Hong Kong 1979 contestant, a famous actress Cherie Chung Chor Hung's husband Mike Chu Ka Ding died of cancer on August 22th. Full article available here: .
Miss Chinese International local recruitments:
Miss Chinese Toronto:
Recruitment ends next Tuesday, September 4, 2007.
Miss Chinese Vancouver:
Recruitment ends on September 28, 2007.
Miss Astro Chinese International:
Meet the contestants here: . The 13 finalists will be revealed on September 10th in the Astro Wah Lai Toi channel at 7:30 p.m.
Miss China Europe:
Recruitment has currently began in Europe! More information soon.
Miss Chinese Melbourne:
From Miss HK Beauties, Miss Kelly Meng, Miss Chinese Melbourne will not be helded this year. Kelly was a contestant at Miss Chinese Melbourne 2006 and was a favorite too. The 1st runner up Su Ching and 2nd runner up Kelly Siew in last year's contest will not compete for MCI 2008 as Su was apparently too short and Siew is currently not a PR or citizen.
Mr. Hong Kong 2007 Results:
Winner: #7 Benjamin Yuen
Young group winner: #11 Hu Zhiwei
Maturity group winner: #2 Michael Chiu

Miss New York Chinese 2007 Results:

Winner: #6 Stacy Wang
1st runner up: #12 Allison Chen
2nd runner up: #7 Louise Lau
Top 5 finalists: #9 Elaine Lu and #10 Judy Yu

Special Awards:
Miss Congeniality: #1 Anni Liang
Miss Photogenic: #5 MinMing Jiang
Best Dress: #9 Elaine Lu
Miss Best Talent: #3 Cisy Liang
Miss Popularity (Voted by 108 viewers of the live audience): #6 Stacy Wang
Miss Internet Popularity (Voted on the offical website): #4 Yancy Yu

#6 Stacy Wang, a 18 year old student at Stuyvesant High School will represent New York at MCI 2008. This is the third consecutive time that the winner has the last name Wang after 2005 and 2006's winner Nicole Wang and Sirena Wang. Stacy would like to become a host in Hong Kong and has hosted many shows. She has also won many dance competitions. This background would defintely give Stacy an edge at MCI 2008.

Pageant Beauties predicts three of the top 5 finalists:

Overall Pageant Beauties predicted three of the top 5 finalists. They include #7 Louise Lau (2nd runner up), #9 Elaine Lu, and #12 Allison Chen (1st runner up). Allison was our pick to win the crown. Congratulations on her first runner up victory! Congratulations to all of the delegates on a job well done!

Miss New York Chinese 2007 predictions:

Winner: #12 Allison Chen
1st Runner up: #9 Elaine Lu
2nd Runner up: #1 Anni Liang
Top 5 finalists: #7 Louise Lau and #8 Yin Zhang

The pageant will be hosted by Selina Li (Miss Hong Kong 2003 Miss Photogenic and Miss Talent). Special performers include TVB actor, Moses Chan. Pageant Beauties wishes all of the delegates the best of luck. The winner will be crowned in a few hours.

Mr Hong Kong Finalists Make an Appearance

The 12 finalists from TVB's Mr Hong Kong Contest made an appearance yesterday and the standards were surprisingly poor. Maybe because of the change of rules this year, moving from 'Fitness' and 'Style' groups to 'Youth' and 'Maturity', then there are two very young men who look like high school kids, who are more representative of 'Master Hong Kong'. Fortunately, there is some reprieve in the form of 'Kenneth Ma Lookalike' Raymond, 'Young and Dangerous' Yuen Wai Ho and 'Short Rain' who are all in with a strong chance of winning and take the flavour away from the 'Hong Kong High School Kid Contest'.

The men were called into TVB City to sign their contracts, meet the style consultants and pick their numbers in preparation for their press call on Friday. The show's producer Ho Siu Wai indicates: "The ages of the finalists range from 18 to 40 and education ranges from high school to PhD. Two overseas contestants are from America and there are some fitness instructors, but no uniformed professions."

The Miss Chinese Seattle 2007 court (photo courtesy of Seattle Chinese Chamber Of Commerce).
Miss Chinese Seattle 2007 Results:
Winner: Samantha Chin
First Princess: Ni Jiang
Second Princess: Leslie Yeh
Miss Talent: Vivian Chan
Miss Photogenic: Ni Jiang
Miss Congeniality: Jennifer Wu
Representation: It is excepted that the winner, Samantha Chin will represent Seattle at Miss Chinese International 2008. The First Princess and Miss Photogenic, Ni Jiang will represent Seattle at Miss Chinese International 2009.
Meet the top 14 semifinalists of the Miss NY Chinese 2007 beauty pageant:
Comments: Not much favorites this year. The tallest delegate standing at 5'7". PB likes #9 Elaine Lu.
Miss Dragon 2007 crowned (Courtesy of Tahiti Presse and Miss HK Beauties):
Twenty-three-year-old Karen Gnetha Chong Fat was crowned Miss Dragon 2007 Saturday night, qualifying her for the Miss Chinese International contest later in the year.

The Chinese community's Miss Dragon contest is Tahiti's second most prestigious beauty competition after the yearly Miss Tahiti contest, which was recently held.

More than 1,200 people, including several Tong Sang government ministers as well as China's consul in Tahiti, attended the Miss Dragon contest held in the gardens of the Papeete City Hall.

Ms. Chong Fat, a flight crewmember for a local airline, was one of eight contestants for this year's Miss Dragon title. "I will do my best to represent Tahiti's Chinese community, particularly during the Miss Chinese International contest," she said after her victory.

Prisco Lau Gnou Danh, 21, and Siao Feng Hiu, 23, were first and second runners-up respectively in the Miss Dragon contest.


Courtesy of the Miss Chinese Seattle Organization ():

The Miss Chinese Seattle pageant will be helded on June 30, 2007 in the Meyenbauer Center. The winner will represent Seattle at Miss Chinese International 2008.

Miss NY Chinese 2007 news:

On June 9th, the Miss NY Chinese preliminary interviews were conducted. Thirty semifinalists were chosen. The 14 finalists will be announced on June 26, 2007. The talent competition will be helded on July 30th and the finals will be helded in Mohegan Sun on August 5th at 1:00 am.


Miss America 2006 delegates, Dustin -Leigh Konzelman and Kandice Pelletier finishes second at the Amazing race 11:
Congratulations to Dustin & Kandice. On the traveling reality gameshow, The Amazing Race, the beauty queens took second place in the All Stars season (The Amazing Race 11). Both have also participated in Amazing Race 10 where they took 4th. They were very near into becoming the first all female team to win the Amazing Race and also the pair of pageant contestants to win the race. Unfortunely, they lost to Eric and Danielle, who also competed at The Amazing Race 9. I really hoped Dustin & Kandice to win but luck was against them. They did however become the first all female team to win the most legs. They have won 6 legs in their career, 2 in the 10th season and 4 in the 11th season. They have also won a number of trips. Congratulations!

[Ta Kung Pao 06/05/07]

Fala Chen and Linda Chung Attract the Crowds

Linda Chung and Fala Chen were guests at a fashion event yesterday, where they walked the catwalk with six models. As well as sharing their thoughts on the spring/summer collections, the girls attracted a big crowd of onlookers that packed the venue. When Fala and Linda appeared, the crowd surged forward, even blocking all the gangways and in a moment of chaos, the girls were forced into retreat. Asked afterwards if they were afraid, Linda laughed that seeing so many people rushing forward, she was a little scared because she has never seen such enthusiastic fans that they had to stop the show.

With Fala attending so many shows lately, she admits that she has made a fair bit of spending money. Asked if she plans to buy an apartment, she says that she does not have enough for that yet, but she admits that she has moved out of the company apartments now as she has enough to pay rent now and she can let some new colleagues stay in the accommodation. Asked if she had asked for help moving from her rumoured boyfriends Moses Chan, Bosco Wong and the Neway heir, she says that she did not need it because she does not have too much of her own things and it was just clothes and make-up mainly that she could take in a taxi.


[Ta Kung Pao 08/05/07]

Charmaine Sheh Presented with F-Cup Cake in Taiwan

Charmaine Sheh accepted an invitation from her Taiwan fans and flew over for an early birthday celebration. Several hundred fans were in attendance and they presented her with a special 'F-cup breasts' birthday cake, leaving her a little embarrassed.

Charmaine compared the cake to her own body and the fans explained that the cake represented beauty and wisdom combined into a goddess. Charmaine smiled at this and even lifted the cake up to her own chest for the fans to take a memorable photograph. Charmaine was then so playful that she put the candles in between the breasts on the cake, saying that she did not want to ruin such a perfect pair of breasts. To thank her fans for their support, she sung them the song 'The Moon Represents my Heart'.

This is the first time that Charmaine has met with her fans in Taiwan in this way and they took advantage of the chance to speak their hearts to their idol. Some of the lucky ones who were allowed onto the stage were very nervous and shaking, whilst others did not dare to look at Charmaine in the eye, just saying to the MC: "I love you!". The fans asked her whether she had any funny stories from when she was filming in the mainland and she said: "The funniest thing were the rumours between me and Raymond Lam." Among the Taiwanese fans, some mothers were so keen to meet Charmaine that they even brought their children and babies along with them. Charmaine's series "Maiden's Vow" is currently airing at its height in Taiwan, so she shared her thoughts about whether she was as good a cook as her character in the show. She says that when she was studying in Switzerland for catering management, she learned all about Western cuisine, but often cooked Chinese food in her student halls, but the smoke and grease caused protests from her fellow students and she never succeeded in cooking a meal. She says that when she was studying abroad, she missed her mother's home cooking the most.

Miss NY Chinese 2007 recruitment begins:
Miss NY Chinese 2006, Sirena Wang said:
I had a great time competing in Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant 2006. Although I am no longer in practices or rehearsals now, I am greatly overwhelmed with the pageant experiences. All the long afternoons of practicing and rehearsing, endless mornings for makeup and hair, constant alerts for picturing and body positioning, and long waits for filming and interviewing still vividly exist in my mind, and have even become good memories now, regardless of the difficulty and fatigue that accompanied each moment.  An experience of a lifetime, the Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant is a form of art and a significant way of life.   

Pageant competition is art in the sense that judges and media are looking at the art of each contestant. Instead of using strokes for calligraphy, instruments for music, colors for painting, each contestant created art by using costume, body language, movement, and aesthetic appearance. All contestants are Chinese decedents between the ages of 17 and 25 years, which is the main characteristic that all contestants share. Throughout training, not only did I learn about and foster my own cultural identity as a Chinese American, I also learned about the culture that surrounded each contestant, which enhances the individuality of the art produced by each contestant.       

I had never competed in any beauty pageant prior to Miss NY Chinese because I thought pageants to be superficial, and I did not want to be part of a pageant girl’s crowd. I went to New York to compete solely to gain the cultural and ethnic experiences and values that I want to reinforce and uphold throughout my lifetime. On the one side pageants have a sense of artificial beautyassociated with wearing lots of makeup, wearing gorgeous gowns and shoes, having big breasts and small waists, and thus receive lots of admiring looks from the audience. Yet on the other side, pageants brings harmony into culture and unite people from dynamic backgrounds and most importantly set good examples for the next generation to follow, such as in leadership, self-esteem, and educational aspects. There is great conflict between pure outward beauty and the beauty of the heart and mind. It is important to find the balance between physical and intellectual beauty, and to further understand the demands and ideals created by society, especially to gain a grasp on pageant life.  

The winner of the Miss NY Chinese 2007 beauty pageant will represent New York at Miss Chinese International 2008. At the end of the 2 hour finals held in August, Sirena Wang will crown her successor. The winner will receive the traditional diamond crown, a cash price of $10,000, a round trip airline ticket to Hong Kong from New York, and many more. Go to: for more information and downloading the application. The deadline to enter is May 31, 2007.  


News below courtesy and translated by TVBSpace ():

[Ta Kung Pao 08/03/07]

Francois Huynh Prepares for Mr World

The Mr World Contest will be taking place on 31st March in Hainan Island and Mr Hong Kong winner Francois Huynh will be attending. He will be setting out tomorrow to take part in a three week training camp and his elder brother Stephen joined previous Mr Hong Kong Matthew Ko and the three Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui in presenting him with a set of red boxing gloves and wishing him a knock-out over the other contestants in winning the top award.

This year's event will include participants from around 80 countries around the world. Asked if he is confident of winning, Francois says that he is confident and is constantly working out and having facials in the hope of firming up his muscles. He is also less timid than he was when he took part in Mr Hong Kong last year. He has also asked for tips from Aimee, Janet and Koni who have all taken part in international pageants and has found out that he will make lots of new friends. Moreover, Hainan is known to be as beautiful as Hawaii, so he is looking forward to this trip.

Although Francois was born in France, this will not affect his right to represent Hong Kong. He can also use French to introduce Hong Kong to the other contestants, so this may even help. Also he has bought a pair of bright red swimming trunks for the show and he will also be holding up the national flag, so it will look good. TVB have also provided him with a pile of costumes, so he will have plenty of luggage to take with him.


[Ta Kung Pao 10/03/07]

Ada Choi Promotes "On the Road"

Ada Choi is a devoted Christian and given the opportunity to visit Israel and the birthplace of Jesus in TVB's travel show "On the Road", she was very excited and enthusiastic, but when she had her own experience of carrying a cross and the suffering of Christ, it moved her to tears.

Ada says: "It took three or four attempts before we were finally able to set off, because the timing was not right, so this is the first time I have visited the birthplace of Jesus in person. My cousin joined me and it was like a dream, each step was very touching, especially as the Holy mountain is not somewhere that the public can go to, but I was able to go there and film, so I was moved to tears on several occasions. Then we visited the area where the miracle of the fish and the bread took place and I imagined the feeding of the five thousand many years ago. My cousin and I were crying like crazy, because I thought that I am not very skilful and not very beautiful, but I am still able to work in something that I am interested and love and to have made some progress in it. I also felt thankful for my dear friends and family and this in itself is a miracle." Asked if she will be inviting her friends together to watch the show, she says that they have mentioned it before, but she is busy filming for "Jewels Splendor" at the moment, so she may not have the time to watch it.

Talking of her good friend Flora Chan's recent wedding, did Ada give her a gift? She avoids the question saying: "I'm not saying! Please don't ask me about this any more. (Would you like to receive a wedding ring?) Are you going to give me one? I will take it off anyone!" As she has just mentioned that she has a lot of family and friends, is there no-one she can develop a relationship with? Ada says: "Dating is all about understanding, if you make a fuss about it, then it just complicates things, so I will not say whether or not I am dating, but if I get married, then I will let everyone know."

Another travelling star Liu Wai Hung is currently developing his organic foods company in the mainland and was asked whether he is interested in coming back to film series for TVB. He says that he does not have enough time, because he has been named as 'Organic Ambassador' for the government to promote organic foods and he has also joined the local government in Yunfu. Doesn't he have to go to Beijing for meetings? He says that he will do in three or four years time. The other inspirational journeys in this series of "On the Road" include Eric Tsang travelling to Brunei, Gigi Leung visiting a 'Female Country' in Yunnan, Liza Wang going to Kyoto in Japan and Sammul Chan's journey to the Huangtu Plains. Through their journeys, they share their feelings and experiences and Gigi tells of how she will not ask or think too much when she enters into a relationship and Liza remembers when she went to Kyoto to learn to dance, her father gave her $8000 and she recalls all her memories of the things that happened then.


[Ta Kung Pao 10/03/07]

Kevin and Aimee Rehearse Musical for Pok Oi Show

Aimee Chan, Kevin Cheng, Kenny Bee, Nancy Sit and Kate Tsui were rehearsing yesterday for tonights Pok Oi Charity Show as they will be performing together in a musical song and dance act. As this year's Miss Hong Kong winner, Aimee is usually full of poise and elegance, but this time she will be playing a rather ditzy character, with some very exaggerated actions, such as grabbing hold of Kevin's arm but she is pushed away by him.

Aimee indicates that when she was at school, she has appeared in drama productions, but this is her first time performing on such a scale. She smiles that her character is very crazy, exaggerated and funny and this is a great challenge and opportunity for her to learn a lot of things. The reporters say that her voice is too high pitched and she smiles that she is worried that the audience will not hear her. In order to perfect her performance, she has been practising her expressions in front of the mirror and has asked for help from her friends to help her rehearse.

Asked if this is the first time she has been pushed away so cruelly by a man, Aimee smiles: "Let me think! It should be the first time. (Do you push people away more?) No, I won't."

[Ta Kung Pao 12/03/07]

Kate and Fala Fight for the Limelight at Charity Show

Kevin Cheng, Kate Tsui, Fala Chen, Kelly Chen, Harlem Yu, Nancy Sit, Kenny Bee, Jade Kwan, Kenny Kwan and Vincy were all guests on the Pok Oi Charity show this year. Fala and Kate wore sexy dance outfits as they performed in a musical drama with Kevin and dancing teacher Chow Chi Kwan. In this act, Fala wore an outfit that accentuated her breasts as she caught everyone's attention.

Regarding this, Fala indicates that she did not try it on before and she did not realise how sexy the outfit looked. Asked if she has added pads, she syas: "I have not supported my bust, it is just an effect from the dress design."

Whilst Kate was performing with teacher Chow, he slipped up on some of the confetti on the floor and tripped together with Kate, who revealed her bra pad in the process. Kate comforted Chow, saying that she knew it was a mistake and they have done their best. As for revealing her pad, she says: "I have followed the precautions and I am not afraid of revealing myself."

Dancing with Fala and Kate who both have strong dance backgrounds, Kevin does not feel that he will be compared to them and he feels that it is even better with them in the act, because it has raised his own interest in dancing and if he has time, then he will try to upgrade himself even more by learning to dance.


[Ta Kung Pao 13/03/07]

Bernice Liu Ups Fee for Bathing Shoot

Bernice Liu was shooting a set of ads for her skin cleanser sponsors in a Chai Wan studio yesterday and this is the third year that she will be representing the company. This set of ads will be very fresh and simple, wearing springtime clothing to represent the simplicity, ease and convenience of the product. However, there will be a bathing shoot later, which will not be too revealing but will give a fresh feeling.

In her third year as spokesperson, Bernice indicates that her fee has gone up and she is very pleased with it. However, the happiest thing for her is that she can represent a product with such a healthy image. She feels that after taking on this sponsor, she has helped to promote healthy skin and protection to other women and to help them lose their inhibitions about the subject.

Bernice has always been linked with Moses and although they have always denied any relationship, they were spotted earlier sharing a taxi to go home. She admits that they did ride together in a taxi because they were meeting an advertising client in Soho for dinner and afterwards, they took a taxi back to Admiralty first to drop off Moses before she returned to her own home. As for the reports that Fala Chen has been flirting with Moses, Bernice says that this is their business and only they will know. Asked if she has told Moses to be more wary, she smiles that it would be better if the reporters said this to him because she will not interfere with his business.

[Ta Kung Pao 13/03/07]

Fiona Yuen Wants to Enter Food and Drink Industry

Fiona Yuen has taken part in a fair number of food and drink programmes and has also released her own cookbooks, so she has strong links to the gourmet industry already. Recently, she was invited by TVB to be a presentation guest at the "Gourmet Kings Awards 2007". Appearing at the press conference for the event, Fiona was deep in conversation with all the gastronomists at the event and she smiles that she is taking the opportunity to gain more skills and experiences in cooking.

Fiona says that she is happy to appear with a 'gourmet' image and maybe in the future, she would like to enter the catering industry. She reveals that she hopes in two years time to have her own restaurant, so she is busy working hard at her research now.

Although she is a dab hand at making desserts, Fiona hopes that her restaurant will cater for many different types of food. Asked if she is ready with just two years to go, she syas that for now she is looking for investors, but she has found one or two already. Asked if she would like to win an industry award, she smiles of course she does because her cooking has been complimented in the past and this gives her great satisfaction, so she will work hard at testing her dishes in the hope she can gain more experience.

Articles translated and courtesy of TVB Space ():

(File Photo)

[The Sun 01/03/07]

Fala Chen and Bernice Liu Fuel Rumours of Animoscity

TVB series "The Entire City Dances" held a party earlier to mark the end of filming, but the rumours of animoscity between the leading ladies Fala Chen and Bernice Liu were fuelled when Fala rushed away quickly after the meal and Bernice did not even turn up.

The meal was held in a Kowloon City restaurant and was attended by Steven Ma, Kate Tsui, Tracy Ip and Matthew Ko and fuelling rumours that they had fallen out with each other during filming, Fala only appeared for about half an hour and there was no sign of Bernice at the event.

The event was led by Steven and Kate, and Steven also footed the bill and paid around $1400 for the meal. When Kate was asked who paid, she said that everyone chipped in, whilst Steven indicated he will be continuing the fun by joining everyone in a karaoke bar.

Fala was asked in a telephone interview yesterday whether she was rushing away to try and avoid Bernice and she said: "If I wanted to avoid her, then I would not have turned up at all. I had booked in for a costume fitting earlier, but I wanted to eat a little before leaving, but I didn't have enough time." Bernice's manager responded saying: "She wanted to attend, but she has gone to Singapore to shoot an advertisement."

[Ming Pao 01/03/07]

Myolie Wu Wants a Big House this year

Entering the year of the Pig, Myolie Wu's wish is to break into the China markets and to film on the mainland. She says that she previously filmed in China with Vincent Zhao in the series "The Taichi Master" and although it felt like she had been exiled for a few months, she had a lot of good experiences and learned a lot. Myolie says she would also like to carry on singing: "I have spent a lot of time filming series and I regret only being able to attend one singing lesson with Elisa Chan. However, I am happy that my song 'Miss Pig' is popular because this year is the year of the pig and it is a good match."

Myolie believes that this year she will learn a lot of things outside of just acting, such as Japanese, dancing and riding. Learning to ride a horse will be useful for her to film more martial arts movies and she does not want to learn at the last minute, so that if she has any riding scenes, she can tackle them without problems.
In the year of the dog, Myolie's gossip has primarily linked her with Bosco Wong and she says she has bought herself some plum blossom this year for good relationship luck and to avoid rumours. She says that her gossip with Bosco is not negative because they are good friends and often go out together, so having a meal together is very normal.

Myolie says: "At the moment, I don't want to date anyone because I want to concentrate on my work and make more money. I would like to buy an apartment for my family to live more comfortably." With her current status at TVB, then to buy an apartment is no obstacle really. Myolie has invested the money that she has earned, but not too much of it because she admits she is not fully accustomed to the financial markets, so sh daren't invest all of her savings in stocks. She says: "I like things to be secure, so savings accounts are fine."

[Ta Kung Pao 03/03/07]

Fala Chen Causes Chaos with her Beauty

Fala Chen and newcomer Tong Chi Nga were guest models at a wedding gown show at a Tsimshatsui bar earlier, attracting several tens of photography fanatics to the event. When Fala took a walk off the stage, ten security guards had to be deployed to protect her as the fanatics lost control, pushing and shoving the barriers to get a photograph of her, leading to some chaos.

Fala was very calm despite the confusion and says that she has been at this venue before to model eveningwear and the walk offstage was arranged by the organisers. She thinks that the securitymen were called in to protect the wedding dress from being trampled on because it is very expensive. With them keeping control, Fala was not worried at all. When it was suggested that a bar is a rowdy place with people from all backgrounds, Fala says that after entering showbiz, in order to avoid malicious reports by the tabloids, then she has rarely gone out late. "I do like to dance and when I was in high school, I would go with my friends to the disco, but after I finished my studies, then I have not been much and even when I do, I never drink."


[Ta Kung Pao 03/03/07]

Linda Chung Wows the Crowd in Short Skirt

Linda Chung, Bosco Wong and Wong He were filming earlier in Mongkok's Sai Yeung Choi Street for "Jewels Splendor" and as there were a lot of people in the street, they attracted a big crowd as soon as they appeared, all holding up their phones to take photographs of them. Some passers-by even put themselves in danger as they stood in the middle of the road to take photos. As a result, the filming was obstructed and it took two police officers to intervene and gain control before they could continue.

Although the three stars are quite experienced and they only needed to speak a few lines, the extra who they were working with and all the photographing by pedestrians caused a number of outtakes. Linda wore a short dress that revealed her beautiful legs and this also raised comments from the audience. The funniest incident was when the crowd became so big that they could not move people away, so the crew asked the crowd to become more extras in the scene, but instructed them not to take photos with their phones or cameras during the shoot. The public were more than happy to work as unpaid extras and have their faces on the screen!


[Oriental Daily 03/03/07]

Charmaine Goes For A Drive Before her Driving Ban

Charmaine Sheh has had her driving licence suspended recently for receiving too many penalty points, but before the ban was put in place, she had to rush to film her driving scenes for her series "The Drive of Life". On that night, she and Damien Lau were filming in Central and the director was very attentive to Charmaine and had even provided a stunt double for her to do the more intricate action scenes. Charmaine kept within the law and dare not speed during filming. Meanwhile, in between takes, Damian was busy texting away.

Sherry is back in Toronto:
Miss Chinese Toronto 2006, Sherry Chan returned to Toronto. She was welcomed by producers of Fairchild TV and was presented with flowers.
Sherry stated that the first person to thank was the producers of Fairchild TV. "Without Fairchild's training and motivation, even if I'm strong, I wouldn't have made it. No matter in Hong Kong or Foshan, they called me and motivated me. I'm really blessed." Miss Ho (Fairchild TV producer) revealed that Sherry will be assigned with jobs in the network. Please support Sherry!
Mr. Hong Kong 2007 overseas recruitment begins! Click above to download the application. Deadline ends on March 10th, 2007.
Miss World 2006, Tat’ana Kurcharova was recently in Hong Kong at Feburary 18th, 2007 for the Chinese New Year Parade sponsered by Cathay Pacific Airways. Tatana was on the #5 float displaying the beauty of an island.
Translated and courtesy of TVBSpace ():

[The Sun 17/02/07]

Miss Hong Kong Winners Wish Prosperity for Golden Pig Year

Chinese New Years Eve is time to have your family reunion dinner, spend the night at the markets and going for a big lucky walkaround. Model Kathy Chow joined this year's Miss Hong Kong winners at this years markets to wish everyone a very prosperous year of the Golden Pig.

Kathy has always been a fan of the New Year markets and last year she did not go because she was too busy and coincidentally, she was 'hounded' by gossip in the year of the dog. This year, no matter how busy she is, she has made a point to go and pick up some good luck at the market and she attracted a lot of attention as the public swarmed around her eager for a photo. She was happy to oblige and she shopped as she went, looking at ornaments and potted plants. When she saw the golden pigs, she went up to select some, but she steered clear of the plum blossom. When she walked past, the stallholder called out to her: "Why not pick up some plum blossom [represents romance]?" However, Kathy, who has been with her French boyfriend for many years, does not need this and replied: "Romance? I don't need it!"

With her relationship so steady, will she be joining him at the new year to go visiting and handing out lucky packets? Kathy smiles: "That is so traditional! I will not hand out lucky packets for him, I will just collect them for myself!" She says frankly that she hopes the year of the pig will go smoothly for her and she will get busier and busier. She will be working until the New Year when she has a rest, but she will be joining her family for the reunion dinner and to receive her lucky packets.

Miss Hong Kong winners Aimee Chan, Janet Chow and Koni Lui were also at the New Year Carnival and the three tried all the different stands and even borrowed an inflatable stall to try their hand at selling. The three pretty girls attracted a lot of interest and a crowd gathered, but no-one bought anything. The girls had a good time though and gained a lot of discounts during their shopping.


[The Sun 19/02/07]

Fiona Yuen is being Rushed into Marriage

Fiona Yuen took part in a Chinese New Years Eve event earlier and she planned to spend the evening having a reunion dinner with her family and celebrating her brother's birthday. Tonight, she has planned to go and watch the fireworks with her friends and asked if she will be meeting her Canadian boyfriend, she smiles: "I don't have a boyfriend! That friend is in Canada and I have sent him an SMS to wish him a happy new year!"

In the New Year period, Fiona says it is unavoidable to be hurried into marriage by her family and friends, but her friends are afraid of having one less partying companion. Fiona laughs that she would like to keep all her friends and have a boyfriend as well!

Miss Chinese International 2007, Sarah Song comes back from Sydney:

[The Sun 19/02/07]

Happy New Year from TVB and Lucky Packets Galore!

Happy New Year! Now, where are my lucky packets? In the new year, whether you are giving or receiving Lucky Packets, it is a happy occasion and TVB held its New Year celebrations yesterday and Liza Wang handed out lucky packets and even promised to give them out to the audience. Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu handed out $20 packets to the crew, but among the most generous was Margie Tsang, whose packets contained $100 notes!

TVB had a celebratory show at TKO TVB City to welcome in the year of the Pig, attended by TVB boss Sir Run Run Shaw, who was in good spirits accompanied by Miss Hong Kong Aimee Chan and Miss Chinese International Sarah Song, and hosted by Liza and Margie and the two 'big sisters' went along with the tradition of handing out lucky packets and in this her first new year after her return to TVB, Margie was especially generous, handing out $100 notes in her envelopes to the cast and crew members. During the show Myolie became the brunt of many jokes and in the game show spoof of "Is Pig Right?", the host asked Margie if her boyfriend was 'Kenneth Pig' and Carlo Ng immediately replied: "Her boyfriend is Mr Ma. Myolie's boyfriend is Mr Wong." This left Margie a little lost for words, but afterwards she said she did not mind: "Maybe he thought I was a good sport. It is new year so it doesn't matter!"

The two leading ladies of last year Myolie and Charmaine showed their own 'big sister' status by handing out $20 packets and earning the respect of everyone. Myolie says that she likes to hear the greetings: "Gain Popularity and have Good Health!". Asked if she has bought any plum blossom this year, she smiled and did not reply. Charmaine handed out her packets to everyone and many people referred to her as 'Big sis Sheh'. She smiled: "It is quite good to see me handing out lucky packets. Usually it is me going out grabbing them at the new year! Once I managed to get 100 to 200 in one day!"

Besides Sarah Song, the current Miss Chinese International and Aimee Chan, the current Miss Hong Kong, Myolie Wu, Charmaine Sheh, Anne Heung, Lily Cheung, Shermon Tang, Janet Chow, Koni Lui, and Ivy Lui were in attend. There is a big chance that Sarah and Ivy has signed contracts with TVB. Koni also wore her qi pao (national costume) at Miss International 2006. She was lucky to win a golden piggy with another audience member. Many of the beauty queens played games with the audience members too.
According to the Miss Sydney Chinese forum (), Sarah, the newly crowned Miss Chinese International will be in the Zilver Restaurant on February 12 in Sydney for a welcome party. Visit here:  for some photos of the 2005 Miss Sydney Chinese winner, Fiona Che modeling.

2007 Miss Los Angeles Chinatown Court

(L-R) Miss Photogenic Mandarin Wu, 4th Princess/Miss Photogenic Annie Ma,
3rd Princess Angelic Shen, Queen Laurel Chung, 1st Princess Kelly Wong,
2nd Princess Judy Ly, Miss Friendship Mandy Ho

The 2007 Miss Los Angeles Chinatown beauty pageant was held on February 3, 2007. The pageant was staged in Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles Downtown. The pageant started at 8 p.m. and at the end, #8 Laurel Chung took the crown. The awards were equally distributed, as usually the winner gets Miss Photogenic. For the first time ever, two contestants received Miss Photogenic. They were #6 Annie Ma and #10 Mandarin Wu. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th princess was #9 Kelly Wong, #7 Judy Ly, #12 Angelic Shen, and #6 Annie Ma represectively. Voted by the 14 delegates was Miss Friendship won by #14 Mandy Ho. The raining titleholder, Melody Cheng crowned the new queen. Below is a clip of the pageant courtesy of Youtube:


Articles translated and courtesy of TVB Space ():

[The Sun 26/01/07]

Leanne Li Targets Property in 2007

After winning the Miss Chinese International contest two years ago, Leanne Li has filmed several series, including "Dicey Business". To be able to work with a great veteran such as Michael Miu was an exciting experience for Leanne: "My Cantonese is not very good, but luckily I have done some hosting work and filmed a couple of series and the crew and cast were all very good to me, so I was not too nervous." Going from being a student to an actress, she says that there have been a lot of memorable experiences: "Society is very complex and is full of things happening that were impossible and this has made me mature a lot."

As for her future targets, she smiles: "Linda Chung is very smart and has saved enough money already to buy herself a home. I would like to have my own property too." Leanne says that this year's winner Sarah Song was one of her choices for top three in this year's competition.

[The Sun 26/01/07]

Linda Chung Takes Inspiration from Paris Hilton

Linda Chung has a part in the forthcoming grand production "Jewel's Splendor" and for Linda who has usually played the good girl, this will be a great challenge for her as she plays a conceited and rebellious rich girl. She says that she is feeling the pressure.

As well as working with great names in the show such as Bowie Lam, Ada Choi and Moses Chan, Linda will also face the greatest challenge to her acting skills to date. She says: "I have always played good characters up to now and I have never played a villain, but this time I play a bad girl because I am too rich, then I see men as playthings and manipulate them at my will."

Linda says she does not have experience of flirting with men, so she will be drawing a blueprint for her inspiration from real life Hollywood bad girl Paris Hilton. She smiles: "I have bought some films about her to watch as she is very similar in behaviour and personality to the character. I am afraid I will not be as extreme as her, so I will have to make up for it with my costume, so I think there will be short skirts, low cut tops and high heels. Although this is a sacrifice, I don't mind doing this for the sake of the show." Also, Linda's series "Best Bet" will be airing over the Chinese New Year and she plays Michael Tse's 'Gambler Yi' character's wife in the show. However, she points out that she cannot accept a gambler husband in real life.

Tara is not dethroned. She is still Miss USA!
Today at 10:45 a.m. EST, Donald Trump, owner of the Miss Universe Organzation announced that Tara is still Miss USA. Tara was given a second chance for the crown. In the conference, Tara shed a few tears as she stated that she didn't believe that there would be a second chance. As for all the rumors, no photos or sources backed it up. However, Tara admitted that she made mistakes. Tara is also currently on rehab, meaning that she did travel around NYC bars at night. However, Trump said that he believes that Tara will be a great Miss USA, and that her experience will teach a lesson to teenagers around the world.
More news on Tara's rumors from various news outlets:
Comments: All of the above are rumors and there isn't photos or any sources to back it up. I doubt that Tara and Katie will be like that. However, if all is true, Tara and Katie are on a path to being dethroned as they are ruining the images of Miss USA and Miss Teen USA.
Articles below are translated and courtesy of TVBSpace ():
MSHK 1995 top 5 finalist, Maria Chen news:

[Ming Pao 15/12/06]

Maria Chen's Terrifying Skywalker Experience

Maria Chen was working earlier at the Macau's Observation Tower and her manager suggested that she tried the Skywalker attraction there. She says: "At first, I saw the models walking around outside and it seemed like it was quite fun, so I joined them, but when I stuck my head out, I could feel a very strong pull of gravity. It was scary and I felt faint." Maria loves exhilarating experiences though and she is planning to go to Australia next year to do a bungee jump, proving that the greater your artisty, the greater your courage.

MSHK 2001, Shirley Yeung's news:

[Ta Kung Pao 15/11/06]

Shirley Yeung Wants to Travel Tibet by Train

Shirley Yeung was guest at the opening of a Korean cosmetics outlet yesterday and as well as receiving a satisfactory feel, the sponsors also presented her with many skincare products. Asked if she was worried about it not being suitable for her skin, she says she is not worried because she has been wearing make-up for a long time and this makes her skin very dry, so all moisturising products are good for her.

As for her fee, Shirley smiles that it is enough to buy a Christmas gift for her boyfriend Gregory Lee, but she has not though of what to get him yet. She has just finished filming for her series so she can spend Christmas celebrating with a group of friends. So what present would she most like to receive? Shirley says that she would like to have a vacation, because she has not had time to take a holiday: "I wanted to go to Tibet before, because it is very exciting and I can experience the ancient and simple lifestyle as well as travel on the new Qingdao to Tibet Railway. (Are you not afraid of suffering from altitude sickness?) If I don't do overactive things or go jogging, then it should not be a problem?"

Talking of Gregory's family being devout buddhists, has she been influenced by them in her decision to visit Tibet? Shirley says this is not the case and in truth, she has wanted to go since she went on a trip to the Silk Road with her friends but they were unable to get the plane tickets, so this was cancelled. Her boyfriend also knows she would like to go, but he will not go with her as she wants to travel with her friends.

MCI 2001, Bernice Liu news:

[Ta Kung Pao 15/11/06]

Bernice Liu Arranges Marriage for her Dogs

Bernice was invited to a jewellery promotion yesterday as a guest model and she was presented with a set of platinum jewellery. She revealed that she has been busy rehearsing her dancing for her new series and as she has been rehearsing for four hours a day, her body is very tired and she has injuries in her calves. However, she is very happy and is looking forward to her show being aired to the viewers.

Although she is busy, Bernice has still taken time out to arrange a doggie wedding for her pets Bailey and Mac and the doggie witnesses to the event were good friend Pang Kin Sang's dog OK Jai and Lo Po Man's dog Bedhi. After leaving their paw prints on the official marriage certificate, they posed for photographs in their wedding outfits. Bernice says happily: "There is just one year between them and their birthdays are very similar, but my views are verty traditional, so I feel they should get married before they start to mate." As well as receiving lucky packets from their adoptive mother Bernice, she has also bought them diamante collars as a wedding gift.

More news on Tara Conner:
Mr. Donald Trump, owner of the Miss Universe Organization and Miss USA (including Miss Universe and Miss Teen USA) will make a announcement on Tuesday, December 19, 2006. Here are the reasons why pageant officals are trying to dethrone Tara:
1. Bad behavior
2. Drugs
3. Failing to attend appearances
4. Rumors about dating Damien Fahey, Ryan Seacrest, and DJ Am's assistant
5. Wandering around NYC bars at night
Miss USA 2006, Tara Conner on the bubble right now (article courtesy of Yahoo News ():

NEW YORK - The organizers of the pageant said Thursday they are evaluating the "behavioral and personal issues" of the reigning winner and will decide her future within a week.

Pageant officials and Donald Trump, who co-owns the Organization with NBC, would not say what Kentucky native Tara Conner, 20, had done to prompt the serious evaluation.

"I can't really talk about it now," Trump said. "But we have to make a decision. There is no question about that."

Internet gossip Web site reported that pageant officials and NBC met Tuesday to discuss Conner's alleged bad behavior, "including her conduct at New York City bars." The Web site did not name its sources.

Miss USA is considered a role model and must act accordingly, said Lark-Marie Anton, spokeswoman for the Miss Universe Organization, which produces the Miss USA pageant. Behavior such as underage drinking is clearly prohibited, she said.

The organization and Trump will evaluate Conner's "behavioral and personal issues to see what we can do to work with her and what we will do about her reign going forward," the organization's president, Paula M. Shugart, said in a statement.

"Mr. Trump will make a determination and announcement within the coming week," Shugart said.

A 5-foot-5 blonde who lives in New York, Conner has been competing in pageants since age 4. She won the title of Young Miss Russell County in Kentucky at the county fair when she was 13, and by 2002 she was second runner-up in Miss Teen USA. She finished fourth in the Miss Universe pageant in July.

Trump said if Conner gets the boot runner-up Miss California Tamiko Nash would take over as Miss USA.

This wouldn't be the first time Trump has dealt with such a scenario. In 2002, Russia's Oxana Fedorova won Miss Universe but was stripped of her title after violating her contract.

"We had a Miss Universe from Russia that was a total disaster, and we fired her, and Miss Panama took over and she did great," Trump said.

Trump said he had not spoken with Conner.

A telephone message left for Conner with her grandmother was not immediately returned Thursday.


Article courtesy of TMZ ():

TMZ has learned that officials from the Miss USA pageant will make a "major announcement" today and may strip reigning Miss USA Tara Conner of her title due to inappropriate behavior.

Sources tell TMZ that executives from the Miss USA organization and NBC (which broadcasts the pageant) met Tuesday to discuss Conner and alleged incidents of her inappropriate behavior, including her conduct at New York City bars. While no one from the pageant would comment on the rumored troubles, several sources tell TMZ that a big announcement is expected some time Thursday. According to these sources, officials are extremely unhappy with the current Miss USA's conduct in public.

Pageant rules say that if Connor is removed, first runner-up Miss California Tamiko Nash will assume the duties of Miss USA and complete the remainder of the beauty queen's reign. When TMZ contacted a rep for Nash, we were told they could "neither confirm nor deny" that she would be taking over the title.

Twenty-year-old Conner, who hails from Russell Springs, Kentucky, was crowned Miss USA in April of 2006. As part of her duties Connor often takes part in high profile media events. She recently for a "Pirates of the Caribbean" promotion in Baltimore.

UPDATE: Donald Trump, who owns the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, told CNN that "Reports that Miss USA is being 'dethroned' are absolutely not true." He then said that Conner is "going through some personal problems and difficulties right now which could affect her ability to reign. We are right now looking into what we can do to work with her and what we will do about her reign going forward."

UPDATE: The Miss USA Organization has issued
"Miss USA Tara Conner has not been dethroned. The Miss Universe Organization and Mr. Donald J. Trump will be evaluating her behavioral and personal issues to see what we can do to work with her, and what we will do about her reign going forward. Mr. Trump will make a determination and announcement within the coming week."


Miss Hong Kong 2006, Aimee Chan visits Beijing school (articles translated and courtesy of TVBSpace, ):

[Ta Kung Pao & Ming Pao 06/12/06]

Aimee Chan Makes Cookies for Charity

Miss Hong Kong winner Aimee Chan was invited by the China Hong Kong Trade Association to visit a rural school in Beijing earlier on a four-day goodwill tour and as well as joining the ladies on the visit in baking some cookies to sell, she also helped to design the packaging. When the students saw her, they were very excited and as she handed out some of the cookies to the children, she wished them a very happy Christmas with their families, to enjoy the lovingly made cookies and work hard at their studies, so that they can make links with Hong Kong in the future. Although the classroom was very simple, the warm welcome and enthusiasm from the children everything seem very homely. As they received the cookies from her, the students all smiled widely and asked her for her autograph and when it was time to say goodbye, they all didn't want her to leave.

Later, Aimee took part in the Trade Associations Annual Dinner, where she conducted the sale of the Charity cookies. She encouraged the support of the delegates to bring happiness to the children and successfully sold all of her cookies. She feels that this trip has helped to promote links between Hong Kong and the mainland and to take part was a great honour. She hopes that she can take part in more activities like this in the future and spread the message of love in China.


[Ta Kung Pao & Ming Pao 07/12/06]

Suki Chui says TVB is Putting No Pressure on her

Suki Chui was dressed as a sweetie girl for a shopping mall event yesterday where she joined Santa Claus in revealing Hong Kong's largest sweet dispensing machine and helping children to make their own chocolate. She says that she likes to each chocolate and she has made chocolate desserts in the past, but she had not met her current boyfriend then, so he has not tasted her cooking because he does not like sweet things.

Suki and her boyfriend have been the focus of the media and some reports recently have suggested that TVB have been putting pressure on her to lower the profile of their relationship, leading to Suki moving out of his home and returning to her family home in Tsing Yi. Asked if TVB is putting pressure on her, she says: "The company is very good and they just told me I have to be diligent with my work and have not told me I cannot date. (Your relationship has become low profile lately?) Because I have more work, I have been filming series and hosting. (You rarely ride in your boyfriend's car now?) Because I usually get a taxi. (You have moved out of your boyfriend's home?) We have never lived together and I have lived with my family in Tsing Yi all along. Even if move closer to TVB city in the future to be more convenient for work, I will still live with my family."

As for the continued focus on her relationship and all the gossip, Suki was asked if her boyfriend has been unhappy about this. She says: "He feels that I should treasure every opportunity and my parents and everyone else want me to do well in my career. (How about your boyfriend?) He is among my friends. (Is your relationship starting to fade?) It is still steady like before and has not changed. (Are you worried the reports will affect your boyfriend?) Work is more important. (If the company wants to split you up, would you choose your career or your relationship?) The company will not do this." Suki does not know whether she can spend Christmas with her boyfriend because she does not know her work schedule yet and if there is work, then she has to do it, so she is using her spare time now to buy some gifts for her friends.

Congratulations to Dustin Konzelman and Kandice Pelletier (Miss California 2005 and Miss New York 2005 represectively) for finishing 4th at CBS's The Amazing Race 10. They finished 1st for two legs, leg 7th and 8th. Both beauty queens competed at Miss America 2006 but failed to make the top 10.
Miss World 2006 visits New York City for her first time (article courtesy of The Miss World organization, ):
The stunning white dress worn by Tat’ana Kucharova when she was crowned Miss World 2006 has raised an astonishing $34,000 (£17k) at a charity auction in New York.

A group of Wall Street businessmen dished out for the lucky white dress when the great and the good of Czech society joined the local fashionista to celebrate the best in fashion coming out of the Czech Republic.

Czech models and fashion designers joined forces to provide vital support to disadvantaged children by taking part in the BeneFashion event (30 November) at New York’s uber-cool Milk Gallery.  The event included works by Czech designers Libena Rochova, Monika Drapalova, Denisa Nova, Hana Zarubova, and was organised by the city’s Czech Centre to raise funds and awareness for the Sunflower Foundation.

The auction lot included the dress, donated by Czech fashion house Taiza, plus two dinners with charity founder and former Miss World contestant Helena Houdova.

The Sunflower Foundation believes that education is the key to a better life for disadvantaged children. Sunflower strives to help children around the world overcome the burdens of poverty, disease or disability to become healthy, educated, self sustaining, and contributing

Tatana posing on a ship
 members of society.

After the event, Helena said:  “We are so pleased that Tat’ana was able to join us here tonight.  She is a very warm and special person.  The money raised by the sale of the dress is amazing.  That will allow us to do so much more good work.”

Tat’ana said: “There are few things that are with you at times when the world around you is changing.  This dress is one of those things.  It is very special to me and I will never forget how I felt wearing it.  I helped design the dress and it brought me luck in Warsaw.  I hope that someone else can get a lot of enjoyment out of owning it.”

Tatana looks through to view the buildings
Tat’ana was in New York for three days – her first time to the United States!

The trip started with a night at Madison Square Garden as special guest of the New York Rangers ice hockey team at their game against the Atlanta Thrashers.  After cheering the teams in a thrilling match, Tat’ana joined the Czech players for dinner and caught up on news from home.

News courtesy of TVB Space ():

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 29/11/06]

Hacken Lee and Emily Lo's Million Dollar Wedding Banquet

Congratulations to Hacken and Emily!

Hacken Lee and Emily Lo have finally ended their thirteen year courtship and tied the knot at Tsimshatsui's Intercontinental Hotel with a 46-table banquet. The best man and chief bridesmaid were Andy Lau and Emily's younger sister and the brothers and sisters entourage included Joey Leung, Lau Wai Hang, Chin Kwok Wai, Margaret Chung, Ada Choi and Stephanie Che. A hundred people from the press were also present to cover the event. At this marriage, there was no 'collection of the bride' or registration, just a ten minute session for the press to take some photographs. Hacken had also prepared a press release statement for the reporters, telling of their happiness and some details about the event.

Hacken and Emily just used 'Very Happy' to describe their feelings. In the statement, Hacken indicated: "As the bridegroom on my big day, there is so much to do. The banquet will be a grand, but simple affair and we have not prepared any particular entertainment or any big prize raffles for it. We have no plans to have our next generation just yet, we just want to share our happy occasion with our family and good friends and celebrate our transition into the next stage of our lives."

"When the banquet begins, everyone will hear an old song playing at the hotel that is 'You are my sunshine" and this will be the entrance music because this was the first song that I wrote for Emily when I was dating her, so there is a special meaning. Our menu is very simple and it is not like the reports have suggested to be caviar and duck liver pate. The Wynners concert will be taking place at the Coliseum in February and not at my wedding party. The only special event arranged is that I will be showing a video of us when we were having our wedding photos taken in England, to share our happiness with us. I will say this again that I will not be going on a honeymoon and will continue working and promoting my record."
Congratulations also to MSHK 1992 #20, Siao Yuk-Yin who has married to Ben Chan, a Singaporean oil business man. They married on November 13, 2006, where former MSHK contestants were in attendence.
Koni Lui at Miss International 2006:
News courtesy of TVB Space, :

[The Sun 13/11/06]

Konnie Lui takes 2 Awards at Miss International

Miss Hong Kong second runner-up Konnie Lui has been representing Hong Kong at this year's Miss International Pageant held in Beijing on Saturday and she took the award for "Miss Friendship" in addition to her earlier award for "Most Alluring Smile".

Miss Hong Kong winner Aimee Chan was at an event yesterday and she indicated that she was very happy for Konnie and she will be meeting Konnie at the airport when she returns. "I really miss her and of course I am very happy for her winning two awards! (Do you feel any pressure for the forthcoming Miss Chinese International Pageant?) No, I will make more friends and gain more experiences."

News courtesy of Charmpress ():
MCI 2006, Ina Lui has joined the entertainment industry:
The reigning Miss Chinese International Ina Lui of Johannesburg has landed on the showbiz world in Taiwan. The Taiwan born top Chinese beauty queen has signed an exclusive deal with TVB-G to boost her showbiz career.
Beauty queens win TVB awards:
Congratulations to Charmaine Sheh (Maiden's Vow) for taking My Favorite TVB Actress and Best Actress award. Following up is Shirley Yeung (Always Ready) for taking the Best Supporting Actress award. Then we have the Most Improved Female Artiste to Linda Chung. Lastly is the Best Promotional Clip to Miss Chinese International 2006 "Utlimate Beauty." Fala Chen helped receive the award.
Yesterday night in Hong Kong, the Miss Asia 2006 pageant was held in Macau for it's first time. 24 contestants around Asia competed for the crown. In the end, contestant #8, Miss Kazakhstan, Daryna Shevchenko won the crown. She also bagged the Perfect Body Award and Miss Elquence and Grace, which was voted online. First runner up went to number 18's Kelo Mang from Hong Kong/ Macau. She also received the Brightest Smile award. Big favorite, Daisy Han of China (number 4) took 2nd runner up and Miss Goodwill Ambassador. Miss Friendship went to number 17, Anna Karina Renta from The Philippines. Miss Photogenic went to another big favorite, Miss Hong Kong/ Macau's number 3, Judy Tsang. Having the best figures of the competition, number 9's Bella Chen from Taiwan only made the top 8. ATV's swimsuits this year were too revealing, as number 11's Miss Korea revealed her breast. The elimination process was quite cruel, 24 to 16 to 8 to the top 3. Having only 16 years of age, Miss Kazakhstan makes history as the youngest Miss Asia, first winner from Asia, first winner with golden hair, and first winner from Kazakhstan. Congratulations!
Daryna Shevchenko from Kazakhstan wearing the Miss Asia 2006 crown last night in Hong Kong.
Miss Asia 2006 Results:
Miss Asia 2006 - #8 Daryna Shevchenko (Kazakhstan)
1st Runner Up
- #18 Kelo Mang (Hong Kong)
2nd Runner Up
- #4 Daisy Han (China)
Miss Photogenic
- #3 Judy Tsang (Hong Kong)
Miss Goodwill Ambassador
- #4 Daisy Han (China)
Miss Friendship
- #17 Anna Renta (Philippines)
Miss Charismatic -
#7 Cherie Shi (China)

Miss Perfect Figure
- #8 Daryna Shevchenko (Kazakhstan)
Miss Elegance and Grace
- #8 Daryna Shevchenko (Kazakhstan)
Miss Brightest Smile
- #18 Kelo Mang (Hong Kong)
Top 8 finalists:
#1 Yin Le (China), #3 Judy Tsang (HK), #9 Bella Chen (Taiwan), #10 Erin Dong (China) and #19 Leader Zhao (China)
Top 16 semifinalists: #2 Melanie Kannokada (India), #5 Mika Iwasaki (Japan), #7 Cherie Shi (China), #11 Yebeen Jeong (Korea), #12 Katy Yip (HK), #16 Sasa Deng (China), #21 Vanessa Cheong (Macau) and #23 Panida Srita (Thailand)

Top 19 quarterfinalists:
#6 Uny Lau (HK), #13 Mary Yan (China), Anna Renta (Philippines), and #22 Lisa Jing (China)
Awards announced earlier:
Best National Costume: #5, Miss Japan, #8, Miss Kazakhstan, and #17, Miss Philippines
Media's Favorite: #18, Miss Hong Kong MR, Mang Ling
Msis Popularity: #14, Miss Lam Yen Nee, Miss Malaysia
Related articles:
Miss Chinese Cosmos 2006 results:
Winner: #9, Echo Huang Cheng Zi (China)
1st runner up: #14, Ada Lau Zi-Jiao (Australia)
2nd runner up: #23, Bubble Yau (China)
Top 6 finalists: #7, Miss Young (China), #10, Miss Tsui (Guangwest), and #15, Miss Leung (China). There was also a top 12 list.
Miss Internet Popularity: #9, Echo Huang (China)
Miss Photogenic:#23, Bubble Yau (China)
Miss Energetic: #23, Bubble Yau (China)
Miss Culture Exposure: #12, Miss Dong (Malaysia)
Miss Friendship: #25, Miss Wong
Miss Media Favorite (In Switzerland): #17, Miss Chow
On October 28, 2006,  the Miss Chinese Cosmos 2006 pageant was held in The Asia Expo in Hong Kong. It was organized by Phoenix TV, a Hong Kong television network. After having competition in dancing, swimsuit, interview, and more, number 9's Miss Echo Huang emerged as the winner. She also took the Miss Internet Popularity award. Her chinese name is called Wong Orange Zi, in which was quite a weird name. When asked why was she named like that, she said "It's quite simple. My father's last name is Wong and my mother is named Chu. Chu is red and when mixed with wong (yellow) forms orange. In a way I am both my mother and father, so I was named Orange." First runner up was Ada Lau who was also Miss Sydney Chinese 2001 (participated at MCI 2002 but failed to place. The winner was Shirley Zhou of Vancouver) took 2nd. Interesting notes are that the elimination process for the top 12 was like MSHK 2003, where one delegate was on a elevator and if they went down, they were out. HK Singer, Chow Wai Man was a judge at the pageant.
On October 19, 2006, the delegates paraded in national costumes. A group of judges viewed the delegates. Then from the batch of 24 they chose 3 Best National Costume winners. They include:
Number 5, Miss Japan, number 8, Miss Kazakhstan, and number 17, Miss Philippines.

The 24 contestants have attended press conferences and Lok Fuk Jewelry Stores to see the crown worth $1,380,000 HKD. This year's winner will also have a $500,000 HKD cash prize. Yesterday, contestant number 24 (from Taiwan), 10 (from Shandong), and 22 (from Heilongjiang) got to wear the 2nd, 1st, and winner's crown represectively.

Contestant number 22, Miss Heilongjiang, China wearing the $1,380,000 HKD crown.

Miss Popularity and Media's Favorite announced:

On October 12, 2006, the 24 delegates traveled to Macau for a promotion and feast for a Macau hotel. The local press chose their Media's Favorite winner and Contestant number 18, Miss Mang Ling from HKMR won the title. The second award was Miss Popularity, chosen by the ATV staff and delegates. In the end, Contestant number 14, Miss Malaysia, Lam Yen Nee won the title. Congratulations to both! 

Also log onto the offical Miss Asia ATV Site () to vote for the winner of Miss Elegant.


10/14/06: (Taken from ):

No. 1. 尹 樂
Name: Yin Le
Country: China (Shandong)
Age: 19
Height: 5'9"
Measurements: 35" 24" 36"
Education: High School
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Dancing、Gymnasium

No. 2. 美蘭妮‧簡洛卡達
Name: Melanie Kannokada
Country: India
Age: 22
Height: 5'4"
Measurements: 33" 24" 36"
Education: University
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Playing the Piano、Nautch dance、Sports、Hiking、Karate

No. 3. 曾 敏
Name: Tsang Man, Judy
Country: China (HKMR)
Age: 20
Height: 5'7"
Measurements: 32" 22" 32"
Education: University
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Swimming、Painting

No. 4. 韓 燕
Name: Han Yan , Daisy
Country: China (Xinjiang)
Age: 21
Height: 5'6"
Measurements: 35" 24" 34"
Education: University
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Singing、Calligraphy

No. 5. 岩崎美香
Name: Mika Iwasaki
Country: Japan
Age: 22
Height: 5'7"
Measurements: 34" 24" 34"
Education: Diploma
Occupation: Model
Hobbies: Swimming、Sports、Cooking

No. 6. 劉宇軒
Name: Lau Yu Hin, Uny
Country: China (HKMR)
Age: 21
Height: 5'3"
Measurements: 32" 21" 33"
Education: Secondary
Occupation: Secretary
Hobbies: Singing、Hiking、Photography、Playing the Piano、Yoga

No. 7. 史 妍
Name: Shi Yan, Cherie
Country: China (Jilin)
Age: 22
Height: 5'9"
Measurements: 33" 24" 36"
Education: Master
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Daning、Fashion、Tennis

No. 8. 達蓮娜‧舒夫真高
Name: Daryna Shevchenko
Country: Kazakhstan
Age: 16
Height: 5'9"
Measurements: 34" 24" 35"
Education: Secondary
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Photography、Dancing、Gymnasium

No. 9. 陳瑀涵
Name: Chen Yu Han , Bella
Country: Taiwan
Age: 22
Height: 5'7"
Measurements: 36" 24" 35"
Education: University
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Watching movie、Playing the Paino

No. 10. 董 玥
Name: Dong Yue, Erin
Country: China (Shandong)
Age: 22
Height: 5'7.5"
Measurements: 33" 23" 34"
Education: University
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Watching movie、Reading、Traveling、Dancing

No. 11. 周正莉
Name: Jeong Ju Ri, Yebeen
Country: Korea
Age: 22
Height: 5'7"
Measurements: 35" 25" 36"
Education: University
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Dancing、Singing、Writing、Reading

No. 12. 葉 燕
Name: Yip Yin, Katy
Country: China (HKMR)
Age: 24
Height: 5'6"
Measurements: 34.5" 24" 34"
Education: University
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Singing、Swimming、Hiking、Reading

No. 13. 楊嘉藝
Name: Yang Jiayi, Mary
Country: China (Sichuan)
Age: 19
Height: 5'6.5"
Measurements: 33" 24" 34"
Education: University
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Singing、Swimming、Traveling

No. 14. 林燕妮
Name: Lim Yen Nee
Country: Malaysia
Age: 18
Height: 5'6.5"
Measurements: 32" 24" 35"
Education: Secondary
Occupation: Model
Hobbies: Yoga、Belly Dance、Singing

No. 15. 汪雨晨
Name: Wang Yuchen, Donnie
Country: China (HKMR)
Age: 17
Height: 5'11.5"
Measurements: 33" 25" 35"
Education: Secondary
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Reading、Swimming、Music

No. 16. 鄧 莎
Name: Deng Sha, Sasa
Country: China (Hunan)
Age: 20
Height: 5'4.5"
Measurements: 32" 24" 35"
Education: University
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Recital、Calligraphy、Playing PiPa、Pop-music

No. 17. 安娜嘉蓮娜‧雲達
Name: Anna Karina Renta
Country: Philippine
Age: 23
Height: 5'4.5"
Measurements: 32" 24" 34"
Education: University
Occupation: Model
Hobbies: Singing、Music、Sports

No. 18. 孟 玲
Name: Mang Ling, Kelo
Country: China (HKMR)
Age: 22
Height: 5'7"
Measurements: 35" 24" 35"
Education: University
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Reading、Make-up

No. 19. 趙帥晶
Name: Zhao Shuaijing, Leader
Country: China (Hubei)
Age: 19
Height: 5'7"
Measurements: 33" 24" 34"
Education: University
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Playing Badminton、Music、Playing Gu-zheng

No. 20. 伊菲‧羅莎蘭
Name: Erlynna Roslan
Country: Singapore
Age: 20
Height: 5'6.5"
Measurements: 32" 24" 34"
Education: University
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Canoeing、Singing、Reading

No. 21. 蔣旺萍
Name: Cheong Wong Peng, Vanessa
Country: China (HKMR)
Age: 21
Height: 5'4.5"
Measurements: 34" 24" 34"
Education: Matriculation
Occupation: Dancing Teacher
Hobbies: Dancing、Singing、Swimming、Cooking

No. 22. 靜慧博
Name: Jing Huibo, Lisa
Country: China (Heilongjiang)
Age: 23
Height: 5'6.5"
Measurements: 33" 24" 34"
Education: Double Major
Occupation: Banker
Hobbies: Calligraphy、Singing

No. 23. 彭麗娜‧士他
Name: Panida Srita
Country: Thailand
Age: 22
Height: 5'6.5"
Measurements: 32" 23" 34"
Education: University
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Playing Volleyball、Dancing、Singing、Cooking

No. 24. 李美珍
Name: Lee Mei Chen, Gina
Country: Taiwan
Age: 22
Height: 5'8.5"
Measurements: 34" 25" 35"
Education: University
Occupation: Model
Hobbies: Singing、Dancing、Watching movie
The pageant will be held on October 29, 2006. This year marks the most delegates in the pageant, with 24 (6 from HK/Macau, 8 from China, 8 from Asia, and 2 from Taiwan). Yesterday they had a cooking competition and where the delegqates were divided into 3 groups, each cooking in a different style (Japanese, Portuguese, and Chinese). In the end, 3 Mainland China delegates, numbers 7, 15, and 22, represectively made the top 3, and #7's Miss Cherie Shi representing Jilin, China won the competition.

Janet comes back from Miss World, Koni to Miss International:

[The Sun 04/10/06]

Janet Chow's Favourite Wins Miss World

Miss Hong Kong runner-up Janet Chow has returned from her trip to take part in the Miss World Pageant in Poland and says that she knew that Miss Czech Republic would take the crown.

She explains that when they went to watch a horse race, among the fifty contestants present, only Miss Czech Republic chose the winning horse and she was chosen to present the prize on the stage. Janet experienced VIP treatment on her trip and visited many churches and castles as well as making many friends from around the world. In December, she will be making a trip to attend Miss Singapore's wedding.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 06/10/06]

Konnie Lui to take part in Miss International

Miss Hong Kong second runner up Konnie Lui will be heading out on the 12th to Tokyo, Japan to take part in a two week training camp before representing Hong Kong at the 2006 Miss International Pageant on 11th November in Beijing.

Konnie had her fitting for her national costume and evening grown yesterday and she received good luck gifts of a card and photographs from Aimee Chan and Janet Chow. Janet has just returned from the Miss World Contest, so her words of advice to Konnie was to remember to take a mirror and a hairdryer with her and to just go with the intention of making friends to reduce the pressure.

Konnie says that she has written down Janet's tips in her notebook and she will be preparing some jade mirrors and Hong Kong night scene pictures as souvenirs for the other contestants. Asked if she is confident in this contest, she says: "Winning or losing doesn't matter, I would like to make some more friends at the contest and competing against girls from many different countries will bring me a lot of rewards. This is my first time in Beijing and I would like to visit the Great Wall and be a true Chinese."

Comments: Koni has a beautiful national costume but her gown is too plain. Just when TVB did a good job for Janet's Miss World gown, they mess up here. Her gown looks like the girl in Wonderland. Though, the people might like her white gown as she looks tall and fit in it. Wish Koni the best of luck to make the top 12!
Mandy Cho back in Hong Kong! (courtesy of ):

[The Sun 22/09/06]

After winning Miss Hong Kong and being promoted by TVB earlier, Mandy Cho upset the executives at the beginning of the year, leaving her dumped in favour of up and coming star Linda Chung. Rumours suggest that as TVB had half given up with her progress, she was allowed to take 9 months off to study Gemology in America.

Reports indicate that Mandy's contract with TVB does not end until 2009, so she is faced with a rather unsure future ahead of her. She arrived back in Hong Kong on Wednesday evening with five cases of luggage and was quickly met by her parents. Some male fans gathered around her asking for her autograph and to take a photo with them. Asked if she has finished her studies, she says: "I have been in America for nine months now, studying Gemstone Identification. I have not had any new work yet, but I will be discussing this with TVB shortly." After saying this, Mandy quickly left with her parents in her father's work car.

Miss Hong Kong Clips:

I was only 3 years old at this year, so I don't remember watching it. Wish I had the tape. Anyway, just love her energy and humor. That is 1994's 2nd runner up, Theresa Lee. After watching some MSHK 1994 clips, I loved her. Her answers were witty and spontaneous. Especially the top 5 segment regarding the plastic surgery and loser part. A must watch:

Any fans remember this?
On August 12, 2006 1 a.m., 14 delegates fighted for the title and crown of Miss NY Chinese 2006. After more than 2 hours of competition, Sirena Wang took the crown. She also bagged Miss Internet Popularity, Miss Fitness, and Miss Talent. Coming in second was Maggie Weng. She also won the Miss Photogenic award. Misses Ashley Zhu, Susan Liu, and Jane Teng respectively took 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Sirena would represent NYC at the upcoming Miss Chinese International 2007 pageant. Make NY proud!
Miss NY Chinese 2006 results:
Miss New York Chinese 2006: #13 Sirena Wang

1st Runner-Up: #8 Maggie Weng
2nd Runner-Up: #12 Ashley Zhu
3rd Runner-Up: #9 Susan Liu
4th Runner-Up: #4 Jane Teng

Special Awards:
Miss Talent: #13 Sirena Wang
Miss Photogenic: #8 Maggie Weng
Miss Internet Popularity: #13 Sirena Wang
Miss Farah Perfect Figure: #13 Sirena Wang
Miss Friendship: #2 Adeline Chui


Miss NY Chinese 2006 predictions:
Winner: Number 13, Sirena Wang
1st runner up: Number 9, Susan Liu
2nd runner up: Number 6, Audrey Diao
3rd runner up: Number 8, Maggie Weng
4th runner up: Number 5, Yin Zhang
Six days ago, the 12 finalists for Miss NY Chinese met with the press and visit sponsors at 10 am. Two days ago, the 12 finalists met the press again for selecting Miss Photogenic. Here are some more information found on .
Photographers Needed! Miss Photogenic Competition July 15th

 On July 21 and 22, next event for photography competition will be visiting the Chinatown and Harvard University in Boston with Finalists. 

Time: July 21 & 22, 2006 - 8:00AM
Tour ticket for Photographer: $170.00

Note: This event is limited to the first 10 photographers that apply. 

Translated from a small article from SingTao (there is no article link):

Tiffany Lam back in Hong Kong.

Title: One Holds Two, shopping, Tiffany Lam and housewife grabs clothes.

Former Miss Hong Kong Tiffany Lam finished her duties as Miss Hong Kong 3 years ago, entered the Showbiz for quite a time, then left the Showbiz to return to The United States to organize/ help family business. But earlier Tiffany returned back to Hong Kong, with her 2 sisters to cheap clothes, business people do know how to calculate.

Last week, Tiffany bought her 2 sisters to Gold Clock Mall for shopping. She and her sisters went to discount price stores for shopping. They went into the store, and divided up to shop. She and another woman grabbed clothes together, and Tiffany bought clothes that were half price off or more. When all added up, it costed less than $100 HKD. After a long walk, she left the store with a large clothes page, Afterwards she shopped for beauty products and make up. Tired afterwards, she rested for 10 minutes and later at a cafe for tea. She left in a car afterwards.

News below courtesy of :
Mr. Hong Kong winners collect their prizes!

[Wen Wei Po 13/07/06]

Mr Hong Kong winner Francois Huynh and Fitness Group winner Otto Chan attended a beauty centre to collect their prizes yesterday, where they received treatment programmes worth $135,000 and $35,000 respectively and Francois also received a cash prize of $30,000. Francois says that after winning, he has been dressing smarter, because he now represents Hong Kong.

Asked how he has been celebrating, Francois says that he has been dining out with his family and his brother Stephen has praised his performance on the night and at the same time encouraging him to work hard at building a career in showbiz. In winning the competition, the other prizes he has received so far includes $20,000 in cash, two watches and some Chinese herb vouchers. He has put the cash into paying off his Spanish Dancing lessons and he has given the watches and the herbs to his father and mother. Francois says he is now working hard at improving his Chinese and is often watching television in the hope that he has the chance to film a series. He has a special admiration for Niki Chow, saying: "She is pretty and adorable."

Otto has been celebrating with his friends and later, he hopes to invite all the other Mr Hong Kong contestants out for a reunion. Otto will be using his prize money to buy some new clothes as well as saving some up. His original job has been put on hold for him to enter the contest, but he is not worried about running out of money: "Because I am not a big spender."

Miss Chinese International beauties flim for new drama.

[The Sun 12/07/06]

The four beauties Fala Chen, Linda Chung, Yoyo Mung and Carrie Lam were working on the first day of filming for Lau Ka Ho's new series (tentatively titled "Sheung Wan's Four Beauties") in a scene where Fala was taking part in a swimming contest and her friends were there to lend their support. For the scene, Fala was dressed in a sexy bikini, showing off her figure and far outshining the other girls, who were just in tops and hotpants. During the shoot, Fala was allowed the luxury of cooling off in the water, whilst the other girls fried on the beach in the heat of the sun.

However, Fala complained about the filming being unfair to her: "It is not fair! Why is it just me who has to wear a bikini? (You seem to be wearing bikinis a lot in recent filming?) Yes, they are usually summer scenes, but it is just to tie in with the script and wearing a swimsuit makes the shoot more exciting. (Are you afraid people will get bored of your look?) No, you have to wear a swimsuit to go swimming! (Have you prepared against revealing yourself?) The swimsuit doesn't have pads, so I had to sew my own in there and I have used a lot of tape, so it is very safe."

Yoyo, Linda and Carrie all praised Fala's figure and Yoyo said that she was very envious of her being able to get into the water. "If only I was in my swimsuit today as well, it would be better than being fried by the sun. (Fala has stolen the limelight today?) That is what the scene is about and her figure is very good so she looks good in a bikini." As for Linda, she would prefer to be on the beach and she does not want to appear in a swimsuit: "I am very scared of filming in a swimsuit as I am scared of revealing myself and will be very uncomfortable, so I would rather bake and let Fala do the water scenes."

Miss Chinese International 2005 winner, Leanne Li will be fliming her first series, Love Guaranteed. Inside there, MCI 1996 runner up, Melissa Ng and Miss Singapore Universe 1991, Eileen Yeow are also in the series.
Article courtesy of .

[The Sun 10/07/06]

After the Mr Hong Kong Contest was held on Saturday evening, there has followed many complaints that as the winner Francois Huynh hails from France, this is not a true representation of the Mr Hong Kong meaning. Some viewers have even complained to TVB, saying that they couldn't cast their vote because of system problems on the night. Faced with this, Francois immediately responded by talking about how much he loves Hong Kong.

Francois seemed unfazed by the accusations as he celebrated his victory yesterday with his family and his brother, Stephen, who lost out in the same competition last year. As they enjoyed dim sum at a restaurant, one of his fans asked for a photograph. In response to the questions over his 'identity', Francois indicated how much he loves Hong Kong: "Although I grew up in France, my parents are from Hong Kong and when they held a Mr France contest earlier, I didn't take part, but instead, I came back here to take part in Mr Hong Kong instead. This proves I am proud to be a Hong Kong person." Stephen supported his brother by pushing the focus onto last year's winner Matthew Ko: "Matthew returned from Canada to take part!" He praises his brother for bringing the honour to his family.

In response to the complaints about the voting system breakdown, the show's producer Chin Kwok Wai responded saying: "That is right, there were some computer problems on the night, but it was fixed immediately and with TVB being such a large company, we could not ignore this... all in all, we received all the votes that came in and the judges at the event were able to make their selections. (Some judges suggested that they couldn't vote for their choices because their systems weren't working?) There was just a small group of people who couldn't vote, this is not surprising."

The Mr. Hong Kong 2006 competition was held yesterday night at TKO TVB city. People around Hong Kong voted for the ultimate winner out of the top 3 and more than 600 women voted for the top 2 winners for each group. After hours of competition, Francois Wong, succeeded his brother, Stephen Wong, took the title of Mr. Hong Kong 2006. Number 2, Otto Chan Chi Kin won the fitness group title. Like last year's format, they narrowed the group down by voting. 
Article courtesy of TVBSpace:

The second Mr Hong Kong Contest held by TVB took place last night at TVB City and at the very last moment, Number 1 Francois Huynh beat Number 2 Otto Chan Chi Kin and last year's winner Matthew Ko to take the title for this year and in a way seeking revenge for his elder brother Stephen, who lost out to Matthew last year. Francois wins over $400,000 worth of prizes and cash.

In the same format as last year, the result was decided in a vote by the ladies in the audience and also the viewers at home. Guests at the show included models Rosemary, Amanda S as well as female artistes such as Angela Tong, Christine Ng, Yoyo Mung, Fala Chen, Yoyo Mung, Bernice Liu and Myolie Wu. Singers were represented by Ella Koon, Rain Li and Yumiko Cheng and Miss Hong Kong winners Tracy Ip, Sharon Luk, Carrie Lam and Shermon Tang were also present. After the frenzy of last year, Christine seemed to have calmed down a bit this year,but she still had the chance to get close to the men this year as Francois and Matthew both had to hold her whilst skipping. Christine laughs: "I have wanted to do this for so long!" She explained that she had to tie in with her character in "Welcome to the Family", so she has to tone down her behaviour this year.

The first round for the contest was the 'special talent' round, where Number 12 Billy Lam Yau Fei came top with 219 votes, but Number 6 Kenneth Wong Ka Lok, Number 10 Siu Cheuk Ming and Number 14 Leung Wai Kuen were eliminated. For the 'style' group, Francois took the lead with 208 votes and the three who were eliminated were Number 3 Bryan Pun Kwok Kei, Number 7 Chan Leung Wai and Number 13 Lam Kwan Ming.

The second round was the swimwear round and whilst the girls did plenty of staring, Billy received 284 votes, whilst Number 8 Ho Siu Kai was ousted. In the other group, Francois led again with 285 points and Number 11 Wong Tin Chau was eliminated.

The third round consisted of some Brazilian dancing and Billy continued to take the lead with 421 points, leaving Number 4 Leung Kwok Yin to go out. Francois won this round again for the other group, where Number 5 Yiu Ho Ching was eliminated.

After the elimination rounds,Francois firstly emerged as the winner of the 'Style' group and Otto was selected as the winner of the fitness group. They then went head to head with Matthew, who gave a performance of hip hop, but he slipped and fell over, losing out on retaining the title. Quizzed by the audience about whether he felt he should pull out because he has not done anything since winning last year, he pulled a face and did not answer.

The highlight of the event was when the fourteen contestants paraded in their swimming trunks, showing off their muscles and as they came out from the pool, they were even more alluring with the water sliding off their bodies, raising a few screams from the female audience. In the question and answer session, hosts Carol Cheng, Kathy Chow and Anna Yau did their best to ask awkward questions, such as asking the men to predict what they find the most unattractive out of the three 'Men's Pains' of impotence, poverty and baldness. Francois guessed that Carol would find impotence as the worst of the three, to which she asked: "Which area would be impotent?" For Francois, who hails from France, his Chinese is not very good, so he was hesitant with his response, leaving some of the women a little confused. Otto selected the same answer, but was no match for the quick wit of Carol.

New Mr Hong Kong Francois is very excited and he feels that his dancing won it for him. Talking of his brother Stephen losing out to Matthew last year and whether he as had the last laugh this time, he denies this. Matthew was very disappointed that he did not win for a second year.

Otto was not disappointed at losing out at the final hurdle, because he was very surprised to emerge as his group winner. For Billy, who lost out to him at the last round, he said that his dancing let him down, but he has enjoyed the experience and made lots of friends. He is interested in staying in showbiz.

For Myolie, this is her first time in the judging panel for Mr Hong Kong and she wore a low cut evening dress, shocking some of the audience with her extra weight. She says: "I daren't wear anything too low cut, because I was afraid that my flab would ooze out." She says that as her body is too plump, she cannot wear designer clothes any more. As for her criteria for judging, she says: "I will choose someone with inner beauty, they don't have to be muscly, they need a good figure."

Bernice broke her usual sexy attire, wearing a watch worth $260,000 with a rather conservative outfit. She explains that she has just finished filming so she did not have too much time to get ready. She felt that the men were all very fit and she will be concentrating more on a healthy image. She felt that the Brazilian dance was very difficult. As for the men's bodies, she laughs: "Last year I didn't get to touch them, if I get the chance, I would like to have a feel of their muscles."


Mr. Hong Kong 2006 news courtesy of :
The contestants practice dancing for tomorrow night's show.
The fourteen Mr Hong Kong contestants were gathered at Tseung Kwan O yesterday to rehearse their Brazilian dance for this Saturday's finale show. Big Guy Number 8 Bernie Ho Shiu Kai's dance was about half a beat behind everyone else and it was rather amusing. He says: "I don't want to kick anyone, because it is too crowded here and I have to be aware of the safety of the person behind me, so I did the actions a little slower."

Dance and sport lover Number 13 Johnny Lam Kwan Meng had plasters over his hands and he says: "I have had three lessons and it is good fun but hard work. I think my ligaments have loosened up." Number 1 Francois Huynh has danced so hard that he has injured his shoulder and his thigh as he laughs his brother Stephen hasn't had time to give him any tips for the competition.

Carol Cheng, Anna Yau, and Kathy Chow (Unforgettable Taste host and model) will be the hosts of the final. Like last year, 600 ladies would be the judges. Number 4, Kelvin Kwok, the one to beat?
Carol "Dodo" Cheng, Anna Yau and Kathy Chow will be hosting the Mr Hong Kong Contest on Saturday and yesterday they met the fourteen contestants, who introduced themselves and then struck a pose to show off their masculine prowess.

After taking two of the awards already, Number 4 Kelvin Leong Kwok Yin showed off his eight-pack to the MC, making Carol rather excited. She felt that the standard was very good and when she hosted the show last year, the atmosphere was great. Asked if this year's format will be the same as last year, she reveals that she only knows that aside from the first part, there will be a gradual elimination, so the whole competition will be quite exciting.

Carol was full of praise for Kelvin as she feels his muscles are amazing. Asked what she thought of Chan Yau's son, Number 7 Larry Chan Leung Wai, she said she had not seen him yet, so she does not know what he is like. When Kelvin and Larry were asked to be photographed with Carol later, Carol gave her opinion on Larry, saying frankly he needs to shed some pounds. She also finds Number 1 Francois Huynh and Number 13 Johnny Lam Kwan Meng not bad.

Kelvin was very happy when he heard about Carol's good words for him and he says that his most attractive feature is his eight-pack that he has taken a long time to work. Larry says that this is the first time he has met Carol. Does he feel he is at an advantage because he is a descendent of an artiste? He says he does not because he has also given out hard work and his father has told him to just do his best. Asked if his family will be there to support him on the night of the contest, he says that they will watch from home.

Taking part in the event for the first time, Kathy says she is very nervous because this is a new venture for her. As Kathy's younger sister Niki was one of the MC's for last year's competition, Kathy was asked if she would ask Niki for tips. She says that they have not discussed this.
Miss Asia 1997, Belinda Hamnett has anorexia. She currently weights 102 pounds, and on 7/6/06, she spoke on The RTHK show to inform us.

The Lady In Red cd is out! Inside contains songs sang by actress, including MSHK and MCI beauty queens. Myolie Wu, Melissa Ng, Linda Chung, Vivian Leo, Bernice Liu, Shermaine Sheh, are among the group,
Beauty queens in a series:
In a new TVB series (currently fliming), Linda Chung (MCI 2004), Fala Chen (MCI 2005 runner up), and Carrie Lam (MSHK 2005 2nd runner up), would join other female and male stars in a fourty episode drama. Lee Sze Ki, would also return after a 7 year absance on "The Kindred Spirit."

The 2006 Miss NY Chinese finalists are announced. View their stats, pics, and more at: .
My favorites: Number 13, 9, and 6.
Recently, MSHK 1995, Winnie Yeung announced that she has a second baby! She is already 3 months pregnant. Congratulations!
News courtesy of Miss NY Chinese Site:

This year's slogan is "hei bo, tiu jin ji or. sing kung, ming yat ji sing" (Chinese)/ translation: Begin, the challenge of oneself. Success, the star of tomorrow. This is the theme of the 2006 Miss NY Chinese pageant. On June 17th, nearly a month since the recruitment, a preliminary was organized at East Manor Restaurant to begin selection for the Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant. 12 delegates will be chosen to compete in the finals on August 12th.

Statistics & Preliminary

This year's recruitment began on April 18th & ended on May 31. Approximately 100 young ladies applied & organizers selected 42 delegates for a preliminary. Most were situated in New York, although some were from Alabama, Connecticut , Philadelphia, Cumberland, New Jersey, Georgia, & other parts of the US. The youngest delegate was 17, while the oldest was 25. The average was about 20 years old. As for education, some are students at Columbia University, while others are at New York University. Some have had experience in modeling & others have entered in other beauty pageants.


The preliminary had 3 parts. First was an introduction, second was the interview & swimsuit portion, and third was a talent performance. 12 contestants will be selected on July 5th.



After the 12 contestants have been chosen, they'll be attending various events & going through training. On July 11, there will be a shopping competition at a sponsor's shop (A & C Supermarket). July 15th, a photography competition will be held for selecting Miss Photogenic. On July 17th & 18th, the contestants will be filming an MTV. On July 21 and 22, they'll be visiting the Chinatown and Harvard University in Boston. July 28th will be the talent competition where 3 finalists will be chosen. The talent winner will be announced at the finals.



Finals will be held on August 12th at a Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. The awards are Miss Talent, Miss Photogenic, Miss Popularity, Farah Miss Perfect Figure, & Miss Friendship. This year, the 3rd & 4th runner-up will also be announced!


Winner will receive $10K cash prize, a diamond crown worth $30K from Star Win Jewelry, & many other valuable prizes. She will also represent New York in January 2007 at Miss Chinese International 2007 in Hong Kong.


My Thoughts: I think the batch this year is very good. According to Singtao, many of the 42 delegates are Universary graduates. Some coming from British Columbia, NYU, and more. This year there would also be more awards. There would also be 4th and 5th place. The final 12 delegates would be chosen out of the 42 to compete at Foxwoods Casino on August 12, 2006. Make NY proud!



Courtesy of TVB Space.
After the fourteen finalists for Mr Hong Kong have been chosen, they have been undergoing a series of training and yesterday, they were taken to a Male Slimming and Bodycare Centre for testing. After a series of examinations, Number 4 Leung Kwok Yin was announced as the fittest contestant because he already has an eight-pack, but he also has a little bit of loose flesh on either side of his waist, so he still needs to work on it.

As for Number 5 Yiu Ho Ching, he is the fattest contestant because he has a bit of a belly and needs to undergo fat reduction. The owner of the centre went on to announce that Number 12 Lam Yau Fei needs to have stretch mark removal because he has beefed up in such a short time. Number 11 is too fair and needs to tan up in the sunbeds, Number 13 Lam Kwan Ming is too skinny and needs to gain some flesh and Number 6 Wong Ka Lok has a tattoo on his arm.

Number 2 Chan Chi Kin and Number 14 Leung Wai Kuen were chosen at random to pose for the press using the testing machines. Afterwards, the press asked them to show off their abdomens and Chan Chi Kin revealed a little bit of fat, despite claiming to go to the gym three to five times a week. Asked if he would go on a diet to lose the fat, he says that he will not diet particularly, the most important thing is to be healthy. He also feels: "Having a little fat is better because it means your skin is not as dry." Leung Wai Kuen says that he does exercise usually and this is the first time he has used these machines. He says: "Now I am using these two methods, I believe the results will be very good."

The show's producer Chin Kwok Wai reveals that the fourteen Mr Hong Kong contestants will be filming on location in Hong Kong as the overseas plans have been scrapped. Asked if there have been any volunteers from women to judge this year, Mr Chin says that there have not been any up to now. With Christine Ng and Belinda Hamnett showing such a big interest last year, have they not put themselves forward? Mr Chin says he has not seen Belinda for a while now.



Number - Name - Age - Height - Weight - Occupation - Education
1. Wong Cheung Fat - 21 - 5'10" - 156 lbs - Student - Higher
2. Chan Chi Kin - 24 - 5'10" - 176 lbs - Model - High School Grad
3. Poon Kwok Kei - 24 - 5'11.25" - 165 lbs - Student - University Grad
4. Leung Kwok Yin - 24 - 5'11" - 194 - Student - University
5. Yiu Ho Ching - 28 - 5'9" - 150 lbs - Financial Planner - University Grad
6. Wong Ka Lok - 30 - 5'9" - 150 lbs - Graphic Designer - High School Grad
7. Chan Leung Wai - 26 - 5'11.5" - 168 lbs - Designer - University Grad
8. Ho Siu Kai - 25 - 5'11/5" - 177 lbs - Assistant Sales Manager - University Grad
9. Yeung Kong Ha - 19 - 5'10" - 150 lbs - Student - University
10. Siu Cheuk Ming - 36 - 5'10.75" - 169 lbs - Registered Financial Planner - University Grad
11. Wong Tin Zou - 22 - 5'9.5" - 146 lbs - Student - Bachelors Degree
12. Lam Yau Fei - 26 - 5'9.75" - 174 lbs - Personal Trainer - Personal Trainer Certificate
13. Lam Kwan Ming - 25 - 6'1" - 169 lbs - Company Director - University Grad
14. Leung Wai Kuen - 26 - 5'8.5" - 144 lbs - Events Sales Supervisor - University Grad

The fourteen finalists for TVB's Mr Hong Kong competition met the press officially yesterday in their respective 'Style' and 'Fitness' groups. They introduced themselves on the stage and they showed off their talents. Of the more memorable were Number 2 Chan Chi Kin and his medicine ball, Number 9 Yeung Kong Ha riding his bike onto the stage and former US marine Number 14 Leung Wai Kuen who showed off some self defence techniques. Personal trainer Number 12 Lam Yau Fei caused a few whoops from the crowd as he took off his clothes and showed off his muscles.

The contest will take place on the 8th of July and each group will produce a group winner, who will go forward to try and win the title from current Mr Hong Kong Matthew Ko in a series of challenges both physical and mental. Producer Chin Kwok Wai indicates that the location shoot for the contest will take place on the mainland, but the exact location is yet to be confirmed. The contestants will also be put through a series of training courses, such as firefighting and yoga to train them in all aspects. A 30 minute show will be broadcast on 30th June to let the contestants' friends and family shoot some words of encouragement for them as well as to support the public vote.

Among the contestants, Number 7 Chan Leung Wai received a lot of attention due to his celebrity father and his special talent was playing the electic guitar. When host Anna Yau asked him if he ever threw his guitar, he replied that if it was not an expensive one, then sometimes he would throw it. Having returned from Seattle to take part in the competition, he was confident about his chances and has the support of his father. Does he want to enter the showbiz industry? He says he has not thought that far in advance. The oldest contestant is Number 10 Siu Cheuk Ming, who is 36 years old and a registered Financial Planner. Asked why he didn't take part last year, he says that the past two years have been busy times for him and he has only managed to make time this year to enter. He adds that with age comes experience and he is just looking to learn from this experience as well as send a message of encouragement out to Hong Kong's men. As for enterting the industry, he feels that he is already happy to take part in the show and will not give up his current occupation.

Number 14 Leung Wai Kuen gave a display of self defence and was a US marine for four years (98 to 02) reaching the rank of Sergeant. When his contract expired, he decided to leave and continue his studies in accountancy. Asked if he has taken part in any wars, he says that he took part in the post-9-11 operations, but has never killed anyone. Talking of the training he has had with real firearms and the fatal incidents related to this, he says he believes in the professionalism of his colleagues. Number 12 Lam Yau Fei has been working out for six years and has a 41 inch chest and 15 inch arms. Asked about why he took his clothes off, he says that this was necessary to show his muscles and he did not intend to steal the show.

Number 4 Leung Kwok Yin arrived from Singapore six months ago and is currently studying Business at Hong Kong University. When he was likened to Master Lo Mong, he says he is a fan of Master Lo, so he doesn't mind the comparison and would like to meet Master Lo sometime. When he gave an impression of the Terminator for his performance, Number 2 Chan Chi Kin ran onto the stage and thumped his chest loudly. He says that they had rehearsed it, but he was thumping with real force. Leung Kwok Yin indicates that he loves Swarznegger, so he wanted to impersonate him, but made his excuses when he was asked whether this was because the Terminator doesn't say very much.

Translated and courtesy of .
Fourteen Mr. Hong Kong 2006 contestants were selected. They would be competing for the title, Mr. Hong Kong 2006 on July 8th. Read the full chinese article at: .
English detailed article: This year's Mr Hong Kong contest will be taking place on 8th July and the fourteen contestants were at TVB City yesterday to have their photos taken, pick their numbers, have the rules read to them and to meet with the hair and image stylists. They will meet with the press officially net Wednesday after their makeovers are complete.

Among this year's contestants is Chan Leung Wai, the son of Wynner's band member Anthony Chan Yau and when asked to strike a pose, he shaped his hand into a claw. Also in the final is Wong Cheung Fat, who is the brother of last year's unsuccessful contestant Stephen Wong Cheung Hing. One of the men was looking a little flushed, as if he had been drinking, but he explained this was because it was stuffy on the bus. Asked if he was nervous, he replied: "A little."

The producer of the show Chin Kwok Wai indicated that the youngest finalist this year was 19 years old, whilst the eldest is 36. Occupations range from naval soldiers to fitness instructors and education standards show a majority as university standard. They will be split into the 'stylish' and 'fitness' groups again.

After last year's guest instruction from Thai superstar Tony Jaa, there will be another young Thai boxing instructor for them this year. Rumours suggest that Lin Chiling may be a guest at this year's contest, but Chin Kwok Wai insists that the guests have not been confirmed yet. The rules of the competition include banning the use of swearing or crude language and smoking in public.

As for the rumours that a 41 year old had been accepted but then scrapped of his place after discovering he was only educated to Form 2, Chin denies this, saying that they would not offer places and then take them back again.
Courtesy of .
Miss Chinese New Zealand 2005, Jeanette Ma became an officer!   
News courtesy of MSHK Beauties and .
The Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant would be held August 12, 2006. The winner would represent NYC at the Miss Chinese International pageant next year in Hong Kong. On the 18th of April, the committee had a press conference with the NY press regarding the pageant. This year's theme is Step Up, challenge yourself, succeed, and your a star. The application fee for the pageant is $100 USD and all application dates end on May 31st, 2006. The delegates would have their interviews on June 17, giving them much time to prepare, and 10 days later the chosen group of delegates would have a press conference with the press.  
View the promotion TV clip at and logo at .
The Miss Asia 2006 pageant is here! The pageant will be held in September 2006. Like last year, there will be different Asian countries and contestants from HK and Mainland China to compete. View the all new site at: .
Mr. Hong Kong 2006 pageant is also being held in July. It is believed that Mr. Hong Kong 2006 would participate at Mr. World 2006. View the offical site here: .
The Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant would be held on August 12, 2006. Here is the offical schedule of the pageant:
The following dates are subject to change.
Date  Event 
Apr 18, 2006 (Tue) Recruitment Press Conference at 1:00pm
May 31, 2006 (Wed) Recruitment Deadline
Jun 17, 2006 (Sat) Interview Applicants at 11:00am
Jun 23, 2006 (Fri) Contestants 1st Meeting and Contract Signing
Jun 27, 2006 (Tue) Contestants Shooting pictures for Promotion
Jul 05, 2006 (Wed) Finalist Contestants Press Conference at 3:30pm
Jul 11, 2006 (Tue) Finalist Contestants Visit Sponsors at 10:00am
Jul 15, 2006 (Sat) Photography Competition for Selecting Miss Photogenic
Jul 17, 2006 (Mon) MTV Production For Finalist Contestants at 9:00am
Jul 21, 2006 (Fri) Finalist Contestants Visit Senior Center at 3:00pm
Jul 28, 2006 (Fri) Evening Party for Talent Competition at 7:00pm
Aug 10, 2006 (Thu) Final Rehearsal in Casino
Aug 12, 2006 (Sat) Final Show - 12 contestants at midnight
Aug 25, 2006 (Fri) Winners Visit Sponsors at 10:00am and
Celebration Party at 7:00pm
For more information on the pageant, clips of the 2005 pageant, and requirements on being a delegate, visit .


News courtesy of Nu and Sum from MSHK Discussion Forum.
Many queens from the Miss Chinese International pageant or MCI entered the pageant to earn a TVB Contract, a lifetime opportunity to become a HK Star. The lucky lady that got this offer was MCI 2006 2nd RU, Annabelle Kong from Kuala Lumpar. During the final night of MCI 2006, she shined and talked back to Eric Tsang. Also of her fluent Cantonese, she was a TVB star (the Winner, Ina Liu did not have any contract). However she turned down the offer. Why? She said that her studies comes first and that she had little interest in entering the showbiz. However, she said that maybe she will approach TVB after she obtains a degree. 
Article link:  .
In other news, MCI 2006 contestant, Miss Royce Ann Go Estella (Miss Manila) is trying to represent Manila this time Philippines again. She is aiming to become Miss Philippines Earth 2006. Hopefully she could win the competition over the other 11 contestants.   
Also the Miss Hong Kong 2006 application dates ends tomorrow. Enter now: .
4/13/06: The Miss Hong Kong 2006 local recruitment begins for the contestants in the UK, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, and more. For more information and the application of the pageant, please visit: . Application period: April 11, 2006 to April 30, 2006.
4/8/06: The Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant 2006 (pageant electing NY's representive for MCI 2007) will be held on August 12, 2006! For the rules and regulations, please visit at .
Also on , there is this news:
Welcome to Miss NY Chinese 2006, Join now!

Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant is the largest scaled, fairest, and most influential Beauty Pageant in Eastern Coast. The main goal of this event is to help young female Chinese Americans to increase their cultural awareness. This contest is expected to be held on August 12, 2006. The title winner will receive a cash award of $10,000, a valuable diamond crown of $30,000 and gifts. She will represent New York City as a contestant to compete in the Miss Chinese International Pageant, which will be held in Hong Kong TVB on January 2007.

Recruitment Deadline: May 31, 2006

Miss NY Chinese 2005 Title Winner, Nicole Wang

Nicole Wang to star in the soap opera: Jin Yong

Recently Nicole Wang has been selected to play Wei Xiaobao in the Jin Yong Soap Opera. Many fans had their speculations, but Zhang Jizhong had already had their eyes set on American’s New York Beauty Queen Nicole Wang. They stated “…Nicole Wang has the personality, beauty, and image to play a character of this level.”


Miss Hong Kong 2006 pageant begins for the overseas contestants. From Toronto to New York to Los Angeles and more, you can compete. There are lots of requirements. For the online application go here: . Overseas Application Period begins: February 28, 2006 to March 20, 2006. Offical Site: .

On February 27, 2006, the 2005 MSHK Winners (Tracy, Sharon, Carrie, Shermon, and Natalie) met with the press and discussed on the MSHK 2006 overseas recruitment. They had a press conference regarding the pageant. I strongly recommend people to enter the pageant so if you are interested log on to  .Clip for MSHK 2006 press conference: . Go to Feb. 28, 2006 (2006-02-28), #6. 

On The Sun newspaper, MCI 2004, Linda talks about her experience in TVB. She had already flimed 6 series, while TVB gives Linda many chances with major roles. She replied "Very happy, I really have to thank Miss Leung (TVB's production assistant) and TVB. I'm really lucky that TVB gives me many chances. I hope everybody can improve more so that we can succeed and work together."
Article link: .
On other Orisun news, Miss Hong Kong 1999 2nd RU, Myolie Wu, is scared of being overweight, and she warns herself by eating canned food once she feels overweight.
Myolie is also in a new TVB cd, with the other TVB actors/actresses, and she laughs at how her voice is bad. In spare time, she practices singing in the hotel, where the TVB staff say that her voice is good! Myolie also wants to have her own cd and wants to learn singing and dancing. Article link: .
Also found on  , Eason the author (12/19/05) describes Tracy Yip (Miss HK 2005's ) placement at Miss World 2005. Not making Hong Kong disappointed, she finished 7th in the Asia Pacific group and 44th overall in the 102 contestants (predicted by pageant experts). Even though Tracy didn't place in the top 5 of Miss Chinese International 2006, she still finished in the top 50 at Miss World 2005, which is already a great achievement. Congratulations!